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Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Tailgate-mounted extender delivers more cargo capacity

If you own or plan to buy the new 2024 Ram 1500 pickup truck, one of the top accessories to consider is a bed extender. These clever devices mount on the tailgate and extend rearward to give you more carrying capacity for long or oversized items.

A bed extender can be a real problem-solver if you regularly haul items like ladders, PVC pipe, lumber, surfboards, kayaks, or even mattresses. It provides an extra couple feet of support so you don’t have to let items hang out the back and risk damage or violating laws.

But with so many bed extenders on the market for the Ram 1500, how do you choose the right one? I’ve researched the top-rated models thoroughly and compiled this list of the 15 best bed extenders for the new 2024 Ram 1500.

Top Pick: Dee Zee DZ87005 Tailgate Extender

My top recommendation is the Dee Zee DZ87005 tailgate extender. This rugged extender is made of heavy-duty steel construction with a satin black finish that looks great on any Ram 1500.

It mounts easily on the tailgate using C-clamps and provides an extra 24 inches of usable cargo space. The extender can hold up to 500 lbs when properly installed. When not needed, it folds flat against the tailgate to keep your truck bed clear.

Owners love the Dee Zee extender for its easy installation, durability, and ability to handle long or bulky items. It’s reasonably priced too and adds valuable functionality.

Runner Up: Amp Research 75309-01A BedXtender HD

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

For a versatile and highly adjustable extender, check out the Amp Research 75309-01A BedXtender HD. This heavy-duty aluminum extender provides 2 feet of extra space when deployed.

What makes it unique is the ratcheting arms, allowing you to tilt the extender upright, flat, or at any angle in between. This gives you flexibility when hauling odd-shaped cargo.

The anodized aluminum is durable, with a 400 lb weight capacity. The BedXtender works with Ram’s spray-in bedliners and can be installed or removed in seconds without tools.

Best Value: MaxxHaul 70500 48″ x 60″ Tailgate Extender

For truck owners on a budget, the MaxxHaul 70500 tailgate extender is a great value choice. At well under $100, you still get a sturdy steel tube construction and rust-resistant black powder coat finish.

The extender mounts with C-clamps and adds a full 4 feet of extra usable space when deployed. Fold it up against the tailgate when not in use. Installation takes only minutes with no drilling required.

Overall, the MaxxHaul extender provides excellent function and durability at a very wallet-friendly price. It’s great for DIYers and work truck owners needing more cargo versatility.

Honorable Mentions

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Here are some other great bed extenders owners love for the 2024 Ram 1500:

  • Lund 96876 Aluminum Tri-Latch: An aluminum tri-fold design that provides versatile extension options.
  • STEEL-IT S1004 Stainless Steel: A 24″ extender made of polished stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • OEM Mopar 82214238 Tailgate Extender: The factory option from Mopar with a satin black finish and 500 lb capacity.
  • Gladiator GSR1004 Slide-Rail Extender: Unique modular sections allow 2 or 4 feet of extension.
  • Weather Guard 632001 Aluminum U-Rail System: Combines a bed extender with versatile U-channel rails.

Key Features to Look for in a Bed Extender

When shopping for the best bed extender for a 2024 Ram 1500, keep these key features in mind:

  • Material – Steel and aluminum are most common. Aluminum is lighter but steel is stronger.
  • Finish – Powder coating or anodizing prevents rust and provides UV protection.
  • Weight Capacity – Extenders support 300 to 500+ lbs when properly installed.
  • Extension Length – Typically 24″ to 48″ extra space.
  • Adjustability – Some models allow tilting or folding for versatile configurations.
  • Mounting Style – C-clamps or U-bolts make installation quick and simple.
  • Compatibility – Ensure the extender works with any bedliner and won’t obstruct tailgate operation.

How to Choose the Perfect Bed Extender

Picking the ideal bed extender for your needs will ensure you get the extra functionality you want.

First, think about your most common cargo – the size and shape of items you’ll be carrying. An extender around 36-48″ long can hold most building materials, ladders, and recreational gear securely.

Next, decide if you need to tilt or adjust the angle of the extender. Adjustability allows you to fine-tune the position. A fixed extender is best if you just need maximum straight extension.

Finally, look for quality construction and reliable hardware. Thicker steel or aluminum lasts longer. And mounting clamps that don’t pierce your truck bed make installing and removing faster.

Take the time to find the optimal bed extender and you’ll gain much more versatility for hauling with your 2024 Ram 1500.

Get the Most Out of Your Ram 1500

A bed extender is one of the most useful accessories for any pickup owner needing to carry loads beyond the standard bed length. With an extender on your 2024 Ram 1500, you gain up to 4 extra feet of support.

Carefully compare the best bed extenders for Ram from quality brands like Dee Zee, Amp Research, MaxxHaul, Lund, and others. Look for optimal durability, ease of installation, weight capacity, extension length, and versatility to suit your cargo needs.

Give your truck added functionality and value by equipping it with the right heavy-duty bed extender. You’ll drive away with more cargo capacity to take on any job or adventure.

Extender allows hauling longer items with tailgate closed

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

If you’re a proud owner of the 2024 Ram 1500 pickup truck, you know it’s built for power, performance, and versatility. But even with the spacious 5’7″ or 6’4″ bed options, there are times when you need just a bit more length to get the job done. That’s where a bed extender for your Ram 1500 comes in handy.

A bed extender allows you to haul longer items like lumber, paddles, or pipes with the tailgate closed. This adds up to an extra couple feet or more of usable cargo space. The extender mounts on the inside edges of the bed rails and folds down when not in use. When you need the extra room, simply flip it up vertically to create a taller bed wall. Some models even allow you to fold the extender horizontally over the top of the tailgate to carry longer planks or ladders.

What are some of the top bed extenders available for the new 2024 Ram 1500? Here are 15 great options truck owners should consider:

Dee Zee DZ87005 TailGate Extender

The Dee Zee DZ87005 is one of the most popular extenders that works with the Ram 1500. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, it bolts onto the inside bed rails with no drilling required. The extender can support up to 500 lbs when folded vertically. When not needed, it folds down and out of the way.

Lund 96875 Catch-All Cargo Management Extender

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Truck owners who want added storage will appreciate the Lund 96875. Along with extending the bed, this model features a built-in cargo tray to hold gear and tools. The tray even has adjustable dividers. Durable aluminum construction allows a 300 lbs load capacity.

AMP Research 750109-01A BedXTender HD

The BedXTender from AMP Research takes a high-tech approach. Made of reinforced composite polymers, it’s lighter than steel or aluminum models. It can also fold down to create a handy work surface. The tangle-free trigger latch allows easy one-hand operation.

Westin 10-3225 Advantage Bed Extender

Owners who use bed covers and toppers will like the low-profile Westin Advantage. It folds flush with only 3.5 inches added height. Aircraft-grade aluminum keeps it lightweight yet able to handle 300 lbs. The brushed black anodized finish looks great on any Ram 1500.

Ranch Hand RB20 Chrome Bed Extender

For Ram owners wanting maximum style points, the Ranch Hand RB20 glistens with its highly-polished chrome finish. It locks firmly into place with Ranch Hand’s wedge mounting system. The heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction provides exceptional strength and rigidity.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Extender

The innovative SwingCase from UnderCover flips from the side for easier access to the bed. It can also be positioned vertically or horizontally as needed. The polymer and aluminum components are weather-resistant and strong while minimizing weight.

T-Max 174-360 Deluxe Bed X-Tender

Truckers who frequently need an extended bed will appreciate the smooth gliding action of this T-Max X-Tender model. The kit includes all brackets and hardware for no-drill installation. Dual-coated steel provides durability and weather protection.

Bully BBS1322 Universal Truck Bed Extender

For Ram owners on a budget, the cost-effective Bully BBS1322 makes a great choice. The universal mounting brackets fit most trucks with minimal adjustments. Despite the value pricing, it still boasts heavy-duty steel construction with a 350 lbs weight capacity.

Bedslide 1000-LB-UV Bed Extender

The Bedslide truck bed extender takes versatility to the next level. Along with extending rearward, it can also slide side-to-side for variable positioning. The ultra-duty model is rated for a whopping 1000 lb capacity. Dual D-ring tie downs help secure cargo.

MaxxHaul 801210 48″ x 6″ Bed Extender

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

For longer items like ladders, the extra-long MaxxHaul 801210 comes in handy. The 48″ width across the cab allows 18 feet of total extended length when the tailgate is down. Foam padding helps prevent bed rail scratches during use.

Husky Liners FBA_19360 Bed Extender

The Husky Liners FBA_19360 is made to take abuse with heavy-duty impact-resistant polyethylene construction. It easily adjusts to 3 different angles. The design also allows full access to factory tie downs and bed lights when vertically extended.

Yakima GateMate Pro Bed Extender

Owners who load a lot of dirty gear will appreciate the Yakima GateMate Pro. Along with extending the bed, it converts into a 42″ work surface. The replaceable protective coating helps prevent scratches during loading and cleanup.

Extang 95825 Revolution Gloss Black Bed Extender

Truckers looking for a sleek, high-gloss appearance should check out the Revolution from Extang. The rich black powdercoat finish looks sharp on any Ram pickup. It quickly adjusts between horizontal, vertical, and storage positions as needed.

Lund 96825 Catch-All Aluminum Extender

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

For Ram owners needing to wrangle loose items in the bed, this Lund model features integrated cargo nets to secure gear. It easily mounts on the inside bed rails with no drilling to provide an additional 21″ of extension length.

So if you need just a little more usable cargo room in your 2024 Ram 1500, a bed extender offers a versatile, affordable solution. They allow you to haul long or oversized items while keeping the tailgate closed for better security and improved fuel economy. Just be sure to verify weight capacities and watch for rear overhang when loading.

With so many top-rated bed extenders to choose from, Ram 1500 owners can find the perfect model to fit their needs and budget. Match that with the Ram’s impressive capability and you’ll truly have a pickup ready to get any job done!

Quick installation for fast cargo expansion when needed

The versatile 2024 Ram 1500 pickup has ample cargo space for most jobs. But when you need to haul that extra-long load, a bed extender is just the ticket. These handy accessories mount in minutes to give your truck added carrying capacity in a pinch.

Bed extenders fit right onto the inside bed rails, securing with clamps or bolts depending on the model. No drilling or major mods required. They fold upright when needed, effectively enlarging the bed wall to accommodate longer items. Then fold back down flush when not in use.

With so many bed extenders to choose from, how do Ram owners pick the right one? Let’s look at 15 top-rated models that can expand your 1500’s hauling potential.

Tough and Reliable Dee Zee DZ87005

The sturdy Dee Zee DZ87005 earns kudos for its rugged aluminum build and 500 lb weight capacity. Just flip up and lock when you need up to an extra 24″. No more sticking long lumber out the tailgate!

Lund 96875 Catch-All With Storage Trays

This Lund extender takes function over form, featuring built-in storage trays to secure tools, tie-downs, and gear in the bed. The adjustable dividers keep everything in its place. Sweet!

Sleek and Secure with the AMP Research BedXTender

Check out the high-tech composite BedXTender from AMP Research. The lightweight yet robust design provides a 300 lb capacity and locks firmly in place.

Westin 10-3225 Low Profile Extender

At just 3.5 inches tall, the Westin 10-3225 works great with bed covers. Flip it up when needed for an extra 21 inches of extension length to haul that kayak or ladder.

Chrome and Steel Ranch Hand RB20

Go for flash with a polished chrome Ranch Hand RB20 bed extender. Not just a pretty face, it’s built from burly 12-gauge steel to handle whatever you load on it.

Swing Out Design of UnderCover SwingCase

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

The UnderCover SwingCase takes a unique approach, pivoting from the side instead of the top. Choose vertical or horizontal positioning to customize your cargo options.

Smooth Gliding T-Max 174-360 Deluxe

The T-Max 174-360 Deluxe model features silicone-coated brackets for effortless opening and closing. Dual coated steel stands up to the elements too.

Value-Priced Durability With Bully BBS1322

On a budget? The affordable Bully BBS1322 universal mount steel extender gets the job done. Compatible with most full-size trucks with minimal adjustment.

Bedslide 1000-LB-UV Sliding Design

The Bedslide 1000-LB-UV takes bed extension to the next level with its sliding side-to-side capability. Ratchet it down anywhere in the bed for optimal load positioning.

Extra Long Extension With MaxxHaul 801210

Spanning the bed and rear cab, the 48” wide MaxxHaul 801210 provides ample elongated support for transporting ladders and other lengthy loads.

Rugged and Resilient Husky Liners FBA_19360

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

The impact-resistant polyethylene construction of the Husky Liners FBA_19360 means this bed extender can take abuse while on the job. It adjusts to fit multiple angles too.

Handy Work Surface With Yakima GateMate Pro

The Yakima GateMate Pro doubles as a work surface for loading and unloading bulky dirty cargo. Then fold up vertically to add extra bed length when transporting it.

Sleek High Gloss Extang 95825 Revolution

Add a touch of eye candy with the Extang 95825 Revolution gloss black bed extender. Its slick powdercoat finish perfectly complements your Ram 1500’s exterior styling.

Cargo Control With Lund 96825 Catch-All

Protect your gear from sliding around with the integrated cargo nets on the Lund 96825 Catch-All. It provides an extra 21 inches of bed space when folded upright.

So go ahead and load up that new paddleboard or lumber for your DIY project. With one of these handy bed extenders for your 2024 Ram 1500, you’ve got the versatility to securely haul oversized items and expand your truck’s cargo capacity in minutes.

Durable aluminum or steel construction supports heavy loads

Hauling heavy, bulky cargo? A sturdy bed extender built from aluminum or steel gives your 2024 Ram 1500 the strength to handle it. These rugged materials stand up to abuse while providing secure support.

Steel models like the Ranch Hand RB20 flaunt unyielding 12-gauge construction. This brute strength allows them to bear up to 500+ lbs without buckling when extended upright. Meanwhile, aluminum extenders boast superior corrosion resistance. That makes them ideal for truckers in harsh weather or off-road conditions.

But which specific bed extenders are must-haves for the new Ram 1500? Let’s highlight some of the top-rated choices.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Sturdy Yet Lightweight

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, the Dee Zee DZ87005 provides rugged support while saving weight over steel. It bones up your Ram’s hauling muscle to handle bulky cargo.

AMP Research BedXTender – High Tech Composite

The BedXTender sports reinforced composite polymers for impressive strength without excess weight. State-of-the-art materials mean serious business.

Westin 10-3225 Advantage – Low Profile Aluminum

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Boasting sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, this Westin model has a slim 3.5” folded height – ideal for use with bed covers. Yet it can still bear up to 300 lbs when extended.

Ranch Hand RB20 – Heavy Duty Steel

With its burly 12-gauge steel frame, the Ranch Hand RB20 adds serious muscle for handling heavier loads. The polished chrome finish just screams toughness.

UnderCover SwingCase – Robust Polymers

Trust the hardy polymer and aluminum SwingCase to provide brawny cargo support along with its innovative swing-out design. Both durable and functional.

MaxxHaul 801210 – Steel Spans Cab Length

Thanks to its long 48” wide steel carriage spanning the bed and rear cab, the MaxxHaul 801210 can bear weight across its entire length.

Husky Liners FBA_19360 – Impact Resistant Polyethylene

Laugh off dings and drops with the impact-resistant polyethylene Husky Liners bed extender. The resilient material handles rough truck use.

Yakima GateMate Pro – Protective Coated Steel

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Don’t let scratches slow you down. The Yakima GateMate Pro boasts a replaceable protective coating on its hardy steel frame.

Extang 95825 Revolution – Black Powdercoated

With its slick high-gloss black powdercoat finish, the Revolution bed extender proves steel can look as good as it performs.

Lund 96825 Catch-All – Light Aluminum

Take advantage of corrosion-resistant aluminum with the Lund 96825 Catch-All. Durable yet with less heft than steel.

When you need to maximize your truck’s hauling potential with a bed extender, aluminum and steel models have the brute force to get the job done. Their rugged builds provide a rock-solid anchor for oversized cargo. Just be sure to adhere to weight capacities and distributed load guidelines.

And remember, steel or aluminum extender designs can also slide, pivot, fold down, or provide additional storage when not being used for cargo extension. Handy bonus features that boost their utility even further!

So get out there and let your rugged Ram 1500 pickup flex its muscle. With one of these sturdy bed extenders, you’ll have the back up power to confidently haul those heavy loads.

Adjustable width adapts extender for different cargo sizes

The versatile 2024 Ram 1500 can haul a wide range of oversized cargo. To handle different load widths, look for a bed extender with adjustable width capability. They allow custom fitting for each job.

Rather than a fixed width, adjustable models use sliding rails, pivoting arms, or folding side supports. This lets you expand or contract the extender to properly cradle and support the load.

Which Ram 1500 bed extenders offer this handy adjustable width feature? Here are some top picks.

Lund 96875 Catch-All – Sliding Side Rails

The Lund 96875 features side rails that slide outward from 23″ to 31″ wide. Adjust to fit everything from piping to plywood sheets snugly between the uprights.

Dee Zee DZA92026 – Folding Side Supports

Dee Zee’s DZA92026 model has folding side supports with adjustable locking pins, allowing custom width sizing from 49” down to 23”.

Bully BBS1322 – Telescoping Side Arms

For versatile extension, the Bully BBS1322 utilizes telescoping side arms to dial in the perfect width – from 30” out to 54” wide.

AMP Research 750109-01A – Pivoting Support Rods

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

The AMP Research BedXtender features independent pivoting support rods that provide flexible width across the bed from 21″ up to 54″.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Strap-On Side Extensions

MaxxHaul’s 70581 model employs handy strap-on side extension pieces to boost its width from 49” all the way up to 83″ wide.

Westin 10-3225 – Lateral Rod Adjustment

The Westin 10-3225 Advantage uses a lateral rod adjustment system to vary its upright width from 20″ in to 36″ out.

Bedslide 1000-LB-UV – Variable Sidebrackets

Thanks to moveable side brackets, owners can slide the Bedslide 1000-LB-UV in or out from 18” to 48” wide depending on cargo.

T-Max 174-360 – Adjustable Upper Strut

An adjustable upper strut design enables the T-Max 174-360 extender to fit a wide range of cargo widths snugly between the uprights.

Yakima GateMate – Telescoping Inner Arms

The Yakima GateMate features internal telescoping arms that allow users to easily adjust the width from 40” down to 23”.

Being able to fine tune your bed extender width keeps cargo stable during transport. No more shifting lumber sliding around back there! Adjustable models prevent a sloppy fit around odd-sized loads.

Just be aware that any width changes can affect the recommended weight capacity. Make adjustments in small increments to monitor cargo stability. And take note of extender adjustments that might impact taillights or interfere with opening the tailgate.

With an adjustable bed extender on your 2024 Ram 1500, you’ve got the flexibility to haul a full range of oversized cargo. Dial in a custom width perfect for each job. It takes your truck’s hauling skills to the next level!

Now let’s look at some other innovative bed extender designs that further boost the utility of your Ram pickup…

Extender folds down or removes for full bed access when not needed

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

One key perk of bed extenders for the 2024 Ram 1500 is the ability to get them out of the way when not hauling oversized cargo. Models that fold down or completely remove restore full use of the bed.

Flip-down extenders fold flat against the inside bed walls or tailgate. This gives complete, unobstructed access for loading other items. Meanwhile, removable extenders detach from the mounting brackets for the ultimate in flexibility.

Let’s look at some top Ram 1500 bed extenders with fold-down or removable designs.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Flip-Down to Bed Walls

The popular Dee Zee DZ87005 folds flat against the inside bed walls when not in use. It’s out of sight until you need to flip it up.

Westin 10-3225 – Low-Profile Fold-Down

The Westin 10-3225 has a slim 3.5” height when folded down. No need to remove it – just flip up when extra capacity is required.

BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-UV – Slides Entirely Out of Bed

For maximum versatility, the BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-UV removes completely by sliding out either side of the bed rails when not needed.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Detachable Side Extensions

The handy detachable side extension pieces of the MaxxHaul 70581 allow owners to remove them for full bed access when not extended.

Extang 95825 Revolution – Flip-Down at Tailgate

With its low-profile fold-down design, owners can flip the Revolution flat against the tailgate and out of the way.

Lund 96825 Catch-All – Remove From Brackets

For quick on/off convenience, the Lund 96825 Catch-All easily removes from its mounting brackets to fully clear the bed space.

Bully BBS1322 – Remove From Mounts When Not Needed

Thanks to a detachable mounting design, the Bully BBS1322 bed extender can be completely removed from the bed when not extending loads.

AMP Research 750109-01A – Flip-Down to Inside Bed Walls

AMP Research’s BedXtender folds vertically against the inside bed walls to keep the full bed clear for other cargo when not in use.

Yakima GateMate Pro – Detachable Mounts Clear Bed

The Yakima GateMate Pro instantly removes by detaching the mounts, fully clearing the bed space when you don’t need the extra length.

Being able to fold or remove your Ram 1500’s bed extender gives you the best of both worlds. You’ve got the extended capacity when needed, yet can quickly restore full use of the bed for other cargo. Just flip it down or detach it from the mounts – done!

Just keep in mind that removable models do require storage space when not installed. And make sure any electrical connections are deactivated before removing.

But for most Ram 1500 owners, the ability to get their bed extender out of the way is a handy benefit. It means you don’t have to work around it or remove cargo just to access the bed. Your truck transforms back into a capable, open-access hauler.

Now let’s look at some other must-have bed extender features to boost your Ram’s utility…

Perfect for transporting lumber, piping, and other long items

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Got a load of lumber, piping, or other extra long cargo? A bed extender is just what your 2024 Ram 1500 needs to get the job done. These handy add-ons allow transporting lengthy items while keeping the tailgate closed.

Trying to strap lumber across an open tailgate is risky. Cargo could slide out or blocks can bounce loose at higher speeds. But with an extender, longer boards and pipes remain securely contained inside the protected truck bed.

Let’s look at some excellent bed extenders to haul lumber, piping, and overlength loads with your Ram pickup.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Sturdy Support for Lumber

The heavy-duty Dee Zee DZ87005 can easily handle a stack of lumber. Its 24″ extension length lets you close the tailgate securely.

Westin 10-3225 – Low Profile Great for Pipes

The slim Westin 10-3225 is perfect for safely containing pipes or tubing without blocking taillights when folded up.

Lund 96875 Catch-All – Long Item Storage Trays

The integrated storage trays of the Lund 96875 Catch-All allow transporting smaller pieces or hardware along with longer cargo.

Amp Research 750109-01A – High Strength for Extended Loads

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Trust the high-tech reinforced polymers of the Amp Research BedXtender to provide strength for extended length hauling.

Ranch Hand RB20 – Heavy-Duty for Oversized Cargo

The robust 12-gauge steel Ranch Hand RB20 gives owners serious muscle for managing heavy long loads like steel beams or poles.

Extang 95825 Revolution -Secure Transport of Tall Items

The Extang Revolution bed extender contains tall, awkward items like ladders or lumber without having to strap them down over the open tailgate.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Full Bed Coverage for Lengthy Cargo

Spanning the bed and rear cab, the long MaxxHaul 70581 provides stability when hauling extra long planks, poles, or ladders.

T-Max 174-360 – Anti-Shift Support Wings

This T-Max model features anti-shift support wings that cradle and contain long tubing, conduits, or other extended loads.

Yakima GateMate Pro – Broad Base Stabilizes Lengthy Items

With its 40″ width, the Yakima GateMate Pro gives lengthy cargo a wide, stable footprint inside the bed for secure transport.

Hauling long oversized items like lumber, piping, and poles is a breeze with a bed extender on your Ram 1500. The expanded capacity lets you close the tailgate to contain the load.

Just remember to tie down any cargo that extends beyond the rear bumper. And be aware of overall vehicle length when maneuvering or parking with lengthy loads.

But for regular transport of long materials for work or projects, a sturdy bed extender is a truck owner’s best friend. Add one to your 2024 Ram 1500 for hassle-free hauling!

Now let’s explore how bed extenders can also provide helpful cargo organization and storage solutions…

Low-profile design maintains rearview visibility when installed

Hauling oversize cargo with your 2024 Ram 1500’s bed extender is handy. But you still need to see behind you. A low-profile extender folded down when not in use ensures good rear visibility.

Bulky extenders can obstruct your rearview when fixed upright all the time. However, models with slimmer folded-down heights maintain your truck’s sightlines to the rear.

Let’s look at some of the best low-profile bed extenders for the Ram 1500:

Westin 10-3225 Advantage – Only 3.5″ High When Folded

The Westin 10-3225 has just a 3.5″ height for almost zero obstruction. You can see right through it when folded down.

Extang 95825 Revolution – Folds Flush to Tailgate

Extang’s Revolution model stashes flat against the tailgate for rear visibility when you don’t need the extra length.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Thin Profile Against Bed Walls

The popular Dee Zee DZ87005 folds tightly against the bed walls, leaving rear sightlines wide open.

Lund 96825 Catch-All – Low-Height Aluminum Construction

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

With its discreet folded profile, the Lund 96825 Catch-All won’t block your rearview when installed.

BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-UV – Removes Completely From Bed

For zero obstruction, the BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-UV removes entirely from the bed rails when not extended.

Bully BBS1322 – Folds Flat Against Cab Back

Bully’s universal BBS1322 model stashes up front when folded, fully maintaining your rear visibility.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Detachable Side Extensions

You can detach the MaxxHaul 70581’s side pieces for a low profile against the cab back and no rear blind spots.

T-Max 174-360 – Telescoping Arms Collapse Down

The telescoping arms on the T-Max 174-360 slide together into a minimal folded height for excellent rear view.

Being able to fold or remove your Ram 1500’s bed extender keeps it from obstructing your rearward vision. You retain the same great visibility as without an extender.

Just take care when folding down extenders with wider upright widths. The folded side pieces can still partially block sightlines directly behind the truck.

But overall, choosing a low-profile bed extender ensures you can keep an eye on traffic and towed trailers. It’s a handy benefit that maintains your Ram 1500’s factory sightlines.

Now let’s look at how bed extenders can provide integrated storage options…

Universal models fit many pickup truck brands and bed sizes

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Don’t overpay for a custom-fit bed extender if you drive a 2024 Ram 1500. Many affordable universal extenders work great and fit various truck makes/models.

Universal mounting brackets allow adjustment for different bed rail widths and tailgate designs. This broad compatibility means one extender can work across Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and of course, Ram pickups.

Let’s look at some top universally-fitting bed extenders for Ram 1500 owners.

Bully BBS1322 – Fits All Full-Size Trucks

With adjustable brackets, the budget-friendly Bully BBS1322 fits most full-size trucks like F-150s, Rams, Silvarados, and Titans.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Universal Brackets Adapt to Different Beds

Compatible with a wide range of trucks, this MaxxHaul universal extender adjusts to fit different bed rail designs.

T-Max 174-360 – Multiple Size Options Available

T-Max offers the 174-360 in sizes to fit full-size, mid-size, and even compact truck beds for broad compatibility.

Westin 10-3220 – Designed for 5.5′-8′ Bed Lengths

Westin’s universal 10-3220 model works with multiple pickup bed lengths from 5.5 feet up to 8 feet.

Dee Zee DZ87019 – No-Drill Universal Brackets

The Dee Zee DZ87019 employs a universal mounting system to fit most full-size pickups without drilling.

Bedslide 1000-LB-UV – Rail Mounting Fits Various Trucks

Thanks to adaptable rail mounts, owners can install the Bedslide 1000-LB-UV in a wide range of truck bed sizes and styles.

AMP Research 750018-01A – Adjustable for Multiple Configurations

An adjustable mounting design allows theAMP Research extender to work with different bed lengths and tailgate angles.

Extang 95821 Solid Fold – Clamp-On for Broad Use

With its clamp-on installation, the Solid Fold 95821 can mount in almost any full-size pickup bed regardless of design.

Universal truck bed extenders offer Ram owners versatility and value. Why pay more for a custom-fit model when a universal extender works just as well?

Just remember – some minor fit adjustments may be required to adapt universal extenders to your exact truck. But overall, they’re a smart budget choice!

Now let’s look at some other great ways to enhance your Ram 1500’s cargo capacity…

Custom-fit options for precision alignment with 2024 Ram 1500

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

For a flawless fit and finish, consider a custom-designed bed extender made specifically for the 2024 Ram 1500. Custom mounting brackets hug the bed rails perfectly.

Rather than universal adjustable brackets, custom models utilize fixed mounts contoured to match the Ram’s bed size and rail design precisely. This eliminates gaps or looseness and keeps the extender solidly anchored.

Let’s look at some top custom-fit bed extenders for optimal alignment with the new Ram 1500.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Contoured Specifically for Ram Box

Engineered just for Ram, the Dee Zee DZ87005 mounts flush along the bed side rails with no gaps or wiggle room.

AMP Research 75309-01A – Precision-Fit for Ram 1500 Bed

For an ideal fit, AMP Research designs the 75309-01A model exclusively for the Ram 1500’s exact bed dimensions.

Lund 96884 – Made to Match Ram 1500 Bed Rails

The Lund 96884 employs custom-formed brackets designed specifically to cling tightly to the 2024 Ram 1500 bed rails.

Ranch Hand RB10BC – Contoured Rails Fit Ram Precisely

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Ranch Hand contour-cuts the RB10BC extender rails and mounts for flawless alignment in the latest Ram 1500 pickup box.

UnderCover SwingCase SC2024 – Ram-Specific Swing-Out Extender

The SwingCase SC2024 uses factory-matched mounting plates to attach seamlessly to the Ram 1500 bed walls.

Yakima GateMate Tailgate Pad – Designed for Ram Tailgate

Made to bolt precisely onto Ram tailgates, the Yakima GateMate pad hugs the tailgate edge with no gaps.

BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-SB – Ram-Specific Rail Mount Design

BEDSLIDE precision-engineers the 1000-LB-SB mounting hardware for a perfect match with the 2024 Ram 1500 bed.

While more costly than universal models, custom-fit bed extenders align seamlessly with the Ram 1500 for a flush, gap-free fit. Precision-engineering ensures a wobble-free install.

Just be aware – custom mounts mean the extender won’t transfer between vehicles. But for Ram owners, the perfect fit is worth it!

Now let’s examine carrying those dirty loads while keeping your Ram 1500 bed protected and scratch-free…

Powder-coated finish resists corrosion and scratches

Hauling dirty cargo or using your extender in foul weather? Look for a powder-coated finish to keep that 2024 Ram 1500 bed extender looking its best.

Powder coating is a type of durable paint applied as a powder, then baked on to cure it into a smooth, protective finish. It resists chipping, rust, and scratches better than standard paint.

Let’s look at some top powder-coated bed extenders to protect your Ram’s bed.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Textured Black Powdercoat

Dee Zee powdercoats their popular DZ87005 extender in a rugged textured black finish that hides scratches.

Westin 10-3225 – Fade-Resistant Black Powdercoat

Keep your bed extender looking dark and sharp with Westin’s fade-resistant black powdercoated exterior.

Lund 96884 – Chip-Resistant Powdercoat

Lund’s satin black powdercoat treatment can handle knocked boxes and loading abuse without showing chips.

Amp Research 75309-01A – Gloss Powdercoat Protects From Rust

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Gloss powdercoating shields the Amp Research BedXtender from corrosion and dulling while also looking great.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Textured Powdercoat Disguises Scratches

Small scratches won’t show up much on MaxxHaul’s textured black powdercoated finish.

T-Max 174360 – Powdercoated to Resist Rust and Chipping

Even with heavy use, T-Max’s durable black powdercoated extender stays looking fresh and chip-free.

Ranch Hand RB20 – Chip-Proof Chrome Powdercoat

Under that shiny chrome look, Ranch Hand powdercoats their RB20 extender to eliminate paint chipping and pitting.

BEDSLIDE 1000-LB-UV – Scratch-Resistant Black Powdercoat

The BEDSLIDE holds up to rough daily use thanks to scratch-hiding powdercoated exterior protection.

Powdercoating gives bed extenders superior durability and protection compared to standard paint. Just rinse clean after dirty hauling jobs to keep that factory sheen.

For maximum corrosion and scratch resistance in the harshest conditions, look for textured or matte powdercoated finishes. They do an excellent job at hiding abraision and minor damage.

Now let’s explore how innovative bed extender designs can make hauling easier and more secure…

Lightweight models are easy to install or remove as needed

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Heaving around a heavy, bulky bed extender can be a drag. Choose a lightweight model for your 2024 Ram 1500 for easy installation when you need extra capacity.

Lighter extenders allow one-person, no-hassle mounting to the bed rails in minutes. And if they’re removable, you can take them off just as quickly when not needed.

Let’s look at some of the most lightweight yet durable bed extenders for the new Ram 1500.

Amp Research BedXtender – Composite Polymers

The Amp BedXtender uses reinforced composite materials for incredible strength at a fraction of the weight of steel.

Lund 96825 Catch-All – Feather-Light Aluminum

Taking advantage of durable yet ultralight aircraft-grade aluminum, the Lund 96825 remains easy to handle.

Extang 95821 Solid Fold – Lightweight Polymer Construction

Solid yet lightweight polymers help keep the Solid Fold 95821 easy to lift on and off the truck.

Westin 10-3220 Advantage – Aluminum for Light Weight

High-grade aluminum keeps the Westin 10-3220 extremely light for hassle-free installation and removal.

Dee Zee DZ87019 – Featherlight Anodized Aluminum

Despite being ultra-sturdy, the all-aluminum DZ87019 remains easy for one person to handle and mount up.

T-Max 174360 – Aluminum and Plastic Composite

By mixing ultra-strong but lightweight aluminum and plastic, the T-Max 174360 tips the scales at under 15 lbs.

Yakima GateMate – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Innovative carbon fiber reinforced polymers help keep the Yakima GateMate incredibly lightweight yet durable.

MaxxHaul 70581 – Fiberglass Reinforcement Reduces Weight

Strategic fiberglass reinforcement allows the MaxxHaul 70581 to remain lightweight while providing strength.

With a light yet rugged bed extender on your Ram 1500, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Easy one-person installation combined with trusted strength to securely contain cargo.

Just take care not to over-load lightweight polymer extenders. Check the recommended weight ratings and spread loads evenly across their surface.

But for most owners, a lightweight bed extender is a handy asset. You can pop them on and off as needed in just minutes!

Now let’s examine how some innovative designs also double as convenient cargo organizers…

Heavy-duty extender supports up to 350 lbs of gear

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Need to load up lots of heavy tools, cargo, or supplies in your 2024 Ram 1500’s bed? Choose an ultra-tough heavy-duty extender rated to handle it.

While most standard extenders support 150 to 300 lbs, heavy-duty models boast capacities up to 350+ lbs. This allows securely holding more weight when used upright for oversized loads.

Let’s look at some burly heavy-duty bed extenders built for serious hauling with the Ram 1500.

Dee Zee DZ87005 – Sturdy 500 lb Capacity

This rugged Dee Zee anchor can bear up to 500 lbs of vertical weight thanks to its beefy aluminum build.

Westin 10-3220 Advantage – Rated for 300 lbs

Westin constructs the 10-3220 Advantage from thick aluminum sheeting to achieve a 300 lb weight rating.

Lund 96884 – Reinforced Design Supports 350 lbs

The Lund 96884 reinforces stress points to securely hold up to 350 pounds of tools or supplies.

Amp Research 75309-01A – Heavy-Duty 300 lb Capacity

With its industrial-grade polymer construction, the Amp BedXtender can support cargo up to 300 pounds.

Ranch Hand RB20 – Overbuilt to Manage 500+ lbs

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

From its burly steel frame to thick mounting hardware, everything on the Ranch Hand RB20 is overbuilt to handle over 500 lbs.

Extang 95825 Revolution – Steel Frame Holds 300 lbs

The Revolution uses heavy-gauge steel side rails and legs engineered to support up to 300 lbs vertically.

T-Max 174360 – Supports Up To 350 lbs

T-Max constructs the 174360 from thick dual-coated steel sheeting to achieve a 350 lb weight rating.

Yakima GateMate – Built-In Struts With 300 lb Capacity

Internal steel struts running the length of the Yakima GateMate allow it to bear 300+ lbs of cargo weight.

Whatever the job demands, you can load up your tools, materials, or gear with confidence using a heavy-duty bed extender. Just be sure weight is evenly distributed across the extender.

Heavy-duty models do come at a price premium. But for owners regularly hauling heavy cargo, the added durability and capacity are worth it!

Now let’s look at how bed extenders can double as handy work surfaces…

Locking option secures cargo and deters theft attempts

Upgrading your pickup truck with a high-quality bed extender is one of the best investments you can make. For 2024 Ram 1500 owners looking to maximize cargo capacity and versatility, a bed extender is a must-have accessory. Not only do bed extenders expand your truck’s hauling abilities, but the right tailgate extender adds an extra layer of security to protect your gear and deter would-be thieves.

A bed extender essentially lengthens your Ram 1500’s bed, allowing you to haul oversized items that normally wouldn’t fit. Most models mount to the truck’s tailgate and feature panels that swing out to create a wider loading surface. This comes in handy for transporting lumber, piping, ladders, kayaks, and other long items that exceed the typical 5-foot, 7-inch bed length. Hauling motorcycles or ATVs is also made easier with a bed extender in place.

But aside from the expanded carrying capacity, many bed extenders now come equipped with integrated locking mechanisms. This allows you to lock the tailgate extender’s panels into place to create secure storage for your cargo. The enclosed setup not only prevents items from shifting during transport, but also adds a degree of theft deterrence.

For 2024 Ram 1500 owners who frequently haul expensive gear or live in high crime areas, a locking bed extender is a smart investment. The enclosed, locked compartment helps provide peace of mind that your equipment won’t grow legs and walk away while your truck is parked.

Key Features of Bed Extenders

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

If you’re looking to equip your 2024 Ram 1500 with a bed extender, keep an eye out for models that offer the following useful features:

  • Locking side panels – Allows tailgate extender to be securely enclosed to create a theft-deterrent cargo compartment
  • Durable, lightweight construction – Aircraft-grade aluminum or powder coated steel provides strength without excessive weight
  • Quick and easy installation – Requires no drilling for simple bolt-on mounting in minutes
  • Hinge or fold-out design – Side panels swing out when needed and tuck away when not in use
  • Weather-resistant – Powder coated or treated materials stand up to the elements
  • Padding – Protects cargo and increases grip against shifting

Top Bed Extenders for 2024 Ram 1500

Based on features, performance, and overall value, here are my top recommendations for bed extenders to equip your 2024 Ram 1500:

This heavy-duty tailgate extender features a sturdy steel frame with 600 lb weight capacity. The padded panels lock upright to secure cargo or fold down when not needed. Installs in minutes with no drilling required.

With aircraft-grade aluminum construction, this lightweight extender holds up to 500 lbs yet weighs just 30 lbs. The fold-out side panels lock into place easily. Low profile design improves rear visibility.

Extremely durable aluminum panels hold up to 600 lbs and feature a weather-resistant black powder coat finish. The quick-mounting system makes installation a snap.

This heavy-duty steel model can handle up to 1,250 lbs evenly distributed. Flip panels lock cargo safely in place and fold away when not needed. Padded to protect cargo.

With aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it provides a 500 lb capacity yet weighs only 26 lbs. The dual-pivot design quickly adjusts for optimal cargo positioning.

Locking Bed Extenders Maximize Utility and Security

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

A versatile bed extender is one of the most useful accessories available for the 2024 Ram 1500. Models that incorporate locking panels take the benefits one step further by providing peace of mind that your cargo stays put. For Ram 1500 owners who frequently haul bulky or expensive gear, a locking bed extender is an excellent investment.

Just be sure to choose a model made with durable materials like powder coated steel or aluminum. This ensures reliable performance for years while still being lightweight enough for daily use. Spending a little extra for quality construction pays dividends down the road.

The right tailgate extender allows you to take your Ram 1500’s utility to the next level. And with the added security of a locking enclosure, you can transport your cargo with confidence wherever the road takes you.

Affordable add-on expands utility without breaking the bank

One of the best ways to boost your 2024 Ram 1500’s hauling versatility without busting your budget is adding an affordable bed extender. For a relatively small investment, a tailgate extender can significantly expand the usable length of your truck bed for carrying oversize cargo.

While premium bed extenders made of aluminum or steel can cost upwards of $500, there are much more wallet-friendly options available. Basic models made of powder-coated steel or durable polymers can usually be picked up for $200 or less. And they still get the job done when you need some extra cargo capacity.

Here are some pointers for picking out a value-priced bed extender that will meet your needs without emptying your bank account.

Focus on Function Over Flair

A low-cost bed extender probably won’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it can still provide excellent utility. Concentrate more on aspects like weight rating, ease of installation, adjustability, and overall versatility. As long as it extends your bed and holds cargo securely, you don’t need a lot of fancy extras.

Pick Durable Materials

While polymers are lighter and cheaper, powder coated steel offers superior strength and durability. It’ll also hold up better against scrapes, scratches, and exposure to the elements. The minimal additional cost is worth it for long-lasting performance.

Make Sure It Mounts Securely

A bed extender that shifts, wobbles, or feels flimsy is a hazard, so check reviews to ensure any budget model you’re considering mounts tightly and feels stable when installed. A little extra assembly time is worth it for a solid, safe connection.

Adjustability Is Key

Having panels that pivot, fold down, or swing away makes a big difference in versatility. You can position them to best fit whatever you’re hauling that day. Models with multiple adjustable panels tend to be more useful than fixed designs.

Top Value Bed Extenders for 2024 Ram 1500

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

Based on affordability combined with useful features and positive owner feedback, here are my top picks for budget-friendly bed extenders:

This versatile extender features four adjustable panels to secure almost any size/shape cargo. Durable powder coated steel construction and carry straps provide excellent value at under $150.

At just over $100, this folding steel model provides great utility. Integrated cargo stops help stabilize longer items. Rubber support pads protect the tailgate.

Constructed of impact-resistant polymer, this under $90 choice weighs just 12 lbs but holds over 500 lbs. The triangular folding design is highly adjustable for oversized cargo.

This affordable extender combines steel side panels with a fiberglass center section in a T-shape design that adjusts to fit any size load. Mounts in minutes for around $175.

Reviewers praise the rear-mounted support legs on this budget steel model that prevent sagging or cargo shifting. A great value for under $140.

The Bottom Line

Best Bed Extenders For 2024 Ram 1500: 15 Must-Have Accessories

You don’t need to spend a fortune for a bed extender that can significantly boost your Ram 1500’s cargo capacity. Well-designed budget models made of powder-coated steel provide durability, versatility, and great value at under $200.

Just be sure to verify that any affordable extender you’re considering can support the weight of the oversize items you need to transport. Carefully check the hardware, mounting, and adjustability features prior to purchasing. Taking a little time upfront helps ensure you get years of useful service from a value-priced bed extender.

With the right tailgate extender addon, you can haul lumber, ladders, piping, and even motorcycles with ease. Plus you’ll save hundreds of dollars over premium models. For budget-minded Ram 1500 owners, a value-priced bed extender is a savvy investment in added utility.