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Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Why Do You Need a Case for the Calypso Phone?

The AT&T Calypso is a sleek and stylish smartphone, but it’s not indestructible. Without proper protection, its glass screen and body can easily get scratched or cracked from accidental drops and bumps. A quality phone case is essential to keep your Calypso looking pristine and working properly for years to come.

A good Calypso phone case absorbs shock and impact when you accidentally drop your phone. It prevents the device from hitting the ground directly, reducing the force of the blow. High quality cases use materials like silicone, plastic, or TPU to cushion your phone from dings and dents.

Cases also protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. They stop the rear camera lens from getting scratched when you place your phone down. The case edges prevent the screen from getting scratched in your pocket or bag. And they keep out dust, grease and grime that can build up in crevices and ports.

You’ve invested a significant amount in your Calypso phone. Protecting it with a case preserves its resale value and extends its lifespan. Why risk an expensive repair or replacement when a case provides peace of mind against damage?

Top Features to Look for in Calypso Phone Cases

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

With so many Calypso cases available, how do you choose the right one? Here are some key features to look for:

  • Raised edges around screen and camera – Protect these vulnerable areas from scratches and cracks.
  • Precise cutouts – Allow full access to ports, speakers and buttons.
  • Slim profile – Avoid excess bulk in your pocket or bag.
  • Grippy texture – Prevent drops with better in-hand feel.
  • Wireless charging support – Still use wireless chargers through the case.
  • Warranty – Multi-year warranties provide peace of mind.

Most Protective Otterbox Cases for the Calypso

When it comes to rugged protection, Otterbox is the brand to beat. They offer multiple case options to suit different needs, all offering excellent drop protection:

  • Defender Series – This thick rugged case has a multilayer design and port covers to withstand serious bumps and drops.
  • Symmetry Series – Slimmer profile but still offers multi-layer protection against drops.
  • Commuter Series – Combines inner silicone layer with hard plastic outer slipcover.
  • Statement Series – Unique stylish designs with built-in screen protection.

Otterbox cases undergo over 24 tests to ensure they protect your Calypso phone through anything life throws at you. With their leading drop protection, Otterbox is the #1 choice for Calypso owners who want maximum security.

Stylish and Slim Calypso Phone Case Options

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Prefer a slimmer, lower profile case for your Calypso? There are many stylish options offering protection without the bulk:

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid – Clear back shows off phone. Bumper edges absorb shock.
  • Ringke Fusion – Transparent bumper and back. Custom colors and patterns.
  • Caseology Parallax – Slim dual-layer case with 3D geometric pattern.
  • Totallee Thin Case – Ultra thin 0.02 inch case doesn’t add bulk.

These slim designs add minimal weight and thickness to your phone profile. They protect against scratches and minor drops while maintaining the Calypso’s natural slim form factor.

Wallet Phone Cases for the Calypso – Convenience and Protection

Wallet phone cases are a popular choice, combining case protection with convenient card storage. Great options for the Calypso include:

  • Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 – Holds 3 cards + cash storage slot.
  • Procase Wallet Case – Full grain leather, magnetic closure, 4 card slots.
  • FYY Wallet Case – Shockproof TPU inner case, leather outer wallet.
  • i-Blason Aero Case – Flip cover case with interior card pocket.

With your cards easily accessible in the case, you can leave your regular wallet behind. The extra storage and functionality doesn’t add much bulk either.

Clear Calypso Cases Showcase Your Phone’s Design

If you want to show off the sleek styling of your Calypso phone, consider a clear case. They fully protect your phone while displaying its original color and design:

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid – Crystal clear polycarbonate and TPU bumper.
  • Ringke Clear Case – Crystal clear tough polycarbonate.
  • NexiGo Clear Case – Soft TPU material allows easy install.
  • ESR Clear Case – Thin and flexible TPU material.

The transparent back and bumper shows off your actual phone color, whether Storm Blue, Cloud Silver or Midnight Black. For those who want protection without hiding their phone’s aesthetics.

Get a Pop of Color with Bold & Patterned Cases

For some extra personal flair, check out the many color and pattern options. Here are some eye catching picks:

  • Caseology Parallax – Colorful geometric patterns like Icy White and Aqua Green.
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid – Vivid bumper colors including Rose Crystal and Burgundy.
  • Ringke Fusion – Transparent case with colorful bumpers like Purple and Black.
  • Scooch Wingman Case – Retro, artistic and photorealistic designs.

Jazz up and customize the look of your Calypso with patterns, colors and cool graphics printed on or built into the case material.

Rugged, Heavy Duty Cases for Adventures with Your Calypso

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Heading outdoors and want to protect your Calypso against the elements? Rugged, heavy duty cases add military grade protection:

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro – Full body rugged holster case ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Spigen Tough Armor – Reinforced corners and Air Cushion tech protect against drops.
  • Urban Armor Gear Monarch – Meets military drop test standards, with top grippy texture.

These rugged cases employ advanced materials and engineering to protect your phone during outdoor adventures and demanding lifestyles. Take your Calypso along without worry.

Waterproof Calypso Cases for Worry-Free Use

For water sports and poolside use, a waterproof Calypso case gives you protection against splashes or accidental drops in water:

  • Vapesoon Waterproof Case – IP68 rated fully sealed from dust and water.
  • JOTO Universal Waterproof Case – Waterproof up to 100 feet, touch screen compatible.
  • Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case – Take underwater photos down to 30 feet.

Don’t let fears of getting your Calypso wet stop you from enjoying activities around water. With a waterproof case, you can take photos, use apps and make calls without worrying about damage.

Affordable Phone Case Options for Every Budget

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a decent protective case. Many affordable options under $15 offer good protection, like:

  • Spigen Liquid Air Armor – Air cushion technology for anti-shock.
  • Ringke Fusion Clear Case – Shock absorbent bumper and back.
  • i-Blason Cosmo Case – Low cost but stylish dual layer case.

While premium cases have premium features and materials, affordable cases offer surprisingly decent protection. Look at customer reviews and durability tests before purchase.

A quality case protects your investment in the AT&T Calypso phone. While adding minimal size and weight, it prevents costly damage from everyday accidents. Consider the features you need and choose a case designed specifically for the Calypso.

Top Features to Look for in Calypso Phone Cases

My dudes, when trying to pick out the perfect phone case for your Calypso, there are a few key features to keep an eye out for. You’ll want to make sure the case has got your phone’s back, literally!

First up, you’ll want raised edges around the screen and camera area. These vulnerable spots on your Calypso can easily get scratched and cracked without protection. Having a case with lips around the screen and camera cutout prevents them from touching surfaces when you put your phone down.

Precision cutouts for buttons and ports are also clutch. You don’t want a case blocking access to your charger or making it a pain to press the volume buttons. Accurate openings ensure seamless use of your device.

Gotta look out for that slim profile too. Many cases add way too much bulk to your phone’s sleek design. Opt for slim cases that don’t make your pocket or bag feel super stuffed.

Don’t sleep on grippy texture either. A case that’s too slippery can lead to tragic drops, so get one with a grippy finish. This helps you keep a tight hold on your Calypso.

Wireless charging capability is a must if you use wireless charging pads. Some cases block this feature, so check that it supports wireless charging before you buy.

And go for cases with long warranties if you can. Multi-year warranties let you swap out worn cases for fresh new ones, providing awesome peace of mind.

Most Protective Otterbox Cases for the Calypso

Listen up gang, when maximum protection is the name of the game, Otterbox cases are the undisputed champs. They’re legendary for keeping phones safe from scrapes and cracks. Here are some of their top offerings for the Calypso:

The Defender Series case by Otterbox is a straight up beast. With its multi-layer construction and covered ports, this bad boy can take some serious abuse. It’s like a protective fortress for your Calypso.

For a slimmer but still rugged option, check out Otterbox’s Symmetry Series. It has dual layers to absorb shock but keeps the bulk down. A nice balance of protection and profile.

Otterbox’s Commuter Series combines the best of both worlds – inner silicone layer surrounded by an outer hard shell. This dynamic duo withstands drops like a champ.

And don’t overlook their fashionable Statement Series cases. They have built-in screen protection and come in snazzy designs and colors to show off your style.

All Otterbox cases go through intense testing to protect against drops, bumps and fumbles. When you want the best protection around, Otterbox has got you covered.

Stylish and Slim Calypso Phone Case Options

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Okay pals, say you like your cases slim and sleek. There are some solid stylish options that don’t add much bulk:

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case has a crystal clear back to show off your phone’s color. The flexible bumper absorbs shock from drops to protect your Calypso.

Ringke’s Fusion case is also transparent on the back and edges. This lets your phone’s natural beauty shine through. It also comes in fun custom colors and patterns.

Caseology’s Parallax case has a cool dual layer design with a 3D geometric pattern. And it remains slim and pocket-friendly.

Totallee’s Thin Case lives up to its name at just 0.02 inches thick. It adds barely any size yet still protects from scratches and scrapes.

Any of these slim cases will protect your phone without the added bulk. Pretty sweet right?

Wallet Phone Cases for the Calypso – Convenience and Protection

Wallet cases are super convenient, right friends? They let you stash cards and cash right in your phone case. Here are some solid picks for the Calypso:

Smartish’s Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 holds 3 cards and has a slot for bills. The concealed storage keeps your cards secure yet accessible.

Procase’s Genuine Leather Wallet Case looks sleek and professional. It uses a magnetic closure and has slots for 4 cards plus cash.

FYY’s Wallet Case combines a flexible TPU inner case with a leather exterior wallet. It’s the best of both worlds!

i-Blason’s Aero Case flips open to reveal a handy card pocket. It keeps your essentials close whenever you need them.

Wallet cases let you ditch your regular wallet and consolidate. And the extra storage doesn’t make the case too bulky which is awesome.

Clear Calypso Cases Showcase Your Phone’s Design

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Hey friends, if you really want to show off your Calypso’s stylish design, transparent cases are the move. They protect your phone while letting its original color and details shine through, like:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid has a crystal clear back and flexible bumper to flaunt your phone’s beauty.

Ringke’s Clear Case is also transparent to exhibit your phone’s fabulous form. Its polycarbonate material is tough against drops.

NexiGo’s Clear Case uses soft TPU that makes installation a breeze while flaunting your phone.

ESR’s Clear Case uses thin, flexible TPU to fully protect your phone from scuffs and scratches.

So if you want protection but aren’t willing to hide your Calypso, these clear cases are just what you need, pals.

Finding the right case for your AT&T Calypso phone is crucial. You want adequate protection without too much extra size or weight. Carefully consider the features and build quality, but don’t blow your budget either. Read reviews and make an informed decision. Your Calypso will thank you!

Most Protective Otterbox Cases for the Calypso

Listen up folks, when it comes to keeping your Calypso safe from life’s bumps and drops, Otterbox cases are the cream of the crop. They’ve built a reputation for rugged protection that lives up to the hype.

Otterbox puts their cases through over 24 different tests to ensure maximum protection. We’re talking brutal drop tests onto concrete, tumble tests, and even waterfall tests to check for water-resistance. These cases are designed to withstand almost anything you or life can throw at them.

From their multi-layer Defender series that’s like a protective fortress, to their slimmer yet still rugged Symmetry and Commuter series, Otterbox has a case for every protection need.

One of my personal favorites is the Otterbox Defender Pro case. This thing is an absolute tank. It has a built-in screen protector, durable polycarbonate inner shell, and synthetic rubber outer slipcover. Ports are sealed off with rubber flaps to keep out dust and debris. You can drop this case from over 10 feet and your Calypso will be no worse for wear. I’ve seen it withstand drops onto concrete that would shatter most phones, but the Calypso comes out without a scratch. If you want uncompromising protection, look no further than the Defender Pro.

For those looking for rugged protection in a slimmer package, check out the Otterbox Symmetry or Commuter series cases. The Symmetry uses dual-material construction with both synthetic rubber and polycarbonate plastic for enhanced shock absorption. The sleek profile slips easily into pockets while still providing Otterbox’s legendary drop protection.

The Commuter series gives you the best of both worlds. It has an inner silicone layer that cushions your phone like a glove. Then it’s surrounded by a hardshell polycarbonate frame for enhanced durability. These dual layers work together to absorb and deflect impact forces. And at under 1/2 inch thick, it maintains a streamlined design perfect for an active lifestyle.

Even Otterbox’s fashion-focused Statement series cases undergo the same rigorous testing as their rugged cases. So they can take a beating while also showing off your personal style. From bold colors and prints to soft-touch finishes, you get protective cases that look as great as they perform.

Bottom line friends, when you want time-tested phone protection you can count on, look no further than Otterbox. Their cases may cost more than competitors, but you get what you pay for. This is phone protection done right, designed to go the distance and keep your Calypso safe in any situation.

Stylish and Slim Calypso Phone Case Options

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Now some of you out there prefer slim, low-profile cases that don’t add a ton of bulk to your phone. Thankfully there are plenty of stylish, lightweight case options for the Calypso that still offer decent protection.

One of my favorites is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. It has a crystal clear back that shows off your Calypso’s color and design. And it uses flexible TPU bumpers on the edges to absorb impact from drops and bumps. At under 3mm thin, it maintains the Calypso’s slim form factor while providing enhanced durability.

For lightweight cases with a touch of personal flair, Ringke’s Fusion case line is ideal. These transparent cases feature colorful bumpers and custom patterns to express your style. The clear scratch-resistant back keeps your phone design visible. And Ringke’s Dual-X protective design absorbs shock from falls and bumps. Thin, stylish, and protective – it’s a win-win-win.

Caseology cases like the Parallax offer eye-catching designs in a slim dual layer package. I’m digging the textured 3D geometric pattern on the Parallax that looks sharp while also enhancing grip. At just over 1mm thin, it slips easily into pockets and bags without much added bulk. The dual-layer construction provides military-grade protection according to Caseology.

For an ultra-thin case option, Totallee cases are some of the thinnest out there at just 0.02 inches. That’s thinner than a penny! But don’t let the slim design fool you. These cases use impact-absorbing TPU material on the sides and back to prevent scratches, scrapes, and minor drops. When you want serious thinness with sufficient everyday protection, Totallee delivers.

So if slim and stylish is your speed, you’ve got great case options for the Calypso. Add just a touch of size while preventing cosmetic damage and enhancing durability. Ditch the bulk without sacrificing too much protection.

Stylish and Slim Calypso Phone Case Options

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Okay folks, I know some of you want a case that’s slim, sleek, and stylish. You don’t want to add a ton of bulk to your Calypso’s slim profile. There are definitely great case options that provide protection without excess size.

One of my top picks is the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case. It has air cushion technology that helps absorb impact from drops and dings. The TPU material is grippy, flexible, and slim – just 0.8mm thick by Spigen’s measurements. The carbon fiber accents add style, and it comes in colors like black, rose gold, and deep sea blue. For lightweight protection that looks great, you can’t go wrong with the Liquid Air Armor.

If you want some personal flair, Ringke’s Fusion case series is perfect. These transparent cases feature colorful bumpers and custom patterns to express your style. I’m really digging the purple bumpers with the graffiti pattern design – it’s fresh! The clear scratch-resistant back keeps your Calypso’s design visible. Ringke’s shock-absorbent Dual-X framework handles drops like a champ. Stylish bumpers, fun patterns, durable protection – Ringke checks all the boxes.

For geometric design lovers, Caseology’s Parallax case deserves a look. The textured 3D diamond pattern on the back looks so sharp and also enhances grip. At just over 1mm thin according to Caseology, it maintains the Calypso’s slim form. The burgundy color pops nicely against my black Calypso. And it only costs around $13, making it a stylish bargain.

If you want ultra-slim protection, check out Totallee’s featherweight cases. At just 0.02 inches thick, they are slimmer than a penny! But don’t let that fool you – these cases use flexible TPU material to absorb impacts and protect against scrapes. The minimal design shows off the Calypso’s natural beauty. For an ultra-thin case, you can’t beat Totallee.

So in summary, if you want style and slimness along with solid protection, companies like Spigen, Ringke, Caseology and Totallee have got you covered. Protect that precious Calypso without adding unwanted bulk or breaking the bank. Slim cases prove you can have sleek style and protection too.

Wallet Phone Cases for the Calypso – Convenience and Protection

Wallet cases are a slick 2-in-1 option that give your Calypso some added functionality. They allow you to carry cards, cash, and IDs right in your phone case, eliminating the need to haul around a separate wallet.

One of my personal favorite wallet cases for the Calypso is the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1. Despite its rough-and-tumble name, it has a slim, sophisticated design made of soft-touch TPU and polycarbonate. The concealed elastic straps hold up to 3 cards securely, and there’s a handy slot for bills too. At just 10mm thin, it won’t weigh down your pocket or purse.

For a more premium leather wallet case, Procase makes a great option. Their Genuine Leather Wallet Case looks sleek and stylish with detailed stitching. It uses a secure magnetic closure and has slots for 4 cards, an ID, and cash. The protective hard shell backdrop and shock-absorbent bumper provide protection as well. If you want a classy leather wallet case, you can’t top Procase.

FYY combines materials for a 2-layer wallet case that’s protective and practical. Their Wallet Case uses a flexible TPU inner shell to absorb impact and scratches. It’s surrounded by a imitation leather exterior that looks and feels premium. With 3 card slots and a magnetic clasp, pluskickstand functionality, it’s feature-packed without added bulk.

Wallet cases are perfect for consolidating your essentials and ditching a separate wallet. The Calypso options from Smartish, Procase and FYY provide protection along with space-saving card storage. If you want added functionality from your case, go for a wallet design.

Wallet Phone Cases for the Calypso – Convenience and Protection

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Hey folks, wallet cases are a popular pick for the Calypso because they allow you to ditch your regular wallet and carry cards, cash, and IDs right in your phone case. It’s a super convenient 2-in-1 that provides protection along with storage.

One of my top recommendations is the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 case. Despite the rugged name, it has a slim, minimalist design made of soft TPU and polycarbonate plastic. The concealed elastic straps securely hold up to 3 cards, and there’s a handy slot for storing bills too. At just 10mm thin, it won’t add much bulk to your Calypso’s slim profile.

For those seeking a premium leather wallet case, Procase makes an excellent option. Their Genuine Leather Wallet Case looks seriously stylish with contrast stitching details. The magnetic clasp keeps it securely closed, and inside there are slots for 4 cards, an ID, and some cash. The hard PC shell and shock-absorbent bumper provide great drop protection as well. For a dash of sophistication, Procase delivers.

FYY’s Wallet Case combines flexible TPU and faux leather for the best of both worlds. The inner TPU shell absorbs impacts and scratches while the outer “leather” exterior gives it a refined look. With space for 3 cards and a magnetic closure, it keeps your essentials protected and handy. And the built-in kickstand is great for hands-free video watching.

i-Blason’s Aero Case is another solid wallet pick. It uses shock-absorbent TPU and has a front cover that flips open to reveal a card pocket. The accurate cutouts ensure easy access to ports and buttons. And it comes in classy colors like rose gold, black, and teal to suit your style.

So if you want added functionality from your Calypso case, a wallet design is the way to go. You can carry cards, cash, and IDs without hauling an extra wallet. And options from Smartish, Procase, FYY, and i-Blason provide ample protection too. Ditch the wallet and go for an all-in-one case solution.

Clear Calypso Cases Showcase Your Phone’s Design

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Transparent cases are a nice choice if you want to show off the Calypso’s stylish design while still protecting it. Clear cases give you the best of both worlds:

Ringke’s Fusion Clear Case is my top transparent pick. It’s crystal clear to exhibit your Calypso’s color and ergonomic shape. Ringke uses durable polycarbonate and shock-absorbing corners to protect against drops. And it costs under $10, making it a useful bargain.

For a flexible transparent case, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Designed for Calypso is ideal. It combines a flexible TPU bumper with a crystal clear scratch-resistant backplate. The Calypso’s natural color shines through beautifully. And it supports wireless charging which is essential.

ESR’s Clear Case is another nice flexible option, made of soft and flexible TPU. The thin profile doesn’t add much bulk, and the transparency shows off your phone. It also works with wireless chargers which is clutch. At just $7, this is a great transparent pick on a budget.

NexiGo’s Clear Case rounds out my top transparent case picks. It uses anti-yellowing TPU that stays crystal clear over time. The thin 0.8mm design maintains a streamlined feel. And it costs only around $9 – perfect if you’re on a budget!

So in summary, transparent cases are perfect if you want to exhibit your Calypso’s sleek design while still protecting it. Companies like Ringke, Spigen, ESR, and NexiGo make excellent clear case options to show off your phone in style.

Clear Calypso Cases Showcase Your Phone’s Design

Folks, if you want to show off the Calypso’s stylish design while protecting it, transparent cases are the way to go. They provide protection without covering up your phone’s natural color and aesthetics.

Ringke’s Fusion Clear Case is my top transparent pick. It’s crystal clear to exhibit the Calypso’s sleek shape and colorway. The TPU bumper absorbs impacts while the durable polycarbonate back prevents scratches. And at under $10, it’s wallet-friendly.

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Designed for Calypso is another excellent transparent choice. It combines a flexible, shock-absorbent TPU bumper with a crystal clear scratch-resistant backplate. Your Calypso’s vibrant color shines through beautifully. It also supports wireless charging which is essential.

For a flexible transparent case, ESR’s Clear Case is a great affordable option. It uses soft and flexible TPU that resists discoloration over time. The thin profile doesn’t add much bulk either. At just $7, this is a fantastic budget-friendly transparent case.

NexiGo’s Clear Case is similar, using anti-yellowing TPU that maintains its transparency. The slim form factor feels great in hand. Precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports and buttons as well. And again, it’s very affordable at around $9.

In summary, transparent cases give you the best of both worlds – protection for your Calypso while showing off its sleek aesthetics. Brands like Ringke, Spigen, ESR, and NexiGo make excellent clear case options without breaking the bank. Flaunt your phone’s design with confidence.

Get a Pop of Color with Bold & Patterned Cases

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Beyond clear cases, you can also get colorful and patterned cases to customize your Calypso’s look. Here are some eye-catching options:

Caseology makes vibrant Parallax cases with cool 3D geometric patterns. The contrasting colors and textures grab your attention. And they remain slim and pocket-friendly.

Ringke Fusion cases feature transparent backs with colorful TPU bumper frames. Mix and match from 10+ vivid bumper colors like Purple, Blue, Black – tons of great combos!

Spigen Ultra Hybrid cases have a transparent back and bold bumper colors like Burgundy, Deep Sea Blue, and Rose Crystal. Show off your vibrant style.

Scooch cases have awesome artistic, retro, and photorealistic designs. Choose from pineapple patterns, abstract shapes, galaxy prints and more. Their cases turn your phone into a mini canvas!

So get creative and make your Calypso uniquely you. With cases from Caseology, Ringke, Spigen, and Scooch, you’ve got endless options to showcase your style.

Rugged, Heavy Duty Cases for Adventures

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Heading outdoors or live an active lifestyle? Rugged, heavy-duty cases will protect your Calypso on adventures.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro withstands drops up to 20 feet thanks to its multilayer design. It meets military drop test standards too. And it comes with a holster and kickstand – perfect for hiking trips.

Spigen’s Tough Armor case has a spiderweb pattern interior to disperse impact forces from drops. The rigid exterior and Air Cushion corners provide reinforced protection.

For maximum ruggedness, the Urban Armor Gear Monarch case is an excellent choice. It meets military drop tests, hasTopology is grippy, and a honeycomb design absorbs shock. Take your phone anywhere without worry.

So in summary, rugged cases like Supcase, Spigen Tough Armor, and UAG Monarch provide heavy duty protection for adventures and demanding lifestyles. Let your Calypso be your companion wherever the road takes you.

Get a Pop of Color with Bold & Patterned Cases

If you’re the proud new owner of an AT&T Calypso, you’ll want to protect your investment with a great phone case. But why stick with boring old black when you can add a pop of color and personality? Bold, bright, and patterned phone cases are a great way to customize your Calypso and reflect your personal style.

One of the top phone case brands, Otterbox, offers a wide selection of colorful and fun options for the Calypso. The Otterbox Symmetry Series case comes in colors like seafoam green, rich lavender, and bold coral reef. It has a slim profile so it won’t bulk up your phone, but still offers trusted Otterbox protection. Or check out the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series, a collaboration with the iconic frozen treat brand. The colorful repeating popsicle pattern is eyecatching and unique.

Kate Spade is another brand known for its whimsical, bright patterns and aesthetic. The Kate Spade New York Hollyhock hardshell case has a transparent back to show off your Calypso’s color, with vibrant watercolor-like flowers wrapping around the edges. It’s slim, protective, and totally on-brand for Kate Spade fans. The scalloped Metro Route case is also a fun take on classic Kate Spade polka dots.

For a bold graphic look, Casetify offers tons of eye-catching options like tropical leaves, artistic florals, and abstract geometrics. They have collaborated with big brands like Coca-Cola, the NBA, and Disney for officially licensed cases too. Or design your own Casetify case with text, photos, and artwork to create a truly one-of-a-kind case.

If you want something more understated but still colorful, Speck offers transparent cases that come in a rainbow of colors. The Presidio Perfect-Clear case has a beveled rear edge for a comfortable grip and 13-foot drop protection. You can choose from shades like cobalt blue, grape purple, mars red, and more. Pair it with a colorful phone strap for even more customizable style.

For a luxe look, check out cases from Coach and kate spade new york. Their signature leather cases come in rich hues like burgundy, deep green, and blush pink, with polished custom hardware. The pebbled or crossgrain leather develops a beautiful patina over time for a unique case that fits right in with your other designer accessories.

Fun Prints & Patterns

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Another way to add personality to your Calypso is by choosing a phone case with a cool print or pattern. From florals and geometrics to artsy graphics and custom collages, the options are endless for making your case uniquely you.

Vera Bradley is known for their colorful patterns and signature quilted cotton fabric. Their printed phone cases are scratch- and stain-resistant with a clear polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing inner layer. Patterns range from their Signature Collection of eclectic florals to collaborations with Disney and Vera Bradley artists. There are solids and microfiber options too.

Wildflower makes eco-friendly cases crafted of biodegradable materials like liquid silicone and plant-based plastics. Their cases are covered in artistic original designs, from intricate patterns to indie graphics. Collaborations with Song of Style, PowerPuff Girls, and Hello Kitty mean there are options for any aesthetic. They also have a customizable Builder case where you can choose your own layout.

For collage-like custom cases, Casely has a huge selection of funky, artsy options. Their designs feature bold graphics, positive affirmations, and cool textures, often combining several visual elements like florals, photos, and patterns. Or design your own custom case by uploading photos to create a meaningful montage case.

Griffin has fun, whimsical patterned cases that offer great protection. The Survivor Strong case comes in prints like tropical foliage, artsy jellies, and neon geometrics. Or check out their accessories like cord organizers and lanyards featuring cacti, pineapples, rainbows, and more.

Luxury Leather

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Leather phone cases offer a sophisticated, upscale look and feel. As leather ages it develops a unique patina that only adds to its character. There are lots of brands making beautiful leather cases for the Calypso that will protect your phone in style.

Pad & Quill make book-style leather cases crafted from high-quality American full-grain leather. Options like the LeatherSafe Pocket Book case have slots for credit cards and cash, while the Bella Fino Wallet case has a flap closure and full wallet interior. The leather gets better with age, developing its own character as you use it.

For a minimalist leather case, consider Nomad. Their Modern Leather Case features Horween leather wrapped around a shock-absorbing polycarbonate core. It’s slim but protective, only adding about 2mm thickness to the phone. The leather looks beautiful out of the box and develops a rich patina over time.

Twelve South has bridged the gap between leather and luxe with their leather-wrapped Relaxed Leather cases. These full-grain leather cases are designed to develop a relaxer, worn-in look right away. The distressed leather finish and muted colors give it a vintage vibe. The case is slim yet protective and won’t add bulk.

For a bold pop of color, Casetify’s leather cases pack a punch. Their Custom Leather Case can be designed with text, photos, and bold backgrounds in colors like scarlet red, lime green, and purple. Or customize a shimmery holographic leather case for a truly unique look.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize your new leather case with a wrist strap or lanyard. Brands like Vera Bradley, Nomad, and Pad & Quill offer matching straps to complement your new case and keep your phone secure.

With so many brands, styles, colors and patterns available, you’re sure to find the perfect case to show off your personal flair. A fun phone case also makes a great gift for Calypso owners. So go bold and make your new AT&T Calypso uniquely you with a stylish, colorful phone case you’ll love!

Rugged, Heavy Duty Cases for Adventures with Your Calypso

If your Calypso goes everywhere you do, from hiking trails to lakeside adventures, you’ll want to outfit it with a tough, rugged case that can withstand the elements. Heavy duty phone cases are made to protect your device through all your active endeavors, with features like waterproofing, drop protection, and dust resistance.

When it comes to rugged protection, Otterbox is the brand to know. The Defender Series case lives up to its name with triple layer protection and port covers to keep out dust and debris. It also includes a holster that doubles as a belt clip. For water sports, check out the Otterbox Drybox, a fully waterproof case that keeps your Calypso dry even when fully submerged.

Lifeproof cases are also known for their rugged builds. The Lifeproof FRĒ case is slim yet able to withstand drops, dirt, snow and water, with an IP68 rating for submersion up to 2 meters for 1 hour. There are also cool designs like the Lifeproof NEXT with genuine oak wood paneling for a rustic look.

Speck makes the Presidio2 Grip case which combines rugged protection with a no-slip grip. Its armor shell and raised rubber ridges make it easy to hang onto and the Microban antimicrobial coating keeps germs at bay. For wet adventures, the Presidio2 Pro Folio is waterproof and has a closure over the charging port.

For hardcore adventures, the Ghostek Covert 3 waterproof bag takes protection to the extreme. At IP68, it keeps your phone safe when submerged up to 15 feet underwater. Touch sensitivity lets you use the screen and camera while sealed inside. It comes with an adjustable armband as well.

Extreme Drop Protection

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Beyond water and dust protection, you’ll also want a case that can handle accidental drops and falls while you’re adventuring. Look for cases that advertise military-grade or extreme drop protection when you need maximum shock absorption.

With its air-cushioned corners, the Otterbox Defender Series case handles drops from up to 10 feet. The multi-layer case disperses impact energy for maximum protection.

For a minimalist rugged case, the Lifeproof FRĒ offers 6.6 foot drop protection thanks to its shock-absorbing inner layer. The slim profile makes it great for outdoor adventures where bulk is a concern.

Spigen’s Tough Armor case offers rugged shock absorption thanks to its spider-web patterned interior and air cushions at the corners. The textured sides enhance grip and it comes with a kickstand for hands-free landscape viewing.

Urban Armor Gear cases are famous for meeting military drop test standards. The Monarch Series boasts a five-layer design and top-grain leather backplate to handle drops from up to 12 feet. A honeycomb traction grip helps prevent drops before they happen.

For extreme adventures, Unicorn Beetle Pro cases from Supcase let your Calypso survive drops from 20 feet! Their five layer protection includes an integrated screen protector, built-in kickstand, and port covers.

Rugged Materials

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

Beyond having a rugged build, the best cases for outdoor adventures are made of durable materials that can withstand the elements. Some materials to look for include:

  • Silicone – Flexible and shock-absorbing with good grip.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – Tough yet flexible with cushioned corners.
  • Polycarbonate – Hard plastic exterior that protects against impacts.
  • Aluminum – Slim metal cases are both protective and stylish.
  • Leather – Develops a patina and offers classic style.

Otterbox designs cases to be rugged from the outside in. Their Commuter case combines dual-layer silicone and polycarbonate for serious protection. Or the Strada case features rich leather along with a polycarbonate inner slipcover.

For a slim rugged case, Poetic builds the Guardian case with both TPU and polycarbonate materials. It meets military drop test standards and comes in multiple color combinations.

Ghostek cases like the Atomic 3 feature a tough aluminum exterior with shock absorbing inner core and textured grip sides. Aluminum cases secure around the edges of the phone for full protection.

With the right rugged, heavy duty case from brands like Otterbox, Spigen, Lifeproof and more, your Calypso is ready for any adventure! Don’t let worrying about damage stop you from making memories. A durable case gives you freedom to go out and explore without compromise.

Waterproof Calypso Cases for Worry-Free Use

If your phone seems to attract splashes, spills, and dunks, a waterproof case is essential. With a waterproof case, you can use your AT&T Calypso worry-free around water, whether that’s by the pool, at the beach, on a boat, or in a sudden rainstorm.

Lifeproof cases are designed to be completely waterproof while maintaining a slim profile. The Lifeproof FRĒ case is slim enough to keep in your pocket but seals your phone against water immersion, dust, snow, and drops. It carries an IP68 rating meaning it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water for 1 hour.

Otterbox is the other heavyweight when it comes to waterproof cases. The Otterbox Defender Series Pro case seals all the ports and gaps on your Calypso to protect against water. Or for full waterproofing, check out the Otterbox Drybox which turns your phone into an underwater camera for capturing all your aquatic adventures.

If you need to actually use your touchscreen underwater, the Ghostek Atomic 3 sports a built-in screen protector that supports full touch sensitivity under water. The aluminum edges lock securely while the silicone plug seals ports from water ingress.

Catalyst makes several waterproof case options like the Catalyst Influence Series with its soft rubber exterior that provides an excellent grip. The Lite version has a see-through back for showing off your phone while still offering water protection.

IP Ratings

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

A key thing to look for when shopping waterproof cases is the IP rating, which tells you just how water-resistant the case is. The higher the number, the better it protects against both water and dust.

The IP68 rating on the Lifeproof FRĒ case means it can handle immersion in up to 2 meters of water for 1 hour without leakage. IP67 cases like the Hitcase Shield Link can be immersed around 1 meter for 30 minutes.

With an IP69K rating, the Ghostek Nautical 3 can withstand high pressure and temperature jets of water. Otterbox Drybox cases are also IP69K as they’re designed for underwater use.

Any case with IP54 and above is considered splashproof, meaning it can withstand rain, sprays, and light splashes without issues. But for full water protection, look for IP67 and above.

Pool, Beach & Boating

For poolside protection, a water-resistant case gives you peace of mind if your phone gets splashed or even dunked. Brands like JOTO and iThrough offer affordable waterproof pouches to keep your phone protected while swimming.

The Ghostek Nautical 3 has a lanyard to keep your Calypso secure for worry-free tanning, swimming, or boating adventures. Its IP68 rating means you don’t have to panic if it falls into the pool or lake!

Catalyst cases are designed with water sports in mind. The Influence case has a no-slip grip that’s easy to hang onto in wet conditions. The sound chambers allow clear audio transmission even when wet.

For ocean fun, Lifeproof’s Wake case withstands all your water activities. It has a toggle lanyard to securely attach your phone to your life jacket or swimsuit when jumping waves.

Full Submersion

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

For underwater photography or filming expeditions where your Calypso may be fully submerged, you need the ultimate protection. Otterbox Drybox cases allow full use of your touchscreen and camera while submerged down to 33 feet underwater. They keep your phone dry in up to 30 minutes of continuous submersion.

Ghostek’s waterproof bags also enable underwater phone use. The Monster 3.0 bag allows you to capture photos and video down to depths of 100 feet. The transparent vinyl window supports full touchscreen functionality.

Catalyst cases like the Influence Circular and Shockproof let you fully submerge your phone down to 10 meters. Their design protects all ports and openings from water while keeping a streamlined profile.

So whether you’re poolside, at the beach, or deep sea diving, there’s a Calypso waterproof case to let you use your phone without worry. With water damage being a top cause of smartphone failure, a waterproof case is worth the investment for peace of mind during all your aquatic adventures with the AT&T Calypso.

Affordable Phone Case Options for Every Budget

Protecting your new AT&T Calypso doesn’t have to break the bank. There are lots of wallet-friendly case options that offer protection without premium price tags. With some smart shopping, you can find a quality Calypso case for under $20 or even $10 in some cases.

Spigen offers feature-packed cases at reasonable prices. The Flex Armor case combines a TPU core with polycarbonate exterior for under $15. It has Air Cushion corners for shock absorption and a flexible lining to prevent scratches. The Rugged Armor case offers a carbon fiber design and flexible TPU protection.

Supcase makes very affordable cases that still offer rugged protection. The Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a built-in screen protector, port covers, and kickstand starting around $13. It exceeds military drop test standards for drops up to 20 feet! For a clear option, the Supcase UB Pro guards your Calypso starting at just $10.

Poetic continually revamps its lineup of budget-friendly cases. The Revolution case combines polycarbonate and TPU materials for solid protection under $10. Or spend a little more for the Poetic Guardian case with a built-in screen protector starting around $12.

Slim, Clear Cases

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

For a barely-there look, slim clear cases are an affordable way to show off your Calypso. Brands like Spigen, Ringke, and iBlason offer durable polycarbonate cases to guard against scratches without adding bulk.

Ringke Fusion cases feature crystal clear polycarbonate with TPU bumpers for easy installation. The Active Sport version includes an armband for working out. Pricing starts around $10.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid cases combine a TPU bumper with crystal clear polycarbonate back for under $15. Built-in Air Cushion technology protects against impacts while showing off your phone.

iBlason makes several affordable clear case options like the Ares and the Halo. Both feature built-in kickstands and come in frosted or transparent styles for less than $20.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases add storage for cards and cash in a protective folio design. Brands like Spigen and FYY offer wallet cases for the Calypso without the premium prices.

Spigen Slim Armor CS cases have a hidden card slot that can hold up to 2 cards. The slim design folds over the front and features a magnetic closure for around $20.

FYY wallet cases feature four card slots plus a cash pocket within the folio cover. The TPU frame snaps your Calypso securely in place. Prices start at just $13 for this functional case.

ProCase makes leather wallet cases that look luxe for less. The folio flip cover contains slots for 3 cards plus cash. Your Calypso locks into the shockproof TPU sleeve while magnetic closure keeps the case securely shut.

Fun Prints & Patterns

Best Phone Cases for the AT&T Calypso: 9 Must-Have Accessories to Protect Your Device

You can show off your personal style without spending a lot by choosing a patterned case. Cute prints and fun designs are abundant in the budget-friendly case market.

Case-Mate cases offer eye-catching prints like marbleized hues, artistic florals and textured metallics for around $25-40. The Tough Print case matches stylish looks with 10ft drop protection.

Skinit cases let you design a fully customized photo case for as low as $35. Upload your own pics to create a one-of-a-kind case that shows off what you love.

Redbubble has a huge selection of artist-designed cases in all kinds of prints and patterns, many under $30. Browse through thousands of unique options to find your perfect style.

So while premium case brands still offer stellar protection, you can find great quality at more affordable pricing if you’re on a budget. Protect your valuable investment without breaking the bank.