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Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

Introduce big and tall mens wrangler jeans

Finding a great pair of jeans can be a challenge for big and tall men. With their larger frames and longer limbs, it can be tough to find jeans with the right fit and comfort. This is where Wrangler shines – they make some of the best jeans specifically designed for larger guys. Wrangler has several jeans made just for men over 6 feet tall and with waists over 40 inches. From relaxed fits to modern tapered legs, Wrangler has a style to complement every body type.

One of the most popular Wrangler styles for big men is the Riggs Workwear line. These jeans are made with durable denim designed to handle tough daily wear and tear. Riggs jeans have a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh with a straight leg, providing maximum comfort for guys on the move. You’ll find these jeans in waist sizes up to 58 inches with inseams over 36 inches for the tallest men. Riggs jeans also have rugged features like triple-stitched seams, rivet reinforcement, and a gusseted crotch for enhanced durability.

For a modern, stylish look, the Wrangler Retro Slim Fit is a great choice. Although marked as “slim”, this jean has a roomy seat and thigh combined with a gentle taper from knee to hem. This creates a flattering silhouette without the restrictive feeling some slim fits have. The Retro Slim comes in waist sizes up to 46 inches and inseams to 36 inches. Made from flexible denim with stretch, these jeans provide daylong comfort no matter your size.

Guys who need extra room through the hips and thighs should try the Wrangler Loose Fit style. It has a relaxed seat and thigh with a wide, straight leg that doesn’t cling or bind. These jeans are ideal for men with muscular builds or who prefer a very roomy fit. You can find the Loose Fit in waist sizes up to 60 inches and inseams up to 34 inches. The denim has added stretch for ease of movement.

For tall, big men, Wrangler has several styles that come in expanded size ranges. The Riggs Workwear Carpenter jeans are designed specifically for men over 6 feet tall, with waist sizes from 38 to 58 inches along with 36 and 38-inch inseams. The loose-fitting Riggs XLA jeans also come in waist sizes through 58 inches, as well as 36 and 38-inch inseams. The affordable Wrangler Loose Fit jeans start at size 38×34, going up to 60×34. No matter your height, Wrangler likely has a jean with the right inseam length for you.

Finding relaxed fit jeans over size 40 waist can be tough, but Wrangler has a few great options. The Wrangler Loose Fit, Riggs Carpenter and Riggs XLA jeans all are available in waist sizes up to 58 or 60 inches for maximum comfort. Wrangler’s relaxed-fit jeans are designed to sit low on the waist and have extra room through the seat and thigh without an overly baggy leg. This makes them a top choice for big guys who want a relaxed style that still looks neat.

If you need jeans in expanded waist sizes but shorter inseams, Wrangler has some good choices. The Wrangler Retro Slim Fit and Loose Fit jeans come in waist sizes up to 46 or 48 inches with 30 and 32-inch inseams. Wrangler’s casual Utility Twill pants also go up to a 46-inch waist with unfinished hems, so you can have them hemmed to any length. For work or going out, Wrangler dress pants come in waist sizes through 46 inches with hems down to 29 inches.

Wrangler uses several denim fabrics designed to comfortably move and flex with a larger frame. The Riggs Workwear jeans feature durable, heavyweight denim with added stretch for ease of motion. Wrangler’s jeans for big and tall men also use denim blended with 2% spandex, which provides stretch and flexibility. This creates a jean that flexes with you but quickly rebounds to hold its shape. Some styles, like the Retro Slim, use performance denim blends for enhanced comfort stretch.

No matter your size, Wrangler has the right jeans for you. Their big and tall fits are specifically designed for taller, larger men rather than just being sized-up versions of average jeans. Features like multiple waistband height options, adjustment tabs, and gusseted crotches make their jeans comfortable for active big guys. With a choice of modern to classic styles in denim that moves with you, Wrangler has the best jeans for tall and plus size men.

Discuss benefits of wrangler relaxed and stretch fits

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

Finding well-fitting jeans can be a hassle for many big and tall men. When you have a taller, larger frame, often the “average” sized jeans just don’t work. The thighs are too snug, the waist gaps, or the length is awkwardly short or long. This is where Wrangler’s relaxed fits and stretch denim fabrics really shine for guys needing extended sizing.

Wrangler’s relaxed fit jeans provide extra room through the seat and thigh for comfortably accommodating larger frames. Styles like the Loose Fit and Riggs Carpenter have a straight leg that hangs cleanly without clinging to the thighs or calves. The relaxed fit provides freedom of movement while avoiding a sloppy, oversized look. These jeans sit at the natural waist to prevent gapping at the back when bending or sitting. For men with athletic thighs or who just prefer roomier jeans, Wrangler’s relaxed fits are a great option.

Incorporating stretchy denim is another way Wrangler boosts comfort for big and tall men. Several of their jeans for bigger guys use denim with 2% spandex woven into the fabric. This provides flexible stretch and recovery, allowing the jeans to flex and bend with you then snap back into shape. The added spandex helps reduce restriction and enhances mobility through the hips and thighs when sitting or moving. It also helps accommodate larger seat sizes without the denim feeling too tight.

Wrangler uses high-quality stretch denim in many of their relaxed fit jeans for big men. The Wrangler Loose Fit jean contains 2% spandex for ease of wear, as do the Loose Fit Premium and Loose Fit Patriot jeans. The Riggs Workwear line also utilizes stretch denim in its Carpenter, XLA and relaxed fit jeans. By combining roomier cuts with the right amount of stretch, Wrangler helps take the discomfort out of jeans for big and tall body types.

For guys needing extended waist sizes, stretch denim is invaluable for providing comfort. Jeans over size 40 or 50 waist can feel restrictive and tight without some give and flex. Wrangler jeans for big men with 2% spandex have greater give through the waist, preventing that pinched feeling some rigid denims can cause. The stretch material moving with you also helps reduce stress on belt loops and seams for enhanced durability.

Wrangler’s performance denims take the comfort of stretch even further. Styles like the Retro Slim Fit use proprietary fabrics that incorporate textured stretch yarns along with the spandex. This results in jeans with even greater mobility that flex and recover at multiple points for freedom of movement. The performance stretch denim maintains shape retention and durability in addition to enhanced comfort.

Inseam length can also be an issue for tall men trying to find properly fitting jeans. Relaxed fit Wrangler jeans like the Riggs Carpenter and Loose Fit come in 36 and even 38 inch inseams. The extra length eliminates the ankle gap issue many tall men encounter in average length jeans. Relaxed leg openings conveniently cover boots without bunching at the cuff or exposing ankles. For tall men needing more room through the hips and thighs, Wrangler’s stretch relaxed fits check all the boxes.

Finding jeans that fit well shouldn’t be a luxury for the big and tall. Brands like Wrangler help make it a reality. By optimizing relaxed cuts coupled with the ideal blend of stretch denim, Wrangler provides both the roominess and flexibility many larger men need in their jeans. When comfort and mobility are just as important as the fit, Wrangler relaxed stretch jeans deliver on both fronts.

Compare traditional and modern wrangler jean styles

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

Wrangler has long been known for its classic Western and workwear styled jeans. But today’s Wrangler also offers modern fits tailored for guys who want contemporary designs without sacrificing comfort and durability. Here’s how some of Wrangler’s traditional and modern jeans for big and tall men stack up.

The Wrangler Cowboy Cut is one of their most iconic traditional styles, virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1947. This jean has a high rise, fitted seat and thighs, straight legs, and cool heritage details like cross-stitched back pockets. For tall or bigger guys who like true vintage Western cuts, the Cowboy Cut is a great choice.

On the modern end, Wrangler’s Retro Slim Fit jeans have a streamlined look with tapered legs. Though labeled “slim,” these jeans have a roomy seat and thigh to avoid a restrictive feel. The Retro Slim jeans sit below the natural waist and have shorter rise suited for modern tastes. With over 20 wash options including black, these jeans have a stylish, updated vibe.

Wrangler’s classic Riggs Workwear jeans are designed for rugged durability and comfort. Riggs styles like the Carpenter jean have a loose, relaxed fit through the legs along with deep front pockets, perfect for working or just relaxing. The Riggs line favors traditional denim washes, cuts, and details like contrast bartack stitching.

Contrast the Riggs jeans to Wrangler’s Advanced Comfort line, made with performance denim containing stretch fibers and moisture-wicking technology. Advanced Comfort jeans have a modern straight or bootcut fit. With options like khaki and olive alongside traditional blue denim washes, these clearly have a more contemporary look and feel than Wrangler’s heritage fits.

Longtime bestselling styles like the Wrangler Loose Fit embody the brand’s traditional roots. With its high rise, roomy fit, and basic finishes, the Wrangler Loose Fit has a classic vibe. It’s perfect for tall or bigger guys wanting that old-school cowboy cool.

On the flip side, Wrangler’s new ZeroX jeans feature a mid rise and athletic tapered leg for a fresh, modern slim silhouette. Made of soft yet durable performance denim, the ZeroX incorporates 4-way stretch for optimal mobility. Contemporary men can still experience Wrangler’s quality in a fit built for today’s casual style.

Some of Wrangler’s modern jeans for tall and big guys subtly update classic elements for a contemporary remix. The Cowboy Cut Slim Boot jean has vintage styling cues like the iconic rear pockets, now built with a narrower bootcut leg suited to cowboy boots. The new Cowboy Cut Slim Boot blends heritage and modern styling in one jean.

Wrangler also caters to guys who like timeless, vintage cuts. In addition to the classic Cowboy Cut, the 1947 Original Fit takes inspiration directly from 1940s-era jeans. With a high waist and straight legs, this jean oozes old-school cool. Big and tall men who prefer traditional looks have several great throwback options from Wrangler.

Whether your style leans traditional or modern, Wrangler has the perfect jeans for bigger tall men. Their latest fits offer the performance fabrics and tailored cuts today’s guys want, while venerable styles stay true to the brand’s Western roots. Ultimately Wrangler manages to span both worlds, giving big men jeans that bridge heritage with innovation.

Review top wrangler jeans for taller men like 48″ inseams

Finding well-fitting jeans can be a constant struggle for taller guys. Many mainstream brands simply don’t make lengths longer than 34 or 36 inches, which leaves a lot of tall men out of luck. Luckily, Wrangler has some great jeans options specifically geared for bigger and taller men, including inseams up to 48 inches.

One of Wrangler’s bestsellers for big tall men is the Riggs Workwear Carpenter jean. This rugged jean was designed for men over 6 feet thanks to its generous sizing, available in waist sizes 38 to 58 inches with 36 and 38 inch inseams. Made of durable denim with just enough stretch for flexibility, the Carpenter has a comfortable loose fit through the seat and thigh. The longer inseams prevent gaping at the ankles when sitting or moving.

Similarly, the Wrangler Riggs XLA jeans are built to comfortably fit tall men with its high rise and roomy fit. Inseams go up to 38 inches, allowing men well over 6 feet to finally enjoy jeans long enough to fit them properly. Signature Riggs details like bar tack stitching and thick leather patch complete the work-inspired look.

Wrangler’s Loose Fit jeans are another brand staple, now offered in expanded sizes perfect for big and tall men. The Wrangler Loose Straight Fit jean comes in waist sizes up to 60 inches and inseams up to 34 inches. With a touch of stretch denim, signature back pockets, and a timeless straight leg, it’s an ideal basic jean.

For tall slender men, the Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Boot jean comes in a 36 inch inseam paired with trimmer straight legs. Made of soft yet sturdy denim, this jean has an iconic Western look while the longer length provides coverage for tall men. The Slim Boot cut is also perfect for slipping over cowboy boots.

Wrangler’s Retro Slim Fit jeans are tailored to flatter men with athletic builds thanks to the tapered leg and roomy seat. Despite the “slim” name, these jeans aren’t restrictive. For tall men, the Retro Slim Fit is available in up to a 36 inch inseam so you get the modern tailored look in lengths that actually fit.

Finding the right length jeans can make all the difference in comfort and appearance for big and tall men. Wrangler offers on-trend styles like tapered and slim cuts alongside classic straight legs, all in longer inseams up to 38 inches. With the right jeans, tall men no longer need to settle for awkward gapping at the ankles or hemming extra-long jeans to fit. Wrangler has the perfect inseams for big, tall and big and tall men.

Explain sizing options for plus size men needing bigger waists

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

For men with waists over 40 or 50 inches, finding well-fitting, comfortable jeans can be a challenge. Most mainstream brands simply don’t offer extended waist sizes needed by many big and tall men. Wrangler is one brand that goes the extra mile to provide quality jeans specifically tailored for plus size men needing more room in the waist.

Several of Wrangler’s jeans for big men come in waist sizes ranging from 46 up to 60 inches. Styles like the Riggs Workwear Carpenter and Riggs XLA jeans are available with waists up to 58 inches, combined with relaxed seats and thighs to avoid a boxy, baggy fit. Wrangler’s Loose Fit jeans start at size 38 going all the way up to waist 60 inches. This gives men with bellies, thicker middles or simply a large frame more options that actually fit properly.

For plus size men needing a little extra room in the waist, Wrangler’s relaxed fit jeans are a great pick. The Wrangler Loose Fit jean is generously sized through the seat and thigh with a refined straight leg, so you get a roomy but not sloppy silhouette. Signature Wrangler details like sturdy bartacks, leather patch and stylized stitching on the back pockets give their jeans an authentic feel. You’ll find the Loose Fit in waist sizes through 60 inches.

Wrangler also uses several design elements to boost comfort and fit for plus size men. Many of their jeans sit right at the natural waist, preventing gapping that can occur with jeans that sit lower in back. Wrangler often incorporates stretch denim fabrics, which have more give and flexibility to move with you. Details like gusseted crotches increase mobility through the hips and thighs. Their jeans are made for big guys to comfortably live in, not just squeeze into.

Inseam length can be an issue for men with large waists but shorter heights. Wrangler provides options here too, offering many of their plus size jeans in 30, 32 and 34 inch lengths ideal for big guys under 6 feet tall. Wrangler’s casual pants like cargo and work styles also come in expanded waist sizes with unfinished hems, allowing you to have them hemmed to the perfect length.

For dressier occasions, Wrangler’s relaxed fit dress jeans and chinos provide a sharp look in big sizes too. Their dress pants use wrinkle-resistant fabrics and come in waist sizes through 46 inches with inseams down to 29 inches. Finding dress pants that fit comfortably is a breeze with Wrangler’s extra-large sizing.

Between extended waist sizes, stretch fabrics and strategically relaxed fits, Wrangler provides quality jeans and pants tailored for plus size men. Their attention to detail offers the comfort big guys need while delivering the effortless cool Wrangler is known for.

List most popular big mens wrangler jeans models by fit

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

Wrangler offers an extensive selection of fits and styles tailored specifically for big and tall men. Here are some of their most popular jeans for larger guys organized by fit type:

Relaxed Fits:
– Wrangler Loose Fit – A longtime bestseller, this jean has a roomy seat and thigh with a refined straight leg. Available in waist sizes up to 60 inches.
– Riggs Workwear Carpenter – Made for men over 6ft tall with larger waists and 36-38″ inseams. Loose seat and thigh with utility details.
– Riggs Workwear Relaxed Fit – Generous through the seat and thigh with a casual, laidback leg. Rugged details like triple-stitching.

Athletic/Tapered Fits:
– Wrangler Retro Slim Fit – Streamlined fit jeans with a tapered leg and roomy seat designed for athletic body types.
– Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Bootcut – With a narrower bootcut leg, this jean flatters taller men. Has an iconic Western look.
– Wrangler Outdoor Zip Pant – Active outdoor pant with UPF 50 protection and cropped, 3/4 length.

Classic Straight Leg Fits:
– Wrangler Cowboy Cut Regular Straight – The original Wrangler cowboy jean cut, unchanged since 1947. Straight leg and mid/high rise.
– Wrangler Loose Straight Fit – Straight leg with relaxed seat and thigh. Features a Vintage Wash treatment.
– Riggs Workwear Straight Fit – Straight fit work jean with utility details like cargo pockets and rivet reinforcement.

Big Waist Fits:
– Wrangler Loose Fit (up to 60″ waist) – Perfect for plus size men who need more room in the waist/seat. Classic straight leg.
– Riggs Carpenter (up to 58″ waist) – Made for big and tall men. High-rise for maximum comfort.
– Riggs XLA Jeans (up to 58″ waist) – Relaxed loose fit jean with higher rise and upgraded materials.

Modern Fits:
– Wrangler Advanced Comfort Straight Fit – Performance flex denim and moisture wicking for active men.
– Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim – Modern slim fit with bootcut leg. Stretch materials for ease of movement.
– Wrangler Retro Slim Tapered Leg – Slim through the hip and thigh with narrow tapered legs.

With jeans available in plus sizes and extra lengths along with roomy to slim fits, Wrangler has an option tailored for every big and tall guy. Find your perfect fit.

Share tips for finding affordable wrangler jeans on sale

Wrangler jeans are known for their quality materials and construction, delivering long-lasting comfort and style. But quality does come at a price – many Wrangler jeans retail over $40 or $50 per pair at full price. Here are some tips and tricks for finding discounts on Wrangler jeans for big and tall men.

Watch for sales at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods that carry Wrangler jeans. These retailers regularly run sales cutting 20-30% or more off the list price on brands like Wrangler. Sign up for email and rewards programs to get alerts on upcoming sales events and exclusive offers. The best discounts on Wrangler jeans often happen around peak times like back-to-school, Black Friday, and the holidays.

Check discount or outlet retailers like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Burlington that receive brand name overstock items. Here you can potentially find major markdowns on current and past-season Wrangler jeans styles. Be prepared to hunt a little among the racks to find your size, but the savings can be significant if you hit on a bonanza.

Take advantage of direct discounts and sales offered by Wrangler on their website. Wrangler runs online promotions like 30% off sitewide or $10 off $50 nearly every month. Stack those with free shipping over $50 for the biggest bang for your buck. The Wrangler site also has a clearance section with overstock jeans marked down 35-50% or more off original prices.

Sign up for Wrangler’s newsletter emails to receive news of web-only Wrangler jeans sales, online coupon codes, and first notice on new product launches. Occasional coupon codes for 10-20% off or free shipping are nice savings on your Wrangler jeans order.

Shop at farm supply and Western wear stores for deals on heritage Wrangler styles. Stores like Boot Barn, Cavender’s, and Sheplers that focus on cowboy apparel often run sales and offers on classic Wrangler jeans that may be harder to find elsewhere.

Check eBay and Poshmark for new and gently used discounted Wrangler jeans from resellers. Search by exact product name and size to turn up the best listings of jeans in great condition, often at steep markdowns. Be sure to check seller reviews.

With some smart shopping strategies, you can save big bucks on quality Wrangler jeans for big and tall men. A good pair of jeans is worth splurging a little more, but why overpay if you can get Wrangler jeans at a discount?

Describe best places to buy wrangler jeans online

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

Shopping for jeans online can be hit or miss, but when it comes to Wrangler jeans for big and tall men, there are some great ecommerce options. Here are the best places to buy Wrangler jeans for men online:

Wrangler’s Official Website – The obvious first choice, Wrangler’s own site has the full selection of their jeans styles, sizes, and washes for men. Browse by fit, size, or collection to easily find the perfect pair. Wrangler offers free shipping on orders over $50 and frequent discounts and sales.

Amazon – As an authorized retailer, Amazon carries a stellar selection of Wrangler jeans for men including hard-to-find extended sizes. Choose from 2-day Prime shipping or free shipping on orders $25+. Amazon also frequently discounts prices on Wrangler jeans below list price.

Walmart – From Cowboy Cut to relaxed fit, Walmart stocks an array of authentic Wrangler jeans for men at great prices. Snag free 2-day shipping on orders over $35. Keep an eye out for online promotions and rollbacks on Wrangler jeans.

Target – Browse Target’s impressive Wrangler jeans selection by fit, size, wash and more. Target offers free shipping on all orders and discounts through their RedCard program. You can also get items fast with same-day pickup in-store.

Boot Barn – For Western and workwear, Boot Barn has an excellent assortment of heritage Wrangler styles and hard-to-find sizes. Get free shipping on orders $75+ or buy online and pick up in-store.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Dick’s carries Wrangler’s outdoor-inspired jeans and pants in big & tall sizes. Qualify for free 3-day shipping on Wrangler orders. Dick’s also frequently runs major sales promotions both online and in-store.

Rural King – For farm supplies and Western wear, Rural King stocks must-have Wrangler styles like the Riggs Carpenter. Rural King offers free shipping on orders $50+ and price matching.

With the convenience of shopping from home combined with fast shipping and generous return policies, buying Wrangler jeans for big and tall online is easier than ever. Find your perfect size and fit without leaving the house.

Review pros/cons of rigid vs stretch wrangler denim

Big mens wrangler jeans: The 10 best for tall and plus size men in 2023

When choosing jeans, one decision big and tall men face is whether to go for a rigid 100% cotton denim or a stretch fabric blend. Both traditional rigid denim and modern stretch denim have their pros and cons:

Rigid Denim Pros:
– Long lasting and durable through years of wear and washing
– Maintains structure and shape rather than stretching out
– Gets softer and conforms to body over time
– Classic denim feel and fading effects

Rigid Denim Cons:
– Less flexibility through hips and thighs
– Can feel restrictive when sitting or bending
– Requires break-in period before maximum comfort

Stretch Denim Pros:
– Greater mobility and range of motion from the start
– Maintains its shape rather than sagging
– Comfortable right out of the package with no break-in needed
– Resists ripping or tearing when stretched

Stretch Denim Cons:
– Loses some crispness and structure over time
– May not fade to a desired vintage effect
– Stretches permanently if over-extended

For most big and tall men, stretch denim provides maximum comfort right off the rack and accommodates larger body types well during movement. But traditionalists love the authentic look, feel, and patina of rigid 100% cotton denim.

Wrangler uses both types of denim in their jeans for big men:
– Rigid Denim Examples: Wrangler Cowboy Cut, Riggs Carpenter
– Stretch Denim Examples: Riggs Relaxed Fit, Loose Fit, Retro Slim

Wrangler’s blend of mostly cotton with 2% spandex provides moderate stretch and flexibility while maintaining the resilient structure their jeans are known for. Ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference. But thanks to both rigid and stretch options, Wrangler has a jean that works for every big and tall guy.

Conclusion – summarize best big mens wrangler jeans for 2023

Finding jeans that fit well and feel great is a top priority for tall, big, and plus size men. In 2023, Wrangler continues to lead the pack in jeans specifically designed for bigger and taller body types.

Wrangler’s relaxed fits like the Loose Fit and Riggs Carpenter offer room through the seat and thigh along with durable denim that moves with you. For guys needing more length, Wrangler has you covered with inseams up to 38 inches. Men who prefer modern and stylish cuts will appreciate Wrangler’s Retro Slim Fit and Cowboy Cut Slim Bootcut.

Wrangler uses denim blends that incorporate 2% spandex stretch to flex with bigger builds while retaining shape. This combined with strategic details like higher back rises, adjustable waist tabs, and gusseted crotches optimize the fit while preventing gaping or sagging. Guys needing expanded waist sizes are catered to with Wrangler jeans available in sizes up to 60 inch waists.

For big men on a budget, Wrangler jeans offer quality and comfort at reasonable prices, especially if you watch for sales. Convenient online ordering and free shipping make it easier than ever to get the perfect fitting Wrangler jeans delivered right to your door.

In a jeans market saturated with brands chasing trends and the latest fad, Wrangler stays true to its Western roots. Their dedication shows in jeans thoughtfully designed for the unique needs of tall, big, and plus size men’s bodies. With Wrangler, guys no longer need to spend extra on alterations or settle for jeans that just don’t fit right. Wrangler jeans continue leading the industry in 2023 as a go-to brand for men who want both style and the ideal fit.