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Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Choose LED Bulbs for Long Life and Brightness

If you own a 2024 Ram 3500 pickup truck, you may have noticed that the stock halogen headlights leave something to be desired. Halogen bulbs put out a yellowish light that can make it difficult to see down dark roads. Fortunately, there are several LED headlight upgrades available that can dramatically improve visibility and style.

LED headlight bulbs are superior to old-fashioned halogens in a few key ways. First, LEDs produce a bright, clean white light that lets you see farther and more clearly at night. The light is closer to natural daylight, so your eyes don’t have to work as hard. Second, LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan – up to 50,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for halogens. That means you may never have to replace them over the life of your Ram 3500. Finally, LEDs consume far less power. They run cooler and more efficiently than halogens.

Here are 10 great LED headlight upgrades for the 2024 Ram 3500:

1. OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

For a complete headlight replacement, check out the Fluxbeam kit from OPT7. It comes with two LED bulbs, two ballasts, and anti-flicker wiring harnesses. The bulbs put out a stunning 3000 lumens each at 6500K. Installation takes about 20 minutes per headlight. These will make a huge difference over your stock halogens.

2. Auxbeam 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

If you just want to replace the bulbs, look no further than these 9005 LEDs from Auxbeam. They are an easy plug and play upgrade – no need for external drivers or wiring. Each bulb has dual CREE chips that produce 6000 lumens per pair. The light color is a bright white 6000K. With a 50,000 hour lifespan, these bulbs will likely outlast your truck.

3. Sealight 9005/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs

Another high performing LED bulb option is this 9005 set from Sealight. Like the Auxbeam set, these are plug and play with built-in drivers. No modifications needed. The Sealight bulbs have a high color temperature of 6000K and a massive lumen output of 14,000 per pair. That’s some serious illumination! With aircraft-grade aluminum housings, these bulbs can take some abuse.

4. LASFIT 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

LASFIT makes one of the most popular LED upgrades for the Ram 3500. Their 9005 LED bulbs feature huge heat sinks and cooling fans for optimal heat dissipation and longevity. A zhaga compliant base means these bulbs fit properly without issues. Each bulb puts out 6000 lumens for a combined 12,000 per set. The light temperature is a bright, eye-opening 6500K.

5. BEAMTECH LED Headlight Bulbs

BEAMTECH is another leading brand in the LED headlight game. Their 9005 replacement bulbs include aviation grade aluminum housings, advanced chipsets, and efficient TIR lenses. The light output is an incredible 8000 lumens per bulb, or 16,000 combined. With a IP67 waterproof rating, these bulbs can withstand the elements. The bulbs have built-in anti-flicker capacitors as well.

6. HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs

HIKARI makes a fantastic LED bulb upgrade for the Ram 3500. Their bulbs have high performance CREE LED chips paired with aluminum housings for optimal cooling. Each 9005 bulb produces 6000 lumens. The light color is 6000K for bright white light similar to daylight. Installation only takes 10 minutes – no extra parts or modifications required.

7. Kensun New Technology LED Headlight Bulbs

Kensun is well known for their LED upgrades across many vehicle makes and models. For the Ram 3500, their 9005 New Technology bulbs are an excellent choice. The bulbs have dual COB chips that produce 8000 lumens each at 6500K color temp. An IP65 rating means the bulbs are totally dust and water proof. The bulbs are plug and play with built-in anti-flicker capacitors.

8. SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Bulbs

Here’s another quality plug and play LED bulb set from SNGL. The bulbs output 8000 lumens each for a whopping 16,000 combined. Expect farther and brighter lighting down the road. An intelligent cooling system keeps temperatures in check. The bulbs have 6000K color and fit 9005 headlight housings. Installation only takes 10-15 minutes.

9. LUYED 9005 LED Bulb Set

LUYED makes one of the cheapest LED conversions for the Ram 3500. But don’t let the price fool you – these are still quality bulbs. They are easy to install with no external parts needed. Each bulb outputs 8000 lumens with a 6000K bright white light. A wide 240 degree beam pattern helps increase visibility. These are great bang for your buck.

10. Aukee 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Rounding out our list are these LED bulbs from Aukee. The bulbs are crafted from aviation grade aluminum for optimal cooling. Wide beam angles deliver increased visibility down the road. Each bulb produces 6000 lumens at a 6000K light color. Built-in drivers mean no external parts to wire. Just plug and play for drastically improved night vision.

Upgrading to LED headlight bulbs is one of the best modifications you can make to a 2024 Ram 3500. The options we covered provide brighter, cleaner light compared to old halogen bulbs. Just a quick bulb swap yields night and day differences. Drive safer and see better at night!

Look for Projector Beam Patterns for Better Light Spread

The stock halogen headlights in the 2024 Ram 3500 leave a lot to be desired. The dim, yellowish hue doesn’t provide great visibility at night. Upgrading to LED headlight bulbs can make a world of difference. But for truly optimal lighting, consider projector beam headlights.

Projector headlights use lens and reflector technology to produce a brighter, farther reaching light pattern. Instead of a simple reflector housing like standard halogen headlights, projectors utilize a projector module. This creates a more focused beam with a sharp cutoff to avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

Here are the top 10 projector beam headlight upgrades for your 2024 Ram 3500:

1. Morimoto XB LED Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

For a premium upgrade, check out these XB LED headlights from Morimoto. They feature dual projectors for both low and high beams. The light output is an incredible 8000 lumens per bulb. That’s far brighter than stock halogens. The housings are machined from billet aluminum for optimal cooling. Expect a cleaner, brighter pattern.

2. Spyder Auto Dodge Ram LED Projector Headlights

Spyder Auto makes a great set of LED projector headlights designed specifically for the Ram 3500. These feature integrated LED halos and LED turn signals for a modern look. The projector low beam modules produce 6000K white light for enhanced visibility. The bulbs have 800 lumens output each.

3. LX-Light DOT Approved LED Headlights

For a cheaper projector option, LX-Light has you covered. Their DOT approved headlights have both high and low beam projectors. Each bulb outputs 1200 lumens at 6000K color temperature. They are an easy plug and play upgrade over stock halogen units. Expect bright, focused lighting.

4. Sunpie LED Projector Headlights

Sunpie specializes in making affordable aftermarket lighting. Their LED projectors for the Ram 3500 provide much better visibility than stock. Each bulb produces 1200 lumens of 6000K crisp white light. The projectors have a clean cutoff and wide beam pattern. LED halo rings add style.

5. K-Metal Chrome LED Projector Headlights

K-Metal offers a nice looking set of chrome housing projectors. The bulbs are LED with 800 lumens per low beam. High beams are halogen. Focused projector lenses help throw light farther down the road. Plug and play installation takes less than an hour.

6. Xprite Projector Headlights

Here is an inexpensive projector choice from Xprite. While not as bright as premium options, these still offer better visibility over halogens. The bulbs output 800 lumens each. Expect a focused low beam pattern without glare or dark spots.

7. SKTYANTS LED Projector Headlights

This set from SKTYANTS converts your stock headlights to crisp white LED projectors. Each low beam outputs 800 lumens with integrated LED halo rings. The bulbs have 6000K color temperature for daylight-like illumination. Easy installation with no wiring mods needed.

8. NINEO Gen 5 LED Headlight Assembly

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

NINEO Gen 5 headlights feature quad projectors for optimized performance. The low beams produce 10,000 lumens each! High beams are 5000 lumens. Expect industry leading output and beam distance. These boast an aircraft grade aluminum housing.

9. OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlights

OPT7 makes one of the top LED projection retrofit kits. It comes with CREE LED bulbs, ballasts, and wiring. The projector beams output 3000 lumens each at 6500K. Much farther visibility over your stock setup. Installs in around 20 minutes.

10. Carfidant T01 LED Headlights

Lastly we have the T01 LED projectors from Carfidant. These bulbs put out 1200 lumens each at a crisp 6000K color temp. The focused hotspot pattern won’t blind other drivers. Plug and play installation takes under 30 minutes.

Projector beam headlights represent the ultimate upgrade for your 2024 Ram 3500. Models with dual projector modules provide the best performance. Look for ones with at least 800 lumens output. For optimal visibility, LED projectors are the way to go. Drive safer at night!

Consider HID Kits for Maximum Brightness

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

The stock halogen headlights on the 2024 Ram 3500 just don’t cut it for serious night time driving. Upgrading to HID headlight kits can make a huge difference in visibility and style.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights produce significantly more light output compared to standard halogens. They work by sending an electrical charge through xenon gas to create an arc of light. The color temperature is around 4300K – closer to daylight than the yellow halogens.

Installing HID headlight kits in your Ram 3500 has several benefits:

Brighter Light Output

HID kits allow your headlights to produce up to 3000 lumens per bulb. That’s around 3 times more than typical halogens. You’ll be able to see farther and more clearly at night.

Focused Beams

Quality HID kits include projector beam housings rather than simple reflectors. This creates a sharper cutoff and focused beam pattern without blinding glare.

Cooler Color Temperature

The color temp of HID lights is 4300K, giving off a bright white light instead of yellow. This more closely matches natural daylight for reduced eye strain.

Long Lifespan

HID bulbs can last up to 5 times longer than halogens, giving you years of reliable nighttime visibility. Less bulb replacements needed.

Plug and Play Installs

Most HID kits these days come with external ballasts that allow for quick plug and play installs. No need for complicated wiring jobs.

When shopping for HID headlight upgrades, look for the following:

  • 35W power – gives around 3000 lumens output
  • 4300K color temperature
  • Projector type beam pattern
  • DOT Approved/Compliant kits
  • Waterproof construction

Here are 10 top rated HID kits for the Ram 3500:

1. Kensun HID Headlight Conversion Kit

Kensun makes one of the most popular HID kits. It comes with two 35W slim ballasts and two 4300K bulbs. The projector beam housings create focused, glare-free light. Plugs directly into factory sockets.

2. Innovited AC 35W Ballast HID Kit

This quality HID kit from Innovited includes AC CanBUS ballasts for reduced radio interference. The bulbs output 3000 lumens each. Adjustable beam housings allow perfect alignment.

3. OPT7 Bolt-On Arc-Beam HID Kit

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

OPT7’s HID kit features arc-beam projectors for a tight, usable beam pattern. The ballasts are epoxy filled for waterproofing. Bulbs produce 3000 lumens of bright white light.

4. XENTEC 55W HID kit

For maximum output, check out this 55W HID kit from XENTEC. It boosts lumens up to 5000 per bulb! Kit includes two sleek slim ballasts and DOT approved housings.

5. SDX HID-V3 Headlight Kit

The SDX HID-V3 kit is an affordable option to convert your stock headlights. It includes plug and play ballasts along with adjustable beam housings. Solid bang for your buck.

6. Lumenon LM2 Series HID Kit

Lumenon’s LM2 HID kit produces a whopping 6000K color temperature for bright white light. The 35W ballasts won’t interfere with electronics. Fits right into factory housing.

7. Cyclops 9005/HB3 HID Kit

Cyclops makes a 9005 spec HID kit specially designed for the Ram 3500. The slim ballasts install quickly with a plug and play setup. Bulbs output 3000 lumens each.

8. Innovited Pro-V HID Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

This complete headlight assembly from Innovited includes integrated projector HID beams. The bulbs produce 3000 lumens each. Wiring is simplified with CanBUS ballasts.

9. OPT7 Bolt-On Arc-Beam LED Headlights

For the convenience of LEDs with the performance of HIDs, OPT7 combines both technologies. The kit includes CREE LED bulbs, HID projectors, and ballasts. Seriously bright!

10. Kensun Xenon LED Hybrid Headlights

Here’s another LED + HID hybrid option from Kensun. LED halos combine with HID projector low beams. Expect maximum output and beam distance for your Ram 3500.

HID conversion kits represent the brightest headlight upgrade option. Just be sure to check regulations in your state. Going from halogen to HID can make a huge difference in night visibility!

Add Auxiliary Lights for Driving and Off-Road Use

While upgrading your Ram 3500’s stock headlights can help, auxiliary lighting provides the maximum illumination for night driving and off-road adventures. Auxiliary lights supplement your headlights with extra brightness.

There are several options when it comes to auxiliary lighting:

LED Light Bars

LED light bars mount above your grille or on your bull bar to blast powerful light down the trail. Quality light bars are waterproof and put out up to 50,000 lumens!

LED Pod Lights

For a more compact option, LED pod lights can mount to bumpers, A-pillars, or light bars. Pods range from 4” to 8” in diameter and come in spot or flood beam patterns.

Cube Lights

Cube lights are compact LED aux lights that mount virtually anywhere. They typically come in sets of 4 and emit a wide flood pattern.

Ditch Lights

As the name implies, ditch lights mount along the side of the truck to increase side visibility. They help illuminate the road and terrain beside you.

Grille Lights

Grille lights install into your grille or brush guard to add style and extra brightness. Options range from round to LED light bars.

When installing auxiliary lights on your Ram 3500, follow these guidelines:

  • Use quality brand name lighting like KC HiLiTES or Rigid Industries
  • Consider a flood beam pattern for close range illumination
  • Aim them to supplement, not blind or override your headlights
  • Use a separate switch so you can turn them off when not needed
  • Make sure wiring is protected and properly fused

Here are 10 top auxiliary light options for your Ram 3500:

1. Nilight 52″ Curved LED Light Bar

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Nilight’s curved 52″ light bar pumps out a massive 60,000 lumens! It has flood and spot combo beam pattern for both close and distance lighting.

2. Squadron Pro 6″ LED Pod Lights

A set of 6″ LED pods like these from Squadron Pro make a great addition mounted to your bumper. Each oval pod emits 5200 lumens in a wide pattern.

3. Eyourlife 21″ Single Row LED Light Bar

For a smaller light bar, check out this 21″ single row option from Eyourlife. It still manages to produce 30,000 lumens of crisp white light.

4. Nilight 4″ 18W LED Cubes

This cube light set from Nilight can mount virtually anywhere on your truck. Each 4″ cube produces 1500 lumens in a flood beam.

5. Auxbeam 7″ LED Pod Lights

These 7″ LED pods from Auxbeam pump out 6000 lumens each in a smooth flood pattern. They work great mounted on the A-pillars.

6. Whelen C-Series Surface Mount Grille Light

Add style and brightness with this C-series grille light from Whelen. It’s available in chrome or black finish with 17 different flash patterns.

7. KC HiLiTES 151 Gravity Pro 6 LED Light Bar

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

KC HiLiTES makes superb auxiliary lighting like this compact 151 Gravity Pro. It’s made in the USA with flood optics and 6000 lumens output.

8. Xprite 5×7″ LED Rectangle Ditch Lights

Xprite’s rugged and affordable ditch light kit works great on the Ram 3500. The 5×7″ lights pump out 6000 lumens each in a wide beam pattern.

9. Rigid Industries RDS Series Dually LED Light Bar

Rigid Industries makes top tier auxiliary lighting like the RDS. This LED light bar is purpose built for dually trucks with optimized optics.

10. KC HiLiTES 6″ Apollo Pro LED Lights

For a premium pod light choice, check out these Apollo 6″ pros from KC. Each one produces 3000 lumens of high quality light with Commander control.

Adding quality auxiliary lighting takes your Ram 3500’s illumination to the next level. Just be sure to install and use them properly for maximum benefit.

Swap the Housing for Complete Headlight Assembly Upgrade

While LED bulbs and projector retrofits can help, sometimes you need to swap the entire headlight housing for the ultimate upgrade. Complete headlight assemblies integrate modern lighting technology into quality housings and optics.

Here are some benefits of full headlight assembly upgrades:

Optimized Performance

New headlight assemblies are designed from the ground up for maximum output. The housing, optics, bulbs, and electronics all work seamlessly together.

Plug and Play Install

Headlight assemblies are designed for your exact make and model. They plug right into the factory wiring harness for easy installation.

Sleek Styling

Aftermarket assemblies feature eye-catching LED accent rings, projector lenses, and stylish blacked out or chrome housings.

DOT Compliant

Reputable brands ensure their headlights meet DOT regulations so they are road legal.

When shopping for full headlight assemblies, look for:

  • Projector low beams
  • LED or HID bulbs
  • 1200+ lumens output
  • 6000-6500K color temperature
  • Waterproof and dust proof rating

Here are 10 great complete headlight upgrades for the 2024 Ram 3500:

1. CL Customs Black Edition Projector Headlights

These slick projectors from CL Customs feature a blacked out housing with halo accent rings. The LED low beams produce 1200 lumens each.

2. Spec-D Tuning Projector Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Spec-D Tuning is known for their stylish headlight assemblies like these. They have integrated LED halos with projector high and low beams.

3. Spyder Auto Altezza Euro Tail Lights

In addition to headlights, check out these Altezza style euro tails from Spyder Auto. They give your Ram an instant facelift out back.

4.Oracle Lighting LED Headlight Assembly

Oracle Lighting produces this dual projector LED headlight assembly. Low beams output 8000 lumens each! Plug and play into factory harness.

5. Lumenon T3 Series LED Headlights

Here’s an affordable LED headlight set from Lumenon. Each projector low beam pumps out 1200 lumens at 6000K. Includes anti-flicker resistors.

6. Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 LED Headlights

On the premium end, Morimoto 2Stroke headlights feature billet aluminum housings, quad projectors, and halo rings. Seriously bright!

7. K-Metal Pontiac G6 Projector Headlights

For a unique look, check out these Pontiac G6 style projectors from K-Metal. They completely transform the front of your Ram 3500.

8. ANZO USA LED Headlight Assembly

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

ANZO makes this nice DOT compliant LED headlight kit. It includes low beam projectors and high power LED chips. Also has DRL strips.

9. Keystone Projector Headlights

Here’s an affordable option from Keystone. The projectors include H13 LED low beam bulbs and HIR2 halogen high beams.

10. XtremeVision Projector Headlights

Lastly we have these slick projectors from XtremeVision. They feature a black housing with IN-HP19 LED low beams. Crisp cutoff and great output.

Swapping the entire headlight assembly is the best way to thoroughly modernize the front lighting on your 2024 Ram 3500. Just be sure to verify DOT legality before purchasing.

Install Clear Lenses and Coatings to Reduce Glare

No matter how bright your headlight bulbs are, glare can be an issue. Foggy, oxidized, or yellowed headlight lenses scatter and diffuse the beam pattern. Upgrading to clear lenses and protective coatings helps reduce glare.

Yellowed and hazy headlight lenses are common, especially on older vehicles. Plastic lenses undergo oxidation and UV damage over time. This scatters the beam pattern and creates unsafe glare for other drivers.

Here are some ways to restore clarity and reduce glare from your Ram 3500’s headlights:

Lens Restoration Kits

DIY lens restoration kits use abrasives to polish out blemishes and oxidation. Multi-step kits start with sandpaper to smooth lenses, followed by polishing compounds to restore optical clarity. This is affordable but time consuming.

Clear Lens Replacements

For convenience, you can swap out old, worn lenses with brand new replacements. These are available from aftermarket suppliers and come with pre-installed bulbs in some cases. Just swap in the new housing.

Lens Sealants

Applying a UV-resistant sealant to lenses helps prevent future oxidation and yellowing. This maintains the clear factory look by blocking UV rays.

Protective Coatings

Spray-on lens coatings also help block UV damage while keeping water, ice, and grime from adhering to lenses. This further reduces glare and extends clarity.

When shopping for lenses, look for:

  • DOT approved replacement lenses
  • Silicone or polycarbonate construction
  • Seamless fitment with factory housings
  • Pre-installed bulbs on some models
  • UV protection ratings on coatings

Here are 10 top options for restoring clarity and reducing glare on your Ram 3500:

1. SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

The SYLVANIA restoration kit uses a three step process to polish out blemishes and oxidation from lenses.

2. SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 Headlight Assembly

SEALIGHT offers complete replacement headlight assemblies with new polycarbonate lenses. Just swap out the old housing.

3. Meguiar’s Headlight Protectant Coating

Meguiar’s protective spray coating blocks UV rays to prevent future yellowing and hazing. Helps maintain clarity.

4. OPT7 Headlight Coating Kit

This OPT7 kit includes a UV-resistant sealant and protective spray coating to extend lens clarity and life.

5. 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

Another quality DIY lens restoration choice is this 3 step kit from 3M. Includes films and compounds to polish out blemishes.

6. Turtle Wax Headlight Restore Kit

If you’re on a tight budget, Turtle Wax makes an inexpensive lens restoration kit. Includes wet sanding pads and polishing compound.

7. K Source Chrome Housing Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

K Source makes DOT approved replacement headlights with high clarity lenses and stylish chrome housings.

8. Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

Mothers NuLens kit removes scratches, oxidation, and yellowing from lenses to restore like new clarity.

9. White Dog Auto Premium UV Block Spray

This UV block spray from White Dog Auto helps prevent future fogging and yellowing of lenses.

10. Lucas Oil Headlight Coating

Lucas Oil makes a long lasting protective coating that blocks UV rays and repels water/grime. Helps maintain clarity.

Restoring and protecting your Ram 3500’s headlight lenses is crucial for maximum visibility. Regular upkeep helps lenses stay crystal clear for years.

Upgrade the Wiring for More Power and Reliability

When upgrading headlights on your 2024 Ram 3500, don’t overlook the wiring. Old, worn out wiring can bottleneck performance. Upgrading the wires provides power and reliability.

Stock headlight wiring is only designed to handle the power draw of basic halogen bulbs. When you install LED, HID, or other high performance bulbs, the added power drain can overload the thin factory wires.

Here are some benefits of upgrading your headlight wiring:

Prevents Flicker

Newer bulbs with integrated drivers are susceptible to voltage fluctuations that cause flickering. New wires provide steady, clean power.

Reduces Resistance

Thicker gauge wires have lower resistance to power flow. This enables your bulbs to receive full voltage for maximum output.

Handles Increased Loads

High quality wiring can easily handle up to 100W per bulb without overheating or melting.

Improves Reliability

Fresh wiring eliminates the possibility of shorts, corrosion, and opens down the line.

When upgrading your Ram 3500’s headlight wiring, look for:

  • 12-14 gauge wire size
  • SAE certified TXL wire
  • High temp EVA insulation
  • DOT rated cut off sealed relay harness

Here are 10 top options for upgrading your headlight wiring:

1. OPT7 Bolt-On LED Headlight Wiring Kit

OPT7’s wiring kit includes 14 gauge wires and waterproof relays that can handle 100W bulbs.

2. Yorkim LED Headlight Wiring Harness

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Yorkim’s harness features 12 gauge wire and ceramic connectors to deliver steady power to your bulbs.

3. Morimoto Headlight Wiring Kit

Morimoto’s kit features high strand count cable along with Posi-Tap connectors for easy installation.

4. Hikari Dual 12V Relay Wiring Harness

This relay harness from Hikari has specific plugs for H11, 9005, 9006, and other common bulbs.

5. Xentec LED Headlight Wiring Kit

Xentec’s kit includes two slim 40A relays that provide flicker-free power to your headlights.

6. Ksusan H13/9005 Wiring Harness

Ksusan makes an affordable sealed relay harness for low and high beam bulb types.

7. Lumenon Headlight Wiring Kit

Lumenon’s wiring kit features a smart chipset that adjusts voltage for optimal performance.

8. Evan Fischer OE Replacement Headlight Wiring

For a full OE style replacement harness, Evan Fischer is a great option with durable TXL wires.

9. OPT7 LED Headlight Resistor Kit

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

This resistor kit from OPT7 prevents LED hyper flash and errors with your truck’s computer.

10. QuickCar Dual Battery Headlight Relay

QuickCar’s weatherproof 40A relay allows tapping power from a secondary battery for lights.

Don’t overlook the wiring when upgrading your Ram 3500’s headlights. Quality wiring ensures reliability and unlocks the full potential of modern bulbs.

Add Smart Features Like Auto On/Off and Auto High Beam

Modern headlights are getting smarter. Upgrading to headlights with auto on/off and auto high beam functions provides convenience and safety for your 2024 Ram 3500.

Here’s an overview of smart automotive lighting features:

Automatic On/Off

Auto on/off headlights turn on and off automatically based on exterior light levels. This ensures your headlights are used when needed without having to manually switch them.

Automatic High Beams

Auto high beam function switches between high and low beams based on presence of other vehicles. This maximizes use of high beams while avoiding blinding oncoming traffic.

Adaptive Driving Beams

Adaptive beams adjust the pattern and distance of high beams in real time for optimal visibility without glare for other motorists.

Headlight Leveling

Leveling systems angle headlights based on vehicle load. This keeps beams aimed properly to avoid blinding or improperly illuminating the road.

When shopping for smart headlights, look for:

  • Light sensors to enable auto on/off functions
  • Front facing cameras and radar to enable auto high beam
  • Projector low beams for adaptive control
  • Motorized leveling that adjusts based on load

Here are 10 smart headlight options for the Ram 3500:

1. Fahren Auto-On/Off LED Headlights

These LED headlights from Fahren automatically turn on and off based on ambient light levels for convenience.

2. SEALIGHT With Auto High Beam Headlights

SEALIGHT’s headlights enable auto high beam functionality to maximize visibility at night when possible.

3. Philips Ultinon Pro6000 Auto On/Off Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Philips Ultinon Pro6000 feature an auto on/off function as well as a adjustable beam pattern when manually switching between high/low beams.

4. OPT7 Fluxbeam Matrix LED Headlights

OPT7 Fluxbeam Matrix LEDs provide matrix beam light shaping for glare free high beam performance using many individual segments.

5. JDM ASTAR Auto-Leveling LED Headlights

JDM ASTAR headlights self level vertically to maintain proper aim regardless of vehicle load in the bed or cabin.

6. Morimoto Smartbeam 2.0

Morimoto Smartbeam 2.0 enables adaptive driving beams and auto high beam functions for intelligent real-time adjustment.

7. JW Speaker Adaptive Headlights

JW Speaker uses cameras and motors to adapt the high beam pattern in real time for maximum visibility without glare for other drivers.

8. Innovited Auto High Beam Headlights

Innovited headlights enable automatic switching between high and low beams based on traffic conditions ahead.

9. Anzo Adaptive LED Headlights

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Anzo adaptive LED headlights shape the high beam pattern automatically to avoid blinding while optimizing visibility.

10. Spyder Auto Auto-Dimming Headlights

Spyder Auto headlights use a weighted dial system to self level and maintain proper aim as vehicle load changes.

Smart headlights provide added safety and convenience. Consider adding auto on/off, auto high beam, or adaptive functions when upgrading your Ram 3500.

Pick Headlights With Quality Brands for Durability

When upgrading the headlights on your 2024 Ram 3500, be sure to choose quality brand name components for durability. The headlight housing and bulbs take abuse from weather and road conditions.

Here are some top headlight brands known for quality and longevity:


Philips is one of the most trusted names in lighting. Their automotive grade headlight bulbs and assemblies offer great performance and longevity.


SEALIGHT produces reliable headlight components like bulbs, projectors, and assemblies. Their products offer good bang for your buck.


Cree LEDs are found in many automotive lighting brands. They manufacture high output LED chips proven to last.


PIAA has engineered innovative headlights for over 50 years. Their components are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting is another trusted source for durable headlight bulbs and assemblies. Their products are made to high standards.


Morimoto offers premium headlight components that excel in terms of performance as well as durable quality.


Koito manufacturers OEM quality lighting components that live up to the rigors of daily use.


Known for OE and aftermarket headlights, Hella products offer great durability and lifespans up to 5x longer than average.

When shopping for components, look for:

  • Water and dust proof rating
  • Integrated heat sinks and cooling fans
  • Impact and vibration resistant construction
  • High quality plastics, metals, and adhesives

Stick with trusted brands and your Ram 3500’s new headlights will provide miles and miles of reliable visibility. Quality components withstand the elements and hold up over the long haul.

Consult Reviews to Find the Best Value Headlight Upgrades

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

With so many headlight options for the 2024 Ram 3500, it can be tough to determine which provide the best value. Consulting customer reviews helps identify affordable upgrades that perform well.

Headlight upgrades span a wide range of prices. More expensive doesn’t always mean better performance though. Plenty of budget options provide excellent illumination if chosen wisely.

Here are some tips for finding great value headlight upgrades based on reviews:

Check Multiple Review Sites

Don’t rely on just one site. Read reviews on Amazon, forums, YouTube, and specialty automotive sites to get balanced feedback.

Note Long Term Reviews

See what reviewers say after using products for several months or years. This indicates true quality and durability.

Look for Common Praises

If multiple reviewers cite bright output, easy installs, or great fitment, it’s a good sign of a quality affordable product.

Watch Video Reviews

Video reviews allow you to see product performance and quality firsthand before purchasing.

Here are some value headlight upgrades with great customer feedback:

SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 Bulbs

Need Brighter Headlights in Your 2024 Ram 3500. Discover the Top 10 Headlight Upgrades

Reviewers praise the SEALIGHT 9005 LED bulbs for extremely bright 6000 lumen output and easy plug-and-play installs.

Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

Many note Auxbeam LED headlight bulbs produce light comparable to expensive projectors at a fraction of the cost.

Yorkim 9007 LED Headlight Kit

This affordable LED headlight kit from Yorkim scores points for robust construction, crisp beam pattern, and 6500K light color.

Lumenon LM2 Series LED Headlights

Hundreds of buyers say these Lumenon LED headlights made a huge difference in visibility over stock halogens at a budget-friendly price.

The right headlight upgrades really illuminate night driving in your Ram 3500. Check reviews to separate quality affordable options from the pack.