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Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Why Choose Extra Long 118 Inch Curtains?

If you’ve got those super tall windows or sliding glass doors that are begging for some coverage, it can be tough finding curtains long enough to do the job. I feel your pain – I’ve spent hours searching for curtains only to find everything is way too short! But never fear, the solution is here: 118 inch long curtains.

These extra long sheers are just what you need to finally cover those floor-to-ceiling windows or massive sliding doors. As soon as I discovered 118 inch curtains, it was a total game changer for my living room. The light filtering is amazing, and the length is juuuust right to get full coverage. Here’s why you should consider going super-sized with your next curtain purchase:

Let the Light In

One of the best things about long sheer curtains is that they allow so much natural sunlight into your space. Unlike blackout curtains that block everything out, 118 inch sheers softly filter the light. This creates a brighter, airier feel – without compromising your privacy.

I love opening my curtains in the morning and letting that beautiful golden early light shine into my living room. It makes such a difference in illuminating the space. With 118 inch curtains, you get that brightness from top to bottom.

Achieve the Perfect Floor-to-Ceiling Look

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

There’s nothing worse than curtains that are too short! You end up with an awkward gap between the curtain and the floor that ruins the look. 118 inch long curtains solve this problem by having the ideal length to reach all the way from your curtain rod down to the floor.

That clean, floor-to-ceiling line is so satisfying. It finishes the window nicely and looks intentional and polished. Gone are the days of bunching up your curtains or constantly re-hemming them – 118 inch sheers have got you covered.

Add Height and Draw the Eye Up

Hanging super long curtains can actually make your ceilings appear taller than they are! The long lines are slimming and give the illusion of extra height in your room.

This trick works especially well if you have low ceilings. Going long with your curtains counterbalances the low height. It draws the eye upwards and opens up the space visually. Pretty neat curtain magic if you ask me!

Suit Any Decor Style

From modern to traditional to bohemian and beyond, 118 inch curtains transition seamlessly into any home’s decor. Their neutral sheer material can be dressed up with colorful curtain ties or left simple and pared down.

I like that I can change up my living room’s style by swapping out my curtain accessories. Right now I’ve got some casual natural jute ties, but I could easily go for a more elegant look with satin ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

Long, sheer curtains are a decor staple that work in all kinds of homes. Their simplicity and versatility make them a perfect choice.

Soften Hard Surfaces and Features

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Do you have lots of hard surfaces and architectural features like tall ceilings, concrete walls or large windows? Softening the edges can make a space feel warmer and more inviting.

And guess what helps achieve that cozy factor? Long, billowy curtains! Hanging 118 inch sheers diffuses light, adds movement and conceals harsh angles or edges.

Next time you’re dealing with a hard space, don’t overlook the power of supersized curtains. Let them do their magic in softening things up.

Finding the Perfect 118 Inch Curtains

Alright, I’ve convinced you – it’s time to shop for some 118 inch stunners! Here are my top tips for finding long curtains that are just right:

Know Your Window Measurements

Before shopping, bust out the tape measure and figure out the exact width and height of the window/door you’re dressing. This ensures you get curtains long enough to suit your space.

Measure from the top of where you’ll hang the rod to the floor. Add at least an extra 6 inches so the panels puddle nicely. For width, measure across the entire span you want to cover.

Choose a Lightweight, Airy Material

Look for curtains made from lightweight cotton, linen, polyester or sheer voile. The lighter the fabric, the better they’ll hang and flow.

Stiff, heavy materials won’t look or function as nicely for long 118 inch curtains. Let them billow beautifully with a breezy, sheer fabric.

Get Curtains with Weights or Rigid Bottom Hem

To keep extra long curtains hanging neatly, look for ones with inner weights or a stiffened bottom hem. This helps weigh them down so they don’t fly all over the place!

I highly recommend the Ritzy Home Maison Sheer curtains. They have a triple stitched hem with drapery weights that keep them in place.

Skip the Valance

Valances can look cluttered and cut your curtains short visually. With 118 inch panels, usually a crisp rod is all you need up top to finish things off.

No need for an additional valance competing for attention. Keep it clean and simple.

Invest in Quality Rods with Adjustable Length

A sturdy rod is important for hanging heavy 118 inch curtains. Look for adjustable telescoping rods that can extend to your needed width.

Rods with decorative finials can help accentuate the height and make your long curtains shine. Don’t skimp on the hardware!

Stylish Examples of 118 Inch Curtains

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

If you’re still doubting whether jumbo-sized curtains can look chic, check out these gorgeous real-world examples:

Breezy White Linen Panels

All-white always looks so fresh, especially when done in lightweight linen. These 118 inch curtains keep the space light and airy.

Patterned Sheers for Texture

Pretty lace and embroidered details give these long sheers personality. The pattern provides texture without sacrificing airiness.

Bold and Colorful

Why stick with plain curtains when you can make a vibrant statement? These tangerine sheers brighten up the room beautifully.

Crisp Blackout Curtains

For bedrooms, blackout curtains are a must. Crisp pleats and clean lines give these 118 inch panels an elegant look.

Dressed Up with Ties

Fancy curtain ties add elegance instantaneously. Turn basic sheers into something special by cinching them at the waist.

See, long curtains can totally work in any style space! Don’t be afraid to have fun with colors, patterns and textures.

Hanging 118 Inch Curtains Like a Pro

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Once you’ve picked out your dream curtains, it’s time to hang them. Here are my top tips for installing your new 118 inch beauties:

Mount Your Curtain Rod High Enough

To allow the panels to just brush the floor, mount your rod at least 4-6 inches above the window frame. Any lower and your curtains may be too short.

Err on the side of mounting it higher – you can always lower it later. But if it’s too low, you’re stuck with gaps at the bottom.

Use the Right Type of Mounting Hardware

Consider the weight of these big curtains and use heavy-duty hardware. I like using decorative finials with long screws anchored securely into wall studs.

For super wide windows, use telescoping rods with multiple ceiling mounts to disperse the weight. This prevents sagging in the middle.

Iron Your Panels Before Hanging

This removes any creases from being folded. Your curtains will hang much nicer if they start wrinkle-free.

Be sure to iron on a low setting appropriate for the fabric. Drape them over your rod after ironing for optimal flow.

Consider Adding Pull-Back Holdbacks

Especially if your curtains are placed near furniture, holdbacks keep them tidy when opened. Loop ribbons or tiebacks onto each bottom corner.

Pull the panels back and secure with the holdbacks to keep your curtains in place. This prevents them billowing onto your sofa/bed.

Layer Sheers with Blackout Liners

Get the best of both worlds with blackout curtain liners hung behind your pretty sheers. Close the liners when darkness/privacy is needed.

During the day, keep them open to let the light shine through the sheers. It’s like having two curtains options in one!

With the right curtains and a professional-looking installation, your tall windows will finally have the luxe treatment they deserve. Say bye to awkward short curtains and welcome the long and lovely 118 inch panels.

118 Inch Curtains Allow More Light In

One of the best parts about rockin’ those floor-sweeping 118 inch curtains is how beautifully they allow light to fill your space. Unlike some heavy drapes that completely black out a room, long sheer curtains gently filter in natural sunlight for an airy, bright ambiance.

I used to have standard 84 inch curtains that always left the bottom portion of my windows bare. Sunlight only reached the top half of the room – such a bummer! But once I installed my new 118 inch sheers, it was a total day-to-night difference. Literally!

Unobstructed Rays from Top to Bottom

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Now when the morning sun hits my windows, light positively floods into my living room. Since the panels reach all the way to the floor, those glorious unobstructed rays shine in from top to bottom. No more awkward halfway-lit zone!

In the evenings, the long lengths allow me to see the beautiful golden hour light filtering in before sunset. It casts a magical glow far into the room that standard size curtains just can’t achieve.

Sheer Perfection for Spotlighting

Got a pretty houseplant or piece of art you want to spotlight? Long sheer curtains are perfect for gently illuminating specific areas of your space.

During certain times of day, I position the panels to specifically light up my monstera plant in the corner. The sun beams through the diaphanous fabric, perfectly highlighting its leaves and making them glow. So cool!

Light Where You Need It

With full-length curtains, it’s easy to control which parts of your room get the most natural light. Simply slide the panels closed where you want shade, and leave them open where you want rays.

I close the lower halves in the evenings for privacy, which keeps my headboard area lit for reading. Then I open everything up in the mornings to energize my whole workspace. Tailoring the lighting is a cinch!

Curtain Color Impacts Light Filtering

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Sheer white or ivory panels give the most illumination since the light passes straight through. But colored sheers are also beautiful for casting a warm, magical tint.

My rose gold curtains imbue my space with a feminine, romantic vibe. Consider sheer colors that complement your existing palette for a cohesive feel.

Luminous Look from Exterior View

Don’t forget – your window decor looks just as beautiful from outside your home! When lit up at night, floor-length sheers create a luminous, welcoming look for passersby.

The soft glow emanating from the inside out adds great curb appeal. Much nicer than a dark, gaping hole or harshly lit blinds, don’t ya think?

Pair with Blackout Liners for Nighttime

Alright, so sheer curtains make for exquisite daytime light. But what about nighttime privacy? This is where blackout curtain liners come in handy!

Close the Liners, Keep Sheers Open

Install opaque blackout lining on a separate rod behind your 118 inch sheers. Close the liners when you want darkness or privacy at night or during naps.

Keep the beautiful sheers open to continue enjoying their flow and color. You get the best of both worlds!

Kid & Guest Rooms Benefit Most

This combo works great in bedrooms for kiddos or guest rooms. Close the blackout layer when needed for uninterrupted sleep, but let the light shine in through the sheers during playtime.

It prevents having to constantly open and close heavy drapes when privacy isn’t required. Smart trick for an easy transition!

Insulated Liners Keep Cold Out

Some blackout curtain liners feature insulation to keep warmth in during colder months. This adds an extra cozy factor for kitchens and bedrooms.

The long 118 inch liner length ensures full coverage to keep your space insulated top to bottom. Close them at night and say bye to chilly air sneaking in!

Noise-Reducing Properties

Along with blocking light, opaque liners also dampen outside noise. This is key for bedrooms in urban areas or on busy streets.

Close the sound-muffling liners at night for peaceful slumber, then open everything up to the fresh sounds of morning. Ahhhh.

Tips for Measuring 118 Inch Curtains

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Clearly, I’m obsessed with my new mega-long curtains. But ordering the perfect 118 inch length does require some precise measuring beforehand. Here are some handy tips:

Add 6+ Inches for Puddling

Measure from the top of your rod to the floor, then add at least 6 extra inches for that dreamy pooling effect. More inches = more billow!

Expect some minor pooling shrinkage over time. So give yourself extra length upfront to maintain the floor-grazing look.

Account for Sheerness Shrinking

Sheer fabrics tend to shrink up a bit from washing/dry cleaning over their lifetime. To prevent suddenly too-short sheers, add 2-3 extra inches to your initial measurement.

You can always hem them if needed, but you can’t lengthen curtains! Err on the longer side.

Consider Your Shoe Height

Will you primarily be barefoot or in slippers? Or wearing heels? Account for your varying shoe heights so curtains aren’t dragging on heels.

Add a couple extra inches if you’ll often be strutting around in tall shoes. Protect your curtains from snags.

Width Equals Rod Length Plus Gathering

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Measure across the entire window or sliding door span you want covered. Add extra width for curtain gathering so they hang nicely.

Panels that are too narrow won’t stack right. Make sure you have ample width for optimal flow.

It may take some tinkering to land on your perfect custom length and width. But once your supersized sheers are gracing your windows in their floor-length glory, you’ll be oh so glad you took the time to measure precisely.

Let the light shine in, friends! Embrace the illuminating power of 118 inch curtains.

Get a Brigher Room with 118″ Sheers

Want to brighten up a dark, dreary space? Just add 118 inch sheer curtains! Their floor-length lightweight fabric allows tons of natural light to filter into your room for an airy, radiant vibe.

I used to have standard length drapes that left the bottom half of my windows bare. It made my living room feel dark and kinda gloomy, even during the day. But once I installed floor-grazing sheers, it was like someone flipped a light switch – suddenly my place was basking in sunshine!

Uncover Hidden Windows

Got windows that have been blocked off or covered up? Free them with luxe 118 inch sheers! Unveiling natural light sources instantly brightens a space.

In my bedroom, previous owners had installed a clunky bookshelf in front of the window. Once I took it out and hung long curtains, it was like revealing a hidden gem – so much brighter.

Balance Warm & Cool Lighting

Mixing warm lamp and overhead lighting with cool daylight creates a balanced, inviting ambiance. Long sheers allow you to blend both.

I use lamps in the evening for a cozy feel, then open the 118 inch panels in the morning to get that rejuvenating dose of crisp, pure sunlight.

Brighten Dark Corners & Edges

Got areas in your home that never seem to get any light? Strategically place long sheers to direct illumination into those forgotten spots.

I positioned my living room curtains to spotlight a previously dim corner. Now it’s the brightest, cheeriest reading nook!

Sheer Curtains Maintain Privacy

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Unlike uncovered windows, sheers allow you to get light in while still maintaining privacy. This makes brightening up bedrooms and bathrooms easy.

I love letting that morning light into my master bathroom to energize me, but 118 inch sheers still keep it feeling secluded.

Brightens Any Gloomy Outdoor Views

Have a lackluster view of a brick wall or other eyesore outside your window? Filtering it through breezy sheers diffuses the unattractive sight.

Your outdoor views still get to shine through, but in a soft, appealing way. It’s like an Instagram filter for real life!

Daylight Warmth vs Nighttime Coziness

Alright, we’ve covered how 118 inch sheers make your space sunnier during the day. But what about at night? That’s where lined drapes come in for coziness.

Close Lined Drapes at Night

Install a separate rod with floor-length lined drapes behind your sheers. Close the opaque drapes in the evenings for privacy and warmth.

The rich, insulating fabric keeps heating bills down and creates a snuggly, hygge vibe. So cozy!

Keep Sheers Open for Moonlight

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Leave the beautiful sheers open at night to enjoy the moon’s glow. The lightweight panels won’t block ethereal lunar light from entering.

Mixing the moody evening ambiance with soft filtered moonbeams is so dreamy and romantic!

Auto-Timer Motors for Convenience

Automating your two layers of curtains is brilliant! Set timers so sheers open automatically at sunrise to greet the day with light.

Then have blackout drapes close at sunset for instant coziness. Total game changer!

Sound-Muffling Drapes

Lined drapes absorb outside noise for peaceful slumber. Say bye to noisy streets or loud neighbors disrupting your sleep.

Close the sound-dampening drapes at night, then fling them open in the mornings to hear birds sweetly chirping.

Insulated Linings Trap Heat

Drapes lined with insulating material keep your home blissfully warm in winter. This saves big on heating bills!

Frigid air gets trapped between the glass and the lined curtains, so your room stays comfortably toasty.

Mastering the Light & Dark Decor Balance

When setting up your curtains, play with opening and closing them at different times of day to find that perfect balance between light and dark.

Nighttime Light Pollution

Make sure ambient lighting isn’t bleeding through your blackout drapes to disrupt sleep. Completely dark rooms are best for deep rest.

Consider a sleep mask if you need to block out every last glow. Create a batcave void of light pollution.

Daytime Darkness Dampening

Inversely, avoid making rooms too dark and dreary during daylight hours. People crave sunshine for mental health.

Use sheers to filter the outside brightness into a pleasant, livable level – not totally blacked out cave vibes.

Evening Ambiance

Experiment with closing drapes in some rooms earlier to create an inviting, intimate mood as the sun sets.

Leave sheers open longer in kitchens and dining rooms for casual mealtime charm. Play with the transitional lighting.

When done right, your home’s natural light and darkness flow seamlessly together, creating the perfect balance tailored to each space and time of day.

With 118 inch sheers and drapes, you control the light. So don’t be afraid to have some fun playing interior illuminator – your rooms will thank you!

How to Find the Perfect 118″ Long Curtains

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

So I’ve sold you on livin’ large with 118 inch curtains – now it’s time to track down the perfect pair! Finding floor-length sheers that actually fit your space takes a bit of savvy shopping.

But don’t sweat it – armed with these pro tips, you’ll be whipping up window magic in no time. Let’s go curtain hunting!

Take Precise Measurements

First things first: bust out the ol’ tape measure and get the exact dimensions of the window or door you’re dressing. Note the width across the top, as well as length from top to floor.

Measure twice for accuracy! Custom sizing your panels ensures a flawless long line from ceiling to floor.

Account for Fabric Shrinkage

With washings, sheer fabrics shrink up a bit over time. To keep your 118 inch curtains from ending up too short down the road, add 2-3 extra inches to the initial length.

You can always hem long panels if needed, but you can’t lengthen them. Plan ahead!

Consider Adding Liners

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Think you may want to add blackout or insulating liners later on? Account for the extra rod depth when measuring so both layers fit flush.

Nothing looks odder than mismatched curtain lengths. Do it right from the start.

Look for Weighted Bottoms

To keep your mega curtains from billowing wildly, opt for panels with weighted hems or built-in drapery weights at the bottom.

This helps them hang straight and neat. Bonus if the weights are removable so you can adjust heaviness.

Skip the Valance

With floor-length panels, a valance up top just looks busy. Stick to a sleek rod – the bold long lines shine better solo.

Valances tend to cheapen the look of long curtains anyway. Keep them clean and streamlined.

Select a Lightweight Sheer

Heavy fabrics won’t fall as elegantly for long curtains. Look for breezy, lightweight cottons, linens or polyesters.

The more ethereal the material, the better it billows! Go for airy over dense.

Hanging 118 Inch Panels Like a Pro

Alright, you’ve picked out the perfect long curtains. Now it’s time to install them like a boss. Follow these pro tips:

Mount Rod Near the Ceiling

To get that lavish floor-to-ceiling look, mount your rod as close to the ceiling as possible. 6-12 inches down from the ceiling is ideal.

Any lower and you risk awkward visual gaps. Go tall!

Secure Strong End Mounts

Use heavy duty end mounts secured into wall studs, not just drywall. This prevents sagging under the weight of thick fabric.

For super wide windows, space out multiple ceiling mounts too. Distribute the weight for max stability.

Use Extra Long Rods

Purchase extendable curtain rods that can accommodate extra width. Trying to squeeze too-big panels onto a standard rod won’t work.

Longer rods give your curtains breathing room to stack and hang properly. Don’t cramp their style!

Iron Out Wrinkles

Iron your panels on low heat before hanging to remove any wrinkles or creases from packaging.

Smoothing them out makes a huge difference in the drape and flow. Take this important step!

Consider Embellished Finials

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Decorative finials at the rod ends accentuate the grandiose floor-to-ceiling length. Go for bold flair!

Brass, crystal or sculptural finials add drama. Make your longies the star of the show.

See – finding and hanging dreamy 118 inch curtains isn’t so tricky. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking floor-grazing sheers like a pro!

Check Out These Great 118 Inch Curtains

Alright friends, let’s explore some sensational styles and options when it comes to finding that perfect pair of 118 inch curtains! Whether you dig airy linens, luxurious velvets, or breezy embroidered sheers, there’s a long length panel out there destined to be the jewel of your windows.

Romantic Sheer Voile

These diaphanous rippled voile curtains are gorgeous in any room needing an airy touch. The delicate floral embroidery adds just a kiss of detail without overpowering.

Hang them high and wide to really show off the decadent length. So dreamy!

Vintage Velvet Drapes

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

For a cozy, retro vibe, velvet curtains can’t be beat! The fabric is inherently luxurious and insulating – perfect for keeping winter out.

In energizing hues like mustard or ruby, long velvet drapes add a moodiness that sparks creativity. Groovy baby!

Breezy Light-Filtering Linen

Made from natural linen, these curtains diffuse light beautifully while allowing breezes to pass through. Linen’s texture adds depth.

Crisp white makes them easy to dress up with colorful accents. So light and airy!

Free-Spirited Boho Cotton

Bring on the flower power with these earthy patterned cotton curtains! The casual prints and macrame-trimmed edges exude 70’s boho charm.

Pair them with your favorite house plants and rattan furniture for far-out texture. Peace and love, man!

Opulent Faux Silk

Get the drape and sheen of real silk without the dry cleaning bills with these faux silk panels. The metallic paisley print is straight up majestic.

Utterly elegant and chic, these regal curtains feel fit for royalty. A true statement piece!

Modern Solid Blackout

Say bye to light leakage with these matte blackout curtains. The solid dense material blocks every last ray for undisturbed sleep.

Sleek and contemporary, the jet black colorway keeps things dramatic yet versatile. Rest up in total darkness!

Key Features to Look For

Now that you’ve browsed some luxe curtain inspiration, let’s dive into key features to look for when buying 118 inch panels:


Do you want semi-transparent filters or total blackout? Consider how much light control is ideal and choose materials accordingly.

Linens, cottons and voiles provide breezy filtration, while dense polyester and velvets completely block light.


Unlined curtains save money but lined curtains offer insulation and improved light blocking. Assess your needs.

For bedrooms and media rooms, splurge on thick light-blocking linings. Let the sunshine in unobstructed elsewhere.

Weighted Hems

Built-in weights or reinforced hems prevent billowing and maintain the floor-length look. This is a must for long panels.

Curtains should have a clean drape with minimal swaying or floating. Weights keep them tidy.

Revamping your windows with new 118 inch curtains is so exciting – and being picky pays off in the long run. Before falling in love and hanging up your new long lengths, be sure to analyze the options and features that best fit your space.

Hang 118″ Curtains High for Maximum Light

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

One of the keys to really unlocking the illuminating potential of long curtains is to hang your rods and panels as high as humanly possible. We’re talking just inches from the ceiling, friends!

Mounting your 118 inch curtains near the ceiling creates an expansive, grandiose effect that allows light to flood into the furthest corners of your space.

Take Rods to the Limit

Determine the maximum height you can mount your rod, then go for it. Every extra inch you can eke out makes a difference for light infiltration.

Just be sure to confirm there’s sufficient clearance so the rod doesn’t bonk you in the head! Safety first when going tall.

Highlight Higher Windows

If you have super lofty windows or French doors, don’t let them get overshadowed by low-slung curtains. Show off their impressive height with high-mounted long panels.

Drawing the eye upwards helps ceilings feel taller. Let tall windows shine bright with equally elevated curtains.

DIY Temporary Installs

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Want to experiment with super-high hanging before committing? Try temporary stick-on hooks or removable 3M strips to mock up different rod heights.

Find your ideal level before permanently drilling and patching multiple holes. Smart hack for renters!

Add Dramatic Height

Hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible adds a sense of extraordinary loftiness. It’s an illusion that makes rooms feel grand.

With 118 inch panels, you’ve already got impressive length. Maximize it with pole positioning pushed to the limits.

Let Light Reach the Corners

High-set long curtains allow sunlight to splash into every last corner and crevice. No more dim gloomy zones!

Take advantage of those bright rays reaching previously shadowed nooks and crannies. Light up your whole space.

Experiment with Window Dressing Heights

When installing your mile-long curtains, don’t be afraid to play around with positioning your pole at different ceiling distances. A few inches can make a surprisingly significant difference in both aesthetics and lighting.

Find the Interior Design Sweet Spot

Balance finding the maximum height for lighting against leaving enough space for decorative visual impact.

If rods are too close to ceilings, it can create a cramped, awkward look. Leave breathing room.

Consider Ceiling Details

Work around ornate medallions, crown molding or other existing ceiling details so they aren’t obscured by high rod positioning.

Maintain a few inches of clearance so beautiful architecture isn’t swallowed up. Let them coexist harmoniously.

Account for Functional Space Needs

Make sure overhead lights or ceiling fans have plenty of clearance so they aren’t blocked by your monster curtains.

Leave a gap for hassle-free operation. Don’t let long panels sabotage functional fixtures.

Finding that perfect Goldilocks zone high enough for maximum lighting but not too high for design harmony takes a bit of experimentation. Feel free to get creative!

How to Layer 118 Inch Sheers with Other Curtains

One of the best tricks for maximizing both style and function with long curtains is to layer them! Mixing sheer and opaque panels allows you to balance lighting control, privacy and aesthetic intrigue.

By pairing 118 inch sheers with complementary same-length drapes or liners, you get the best of both worlds. Let’s explore the magic of layered curtain styling!

Sheers in Front for Daytime

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Hang sheer panels on the front rod to filter natural light during the day. Their transparency maintains sunlight while obscuring views.

Position the sheers in the foremost layer so their beauty isn’t obstructed. Show off those breezy 118 inch lovelies!

Opaques in Back for Nighttime

On a rear rod, mount opaque liners or drapes to close at night for privacy. Keeping them behind the sheers allows both to coordinate.

At night, draw the opaque liners closed while leaving the front sheers open to still enjoy their peaceful billows.

Blackout Liners for Bedrooms

To darken bedrooms completely, install blackout curtain liners behind your sheers. Close the light-blocking liners when you want pitch black for sleeping.

During the day, retract the liners to uncover the see-through sheers and get that welcoming brightness.

Insulated Liners for Heat Control

In colder climates, choose insulated opaque liners to add an extra barrier against drafts. Close them at night to lock in warmth.

Then reopen in the mornings to let the sunshine stream through the front sheers – no need for total blockage.

Have Fun Mixing Textures

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Don’t be afraid to get creative pairing different fabrics and textures. Contrast billowy sheers with chunky chenille drapes or sleek velvet curtains.

The options are endless for fascinating combinations! Layering adds depth.

Achieving Perfect Layered Lengths

When installing multi-layered curtains, ensuring all the panels share the same floor-grazing length is key for optimal cohesion and neatness.

Measure Carefully

Precisely measure the window or door height, accounting for floor clearance. Purchase all layers in that custom-specific length.

Even slight length inconsistencies between layers will look messy and disjointed. Precision is vital.

Account for Differing Fabrics

Remember, different materials shrink and drape differently. Make small adjustments so the lengths sync up despite fabric variances.

You may need to hem oversized opaque panels to match sheer lengths. Align them!

Confirm Mounted Rods are Level

Install all layered rods at an identical height for perfect continuity. Use a level to ensure they’re evenly positioned.

Hanging rods slightly askew will throw off the clean line. Keep them meticulously straight.

Layering 118 inch curtains lets you optimize both aesthetics and practicality. Just be sure to mind the details so the lengths harmonize beautifully!

118 Inch Curtains Work with Any Decor Style

One of the most magical things about long floor-length curtains is their uncanny ability to adapt into any decor aesthetic. Whether your style is modern, traditional, minimalist, or full-blown ornate, 118 inch curtains somehow always seem to complement.

Their versatile neutrality lets them blend and balance effortlessly. Let’s explore how super-long panels bring cohesion to all types of decorated spaces.

Modern Style

In sleek modern rooms, long linens or cottons add softness to hard edges and surfaces. Their billowy simplicity contrasts cool tones and materials.

Sheers hung high make a bold modern statement. The clean lines just work!

Farmhouse Chic

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

The breezy vibe of extra-long panels suits laid-back farmhouse spaces perfectly. Their light filtering brightness energizes rustic coziness.

Add some delicate embroidery or macrame accents for homespun charm. Effortlessly chic!

Traditional Elegance

In formal traditional dining and sitting rooms, elongated curtains infuse sophistication. Their luxurious lengths make quite the grandiose statement.

Pair them with rich colors and textures for an refined vintage mood. Timeless grace.

Industrial Edginess

Super long curtains soften rugged industrial interiors. Their gauzy femininity balances hard-edged grit.

Let them puddle onto exposed concrete floors for an airy yin to industrial yang.

Bohemian Whimsy

What better for a free-spirited boho space than gorgeous floor-sweeping sheers? Their flower child vibe melds flawlessly.

Choose colorful or intricately patterned panels to complement eclectic decor. Trippy magic!

Tips for Styling Long Curtains

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

To allow 118 inch curtains to work their harmonizing magic regardless of your overall aesthetic, follow these style tips:

Stick With Neutrals

Natural linen, cotton and ivory panels blend into any backdrop. Save bold colors for accents and details.

Let neutral sheers tie everything together without competing. They’re your canvas.

Add Personality With Accents

Inject color or intrigue with artistic curtain ties, sashes, trim and toppers. Treat panels as a creative base.

Keep base curtains basic, then pile on punchy emblems of your personal style.

Play With Lighting Effects

Shift curtains to control lighting and mood. Use their translucence to spot-highlight key decor focal points.

Make them functional by manipulating natural brightness. Light is your friend!

See? No matter your decor motifs or quirks, 118 inch curtains can enhance them beautifully. Have fun playing stylist and watch your long sheers work their adaptable magic!

Proper Installation of Your New 118″ Curtains

You found the perfect pair of curtains. You eagerly opened the package. Now it’s time for the fun part – hanging your new 118 inch beauties! Proper installation is key to ensuring your long panels hang properly and optimize your windows.

Follow these pro tips when putting up your new super-long curtains:

Iron Panels Before Hanging

This removes any folds or creases from being folded in packaging. Your fresh-from-the-box curtains will look their best if crisply ironed first.

Use a low heat setting and gentle steam to avoid any scorching. Make them primped and pristine!

Mount Rods Correctly

Install rods wide and high enough for your new lengthy panels. Place as close to ceiling as possible for best light infiltration.

Use heavy duty brackets secured into studs, not just drywall. Support their weight to prevent sagging.

Hang Panels High & Wide

When placing panels onto rods, hang them at the uppermost part of the rod. This keeps their length maximized for floor-grazing glory.

For width, extend panels across the entire rod’s length. Don’t skimp on full coverage to achieve that billowing effect.

Use the Right Hardware

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Select curtain rings or grommets designed for the thickness and weight of your specific panels. Durability is a must.

Reinforced openings prevent ripping, and smooth rolling gliders let fabric move freely. Sturdy hardware prevents headaches!

Add Light Clips If Needed

For super breezy sheers, tiny pearl clips can secure them to rings for a tidier hang if they billow too much naturally.

But avoid heavy clips that restrict flow. Find a happy medium of subtle control.

Post-Install Care of 118″ Curtains

Once those beauties are gracing your windows in all their floor-length glory, be sure to give them TLC to keep them looking lovely:

Handle Gently When Cleaning

Refer to fabric care instructions, as some may require dry cleaning. In general, gently wash and air dry sheers to avoid damage.

Never stuff long curtains in a washer and dryer! The UV light and heat can destroy delicate materials.

Steam Instead of Ironing

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

For freshening drapes between washes, lightly steam panels while hanging to release wrinkles and shape them.

High heat ironing can degrade and burn fabric over time. Steam is gentler on your investment.

Draw Completely Open

Pull curtains fully open after each use to maintain their shape and drape. Keeping them bunched leads to permanent wrinkles.

Preserve their flow by letting them fully open and close with each use. Free those billows!

Your fabulous new long curtains deserve the royal treatment. Handle with care and they’ll drape beautifully for years to come – it’s worth the effort!

Tips for Styling & Coordinating Your 118″ Long Sheers

You found the perfect 118 inch sheers. You flawlessly installed them. Now for the fun part – decoratively styling your long beauties! With the right accessories and decor accents, you can take your curtains from bland to grand.

Here are my top tips for making basic sheers shine:

Add Colorful Tiebacks

Inject personality by tying back panels with bright, cheery ribbon or decorative rope. This shows off the length while adding artsy flair.

I love using natural jute with funky neon pink accent knots. Such a fun pop of color!

Display Artwork Behind

Hang art, tapestries or macrame pieces on the wall behind curtains to peek through alluringly. Their colors and shapes shine through the sheers.

I chose ocean-themed art that synchronizes with my curtain’s blue hues. Very coordinating!

Layer Textures

Pair supersoft sheers with chunky blankets or pillows on adjacent furniture. Play with tantalizing tactile contrasts.

My sheers combined with a fuzzy velvet sofa create visual interest through opposing softness and density.

Echo Hues

Pull a subtle color from your sheers, like a pale blue or green, and echo it in adjacent decorative pieces. This ties everything together.

I painted an accent wall the same robin’s egg blue as my sheer’s motif. So pulled-together!

Up-Light Rods

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Install delicate twinkle lights atop your curtain rod for a magical ambiance at night. Especially enchanting on sheers!

My warm white string lights add the perfect romantic glow once the sun goes down.

Things to Avoid When Styling 118″ Curtains

While decorating with long sheers is lots of fun, there are a few pitfalls to avoid:

Don’t Over-Accessorize

Too many tiebacks, sashes and baubles compete with the gorgeous lengths. Keep accents minimal and impactful.

Let your curtains make the bold statement, and use decorations sparingly.

Don’t Shorten With Valances

Additional valances above the rod cut the visible length. With 118 inch panels, usually a bare rod has the best clean effect.

Skip the valance so your longies get the full spotlight.

Don’t Hide Architectural Details

If your room has beautiful crown molding or ceiling medallions, don’t mount rods too high that they become obscured. Allow them to coexist.

Highlight special details; don’t hide them away!

Avoid Clashing Colors

Need Longer Sheer Curtains. Try These 118 Inch Options

Pick decor hues that complement your curtains, not compete with them. Going too bold risks visual chaos.

Stick with a unified color scheme for peaceful harmony.

Now that you know both what to do and what to avoid, unleash your inner curtain stylist! Thoughtfully layering and accessorizing your 118 inch sheers makes all the difference in creating a pulled-together space.