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Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic? Here’s a Look at the Top 10 Options

OEM Honda Civic Strut Assemblies

If you want to keep things simple and stick with factory parts, OEM Honda Civic strut assemblies are a solid choice. These are the same units that come on new Civics from the factory, so you know they’ll be a direct fit and perform as Honda intended. OEM struts usually provide a smooth, comfortable ride, but aren’t necessarily tuned for sporty handling. Prices can also be higher than aftermarket options.


  • Direct replacement for stock parts
  • Retains factory ride quality
  • Backed by Honda warranty


  • More expensive than aftermarket
  • Not performance oriented

KYB Excel-G Gas Shocks and Struts

For an affordable aftermarket option, KYB Excel-G shocks and struts are a great value. They use twin-tube design and are specifically tuned for each vehicle application. While not adjustable, Excel-G struts improve handling over stock without sacrificing ride quality. And at around $50-100 per strut, they’re easy on the wallet.


Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

  • Affordable price
  • Improved handling over OEM
  • Smooth, comfortable ride


  • Not adjustable
  • Not high-performance oriented

Monroe Quick-Strut Complete Assemblies

For convenience, Monroe Quick-Struts come pre-assembled with all mounting hardware for no-hassle installation. The struts feature Monroe’s proprietary digressive valving for a plush ride over small bumps and improved control when hitting larger impacts. Quick-Struts also include protective dust boots to prevent contamination.


  • Complete ready-to-install assemblies
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Protective dust boots


  • Not adjustable
  • Handling not as sharp as performance brands

Whether you want a comfortable daily driver or track-ready performance, there are lots of shock and strut options for the 2024 Honda Civic. Carefully consider your budget, usage, and priorities to pick the right components for your needs. And don’t forget a proper alignment after installation! Proper suspension geometry is key to getting the most from your new parts.

When it comes to replacing the shocks and struts on your 2024 Honda Civic, the KYB Excel-G is an excellent aftermarket option that gives you great bang for your buck. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Excel-G a smart choice:

KYB Excel-G Gas Shocks and Struts

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

The KYB Excel-G uses a twin-tube design that provides a smooth, stable ride quality. The valving is tuned specifically for the 2024 Civic, so you get optimized handling without sacrificing comfort. While not adjustable, the Excel-G offers improved cornering grip and response over the stock OEM struts.

One of the biggest advantages of the Excel-G is the price – you can pick up a complete set of shocks and struts for around $200-300. That’s hundreds less than going with a more premium brand. So you get greatly improved performance over worn out stock struts, without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct bolt-on replacement for factory struts
  • Twin-tube design for smooth, stable ride
  • Tuning optimized specifically for the Civic
  • Significantly improves handling over OEM
  • Excellent value priced around $50-100 per strut

While not adjustable, the KYB Excel-G offers noticeable improvements in responsiveness and turn-in grip over stock. So you can hustle the Civic through corners with more confidence. At the same time, it maintains a comfortable ride quality that’s ideal for daily driving.

For even sharper handling, you may want to upgrade to a more performance oriented coilover suspension. But that will come at a much higher price point. For most daily driven Civics, the Excel-G hits the sweet spot of improved dynamics without breaking the bank.

Before installing any new struts, be sure to get a proper wheel alignment. This will ensure you get the most from your upgraded suspension components. With fresh KYB Excel-G shocks and a dialed in alignment, your 2024 Civic will carve corners better than it did from the factory.

If quick and easy installation is your top priority, Monroe Quick-Strut complete assemblies are a hassle-free option for your 2024 Honda Civic. Here’s what makes them a solid choice:

Monroe Quick-Strut Complete Assemblies

The Quick-Strut comes pre-assembled with all the hardware needed for installation. So there’s no need to disassemble the stock strut or mess with transferring components over. Just bolt the complete strut assembly in place and you’re good to go.

Monroe engineers each Quick-Strut application specifically for that vehicle. The struts feature a comfort valving design to smooth out small bumps, while still controlling body motion.protective dust boots keep dirt and debris out that could contaminate the strut and cause premature wear.


  • Complete pre-assembled strut assemblies
  • No need to disassemble stock strut
  • Vehicle-specific tuning
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Protective dust boots

The Monroe Quick-Strut makes installation a breeze. Just swap out the assembly and get wheels aligned, no specialty tools required. While not built for aggressive handling, they improve ride comfort and control over worn factory struts.

For a more performance oriented upgrade, consider brands like KYB, Bilstein, or Koni. These offer firmer valving and sportier dynamics. But you’ll sacrifice some ride plushness. The Quick-Strut better maintains factory comfort while refreshing worn components.

One downside is cost. The complete Quick-Strut assemblies run $100+ per strut, while you can get basic replacements for half that. But if quick installation and not having to mess with compressing springs is worth the premium, Monroe Quick-Struts are a quality choice.

No matter which brand you choose, new shocks and struts make a huge difference in the way your 2024 Civic performs and handles. Take the time to research options that fit your needs and budget. And be diligent with maintenance for a smooth, safe ride.

The Gabriel ReadyMount is an easy-to-install option for refreshing the suspension on your 2024 Honda Civic. Here’s a closer look at what makes them a good choice:

Gabriel ReadyMount Loaded Struts

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Gabriel ReadyMount struts come pre-assembled with all required parts, like the spring seat and upper mount. This makes installation simple – no need to disassemble the stock strut or transfer components. Just bolt in the ReadyMount and get rolling.

These struts feature Gabriel’s Twin Tube shock design that offers a smooth, comfortable ride quality without excessive body roll. Valving is tuned specifically for the 2024 Civic’s suspension geometry and weight balance.


  • Complete pre-assembled strut assemblies
  • No disassembly of stock strut required
  • Twin Tube design for smooth ride
  • Vehicle-specific valving
  • Easy bolt-in installation

For daily driving, the ReadyMount offers a nice improvement over worn out factory struts. The Civic handles bumps and dips with less harshness, while vehicle control is enhanced.

Performance is not at the level of track-focused brands though. For more aggressive handling, coilovers from Koni or Bilstein would be a better pick. But you sacrifice some everyday comfort.

Priced around $100 per strut, ReadyMounts are on the affordable side for complete assemblies. And straightforward installation means no hassle or special tools required.

Overall, Gabriel ReadyMounts deliver a quick suspension refresh for the 2024 Civic driver that wants smoother ride and handling with no drama. Just swap them in and get wheels aligned for a big improvement over worn out stock struts.

When you want to add sharper handling without sacrificing ride quality, the Bilstein B6 Performance Strut is an excellent option for your 2024 Honda Civic. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Bilstein B6 Performance Suspension Struts

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Bilstein is renowned in enthusiast circles for their meticulous engineering and build quality. The B6 strut uses their monotube design, with a single pressure tube for consistent performance. Valving is track tuned yet street friendly.

So the Bilstein B6 offers noticeably improved handling and cornering grip compared to stock Civic struts. At the same time, ride quality remains comfortable for daily commutes. An ideal upgrade for a street driven performance car.


  • Monotube design for consistency
  • Track inspired valving
  • Enhanced cornering grip and turn-in response
  • Maintains streetable ride comfort
  • Legendary Bilstein quality

With the B6 handling is sharper, giving you more confidence to push the Civic harder through corners. The struts react quickly to inputs, with minimal body roll. All while still soaking up bumps and imperfections.

For the ultimate track weapon, a coilover kit with adjustable dampers allows fine tuning stiffness. But you sacrifice everyday drivability. The B6 offers an ideal blend of performance and comfort.

At around $150-200 per strut, the Bilstein B6 does cost more than basic options. But you get what you pay for in quality engineering and materials. An excellent choice to breathe new life into a 2024 Civic.

As with any suspension upgrade, professional alignment is key to balance and maximize performance. With fresh struts and a dialed in alignment, your Civic will carve up twisty roads like never before.

For ultimate handling performance and adjustability, the KYB AGX is a top choice shock absorber for the 2024 Honda Civic enthusiast. Here’s a closer look at what makes it so good:

KYB AGX Adjustable Performance Shocks

The AGX uses a mono-tube design with a large piston for consistent, fade-free performance. The adjustable valving allows fine tuning rebound damping from soft to firm.

So you can dial in the perfect setting for street or track driving. Firm up for crisp handling on twisty roads. Or soften up for a more compliant ride around town.


  • Mono-tube design
  • Large piston for consistent fade-free damping
  • Wide range adjustable rebound damping
  • Tuned specifically for the Civic
  • Excellent for street and track use

With the AGX, you get pinpoint handling response. The Civic turns in with precision and tracks evenly through corners. Body roll is kept to a minimum for flat, composed slides.

For street driving, you can back off the damping for a more livable ride over bumps and potholes. But the handling performance is always there when you want to carve up some twisties.

At around $200 per shock, the AGX is priced at the upper end. But the quality and adjustable performance is worth it for the hardcore Civic enthusiast.

Just don’t forget a wheel alignment after installing any new suspension components. Get all angles dialed in to maximize grip and handling balance with your new performance shocks.

For a premium shock that excels on the street and track, take a look at the Koni Special Actives for the 2024 Honda Civic:

Koni Special Active Shock Absorbers

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Koni has over 150 years of damper engineering experience, and it shows in the Special Active design. It uses a monotube build with velocity sensitive valving for excellent damping control.

The shocks are tuned specifically for each corner of the Civic chassis. So you get balanced, neutral handling without compromise. Ride quality is firmer than stock but very streetable.


  • Legendary Koni quality
  • Monotube design
  • Velocity sensitive valving
  • Corner-specific tuning
  • Excellent street and track performance

With the Koni Special Actives, the Civic turns in sharply, grips hard in corners, and maintains poise over mid-corner bumps. You can really push the handling envelope on twisty roads.

The firmer dampening might be a bit harsh for potholed city streets. But a small sacrifice for the massive handling improvement over stock shocks.

At around $200 per shock, these Konis are priced at the upper end, on par with the Bilstein B6. But again, you get what you pay for in top-notch engineering.

For the Civic owner serious about performance, the Koni Special Active is an excellent option. Be sure to get that alignment done after install to maximize results!

The Tokico Illumina is a great mid-range priced shock option for the 2024 Honda Civic owner looking for sportier handling without breaking the bank:

Tokico Illumina Gas Shocks and Struts

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Tokico is one of the largest OE shock manufacturers, bringing racing experience to the street. The Illumina uses a twin-tube design tuned specifically for your Civic’s suspension geometry.

So you get much improved turn-in response and cornering grip compared to worn out factory shocks, while maintaining a comfortable ride.


  • OE supplier experience
  • Twin-tube design
  • Vehicle-specific valving
  • Noticeably improved handling
  • Affordable $75-120 per strut price range

Illuminas transform the way your Civic handles turns and reacts to steering input. Performance is firmer and more buttoned-down than stock, with less body roll.

The trade off is a harsher ride over broken pavement and expansion joints. But a small price to pay for much improved responsiveness and control.

Serious track rats may want a higher end coilover kit with adjustable dampers. But the Illumina offers 80% of the performance at half the price.

For spirited street driving on good roads, the Tokico Illumina is hard to beat. Durable construction means they’ll last as long as stock too. Just don’t neglect timely alignments!

For a quality shock at a budget price, Sachs ZF struts are a great choice for the 2024 Honda Civic owner on a budget:

Sachs ZF Performance Shocks and Struts

Sachs has over 150 years experience engineering shock absorbers as an OE supplier. The ZF line brings their expertise in an affordable upgrade over factory Honda struts.

They use a twin-tube design and are specifically valved for your Civic’s suspension geometry. So you get much improved handling and control without the big expense.


  • OE engineering experience
  • Twin-tube design
  • Tuned specifically for the Civic
  • Significantly improves handling
  • Very affordable around $50 per strut

For less than $200 you can transform the way your Civic turns, grips, and responds to inputs. Body roll is reduced for quicker reflexes, and bumps are handled with more control.

The trade-off is a firmer ride than stock. But Sachs ZF struts balance performance and comfort well for daily driving.

More premium brands do outperform, but at double or triple the price. For budget minded improvement, Sachs ZF shocks deliver excellent bang for the buck.

As with any suspension work, wheel alignment afterwards is critical. Take care of that and enjoy the quicker turn-in and enhanced cornering grip!

While shocks and struts get most of the attention, worn out suspension bushings and ball joints also affect the 2024 Honda Civic’s handling. Upgrading those components will make a big difference too:

Mevotech Supreme Control Arms and Ball Joints

Need New Shocks for Your 2024 Honda Civic. The Top 10 Options

Mevotech Supreme control arms feature sturdy boxed designs to prevent flex. The ball joints are tested to over 1 million cycles for long life and reliability.

Replacing aged OEM arms and joints reduces slop and tightens up steering response. Your Civic will track truer through corners and hold alignment better between services.


  • Boxed control arms resist flex
  • Ball joints tested to over 1 million cycles
  • Minimizes steering slop
  • Allows for precise wheel control
  • Maintains better alignment

Don’t neglect the supporting suspension components when upgrading your Civic’s handling. The best shocks and struts can’t fully compensate for worn out bushings and ball joints.

Supreme control arms are reasonably priced around $65 each, and ball joints are about $30. So you can fully refresh the chassis for not much more than just replacing the shocks.

For exhaustive cornering performance, look at all suspension pieces. Quality bushings, ball joints, shocks, and struts will have your 2024 Civic carving corners better than ever.