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Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Why You Should Consider an Extra Wide Baby Gate

As your little one begins to crawl and walk, you’ll likely start thinking about baby proofing your home. One essential item for keeping your curious kiddo safe is a sturdy baby gate. But not just any gate will do. For wide doorways and open floor plans, you need an extra wide baby gate.

Extra wide safety gates provide an important barrier between rooms and hazardous areas. They allow you to partition spaces while still maintaining an open feel. Unlike traditional narrow gates, extra wide models have a larger walk-through design that makes it easy for adults to access blocked zones. No more squeezing through tiny openings!

There are many reasons to install an extra wide baby gate in your home. Let’s explore the key benefits.

1. Prevent Falls Down Stairs

One of the biggest reasons for using a safety gate is blocking access to stairs. A standard stair gate may be too narrow for large or irregular staircases. Extra wide gates up to 72 inches give you the flexibility to cover even the widest staircase.

Mounting a sturdy, extra wide gate at the top and bottom of stairs will help prevent dangerous tumbles. No need to worry about your little adventurer sneaking through!

2. Keep Kids Out of Off-Limit Rooms

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Does your home have certain areas you want to keep off-limits from your kids? An extra wide safety gate allows you to securely block access to specific rooms like the kitchen, basement, office, etc.

Trying to keep rambunctious kiddos out of hazardous rooms is much easier when you can install a gate precisely where you need it, regardless of the doorway width.

3. Create Safe Play Areas

Extra wide safety gates aren’t just for keeping kids out; they’re also great for keeping kids securely contained in safe spaces. Use them to create designated play areas and prevent wandering.

For example, blocking the entryway to the living room with a wide gate allows your children to play while you cook dinner nearby. They enjoy freedom to roam without you worrying about them getting into mischief.

4. Childproof Large Open Floor Plans

For contemporary homes with large, open floor plans, standard size gates just don’t cut it. Extra wide safety gates are a must for partitioning big living areas.

Mount one across the entire hallway or room opening to carve out separate zones. Going wider allows you to safely divide spaces while maintaining an airy, open feel.

5. Keep Pets Contained

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Got pets? Extra wide safety gates aren’t only for protecting kids! Use them to keep dogs and cats confined to certain areas and out of trouble. A tall, wide gate also prevents curious pets from darting out open doors.

Extra wide pet gates are especially useful for partitioning off entrances, keeping dogs out of litter boxes, and securing training areas.

How to Choose the Best Extra Wide Safety Gate

All extra wide safety gates are not created equal! Here are the key features to look for when shopping:

Width and Height

Consider the specific dimensions of the area you want to gate off. Measure the width to ensure you get a gate that’s wide enough. Also pay attention to the height, especially for pets – tall, jumping dogs require a higher gate.

Walk-Through Opening

Look for an extra wide gate with a door section that latches for convenient adult access. The wider the walk-through opening, the better for regularly passing through.

Mounting Type

Pressure mounted gates are quick and easy to install but not quite as sturdy. For maximum safety and security, choose a hardware mounted gate that screws into the wall.


Gate safety is critical – only use ones that meet ASTM and JPMA standards. Check that any extra wide gate is certified for safety and durability.

Age Range

Make sure to get an extra wide gate suitable for your child’s age. For infants and crawlers, look for models with a low profile. Taller gates with small openings are best for toddlers.


Extra wide safety gates are available in different colors and materials from wood to metal to mesh. Choose a style that complements your home’s existing decor.

Reviews of the Top 3 Extra Wide Baby Gates

Ready to choose the perfect extra wide safety gate? Here are my top 3 recommendations:

1. Regalo Wall Safe Extra Wide Walk Through Safety Gate

This sturdy steel gate comes in widths from 48″ up to 192″ wide. It pressure mounts securely in doorways and openings. I love the dual locking system and the wide 19.5″ walk-through section. The all-metal construction and steel support bar provide top-notch stability.

2. Summer Infant Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

For a stylish option, this bronze metal gate looks great in any home. At 36″ high, it’s taller than standard models – perfect for containing excitable pets! Installs easily with included hardware and features a wide walk-through design.

3. Cardinal Gates Outdoor Extra Wide XL Safety Gate

This extra-strong galvanized steel gate is specially made for outdoor use. With a width up to 108″, it’s large enough for huge entryways. The heavy-duty, welded steel frame ensures excellent wind resistance.

When choosing an extra wide baby gate, look for sturdy construction, convenient walk-through, and measurements that fit your exact needs. My top pick is the Regalo gate for its durability, flexible width range, and ease of use. Investing in a quality extra wide gate gives parents one less thing to worry about!

Finding the Perfect Fit – Measuring Your Doorway

Installing an extra wide baby gate is a breeze—if you start with accurate measurements. Taking the time to carefully measure the exact width of your doorway or stairway will ensure you get a gate that fits perfectly.

A gate that’s too small leaves dangerous gaps for slipping through. One that’s too large is a hassle to install. Follow these steps to measure for your extra wide gate like a pro.

1. Gather Your Measuring Tools

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

For an accurate measurement, you’ll need more than just a tape measure. Having a level, pencil, and paper on hand ensures precision.

A 4-foot level helps maintain straight lines for even widths. Pencil and paper allow you to clearly record the specific opening size.

2. Clear Out the Area

Remove any objects like furniture or decor from the doorway or stairway you’re measuring. This gives you a clear workspace and eliminates inaccurate widths caused by squeezing between stuff.

Also close doors and cabinetry to avoid variability during the measuring process. Any obstructions can skew your final gate sizing.

3. Measure Width at the Floor

Kneel down and place your level horizontally across the very bottom of the opening. Hold it steady and balance the level perfectly using the built-in bubble gauge.

With your pencil, mark a line across the floor inline with the outer edges of the level. Do this on both sides of the opening.

4. Measure Width at the Top

Repeat this process at the very top of the opening. You may need a step stool to properly reach. Again, use the level to mark straight horizontal lines on both sides.

For stairs, take the top width at the bannister or wall location where you plan to install the gate.

5. Measure Between Pencil Lines

Use your tape measure to measure the distance between the pencil lines on the floor. Then do the same for the upper pencil lines. Record both widths on your paper for reference.

For the most accuracy, take all floor and ceiling measurements multiple times and average the numbers.

6. Account for Molding or Irregularities

If the opening has molding, like a doorway architrave, make sure you measure the inner width. This gives the usable flat space for mounting the gate.

For irregular shapes like angled stairs, take numerous width measurements along the length and average the numbers.

7. Select a Gate at Least 1.5″ Wider

When ordering your extra wide gate, go slightly wider than your largest measurement. Adding 1.5-2 inches provides wiggle room.

This ensures your gate fits securely despite small wall irregularities or floor unevenness. Gates can be trimmed down but it’s impossible to make too narrow of a gate wider.

Carefully measuring doorway and stairwell widths takes a bit of time upfront. But having precise measurements ensures ordering the perfect fitting extra wide baby gate on the first try. No headaches trying to install one that’s way too small or awkwardly large!

For tricky angled openings, call the gate manufacturer to review your measurements. Many extra wide safety gates are adjustable or expandable to accommodate non-standard sizes and shapes.

With the right tools and technique, measuring is quick and easy. Follow these steps for the perfect fit when installing your much-needed extra wide baby gate.

Top Features to Look for in an Extra Wide Gate

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

With so many extra wide baby gate options on the market, how do you choose? It’s essential to look for gates with certain key features to ensure safety, durability, and convenience.

While width and height may seem like the most critical factors, don’t forget about other important considerations that make living with an extra wide gate easier.

Here are the top features to look for when shopping for the perfect extra wide safety gate:

Walk-Through Door

A gate with a walk-through door section allows for easy adult access while keeping little ones contained. Look for a door that securely latches closed and has a wide opening.

Having to constantly step over a standard gate or squeeze through a tiny door space defeats the purpose of the wider gate!

One-Hand Operation

When your hands are full, you’ll appreciate a gate with single-handed operation. Seek out models with easy, one-handed door latch release.

Quickly passing through with a simple elbow push makes life easier. Automatic close features are also convenient for gates that shut securely behind you.

Multi-Directional Installation

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Versatile installation options let you mount the gate with the door swinging either direction. This flexibility allows proper installation based on your home’s floor plan.

Look for gate hinges that pivot to accommodate layouts where the door needs to swing into the blocked-off area.

Adjustable Width

An adjustable width mechanism is useful for fine tuning the exact gate size. This ensures a customized fit.

Pressure mounted expandable gates with telescoping rubber-tipped bars allow quick width adjustments of up to several inches.

Tall Height Options

For containing pets or very tall toddlers, seek out extra tall gates. Standard models may be too short at only 30 inches high.

Look for height options extending up to 40 or even 48 inches. This higher barrier helps prevent climbing escapes.

Heavy-Duty Build

Durability is a must for safety gates, especially extra wide models covering large openings. Look for sturdy steel or metal construction.

Heavy-duty welded frames and reinforced bars add strength to withstand daily use and abuse from kids and pets.

JPMA Safety Certified

Only use baby gates that meet ASTM and JPMA safety standards. This independent testing ensures quality manufacturing and design.

JPMA certification requires meeting strict hazardous material, finishing, and mechanical engineering guidelines for child safety.

While it can be overwhelming comparing all the options, focusing on these key features will guide you to the best extra wide safety gate. Seek out walk-through convenience, single-handed operation, tall heights, and most importantly – rigorous safety testing.

The easiest to use, most durable gate will make your life less stressful while keeping your kids protected. Don’t settle for less than excellent when it comes to your family’s safety!

Extra Wide Gates Provide Flexibility for Any Room

One of the best features of extra wide safety gates is their incredible flexibility. Wider gate openings allow installation in virtually any room in your home, no matter the unusual size or shape.

With adjustable widths and customizable hardware mounts, extra wide gates can be tweaked to fit your family’s unique needs.

Large Open Floor Plans

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

For contemporary homes with big, open floor plans, wide gates are a lifesaver. Spanning larger entryways is a breeze compared to narrow standard gates.

Mount an extra wide gate across a large living room opening to carve out a safe play zone. The wider gate doesn’t restrict traffic flow or cramp your style.

Top and Bottom of Stairs

Protect curious climbers by installing sturdy extra wide gates at both the top and bottom of your stairs. No matter the stair width or configuration, an expandable extra wide gate can adapt.

Angle the gate to follow the exact contour of your staircase for a secure fit. The adjustable swinging hinge accommodates odd stair angles.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors pose an escape risk for toddlers. Extra wide gates allow you to safely gate off patio doors without blocking the glass.

Look for pressure mounted gates that expand to fit perfectly in front of sliders. The gate reminds kids the door is off-limits.

Irregular Shaped Areas

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Awkward angled openings or curved walls in your home? No problem for bendable extra wide gates. Flexible rubber-tipped pressure bars conform to fit unconventional shapes.

Hardware mounted gates with multiple extension panels attach securely even on irregular walls. Use wall cups and clamps to anchor any angle.

Pet Containment

Contain an excitable pet in any room by installing a tall and wide pet gate across the doorway. The adjustable width tailors the gate specifically to your opening.

For safety and security, opt for a hardware mounted gate models are most difficult for dogs to push over or dislodge.

Outdoor Use

Yes, extra wide gates can even be used outside! Look for galvanized steel models approved for outdoor installation.

Sturdy outdoor gates block side yards, pool areas, or porches. The weather-resistant construction stands up to sun, rain, and humidity.

With so many possible applications, an extra wide safety gate offers incredible versatility. Wider gates provide more coverage options compared to standard narrow gates, especially for today’s open floor plans.

Take precise measurements and use custom hardware installations to make an extra wide gate work perfectly in any room. Stay flexible!

Are Pressure Mounts or Hardware Mounts Better for Wide Gates?

When installing an extra wide safety gate, you’ll need to choose between a pressure mounted or hardware mounted model. Both have pros and cons for wider openings.

Weighing the factors carefully will determine which mount type fits your home and needs best.

Pressure Mounted Gates

Pressure mounted extra wide gates use adjustable tension rods or bars that press against the walls to secure the gate in place. No drilling or tools required!


  • Easy “no holes” installation – great for rental homes
  • Typically less expensive than hardware mount
  • Adjustable width using telescoping pressure bars
  • Portable – easily move to different openings


  • Not as sturdy or securely mounted as hardware
  • Can potentially damage walls if overly tightened
  • May pop open if pushed on too forcefully
  • Usually best only for standard drywall construction

Hardware Mounted Gates

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Hardware mounted extra wide gates screw directly into the wall with provided screws and wall cups (anchors). Installation takes tools and makes small holes.


  • Very sturdy and securely installed into studs
  • Safer for rambunctious pets who might dislodge pressure gates
  • Often can be expanded with extension panels for extra width
  • Great for all construction types – drywall, plaster, concrete, etc


  • Permanent small holes in your walls
  • More difficult installation
  • Gates are fixed in place when hardware mounted
  • Typically more expensive than pressure mount

For most standard sized openings, either mount type will work fine. But for very wide gates, hardware mounting is preferable.

The main advantage of hardware mounting is the incredibly sturdy installation. Large pressure mounted gates can bend, sag, or pop open more easily under stress.

Since wide openings need the strongest and most secure gates, permanently anchoring into studs is safest. Pressure options just can’t offer the same level of robustness.

However, if you’re renting or want ease of portability, quality extra wide pressure gates are a decent option. Just inspect frequently for any loosening over time.

For maximum safety and durability, go with professional hardware installation for your extra wide baby gate. The peace of mind is worth the small holes and extra effort!

Reviews of the Top 3 Extra Wide Baby Gates

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Searching for the perfect extra wide safety gate for your home? I’ve done the research to identify the top 3 highly-rated options on the market. Here are in-depth reviews of my top recommendations:

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate

Regalo is the gold standard brand for top quality baby gates. Their Easy Step extra wide gate is packed with conveniences that make it my #1 choice.

This pressure mounted gate ranges in width from 29” up to 42”. It fits openings 3’ to 6’ wide – ideal for wide doorways or staircases. Installation is super simple with no tools required.

The real advantage is the integrated 11” wide walk-through door featuring a one-hand release handle. The door swings in both directions and uses a dual locking system for security.

Parents love the all-steel construction that prevents sagging. The adjustable steel support bar and non-scratch rubber bumpers add excellent stability without damaging walls.

Overall, the Easy Step gate provides the perfect blend of durability, flexibility, and thoughtful convenience features. And it meets the highest JPMA safety certification standards for your peace of mind.

2. Summer Infant Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

For a stylish gate option, check out Summer Infant’s bronze metal Decorative Tall gate. The bronze finish looks great in any home decor.

This hardware mounted gate is available in sizes from 28” up to 48” wide, covering standard to extra wide openings. Installation requires drilling into walls to securely attach mounts.

The differentiate factor is the 36” height, which is taller than most standard gates. This helps contain excited pets or climber kids who can scale shorter gates.

Conveniences include a one-hand release walk-through door and dual locking mechanism. Auto-close is another nice feature for the door to swing gently shut behind you.

Overall, a gorgeous decorative gate with added height for maximum security. Easily fits wide openings thanks to multiple extension kits with Autoclose technology.

3. North States Supergate Easy Swing & Lock Gate

For a basic, affordable option, consider the North States Easy Swing & Lock gate. This no-frills gate gets the job done at a fraction of the cost.

Available in width increments up to 48”, it installs in openings 28.25” to 48” wide. The steel construction and baked-on finish resist chipping and corrosion.

The walk-through section is narrower than premium options at only 18”. But the door still swings both directions and has a secure locking system.

This is an excellent budget-friendly choice if you don’t need bonus features like auto-close, one-hand operation, etc. It meets safety standards and provides wide doorway coverage at a reasonable price.

The best extra wide baby gate has convenience features, durable construction, and flexibility to fit your exact space. My top recommendation is the Regalo Easy Step gate for its thoughtful design and high quality reputation.

Regalo Wall Safe Extra Wide Safety Gate: The Gold Standard

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

When it comes to top quality baby gates, Regalo is the industry leader. The Regalo Wall Safe Extra Wide Safety Gate exemplifies everything you want in an extra wide baby gate.

Regalo dominates the market because their gates blend rugged durability, convenient features, and flexible sizing. The Wall Safe Gate showcases Regalo’s excellent reputation.

Industrial-Strength Steel Construction

This gate features all steel construction with a powder-coated finish that prevents rusting or chipping. The heavy-duty steel tubing provides exceptional strength and stability.

Reinforced bars add further rigidity, while rubber bumpers protect walls from accidental scratches during use. It’s built to handle rowdy kids and pets without breaking down.

Width Flexibility and Customization

Need to fit a really wide or oddly-shaped opening? No problem! The Wall Safe Gate adjusts in width from 38” up to 72” to tackle nearly any space.

Eight separate 4” extension pieces allow total width customization. For angled openings, the extension bars can angle up to 30 degrees on each side.

The gate securely mounts using included hardware to studs or walls. No damage from pressure mounting here!

Walk-Through Door Convenience

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

The 19.5” wide walk-through door section provides ample room for adults to easily enter. Pass through with groceries or laundry without breaking stride!

The door swings conveniently in either direction and uses Regalo’s proprietary safety latch and lock indicator for security. Single-hand operation makes opening a breeze.

Meets Safety Standards

Most importantly, the Wall Safe Gate meets all JPMA safety certification requirements. This ensures the gate passed rigorous independent testing.

The ASTM approved steel and finish are child-safe. Hardware mounting provides superior stability compared to pressure options. You get complete peace of mind.

When you choose a Regalo gate, you tap into generations of safety gate expertise. The Wall Safe Extra Wide model exemplifies sturdy construction, thoughtful engineering, and total adjustability.

For gate fame to literally span decades, invest in the proven quality leader. Regalo safety gates set the gold standard for excellence!

Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing an Extra Wide Gate

Installing an extra wide baby gate is trickier than a standard narrow gate. The wider opening allows more room for imprecision or oversights that compromise safety and function.

Avoid these common extra wide gate installation mistakes for smooth sailing:

Not Measuring Carefully

The number one mistake is not precisely measuring the gate’s opening width. Even an inch or two off can leave gaps along the sides for slipping through.

Take time to carefully measure at both floor level and top of opening. Account for moldings too. Purchase a gate slightly larger than measurements.

Mounting at Wrong Height

Mounting the extra wide gate too low to the ground leaves a crawling zone underneath. But going too high up leaves a climbing gap above.

Read the manual and mount at the recommended height. 30-34 inches from floor to bottom of gate is ideal for babies and pets.

Not Securing Swing Side

Allowing the swinging gate side to open in *both* directions is a major risk. Always secure one side firmly against the wall so it only swings inward or outward.

Use angled mounting hardware on the fixed side. This prevents clever escape artists from undoing your gate setup!

Using a Damaged or Dilapidated Gate

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Don’t rely on an old, secondhand gate with broken or missing parts. The wider opening puts more stress on components.

Only use new gates in good condition that meet all safety standards. Visually inspect for damage before installing.

Forgetting About Wall Cups

Mounting directly into drywall without using provided wall cups won’t cut it for wide gates. Always anchor into studs or use wall anchors.

This redistributes force along the entire gate width. Otherwise, the weight can pull away from the drywall.

Neglecting the Latch

A loose latch or missing double locking mechanism severely compromises gate security. Toddlers are master escape artists!

Test the gate’s latch operation and confirm it fully engages into the catch. Reset the latch if needed to maintain a tight closure.

Take extra time upfront to measure precisely, mount at the right height, secure both swinging sides, use all hardware, and test the latch. Rushing the installation of an extra wide baby gate leads to headaches down the road!

Following instructions and not taking shortcuts will ensure your gate operates safely for years. Do it right the first time, and avoid becoming another cautionary tale!

Teach Your Child How to Safely Use the Gate

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Installing an extra wide safety gate is only half the battle. You also need to teach your little one how to properly and safely operate the gate as they grow.

With patience and consistent training, you can avoid accidents and prepare them for grown-up gate use.

Explain Why the Gate Exists

Kids are less likely to fight or try bypassing the gate if they understand why it’s there. Explain how the gate keeps them safe from dangers like stairs.

Reassure them the gate is not a punishment but a tool to protect them. Validate any frustration but reinforce the gate’s important purpose.

Lead by Example

Model safe gate behavior yourself first. Demonstrate how to properly open, pass through, close, and lock the gate.

Exaggerate latching it securely shut to highlight this critical last step.

Narrate your actions so your child learns the gate rules. Repeat this modeling frequently so they become familiar with the process.

Practice Together

After you’ve led by example, begin practicing with your child. Have them help unlock the door and lead you through the opening.

Offer praise for safe handling focused on keeping the gate latched. Assist with hard steps but gradually build their confidence.

Add Verbal Reminders

Use specific verbal cues like, “Feet on the floor, keep the gate closed!” to remind them of rules. The consistent phrases will stick.

You can also add songs or warn of consequences like loss of privileges if they don’t comply with instructions.

Employ Positive Reinforcement

Praise successful gate operation with compliments, high-fives, rewards charts, and treats. This motivates them to repeat safe behavior.

Avoid scolding minor mistakes and remain calm. Yelling or reprimanding can create power struggles and resistance to the gate.

With frequent role modeling, guided practice, and tons of positive reinforcement, your child will master proper gate safety in no time. Be patient – it takes time for new skills to become ingrained habits.

A diligently trained toddler ensures your extra wide gate actively protects rather than lulls you into a false sense of security. Put in the work upfront for peace of mind!

Extra Wide Gates for Pets: What to Consider

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Extra wide baby gates aren’t only for kids! Pet owners can also benefit from these wider barriers to keep furry friends safely contained.

But using gates for pets instead of toddlers requires some special considerations.

Jumping Dogs

Unlike low-crawling babies, dogs can easily hurdle over standard 30” tall gates. Seek out extra tall gates over 40” high to contain jumpers.

Some extra wide models extend up to 48” tall. Measure your dog’s vertical leap to determine the required gate height.

Gate Spacing

Dogs can squeeze through surprisingly small openings. Ensure your extra wide gate has bars spaced no more than 2” apart to block noses from poking through.

This spacing prevents trapped heads plus keeps little paws safely inside the partitioned area.


Rowdy canines will test the gate’s strength! Select rugged metal or steel-frame gates rated for pets up to your dog’s size.

Hardware mounted options attach most securely to studs. Pressure mount gates can pop open if rammed into hard enough.

Gate Design

Need Extra Wide Safety for Your Little One. Discover the Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Choose gates without horizontal cross bars along the bottom. Otherwise, clever escape artists may use the bars as a “ladder” to climb over the gate.

Also ensure the door’s central latch is reinforced so dogs can’t barrel their way through weak closures.


Make sure objects like furniture or curtains are positioned away from the gate. Dogs may use these items to jump over gates or scale the barrier.

Remove anything around the opening they could leverage to escape the contained zone.

With some tweaks like increased height, durability, and strategic design, standard extra wide safety gates become the perfect pet containment solution.

They allow you to partition spaces in your home without fully isolating rambunctious dogs or curious cats. Just choose wisely!