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Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Looking to add some adorable Disney magic to your plush collection? Tsum Tsums are the perfect squishy companions for Disney fans of all ages! These stackable plush bring iconic Disney characters to life in a super cute rounded shape. With hundreds of different Tsum Tsum characters available, building your collection can become delightfully addictive.

Introducing Disney Tsum Tsum Plushes

Disney Tsum Tsums burst onto the plush scene in Japan in 2013 before becoming an international phenomenon. Their name comes from the Japanese word “tsum tsum” which means “to stack.” These plush are designed with large, rounded heads and small cylindrical bodies so they can stack together. Their simple yet expressive faces capture the essence of beloved Disney characters in an irresistibly cute form.

Tsum Tsums come in a range of sizes from itty-bitty 2-inch minis to jumbo 14 or 16-inch versions. The most common size is the medium 7 or 8-inch Tsum which offers the best balance of portability and huggability. No matter what size you choose, these squishy stuffed animals are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Adorable Mini Tsum Tsums

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Mini Tsum Tsums measure just 2 to 3 inches tall, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Their tiny size makes them perfect for displaying, accessorizing, and collecting. You can show off a horde of minis together or attach them to your keychain or bag as an adorable Disney accent.

Because of their compact size, mini Tsum Tsums feature minimal detailing compared to their larger counterparts. But their cute faces still capture a condensed version of your favorite characters. Popular options include classics like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Stitch as well as newer characters like Baymax and BB-8.

Tsum Tsum Keychains For On The Go

For Disney fans who want to take their Tsum Tsum love with them everywhere, mini plush keychains are a perfect accessory. These feature a removable 3-inch mini Tsum attached to a metal key ring so you can show off your Disney devotion on your keys, purse, backpack, and more.

Mini Tsum keychains make great gifts and let you grow your Tsum collection without taking up much space. Popular Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh mini Tsum keychains offer classic choices fans will love.

Large Tsum Tsums To Cuddle With

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

On the other end of the spectrum, jumbo Tsum Tsums measure 14 or 16 inches tall, making them the optimal size for cuddling and displaying. These plush make great gifts for kids as the perfect Disney stuffed animal companion. Teens and adults will love them too for decoration and nostalgic cuddling.

Jumbo Tsum Tsums showcase characters in full detail with embroidered faces and fuzzy fur or flocking. They capture the essence of favorite characters like Chewbacca, Stitch, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse, and more in an irresistibly huggable form.

Finding Rare And Exclusive Tsums

Part of the fun of Tsum Tsum collecting is tracking down hard-to-find and limited edition characters. Rare Tsums like Orange Bird and Holiday Jack Skellington are especially popular with hardcore collectors. Attending special events at Disney Parks and Stores gives you access to the most exclusive Tsum releases.

Subscribing to the monthly Disney Tsum Tsum subscription box is another great way to expand your collection. Each micro-plush blind bag contains an exclusive Tsum Tsum you can’t find anywhere else. Trading with other collectors helps you search for elusive Tsums to complete your set.

Build Your Collection With Medium Tsums

Medium Tsum Tsums measure 7 or 8 inches tall, making them the most versatile and collectible size. Their rounded shape and fuzzy material make them satisfying to hold and stack. And their moderate size takes up minimal space so you can build an extensive collection.

Medium Tsums showcase characters in full detail with embroidered facial features and fur, flocking, or textured fabric. Popular standard releases include Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Marie, Scrump, and more. Look out for special outfits and themed Tsums for your favorites too!

Best Places To Buy Tsum Tsums Online

The most convenient way to shop for Tsum Tsums is online through major retailers like Amazon, ShopDisney, and BoxLunch. Check product listings closely for size details and read reviews to pick the best quality plush. Sign up for email lists and alerts to stay on top of new releases and restocks of popular Tsums.

For special editions and exclusives, buy directly from Disney store releases or try eBay and Mercari. Just make sure to authenticate before purchasing rare finds from third party sellers. Join Tsum Tsum Facebook groups to connect with other collectors and find trustworthy sellers.

Tips For Displaying Your Tsum Tsum Collection

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

A vibrant Tsum Tsum collection deserves a proper display. Arrange them in stacks on shelves, desks, dressers, and nightstands so their cute faces peer out. Use acrylic risers to tidy up the stacking and create height for interest.

For keychains and minis, install floating shelves to show off your Tsums. Display them on their own or mix in other fun Disney items. Use magnetic strips and pins to neatly arrange Tsum Tsum keychains by color or character.

Customizing Your Plush With Accessories

From miniature clothes to display cases, accessories let you customize your Tsum Tsums and make them even more unique. Tiny plush outfits from Etsy sellers let you dress your minis in crochet sweaters, overalls, costumes, and more.

For jumbo Tsum Tsums, pickup plush bean bags or stands to hold them upright. Display cases and rotating stands lend a clean, dynamic look for showing off prized pieces. Add charm with Tsum Tsum pins, patches, and buttons attached to bags, hats, jackets, and more.

Give Tsum Tsum Plush As Gifts For All Ages

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

With their broad appeal and irresistible cuteness, Tsum Tsums make fantastic gifts for Disney fans of all ages. Kids will love cuddling with jumbo versions or collecting tons of minis. Teens enjoy displaying them in their rooms alongside other Disney treasures.

Adults appreciate Tsum Tsums for the nostalgia and chance to show their Disney devotion. Mini keychains and plush make great stocking stuffers, while medium or jumbo Tsums excel as main gifts. Complete the gift with a display case or accessory for extra magic.

Disney Tsum Tsums have captivated plushie fans with their irresistibly cute stacked shape and super squishy design. If you’re looking to start your own Tsum Tsum collection, mini plush are the perfect place to begin!

The Adorable Mini Tsum Tsums

Measuring just 2 to 3 inches, mini Tsum Tsums live up to their petite name. Their tiny stature makes them totally collectible – you’ll want to grab as many as you can! Display a horde of colorful minis together for an explosion of cuteness. Or let a single mini become your new favorite bag charm or zipper pull.

Minis simplify the signature Tsum form into the essence of each character. Mickey Mouse’s round ears and red shorts are still obvious, just shrunk down into an adorable little package. Dumbo’s big blue eyes and red feather remain recognizable despite his pint-size. The minimal detailing gives minis a clean, iconic look.

Going tiny also allows you to appreciate Tsum Tsums’ stacked shape in a whole new way. Just imagine a cluster of minis with their cylindrical bodies piled imperfectly on top of each other like building blocks. It’s a jumble of total cuteness overload!

In addition to classics like Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Marie, and more, minis open the doors to newer characters that shine in small sizes. Baymax, BB-8, Olaf, R2-D2, and Stitch capture their essence in mini proportions. And you can always find the perfect sidekick for your favorite Disney Princess in mini form.

Tsum Tsum minis also work great as accessories when you convert them into bag charms or zipper pulls. Attach a removable mini onto a keyring or strap to take your Disney love with you everywhere. Let Olaf dangle from your backpack as a fuzzy reminder of Frozen magic. Or show off your Pixar pride with a mini Sulley attached to your keys or purse.

With so many possibilities, mini Tsum Tsums make the perfect entry point into the irresistible world of Tsum Tsum collecting. Let their tiny cutenesscapture your heart as you start building an itty-bitty Disney plushie squad!

Tsum Tsum Keychains For On The Go

Disney’s adorable and highly collectible Tsum Tsum plush toys have become a huge hit among fans of all ages. These chunky, round-shaped stuffed animals featuring beloved Disney characters are irresistibly cute. While the larger plush toys make great gifts and home decor items, the mini and micro-sized Tsum Tsums are perfect for taking your favorite characters on the go.

Tsum Tsum keychains allow you to show off your fandom wherever you travel. Clip them to your bag or backpack to add a touch of Disney magic. Their petite size and light weight make them an ideal travel companion. Here are some of the best Tsum Tsum keychain plushes to choose from:

Mickey Mouse

No Tsum Tsum collection would be complete without the iconic Mickey Mouse. This classic character looks adorable in his petite Tsum Tsum form. The black Mickey keychain goes with anything and will put a smile on your face every time you see it. It makes a fun souvenir from your trips to Disney World or Disneyland too!

Minnie Mouse

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Mickey’s sweetheart Minnie Mouse is another must-have Tsum Tsum. Her polka dot bow and cute little ears are perfectly captured in this mini plush. Clip Minnie to your purse or bag to add a pop of red and white. Her cheerful face will brighten your day.


The mischievous Experiment 626 looks as adorable as ever in his Tsum Tsum keychain form. His fluffy blue fur and big eyes make Stitch an irresistible addition to anyone’s keychain. Take this extraterrestrial pal along for adventures big and small.


This fabulous kitty from The Aristocats is a Tsum Tsum must-have. Her purple coloring and cute bow are nicely translated in mini plush form. Having Marie by your side will make you feel cosmopolitan wherever you go. Clip her to your handbag for a pop of color and charm.


The eternally gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh makes an unlikely yet lovable keychain. His droopy ears and tail capture Eeyore’s melancholy nature, while his cute face brings a smile. Having this mini Eeyore with you is sure to turn any frown upside down.


Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Disney fans young and old fell in love with the gentle healthcare robot Baymax from Big Hero 6. Clip this cuddly white Tsum Tsum to your backpack and take a little bit of Baymax’s caring nature wherever you roam. His squishy marshmallow-like appearance looks adorable in mini plush form.


The culinary hero of Ratatouille makes a fun addition to anyone’s Tsum Tsum keychain collection. The petite Remy plush captures the character’s big eyes and ears, whiskers and chef’s hat. Let this little chef accompany you on all your excellent adventures.

Winnie the Pooh

The silly old bear is as adorable as ever in his honey-colored Tsum Tsum keychain plush. Bounce along wherever you go with your mini Pooh bear pal. His cute face and roly-poly shape are nicely captured in this charming mini plush.


Pooh’s timid piggy friend Piglet makes an especially cute keychain companion. His pink plush body and floppy ears are perfectly translated into Tsum Tsum form. Clip little Piglet to your bag to take a bit of sweetness along with you always.


Fun-loving Tigger is the last member of the Hundred Acre Wood gang you’ll need to complete your Tsum Tsum keychain collection. His bright orange and black stripes and springy tail make Tigger an energetic addition. His cute little Tsum Tsum face will make you smile as you bounce along your way.

Tsum Tsum keychains allow you to take a little Disney magic with you wherever you go. Clip them to your backpack, purse, luggage or keys to show off your fandom in a fun and practical way. They also make great little gifts for any Disney fan or Tsum Tsum collector. With so many beloved characters available, you’re sure to find the perfect mini plush pal to accompany you on all of your adventures.

Large Tsum Tsums To Cuddle With

One of the best things about Disney’s super cute Tsum Tsum plush toys is that they come in a wide range of sizes. While the mini and micro sizes are great for collecting and displaying, it’s the larger Tsum Tsums that are ideal for cuddling and hugging. These bigger, chunkier versions of your favorite Disney characters make wonderful gifts and are sure to delight fans of all ages.

Large Tsum Tsums measure about 10-14 inches tall, so they are the perfect size for wrapping your arms around in a big squishy hug. Their plush bodies and rounded shape make them super squishable and satisfying to squeeze. Here are some of the best large Tsum Tsums to collect for cuddling:

Winnie the Pooh

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

The silly old bear looks especially inviting in his extra large Tsum form. His big round belly and soft honey-colored plush make Pooh an ideal cuddle buddy. His cute facial expression will make you smile as you give him a big bear hug!


That mischievous alien experiment Stitch looks irresistibly huggable when translated into a giant Tsum Tsum. His super soft blue fur and fuzzy belly are just begging to be squeezed. Stitch’s adorable face will melt your heart as you snuggle him close.


The furry feline from The Aristocats will bring elegance and style to any cuddle session. Marie’s large size shows off her gorgeous purple color and fluffy tail to perfection. Holding this fabulously fashionable kitty close is sure to brighten your day.


Disney fans fell in love with the lovable healthcare companion Baymax, and his Tsum version is just as squeezable. His squishy white plush body and simple smiling face make him an irresistible cuddle buddy. Hugging this adorable robot will reassure you that everything will be alright.

Cheshire Cat

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

The mysterious feline from Alice in Wonderland looks playfully huggable when transformed into a supersized Tsum Tsum. His striped fur and huge grin are captured charmingly. The Cheshire Cat’s giant size is perfect for pawing at and cuddling close while you drift off to dreamland.


Disney’s gypsy heroine comes vividly to life in large Tsum Tsum form. Her flowing raven hair, full skirt, and cute goat Djali are included in remarkable detail. Esmeralda’s plush figure is so squeezable you’ll want to scoop her up in a great big magical hug.


The gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh looks adorably forlorn even in his giant sized Tsum form. His long droopy ears and stitching details are captured charmingly. Eeyore’s ultra-soft gray fur and squishy body are made for hugging on your bluest days.


The lovable snowman from Frozen looks even more inviting in his huge squishy incarnation. Olaf’s fluffy white plush and cute smile will warm your heart as you engulf him in a giant hug. His twiggy hair and big carrot nose complete the irresistible effect.


Pooh’s little pink friend becomes supersized and super squishy as a large Tsum Tsum. Piglet’s fuzzy pink plush and tiny tail will melt your heart. His timid facial expression makes him all the more huggable. Squeezing shy little Piglet is sure to brighten any day.


Disney’s high-flying elephant looks irresistibly cuddly when transformed into plush form. Dumbo’s supersized ears and adorable face will delight fans young and old. His ultra-soft gray fur and polka dot headband complete the cuteness. Dumbo is a charming companion for squeezing close.

Large Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys make wonderful gifts for all ages. Their supersized scale and fuzzy bodies are perfect for big warm hugs and cuddle sessions. Any Disney fan is sure to love having their favorite characters transformed into these squishy, squeezable plushes. So pick up a few large Tsum Tsums and get ready for some adorable huggable magic!

Finding Rare And Exclusive Tsums

One of the most exciting parts of collecting Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys is tracking down exceptionally rare finds and limited edition pieces. These exclusive Tsum Tsum variants are highly coveted by serious collectors and can be difficult to locate in stock. Here are some tips for finding prized rare Tsums to add to your collection:

Shop Disney Parks

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Many of the rarest Tsum Tsum plush toys are exclusive to Disney’s parks and resorts. Tokyo Disneyland and Disney World in particular frequently release park-exclusive Tsums that you can’t find anywhere else. So try to shop in person at Disney store locations during your next theme park trip to find elusive picks like Star Wars droid Tsums or outfit variants of characters.

Disney Subscription Boxes

Subscribe to the Disney Tsum Tsum subscription box from shopDisney to receive surprise Tsums each month, including occasional rare finds and limited editions. Boxes like the Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack series include randomly inserted chaser Tsums that are trickier to find. Signing up for subscription boxes gives you early access to new releases too.

ShopDisney Releases

While shopDisney doesn’t carry Tsum exclusives as often as the parks, they do frequently release new collections and limited edition sets online. Check the site regularly for brand new Tsums that may only be available for a short time, like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day selections. Subscribe to email alerts so you never miss a new release.

Secondary Markets

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Once rare Tsum Tsums sell out at retailers, your best bet is scouring secondary markets like eBay, Mercari and Facebook selling groups. These allow Tsum fans to resell retired or hard-to-find pieces. Be prepared to pay premium pricing, but you can often score elusive picks you can’t find elsewhere.

International Sellers

Check out international Disney retailers who may offer regional exclusive Tsum releases. For instance, shops at Tokyo Disney or Disneyland Paris have options that American stores don’t carry. You can use proxy shopping services to buy from overseas Disney stores.

Brand Collaborations

Keep an eye out for Disney’s Tsum Tsum collaborations with other brands like Coach and Cath Kidston. These collection releases, sold in limited quantities, often produce unique pieces you can’t find as regular Disney Store offerings.

Convention Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con, D23 Expo and other major conventions frequently offer exclusive Tsum Tsum variants as part of their collectible merchandise. Try to attend in person or network with other fans who may purchase extras to resell.

Small Shops

Don’t overlook independent toy stores, gift shops and comic book stores, who sometimes get surprise allotments of rare finds. These smaller retailers can carry older retired Tsums long after big box stores sell out.

Watch New Releases

Keep up to date on upcoming Disney movies like Frozen 2 and new shows like The Mandalorian to anticipate what hot new character Tsums may get released. Getting new characters quickly can mean snagging a rare find that ends up highly coveted later once supplies dwindle.

Check Everywhere

Even everyday big box stores like Target or Walmart can end up with surprise Tsum finds in their toy section clearance aisles, so check thoroughly whenever you’re out shopping. You never know when you may luck upon elusive picks marked way down in unexpected places!

With persistence and clever sourcing, you can amass an enviable collection of those tough to find rare Disney Tsum Tsums that every collector covets. Part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt for those super exclusive special pieces! Happy Tsum hunting!

Build Your Collection With Medium Tsums

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ve probably heard about the incredibly cute and collectible Tsum Tsums. These plush stuffed animals come in a variety of sizes, from mini to medium to large. While the mini Tsums are adorable, the medium Tsums, around 5-6 inches tall, offer more to love and are ideal for Disney fans looking to build an impressive Tsum Tsum collection.

Medium Tsums showcase characters in vivid detail, capturing their delightful personalities. They’re the perfect size to cuddle or display. With so many lovable Disney characters available, medium Tsums make it easy to collect them all while avoiding the space constraints of jumbo plushes. Here are 10 must-have medium Tsums for your collection:

1. Mickey Mouse

No Tsum Tsum collection is complete without the iconic Mickey Mouse. Recognizable by his red shorts and yellow shoes, Mickey makes a cheery addition to any Disney display. As the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, Mickey is a classic character beloved by fans of all ages.

2. Minnie Mouse

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Mickey’s darling sweetheart, Minnie Mouse, is another essential Tsum for Disney lovers. Often dressed in a polka dot dress and matching bow, Minnie’s warm smile and kind personality shine through her plush. Display Mickey and Minnie together for a heartwarming duo.

3. Winnie the Pooh

The silly old bear Winnie the Pooh is a cherished childhood character for many. His medium Tsum Tsum perfectly captures his yellow fur and classic red shirt. For extra fun, collect the whole gang including Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, and Rabbit!

4. Stitch

The mischievous alien Stitch is a more modern Disney character, starring in the popular 2002 film Lilo & Stitch. His unique appearance, with blue fur and big ears, makes his Tsum form unmistakable. Fans will delight in this unusual plush.

5. Marie

Representing classic animation, Marie is the charming white kitten from the 1970 film The Aristocats. Her cute purple bow and flower collar are nicely translated in Tsum form. For bonus points, collect the whole family including Duchess, Berlioz, Toulouse, and Thomas O’Malley.

6. Baymax

Loveable healthcare companion Baymax became a fan favorite after the 2014 hit Big Hero 6. His squishy marshmallow-like appearance makes his Tsum an especially cuddly plush. Pair him with his best buddy Hiro for some nerdy fun.

7. Olaf

Goofy snowman Olaf melted hearts in Disney’s 2013 blockbuster Frozen. His infectious optimism and silly antics make him a delightful plush Tsum. For more frosty fun, add Tsums of Elsa, Anna, and other characters from Arendelle.

8. Cheshire Cat

The enigmatic Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland has always captivated fans with his mischievous grin and ability to disappear. As a Tsum, his striped fur and wide smile are perfectly replicated for playful whimsy.

9. Scrump

While not technically a Disney character, Scrump is the handmade doll belonging to Lilo in Lilo & Stitch. With her simple smile and crossed eyes, Scrump makes an adorable plush pal. She’s a must-have for fans of the heartwarming film.

10. BB-8

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

From the new Star Wars trilogy, BB-8 is the lovable droid sidekick of hero Poe Dameron. His unique spherical shape is nicely translated into Tsum form. Any Star Wars fan is sure to love this tech-savvy addition.

Building a collection of Disney Tsum Tsums is a fun way to surround yourself with beloved characters. Focusing on the medium size offers the perfect balance of cute portability and impressive display. With hundreds of characters spanning decades of Disney magic, there’s no limit to the delightful collection you can build!

Best Places To Buy Tsum Tsums Online

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush?: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

If you’re a Disney fan, then you know all about the incredibly cute and collectible Tsum Tsums! These plush stuffed animals have taken the world by storm ever since their release in 2013. Their stacked oval design makes them easy to collect and display, and there are hundreds of different Tsum Tsum characters to choose from including Mickey Mouse, your favorite Disney princesses, Star Wars, Marvel heroes and more!

But where are the best places to buy Tsum Tsums, especially if you’re looking to grow an epic Tsum Tsum collection? Here are 10 great options for finding both common and hard-to-find Tsum Tsums online:

1. ShopDisney

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

As Disney’s official online store, ShopDisney.com is a no-brainer place to buy Tsum Tsums. They regularly get new releases and exclusive characters you can’t find other places. ShopDisney has free shipping on orders over $75, and they often run promotions on Tsum Tsums. The selection is huge and includes rare and retired Tsums you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

2. Amazon

Amazon carries a wide range of Tsum Tsums from many different sellers. You can find current characters as well as retired collections. Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping. Be sure to check reviews before purchasing from a third-party seller. Also keep an eye out for Amazon Warehouse deals, which can mark down the price on returned Tsum Tsums that are still in great condition.

3. eBay

eBay is a great source for discontinued and hard-to-find Tsum Tsums. You’ll find older series and rare characters being resold by other fans and collectors. Browse auction listings or search Buy It Now listings to find a particular Tsum you’ve been hunting for. Read seller ratings and return policies carefully when purchasing.

4. BoxLunch

This pop culture merchandise store owned by Hot Topic carries loads of the latest Tsum Tsums. They get new releases early and often have exclusives. BoxLunch also offers free shipping on orders over $45. Sign up for their rewards program to earn points towards future purchases.

5. Hot Topic

Similar to BoxLunch, Hot Topic gets newly launched Tsum Tsums shortly after release. They have a decent selection, especially of newer series. Their prices are reasonable too. Look for coupons and deals to save even more. You can even finance your Tsum Tsum obsession with the Hot Topic credit card if you want to!

6. Target

Target has a surprisingly good Tsum Tsum selection in-store and online. They carry many of the most recently launched collections and get new product regularly. Their prices are competitive and they offer free shipping or in-store pick-up. RedCard holders get an additional 5% off their Tsum purchases.

7. Walmart

Like Target, Walmart carries a nice array of the latest Tsum Tsums at good prices. They have free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 if you want quick delivery. Sign up for Walmart+ to get free shipping with no minimum. Check Walmart’s clearance section for potential Tsum deals.

8. Mercari

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

This mobile marketplace makes it easy to find rare Tsum Tsums from other collectors. Products ship directly from sellers. Mercari has a rating system to help identify reliable sellers. Make offers or purchase at fixed prices. Use the filters to search for specific Tsums.

9. Facebook Marketplace

Search for Tsum Tsums on Facebook Marketplace to connect with people in your local community reselling theirs. This is a great way to find retired or exclusive Tsums and avoid paying shipping. Meet in a public place and pay via Facebook Pay for safety and security.

10. Zulily

Zulily has flash sales on Tsum Tsums, often marking down bigger sets or entire collections. The selection changes frequently as they run different sales each day. Sign up for Zulily to be notified when Tsum Tsums go on sale so you can snag deals before they sell out.

Growing your Tsum Tsum collection has never been easier! With this list of the 10 best places to buy Tsum Tsums online, you’ll be able to find both common and rare Disney plush characters. Check back frequently as new series and exclusive Tsums are released. Display them stacked or lined up to show off your haul. Before you know it, you’ll have amassed one of the most enviable Tsum Tsum collections around!

Tips For Displaying Your Tsum Tsum Collection

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush?: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Once you’ve started amassing an impressive collection of adorable Disney Tsum Tsums, you’ll want to properly display your haul to show them off. With hundreds of varieties from classic Disney characters to Marvel, Star Wars, and more, you’ll need creative ideas to exhibit your Tsum Tsum obsession.

Stack them, line them up, or get more elaborate with your Tsum Tsum presentation. Here are some fun tips and tricks for showcasing your Tsum Tsums:

Utilize Display Shelves

Clear acrylic shelves are ideal for neatly arranging your Tsums while still seeing each one. Attach shelves to a wall or display them on a cabinet or bookcase. Angle shelves at different heights for visual interest. Group Tsums by color, character type, or size.

Showcase in Glass Cabinets

For serious collectors, glass cabinet displays really make your Tsum Tsum collection pop. Illuminate cabinets with lighting. Use risers or small glass shelves to neatly organize your Tsums. It’s easy to change up the arrangement or add new acquisitions.

Stack Them in Cubes

Tsum Tsums are designed to stack, so stacking cubes or square holders let you pile them while keeping everything tidy. Use different size stackers for variety. Separate by color or character families. Rotate which Tsums are on top for a changing display.

Line Them Up on Shelves

Lining up Tsum Tsums along a shelf, bookcase, desk, or cabinet top keeps them organized and easy to see. Arrange by size, color, or character type. Face them all forward or angle some sideways for interest. Include props for fun scenes.

Display Inside Glass Jars or Bowls

For a cute whimsical statement, use glass jars, fish bowls, or other clear glass containers to showcase your Tsums. Layer different sizes of containers with characters visible through the glass. Remember to securely fasten lids if displaying near pets or kids.

Create Fun Tablescapes

Use your collection to decorate tables or shelving units. Build Disney scenes like a movie theater concession stand or Mickey mouse ears photo booth. Mix in themed props and decor items. Rotate themes or characters displayed for variety.

Show Them Off in Shadow Boxes

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Picture frame shadow boxes allow you to neatly arrange small collections while protecting them behind glass. Use backgrounds like faux grass or galaxy prints. Affix character name plates for easy identification. Shadow boxes make great gifts too!

Display on Wall Ledges or Floating Shelves

Stagger your Tsum Tsums across wall-mounted ledges, floating shelves, or narrow shelves to show them off while saving space. Attach a series of ledges or shelves at different heights for a scattered look. Anchor securely to avoid accidental falls.

Suspend from Ceilings or Doorways

For a playful take, hang your Tsums from ceilings, doorways, and archways using fishing line or small hooks. Cluster them at different heights for a whimsical clustered effect. Take care not to make them prone to pulling off or damage.

Showcase in Curio Cabinets

Classic curio cabinets with glass shelves neatly show off collections while protecting them from dust. Use mini risers or acrylic stands to neatly display your Tsums. Curio cabinets are ideal for larger, more valuable sets.

Tsum Tsums are the ultimate fun, versatile accessory for home decor. With so many ways to creatively exhibit your stash, you can change up the look anytime with ease. Show off your expanding collection proudly and inspire other Disney fans with these innovative display ideas.

Customizing Your Plush With Accessories

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush?: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve picked out your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plush characters. Personalizing your Tsums with handmade or purchased accessories takes them to the next level! With so many options, you can customize your Tsums to match their personalities or make unique fashion statements.

Dress up your Tsum Tsum collection with these creative accessory ideas:

Miniature Hats

Tsums look absolutely adorable sporting tiny handmade hats. Make mini top hats, bowlers, wizard hats, crowns, or any style from felt, fabric scraps, or modeling clay. Match the hat color and theme to the character.


Outfit your Tsums for an adventure by sewing tiny backpacks or pouches that fit snugly over their shape. Use remnants of character prints or solid colors. Add mini pockets, clips and straps for detail.


Tie a strip of coordinating fabric around a Tsum’s neck to give them a pop of color and unique style. Use patterns like polka dots, animal prints or solids. Finish with a bow or knot.


Make Tsums incognito for a silly look by adding miniature sunglasses. Craft them from colored wire or lightweight cardboard. Attach clear plastic film for the lenses. Go classic Ray-Ban style or oversized and outrageous.

Lapel Pins

Decorate Tsums with removable enamel pins to highlight their personality. Find pins shaped like their favorite food, animal or activity. Look for licensed character pins or fun icon shapes.

Miniature Instruments

For musically inclined Tsums like Mickey or Goofy, make tiny instruments like guitars and trumpets. Use cardboard, clay, wood and fabric to construct the shapes. Add string or wire details.

Felt Flowers

Accent female Tsums with fabric flower accessories on their heads or bodies. Craft roses, daisies and lilies from felt scraps and attach pin backs. Mix colors and sizes for custom arrangements.

Faux Fur Stoles

Give diva Tsums like Cruella De Vil a glamorous fur accessory by cutting small capes or shawls from faux fur scraps. Wrap them around the torso and fasten with hot glue or thread.

Mini Messages

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Leave notes for your friends with Tsums carrying tiny scrolls. Write funny messages on strips of paper or parchment and roll up and tie with string. Attach with double sided tape.

Figure Stands

Display Tsums on miniature decorative stands to showcase them. Use materials like wood slices, marble cubes, and acrylic risers. Paint or decorate bases to coordinate.

Pet Sidekicks

Give lone Tsums a cute companion by pairing them with mini plush pets. Find tiny stuffed dogs, cats, birds and more that fit the character’s personality. Pose them playing together.

Miniature Food Plates

For foodie characters, make realistic miniature plates of their favorite treats. Craft tiny tacos for Donald or cheeseburgers for Mickey. Use polymer clay and acrylic paint for detailing.

With so many options for embellishing your Tsum Tsums, there’s no limit to the cute scenes and character styles you can create. Making your own accessories takes your collection to the next level. Let your imagination run wild! Before you know it, all your Tsums will be asking for fun new outfits and accessories.

Give Tsum Tsum Plush As Gifts For All Ages

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush?: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

Disney Tsum Tsums make the perfect gift for any fan or collector in your life. With endless characters to choose from, you can find the perfect plush for everyone on your list from toddlers to grandparents. Tsums are cute, cuddly, and sure to put a smile on their face!

Here are some ideas for giving Tsum Tsums as memorable gifts:

Birthday Gifts

For a Disney-loving child, Tsum Tsums are an ideal birthday present. Gift a set of their favorite characters or match to the birthday theme. Pair with Disney movies or books for a complete celebration bundle.

Gifts for Little Ones

These super soft stacked plushes are great for tiny hands. Choose larger Tsums for easy grasping and safe materials. Select their beloved characters to inspire imaginative play.

Souvenirs from Disney Parks

Bring back a set of park-exclusive Tsum Tsums as the perfect Disney parks souvenir. Find characters dressed in theme park apparel only sold onsite. Write fun memory notes to include.

Gifts for Tween/Teen Fans

Tweens and teens love collecting too! Choose trendy characters like Stitch, Baymax, or Figment. Introduce a new set like Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars Tsums.

Gifts for Adult Collectors

Adult Disney fans will appreciate rare, limited edition Tsum releases. Track down hard-to-find sets or discontinued collections. Surprise them with an entire display case to house their stash.

Gifts for Grandparents

Select sweet faced classic characters like Mickey, Minnie or Winnie the Pooh to gift grandparents. Write a heartfelt note about the memories this character reminds you of sharing together.

Gifts for Coworkers

Add a touch of Disney magic to a coworker’s office space with a customized Tsum. Choose a character that fits their work personality or personal style.

Teacher Gifts

Show teacher appreciation with a classroom-ready Tsum Tsum. Opt for durable, kid-friendly fabrics that are easy to clean. Include a thank you note signed by the student.

Housewarming Gifts

Are You Looking For The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Plush: 10 Must-Have Plushes For Your Collection

What better housewarming gift than a home’s very first Tsum! Choose classic Mickey or Minnie dressed in their iconic home decor style.

Gifts for Family

Searching for a family gift exchange idea? Gift a Tsum that represents each person or give matching sets for sibling groups. Personalize with custom name tags.

Gifts for Him

For guys, choose from boyish characters like Stitch, Mike Wazowski, Olaf or their favorite Pixar, Star Wars or Marvel heroes. Add novelty accessories for a funny twist.

Gifts for Her

Gals will love receiving an elegant princess like Cinderella or Belle. Choose trendy characters like Marie, Dory or Joy. Include matching accessories or display cases.

With limitless options, there’s a Tsum Tsum for everyone on your gift list. Watch their eyes light up when they open these squeeze-worthy stuffed Disney favorites. Tsum Tsums really are the gifts that keep on giving joy long after the occasion has passed.