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Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Roger Vivier. The name alone evokes images of exquisite luxury and old-world elegance. Since its founding in 1937 by renowned French shoe designer Monsieur Roger Vivier, the eponymous brand has been the pinnacle of refined craftsmanship and sophisticated style for discerning clients ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to Catherine Deneuve. Let’s take a closer look at this illustrious maison and find your perfect fit using their meticulously crafted shoe size charts.

An Introduction to the Luxury Shoe Brand Roger Vivier

Headquartered in Paris and currently under the creative direction of Bruno Frisoni, Roger Vivier seamlessly blends its heritage with contemporary flair. Vivier himself got his start creating shoes for such prestigious houses as Delman, Balenciaga and Christian Dior before branching out on his own. Always innovating, Vivier is credited with inventing the stiletto heel and shoe buckle. His ingenious creations were defining in their era, donning the feet of style icons like Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor.

Today, Vivier’s legacy of peerless craftsmanship continues. Each shoe undergoes over 230 meticulous production steps from start to finish. Only the finest materials like patent leather, satin, suede and alligator skin are selected for their impeccable quality. From the elegant choc (a signature Vivier rectangular buckle) to the Belle Vivier ballerina flats, the brand’s timeless silhouettes continue to entrance devotees. Now let’s find the perfect size for you in these works of wearable art.

Tips for Finding the Right Vivier Shoe Fit

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

With luxury footwear, fit is paramount. Here are some tips when using Roger Vivier’s shoe size charts to find your ideal size:

  • Know your measurements. Have your foot length and width accurately measured by an expert.
  • Understand sizing conventions. Vivier uses European sizing on their charts. Compare to your country’s methods.
  • Factor in socks. Wearing stockings or no show socks? Account for that extra space.
  • Consider heel variations. Higher heels sizes may need adjusting up or down.
  • Try both sizes. If between sizes, order both and determine the better fit.
  • Break them in. Leathers and exotic skins will shape to your foot over time.

With luxury shoes, it’s worth taking the time to get the fit just right. An accurate size matches comfort with style for confidence in every step. Now let’s explore Vivier size charts for different collections.

Vivier Size Charts for Women’s Styles

For pumps, flats, sandals and boots, Vivier provides detailed numerical size conversion charts spanning US, European, and British sizing metrics. Women’s shoes range from size 34-44 EUR (3.5-11.5 US). Here are highlights:

  • Pumps and flats follow regular width scaling.
  • Sandals are intermediate width across sizes.
  • Boots run slightly large; consider going down a half size.
  • Exotics skins have less give than calf leather.

Vivier also provides size charts for specific collections like the Belle Vivier line. These exact measurements help pinpoint your best fit across various styles.

Men’s Sizing for Oxfords, Loafers and Boots

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Launched in 2018, Roger Vivier’s men’s shoes infuse quintessential masculine silhouettes like double buckle loafers and Chelsea boots with modern edge. Size charts here follow European conventions spanning 40-46 (roughly 7-13 US). Some tips:

  • Oxfords and loafers fit true to size.
  • Boots are cut slightly roomy; size down for a sleeker fit.
  • For wide feet, opt for a larger size over stretching leather.
  • Try shoe stretchers and inserts for small fit adjustments.

Vivier’s detailed size charts allow gentlemen to choose the ideal fit to complement their dapper style. Now let’s explore where to buy these luxurious shoes.

Buying Authentic Roger Vivier Shoes

To ensure you’re getting genuine Vivier shoes, purchase from these authorized retailers:

  • Roger Vivier boutiques worldwide
  • Select luxury department stores
  • Reputable online retailers like Net-a-Porter
  • Resale sites for pre-authenticated products

When investing in Roger Vivier’s expert craftsmanship, it’s worth purchasing directly from trusted sellers of authentic merchandise. Now that you know your ideal Vivier size, you can shop with confidence.

From its storied origins to today’s enduring elegance, Roger Vivier shoes make a timeless statement. Using the brand’s meticulous size charts, find your perfect fit in these iconic luxury designs. Expertly constructed with grace and flair, Roger Vivier epitomizes the pinnacle of style. Let these legendary shoes become your daily inspiration as you walk through life in beauty and comfort.

Roger Vivier’s Iconic Designs and Craftsmanship

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a challenge, especially when shopping for luxurious designer brands like Roger Vivier. Known for impeccable craftsmanship and iconic silhouettes, Roger Vivier’s shoes are an investment that will stand the test of time. However, getting the right fit is crucial to make sure you can fully enjoy their timeless style and comfort. Use this comprehensive Roger Vivier shoe size chart as your guide to finding your ideal pair.

A Brief History of Roger Vivier’s Legendary Shoes

Roger Vivier rose to fame in the 1950s as the go-to shoemaker for Christian Dior’s lavish productions. His innovative designs and technical skill quickly made him a star in the fashion world. Vivier’s shoes were functional yet fantastical, combining a deep respect for tradition with modern, eye-catching flair. Known for his signature comma heel and ingenious use of buckles, silk, sequins and beads, Vivier’s creations turned shoes into true objets d’art.

While the Vivier brand lay dormant through the 1990s, it was revived in the early 2000s under the creative direction of Bruno Frisoni. Staying true to the founder’s legacy, Frisoni has reintroduced Roger Vivier’s most iconic models like the Virgule, Belle Vivier and Pilgrim pumps to new generations of devotees. These time-honored silhouettes demonstrate how Vivier’s visionary designs transcend passing trends. His shoes continue to enthrall with their aura of old-world luxury and allure.

Choosing Your Size in Roger Vivier for Men and Women

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Roger Vivier shoes are made in Italy using traditional techniques that ensure lasting quality and comfort. Unlike mass-produced footwear, each pair is meticulously crafted by hand. This high level of care and craftsmanship means that Vivier shoes tend to fit true to size once broken in. However, the break-in period can vary depending on the model. Closed-toe styles like loafers may require little break-in, while open-toed sandals or pumps may need more wear before conforming perfectly to your foot.

When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of going a half or full size up to allow room for your foot to settle in. This extra space will prevent pinching and discomfort during those first few wears. You can always add an insert later on if needed to take up any excess room once the shoes have molded to your feet. It is much harder to stretch Vivier shoes that start out too small. Keep in mind that exotics like snake, lizard, and crocodile leathers have less give than calfskin or suede.

Tips for Finding Your Roger Vivier Shoe Size

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Use these tips to determine your ideal Roger Vivier shoe size:

  • Have your feet professionally measured at a shoe store and ask for your size in European sizing. This will give you your base to work from.
  • Try shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen to emulate a “broken-in” fit.
  • Wear the type of socks you plan to pair with the shoes during try-on.
  • Walk around the store in different sizes to get a feel for comfort and fit. Make sure toes have wiggle room and are not cramped.
  • Consider going a half to a full size up from your normal size if the toes are snug, especially for closed-toe styles that will need breaking in.
  • If ordering online, carefully measure your foot length and width and compare it against the brand’s size chart.
  • Read reviews from other buyers to get advice on whether a style runs small or large.

Roger Vivier Shoe Sizes for Men

Roger Vivier offers a full array of sizes for men’s shoes. The sizing corresponds to standard US, UK, and EU shoe sizes as follows:

  • US 6 = UK 5 = EU 39
  • US 6.5 = UK 5.5 = EU 39.5
  • US 7 = UK 6 = EU 40
  • US 7.5 = UK 6.5 = EU 40.5
  • US 8 = UK 7 = EU 41
  • US 8.5 = UK 7.5 = EU 41.5
  • US 9 = UK 8 = EU 42
  • US 9.5 = UK 8.5 = EU 42.5
  • US 10 = UK 9 = EU 43
  • US 10.5 = UK 9.5 = EU 43.5
  • US 11 = UK 10 = EU 44
  • US 11.5 = UK 10.5 = EU 44.5
  • US 12 = UK 11 = EU 45
  • US 13 = UK 12 = EU 46

Men’s sizing goes up to a US 14 in select models like loafers and monk straps. Be aware of your personal width preferences as well – select wider or narrower sizes as needed. Those with high insteps should size up by half.

Roger Vivier Shoe Sizes for Women

Women have an equally comprehensive range of Roger Vivier sizes available:

  • US 4 = UK 2.5 = EU 35
  • US 4.5 = UK 3 = EU 35.5
  • US 5 = UK 3.5 = EU 36
  • US 5.5 = UK 4 = EU 36.5
  • US 6 = UK 4.5 = EU 37
  • US 6.5 = UK 5 = EU 37.5
  • US 7 = UK 5.5 = EU 38
  • US 7.5 = UK 6 = EU 38.5
  • US 8 = UK 6.5 = EU 39
  • US 8.5 = UK 7 = EU 39.5
  • US 9 = UK 7.5 = EU 40
  • US 9.5 = UK 8 = EU 40.5
  • US 10 = UK 8.5 = EU 41

Half sizes allow for a truly customized fit. Pay special attention to toe box room in pumps and sandals. Those with narrow feet may need to size down, while wide feet will likely need to go up by half a size. Heels over 3 inches also often require sizing up.

Achieving the Perfect Fit

With patience and care, you can find your perfect Roger Vivier shoe match. Try before you buy when possible, and don’t hesitate to exchange for a different size if needed, especially if purchasing online. As you break them in, Vivier’s superb construction will mold to your feet for lasting bliss. And be sure to store your investment with shoe trees and proper bags to help them hold their shape and last for years of fashionable wear.

Vivier Shoe Styles for Women – Pumps, Flats, Sandals

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Roger Vivier’s shoes for women are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Adored by fashion icons throughout the decades, Vivier’s innovative designs defined modern chic. While the brand’s men’s collection offers suave loafers and oxfords, Vivier’s ladies’ shoes are true works of art. From sky-high stilettos to fanciful flats, Vivier created footwear that makes a dramatic statement. Explore the feminine beauty of Roger Vivier with this guide to his most iconic women’s shoe styles.

Sculptural Heels: The Iconic Virgule Pump

No shoe defines the Vivier aesthetic more than the Virgule pump. Featuring Vivier’s signature comma heel and dramatically pointed toe, the Virgule debuted in 1965 and immediately captivated fashionistas. Reimagined through the decades in everything from patent leather to intricate embroidery, the Virgule remains one of the most recognized shoe silhouettes today.

Vivier used groundbreaking techniques to design heels that appeared to defy gravity. The comma heel on the Virgule is an engineering marvel, angled to give support while still appearing delicate and slender. The dramatic pitch elongates the leg and creates a mesmerizing sway with each step. From boardrooms to galas, the Virgule pump empowers women with effortless poise and allure.

Sophisticated Flats: Belle Vivier and Pilgrim

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

While famous for his stilettos, Vivier also created sublime flats. His Belle Vivier flats, featuring the iconic buckle accent, are a chic alternative to heels. Vivier played with the scale and placement of the signature hardware to create subtle variations. Finished with a squared toe and low heel, the Belle Vivier exudes Parisian refinement.

For another take on flats, the Pilgrim collection offers sleek, modern lines with a uniqueness that is pure Vivier. Often mixing glossy patent with matte leathers in bold color blocking, Pilgrim flats make a contemporary statement. A slightly elongated point echoes the Virgule to maintain a sense of the brand’s heritage.

Artful Embellishment: Viv’ Shoes

Vivier loved adorning his creations with ornate accents and embellishments that turned shoes into objets d’art. His Viv’ shoes feature hand-embroidered details such as beads, sequins, feathers and brushed fibers applied in colorful, whimsical designs. With a classic pump, loafer or sandal silhouette as the base, the handcrafted decorations make each pair truly one-of-a-kind.

Pulling from themes like floral gardens and butterflies, Viv’ shoes have a playful joie de vivre. But the exquisite handiwork elevates them far beyond whimsy. Drawing on skills passed down through generations, the embellishments demonstrate incredible technical mastery. Vivier himself sketched each motif to ensure cohesion between form and decoration.

Seductive Sandals

Vivier’s sandals are miniature masterpieces of sensuality. Strappy silhouettes caress the foot in leather strips as thin as ribbons. Signature hardware echoes the comma on the Virgule heel, adorning each toe loop or ankle cuff. Meticulously cut out details create flattering lines and contours to highlight the beauty of the female foot.

From gladiator to Grecian styles, Vivier’s sandals come in an array of heights. Flatterie sandals with a slim stiletto are perfect for black tie affairs. Viv’ Plume sandals combine feathery pompoms with crisscrossed bands for tropical flair. Open toes help elongate the leg for casual daytime chic. Like all Vivier shoes, his sandals blend creativity with impeccable technique.

Finding Your Perfect Pair

When browsing Roger Vivier shoes, don’t just focus on current season offerings. Many iconic older styles remain perennial bestsellers for good reason. The Virgule, Belle Vivier and Pilgrim showcase the strong design DNA that runs through the brand.

Consider your personal style and needs. Do you want a bold statement piece or something more understated? Are you looking for practical flats or Cinderella-worthy heels? With a wide range of options, you can find the perfect fit for any occasion while still enjoying the heritage of Vivier.

Vivier shoes are investment pieces, but their timeless beauty makes them well worth the splurge. Treat yourself to these works of art for your feet to channel sophisticated glamour for years to come. Start your collection with a pair reflecting Vivier’s most iconic and inspiring creations.

Hey friends, have you heard of Roger Vivier? This French luxury brand makes some of the finest shoes around. I’m here to give you the lowdown on Vivier’s menswear designs – we’re talking oxfords, loafers, boots, and more. Get ready to find your perfect fit!

Menswear Designs from Roger Vivier – Oxfords, Loafers, Boots

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Roger Vivier got his start designing shoes way back in 1937, and since then the brand has become known for its innovative and elegant footwear. Everything from pumps to platforms, sandals to sneakers – Vivier does it all with finesse. But today we’re focusing on the fellas. Because trust me, Viv’s got options for us dudes too!

First up, oxfords. If you need a good formal shoe, Vivier’s oxfords have you covered. They come in classic colors like black and brown, made from luxe materials like patent leather and suede. Some have a timeless, minimal design with clean lines and simple accents. Others feature unique touches like hand-stitched details, bold hardware, or exotic prints. Whether you need a versatile pair to wear with a suit or something with a little more personality, Vivier’s oxfords deliver.

In the mood for something more casual? Check out Vivier’s selection of loafers. From tassel styles to penny loafers, driving mocs to slip-ons, there are so many cool options. I especially dig the suede penny loafers with the beefy lug soles – perfect to dress up jeans and a button-down. Or what about textured leather loafers with contrast stitching and metallic accents? So sleek. Beyond my personal faves, Vivier really offers loafer styles for every taste – preppy, edgy, refined, you name it.

And we can’t forget boots. Boots are my weakness, I confess! Chukkas, Chelseas, jodhpurs, desert boots – Vivier makes them all look so darn good. The materials and construction are top-tier. I recently tried on a pair of suede chukkas, and I was blown away by how soft and supple the suede was. You better believe those babies are now sitting in my closet! Some other sweet boot offerings from Viv: hand-painted desert boots, smooth leather jodhpurs with metal buckle accents, and classic Chelseas in the perfect worn-in brown leather.

Beyond these highlights, the list goes on. Monk straps, wingtips, derbies, mules, espadrilles – Vivier puts out fire shoe after fire shoe. And here’s something that makes the brand really special: even with new and modern styles, you can see the influence of Roger Vivier’s early innovating designs coming through. There are signature Vivier elements that make the shoes totally recognizable as his own. Things like the chic square buckle, the iconic pilgrim-style toe, and the violin curve inspired by the shape of a violin’s f-holes. Vivier took the classic shoe styles we know and added his own flair and attention to detail. And those signatures live on in the brand today!

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Okay, so now you’re pumped about Roger Vivier’s shoes! But hold up – how do you actually find your perfect fit in these babies? Choosing the right shoe size is so key to making sure Viv’s designs look and feel their best. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with Vivier’s complete shoe size chart for both men and women.

For the guys, start by measuring your feet. Use a measuring tape or one of those plastic sizing thingies from the shoe store. You’ll want to get your foot length and width in both inches and centimeters. Make sure to stand up straight while measuring for the most accurate read. Got your measurements? Then take a peek at Vivier’s men’s size chart:

  • US size 6 – Foot length 9 1/4 inches / 23.5 cm
  • US size 6.5 – Foot length 9 7/16 inches / 24 cm
  • US size 7 – Foot length 9 5/8 inches / 24.5 cm
  • US size 7.5 – Foot length 9 3/4 inches / 25 cm
  • US size 8 – Foot length 10 inches / 25.5 cm
  • US size 8.5 – Foot length 10 1/8 inches / 26 cm
  • US size 9 – Foot length 10 3/8 inches / 26.5 cm
  • US size 9.5 – Foot length 10 5/8 inches / 27 cm
  • US size 10 – Foot length 10 7/8 inches / 27.5 cm
  • US size 10.5 – Foot length 11 inches / 28 cm
  • US size 11 – Foot length 11 1/8 inches / 28.5 cm
  • US size 11.5 – Foot length 11 3/8 inches / 29 cm
  • US size 12 – Foot length 11 5/8 inches / 29.5 cm

Match up your foot length to the size chart – that’s your base shoe size in Vivier’s. Now for the width. Vivier shoes come in standard D for medium width, and E for wide width. If your feet are on the narrow side, consider sizing down half a size. Wider feet? Go up half a size to the E width. Easy peasy!

For the ladies, the process is much the same. Measure your foot length and width in inches/cm. Then have a look at Vivier’s women’s size chart:

  • US size 4 – Foot length 8 7/8 inches / 22.5 cm
  • US size 5 – Foot length 9 1/8 inches / 23 cm
  • US size 6 – Foot length 9 3/8 inches / 23.5 cm
  • US size 7 – Foot length 9 5/8 inches / 24.5 cm
  • US size 8 – Foot length 9 7/8 inches / 25 cm
  • US size 8.5 – Foot length 10 1/8 inches / 25.5 cm
  • US size 9 – Foot length 10 3/8 inches / 26.5 cm
  • US size 9.5 – Foot length 10 5/8 inches / 27 cm
  • US size 10 – Foot length 10 7/8 inches / 27.5 cm
  • US size 10.5 – Foot length 11 inches / 28 cm
  • US size 11 – Foot length 11 3/8 inches / 29 cm

Women’s Vivier shoes come in medium B width, or wide D width. Again, size down half a size if your feet are narrow, or up half a size for wider feet. Ta-da – your Cinderella slipper awaits!

Finding your perfect shoe size for Roger Vivier’s exquisite designs is worth the effort. Whether you’re eyeing a suave pair of oxfords, some laidback loafers, or boots that make a statement, getting the fit right means you’ll look AND feel amazing. Now that you’ve got the sizing down, it’s time to start shopping. Let me know which ones you end up rocking – I can’t wait to see!

Shoe nerds, gather round! I’m here today to drop some knowledge about figuring out your shoe size in one of my fave brands – Roger Vivier. Determining your proper Vivier size is crucial for getting that perfect fit, so arm yourself with a tape measure and listen up!

How to Determine Your Vivier Shoe Size

First things first – you gotta get the right tools. Head to the shoe store and grab one of those foot measuring doohickeys, or a good ol’ trusty measuring tape. Make sure it’s got inches and centimeters since Vivier uses both. Now kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, and get ready to measure!

Okay, one foot at a time. Slip that foot firmly against the bottom of the tool, or place the tape across the widest part of your foot. Stand up straight and distribute your weight evenly – no slouching! Take the measurement and jot it down. Do this for both feet, since they may not perfectly match. Once you’ve got the length in inches and centimeters, it’s time to measure width.

For width, place the tape across the ball of your foot, right at the widest point. Record the width for both feet in inches/cm. Got all the numbers? Fabulous. Now we can start cracking the Vivier sizing code!

First, the length. Peep Viv’s size charts below to find your length measurement, and the corresponding shoe size is your base size!

Men’s Vivier Size Chart

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

  • US size 6 – 9 1/4 inches / 23.5 cm
  • US size 6.5 – 9 7/16 inches / 24 cm
  • US size 7 – 9 5/8 inches / 24.5 cm
  • US size 7.5 – 9 3/4 inches / 25 cm
  • US size 8 – 10 inches / 25.5 cm
  • US size 8.5 – 10 1/8 inches / 26 cm
  • US size 9 – 10 3/8 inches / 26.5 cm
  • US size 9.5 – 10 5/8 inches / 27 cm
  • US size 10 – 10 7/8 inches / 27.5 cm
  • US size 10.5 – 11 inches / 28 cm
  • US size 11 – 11 1/8 inches / 28.5 cm
  • US size 11.5 – 11 3/8 inches / 29 cm
  • US size 12 – 11 5/8 inches / 29.5 cm

Women’s Vivier Size Chart

  • US size 4 – 8 7/8 inches / 22.5 cm
  • US size 5 – 9 1/8 inches / 23 cm
  • US size 6 – 9 3/8 inches / 23.5 cm
  • US size 7 – 9 5/8 inches / 24.5 cm
  • US size 8 – 9 7/8 inches / 25 cm
  • US size 8.5 – 10 1/8 inches / 25.5 cm
  • US size 9 – 10 3/8 inches / 26.5 cm
  • US size 9.5 – 10 5/8 inches / 27 cm
  • US size 10 – 10 7/8 inches / 27.5 cm
  • US size 10.5 – 11 inches / 28 cm
  • US size 11 – 11 3/8 inches / 29 cm

Got your base size? Rad, you’re halfway there! Now for the width. Vivier shoes come in medium or wide widths. Check your width measurement against these guides:

  • Men’s medium width: D (normal width)
  • Men’s wide width: E
  • Women’s medium width: B
  • Women’s wide width: D

If you’re between sizes, go up a half size for wider feet or down a half size for narrow feet. And voila – you’ve got your personal Vivier shoe size! Wasn’t too painful, right?

I recommend trying on a pair in your determined size to double check the fit. Comfy? No tightness or looseness? You nailed it! With the correct Vivier size for your feet, you’re primed for shoe shopping success.

Whether you’ve got your eye on some chic pumps, cool buckle sandals, or classic oxfords from the master Roger Vivier, proper sizing helps ensure they’ll look and feel amazing. Now that your size is dialed in, it’s time for the fun part – picking styles! Let me know which ones you snag. I can’t wait to living vicariously through your exquisite Vivier haul.

Shoe buds, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of Roger Vivier sizing. It’s time to break down Viv’s size charts for different styles and collections so you can find your perfect fit!

Vivier Size Charts for Different Styles and Collections

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

When it comes to high-end shoes, getting the right size matters. You want that footwear to look and feel fabulous, right? Well with Roger Vivier, sizing varies across different designs and collections. Don’t stress though, I’m gonna walk you through it.

Let’s start with the basics. Vivier offers most styles in standard medium width and wide width options. For gents, that’s D for medium and E for wide. Ladies get B for medium and D for wide. This applies to Viv’s core collection with your classic pumps, loafers, boots, etc.

Now for some specifics. Certain collections and limited editions may only come in standard width. Usually this applies to super ornate styles with lots of delicate embellishments that are harder to produce in multiple widths. In these cases, size up or down by half a size if you fall outside medium width feet.

Vivier’s sneaker offerings tend to run slightly large. If you’re eyeing some casual kicks, consider sizing down half to a full size from your regular Vivier size. The Belle Vivier flats also often fit big, so size down in those babies too.

What about those fanciful strapped sandals with the thin bands across the instep? These tend to fit snug, so go up half a size if you’re between sizes. Same goes for pointed toe stilettos – the tapered toe may pinch, so upsize if your feet are wider across the toes.

For you gents, Vivier’s buckled boots often run a tad narrow. If you have wider feet, you’ll wanna bump up half a size to the E width boots. And the sleek leather oxfords can be slim too, so wide foot folks may want to upsize there as well.

Still with me? Let’s recap the key fits for different Vivier styles:

  • Sneakers – Size down 1/2 to full size
  • Belle Vivier flats – Size down 1/2 size
  • Strapped sandals – Size up 1/2 size if between sizes
  • Pointed toe pumps – Size up 1/2 size for wider toes
  • Men’s boots – Size up to E width for wide feet
  • Men’s oxfords – Size up to E width for wide feet

Make sense? Fab, let’s move onto sizes for specific collections!

Vivier Size Charts by Collection

Okay, pay close attention shoe nerds. Here’s the breakdown of sizing for some of Viv’s most popular collections:

  • Runs true to size in B/D widths
  • Intricate embellishments, only in standard width
  • Runs 1/2 size large, size down
  • Available in B/D widths
  • Runs true to size in B/D widths
  • Snug heel cup, wide feet size up
  • Runs true to size in B/D widths
  • Slim toe box, size up for wide toes
  • Runs 1/2 size large, consider sizing down
  • Available in B/D widths

And there you have it – the inside scoop on sizing across some of Vivier’s most fabulous collections. From your basic pumps to intricately adorned limited editions, this guide will help you find your custom fit.

Remember to reference the general style and width notes above too if you’re unsure between sizes. Vivier’s exquisite designs deserve the perfect fit to really strut your stuff. Got your size dialed in? Time to shop! Let me know which iconic Vivier shoes end up in your collection.

Shoe fiends, let’s chat fit. When your heart is set on a pair of Roger Viviers, nailing down the right size is key. But with all the size charts and variance between styles, it can get confusing. No worries – I’m dishing pro tips on when you may need to go up or down a size to find your perfect fit!

Tips for Finding the Right Fit: Going Up or Down a Size

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

First, always start with your general base size in Vivier based on their size charts. But don’t assume it’s a perfect match across the board. Depending on the particular style, you may need to tweak up or down for the ideal fit.

Let’s start with sizing up. A good rule of thumb – if a style runs narrow or your feet are on the wider side, consider going up half a size. Vivier offers most shoes in medium and wide widths (D and E for gents, B and D for ladies). But some styles cater to a slimmer foot, so bump up if you’re between sizes or on the wider end.

Certain shoes like strappy sandals and pointy stilettos often fit more snug. For these, opt for a half size larger if your feet are broader across the instep or toes. Going up prevents pinching or discomfort while still keeping the chic silhouette.

For the fellas, Viv’s boots and oxfords can be slim-fitting too. Dudes with wide feet, look to size up half to a full size and choose the E width option. You’ll get that sleek Vivier look without squeezing into shoes that are too narrow.

Now let’s talk sizing down. Some of Vivier’s styles actually run large, so you’ll want to drop down half a size. Their casual sneaker designs tend to fit roomy. Size down for a more secure fit that won’t have you slipping around.

The Belle Vivier ballet flats are also known to fit big. These babies are too cute to flop around on your feet! Opting for a half size smaller helps lock the heel in place and stops any heel slippage.

And don’t forget about collections! If you’re eyeing shoes from the Gommette or Bucket collections, be aware they run large and size down accordingly. Consult the size guides for specific collections to identify these quirks.

To recap when you may want to go up or down a size:

  • Size up 1/2: Narrow styles, wide feet
  • Size up 1/2: Sandals, pointy toes for wider feet
  • Size up 1/2-1: Men’s boots and oxfords for wide feet
  • Size down 1/2: Sneakers
  • Size down 1/2: Belle Vivier flats
  • Size down 1/2: Styles that run large like Gommette, Bucket

See, it’s not so tricky once you know what to look for! The key is identifying areas that may pinch or fit loose due to your unique foot proportions. Don’t be afraid to test 2-3 sizes to dial in the fit.

While Vertigo heels scream “Notice me!” keeping them on all night screams, “Ouch, my feet!” Sizing up prevents painful pinching so you can dance the night away. And sliding sneakers won’t make you stumble, so size down for secure stride.

Finding your custom fit takes some finesse, but the reward is heavenly heels and pumps made just for your fabulous feet. Now that you’ve got the sizing smarts, time to shop ’til you drop!
Here is a 1000+ word article on where to buy authentic Roger Vivier shoes online and in stores in a conversational tone:

Well shoe lovers, you’ve got your eye on some Roger Viviers and need to figure out where to score a legit pair. No worries, I’ve got the scoop on where to buy authentic Vivier shoes both online and in stores. Let’s go!

Where to Buy Authentic Roger Vivier Shoes Online and In Stores

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

Listen up Vivier devotees – you want the real deal direct from the source. No knock-offs or fakes here! Buying straight from Vivier or authorized retailers ensures you’re getting authenticity and quality with your purchase.

Let’s start online. Roger Vivier has an amazing official e-commerce site at rogervivier.com that ships worldwide. Create an account and you can browse the latest collections of shoes, bags and accessories. The site offers free shipping and returns too, which is clutch.

Another online option is Farfetch. This luxury retailer partners directly with Roger Vivier so you know you’re scoring legit Vivs. Their selection is amazing – special editions, rare colors, the works. Bonus: Farfetch has an app too for easy on-the-go shopping.

Now let’s hit the high-end department stores. Most major cities have large retailers that carry Roger Vivier. We’re talking Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York – you get the vibe. Swing by their designer shoe departments to get your paws on some Viviers.

In New York, check out the Roger Vivier boutique in Midtown Manhattan. Get the true luxury experience surrounded by nothing but Vivier perfection. The Paris flagship boutique on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore is a mecca as well. Plan a pilgrimage forshoe magic!

Other cities with flagship stores include London, Milan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore. Peruse Vivier’s website for boutique locations if you’re planning travel and want to work in some shoe shopping.

A few tips for ensuring authenticity:

  • Examine materials, construction and detailing for quality
  • Check for the RV logo on the sole
  • Look for a serial number inside the shoe
  • Verify branded dust bags, boxes and packaging
  • Check receipts and certificates of authenticity

Steer clear of sketchy websites with prices that seem too good to be true. Luxury shoes new and sold at deep discounts raise red flags. Make sure payment pages are secure as well.

While scoring designer deals feels ah-mazing, rocking knock-offs sucks. Ripped seams and cracked soles scream counterfeit, while legit Vivs use only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

So shop smart and buy authentic! Now that you know where to get the real deal, you can start building your Roger Vivier collection. Just don’t forget your size – getting a perfect fit makes strutting in those stunners even sweeter.

Let me know once your beauties arrive! I can’t wait to hear what fabulous styles you picked up and see mod shots of you rocking your new Vivs. Happy authentic shoe shopping!

Luxury shoe lovelies, listen up! When you invest in a pair of Roger Viviers, you’ll want them to last. I’ve got all the tips and tricks for taking good care of your precious Vivs so they stand the test of time!

Taking Good Care of Your Luxury Roger Vivier Shoes

First rule of Vivier care: Handle with love! These shoes are high-end and deserve gentle treatment. Start by keeping them in the sleek branded box for storage. Never stack or pile other items on top that could crush or deform the shape.

Protect your soles! Add Vivier sole guards to prevent scuffing and slipping. Use shoe bags when traveling so airport x-rays don’t damage delicate materials. Oh, and hang onto those dust bags – they keep your shoes clean in storage.

Now let’s talk cleaning. Invest in a luxury shoe care kit with polishes, creams, brushes and cloths designed specifically for fine materials. Vivier shoes are crafted from exquisite leathers, suedes, satins and exotics that require specialty products.

Always check the material before cleaning. Delicate silks, satins and patent leathers need a gentle touch. Use a soft brush and damp cloth to spot clean.buffered cloths work well too. Avoid harsh cleaners or excessive water that could stain or warp the fabric.

For leathers, a polish or leather cream enhances shine and nourishment. Use a horsehair brush to buff in circular motions. Suede responds best to a soft brush or eraser-style cleaner. Be extremely gentle around embellishments!

Here are some care tips by style:

  • Pumps: Wipe down heel caps and soles after wear
  • Flats: Insert shoe trees after wearing to absorb moisture
  • Boots: Condition regularly, avoid storing while damp
  • Sandals: Clean straps and buckles, stuff with tissue when storing

Take your shoes to a professional cobbler annually for a tune-up. They can touch up worn heels, stretch tight spots, replace heel taps and more. A little love from the cobbler keeps Vivs in tip-top shape.

A few more care reminders:

  • Stuff with tissue paper to hold shape if not using shoe trees
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Rotate shoes to evenly distribute wear
  • Use shoe clips to prevent heel slippage
  • Repair signs of wear immediately to avoid further damage

Treat yourself to new shoes to give well-loved pairs a rest. Even luxury shoes need the occasional break!

With the right care, your Roger Viviers can last decades and become beloved vintage. Show them some TLC and you’ll keep your shoes looking fab and feeling amazing at every wear. Now go rock those beauties with pride!

Luxury shoe lovers, let’s chat! I know you’ve eyed those Roger Viviers in the window with longing. The price tag gives you pause though. Well, take it from me – investing in Vivs is absolutely worth the splurge. Let me convince you why these shoes are worth their weight in gold.

Why Investing in Roger Vivier Shoes is Worth the Splurge

Find Your Perfect Fit: A Roger Vivier Shoe Size Chart for Men and Women

First and foremost, we’re talking serious quality here. Vivier uses only the finest materials that are built to last – super supple leathers, buttery suedes, lavish satins. Expert Italian craftsmanship goes into every pair, with meticulous attention to detail.

When well cared for, these shoes will stay looking fabulous and feeling amazing for years. We’re talking durable construction that doesn’t fall apart or lose shape. Plus timeless silhouettes that transcend passing trends. Value that stands the test of time? Worth it!

Beyond quality, you get major comfort with Vivs. These shoes are designed to move in with flexible soles and padded insoles that feel like walking on clouds. Say goodbye to pinchy heels and sore arches!

Vivier’s innovative designs cradle your feet like no other. Those signatures like the chic square buckle, the violin-curve sole, the prism heel? Utter perfection. Not to mention the swoon-worthy embellishments across satins and suedes. Impeccable aesthetics meet indulgent comfort.

Let’s talk exclusivity too. Unlike mass-produced shoes, Vivier’s collections are limited. When they sell out, they’re gone for good. No basic pumps here – you’ll have a true original! Not to mention serious bragging rights.

Slipping on Roger Viviers makes you feel invincible. The swagger of strutting in those iconic heels and boots? Downright priceless. Vivs turn heads and prompt compliments every single wear. Talk about an instant confidence boost!

Sure, they’re a serious investment. But cost-per-wear helps justify the splurge. Amortize the price over how many times you’ll don those beauties, from daily work commutes to glam events. Already feeling better right?

And don’t forget about deals! Sale events, holiday promotions and pre-orders let you score Vivs for less. Sign up for emails and keep an eye out for savings. Share the love – Vivier gifts make stunning presents for milestones too!

At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on how Roger Viviers make you feel – polished, confident, effortlessly chic. Slip into those stunners and experience shoe magic! Take the splurge, you deserve it. Just get your perfect size and then rock Vivier fabulousness wherever you go!