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Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Introduction to Sperry Crocs – The Ultimate Boat & Deck Shoes

For sailors and boaters, having the right footwear is crucial. You need shoes that can stand up to the wet, slippery conditions on deck, while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. This is where Sperry Crocs come in. These innovative shoes combine the classic boat shoe style of Sperry with the comfort and durability of Crocs. Keep reading to learn why Sperry Crocs are the ultimate in high-performance boating and sailing footwear.

The Best of Both Worlds

Sperry is known for making top-quality boat and deck shoes with non-marking rubber outsoles and water-resistant leather uppers. Their iconic Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes have been a staple for sailors and boaters for generations. Crocs revolutionized comfortable, durable footwear with their lightweight, odor-resistant Croslite foam clogs. Sperry Crocs fuse these key benefits of both brands.

You get the no-slip grip of Sperry outsoles with the quick-drying comfort of Croslite uppers. The outsoles provide traction on wet surfaces, while the foam cushioning reduces fatigue during long days on your feet at sea. Durable Croslite also resists odors, stains, and damage from saltwater and sun exposure. Ventilation ports let air and water flow through, keeping feet cool and dry on hot days. In short, Sperry Crocs offer the ultimate performance and comfort for life on deck.

Ideal for Boating and Sailing

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

From casual day sailing with friends to competitive regattas, Sperry Crocs are designed for the marine environment. Here are some key benefits that make them ideal footwear for boating and sailing:

  • Non-marking soles avoid scuffing delicate boat surfaces
  • Water-resistant construction keeps feet dry on wet decks
  • Non-slip soles provide secure footing when the boat heels and pitches
  • Quick-drying and breathable for comfort in sun and water
  • Lightweight and flexible for all-day wear
  • Durable to withstand marine conditions and regular use
  • Easy to rinse off and keep clean after a day on the water

Whether you’re handling lines, adjusting sails, or moving about the cockpit, Sperry Crocs equip you with reliable traction and stability. Their slip-on design also makes them easy to kick off when you want to go for a swim!

Versatile Styles for Men and Women

Sperry Crocs come in a range of styles suitable for both men and women. So you can enjoy their performance and comfort benefits while maintaining your own unique look on board.

For men, popular options include the Sperry Crocband Boat Shoe with classic moc-toe styling and laces. The Sperry Lounge Away Slip-On offers a laidback slip-on silhouette. And for reliable traction, the Sperry Crocband II Clog features sturdy lug soles. Colors like navy, grey and brown give these functional shoes a stylish flair.

For women, the Sperry Seacoast Clog combines breezy boat shoe elements like lacing and grommets with the Crocs comfort factor. The Sperry Crocband Flip Flop is perfect for tropical sailing getaways, with its thong sandal design. And floral patterns and colors like rose, mint and coral add feminine charm to any boating look.

The variety of Sperry Crocs makes it easy to coordinate with your on-board outfit. And you can match styles to the needs of different activities – low-profile slip-ons for the cockpit or burly clogs for working on deck.

Tips for Wearing Sperry Crocs on Board

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

To get the most out of your Sperry Crocs sailing shoes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear with socks for warmer weather, go sockless in the heat
  • Rinse shoes after use to wash away saltwater, dirt and grime
  • Let shoes fully dry out after use before storing
  • Hand wash leather uppers with mild soap and water if needed
  • Use Crocs cleaning wipes on foam parts to remove stains and odors
  • Replace insole inserts once they become overly worn for best cushioning and support
  • Consider adding sport insoles for arch support during extended wear

With proper care, your Sperry Crocs can withstand many seasons of sailing adventures. A quick wash keeps them looking – and smelling – fresh.

Set Sail in Comfort and Style

Sperry Crocs truly offer the best of both worlds when it comes to boating footwear. The durable, non-slip grip of Sperry outsoles combined with the lightweight cushioning of Croslite foam adds up to all-day comfort with reliable traction. The variety of styles allows you to dial in the right look to complement your time afloat. For your next voyage, pair your sailing gear with the ultimate deck shoes from Sperry Crocs.

Top 3 Crocs Sailing Shoes for Men – Stylish & Functional

Guys, any sailor worth his salt knows having the right gear is crucial when you’re out on the water. And for us deck monkeys, few pieces of equipment are as vital as our shoes. When you’re dealing with wet, slippery surfaces, traction and stability are key. You need footwear that can handle the marine environment without cramping your style. Enter Crocs sailing shoes – the perfect marriage of performance and flair for male sailors. Let’s dive into the top 3 Crocs boat shoes that will keep you looking savvy whether you’re racing for first place or just soaking up some sun on the bay.

1. Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Lace Loafer

Mates, when you think of classic boat shoe style with a Crocs twist, the Santa Cruz Playa Lace Loafer fits the bill. The moc stitching and rawhide laces give it that timeless, nautical vibe. But the Croslite foam construction means featherweight comfort and no-slip traction on wet surfaces. Built-in arch support and a cushioned footbed keep you feeling steady during long days on deck. A heel strap adds stability when the boat’s rocking. Plus, the mesh uppers drain water and let air circulate to keep feet fresh. While available in neutral shades like navy and grey, fun colors like sky blue or salmon add preppy flair. For maritime style blended with Crocs’ performance, you can’t go wrong with the Santa Cruz Playa Lace Loafer.

2. Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Laceless Loafer

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Looking for the laidback appeal of a slip-on with rugged boat shoe creds? Check out the Santa Cruz Playa Laceless Loafer from Crocs. Ditching the laces amplifies the relaxed vibe on this classic moc toe silhouette. But it still boasts durable Croslite construction and razor-sip sip-resistant treads underfoot. Mesh fabric on the uppers allows water drainage and breathability while soft cotton shoelaces add a touch of prep. Inside, Crocs Comfort lightweight cushioning delivers resilient support mile after nautical mile. Hit the deck in style and security with the no-fuss Santa Cruz Playa Laceless Loafer.

3. Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Flip Flop

Guys, sometimes after a day racing on the sea, you just want to kick back and relax. When a simple sandal suits the situation, reach for the Santa Cruz Playa Flip Flop from Crocs. This classic thong-style flip combines laidback styling with substance. The sturdy Croslite foam construction means non-marking soles that won’t scuff up your deck. Plus,Crocs’ proprietary material resists odors, stains, and saltwater corrosion. Pivoting heel straps prevent the shoes from flying off your feet during maneuvers. Meanwhile, soft, synthetic strap liners prevent chafing when worn sockless. Whether you’re hanging dockside or treading the teak, the Santa Cruz Playa Flip Flop brings rugged, no-slip performance in a casual flip-flop package.

Shipmates, any of these three Crocs sailing shoe styles has you covered for comfort, traction, and style on the high seas. So pick your favorite for your next aquatic adventure and cruise in confidence.

Top 3 Women’s Crocs Boat Shoes – Cute & Safe for Boating

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Ladies, we know you want more than just function when it comes to your boating footwear. You need shoes that are as stylish as they are seaworthy. Why compromise your sense of fashion for performance? With Crocs boat shoes for women, you get the best of both worlds. Let’s check out three cute and capable options for your next maritime adventure.

1. Crocs Isabella T-Strap Wedge Sandal

Make a nautical statement with the Isabella T-Strap Wedge Sandal from Crocs. This cute wedge gives you a nice lift while remaining low enough for stability on the deck. A contoured, cushioned footbed provides all-day comfort, while the Croslite foam construction means feather-light durability. The non-marking outsole and razor-sip siping offer slip resistance on wet or slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, cutouts allow for drainage and air flow to keep feet fresh. From the embellished T-strap styling to on-trend colors like blush and sea green, the Isabella T-Strap Wedge Sandal proves you can still look fabulous while staying safe at sea.

2. Crocs Sexi Flip Flop

For laidback tropical vibes, slip on the Sexi Flip Flop from Crocs before stepping on board. This classic thong-style sandal makes a stylish statement with its synthetic upper strap adorned with a metal logo rivet. But it still means business, with a non-slip outsole and sturdy performance Croslite foam construction. Pivoting heel straps prevent wipeouts if your flip flops go flying on deck. The contoured footbed provides cushioned comfort all day. Chic metallic and pastel hues like rose gold, matte black, and baby blue compliment any cruise wear. Stay sure-footed yet sexy with the Crocs Sexi Flip Flop.

3. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

For athletic flair on your maritime adventures, ladies, lace up the Swiftwater Mesh Sandal from Crocs. Inspired by watersports, this sporty sandal is ready to get wet. The mesh uppers allow maximum drainage and ventilation to keep feet cool and dry. A flexible Croslite outsole and razor-sip grip provide wet/dry traction. Meanwhile, the adjustable heel strap and bungee lacing system ensure a secure fit on the foot deck, cockpit or bow. With its athletic vibe and colors like grape, navy and coral, the Swiftwater Mesh Sandal brings sporty style to your days at sea.

Girls, any of these fashionable yet functional Crocs boat shoes lets you sail in feminine style. So get ready to catch some wind – and eyes! – on the water in a cute, capable pair.

Men’s Crocs Deck Shoes – Slip-Resistant and Waterproof

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Mates, working on deck demands rugged, heavy-duty footwear. Between slipping on wet surfaces and getting soaked by waves, having sure-footed stability is a must. You need deck shoes that can handle punishing marine conditions while keeping your footing secure. Crocs makes deck shoes with waterproof protection and traction to spare. Let’s explore some top Crocs styles built for handling life on deck.

Crocs Santa Cruz Playa V2 Clog

The Santa Cruz Playa V2 Clog from Crocs is ready to work. Its synthetic leather upper is fully waterproof to keep feet dry. Underfoot, durable Croslite outsoles provide slip resistance even on wet surfaces. Deep treads and razor siping channel water away for added traction. The V2 clog is also remarkably lightweight, reducing fatigue over long hours. Crocs LockTM tread helps prevent marks on delicate boat surfaces. Meanwhile, air holes allow airflow and drainage. For full weather protection plus sure gripping on slippery decks, the Santa Cruz Playa V2 Clog has you covered.

Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer Clog

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Bring style to stormy days on deck with the Santa Cruz Loafer Clog by Crocs. Its seam-sealed nubuck leather upper shrugs off spray and puddles. A cushioned Croslite footbed offers all-day comfort and stability when the boat is rocking. Deep, rugged treads and multi-directional grip prevent slips and falls. Plus, Crocs Lock tread preserves fine teak and fibreglass. With its classic boat shoe loafer styling, the Crocs Santa Cruz Clog tackles tough conditions without sacrificing sophisticated looks.

Crocs Modena Lace-Up

Guys, sometimes handling lines and gear on a storm-tossed deck demands a more secure fit. The Modena Lace-Up deck shoes from Crocs lock down with sturdy canvas uppers and a lace-up closure. Fully waterproof construction seals out the elements while razor-thin siping channels water away from the non-marking soles. A cushioned Croslite footbed absorbs impact and reduces fatigue. The Modena Lace-Up gives you athletic stability plus reliable wet/dry traction when facing rough seas.

Mates, any of these Crocs deck shoes equip you with serious grip and waterproofing for the stormiest days on deck. So sail through foul weather and keep your footing, no matter what the sea throws at you.

Women’s Crocs Deck Shoes – Lightweight and Quick-Drying

Ladies, dealing with wet, slippery conditions is just part of life when you’re crew on deck. You need durable, lightweight deck shoes that can shed water and keep you sure-footed in sloppy seas. Crocs makes deck footwear perfect for women who work and play on the water. Let’s check out some top Crocs picks for stability and traction on unstable surfaces.

Crocs Isabella T-Strap Sandal

The Isabella T-Strap Sandal from Crocs keeps your footing secure on slick surfaces while still looking cute. This lace-up sandal is made of lightweight Croslite foam that floats, so no worries about losing a shoe overboard. The soft, flexible uppers drain and dry quickly after getting drenched. Deep treads and Crocs’ non-marking soles maintain traction on wet decks. Meanwhile, the T-strap design and lacing system ensure a stable fit when the boat is pitching. So you get feminine style plus reliable grip with the Isabella T-Strap Sandal.

Crocs Santa Cruz Swiftwater Sandal

Made for action, the Santa Cruz Swiftwater Sandal from Crocs combines performance and flair. Its mesh fabric upper and webbing heel strap shed water fast after waves crash over the side. The non-slip Croslite outsole grips wet surfaces securely. Meanwhile, the adjustable bungee lacing allows you to fine-tune the fit for stability on unstable terrain. Whether you’re handling lines in a storm or sunning on the bow, the Swiftwater Sandal keeps your feet locked in.

Crocs Santa Cruz Sport Clog

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Girls, when you need closed-toe protection from the elements, reach for the Santa Cruz Sport Clog from Crocs. Waterproof oiled leather uppers shield feet from the wind and spray. Vent holes allow drainage and circulation. Deep lug traction and razor siping prevent slips on slick surfaces, while Croslite foam cushions every step. The slip-on design with back strap makes them easy to kick off after working on a soggy deck. Face harsh conditions with grip and comfort in the Santa Cruz Sport Clog.

Ladies, whatever conditions you encounter at sea, these Crocs deck shoes equip you with lightweight comfort, quick drainage, and traction to spare. So sail through stormy seas with confidence.

Most Comfortable Crocs Boat Shoes – Soft, Supportive & Grippy

Mates, comfort is king when you’re on your feet all day sailing, cruising or racing. Shoes that pinch, rub or cause fatigue can ruin your time on the water. With Crocs boat shoes, you get cloud-like cushioning plus reliable traction to spare. Let’s look at why Crocs are the comfiest boat shoes around.

Soft Croslite Foam

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

The secret to Crocs’ comfort is their proprietary Croslite foam. This innovative material softens with body heat, molding to your feet for a custom fit. Croslite is also amazingly lightweight, reducing strain on your feet, ankles and knees during long stints standing on deck. Ventilation ports allow air flow and cooling. Whether you’re navigating rough seas for hours or hosting sunset cocktails, Crocs keep you comfy.

Supportive Footbeds

From cushioning heel cups to arch-hugging contours, Crocs boat shoes are thoughtfully engineered for all-day support. Anatomically shaped footbeds evenly distribute your weight to minimize pressure points. Some styles feature extra cushioning pods at the forefoot and heel for walking comfort. Traction nubs massage your feet while also providing grip. Enjoy lasting relief mile after nautical mile.

Non-Slip Soles

Wet decks demand plenty of traction, so Crocs equip their boat shoes with slip-resistant outsoles. Deep directional treads and razor-thin siping prevent slips and falls, while Crocs Lock tread avoids scuff marks. Pivoting traction at the toes makes it easy to move about the deck. Face puddles and sea spray with steady-footed security in Crocs’ grippy boat shoe soles.

Roomy Fit

For all-day comfort, sweating and swelling feet need space. Crocs boat shoes run slightly large to allow your feet to move and breathe. Cleverly placed stretch panels and uppers adapt to swelling. Cushy Croslite foam lets your feet spread naturally as it softens. Enjoy enduring relief thanks to a roomy but secure fit.

Shipmates, tired, aching feet can ruin your time on the water. Treat your feet to Crocs’ soft, supportive, gripping comfort on your next aquatic adventure.

Men’s Sperry Crocs – Classic Boat Shoe Style Meets Casual Comfort

Mates, when it comes to combining maritime style and comfort, it’s hard to beat men’s Sperry Crocs boat shoes. These innovative shoes merge the classic Sperry Top-Sider look with the easygoing comfort Crocs are famous for. Let’s dive into why guys love the cool styling and laidback feel of Sperry Crocs boat shoes.

Iconic Preppy Profile

With their moc stitching and penny loafer silhouettes, Sperry Crocs echo the iconic boat shoe profile. Rugged rawhide laces and side gussets maintain that timeless nautical vibe. Sperry branding and color combos like tan and navy enhance the traditional maritime heritage. So you still get the sophisticated preppy style Sperry is known for, just with more kicked-back Crocs comfort.

No-Slip Traction

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Underfoot, Sperry Crocs feature the same reliable wet/dry traction as original Sperrys. Non-marking, razor-sip soles grip slick surfaces like wet fiberglass decks. Deep directional treads channel water away for superior slip resistance. Pivoting traction at the toes enables easy maneuvering around the boat. So you can count on secure footing thanks to Sperry outsole technology.

Featherweight Croslite Foam

While they look like traditional boat shoes, Sperry Crocs feel like heavenly Crocs on your feet. The woven Croslite foam uppers are incredibly lightweight and flexible. They form to your feet and soften with body heat for a broken-in feel right out of the box. Strategic perforations allow cooling airflow on hot days. The Croslite foam bottoms cushion and support all-day wear.

Slip-On Convenience

From lazy days of cruising to busy days of tackling boat projects, Sperry Crocs simplify your on-board activities. The slip-on styles make them easy to kick on and off whenever needed. Lower collar heights prevent rubbing against bare ankles. Back heels allow you to slide them on hands-free. Enjoy fuss-free wear with the pared-down profiles of Sperry Crocs.

Guys, merge timeless maritime style with blissful comfort in Sperry Crocs. Your feet will thank you!

Stylish Women’s Boat Crocs – Nautical Looks for All-Day Wear

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

Ladies, you can enjoy breezy nautical style and cloud-like comfort in women’s Sperry Crocs boat shoes. With their classic maritime profiles plus Crocs’ signature featherweight cushioning, Sperry Crocs let you look fab and feel great when you’re spending long days boating. Let’s check out why the stylish flair and easygoing feel of women’s Sperry Crocs make them perfect for life on deck.

Iconic Sperry Silhouettes

Sperry Crocs retain the timeless boat shoe shapes that make Sperry famous. The low-profile slip-ons and lace-up oxfords feature iconic moc-toe stitching, grommets and gussets. Sperry branding and colors like navy, tan and grey enhance the sophistication. So you still get Sperry’s classic preppy maritime look.

Soft Woven Croslite Uppers

While they appear leather, Sperry Crocs boast soft, woven Croslite foam uppers. The lightweight material forms to your feet and moves with you. Airflow ports prevent stuffiness in the heat. The foam uppers are also washable, letting you keep them fresh on extended trips. Enjoy shoes as flexible and breathable as your favorite slippers.

Crocs All-Day Cushioning

Underfoot, Sperry Crocs feature Crocs’ signature cushioning technology. The injected Croslite foam midsoles soften with body heat for custom comfort. Pods at the heel and forefoot absorb impact with every step. Non-slip treads provide massage-like stimulation to energize tired feet. The result is blissful support mile after nautical mile.

Feminine Accents & Colors

Little feminine touches give Sperry Crocs a flirty flair all their own. Floral perforations, metal grommets and pastel or metallic hues update the classic Sperry profile. Mix and match solids and patterns for a casually chic look. Complement your onboard outfit without compromising comfort in cute Sperry Crocs.

Ladies, the nautical heritage of Sperry meets the featherweight comfort of Crocs in stylish women’s boat shoes you can wear happily ever after. Slip into this perfect pairing of maritime style and cushioning for carefree days at sea.

Best Crocs for Sailing, Boating & Being on Deck – Non-Slip Safety

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

For sailors and boaters, having the right footwear is crucial. When you’re on a boat, the deck can get wet and slippery, so you need shoes with good traction that will keep you steady on your feet. This is where Crocs with Sperry topsiders really shine.

Sperry has collaborated with Crocs to create a line of perforated, non-marking Crocs equipped with Sperry’s signature non-slip outsoles. These hybrid shoes give you the lightweight comfort and ventilation of Crocs with the secure grip of Sperry’s razor-cut Wave-SipingTM technology. For sailors and boaters, they’re the best of both worlds!

Here are 9 of the top Sperry Crocs styles to keep you safe and comfortable whether you’re sailing, boating, or just hanging out on deck:

Best Sperry Crocs for Men

  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa.
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Lx.
  • Sperry Crocs CVO.
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer.

The Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa is one of the most popular casual boat shoes for men. Its sporty style features air holes for ventilation and a secure fit, while the razor-cut Wave-Siping outsole grips wet or slippery surfaces. It comes in several colors like navy, brown, and khaki.

For a slightly dressier look, the Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Lx has a woven textile upper and hidden Croslite foam cushioning for all-day comfort. The non-marking, non-slip outsole provides excellent traction on wet boat decks.

The classic Sperry Crocs CVO is a favorite for boating and sailing with its durable, water-friendly upper and Sperry’s iconic razor-cut Wave-Siping outsole. It has rustproof eyelets and a lighter, upgraded Croslite foam footbed.

If you prefer a more polished style, the Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer combines woven uppers and stitching details with a slip-on silhouette. The Wave-Siping outsole handles wet surfaces while the Croslite foam cushioning supports and comforts your feet.

Best Sperry Crocs for Women

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

  • Sperry Crocs Lina Floral Tie Loafer.
  • Sperry Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge.
  • Sperry Crocs Isabella T-Strap Sandal.
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Flip.

The Sperry Crocs Lina Floral Tie Loafer adds a feminine touch with its floral print, contrast lacing, and tassel details, while still equipping women with excellent non-slip traction from its Wave-Siping outsole. The style works great from boat to beach.

For a slight lift, the Sperry Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge combines a low cork-wrapped wedge with woven stretch uppers. The Croslite foam and Wave-Siping outsole provide continuous comfort and steadiness on wet or slippery deck surfaces.

The Sperry Crocs Isabella T-Strap Sandal delivers carefree summer style with its embellished T-strap upper and Croslite foam footbed. The Wave-Siping outsole, inspired by Sperry’s Authentic Original boat shoe, grips wet decks securely.

For a sporty slip-on style, the women’s Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Flip features air hole perforations for breathability, a stretchy woven upper, and the signature non-slip Wave-Siping outsole. It’s perfect for popping on and off your boat or lounging dockside.

When you’re out on the water, sure-footedness is a must. That’s why more sailors and boaters are choosing Sperry Crocs. They deliver the lightweight comfort of Crocs with Sperry’s renowned Wet Traction technology to keep your feet steady and supported on wet or slippery surfaces.

With razor-thin siping molded directly into the outsole, Sperry Crocs grip wet boat decks securely so you can move around safely and confidently. The Croslite foam construction also provides cushioning and support whether you’re working on your sailboat for hours or just taking a leisurely cruise.

For men and women alike, Sperry Crocs are a smart choice for sailing, boating, and hanging out on the dock or deck. With styles ranging from sporty sandals to loafer slip-ons, you can find the perfect pair to complement your onboard attire while still equipping your feet for non-slip safety.

Make sure you have the secure traction you need this boating season by picking a pair of the best Sperry Crocs for sailing. Your feet will thank you!

Find Your Ideal Pair of Sperry Crocs Shoes for the Water

For water lovers who spend time sailing, boating, or just hanging out on the dock, having the proper footwear is key. You need shoes that can handle getting wet without slipping while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. This is where Sperry Crocs come in handy.

Sperry, known for their non-slip boating shoes, has partnered with Crocs to create a line of laidback, perforated Crocs equipped with Sperry’s signature Wave-SipingTM outsoles. These hybrid shoes deliver lightweight Crocs comfort with secure Sperry traction to keep you steady on wet or slippery surfaces.

Here are 9 top Sperry Crocs picks for men and women to keep you safe and cozy whether you’re cruising the marina or just chilling waterside:

Top Sperry Crocs for Dudes

  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa – sporty go-to for boaters
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Lx – woven style with hidden cushioning
  • Sperry Crocs CVO – classic boat shoe converted to a Crocs
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer – slip-on style with polish

The Santa Cruz Playa is a favored kickaround pair for guys thanks to its casual vibe, ventilation holes, and choice of colorways like navy, brown, and khaki. The Wave-Siping outsole keeps your footing locked in on wet decks.

For an upscale twist, the Santa Cruz Lx has a woven upper and discreet Croslite foam padding for all-day ease. The non-slip, non-marking sole offers excellent wet/dry traction for cruising in style.

The iconic Sperry Crocs CVO takes the original boat shoe silhouette and gives it the Crocs treatment with a water-friendly upper and famously grippy Wave-Siping outsole. Upgrades include rustproof eyelets and cushier Croslite foam padding.

If you like slip-ons, the Santa Cruz Loafer brings together woven uppers, mocc stitching, and a razor-cut Wave-Siping sole to handle wet conditions while keeping feet comfy all day long.

Best Women’s Sperry Crocs for Water

Best Sperry Crocs for Sailing in 2023: 9 Must-Have Styles for Men & Women

  • Sperry Crocs Lina Floral Tie Loafer – feminine boat shoe
  • Sperry Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge – cork-wrapped stable wedge
  • Sperry Crocs Isabella T-Strap – cute T-strap sandal with embellishments
  • Sperry Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Flip – sporty, stretchy slip-on

The Lina Floral Tie Loafer gives off serious preppy vibes with its floral print upper, contrast laces, and tassels, yet still equips women for wet conditions with its Wave-Siping traction.

For a subtle lift that’s still seaworthy, the Brooklyn Low Wedge pairs a petite cork-wrapped wedge with stretchy woven uppers. The Croslite and Wave-Siping outsole means all-day coziness and stability.

The Isabella T-Strap Sandal brings some summertime glam with its decorated T-strap upper and plush Croslite footbed. Meanwhile, the Wave-Siping outsole inspired by Sperry’s authentic boat shoe keeps your footing secure.

For easy-breezy wearability, the Santa Cruz Playa Flip features airy perforations, a smooth woven stretch upper, and that signature Wave-Siping grip. Slip them on and off hassle-free!

When you spend time on or around the water, solid traction is a requirement. That’s why Sperry Crocs have become a go-to for sailors, boaters, and dockside loungers. They deliver the blissful comfort of Crocs with Sperry’s renowned Wet Traction technology.

With razor-thin siping molded right into the sole, Sperry Crocs cling to wet decks so you can move around with confidence. The Croslite foam also supplies cushioning whether you’re voyaging for hours or just chilling on the dock.

For dudes and gals alike, Sperry Crocs are incredibly smart for activities near the water. With options from sporty sandals to classy loafers, you can pick the pair that complements your maritime outfit while still equipping your feet for non-slip safety.

Make traction a priority this sailing and boating season by rocking Sperry Crocs. Your feet will thank you for the secure and comfortable ride!