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Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Introduce wall mounted basketball racks as a great way to display special basketballs

As any basketball fanatic knows, those game balls can quickly take over your home. From cherished game winners to personalized team balls, our hoops treasures hold special meaning. But traditional ball racks gobble up floor space. Wall mounting your basketball collection solves display issues and shows off your prized spheres. Let’s explore creative ways to exhibit basketballs on walls.

Maximize living area by moving racks to walls

Floor pedestals and cabinet displays occupy valuable real estate in game rooms, man caves, and rec areas. Large standalone units also restrict furniture arrangements and traffic flow. Transitioning to wall mounted basketball holders opens up floor space for more fun activities. Picture an uncluttered room with balls floating on the wall above the action. Wall mounting maximizes square footage so you can really live large.

Select durable materials built to handle heavy balls

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Those regulation size basketballs weigh around 22 ounces apiece. Mounting multiple balls requires sturdy materials and robust construction. Wood, steel, and acrylic each have advantages. Solid natural wood exudes classic style. But moisture can warp boards over time. Powder coated steel offers strength to hang heavy loads. But metal lacks the rich warmth of wood. Clear acrylic securely displays balls while allowing viewers to see both sides. Evaluate material quality when choosing wall mounted basketball racks.

Weigh mounting options for your needs

Individual ball mounts affix a single ball to the wall. This provides a floating ball look that highlights each sphere. But capacity remains limited. Rail systems mount multiple balls in a row. This expands capacity for displaying an entire collection. Consider goals too. Some wall mounts integrate a backboard and hoop for playing indoor ball. Measure carefully to ensure proper fit. And look for locking features to securely display prized possessions.

Accommodate your growing collection

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Ball collections tend to expand over time. Allow room to grow when selecting a basketball wall mount. Multi-arm racks can display 3, 5 or even 7 balls in a cluster. Rod systems suspend balls in a row. Adjustable lengths accommodate 2 to 10 balls or more. Opt for more capacity than you currently need. Wall mounted basketball racks with extra room to add balls avoid frustrations down the road.

Enjoy eye-catching styles to enhance decor

Wall mounted basketball displays become focal points in any room. Complement your decor with stylish racks to showcase those prized balls. Distressed wood backboards evoke a vintage gymnasium vibe. Mirrored acrylic mounts reflect light in modern rooms. Powder coated steel rods infuse industrial flair. Find the look that meshes with your furnishings and design tastes.

Secure collectibles with locking mounts

Serious ball collectors invest in signed balls from legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Protect valuable investments by locking display mounts securely to walls. Prevent accidental drops or ball theft with enclosed locked cabinets. Open racks allow handled balls to slide out. Look for closed hoop designs or acrylic cases to showcase collectibles safely.

Practice bank shot skills with built-in hoops

Add some fun to your basketball wall display with integrated hoops. Shooting hoops in a narrow hallway or small room improves your bank shot accuracy. Look for solid backboard construction that withstands repeated bounce back. Rim quality matters too. Choose firm breakaway rims that handle errant throws.

Surround yourself in hoops heaven

For the ultimate game room experience, go big with wall-to-wall backboard displays. Line an entire accent wall with backboards of varying sizes. Hang matching balls for a sweeping basketball tableau. Or create a focal feature wall with one large backboard and rim. Use wall decals or painted logos to customize the backboards.

Show team spirit with custom racks

Rep your favorite pro or college team with custom wall racks. Select team colors for the rack arms and backboards. Use decals or stencils to add team names and logos. Display balls signed by franchise stars or championship teams. Let your fan flag fly proudly with artistic basketball mounts.

Wall mounted basketball displays liven up living spaces while securing cherished balls. Evaluate materials, capacity, and mounting methods to find the ideal racks. Let your love of the game take center stage on the walls. Those game balls will finally have the spotlight they deserve.

For basketball lovers, finding ways to showcase memorabilia and equipment can be a challenge. With signed jerseys, autographed balls, and pairs of game-worn sneakers, space fills up fast. Wall mounts provide an ideal solution for displaying your prized basketball possessions without taking up valuable floor area. Let’s discuss the space saving benefits of wall mounts versus free standing racks.

Discuss the space saving benefits of wall mounts vs free standing racks

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Wall mounts offer a sleek, minimalist way to show off your basketball treasures. By securing shelves or racks directly to the wall, you eliminate the floor footprint of a traditional cabinet or shelving unit. This helps open up floor space for walking paths, seating areas, or home gym equipment.

Wall mounting is perfect for tight spaces like apartments, dorm rooms, or small offices. Even in larger homes, wall mounts can create a clean look and prevent clutter from overtaking a room. They allow you to highlight your favorite collectibles while maintaining an uncluttered aesthetic.

In terms of versatility, wall mounts give you flexibility to mount boards, shelves, or specialized display racks at any height. You can customize the arrangement to fit your unique collection. Hang balls at different levels, stack jerseys in a layered look, or tilt signed photos for easy viewing. The modular nature of wall mounting allows for rearranging as your collection changes over time.

When choosing locations, wall mounts allow you to take advantage of vertical space above furniture or in overlooked voids. Entryways, landings, and hallways become candidates for wall mounted basketball displays. For exterior displays on porches or patios, wall mounting protects prized possessions from dirt and lawn debris.

Wall mounted racks and shadow boxes keep your memorabilia tidy and protected behind glass doors or acrylic panels. This prevents accidental bumps and knocks that can damage collectibles. Mounting items securely to the wall also helps deter theft.

Compared to free standing cabinets or shelving units, wall mounts have a lighter visual footprint. Open shelving, corner mounts, and floating shadow boxes seem to disappear into the wall, creating an illusion of more space. Even wall mounted cases and enclosed cabinets appear less bulky than furniture of similar size.

From a safety perspective, eliminating furniture from walkways and tight spaces reduces tripping hazards and makes rooms feel more open. Wall mounting puts displays up and out of the way of pets, kids, or unwitting passersby who could accidentally damage your prized possessions.

When designing your display, consider the weight of the items you’ll be mounting. Most standard consumer mounts can handle 30-50 pounds, but you can find heavy duty options that support over 100 pounds if needed. Be sure to install wall mounts securely into wall studs for the safest display.

While wall mounts maximize vertical space, you may need to incorporate creative lighting solutions to spotlight items. Consider track lighting that allows flexible positioning of heads, or go for wall wash sconces to bathe the entire display in light. Friendly lighting prevents shadows and ensures your treasured items stand out.

Of course, free standing racks have benefits too. They take no installation and can be moved around easily. Shelving units like bookcases have ample storage for both display and out-of-sight storage. Sizing is flexible – go as high and wide as space allows.

But for most collector’s tight on space, wall mounts provide an appealing solution. Taking advantage of vertical wall space while opening up the floorplan gives you the best of both worlds. Your memorabilia takes center stage against a clean, clutter-free backdrop.

When designing your basketball treasure display, take time to map out your collection and visualize the look you want to achieve. Measure the wall space available and look for creative ways to maximize every square inch. A thoughtfully planned wall mounted system will showcase your prized possessions while keeping your space neat, organized and mess-free.

When choosing a basketball display, the materials it’s constructed from are an important consideration. Materials like wood, metal and acrylic each have pros and cons when it comes to holding up over time. Let’s compare some of the key factors.

Compare materials like wood, metal, acrylic for holding up over time

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Wood is a classic choice for display cases and shelving. Hardwoods like oak and maple have a timeless, natural look that suits all decors. Wood can be finished, painted, or stained for versatility. It provides a warm, organic feel that highlights memorabilia in an inviting way.

On the downside, solid wood is prone to warping and cracking with changes in temperature and humidity. Cheap, low-density composite woods won’t endure heavy use and can start to bow or sag over time. Finishes can also scratch or wear with frequent handling. Choose kiln-dried hardwoods for maximum stability.

Metals like steel and aluminum provide rigid, sturdy mounts capable of holding significant weight. Metal’s sleek industrial vibe suits modern decors, or can be mixed with wood accents for a blend of old and new. Durable finishes like powder coating resist corrosion and stand up to bumps and scrapes.

Metal’s non-porous surface deters mold growth and is easy to clean. But flat metal panels can create glare issues with overhead lighting. Metal also conducts temperature, making cases cold to the touch at times. Insulated backing helps prevent condensation inside displays.

Acrylic glass is an ultra-clear plastic often used for display cases and shadow boxes. It transmits light better than real glass, creating unobstructed views. Acrylic resists yellowing and cracking better than real glass. It’s also safer, minimizing broken shards if a display gets knocked over.

On the downside, acrylic can be scratched by rough handling over time. Static buildup also causes dust and lint to cling to acrylic. Anti-static sprays can help reduce this effect. Acrylic is also vulnerable to acids and solvents that can create hazy patches.

When choosing materials, consider your needs for adjustability. Metal and wood provide versatility, as you can move shelves and mounts around to accommodate growing collections. Acrylic cases tend to be static once assembled.

For important, high-value memorabilia, look for UV and glare filtering qualities to protect from light damage. Non-glare acrylic or UV-resistant coatings help safeguard prized possessions.

Think about ease of access as well. Doors that open wide or pull-out drawers make it simple to re-arrange contents. Open backs allow wiring for display lighting. Rotating panels give access without removing delicate items.

No material is impervious to damage, so proper care is key. Wipe spills immediately, dust regularly, and avoid overloading shelves. Use felt pads to prevent surface scratches. Monitor for any loosening of hardware or joints over time.

A combination of materials can provide ideal stability and protection. Acrylic doors on wood cases unite strength with visibility. Steel racks lined with wood shelves blend industrial flair with warm accents. Mixing materials gives you flexibility to play to the strengths of each.

At the end of the day, choosing archival-quality materials designed for long-term display provides the best insurance for preserving prized basketball possessions. Durability, adjustability, and ease of care ensure your memorabilia stays protected and your display maintains its appeal over many seasons of fandom.

When installing a wall mount basketball display, you’ll need to choose a mounting system. From simple individual mounts to full rail systems, the options cater to every situation and budget.

Explain mounting options like rail systems or individual mounts

For small collections, individual mounts like floating shelves or solitary racks attach right to the wall. Simple and self-contained, these allow focused displays of one or two prized items. Single mounts work well for a signed basketball mounted on an acrylic stand or a jersey framed neatly in a shadowbox.

Individual mounts come in many styles – wall ledges, corner shelves, tilted metal plaque mounts. You can find sizes and shapes to display all kinds of memorabilia. Floating corner shelves show several items while minimizing space needs. Plaque mounts angled off the wall provide visibility without taking up floor space.

For more flexibility, rail systems allow you to hang multiple hooks, racks, shelves and display cases in various configurations along a wall mounted track. Aluminum rail kits include mounting hardware and come in standard lengths like 24″, 36″, or 48″.

Modular rail systems let you reposition components down to the inch. Adjust as your collection evolves or move items seasonally if needed. Rails can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or along steps and corners. Sections can be joined for longer runs.

Display components designed for rail systems include hanging hooks, cantilevered shelves, mesh racks, enclosed cases and more. Mix and match items to create personalized arrangements. Flexibility makes rails ideal for collections that change and grow over time.

For heavier loads like jerseys or shoes, look for rail systems with weight capacities over 100 pounds. Be sure to securely install rails into studs, not just drywall. Sturdy mounting prevents accidents from falling objects.

To highlight prized single items like signed basketballs, choose individual acrylic cases mounted on a plaque base. These clear display cases foreground memorabilia while protecting from dust and handling. Side lighting creates sparkle.

Shadowboxes frame jerseys neatly under UV glass while keeping air exposure to a minimum. Square floating shelves or ledges work for yearbooks, magazines and stacked collectibles. Felt-lined racks safely display autographed shoes.

When planning your wall mount display, think about viewing angles and sight lines. Place popular items at eye-level while using upper and lower levels for secondary items. Leave some room for growth.

Mixing individual statement pieces with modular systems gives you the best of both worlds. Highlight prized possessions and commemorate important moments with fixed displays, while using rails and tracks flexibly to accommodate the rest of your ever-changing hoops collection.

For basketball collectors with extensive memorabilia, capacity and size factors are key considerations when choosing a wall mount display. Let’s look at some options for multi-ball wall mounts that can neatly showcase a larger collection.

Look at capacity and size options for holding multiple balls

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

For displaying multiple autographed balls, look for wall racks with tiers or rows of angled ball holders. These slated metal or acrylic mounts securely display individual balls while providing visibility. Capacities range from 3-ball racks up to wall mounts that can neatly arrange a dozen or more autographed balls.

Tiered displays allow you to feature prized balls front and center while stacking others above and below. Angled racks prevent rolling and tipping while showing off autographs. High-capacity ball mounts maximize your wall space vertically.

If signed basketballs are your prime collection, go for larger statement pieces like oversized wall-spanning racks. These metal bar mounts allow dozens of balls to be lined up in professional locker room style. With the right lighting, mass ball displays make a bold decorative impact.

For more flexibility, modular rail systems let you add ball clamps, acrylic holders, or display hooks as your collection grows. Mix in shelves or shadowboxes for memorabilia variety. Reconfigurable systems accommodate expanding collections.

Floating multi-level shelving mounts give you flexibility to stack signed balls with other objects like trophies or framed photos. Step-style shelving creates graduated ranks of memorabilia scaled to available wall space.

Consider display visibility when arranging your collection. Place premier items at eye-level, while using extreme top and bottom levels for secondary pieces. Maximize visibility by angling racks or tilting shadowbox mounts out from the wall slightly.

Proper lighting prevents shadows and glare. Position directional lighting at optimal angles to create shine. Wall washing sconces illuminate items evenly. Go for energy-efficient LED lights to prevent heat and fading.

For fancier displays, enclosed cabinet mounts with internal lighting add elegance. Display multiple signed balls behind glass while keeping dust at bay. Mirrored backing reflects light beautifully.

When planning larger ball displays, measure carefully to ensure racks fit your chosen space. Wall mounting makes it tempting to overload displays, so leave room for some future acquisitions. Proportion and balance create the best overall aesthetic.

With the right organizational system, even extensive ball collections can look orderly rather than cluttered. Tiered displays, angled acrylic holders, and capacity-minded racks all allow attractive showcasing while keeping your prized spheres securely in place on the wall.

For basketball collectors with rare, high-value memorabilia, displaying prized possessions can be nerve-wracking. Locking mounts and secure displays provide peace of mind when showcasing your most cherished items.

Consider locking features to securely display valuable collectibles

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

For autographed jerseys, game balls and other irreplaceable items, choose display cases with locking doors or drawers. Acrylic or glass cases allow visibility while protecting contents from dust, damage or wandering hands.

Lock options include simple cam locks on case doors, combination dials, or keyed locks for utmost security. Just be sure to store spare keys or record combos in a safe place.

For particularly precious objects like championship rings or game-worn Air Jordans, look for high-end cases with tamper-proof features. Locks that activate motion sensors or sirens if disturbed provide next-level protection.

If you have extensive memorabilia, modular rail systems offer adjustable locking cases. Start with open display mounts and add lockable cases later as your collection grows. Rail kits include locking options for enclosed cases, pedestals and wall cabinets.

Display location also factors into security. Locate locking cases out of easy reach – not ground level where contents are easily grabbed. Position high-value displays in visible spots rather than isolated back rooms.

Make sure displays are firmly anchored into wall studs, not just drywall. Check for any loosening periodically. Loose mounts allow cases to be pulled off the wall by determined thieves.

For ultimate security, install displays in rooms protected by alarm systems. Motion activated cameras provide another layer of protection. Just be sure your homeowners or renters insurance covers collectibles.

Proper lighting deters crime by eliminating shadows and dark corners. Well-lit displays clearly show off your treasures without compromising safety.

Of course, balance display visibility with security needs. Avoid openly showcasing ultra-rare items likely to attract thieves. High-value items might be better stored and selectively displayed for short periods.

With common sense precautions, even prized one-of-a-kind memorabilia can be safely displayed and admired on a locked wall mount. Protect your cherished basketball possessions without sacrificing your ability to enjoy them.

For the ultimate basketball fanatic, wall mounts can provide both display and active play opportunities. Let’s review some hoop display options that allow you to shoot around right from your memorabilia wall.

Review displays with hoops built in for shooting practice fun

Integrating an actual hoop and backboard onto a display wall takes your love of basketball to new heights. Wall mounts with built-in hoops range from basic to fully loaded game simulations.

For starters, simple wall-mounted backboards with hoops allow you to grab a ball from the collection and shoot anytime hoops cravings strike. Mini-hoops and fold-down backboards maximize space efficiency.

For more realism, choose backboard mounts with breakaway rims that flex on dunks. Clear acrylic backboards that mimic glass look sleek while withstanding indoor play. Marked shooting target areas turn any wall into a skills practice zone.

High-tech electronic wall mounts take training up a notch. Interactive LED scoring systems track shots, percentage and more. Timed shooting challenges and voice feedback help perfect your jumper.

Full-surround video screen backboards generate game simulations for solo practice. Mimic NBA arenas while honing moves like step-backs and Euro-steps. Motion sensors adjust difficulty level in response to your skills.

To avoid annoying housemates, install shock-absorbing backings and noise-muffling net materials. Contain bounce-outs with side netting that traps loose balls.

Consider game feel when choosing backboard materials. Acrylic mirrors real glass rebound. Composite resins offer durable outdoor options. Absorbent materials reduce noise.

For safety, hang backboards high enough to deter collisions yet low enough for high leaps. Leave room behind the hoop for drive layups without crashing into displays.

Surround display shelves with padding or utilize breakaway connections. Cushioning prevents shaken memorabilia if backboard gets banged. Stagger shelves to allow ball flight space.

Proper lighting keeps your active display clearly visible and glare-free. Flood backboard area evenly while spotlighting prized collectibles. Integrate cabinet lighting to create a professional showcase.

With the right hoop wall display, your memorabilia collection transforms into an active basketball oasis. Just be sure household peace accords account for free throw drills at 2 a.m. when obsession calls.

For dedicated basketball fans, a game room is the ultimate at-home hoops hideaway. Let’s look at backboard wall mounts that bring professional arena atmosphere to your personal basketball sanctuary.

Evaluate backboard wall mounts for game room atmosphere

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

A regulation backboard and hoop is the centerpiece of any basketball-inspired game room. Wall mounted backboards save space while providing realistic game play right at home.

High-end wall mounts like gymnasium-quality glass backboards with breakaway rims mimic pro arena setups. Pair with padding shields along walls to absorb hard drives. Install court flooring for ultimate realism.

Clear acrylic backboards practically disappear on the wall while providing durability. Marked shooting zones turn your game room wall into a skills practice area.

For tech-loaded smart backboards, integrated sensors track shots made and shooting efficiency. Interactive LED scoring systems make solo games competitive.

Surround video backboards generate game simulations and opponents for one-on-one contests. Multi-angle cameras capture your own highlight reel.

Amp up the audiovisuals with scoreboards and shot clocks to manage game flow. Add stanchion lights and arena sounds like horn blasts and crowd cheers.

Display your prized memorabilia around the perimeter of the court in illuminated cases and cabinets. Signed balls, vintage jerseys and trophy collections become part of the arena atmosphere.

Make it a multi-sport space by installing virtual simulation screens to switch from hoops to hockey or soccer mode. Interchangeable backboard/net systems quickly convert the court.

For safety, use impact-resistant pads on side walls and corners. Hang backboards high enough to avoid collision but allow for leaping layups.

Proper game room lighting eliminates shadows while putting the backboard center stage. Overhead lighting paired with display spotlights create a professional look.

A climate controlled room maintains ideal playing conditions year-round. Dehumidifiers prevent moisture damage to memorabilia and equipment.

For basketball nuts, a decked-out game room is the at-home court of your dreams. With stadium atmosphere and smart technology, you’ll never have to leave the house to get your hoops fix again!

For die-hard fans of a particular school or NBA team, customizing a display with your squad’s colors and logos shows true dedication. Let’s explore some customizable wall mount options to exhibit team spirit.

Explore customizable racks for team colors and logos

Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

Modular wall mounts with interchangeable accessories allow ultimate flexibility when coordinating team colors and logos. Mix and match panels, shelves, cases and racks for a custom creation.

Choose a rail system in your team’s primary color as the base. Then add shelves, cases or racks in the secondary accent color. Use team logo decals and 3D logo blocks as decorative elements throughout the display.

Display signed basketballs in clear acrylic team-branded holders. Use jersey frames painted in team colors to exhibit autographed uniforms. Team branded display accessories are available for all major college and NBA squads.

Use memorabilia like programs, tickets and photos in matching colors frames. Arrange them creatively to mimic the team logo or spell out an inspiring slogan.

Incorporate neon lighting strips matching team colors to make prized possessions pop. Illuminated acrylic shelving creates a cool glow highlighting collectibles.

For a bold splash, paint or wrap the entire display wall in team colors. Use high gloss paints that mimic court floors. Apply wall decals like oversized logos or player silhouettes.

Order custom cutouts of team logos or names from sign shops to create floating shadowbox art. Laser cut-outs in metal or acrylic add dimensional details.

For a 3D display, mount logos, team names or numbers in relief using dimensional lettering blocks. Staggered shelves allow sculptures to be seen from multiple angles.

Commission local artists to paint or print original artwork showcasing favorite players or classic teams. Framed mixed media designs make statement pieces.

Of course, don’t go overboard on the team themes. Memorabilia should still be the emphasis, with colors and logos thoughtfully enhancing the display. Too much branding can feel commercial rather than personal.

With the right mix of team flair blended into your wall mount system, you can turn your prized collectibles into a showcase of superfan spirit. Just be prepared to defend your design choices at your next tailgate meet-up!

Share top brands and steer buyers toward quality construction

If you’re a basketball fanatic, chances are you’ve amassed quite a collection of memorabilia over the years. From autographed balls and jerseys to trophies and photos, these mementos likely hold sentimental value. But if your prized possessions are crammed haphazardly into boxes and closets, it’s time to properly display them!

Wall mounts are a great way to neatly exhibit your basketball treasures while keeping them secure. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right display rack? Here’s an overview of factors to consider when shopping for basketball wall mounts.


Wall mounts come in a range of materials, each with pros and cons. Metal racks, usually made of powder-coated steel or aluminum, are strong and durable. But they tend to be bulkier and can show scratches. Wood mounts blend into home decor seamlessly, but may not hold heavier items as securely. Plastic and acrylic displays are affordable and lightweight, though less sturdy. Determine how much weight you need to support, and choose a material that fits your needs and aesthetic.


Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

How many jerseys, balls, or photos do you want to exhibit? Make sure to select a basketball wall mount with adequate capacity. Basic single or double ball holders only display one or two items. But multi-tiered racks and shelving units can showcase entire collections. Measure your memorabilia and how much wall space you have to work with. Opt for a mount with versatility to rearrange components as your collection grows.


Preventing damage or theft of your prized possessions should be a top concern. Look for basketball mounts with strong, stable bases and grippy holders that securely grasp balls and jerseys. Some racks feature acrylic or tempered glass doors over shelves, adding a layer of protection. Lockable cabinets will keep valuable autographed items safe. And vouched-for durability from a reputable brand also offers peace of mind.

Display options

A major perk of wall mounts is flexibility in showing off memorabilia. Multi-arm brackets allow you to display balls at various angles. Adjustable shelves let you customize placement. Rotating racks highlight different items. Some soccer mounts even feature built-in lighting for dramatic effect. So decide whether you want to highlight a few favorites or set up a dynamic display.


Need A Place For Your Basketball Treasures. Consider These Wall Mount Options

When investing in display racks to keep your precious collectibles safe, reputable brands are the way to go. Here are some top manufacturers of basketball wall mounts:

  • Rakks – Sleek designs with high-end materials like aluminum and Italian glass.
  • Photoflex – Pro-quality mounts often used in stores and stadiums.
  • Aura – Bold customizable racks made from steel and wood.
  • Fanmats – Affordable basic racks and cases for casual fans.
  • Case Cruzer – Secured display cases for autographed memorabilia.

While those brands may cost more than generic mounts, you can rely on their superior construction. Carefully read product specs and reviews. Reaching out to the company with any questions is also wise.


For the ultimate personalized showcase, look for basketball mounts that allow you to customize. Many racks have removable shelves and hooks, so you can easily rearrange components. Others feature side panels or headers you can attach graphics to. Or opt for a bold, painted color that fits your decor. Add LED lighting to draw attention to your prized possessions.


Wall mounts allow you to exhibit collectibles just about anywhere in your home. But some spots make smarter sense than others. High-traffic areas risk damage or theft. Above beds risks startling slumbering guests with glaring spotlights. Kitchens and bathrooms invite cooking splatters and steam. Aim for open wall space in:

  • Home offices
  • Man caves
  • Bars/game rooms
  • Hallways
  • Dens

Stick with dry, temperate rooms where your memorabilia stays safe. And follow mount instructions carefully regarding installation.


Basketball wall mounts range dramatically in price from under $20 to over $300. Simple ball and jersey holders skew cheaper. Multi-tiered, lighted displays run pricier. Set a budget based on how many items you want to showcase, security concerns, and quality of construction. While scoring a deal feels great, cutting corners could cost you when ineffectual mounts damage precious possessions.

Finding the ideal wall mount to exhibit your basketall treasures takes thought. But curating an inspiring showcase of the memorabilia you’ve collected over the years will give you enjoyment for many more to come. Take time to consider your needs and options. With the right rack proudly displaying your prizes, you can relive cherished basketball memories whenever you’d like.