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Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

If your book collection has outgrown your current storage options, it may be time to consider upgrading to a bookshelf with more tiers and space. Six tier bookcases provide ample room for books, collectibles and displays while anchoring your living space with style. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one?

Introduction to 6 Tier Bookshelves

A six tier or six shelf bookcase is designed with six horizontal shelving units that allow you to organize and store books vertically. The more tiers or shelves a bookcase has, the more storage capacity it provides. A six tier bookcase gives you those extra shelves you need for a growing library without overwhelming a room. Many models come in sleek, minimalist styles that keep the focus on your impressive book collection.

When looking for a six tier bookcase, keep an eye out for sturdy construction, quality materials and customizable design elements. You’ll want something that can reliably hold the weight of all your books without sagging or swaying. Most units are built from wooden materials like particleboard, oak or maple. Metal accents and adjustable shelving add industrial flair. Consider your room’s aesthetic – do you want an elegant ladder-style case or modern floating shelves? There are so many options to suit your taste.

Benefits of Owning a 6 Tier Bookcase

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Why choose a bookcase with six shelves versus another number? Here are some excellent benefits of owning a bookcase with six tiers:

  • Provides ample room for storage and display. With six shelves, you’ll gain space for books, collectibles, photos and more while reducing clutter.
  • Offers great organizational flexibility. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize your storage configuration.
  • Defines your space. A sizable six tier case makes a stylish anchor in your office, living room or den.
  • Maximizes vertical room. A six tier model takes advantage of floor-to-ceiling space better than shorter cases.
  • Promotes your bookworm pride. Fill those shelves with your favorite titles for a stunning visual statement.

If built-in shelving isn’t an option, a six tier bookcase is ideal for book lovers and collectors needing extra breathing room. And showing off an eye-catching book collection never hurts when making an impression on guests!

Things to Consider When Buying a 6 Shelf Bookcase

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Here are some important considerations as you shop six tier bookcases:

  1. Measure the space. First, measure the footprint where you plan to place the bookcase. Make sure any model you choose will fit the allotted space.
  2. Assess your needs. Take inventory of what you need to store to determine ideal shelving height, width and weight capacity.
  3. Mind the measurements. Pay attention to the case dimensions and shelf spacing. Make sure your tallest books can fit.
  4. Review materials. Look for solid wood, metal or heavy-duty composite builds that won’t sag or warp.
  5. Style matters. Choose a style that aligns with your room’s existing aesthetic – modern, industrial, classic, etc.

Doing some quick measurements along with assessing your storage needs will ensure you end up with the perfect six tier bookcase.

Top Materials for 6 Tier Bookcases

When it comes to materials for durable bookcase construction, you have options. Here are some top materials to look for with six tier bookcases:

  • Solid wood – Oak, maple, mahogany and walnut are attractive solid wood options resistant to warping and bowing.
  • Wood composites – Particleboard, MDF and plywood are budget-friendly wood composite alternatives.
  • Metal – Steel and aluminum lend an elegant, contemporary look with extreme durability.
  • Laminate – Durable laminate finishes protect wooden bookcases from wear and tear.

For best results, look for cases constructed primarily from solid wood, MDF, plywood or steel. Check for quality joinery and sturdy metal hardware. Avoid shelves or accents made from thin, easily warped pieces prone to buckling.

Stylish Design Options for 6 Level Bookshelves

A six tier bookcase with a sophisticated design elevates your space while keeping your book collection organized. When choosing a style, consider your room’s existing aesthetic. Here are some stylish design options to consider:

  • Ladder – Ladder-style cases evoke classic library charm with exposed sides.
  • Cubic – Straight, geometric cube units work in modern, minimalist and industrial spaces.
  • Leaning – Leaning ladder-style designs save floor space against a wall.
  • Corner – Right-angled corner units maximize awkward spaces.
  • Movable – Caster wheels allow you to wheel bookcases wherever needed.

Whether your style is eclectic, sleek or rustic, there is a six tier bookcase design to complement your space while storing your expanding library.

Tips for Organizing Books on a 6 Shelf Bookcase

Once you bring home your new six tier bookcase, it’s time to populate the shelves. Here are some handy tips for organizing books:

  • Categorize by genre, author, series or color.
  • Arrange vertically for easy browsing.
  • Mix in bookends and bookish accents for visual interest.
  • Display treasured titles and collectible editions up front.
  • Add lighting sconces to illuminate titles.
  • Maximize shelves with vertical book holders.
  • Dust regularly using a microfiber duster.

Editing your collection by donation or resale can help avoid overcrowding six shelves. Find a system that allows you to easily find titles and accentuates your collection’s vibrance.

Best Places to Put a 6 Tier Bookcase in Your Home

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

A stately six tier bookcase deserves a prime spot in your home. Consider placing your bookcase:

  • Next to a comfy chair or sofa for a reading nook.
  • Behind your work-from-home desk to exhibit your literary flair.
  • In your entryway to make an elegant first impression.
  • In a home office or den to organize research materials.
  • Opposite your bed so you can peruse shelves from under the covers.
  • In a hallway as a room divider and statement piece.

Place your bookcase in a high-traffic area you want to upgrade with style and purpose.

How to Assemble a 6 Tier Bookcase

Prepping your new six tier bookcase for use takes a bit of easy assembly. Here’s how to tackle it:

  1. Carefully unpack all components and hardware.
  2. Review instructions thoroughly before starting.
  3. Assemble the main frame first on a soft, clean surface.
  4. Attach backing and sides according to directions.
  5. Secure all joints and panels with included hardware.
  6. Mount shelves at desired heights starting at the top.
  7. Use a level to ensure the bookcase sits evenly.
  8. Anchor to wall studs for safety if needed.

Save time and frustration by reading all instructions before grabbing your screwdriver. Soon you’ll have a bookworm’s paradise ready for filling!

Decorating and Styling Your New 6 Shelf Bookcase

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

A six tier bookcase on its own makes a stylish statement. But you can amp up the aesthetic even more with these decorating ideas:

  • Paint or stain it a bold, dramatic color.
  • Use matching bookends and decorative objects between books.
  • Show off rare editions behind glass doors.
  • Use woven baskets for vertical book storage.
  • Incorporate greenery like succulents or trailing vines.
  • Illuminate with mounted task lighting.
  • Add a cozy chair and side table to create a reading nook.

Let your bookcase reflect your personal taste while keeping your precious book collection organized and on display.

Top Picks for Quality 6 Tier Bookcases

Ready to upgrade your book storage? Here are some top-rated six tier bookcases to consider:

  • Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Bookcase – Rustic wood with adjustable shelves
  • Winsome Anabelle 6-Shelf Bookcase – Affordable, simple styling
  • Rho Oslo Collection 6-Shelf Bookcase – Modern and sleek
  • Sauder Barrister Lane 6-Shelf Bookcase – Traditional ladder-style design
  • TOT Tutors Six Shelf Steel Bookcase – Heavy duty metal construction

Do some measuring, assess your storage needs and browse the many stylish six tier bookcase options available. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting the ultimate bookworm’s paradise while adding cohesive style to your chosen space.

If your home library is bursting at the seams, a spacious six tier bookcase can provide some much needed breathing room. But what are the specific benefits of choosing a bookcase with six shelves versus other options? Let’s explore the many advantages of owning one of these roomy book storage solutions.

Benefits of Owning a 6 Tier Bookcase

A six tier bookcase offers ample storage and display space in a vertical format that keeps your collection organized and accessible. Here are some of the top reasons to consider this roomy yet streamlined storage option:

  • Houses book collections large and small. Whether you have 50 books or 500, a six shelf case provides plenty of adjustable storage space to shelve volumes of any size. Fit an entire series on one shelf or mix categories.
  • Maximizes floor space. By stacking books vertically, you save precious floor real estate that might otherwise be occupied by sprawling stacks or bulky short bookcases. A single six tier case often does the job of multiple units.
  • Promotes browsing. Arrange books attractively across eye-level shelves for easy browsing. The vertical format keeps titles visible and accessible without having to dig into piles.
  • Adds stylish presence. A sizable six tier piece makes a statement as a room anchor or divider. The clean sightlines keep focus on your books rather than the furniture.
  • Amps up organization. Multiple shelves and possible dividers allow you to arrange books neatly by color, subject or other categories so titles stay put.
  • Adapts to spaces large and small. Six tier cases come in varying heights, widths and depths of all sizes to fit different rooms and footprints. Find one scaled for your space.

If built-in bookshelves are not an option, a six tier case is an organizational powerhouse and eye-catching focal point displaying your literary interests with flair.

More Versatile Than Shorter Bookcases

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Why choose a taller six tier bookcase rather than a shorter three or four shelf version? The main benefit is enhanced versatility:

  • Accommodates books, binders, boxes and baskets of different sizes on each tier.
  • Works well in spaces with high ceilings by using vertical room.
  • Allows shelving of oversized books, framed artwork and collectible displays.
  • Provides individualized storage for different members of a household.
  • Serves as a divider between work and lounge areas as a room divider.

With shelving real estate at a premium in many modern homes, going vertical with a six tier case is often the most efficient use of available space. And you always have the option of leaving a shelf or two empty for future expansion!

More Stylish Than Towering Bookcases

Some book lovers seek gigantic floor-to-ceiling bookcases that dominate a room. While those statement pieces work in some spaces, a six tier bookcase provides a middle ground that adds stylish storage without overwhelm:

  • Less imposing scale suits a wider range of decors and rooms.
  • Lower profile keeps the focus on displayed books rather than the case itself.
  • More flexibility in configuration – flank a fireplace, float in a room or align along a wall.
  • Easier to work in task and accent lighting to highlight books.
  • Fits better in rooms with standard 8-foot ceilings without looking squeezed.

For avid readers short on space, a six tier bookcase often hits that perfect sweet spot between form and function. Display your best titles while maintaining a lighter visual impact.

More Economical Than Custom Built-ins

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Custom designed and built-in shelving ranks as a top choice for ultimate book storage. However, not everyone has the budget or existing layout for built-ins. In that case, what are the economic benefits of a six tier bookcase?

  • Budget-friendly pricing, widely available.
  • Self-assembly options cost a fraction of custom cabinetry.
  • Easy to move and reconfigure as needed down the road.
  • No demolition, construction or installation costs.
  • Design options from every price point and style.
  • Can match built-in shelving once budget allows.

For renters and budget-minded bookworms, an off-the-shelf six tier bookcase offers quality, customizable book storage that won’t break the bank.

More Flexible Than Permanent Built-ins

One disadvantage of custom built-in shelving is its permanent nature. With a modular six tier bookcase, you gain lots of handy flexibility:

  • Reconfigure shelving to accommodate new book sizes.
  • Rearrange units to work in different rooms if you move.
  • Break it down for moving day without demolition projects.
  • Add new matching units seamlessly as your collection expands.
  • Flip placement to alternate which side books are accessed.
  • Slide compact units into closets, corners or other tight spots.

For dedicated bibliophiles downsizing or relocating frequently, this kind of adaptable storage is ideal. You can always customize those bookcases later for a built-in look.

If your book collection demands more space, it’s time to give those literary works the storage they deserve. Evaluate your needs and room layout to determine if a six tier bookcase is right for your next chapter. Before long, you’ll be creating bookish bliss with the help of optimal organization.

Things to Consider When Buying a 6 Shelf Bookcase

Need more storage space? A bookcase with 6 shelves can be a great solution. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for a 6 tier bookshelf:


First, think about where you plan to put the bookcase and how much space you have available. Measure the area to make sure the shelf will fit. Standard 6 shelf bookcases range anywhere from about 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall to up to 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Consider both the width and height. If you need something low profile, look for a bookcase around 3-4 feet tall. For more capacity, taller options around 6-8 feet high can store a lot more.


Check the number of shelves and spacing between shelves. Most 6 tier bookcases will have 5 or 6 adjustable shelves. Having adjustable options allows you to customize the shelving to fit your needs. And don’t forget to measure how tall your tallest items are to make sure they’ll fit on the shelves. You’ll want shelves spaced at least 10-12 inches apart for adequate room. Glass shelving can also help keep an airy, open feel.


Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

6 shelf bookcases come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, and particle board. Solid wood options provide a classic, durable look. Metal shelving gives a lighter, contemporary vibe. While particle board is budget friendly. Consider which material will best suit your existing decor. The finish is also important – opt for a neutral wood tone or colored stain that coordinates with your room.


There are lots of style options when it comes to 6 tier bookshelves. Minimalist ladder shelves have a light, airy feel. Cube organizers are great for kid’s rooms or playrooms. Square bookcases with doors allow you to conceal clutter. Or pick a design with built-in drawers for extra hidden storage. There are also corner bookcases designed to tuck into unused space. Choose a style that fits your needs and complements your home’s aesthetics.

Weight Capacity

Check the maximum weight each shelf can hold. For larger books or display items, sturdy shelves that can hold 15-25 lbs per square foot are ideal. Particle board shelves typically hold less weight than solid wood or metal. If you’ll be storing heavy objects, look for metal reinforcement brackets underneath shelves for added load-bearing support.

Safety Features

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Safety is crucial if you have small children or pets. Opt for a design with rounded corners. Some bookcases have tip restraints or wall anchors to prevent accidental tipping. You can also secure it to the wall by installing child safety straps. For safety, it’s best to choose a bookcase that’s wider than it is tall to keep it from being top-heavy.


If you’re not keen on complex assembly, look for a bookcase that can be put together easily, preferably with just a screwdriver and included hardware. Many options are ready to assemble with instructions provided. If you need help putting it together, some retailers offer assembly services for an added fee.


6 tier bookcases range in price from budget friendly picks under $100 to high-end designer versions over $1000. Set a budget and look for sales to find deals. Ikea and Target have inexpensive options, while stores like Crate and Barrel or West Elm offer higher end bookcases. Expect to pay more for solid wood than particle board.


Look for handy accents that customize the bookcase’s functionality. Interior lighting illuminates display items. Doors conceal clutter when needed. Some models have built-in cabinets or media storage options. Or pick a design with a desk or table surface on top to maximize space.

With so many options, it may seem daunting to choose the perfect 6 shelf bookcase. Focus on your needs – like dimensions, materials, and style that suits your space. Measure carefully and read reviews. And don’t overload the shelves. With a quality multi-tier bookcase that fits your home, you’ll enjoy years of hassle-free storage and organization.

Top Materials for 6 Tier Bookcases

Need more storage space? A 6 tier bookcase can be a great solution. With its multiple shelves, a quality 6 tier bookcase provides ample room to organize and display books, decor items, photos, and more. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right material for your bookcase? Let’s explore some of the most popular materials for 6 tier bookcases and the pros and cons of each.


Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Wood is a classic choice for bookcases. It’s strong, durable, and gives a warm, natural look. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and walnut are some of the best options for bookcases because of their density and resistance to scratches and dings. Solid wood construction is preferable to cheaper particleboard or melamine coated options. While prices vary, expect to pay more for real wood 6 tier bookcases. One downside of solid wood is that it can expand and contract with changes in humidity. But with proper care, a quality wood bookcase can literally last a lifetime.


Metal bookcases bring a sleek, modern look with their gleaming, minimalist designs. Steel and aluminum are common options, though styles can range from utilitarian shelving units to decorative, nearly art-deco pieces. Metal is ultra sturdy, but can show dents over time if roughly handled. It’s also prone to chipping paint. Metal bookcases typically have adjustable shelves, but many don’t allow you to move shelves up and down easily. High quality metal finishes resist rust and tarnishing. Just be aware that metal transfers temperature, so expect a cold shelf on chilly days. Overall, metal brings a lightweight but durable option for contemporary spaces.


Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

For those desiring transparency and elegance, glass bookcases shine. Tempered glass panels securely contain contents while putting treasured objects on display. The delicacy and clarity of glass lends a graceful, airy quality. Glass shelves silently slide for effortless reorganization. Just beware of fingerprints marring the crystal surface. Most glass bookcases have minimalist metal frames, though some combine elements like wood or colored glass. While susceptible to shattering if handled roughly, safety tempered glass is very durable under normal conditions. Just avoid slamming doors or dropping heavy objects! Expect to pay more for glass than basic wooden cases.

Wicker and Rattan

Bringing natural charm and texture, wicker and rattan bookcases add cozy flair. Traditional hand-woven styles capture old-world appeal, while more sleek and modern options complement contemporary rooms. Abundantly available and budget-friendly, natural wicker and rattan work well for cottages, patios, eclectic spaces, or kids’ rooms. Durability varies, so inspect workmanship – tighter weaves last longer. Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Consider treating with waterproofing sprays. For versatility, some bookcases combine rattan with wood frames and shelves, blending natural allure with sturdy practicality. Just don’t expect wicker or rattan to support heavy loads like solid wood or metal.


As a renewable and sustainable material, bamboo offers an eco-friendly bookcase option. Bamboo has a pleasing visual texture similar to wood grain yet with a distinctly exotic look. It’s lightweight yet highly sturdy, sometimes even stronger than wood. Quality bamboo construction rivals timber for durability, though low-end options are prone to splitting. While often less expensive than wood, bamboo still costs more than basic particleboard cases. It tolerates moisture better than wood but can slowly warp or crack over time. Occasional polishing helps retain bamboo’s handsome luster. For environmentalists seeking a resilient but green material, bamboo makes for an excellent 6 tier bookcase choice.

Composite Wood

For budget-minded shoppers, composite wood bookcases provide an affordable solution. Particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, and MDF (medium density fiberboard) offer decent quality at lower prices, though they lack the cachet and permanence of natural wood. Look for brands that use quality adhesives and finishes to improve durability and moisture-resistance. Many composite wood bookcases assemble conveniently at home. Just don’t overload shelves, which can sag over time. And beware of scratches and dings, which are more visible on laminate surfaces. For kids’ rooms or temporary furniture needs, however, composite wood represents a solid, economical option when you just need some quick extra storage.

When selecting materials for a 6 tier bookcase, consider your budget, style preferences, and practical needs. Anticipate what you’ll use the bookcase for – heavy reference books or light decor? Active kids or delicate collectibles? Let your purposes guide you toward the ideal bookcase material for your space and lifestyle.

Need More Storage Space? Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves:

Stylish Design Options for 6 Level Bookshelves

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Book lovers know there’s never enough shelf space for all those beloved tomes. A 6 tier bookshelf offers a stylish solution to maximize your storage and display those book collections in an eye-catching way.

When choosing a 6 shelf bookcase, consider the style, material, size and additional features. Here are some of the most popular options for these functional statement pieces:

1. Ladder Shelf

Ladder bookshelves provide a contemporary open feel, allowing you to easily grab books while displaying them attractively. The ladder design typically features solid wood or metal side frames with six horizontal shelves of wood or glass. This clean, minimalist look complements modern decor. Ladder bookshelves come in various heights and widths to fit your space. Go wider to span a whole wall or size down for a room divider.

2. Cube Bookcase

Cube bookcases offer compartmentalized storage and visual interest with their grid-like arrangement. The cubbies give you flexibility to arrange books vertically or horizontally and incorporate decorative objects. Often made of wood or metal with 6 cube compartments, they have an elegant modular look. Cube bookcases come in short and tall versions, some with doors. Arrange multiple cube units side-by-side for a built-in look.

3. Ledge Shelf

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Also called a wall-mounted shelf, ledge shelves affix directly to the wall like floating platforms for displaying rows of books. Typical materials include solid wood planks, metal rails or glass panels with metal brackets. With a ledge shelf, you can utilize vertical wall space while keeping the floor clear. Install it at any height and configure the ledges at varying depths for design interest. Go minimalist with a single panel or create an asymmetrical arrangement combining materials.

4. Industrial Pipe Shelf

For an edgy, industrial vibe, pipe bookshelves use black iron or steel pipes fitted together with flanges to form the shelves. The exposed piping and fittings have an urban warehouse chic style, often mixed with wood for contrast. Pipe shelves can also be mounted on the wall or incorporated into desk designs. Size them to your space, going with a smaller silhouette for a room divider or larger scale to dominate the room.

5. Ladder Shelf Hybrids

To get the lightweight visual effect of a ladder shelf along with more storage stability, look for hybrid designs. Some feature side panels or backs connecting the ladder sides, or incorporate cabinet storage down below. The result is an airy, open bookshelf enhanced with extra storage capabilities. The mixed materials and combination ladder-cabinet design create visual interest while maximizing space utility.

6. Curved Bookcase

A curved bookcase makes an eye-catching focal point in any room. The rounded front has a smooth, streamlined look compared to straight or angular shelves. Materials like wood or glass are bent into a gentle S-shape with tiered shelving on the interior curve. Besides displaying books attractively, the convex shape also is great for coordinating collections in an artful way. Position a curved bookcase in an entryway, against a blank wall, or even as a room divider.

When planning your 6 level bookshelf, think about the quantity and size of books you need to store, as well as the aesthetics. Measure the intended space and look for an on-trend style that fits your decorative vision. Consider open airy designs like ladders or mix materials for multi-dimensional interest. With the right 6 tier bookcase, you can indulge your love of literature and display those volumes in style.

Need More Storage Space? Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves:

Tips for Organizing Books on a 6 Shelf Bookcase

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Installing a new 6 tier bookcase opens up a world of storage possibilities. But once you’ve assembled that bookcase, it’s time to get organized. Follow these tips to arrange and display your book collection in an orderly, aesthetically pleasing way on those 6 generous shelves.

Categorize by Subject or Color

Group books by categories like fiction, non-fiction, cooking, art, etc. You can get even more specific with sub-categories for mystery, romance, home improvement and so on. Alternately, organize by book spine colors for a rainbow effect. Just be sure to label the shelves for easy re-shelving later.

Utilize Bookends

Bookends keep your volumes upright and contained on each shelf. Look for bookends that complement your decor style, like bronze metal, ceramic animals, marble blocks, or natural wood. Or get creative and use bookends that tie into your favorite books, like Harry Potter bookends for fantasy fans.

Arrange by Height

For a clean, orderly look, arrange books from tallest to shortest on each shelf. A graduated effect adds visual interest and keeps items from toppling over. Alternate spines horizontally and vertically to fit more books on the shelves too.

Showcase Treasured Titles

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Pull out special books like first editions or autographed copies and display them more prominently, either upright or lying horizontally. Place cherished books at eye level on a middle shelf where the titles are readable.

Add Bookmarks

Personalize your bookcase with ribbons, bookmarks or other embellishments sticking out of select book spines. This adds a pop of color and enables you to easily identify works in progress.

Incorporate Bookish Decor

Fill in empty spots with bookish accents that reinforce the library theme. Options include stacked vintage novels, ceramic bookends, framed prints with literary quotes, or a bust of Shakespeare. Just leave room to grow your collection!

Use Vertical Space

Don’t waste valuable real estate on the taller bottom shelf. Place larger coffee table-style books flat here. Stand thicker books and manuals upright to take advantage of all the vertical space.

Leave Room to Browse

Cramming books tightly onto shelves makes it hard to browse titles. Leave some breathing room between volumes so you can easily flip through them. That space also helps display book spines prominently.

Dust Regularly

Dusting keeps your books clean and visible. Use a microfiber duster or damp cloth to gently wipe shelves and book spines free of dust buildup. Do this more frequently for open-concept bookcases.

Go by Last Name

Organizing fiction or non-fiction alphabetically by author’s last name offers an intuitive way to shelve books. Place anthologies and other compiled works on a separate shelf. Add labels to make locating authors easier.

Separate Series

Display a book series together in order. This makes it easy to grab the next installment. Identify series by numbering book spines or adding custom labels on shelves.

A 6 shelf bookcase offers the storage space every bookworm dreams of. Follow these tips to neatly arrange your novels, anthologies, cookbooks and everything in between. With a little organization, you can enjoy that extensive book collection you’ve built, showing off those titles in the perfect bookcase.

Looking for more storage space in your home? A 6 tier bookcase can be a great solution. With 6 spacious shelves, these bookcases provide ample room for books, collectibles, photos, and more. But where’s the best place to put one in your home? Here are some top options to consider:

Best Places to Put a 6 Tier Bookcase in Your Home

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

The Living Room

A 6 tier bookcase can be a stylish focal point in your living room. Place it against a wall or use two to flank your TV or entertainment center. Fill the shelves with books, framed photos, plants, knickknacks, and more. Just be sure it doesn’t block any windows or doorways. Positioning it across from your sofa creates a cozy reading nook. Or place it behind your couch so it doesn’t dominate the room.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms often need extra storage and organization. A 6 tier bookcase provides room for books, display items, and more without cluttering up your space. Place it next to your bed for easy access to bedtime reading material. Or put it in a corner to maximize floor space. Fill the shelves with favorite books, photos, trophies, and collectibles. Just be careful not to overload the shelves if you have kids who may try to climb them.

The Home Office

A home office can easily get disorganized. Bring order with a 6 tier bookcase. Use it to store office supplies, folders, paperwork, and reference materials within easy reach. Place beside your desk for handy access while you work. Or put it against the wall to create a clean, organized look. Adjustable shelves allow you to accommodate items of different heights. And the multiple tiers mean plenty of storage solutions for computer accessories, printers, extra paperwork, and more.

The Dining Room

Dining rooms tend to have unused vertical wall space. A 6 tier bookcase is a perfect way to take advantage of this while adding style and storage. Flank it on either side of a china cabinet or buffet table. Fill the shelves with dishware, table linens, candles, and decorative items. Or use as a drinks station with glassware and barware. Place it in a corner to maximize floor and table space in smaller dining rooms. Whatever you store, it will give your dining room a layered, decorated look.

The Entryway

Entryways are prone to clutter with shoes, coats, bags, mail, keys, and other items. Bring order to the chaos with a 6 tier bookcase. Use baskets to corral items on each shelf. Top shelves can hold extra household items and decor. Lower shelves store shoes, bags, and outerwear. Just be sure to anchor it securely so it doesn’t accidentally topple over. Place against the wall opposite your door so it doesn’t obstruct the entryway.

The Kitchen

Kitchens tend to have limited storage space. A 6 tier bookcase can provide a storage boost while adding style. Fill it with cookbooks, bakeware, barware, or dishes you use less often. Place it in a corner to maximize floor and counter space. Put it near an eat-in dining area for handy access to dishware. Or next to your pantry for overflow storage of canned goods, spices, or snacks. Just don’t put it somewhere it could get splashed with water or grease.

The Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms are notorious for getting messy. Harness a 6 tier bookcase to wrangle toys, games, books, art supplies, and more. Use baskets or bins on the shelves for easy clean-up. Place it low enough for kids to reach. Anchor to the wall so it doesn’t tip over. And limit weight on higher shelves. A bookcase gives you storage space while teaching organizational habits. Fill it with books, favorite toys, trophies, and collectibles to create a display.

The Laundry Room

Small laundry rooms can use space-saving storage solutions. A 6 tier bookcase takes advantage of vertical wall real estate. Use it to store laundry essentials like detergent, bleach, stain removers, ironing boards, and drying racks. Fold laundry right on the shelves or store it in baskets. You can even use it to hold cleaning tools like vacuums, mops, and brooms. Place by your washer and dryer for easy access while doing laundry.

When positioning your 6 tier bookcase, be sure to measure carefully and leave ample room for opening doors and drawers nearby. Anchor it securely to the wall, especially if you have kids. And don’t overload the shelves, as too much weight can make it unstable. Invest in a quality, sturdy bookcase that won’t easily tip over.

With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for a 6 tier bookcase in your home. Get creative with how you utilize the space. Let it store necessities while also showing off decor. Add lighting on top or inside for extra flair. And enjoy the stylish extra storage.

How to Assemble a 6 Tier Bookcase

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Adding a 6 tier bookcase is a great way to increase storage and organization in your home. With ample vertical space for books, decor, and more, they maximize room on your wall and floor. While each model is a bit different, assembling a 6 tier bookcase follows some general steps. With a bit of time and patience, you can have it built and filled in no time.

Start by reading through all the instructions and laying out the parts. Most 6 tier bookcases are made of particle board or engineered wood shelves, side panels, and backing. You’ll also have hardware like screws, cam posts and dowels, and shelf pins. Make sure you have all the pieces before beginning.

Attach the sides panels first. These tall side pieces with pre-drilled shelf pin holes will form the frame. Use cam posts, dowels, screws, or a combination to secure to the top and bottom panels according to the instructions. Ensure the sides are fully inserted so shelves will fit snugly.

Next, attach a stabilizing back panel. This could be a full panel or two smaller panels for wider bookcases. Screw or nail these into the side panels and any central supports according to the manual. The backing keeps the entire piece sturdy and prevents tipping.

Once the basic frame is together, carefully insert the fixed shelves in the appropriate holes. Oftentimes the bottom and very top shelves are fixed in place while the middle four can be adjustable. Slide the shelves onto the shelf pins or into the slots, making sure they are level and seated fully.

Then position any additional supports, either center legs or cross-beams, between the shelves to reinforce the frame. This provides stability beneath the weight of books. Secure snugly with provided hardware.

At this point you can add moldings, trim pieces, or doors for a more finished look. Slide any of these decorative elements into place in tracks or slots. This gives your bookcase a built-in look. Follow any specific hardware instructions carefully.

With the main frame assembled, now you can add the adjustable shelves. Slide them onto the shelf pins at your desired heights, spacing evenly or as needed. Make minor adjustments so the shelves are level. Bigger bookcases may include up to four adjustable shelves.

Once all shelves are positioned, examine the unit thoroughly. Make sure all hardware is tightly secured. Give it a gentle shake to test sturdiness, tightening any wobbly joints. Check that all shelves are level and properly seated in slots.

Now comes the fun part – loading up your bookcase! Start with the bottom shelves which will hold the most weight. Stack books neatly or place bookends to keep upright. Display heavier decor items like vases lower as well.

Use upper shelves for lighter items like photos or collectibles. You can also alternate books with decor pieces to give dimension. Just don’t overload shelves or cram in tightly as this stresses the case.

If securing to the wall, locate wall studs for optimal strength. Use the provided wall attachment system, either strap, bracket, or anchor. Level against your marks and drill into the studs. Tighten securely but not so firm as to pull the case out of shape.

For safety, only anchor bookcases in homes with children or high seismic activity. Place in lower traffic areas so it’s not bumped into frequently. Stagger shelves evenly and avoid front-heavy loading.

That’s it – you now have a stylish storage solution for your space! A 6 tier bookcase assembles fairly quickly, though dedicate sufficient time to carefully follow all instructions. Have a helper to share the workload and hold pieces steady.

Troubleshooting tips for assembling 6 tier bookcases:

  • Review all instructions before and during building
  • Lay out parts to visualize how they fit together
  • Tighten hardware like cam posts and screws fully to reinforce
  • Check that shelves are completely seated in slots
  • Add diagonal braces or supports if wobbly
  • Attach to wall studs securely using the right hardware
  • Load shelves starting with the bottom to avoid tipping
  • Level adjustable shelves and tighten any that slip down

The wide, tall shape of a 6 tier bookcase can make it prone to tipping if overloaded or unsecured. Bolster the structure during assembly and use common sense when loading. With care taken to build it properly, it will last for many years as a stylish storage fixture.

Have fun styling your new bookcase! Play with decorative objects, lighting, baskets, and bookends. Fill it with practical storage items or create a beautiful bookworm’s display. Take advantage of all the shelves to finally organize that clutter. A multi-tier bookcase is perfect for any room needing more vertical storage space.

Decorating and Styling Your New 6 Shelf Bookcase

You finally have that brand new 6 shelf bookcase assembled and looking gorgeous in your space. Now comes the fun part – decorating and filling all that storage! A multi-tier bookcase provides the perfect blank canvas to express your style. Here are some tips to decorate and organize your new bookcase beautifully.

Think about the overall aesthetic you want your bookcase to have. Minimalist and modern? Warm and cozy? Eclectic display? Keep this consistent style in mind as you decorate. Mix finishes, colors and textures that enhance your desired look. Add accent pieces that pull the vignette together.

Incorporate bookends to neatly corral your books. Ceramic, metal or carved bookends add visual interest while keeping books upright. Try matching pairs at each end or alternate materials and styles from shelf to shelf. Place horizontally or vertically depending on book sizes.

Use book plates to dress up plain book spines. Look for plates in your color scheme or ones that represent hobbies. Plates can also help identify books when organizing a shared case. Add whimsy by placing the book plates off-center or at angles.

Display decorative objects between or in front of books to add dimension. This breaks up straight rows of book spines which can be monotonous. Try framed photos, small sculptures, floral arrangements, candles or other accent pieces. Rotate items seasonally for a changing look.

Incorporate boxes, baskets or bins to conceal clutter. These add texture and warmth while hiding items you want stored neatly away. Use fabric covered bins for a soft look. Try woven baskets or rustic crates to complement your decor. Label if needed.

Use bookcases in pairs for a built-in look and amplified storage. Having two units allows you to vary what’s displayed while creating symmetry. Repeat patterns with bookends or objects for a cohesive statement.

Light it up with floor or wall lamps, string lights or strip lighting. Illumination creates a focal point and cozy atmosphere. Position adjustable lights to highlight special items. Try picture lights that clip onto shelves. Just take care not to overload electrical circuits.

Play with height and depth by placing larger accessories like vases on lower shelves and smaller items near the top. This adds more visual interest than cluttering everything along the same plane. Angling books and objects breaks up the straight lines.

Alternate items with contrasting colors and textures to create an eye-catching vignette. For example, follow a row of colorful hardcover books with a neutral toned basket. Combining matte, glossy, smooth and coarse finishes brings depth.

Make it multimedia by including photos, art, baskets, vases, clocks and other decorative objects. This keeps it from appearing cluttered with books only. Fill in gaps between books with accents.

Organize by category, color or size. Section off certain shelves for genres like cookbooks or novels. Group treasured collections together. Keeping similar looking items unified looks cleaner.

Allow some negative space between groupings of books or items. This gives the eye a place to rest and keeps the shelves from appearing crowded. Play with vertical and horizontal orientations.

Incorporate greenery for a living element. Potted plants like succulents or air plants work well. Try a hanging plant above the bookcase. Cut flowers in short vases add pops of color. Silk plants are an option if you don’t have a green thumb.

Display meaningful souvenirs from your travels. Group together objects like photos, ticket stubs or small sculptures from a special trip as a nostalgic memory box.

Make memories into decor by framing sentimental photos, cards or artwork your kids made. Lean these against books or stack vertically to show off the details.

Shelve colorful coffee table books vertically like art. The bold spines and covers become part of the decor. Tuck in framed photos or small sculptures to spice up the arrangement.

Add whimsy with unexpected objects like bird cages, antique cameras, or stacks of vintage suitcases. Keeping part of the decor playful and curious maintains visual interest.

Customize your bookcase decoration to reflect your personality and interests. Display prized collections or conversation pieces. Show off travel finds or hobby supplies. Make it a reflection of you and your loved ones.

With a blank canvas of shelves, a 6 tier bookcase provides endless decorating possibilities. Keep symmetry and color coordination in mind, but don’t be afraid to break design “rules” if you like a more eclectic look. Display your books beautifully while adding sentimental touches to create a space that inspires you.

Top Picks for Quality 6 Tier Bookcases

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

A bookcase with 6 tiers provides ample storage and display space. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose a quality piece that will last? Consider these top picks for sturdy, stylish 6 tier bookcases to hold all your books and treasures.

Harriet 6-Shelf Bookcase by All Modern

This contemporary bookcase features a sleek design with open backs and fixed shelves. The engineered wood frame with powder coated steel comes in on-trend colors like navy blue, emerald green and dusty pink. Dimensions of 36” W x 16” D x 76” H provide versatile storage. All Modern is known for affordable but trendy furniture, and this bookcase fits the bill.

Anders 6-Shelf Rustic Bookcase by Willa Arlo Interiors

Love the rustic farmhouse look? This bookcase delivers with a distressed wood frame and metal accents. The x-shaped side detail adds flair. With three fixed shelves and three adjustable, you can customize storage. Dimensions of 42.25” W x 14.75” D x 71.5” H work in cottage or modern spaces. Willa Arlo Interiors creates charming, unique furniture perfect for cozy homes.

Hepburn 6-Shelf Industrial Bookcase by Foundry Select

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Industrial style comes through in this solid acacia wood bookcase with black metal pipe framing. The mix of wood tones and metal creates an eye-catching warehouse look. Three fixed and three adjustable shelves provide varied storage possibilities within the 36” W x 14” D x 74” H frame. Foundry Select makes eclectic furniture with an urban edge.

Lisette 6-Shelf Bookcase by World Menagerie

Make a bold statement with this towering bookcase in a glossy black finish. The ladder-style design provides open and concealed storage possibilities. Dimensions of 26” W x 13” D x 82” H add drama to any space. With a distressed effect and unique shape, World Menagerie’s furniture brings global inspiration home.

Glens Falls 5 Adjustable Wall Mounted Shelves by Ebern Designs

Maximize vertical space with this wall-mounted bookcase spanning 63” W x 10” D x 26” H when mounted. The five shelves adjust to suit your needs, while hidden mounting hardware keeps the floating look. The espresso-hued engineered wood construction suits contemporary to farmhouse decors. Ebern Designs creates functional furniture at accessible price points.

Arboretum Convertible Shelf Bookcase by Trent Austin Design

With an innovative arched shelf design, this steel bookcase adds architectural interest. The six shelves can be left open or filled with cabinet panels or frosted glass for concealed storage too. The vintage oak finish warms up the industrial shape nicely. Trent Austin Design brings a refined utilitarian style.

Rella 4 Tier Etagere Bookcase by Williston Forge

A quad tier metal and wood bookcase that works perfectly in narrow spaces. Scaled at 27.7” W x 13.4” D x 63.4 “ H, it features iron frames with manufactured wood shelves. The black finish keeps the vintage industrial warehouse vibe. Williston Forge creates urban, eclectic furniture with small space appeal.

Crabb 5 Tier Corner Unit Bookcase by Winston Porter

Got a tight corner? This five-shelf bookcase takes advantage of wasted space. The engineered wood painted white fits cottage to contemporary. With dimensions of 7.87” W x 7.87” D x 63.39” H, it tucks neatly into corners. Winston Porter makes very affordable, casual accent furniture for small homes.

Gailey Geometric Bookcase by Ivy Bronx

Need More Storage Space. Explore These 6 Tier Bookshelves

Make storage chic with this cool geometric bookcase in light oak veneer. The unique overlapping x-frame design makes a sculptural statement. Three shelves provide storage within a compact 25.2” W x 16.5” D x 50.4” H frame. Ivy Bronx infuses global inspiration and modern materials into their designs.

Rella 6 Tier Etagere Bookcase by Williston Forge

For loft spaces and studios, this iron and wood industrial etagere hits the spot. Six shelves provide stylish open storage within a slim 27.8” W x 13.8” D x 74.8” H silhouette. The black finish keeps it modern, as does the minimal design. Scaled for small spaces but makes a dramatic statement.

With styles from modern to industrial, budget-friendly to luxury, the options for quality 6 tier bookcases are plentiful. Consider your decor, dimensions available, and budget. Read reviews and product details closely to ensure sturdy construction with quality materials. With the proper bookcase, you can display your favorite books and treasures in style.