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Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Everbilt Door Hinges for Smooth and Quiet Operation

When it comes to home improvement projects, having the right hardware can make all the difference. This is especially true for something as crucial as door hinges. A quality hinge can ensure doors open and close smoothly and quietly for years to come. That’s why Everbilt’s selection of door hinges should be at the top of anyone’s list when looking to upgrade or replace their existing hardware.

Everbilt offers door hinges in a variety of styles and finishes to match any décor. Their standard hinges are available in three popular finishes – satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed chrome – to seamlessly coordinate with modern or traditional design themes. For a unique look, black antique and rustic copper finishes are also available.

While appearance is important, performance is critical when it comes to door hinges. Everbilt’s hinges are constructed from sturdy steel for durability and long-lasting functionality. The ball bearing design reduces friction and noise while the self-closing feature makes sure doors latch securely. For exterior doors exposed to the elements, Everbilt has weather-resistant hinges to prevent corrosion and rust.

Installing Everbilt hinges is a breeze thanks to the reusable pin design and pre-aligned screw holes. The hinges come with detailed instructions and all necessary mounting hardware for easy DIY installation. For those intimidated by the process, the universal sizing and standardized screw placement allow professional installers to swap old hinges for new Everbilt hinges quickly and seamlessly.

Here are 5 of the best Everbilt door hinges to consider installing in your home:

1. Everbilt Flat Black Door Hinge

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

The flat black finish of this hinge provides a modern, sophisticated look. The smooth ball bearing operation ensures quiet closing. It’s ideal for high-use interior doors. Installation is quick with the pre-aligned screw holes.

2. Everbilt Satin Nickel Ball Bearing Hinge

With its bright, brushed nickel finish, this versatile hinge matches a wide range of decors from traditional to contemporary. The self-closing ball bearing hinge promotes smooth, quiet operation. It’s perfect for interior doors as well as protected exterior doors.

3. Everbilt Rustic Copper Hinge

The rich look of aged copper makes this hinge stand out. The imperfect finish and hammered design add old-world charm to any space. The durable steel construction and self-closing ball bearing ensure quality and performance comparable to standard hinges.

4. Everbilt Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinge

The deep, sultry tones of oil rubbed bronze are eternally stylish. This hinge’s elegant arched design adds visual interest. The ball bearing self-closing mechanism provides smooth, reliable operation. It’s the perfect addition to traditional wood doors.

5. Everbilt Exterior Door Hinge

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Exposed to the outdoor elements, exterior doors need hinges that can withstand weather, rust, and corrosion. Everbilt’s exterior door hinge has a durable steel construction with weather-resistant nylon bushings. The self-closing ball bearings ensure smooth operation despite temperature changes, warping, or sticking.

When updating the hardware in your home, don’t neglect the door hinges. Everbilt offers an extensive selection of styles and finishes along with premium performance. Investing in quality hinges, like these from Everbilt, will provide smooth, reliable operation for years to come. Your doors – and your sanity – will thank you.

In addition to excellent door hinges, Everbilt has all the quality hardware your home improvement projects need. Here are some other top products to consider from Everbilt’s robust catalog:

Everbilt Porch Swing Hanging Kit

Take your porch or patio to the next level with an Everbilt porch swing hanging kit. It comes with two swing chains, two S hooks, and a hanging hook that mounts to your ceiling. The swing chains are adjustable for desired hanging height.

Everbilt Decorative Wall Hooks

These decorative wall hooks are as beautiful as they are functional. Choose from multiple finishes like satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and rustic copper. The ornate design adds style while providing a place to hang coats, hats, towels, and more.

Everbilt Gate Latch

Add an extra layer of security to your gate with an Everbilt gate latch. Made of durable steel with a rust-resistant finish, it will provide reliable performance for years. Installation is easy with the included mounting hardware.

Everbilt Shelf Brackets

Create custom shelving with Everbilt’s heavy duty shelf brackets. They come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles to match any space. The ball lip design ensures a sturdy shelf that can handle the weight of books, decor, or supplies.

Everbilt Screen Door Latch

Let the fresh air in while keeping bugs out with a stylish Everbilt screen door latch. Designed for easy installation and smooth operation, it will provide long-lasting performance season after season. The magnetic catch keeps the door securely closed.

For your next project or home maintenance need, choose Everbilt hardware products. Their excellent quality, vast selection, and competitive prices make Everbilt the go-to brand for both DIYers and professionals. With the right Everbilt hardware, you’ll get professional-grade products that make home improvement projects easy and successful.

Everbilt Cabinet Knobs to Upgrade Your Kitchen Look

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and spend quality time together. An outdated, tired-looking kitchen doesn’t do much to facilitate these special moments. The good news is, a kitchen makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. Swapping out old hardware for new knobs and pulls can instantly give your kitchen a fresh, modern look.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, Everbilt offers an amazing selection of knobs and pulls to match any design aesthetic. From minimalist to traditional to industrial chic, you’ll find the perfect knobs to upgrade your kitchen style.

Everbilt cabinet knobs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Sleek, simple knob styles are available in satin nickel, black, and oil rubbed bronze. For a homey farmhouse vibe, distress knobs in antique copper or weathered gray add charming character. Fancy faceted crystal knobs lend an elegant, glamorous touch.

In addition to a diverse range of styles, Everbilt knobs feature excellent quality and durability. Constructed from sturdy zinc alloy with protective finishes, they will maintain their beauty through years of daily use. The details are impressive too – beveled edges, intricate detailing, and smooth turning action.

Installing Everbilt cabinet knobs is a true DIY project. Each knob includes the necessary mounting hardware and helpful installation instructions. Simply measure to find the correct placement, then attach the base to the cabinet door or drawer front using a screwdriver. Thread the knob onto the base tightly by hand just until snug.

Here are 5 top-rated Everbilt knobs to give your kitchen an instant facelift:

1. Everbilt Modern Crystal Cabinet Knob

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

For a touch of glamour, this clear crystal knob sparkles with refractive light. The flat, smooth shape has clean lines to match contemporary styles. Adds an upscale look without breaking the budget.

2. Everbilt Black Barrel Cabinet Knob

Sleek and understated, the black barrel knob is at home in modern and eclectic kitchens. Durable construction and oil-rubbed bronze finish will develop a rich patina over time.

3. Everbilt Cassara Arc Cabinet Pull

The curved arc design of the Cassara pull provides great grip leverage to easily open cupboards and drawers. Available in satin nickel, black, or bronze to coordinate with your color scheme.

4. Everbilt Franklin Faceted Crystal Knob

Dress up your kitchen with the dazzling sparkle of faceted crystal. The flat yet substantial design of the Franklin knob makes an elegant statement. Timeless beauty and luxury.

5. Everbilt Hemingway Distressed Bronze Knob

With its aged, imperfect finish, the Hemingway distressed bronze knob brings cottage charm to a kitchen makeover. Affordable way to get trendy farmhouse style.

Beyond amazing knobs, Everbilt offers every cabinet hardware you need to give your kitchen a beautiful facelift. Here are some other top products to consider:

Everbilt cabinet hinges

Upgrade old creaky hinges to Everbilt’s self-closing cabinet hinges for smooth, quiet operation. Available in satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and black.

Everbilt cup pulls

Everbilt’s cup pulls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match your design style. Sturdy, easy to install, and beautifully functional hardware.

Everbilt decorative corbels

Adorn your kitchen cabinets with elegant corbels. Everbilt offers intricately carved corbels to add support and visual interest.

Everbilt cabinet catch

Discreetly keep cabinets closed with Everbilt’s magnetic catches. Much more seamless than visible latches.

Take your kitchen from blah to beautiful with Everbilt’s line of affordable, high-quality cabinet hardware. With such an amazing selection of knobs, pulls, hinges, and more, you’re sure to find pieces that speak to your unique style. A quick DIY replacement can make a world of difference.

Everbilt Hooks to Organize Your Home and Garage

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Clutter happens. That’s why having versatile, durable hooks throughout your living spaces and garage is a must. Everbilt offers a wide selection of high quality hooks to meet all your organizational needs. Read on to learn about the many ways Everbilt hooks can help tame the chaos in your home and garage.

In the garage, hooks on the walls or ceiling provide places to hang bicycles, lawn tools, hoses, and ladders up and out of the way. For yard tools, hooks with tool holders keep everything neatly in its place. Utility hooks allow you to hang extension cords or air compressor hoses. Pegboard hook assortments are perfect for customizing tool storage on a pegboard wall.

Inside your home, Everbilt hooks keep jackets, coats, hats, and belts organized in the entryway. Robust hooks in the laundry room hold damp towels or clothing waiting to be washed. Stylish decorative hooks in any room are great for hanging scarves, jewelry, or handbags. In the bathroom, towel hooks by the shower or niar the vanity corral wet towels.

Several factors make Everbilt the brand to choose for hooks throughout your home:


Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Constructed from sturdy steel with protective finishes, Everbilt hooks are built to handle repeated use without bending, breaking, or pull-out damage.

Versatile Design

Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and weight capacities, Everbilt offers the right hook for any situation. Hooks designed for light duty or heavy duty tasks.

Quality Finishes

From satin nickel and brushed chrome to bronze and distressed copper, Everbilt finishing resists rust, tarnish, and corrosion even with everyday use.

Here are 5 top-rated hook collections from Everbilt’s extensive catalog:

1. Utility Hook Assortment

This set includes useful hooks for yard tools, ladders, hoses, and more. The assortment has single and double hooks in a variety of sizes to hold up to 50 pounds.

2. Decorative Scroll Wall Hooks

Beautiful scrollwork design elevates these functional wall hooks. Three sizes hold hats, towels, coats, purses, and more. Available in satin nickel, chrome, bronze, and black.

3. Pegboard Hook Kit

Customize your pegboard storage with this kit containing over 50 hooks in multiple configurations. Great for hanging tools, sporting goods, workshop items, and garage supplies.

4. Utility Chain and Hook

Hang potted plants or bird feeders from this chain hook. Adjust to the perfect length up to 34 inches. Holds up to 75 pounds.

5. Adhesive Towel Hooks

These self-adhesive hooks make towel storage a cinch. No drilling necessary. Just peel and stick! Holds up to 3 pounds.

In addition to excellent hooks, Everbilt offers a full range of storage and organization products like:


Heavy-duty shelving units, wall mount shelving, closet systems, and storage racks.


Hinges, gate latches, screen door hardware, shelf brackets, and decorative cabinet hardware.


Freestanding storage cabinets, utility carts, plastic bins, commercial wire shelving, and garage wall systems.

Bring peace of mind to chaotic spaces with Everbilt’s outstanding selection of sturdy, well-designed hooks purpose-built for your organizational needs. Their hooks allow you to neatly arrange clothing, tools, sporting goods, accessories, and more while maximizing your vertical storage space.

Everbilt Porch Swing Hanging Kit for Relaxation Outdoors

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Is your porch missing that special spot to relax, sip lemonade, and enjoy the outdoors? A breezy porch swing allows you to take full advantage of beautiful weather and provides a cozy place to unwind alone or connect with friends and family. Installing a porch swing is made quick and easy with Everbilt’s porch swing hanging kit.

This complete kit contains everything needed to hang a standard-sized porch swing. It includes two swing chains, two S hooks, and a hanging hook that mounts to your porch roof. The swing chains attach to the swing’s hanging hole and are adjustable, so you can set the desired hanging height for optimal comfort and motion.

The steel components are zinc plated for durability and weather-resistance. The kit supports up to 600 pounds, plenty strong enough for even the largest swing frame plus occupants. And the hanging hardware allows the swing to pivot smoothly for a relaxing gliding motion.

An Everbilt porch swing hanging kit offers several benefits for installing a swing on your deck or porch:

Universal compatibility

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Fits most standard swings up to 60 inches wide. No need to worry about brand specific parts.


Customizable chain lengths let you achieve the perfect hanging height for your porch.


Zinc plated steel withstands outdoor elements including sun, rain, and snow without rust or corrosion.

Easy installation

All necessary hardware and easy instructions included. Get your swing hung in about an hour!

Dreaming about hazy summer days as you gently sway on a breezy porch swing? Make it a reality with these steps:

1. Select porch swing

Choose a swing frame in your desired size, style, and seating capacity. Look for weather-resistant materials.

2. Determine placement

Decide on the spot where you’d like to hang the swing. Ensure the roof structure is strong enough to support it.

3. Install hanging hook

Using a stud finder, locate ceiling studs. Drill pilot holes and securely screw hook into studs.

4. Attach chains

Connect chains to hook and adjust lengths evenly. Attach S hooks and chains to swing frame.

5. Add cushions

For comfort, choose weather-resistant seat, back, and accent cushions. Then start relaxing!

In addition to porch swing hanging kits, Everbilt provides all the hardware you need to enhance your outdoor living space like:

Deck railing

Transform your deck with cable railings, balusters, post caps, and more DIY railing components.

Gate hardware

Latches, hinges, and accessories to install sturdy, long-lasting gates and fences.

Landscape lighting

Path lights, spotlights, LED flood lights to showcase your yard’s natural beauty at night.

Investing in an Everbilt porch swing hanging kit is a small price to pay for the years of enjoyment you’ll get from a relaxing swing. With minimal effort, you can create a peaceful oasis right on your porch. A cozy spot to unwind, connect with loved ones, and make more memories together.

Everbilt Picture Hanging Kit for Decorating With Ease

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Decorating your home with beautiful artwork, family photos, and inspirational wall décor expresses your style and personality. But precisely hanging pictures and getting them straight can be frustrating and time-consuming. Everbilt’s picture hanging kit takes the hassle out of decorating so you can adorn your walls with ease.

This comprehensive kit has everything needed for hanging artwork and wall decor like a professional. It contains pre-loaded picture hanging wire, D-rings, screw eyes, nail assortments, a bubble level, and a handy brace so you can ensure your wall hangings are perfectly straight.

The assorted hardware accommodates framed art and décor of any size and weight. The wire comes pre-cut in useful lengths with attached ends so you don’t have to fuss with difficult wire cutting and crimping. Foam adhesive pads provide added security by preventing framed art from sliding.

With an Everbilt picture hanging kit, you can decorate your walls with confidence and accuracy:

Correct height

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

The brace allows you to mark the ideal placement so your pieces hang at the optimal viewing height.

Precise leveling

The included bubble level takes the guesswork out of straightening crooked frames.

Adaptable for all weights

D-rings, screw eyes, and sturdy wire accommodate light to heavy picture frames.

Protective padding

Adhesive pads keep frames from sliding down the wall over time.

Follow these simple tips for decorator-worthy gallery walls using your Everbilt picture hanging kit:

Plan the layout

Experiment with frame sizes and spacing on the floor first. Snap photos to recreate the arrangement.

Mark stud locations

Always hang heavy frames from studs. Use a stud finder to mark stud edges above your layout.

Space frames evenly

Use tape measures, levels, and the brace for evenly spaced, straight rows.

Use appropriate hardware

Choose hanging wire, D-rings, or screw eyes based on the frame’s weight.

Prevent sliding

Apply adhesive pads to bottom corners of lighter frames.

In addition to picture hanging kits, Everbilt offers a complete selection of hardware products like:

Shelf brackets

Sturdy, adjustable shelf brackets for bookshelves, storage units, and garage shelving.

Safety gate hardware

Hinges, latches, and accessories to safely install gates at stairways, decks, and doorways.

Bathroom accessories

Towel bars, robe hooks, shower caddies, and toilet paper holders in modern to traditional looks.

Express your personal style without the frustration using Everbilt’s picture hanging kit. Their quality hardware, helpful tools, and detailed instructions make it easy for even novices to hang pictures perfectly. Your home will go from bland to beautiful in no time.

Everbilt Hardware Cloth for Protecting Gardens and Coops

Gardeners and livestock owners know that critters both large and small can wreak havoc on their hard work. From snacking rabbits to tunneling moles, keeping pests away from your plants or flock takes diligence. An effective and affordable deterrent is protective fencing or cages made with Everbilt hardware cloth.

Everbilt hardware cloth consists of a sturdy welded wire mesh with small, half-inch openings. The tight spacing keeps insects, snakes, rodents, and birds from squeezing through and gaining access to your garden or coop. The galvanized steel wire stands up to weather and resists rusting or corrosion.

This versatile product has many uses for protecting your flowers, vegetables, or livestock:

Garden cages

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Wrap planting beds or potted plants in cylindrical cages to keep out burrowing animals.

Raised garden beds

Line the bottom with hardware cloth to prevent tunneling pests from invading raised beds.

Pest screens

Use rolls as barrier screens around or over garden beds. Secure edges with garden staples.

Chicken coops

Line coop runs and small animal cages to keep predators out and pets safely contained.

A roll of Everbilt hardware cloth offers 50 feet of versatile protection. Follow these tips when working with hardware cloth for your unique needs:

Cut to fit

Use tin snips to cut clean edges and overlap seams by 2-3 inches.

Bend into shape

Easily manipulate into cylinders or screen panels using pliers or a vise grip.

Fasten securely

Use poultry staples, zip ties, screws, or wire to firmly fasten in place.

Maximize coverage

For large areas, overlap multiple panels and securely join seams.

In addition to hardware cloth, Everbilt offers a range of products to help safeguard your homestead like:

Livestock fencing

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Welded wire, no-climb horse fencing, electric net fencing, t-posts, and fencer chargers.

Locks and latches

Padlocks, hasps, latches, and gate hardware to secure coops, sheds, and equipment.

Landscaping staples

Steel U-nails for securing landscaping fabric, weed block, erosion cloth, and hardware cloth.

Protect your precious plants and flock with rugged and reliable Everbilt hardware cloth. Customizable lengths and ease of installation make it perfect for any protective gardening or livestock containment need. Your hard work will be safely shielded from pesky critters large and small.

Everbilt Wall Anchors for Heavy Duty Mounting

Installing fixtures and decor on walls that won’t stay put is beyond frustrating. Heavy mirrors, shelving, artwork, and more need anchors that can handle the load without pulling out of the wall. Everbilt’s wall anchors are engineered to securely fasten your heavyweight hanging projects.

Everbilt offers a variety of anchor styles suitable for different mounting situations. Plastic sleeve anchors with bolts work well for fastening brackets and fixtures on drywall. Multi-lead anchors have extra wide threading to grip solid surfaces like concrete, brick, and stone. Corkscrew anchors are quick and easy to install in drywall simply by twisting them in.

The anchor bodies and bolts are made from zinc-plated steel for strength and weather resistance. Matching hex bolts, washers, and nuts are included where required. All meet strict quality control standards for reliable performance.

Benefits of using Everbilt wall anchors for your projects include:

Holds heavy loads

Rated to hold 100-500 lbs depending on type, meeting code for heavy fixtures.

Multi-surface application

Works on drywall, solid concrete, brick, stone, and other common building materials.

Weather resistant

Zinc-plated steel prevents rust and corrosion in both indoor and outdoor uses.

Secure installation

Deep thread engagement and expansive cones grip wall surface tightly.

Follow these tips when using Everbilt anchors for heavy loads:

Drill appropriate pilot holes

Drill hole diameter and depth per included instructions for each anchor type.

Set anchors snug, not overtight

Turn just until anchor expands against hole walls. Overtightening can damage the anchor grip.

Use bolts sized for the job

Choose bolt diameter that matches recommended pilot hole size.

Allow curing time

Let chemical anchors fully cure for weight loading per instructions, typically 24-72 hours.

In addition to wall anchors, Everbilt offers a full selection of fasteners like:


Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Wood screws, sheet metal screws, hex screws, lag bolts, and more for construction and DIY projects.

Nuts and bolts

Hex bolts, carriage bolts, eye bolts, coupling nuts, lock nuts, and other hardware fasteners.

Glues and tapes

Construction adhesives, double-sided tapes, duct tapes, and thread sealants.

For heavy duty fixtures and mounts, trust the superior staying power of Everbilt anchors. With multiple anchor designs for different building materials, Everbilt has a solution for your hanging challenges.

Everbilt Door Handles for Entryway Curb Appeal

An attractive, welcoming entryway greets guests with style and makes a great first impression. Often overlooked, choosing the right door hardware like handles and locksets is an easy upgrade that adds curb appeal and functionality. Everbilt’s door handles enhance exterior doors with beauty, security, and durability.

Everbilt offers a wide variety of door handle designs to match your home’s architectural look. Sleek modern bar handles in satin nickel complement contemporary homes, while antique black handles with ornamental detail give a Craftsman door old-world charm. For a farmhouse vibe, dome knob handles come in rustic finishes like antique brass and distressed nickel.

In addition to complementing your home’s style, Everbilt door handles deliver premium performance. Solid brass or zinc construction provides lasting durability. Precision machining and hand-polishing ensure smooth operation. The all-weather performance holds up to intense heat, freezing cold, and moisture.

Security is also a consideration for exterior door handles. Many Everbilt handles come with integrated locksets. Keyed handles provide controlled entry, while simple knobs or levers allow quick entry from the outside. Matching deadbolts are available for added security.

Here are 5 beautiful and functional Everbilt door handlesets for sprucing up your home’s entry:

1. Thornley Black Textured Handleset

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

With wrought iron appeal, this handleset brings dark sophistication. The durable textured black finish disguises wear. Fits standard-size doors.

2. Dawalt Satin Nickel Handleset

A minimalist bar handle looks sleek and contemporary against modern doors. Reversible design works for left or right opening doors.

3. Easton Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle

Classic styling and rich oil-rubbed bronze finish lend timeless elegance. Offers keyed entry functionality for security.

4. Culver Antique Pewter Handleset

Ornately sculpted pewter pull handles evoke old-world traditional charm. Built-in deadbolt for enhanced security.

5. Callan Grip Lever Lockset

For easy access, the wide grip lever allows entry with arms full. Available with keyed or non-keyed handles.

Beyond door handles, upgrade your entryway with these complementary Everbilt products:

Entryway lighting

Illuminate walkways and highlight architectural details with decorative sconces and path lights.

Metal house numbers

Personalized address numbers in classic black, stainless steel, or rust finish attach to exterior walls.

Doorbell chimes

Choose from traditional to contemporary chimes to announce visitors with style.

With beautiful styling and smooth operation, Everbilt’s door handles make a fantastic first impression. The finishing touch that Welcomes guests and enhances curb appeal.

Everbilt Gate Latches for Safety and Security

Property gates not only define boundaries, they provide privacy, restrict access, and protect loved ones and pets. A sturdy latch mechanism keeps gates securely closed, preventing unwanted entry while allowing convenient access when needed. Everbilt’s gate latches are built tough for reliability and safety.

Constructed of robust die-cast aluminum with weather-resistant finishes, Everbilt latches withstand years of exposure to the outdoor elements. The industrial-strength latches resist rust, warping, and wear and tear from regular use. The heavy-duty design ensures gates stay fully closed until the latch is released.

Everbilt offers many latch configurations to suit different gates and access needs. Slide bolt latches allow quick access from the outside with just the lift of a handle. Double gate latches with padlock eyes provide controlled entry with supervision. Keyed latches restrict unauthorized access for privacy and protection.

Benefits of installing Everbilt gate latches include:

Heavy-duty strength

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Industrial rated for security with robust die-cast aluminum construction.

All-weather durability

Zinc plating and weatherized finishes prevent rusting and withstand outdoor exposure.

Versatile options

Multiple latch types for various access needs – keyed, combination, or simple access.

Easy installation

Pre-drilled screw holes allow secure DIY installation in minutes.

Follow these tips when installing Everbilt gate latches:

Measure gate properly

Choose latch sized correctly for gate width and configuration.

Align latches to each other

Double gates need aligned latches to close properly without warping.

Anchor securely

Use all mounting holes and adequate hardware to prevent loosening.

Allow full range of motion

Mount slide latches so handle lifts fully open without obstruction.

For high quality gate hardware, also look at these other Everbilt products:

Gate hinges

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

Heavy duty hinges for smooth swinging operation season after season.

Gate handles

Attractive gate pulls, handles, and locking mechanisms for security.

Outdoor lighting

Illuminate gates and access points with solar path lights and spotlights.

Trust Everbilt gate latches to provide the safety and security your property needs. Their rugged dependability gives you peace of mind knowing gates will stay securely closed.

Everbilt Cabinet Pulls for Stylish Drawers and Doors

Dated kitchens and bathrooms get a stylish makeover with a simple hardware upgrade. Replace worn out knobs and pulls with Everbilt’s beautiful, functional cabinet pulls to give your cabinets and drawers an affordable facelift.

With a variety of designs from modern to traditional, Everbilt’s hardware collection offers custom pulls to match any décor. Sleek bar pulls in matte black or brushed nickel have a contemporary vibe. Intricate hammered pulls provide a touch of old-world charm. For a fun pop of color, acrylic and crystal knobs add personality.

Cabinet pulls aren’t just decorative. The right hardware makes cabinets safer and easier to use, especially for children and seniors. Everbilt pulls feature smooth rounded edges and grip-friendly designs. Most styles accommodate universal sized screw holes for an easy upgrade.

Top reasons to upgrade old hardware with Everbilt cabinet pulls:

Enhanced appearance

On-trend finishes like champagne bronze, antique nickel, and soft brass modernize dated kitchens.

Improved accessibility

Comfortable grip and leverage of pulls makes opening doors and drawers effortless.

Coordinated look

Match cabinet knobs and pulls throughout kitchen and bathrooms for a cohesive style.

Affordable facelift

Quick upgrade transforms the look without remodeling for just dollars per handle.

Choose the perfect Everbilt pulls for your next cabinet makeover:

1. Streamline Bar Pull

With clean lines and slim profile, the streamline pull has a very modern vibe and comes in brushed nickel, matte black, and more.

2. Binns Textured Black Pull

Soft brushed black finish and curved shaping blend well with industrial and contemporary kitchen designs.

3. Lydia Acrylic Knob

For a pop of color, transparent knobs come in aqua, pink, yellow, and smoke to brighten up neutral cabinets.

4. Dawson Hammered Pull

Must Have Everbilt Hardware Products For 2023: 10 To buy Now

The hand-forged design and aged bronze patina create an antiqued or steampunk look.

5. Culver Decorative Pull

Ornate scrollwork and distressed rubbed bronze finish provide vintage cottage charm.

Everbilt pulls and knobs update kitchens and bathrooms with style, ease of use, and accessibility. Ditch dated hardware for custom pulls that express your personal taste.