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Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20″ Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

Intro – Why a 20″ Chain Saw is Ideal for Most Homeowners

For many homeowners, a reliable 20-inch chain saw is the perfect size for taming unruly trees and taking on most yard work. I learned this after years of struggling with my old, underpowered 14-inch saw. Upgrading to a 20-inch Poulan Pro completely changed my experience. With its robust 50cc 2-stroke engine, the Poulan Pro 20-inch model offers a balance of power, maneuverability, and value that makes it an ideal choice for most homeowners.

I still remember the first time I used my shiny new Poulan Pro PR5020. I revved it up and plunged the 20-inch bar into a thick pine log. The 50cc engine roared to life and sawdust started flying immediately. Within minutes, I had buzzed through the log like a hot knife through butter. What used to be an all-morning battle with my old saw became a quick and satisfying chore. No more getting pinned down by massive logs or giving up midway through denser knots. The Poulan Pro 20-incher powered through them all.

Yet despite its brawny engine, the Poulan Pro 20-inch chainsaw never feels unwieldy. Weighing under 15 pounds, it packs substantial power into a slim and maneuverable body. I can zip through branches and fell small trees with ease. For limbing and basic storm cleanup, I almost forget I’m handling heavy-duty gas-powered equipment. The 20-inch bar length hits that sweet spot between capacity and convenience.

Poulan Pro’s Reliable and Powerful 50cc 2-Stroke Engine

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

At the heart of the Poulan Pro 20-inch chainsaw lies its robust 50cc 2-stroke engine. The PR5020’s 50cc displacement provides ample muscle for conquering logs and storm debris up to 20 inches thick. Combined with the 20-inch bar length, this engine can power through dense hardwoods or thick pine knots that would leave smaller saws huffing and puffing.

Poulan Pro built this engine for longevity and reliability. While some households opt for battery-powered chainsaws for light duties, gas models like the PR5020 offer robust power for heavier tasks. The PR5020 starts up easily year after year thanks to its user-friendly choke/fast idle system and spring-assisted starter pulley. Once running, the 50cc 2-stroke engine hums along smoothly without bogging down.

For me, the most meaningful thing about my Poulan Pro’s engine is just how little I have to think about it. Aside from periodic maintenance, I can always count on the 50cc workhorse to start on the first or second pull. Compare that to my old saw’s stubborn 14cc motor that took an eternity just to sputter to life. The PR5020 gives me power and peace of mind.

Lightweight yet Durable Housing Weighing Under 15 lbs

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

My favorite thing about the Poulan Pro 20-inch chainsaw is how lightweight and easy to handle it feels, even after hours of use. Weighing less than 15 pounds, the streamlined chassis never leaves me feeling fatigued. I can wield it nimbly over my head to take down high branches or zip through fallen trees.

Yet don’t let the slim profile fool you – the PR5020’s housing is built Poulan Pro tough. While the exterior looks lightweight, the interior components are all heavy-duty. The engine, bar, chain and other components can stand up to hours of rugged use. Poulan Pro gave this saw a tough composite exterior that can take bumps, scrapes and falls without flinching.

The PR5020’s slim body is designed for comfort and control. It fits naturally in my hands with an ergonomic rear handle and wraparound front grip. Rubber vibration dampeners keep things comfortable during extended use. This isn’t a clunky saw that thrums your hands numb. It’s a thoughtful design made for actual homeowners, not just weekend warriors.

Tool-Free Chain Adjustment for Quick Maintenance

As a novice chainsaw owner, I used to dread the maintenance tasks most – refueling, chain sharpening, adjustments. I’m no mechanical whiz. My old saw’s outdated tension system required tools and plenty of trial-and-error to get right. So I often put it off until the chain was dangerously loose and kicking up dust.

The PR5020 changed all that with its tool-free chain adjustment. When it’s time to tighten the chain, I just flip up the side cover and turn the wheel by hand until the chain hugs the bar snugly. No tools, no frustration, and I can’t over-tighten anything. This makes chain maintenance a quick, painless routine rather than a dreaded chore. I don’t put it off anymore, keeping my chain slicer-sharp and safely adjusted.

Automatic Oiler Keeps the 20″ Bar and Chain Lubricated

Like me, you’ve probably faced a dilemma before – keep cutting with a slightly dry chain and risk wearing it out prematurely, or stop work to manually lube it up. My PR5020 erases this issue entirely with its automatic oiler. This self-lubrication system applies just the right amount of oil to the 20-inch bar and chain while cutting. I never have to stop mid-job to lubricate it manually.

The oiler prevents the high friction that can quickly wear out lesser saw chains. By keeping each drive link movement smooth and lubricated, it significantly extends the chain’s sharpness and lifespan. I notice this in how infrequently I have to sharpen or replace the PR5020’s chain – usually once per cord of wood versus multiple times with my old saw. That convenience saves time, money, and aggravation.

Low-Kickback Chain and Inertia Chain Brake for Safety

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

While the PR5020 packs robust power, Poulan Pro didn’t skimp on key safety features. This professional-grade saw comes equipped with multiple protections for the operator. When using any power saw, safety should always come first.

It starts with the PR5020’s specialized low-kickback chain. This chain’s refined cutters and depth gauges reduce the chance of rotational kickback from the tip. While no chain can prevent kickback entirely, Poulan Pro’s design greatly improves safety for the operator.

Additionally, the inertia chain brake stops the chain almost instantly if kickback does occur. By detecting sudden rotational acceleration, it engages a sturdy brake against the guide bar within a fraction of a second. This can mean the difference between a close call and a trip to the ER. Between the low-kickback chain and the inertia brake, Poulan Pro built the PR5020 for control and peace of mind.

Easy Start System for Quick and Reliable Ignition

Ask any seasoned chainsaw owner about pet peeves and starting trouble will make the list. Fighting to start an aging, spluttering chainsaw can quickly sap your energy and enthusiasm for a project. I’ll never miss the 20-pull dance I used to do with my old saw just to get it sputtering.

The PR5020 starts up readily every time thanks to its user-friendly start system. To start it cold, I simply slide the choke lever to full choke, press the primer bulb a few times, then pull the starter cord. After a few pulls, the 50cc engine roars to life. Once warm, it starts instantly with no choke needed. This fast and reliable starting means I spend more time sawing and less time struggling.

The PR5020 also conserves battery power by separating the ignition system from the rest of the chainsaw’s electronics. This isolates it from voltage drops that can make starting difficult. Even after extended storage, I know I can count on my Poulan Pro firing up when needed.

Compare Poulan’s PR5020 vs Other 20″ Chain Saws

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

When shopping for my new chain saw, I compared the Poulan Pro PR5020 to several alternatives. Husqvarna, Echo, and Craftsman all produce comparable 20-inch gas chainsaws. However, I ultimately found that the PR5020 provides the best balance of power, convenience, and value.

Spec-for-spec, the PR5020 matches up neatly against higher-priced competitors. It equals the power of the Husqvarna 120 Mark II and Echo CS-490-20 at a noticeably lower price point. This professional-grade performance at an attractive price made Poulan Pro the obvious choice.

I also preferred the PR5020’s tool-free chain adjustment, automatic oiler, and vibration-damped grip over comparable models. These thoughtful features improve the ownership experience in meaningful ways over many competitors. When you’re shopping 20-inch chainsaws, definitely don’t overlook Poulan Pro.

Tips for Maintaining Your 20″ Poulan Pro Chainsaw

To keep your PR5020 running at peak performance for years to come, be diligent about regular maintenance. Here are a few key tips:

  • Check the chain tension frequently and adjust as needed. This prevents over-loose chains that can derail or bind.
  • Sharpen the chain as soon as performance starts to drop. Dull chains make cutting difficult and dangerous.
  • Clean the chain bar periodically to remove wood chips and debris. This prevents wear and binding.
  • Replace the spark plug annually. Fresh plugs ensure easy, reliable starting.
  • Clean the air filter monthly to remove dust and particles. This enables proper airflow.
  • Inspect fuel lines and the starter pulley for wear. Replace immediately if damaged.

By following this basic maintenance schedule, your Poulan Pro 20-inch chainsaw will provide years of smooth, reliable performance.

Making Clean Cuts Through Logs Up to 20″ Thick

With its muscular 50cc engine and 20-inch bar, the Poulan Pro PR5020 can power through logs, branches, and storm debris up to 20 inches thick. Here are some tips for making clean cuts:

  • Support logs fully along their length to prevent binding the saw.
  • Keep the saw running at full throttle throughout the cut for maximum power.
  • Use a pushing/pulling motion to cut rather than forcing the bar sideways.
  • Apply steady pressure but don’t force the saw. Let the chain do the work.
  • For logs over 12 inches, make an initial plunge cut then finish from the top.
  • Watch for loose debris building up in the cut; clear it out with a tool if needed.

With practice and care, you’ll be making pro-quality cuts through 20-inch logs in no time. That kind of capacity empowers you to take on tree removal, storm cleanup, and major landscaping projects.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to step up your DIY game or a pro searching for your next workhorse saw, the Poulan Pro PR5020 20-inch chain saw is a powerful, reliable choice. Durable yet nimble, packed with convenient features, and wallet-friendly for its pro-grade performance, this Poulan Pro model provides tremendous value. I’m simply amazed at what I can accomplish now with this saw by my side.

Poulan Pro’s Reliable and Powerful 50cc 2-Stroke Engine

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

When I first laid eyes on the Poulan Pro PR5020 20” chainsaw, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. Could this lightweight, streamlined saw really pack the power I needed? My doubts vanished the first time I pulled its starter cord and heard that 50cc 2-stroke engine roar to life. This motor means business!

The PR5020’s brawny 50cc 2-stroke engine gives this saw serious muscle for taking on yard work and storm debris. Believe me, this isn’t your average 2-stroke. Poulan Pro built it for raw power, durability, and reliability. Once you experience its smooth acceleration and torque for yourself, you’ll be hooked.

I’ve put my PR5020 through the wringer over the past two years, and the 50cc powerplant has never let me down. It starts easily in any weather, runs clean, and just begs to be pushed hard through the toughest jobs. Here’s why Poulan Pro’s 50cc 2-stroke engine is a cut above the competition.

High Power-to-Weight Ratio

The first thing that struck me about the PR5020’s engine was how much power Poulan Pro packed into such a compact, lightweight package. Weighing under 15 pounds in total, this saw has incredible torque for its size.

The 50 cubic centimeter (50cc) displacement provides substantial muscle without weighing the saw down. Compared to my old 38cc saw, the PR5020 cuts through thick wood like warm butter. It hardly slows down, even when bogged into a gnarly pine knot.

That high power-to-weight ratio makes the PR5020 feel amazingly nimble as you wield it. It almost seems to float through intricate limbs and tight spaces where bigger saws can’t go. Yet that lightweight chassis houses a powerplant built for heavy-duty performance.

Designed for Durability and Longevity

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze

While the PR5020 engine is compact and lightweight, Poulan Pro didn’t cut any corners in its rugged design. This motor is built to provide years of reliable service under punishing conditions.

It all starts with top-shelf components engineered for longevity. The piston, crankshaft, bearings and seals employ heavy-duty materials that stand up to high heat and friction. The cylinder lining resists scoring and wear over time.

This isn’t a disposable consumer engine—it’s shop-grade hardware designed for daily use. Airflow through the cooling fins and air filter stays optimized to prevent overheating. The PR5020 just begs to be run hard, day in and day out.

Easy, Reliable Cold Starting

One of my favorite things about the PR5020 is how easily it starts, even on frosty winter mornings. The fast idle choke provides ample fuel for cold ignition, while the spring-loaded pulley eases starting resistance.

After a few pulls with the choke engaged, the 50cc engine literally leaps to life. That fast cold starting means I spend less time cranking and wrestling, and more time productively cutting. Better yet, flooding is never an issue with the PR5020’s reliable choke design.

Once warm, this chainsaw starts instantly with no choke needed. The starting sequence becomes second nature. Simply flip the switch, pull the starter cord, and get to work. That’s the kind of no-fuss reliability I need for conquering yard work.

Smooth, Stumble-Free Power

Aside from raw muscle, what impresses me most about the PR5020’s 50cc engine is its velvety-smooth power delivery. This 2-stroke pulls hard without hesitation, stumbling, or bogging down.

From idle to full throttle, the acceleration feels beautifully linear. The PR5020 digs in and tears through logs with zero drama. There’s no sudden torque spike to wrestle with, just usable power right where you need it.

That smooth flexibility lets me dial in just the right throttle setting for the task. Whether delicately limbing or attacking storm debris, the PR5020’s engine churns steadily without complaint.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

While the PR5020 engine delivers robust power, its fuel consumption impressed me. The 50cc displacement provides a great balance of strength and efficiency.

Poulan Pro optimized the carburetor settings and ignition timing for clean, complete combustion. Very little fuel gets wasted compared to my old saw. I definitely don’t miss its gluttonous fuel appetite!

Combined with the PR5020’s large 14.5-ounce fuel tank, the improved efficiency provides over an hour of run time per tank. I can work longer between refueling stops. That extra cutting time adds up to big productivity gains.

Whether you’re a homeowner or professional, don’t underestimate the capabilities of the PR5020’s 50cc engine. This purpose-built powerplant delivers the torque, durability, and reliability needed to make quick work of yard debris and storm cleanup. And it will keep doing so, year after year. Welcome to the muscle saw club!

Lightweight yet Durable Housing Weighing Under 15 lbs

Be Your Own Lumberjack: How a 20" Poulan Pro Chain Saw Makes Yard Work a Breeze