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Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Introduction to 2024 Wrangler Headlight and Fog Light Bulb Sizes

So you just bought a brand new 2024 Jeep Wrangler and want to swap out those basic halogen headlights for some slick LED upgrades? Or maybe one of your stock headlight or fog light bulbs burned out and you need to find a replacement. Whatever the case, knowing the correct bulb sizes and types for your Wrangler is crucial before making any headlight upgrades.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover all the key details on 2024 Wrangler headlight and fog light bulbs so you can find the perfect match. We’ll look at the factory halogen bulb specs, LED replacement options, where to locate the bulbs, and tips for safely installing new headlight bulbs without damage.

Halogen vs. LED Headlight Bulbs

All 2024 Wranglers come standard with halogen headlight bulbs from the factory. Halogens give off that familiar bright white light but lack the intensity and longevity of modern LEDs. Upgrading to LED headlight bulbs is a popular mod that produces a crisper, brighter beam pattern.

Just keep in mind that not all LED bulbs deliver the promised performance. Stick with reputable brands designed specifically for the Wrangler’s housing and you’ll get stunning nighttime visibility without blinding other drivers.

Finding the Correct Headlight Bulb Size

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

The 2024 Wrangler uses replaceable H13 halogen headlight bulbs. So when shopping for LED upgrades, you’ll want H13-sized bulbs to ensure the proper fit and beam angle.

Using LED bulbs in the wrong housing size is a recipe for poor light output and scattered glare. Take a moment to double check your Wrangler takes H13 before purchasing.

Why Headlight Bulb Fit Matters

You might be wondering why the size matters so much – can’t you just stick any LED bulb into the headlight housing? Not if you want optimal lighting performance.

The headlight housing is designed and calibrated for a specific bulb type and size. An ill-fitting bulb can’t take full advantage of the housing’s reflector and lens optics. The result is reduced intensity, uneven beam pattern, and glare issues.

Stick with the intended H13 LED bulbs and you’ll get stunning output without compromising safety or visibility.

Fog Light Bulb Size and Types

In addition to the main headlights, most Wrangler models also come equipped with rectangular fog lights mounted into the front bumper. These punch through poor weather but use a different bulb:

  • Factory fog light bulb type: H11 halogen
  • Recommended upgrade: H11 LED

As with the headlights, always match your fog light LED bulb upgrade to the OEM halogen bulb shape and connector. H11 LED bulbs are plug-and-play replacements for a big lighting upgrade.

Locating the Fog Light Bulbs

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Wondering where to find those fog light bulbs when it’s time to swap in LEDs? They are mounted to the backside of the bumper – you’ll need to reach in behind the fog light assembly from underneath the front of the Wrangler.

It’s easier on a lift, but can be done in your driveway with some patience. Just be careful not to apply too much side force on the bulb during removal and installation.

Advantages of LED Fog Lights

Why bother upgrading to LED fog light bulbs? A few key benefits:

  • Brighter, farther reaching beam
  • Crisper light with less scatter
  • Long lifespan – no more frequent fog light bulb changes
  • Cooler operation vs hot halogen bulbs

LED fog lights shine stronger and farther down the road. Yet they don’t blind other drivers thanks to precise beam patterning. It’s a big visibility upgrade for nasty weather driving.

Safely Replacing Headlight Bulbs

Before attempting to replace your Wrangler’s halogen headlight bulbs with LEDs, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Don’t touch the glass portion of the bulb with your bare hands – use gloves or a clean cloth
  • Ensure the headlight housing is completely cool before reaching in
  • Apply steady pressure when removing the bulb – no twisting or rocking motions
  • Double check your new LED bulb connector and shape before installing
  • Align the LED bulb tabs into the bracket slots before sealing in place

Take things slow and steady. Rushed bulb swaps often lead to costly damage or broken connectors. Those LED headlight bulbs will shine bright for years when properly installed.

Avoiding Headlight Housing Damage

It’s easy to crack or scuff the delicate headlight lens when working under the hood. Here are some tips for avoiding costly damage:

  • Use a microfiber cloth over the bulb when removing and inserting
  • Keep one hand securely bracing the housing when working inside
  • Only apply pressure to the plastic bulb base, never the glass
  • Wear gloves to avoid skin oil and fingerprints on the lens
  • Work slowly and patiently – don’t force things into place

Minor scuffs can be polished out, but deep cracks in the lens require full housing replacement. Respect the tight confines and take your time for smooth installations.

Recommended LED Headlight Brands

Choosing quality LED bulbs is just as important as matching the correct size and connector. Here are a few top brands that produce durable, long-lasting LED headlight and fog light bulbs:

  • Philips
  • Hikari
  • Auxbeam
  • Lumen

Stick with reputable automotive lighting companies and you’ll get stunning light output that holds up to years of driving. Check reviews and avoid no-name brands selling questionable performance.

Using Relays for Reliable LED Headlights

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Many Wrangler owners discover their new LED headlights flicker or malfunction due to inadequate stock wiring. The solution? Adding relays to handle the lower-draw LEDs.

Relays bypass the factory headlight wiring, providing consistent 12V power. No more flickering or dimming when the LEDs heat up. It’s quick plug-and-play wiring for frustration-free operation.

H13 vs. 9003 Headlight Bulbs

You may come across mentions of 9003 headlight bulbs during your LED research. Rest assured – all 2024 Wranglers use H13 bulbs, not 9003.

These bulb types look nearly identical but have different locking tabs. Mixing them up leads to bulbs that won’t seat and secure properly. Double check for the H13 marking to avoid headaches.

Checking LED Bulb Wattage

Brighter isn’t always better when choosing LED headlight bulbs. Excessively high wattage LEDs may overpower the housing, causing glare and light scatter issues.

Most quality H13 LED conversion kits draw 25-50 watts per bulb, within OEM halogen power ranges. Stick to reputable brands and you’ll get perfect brightness without blinding glare.

Beam Alignment After Installation

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Notice headlight aim issues after your LED bulb upgrade? You’ll need to realign the beams. Even slight housing movement during installation can throw off alignment.

Realigning the headlights isn’t difficult but does require special alignment tools. Off-center beams lead to reduced visibility and blinding glare for oncoming traffic.

Longevity Tips for Headlights and Fog Lights

LED headlight and fog light bulbs may last years, but they still require periodic inspection and maintenance for optimal longevity:

  • Check bulbs and housings for moisture ingress
  • Ensure bulb base and wiring remains intact
  • Clean lenses with quality products to avoid hazing
  • Consider applying UV inhibiting film to headlights

Keeping your Wrangler’s lights clean and moisture-free ensures the LEDs reach their full rated lifespan. Handle bulbs with care during changes to avoid short circuits or damaged contacts.

There you have it – everything you need to know about 2024 Jeep Wrangler headlight and fog light bulb sizes, types, replacement tips and more. Armed with this light bulb knowledge, you can upgrade to stunning LED visibility and keep your new Wrangler shining bright for miles down the road.

Factory Halogen vs Aftermarket LED Headlight Bulbs

The stock halogen headlight bulbs in the 2024 Wrangler provide decent illumination, but many owners crave an upgrade. Swapping those basic halogens for modern LED bulbs is a popular mod that can dramatically improve nighttime visibility and style.

But why exactly are LED headlights considered superior to plain old halogen bulbs? Let’s look at some key differences between these technologies:


This one is straightforward – quality LED headlight conversion kits are vastly brighter than the factory halogen bulbs. We’re talking 2-3 times more intense light output shining down the road.

Brighter let’s you see farther ahead at night for improved safety and reaction time. No more straining to see the edges of the road or spotting animals about to cross your path.

Light Color

The glow of LED headlights is noticeably whiter and crisper looking compared to the warm yellowish output of halogens. It’s similar to comparing LED television displays to older fluorescent backlit screens.

That bright white LED color does a better job illuminating road signs, terrain, and obstacles. Halogens can leave some colors muted and washed out in comparison.

Beam Pattern

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

With precision computer designed optics, quality LED headlight kits throw a more uniform beam pattern than halogen bulbs. The light is focused and directed exactly where you need it.

No more uneven dim spots or excessive glare. Just smooth, strong illumination precisely across your field of vision. LEDs make the most of your headlight housing’s reflector design.


LED headlight bulbs can easily last 5-10 years with minimal lumen depreciation over time. Halogen bulbs gradually dim significantly starting around the 1 year mark.

That exceptional lifespan means far fewer frustrating headlight bulb changes. Once you upgrade to LED, you likely won’t have to touch those headlights again for years.

Power Efficiency

Modern LED headlight bulbs produce more light using far less electricity. Less draw means less load on your Wrangler’s charging system.

Lower power consumption also means LED bulbs remain cooler during operation. No more risk of touching a scorching hot halogen bulb right after shutoff.

When it comes to visibility, performance, and longevity, LED headlights are clearly the superior choice over outdated halogen technology. Just be sure to choose quality LED bulbs designed specifically for automotive applications. Check plenty of reviews before purchase to ensure a crisp, bright beam pattern without excessive glare or light scatter. Your nighttime drives will never be the same!

Finding the Correct Headlight Bulb Size for Your Wrangler

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

So you’re ready to upgrade those stock 2024 Wrangler headlights to crisp, bright LEDs. Hold up – before making any purchases, it’s crucial to confirm the replacement bulb size.

The Wrangler uses a replaceable H13 halogen headlight bulb. This is key when selecting new aftermarket LED bulbs – you’ll need the H13 size for proper fitment and light output.

Avoid Universal Bulbs

You might come across “universal” LED headlight kits claiming to fit any vehicle. Don’t fall for it. Universal bulbs rarely provide optimal performance.

The Wrangler’s headlight housing is engineered and calibrated specifically for H13 bulbs. Stuffing in a universal LED is begging for problems like reduced output, glare, and scatter.

Double Check before Ordering

It only takes a minute to pop the hood and confirm your Wrangler takes H13 headlight bulbs. While unlikely, a previous owner could have installed different housings that use a different bulb type.

Save yourself the hassle by verifying H13 bulbs before pulling the trigger on new LEDs. Nothing worse than excitedly installing shiny new headlights only to find they don’t fit.

Why Size Matters

You might be wondering why bulb size and shape is so critical. Can’t you just plop any LED into the headlight housing?

Not if you want optimized lighting performance. The housing is engineered around H13 bulbs. An incorrectly sized LED won’t properly align with reflective surfaces. The result is reduced output and uneven, scattered beams.

Stick with Wrangler-specific H13 LED bulbs for stunning light without compromises in safety or visibility.

Avoid Mismatched Connectors

Along with physical size and shape, your replacement LED bulbs must have the correct electrical connector. Wrangler headlights use a single H13 bulb with a keyed tab socket.

Buying LED bulbs designed for a different connector is just asking for hassles and modifications. Seek out plug-and-play H13 LEDs that snap right in for painless upgrading.

Taking a moment to confirm the right replacement LED bulb size avoids disappointment down the road. With the correct H13 LED headlights, you’ll illuminate the darkest nights with stunning clarity and style.

Why Proper Headlight Bulb Fit Matters for Light Output

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

You found some awesome LED headlight bulbs for your 2024 Wrangler, but they come in 9006 instead of the OEM H13 size. No big deal, right? You can likely force them in there somehow.

While that may seem like a quick fix, we strongly advise against installing ill-fitting LED bulbs. Here’s why bulb size and shape really matters when it comes to optimal lighting performance.

Reflector Alignment

The Wrangler’s headlight housing uses a carefully engineered reflector designed around the H13 bulb. Installing differently shaped LEDs throws off that alignment.

Light won’t bounce and focus properly, resulting in uneven dim and bright spots in the beam pattern. You simply won’t get full brightness potential from LEDs in the wrong housing.

Scattered Light and Glare

Along with reduced intensity, using the incorrect LED bulbs often creates excessive glare and light scatter. The unaligned bulb and reflector bounce light haphazardly in all directions.

Stray light won’t illuminate the road where you need it. Even worse, glare blindingly reflects back and distracts other drivers. It’s a serious safety issue.

Risk of Early Failure

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Trying to force badly mismatched LED bulbs into the tight headlight housing puts excessive stress on the bulbs. You risk damaging the bulbs during installation or causing early failures down the road.

Leaks, dead spots, and short lifespans become common when bulbs don’t seat securely in their intended housing.

Legal Compliance Issues

Using improperly fitted LED headlight bulbs likely puts your Wrangler out of legal compliance. Scattered beams, intense glare and excessive light throw are giveaways you installed incorrect bulbs.

Save yourself the safety risks and potential legal headaches. Stick with quality LED bulbs engineered specifically for the Wrangler’s H13 headlight housing.

While minor bulb variations can sometimes work, it’s never worth compromising light output or road safety just to save a few bucks. Take a moment to find quality H13 LEDs designed for optimal Wrangler performance.

Fog Light Bulb Sizes and Types for the 2024 Wrangler

The headlights aren’t the only exterior lights you may need to replace on the 2024 Wrangler. Most models also come equipped with a set of rectangular fog lights mounted in the front bumper.

When it’s time to swap those stock fog light bulbs for LED upgrades, it’s important to know the correct replacement bulb specifications.

OEM Fog Light Bulbs

All factory 2024 Wrangler fog lights use H11 halogen bulbs. These provide decent foreground lighting in wet or snowy conditions, but lack intensity compared to modern LEDs.

Ideal LED Replacements

When choosing LED fog light bulbs, you want H11-sized replacements to ensure full compatibility:

  • LED bulb type: H11
  • Brightness: 3000+ lumens per bulb
  • Color temperature: 6000K bright white light

With the correct H11 LED bulbs, you’ll get a nicely focused beam pattern without any glare or light scatter issues.

Where are the Fog Light Bulbs?

Wondering where those fog light bulbs are located when it’s time for LED upgrades? They are mounted in back of the fog lamp assembly itself.

You’ll need to reach your hand in from behind the front bumper. It’s tight quarters, so having small hands or arms helps. Work slowly and carefully to avoid cracking the bulb glass or damaging wiring.

Fog Light Bulb Lifespan

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Due to their exposed positioning, fog light bulbs tend to have shorter lifespans than headlight bulbs. Road debris, moisture and vibration all take a toll over time.

Upgrading to long-life LEDs eliminates the hassle of frequent fog light bulb changes. Most LED kits will run thousands of hours with minimal degradation in light output.

Just be sure to select a quality brand built to handle off-road abuse. Your Wrangler’s fog lights will shine brightly trail after trail when equipped with durable H11 LED bulbs.

Now you know exactly which replacement LED bulb size and type to select when upgrading your 2024 Jeep Wrangler’s fog lights. Drive through the nastiest weather with confidence thanks to dramatically improved visibility.

Where to Locate Your Wrangler’s Fog Light Bulbs

So you picked up some new LED fog light bulbs for your 2024 Wrangler. Great! Now here comes the fun part – finding where those bulbs are actually located so you can swap them out.

Unlike the headlights, accessing the fog light bulbs requires some awkward maneuvering underneath the front of the vehicle. Here’s a quick guide to locating them.

Behind the Bumper

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

On the 2024 Wrangler, the fog light bulbs are mounted behind the plastic fog lamp assembly itself. This means reaching your hand up behind the front bumper cover.

You’ll need to peel back any liner or splash guard material to gain access. It’s tight quarters back there, so small hands are definitely helpful.

Passenger vs. Driver Side

There is one fog light bulb mounted behind each fog lamp. The passenger side is generally easiest to reach. The driver’s side may require more arm contorting due to the steering components.

Take your time and be patient. There’s no need to force anything and risk cracking the bulb glass or damaging the wiring.

Remove Bulb First

Before sticking your arm up there, we recommend first removing the factory fog light bulb from the housing. This gives your hand and arm more room to maneuver.

The bulb has a simple twist lock connector. Just remember not to touch the glass portion with bare hands when removing.

Watch for Hot Surfaces

If you’ve been driving with the fog lights on, those bulbs and housings may still be hot to the touch. Avoid potential burns by letting components cool before attempting removal.

You can help speed up cooling by running the A/C system on full blast after parking the Wrangler.

With some patience and proper preparation, swapping those hard-to-reach fog light bulbs is very doable. Just work slowly and double check your new LED bulb connectors before plugging in. Your upgrade will be shining through rain and snow in no time!

Advantages of LED Fog Lights Over Halogen Bulbs

The stock halogen fog light bulbs in the 2024 Wrangler work fine, but upgrading to modern LEDs takes visibility and style to the next level. Here are some key benefits LED fog lights provide over basic halogens:

Brighter Output

Quality LED fog light kits put out significantly more lumens than old halogen bulbs. We’re talking 2-3x the brightness shining down the road.

That intense white light lets you see farther and react faster to hazards like animals, debris and stopped vehicles ahead.

Focused Beam Pattern

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Thanks to high precision optics, LED fog beams stay tightly focused where you need them. Halogen fog lights tend to scatter more, wasting useful light.

No more blinding other drivers with stray light. Just a strong, clearly defined path of illumination ahead.

Less Electrical Draw

Upgrading to LED fog lights reduces electrical load on your Wrangler’s charging system. Halogens draw considerable power.

Lower current draw means cooler operation as well. No more potential burns from touching hot bulbs right after use.

Long Lifespan

You’ll be replacing those halogen fog bulbs every year or two as output degrades. Quality LEDs will run thousands of hours with minimal decrease in intensity.

LED lifespan is measured in years rather than months. Far fewer frustrating bulb changes down the road.

Crisp White Light

The color temperature difference between LED and halogen is clear. LEDs emit a clean white light compared to the warmer yellow glow of halogens.

That vibrant LED color provides better contrast and visibility in poor conditions. You’ll see road signs, animals, and terrain with greater clarity.

So if you’re still relying on old halogen fog bulbs, it’s time to upgrade. LED fog lights are superior in every way – brightness, focus, lifespan and color. Your 2024 Wrangler will stand out and shine brighter on every foggy back road.

Steps for Safely Replacing Your Wrangler’s Headlight Bulbs

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

You picked up a sweet set of LED headlight bulbs for your 2024 Wrangler. Awesome! Now here are some tips to ensure safe, hassle-free installation:

Let Bulbs Cool

If you’ve been driving at night, allow time for the headlight housings and bulbs to cool before starting work. Touching hot components can lead to painful burns.

Use Gloves and Cloth

Always grasp the halogen bulb by its plastic base, not the glass portion. Oils from skin can leave residue affecting performance. Use gloves or a clean microfiber cloth over the bulb.

Firm Steady Pressure

When removing the old factory bulb, pull straight outward with steady force. No twisting motions – you risk cracking the bulb glass or damaging the connector.

Prep Replacement Bulb

Before inserting the new LED bulb, confirm it is the correct replacement type and that all locking tabs are aligned to factory orientation.

Support Housing

With one hand, brace the back of the headlight housing when inserting the new bulb. This prevents putting strain on the wiring and connectors.

Check Locking Tabs

Double check that all bulb tabs and locks are fully seated into the headlight housing slots before letting go. Tug gently to confirm a tight fit.

Aim and Test

After installation, check beam aim and light function before driving. Misaligned beams won’t properly illuminate the road.

Take the time to do things right, and your new Wrangler LED headlights will provide stunning visibility for years to come. Drive safely day or night with proper bulbs installed using care and patience.

Tips to Avoid Damaging the Headlight Housing When Changing Bulbs

The headlight housings on the 2024 Wrangler are intricate assemblies not designed for frequent bulb changes. Care must be taken when swapping bulbs to avoid cracks and costly damage.

Here are some best practices to keep your Wrangler’s headlights intact through many LED upgrades:

Work Slowly

Rushing through a bulb change risks applying too much force or twisting the housing. Take your time and don’t force anything that doesn’t want to move naturally.

Cover Bulb with Cloth

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Always insert a clean microfiber cloth or glove over the bulb glass when removing or installing. This prevents tapping or scratching the lens if you accidentally bump it.

Support Housing

With one hand, gently brace the back of the housing when working inside. This takes pressure off the wiring and connectors.

Avoid Side Loading

Pull bulbs straight back during removal and insert straight in during installation. Angling bulbs side to side strains the bulb base and housing.

Check Gaskets

Inspect housing gaskets after changing bulbs. Cracked or flattened gaskets can allow moisture and dust ingress, shortening LED lifespan.

Wear Gloves

Gloves keep oil and dirt from your hands off the bulb glass and headlight lenses. Oils can leave residue negatively affecting beam performance.

Take a few extra minutes and show caution when accessing those tightly packed headlight housings. Your patience will be rewarded with crystal clear LED beams that last for years without need for housing replacement.

Recommended Brands for Quality Aftermarket Wrangler Headlights

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

The stock halogen headlights on the 2024 Wrangler get the job done, but upgrading to crisp LEDs takes visibility and style up a notch. When buying aftermarket headlights, stick with these top brands:

J.W. Speaker

J.W. Speaker is a leading name in Jeep lighting for a reason. Their Wrangler LED headlights shine brightly down trails while resisting impacts and moisture.

KC HiLites

Known for rugged off-road lights, KC HiLites also produces street-legal LED headlight kits purpose-built for Wrangler performance.

Rugged Ridge

Affordably priced but well-engineered, Rugged Ridge LED headlights upgrade stock halogens without breaking the bank.

Oracle Lighting

Oracle offers eye-catching halo-style Wrangler headlights along with more subtle OEM replacements – all delivering great visibility.

Vision X

For a high-end look, Vision X LED headlights add unique stylistic touches like sequential turn signals and LED accent strips.

These aftermarket brands engineer Wrangler-specific LED bulbs and housings to maximize output while minimizing glare. Read plenty of reviews before purchasing to ensure great real-world visibility.

Avoid Cheap No-Name LEDs

Tempted by the low price of no-name LED headlight kits? Don’t be. Poorly designed components often lack proper heat sinks, producing rapid failure and dim, unreliable lighting.

Spend a few extra dollars for proven headlights built to handle off-road abuse while shining brightly and consistently for years to come.

Using Relays for Brighter and More Reliable LED Headlights

You installed fancy new LED headlight bulbs in your 2024 Wrangler, but notice they occasionally flicker or dim. What gives? The problem likely lies with the factory headlight wiring.

Adding relays is the solution for robust, unrelenting brightness from your LED headlights.

Why LEDs Draw Less Power

LED bulbs require far less current than old halogen bulbs. This lower electrical draw can overwhelm the Wrangler’s dated headlight circuitry.

Voltage fluctuations and resistance in the aging wiring leads to dimming or flickering issues as LEDs heat up.

Relays Bypass Factory Wiring

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Headlight relays plug right in yet completely bypass the stock headlight wiring. This provides a clean 12V power source to your LED bulbs.

No more wiring-induced flickering or dimming. Just smooth, constant power and light output.

Quick Plug-and-Play Install

Headlight relay kits take just minutes to install with basic hand tools. All connections are made via simple plugs – no splicing required.

Best of all, relays don’t affect operation of your factory halogen high beams or DRLs.

Consistent Brightness = Safer Driving

Inconsistent headlight output is more than just annoying – it’s a real safety hazard. Relays ensure your LED low beams shine confidently bright all drive long.

Ditch the flickering and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Wrangler’s LED headlights will fire up strong, mile after mile.

How to Determine if Your Wrangler Uses H13 or 9003 Headlight Bulbs

When upgrading the headlights on your 2024 Jeep Wrangler, it’s crucial to know whether you need H13 or 9003 LED bulb replacements. While they appear almost identical, mixing up these two common bulb types will cause installation headaches.

Check Your Owner’s Manual

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

The fastest way to confirm which bulb type your Wrangler uses is to check the headlight information in your owner’s manual. All 2024 Wranglers left the factory with H13 halogen headlight bulbs.

Inspect the Bulb Socket

You can also visually inspect the headlight bulb socket without removing the housing. H13 sockets have a single triangular locking tab, while 9003 sockets have two round tabs.

Examine the Bulb Base

Finally, go ahead and remove the factory halogen bulb for a close look. H13 bulbs have a single triangular tab on the base. 9003 bulbs have two round tabs spaced apart.

Don’t Mix Them Up!

While H13 and 9003 bulbs may seem interchangeable at first glance, their slightly different tab shapes will prevent proper seating and alignment if you mix and match. You’ll get error messages or poor lighting performance.

Stick with factory H13 replacement LED bulbs and you’ll be shining bright down the trail. Just be 100% sure of the correct bulb type before purchasing.

When in Doubt, Go OEM

If you’re still not certain about the bulb type after inspecting the socket and stock bulbs, your safest bet is sticking with OEM H13 LED replacements designed specifically for the 2024 Wrangler.

Checking the Wattage When Buying Replacement Bulbs

If you’re a proud owner of the new 2024 Jeep Wrangler, you know what an incredible vehicle it is. With its iconic design, off-road capabilities, and open-air freedom, the Wrangler delivers an unmatched driving experience. However, like any vehicle, the bulbs on your Wrangler will eventually burn out and need replacing.

When it’s time to replace your 2024 Wrangler’s bulbs, it’s important to choose the correct bulb type and wattage. Installing a bulb with incorrect wattage can lead to problems down the road. Here’s a guide to the various bulb sizes and wattages for the 2024 Jeep Wrangler to help you buy the right replacement bulbs.


One of the most important bulb replacements on your Wrangler will be the headlight bulbs. The 2024 Wrangler uses H13/9008 halogen headlight bulbs. When replacing them, be sure to get H13 bulbs with the correct wattage of 55 watts for the low beams and 60 watts for the high beams. Using lower wattage bulbs can lead to reduced visibility, while higher wattage bulbs may damage the housing. You’ll also want to check if your Wrangler has LED headlights, which use different bulb types.

Fog Lights

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

The fog lights on the 2024 Wrangler use H11 bulbs. Opt for replacements with 55 watts to match the stock wattage and achieve the right intensity. Make sure they are designed specifically for fog light use. Installing lower wattage bulbs reduces visibility in foggy conditions, while higher wattages produce too much glare.

Turn Signals

For the front turn signals, your 2024 Wrangler uses 3157 bulbs with 27 watts. The rear turn signals use 3157 bulbs as well but with a lower 15 watts. Using the specified wattage helps ensure proper blinking speed and visibility. Higher wattages can make the turn signals blink too fast.

Brake Lights

The 2024 Wrangler’s brake light bulbs come in two varieties. The center high mount stop lamp uses a 921 bulb with 16 watts. For the standard rear brake lights, look for 3157 bulbs again, this time with 27 watts. Matching the wattage keeps the brightness and response time of the brake lights acting as expected.

Backup Lights

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

When your backup lights burn out, the 2024 Wrangler uses 921 bulbs with 16 watts to replace them. Selecting 16-watt 921 bulbs maintains the brightness you expect when reversing at night or in low light conditions.

License Plate Lights

Surprisingly, the license plate lights use a different bulb type than most other exterior lights. Opt for 168 bulbs with 5 watts when you need new license plate lights. This provides just the right amount of illumination so the plate is readable at night.

Interior Dome Lights

Inside your 2024 Wrangler, you’ll find 561 bulbs powering the dome lights. These typically use 5 watts. Any time you need to replace the dome lights, grab new 561 5-watt bulbs for correct performance.

Reading Lights

The reading lights above the rear seats use 194 bulbs with 4 watts in the 2024 Wrangler. When burned out, swap in new 194 4-watt bulbs designed for the small, confined space of reading lights.

Glove Box Light

To illuminate the glove box, a 168 bulb with 5 watts is used in the 2024 Wrangler. Replace it with another 5-watt 168 bulb when it fails.

Cargo Area Lights

In the cargo area, an unusual 996 bulb powers the lighting. These bulbs use 10 watts. Keep the cargo area visibility by replacing burned out bulbs with new 996 10-watt units.

Other Interior Bulbs

For other interior lights like the vanity mirrors, a 194 bulb with 4 watts is typically used in the 2024 Wrangler. Consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure about a particular interior bulb, and match the wattage when replacing any burned out bulbs.

As you can see, the 2024 Jeep Wrangler uses a mix of different bulb sizes and wattages throughout the exterior and interior lighting. Taking the time to use the correct replacement bulbs will keep your new Wrangler lighting performing as it should. Refer to this bulb replacement guide whenever you need fresh bulbs, and your 2024 Wrangler will stay bright and illuminated.

Why Proper Beam Alignment is Critical After Headlight Bulb Changes

The iconic Jeep Wrangler continues its off-road heritage in the 2024 model year. Part of conquering those rough trails is having a proper lighting setup. If you’ve recently changed the bulbs in your 2024 Wrangler, it’s crucial to realign the headlights for maximum visibility and safety.

Headlights are designed and calibrated to emit a specific beam pattern. This pattern is disrupted anytime you replace the bulbs. Even putting in new bulbs of the exact same type can alter the angle of the beams. That’s why it’s important to realign your 2024 Wrangler’s headlights after any bulb swap.

How Bulb Changes Affect Alignment

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Several factors come into play when a different bulb is installed in your Wrangler’s headlights. The glass envelope of bulbs varies slightly between replacements, moving the filament away from its original position. This shifts the origin point of the beam, throwing off the calibration.

Bulbs also have minor manufacturing differences, changing the way their filaments sit inside the housing. The new bulb may direct its beam higher, lower, left, or right of where it should go. Even dust or fingerprints on a new bulb can scatter the beam pattern.

Modern headlights have very precise computer-designed surfaces inside to direct the light for optimal coverage. Any bulb change interrupts this meticulous alignment and requires adjustment to restore the intended performance.

Dangers of Misalignment

Driving with poorly aligned headlights puts you and others in danger. The beam pattern is designed to maximize visibility while minimizing glare. If the alignment is off, you may experience any of these hazardous issues:

  • Reduced visibility of the road and surroundings
  • Bright glare blinding oncoming drivers
  • Light aimed too low, not illuminating far enough ahead
  • Difficulty seeing pedestrians, animals, and objects

In the dark trails and countryside where Wranglers often drive, it’s critical to maintain precise headlight aim. Taking the time to adjust alignment after bulb changes can prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.

How to Realign Headlights

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Many owners ask if they need to realign their 2024 Jeep Wrangler’s lights themselves or have it done professionally. With some preparation, you can accurately realign the headlights in your home garage.

Here are the steps for proper DIY headlight aim:

  1. Park your Wrangler 25 feet from a wall or garage door. Mark or tape an “X” at the center height of the headlights.
  2. Measure from the ground to the “X” and make matching marks on the wall. These are your aim points.
  3. Turn on your headlights and note where hot spots fall on the wall compared to the aim points.
  4. Locate the adjustment screws on headlight housing and turn to rotate beams up or down/left or right.
  5. Adjust each headlight until brightest point aligns with the tap marks.

Take care when adjusting to not exceed the limits of the screw movements. Have a helper observe from the front and sides as you refine the aim. Movement of just a quarter-turn can dramatically shift alignment.

Professional Alignment for Best Results

For those wanting peak headlight performance, professional alignment is recommended. Service centers have special equipment to precisely calibrate the beams. This involves an aiming screen placed in front of the vehicle to assess alignment to a high degree of accuracy.

Technicians can make minor adjustments and take measurements to dial-in the optimal light pattern. They also verify alignment across the full width, checking that both headlights match. This precision tuning delivers maximum illumination right where you need it.

Professional alignment may cost $50-100 but provides peace of mind your 2024 Jeep Wrangler’s lights are perfectly calibrated. Their specialized tools and expertise result in unparalleled headlight aim.

Better Safety Starts with Proper Alignment

Don’t take the risk of driving with your Wrangler’s headlights misaligned. After any headlight bulb replacement, check that the beams are hitting the proper marks. Either perform the alignment yourself or enlist professional help to keep visibility and safety top-notch on your 2024 Jeep.

Maintenance Tips to Maximize Wrangler Headlight and Fog Light Life

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Proper maintenance is key to getting the most life out of your 2024 Jeep Wrangler’s headlights and fog lights. With some simple cleaning and inspection routines, you can keep your lights shining bright for many miles to come.

Regularly Clean the Lenses

One of the easiest ways to maximize your headlight and fog light life is to clean the lenses regularly. Dirt, grime, and oxidation can build up on the lens over time, causing the light output to become cloudy and dim. Use a soft cloth and headlight cleaning solution to gently wipe away buildup. Be sure to read the cleaner instructions carefully and avoid scrubbing too aggressively on the lenses. Doing this every few weeks when washing your Wrangler will prevent hazy buildup.

Check for Condensation and Cracks

When cleaning your lights, inspect the lenses for any condensation or cracks that could allow moisture inside. Condensation inside the housing can lead to corrosion and component failure. Small cracks in the lens can also allow dirt and moisture inside, clouding the lens faster. Replace any lenses that are cracked or show substantial interior fogging to prevent issues down the road.

Use Protectant on Lenses

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

Applying a UV-resistant sealant or protectant to the light lenses can also help extend their lifespan. The sun’s UV rays can slowly degrade and cloud the lenses. A light protectant spray or sealant will create a protective barrier, preventing UV damage and keeping the lenses clearer longer. Reapply as needed when washing your Wrangler.

Check Alignments Frequently

Misaligned headlights and fog lights can lead to accelerated wear and reduced output. If a light is aimed too high or low, the filament and reflector won’t focus the beam properly. This leads to hot spots and uneven lighting that reduces output. Do a quick visual inspection of the aim every month or two. Most auto parts stores offer free headlight aim checks as well.

Replace Old Bulbs Promptly

As bulbs age, light output diminishes and operating temperatures increase. This accelerates wear on the filament. Old halogen bulbs may also develop cracks or unevenness in the glass envelope. Replace bulbs as soon as output seems low to prevent damage. LED and HID bulbs degrade less quickly, but should still be replaced once light output suffers.

Use Quality Wrangler Bulbs

Installing quality, OEM-grade replacement bulbs can extend operational life compared to cheap bulbs. Look for bulbs that are rated for long life and durability. Quality LED bulbs will typically last the longest. Match your replacement bulbs to the specified type and wattage to avoid electrical issues or overheating.

Don’t Touch the Glass

Never handle halogen bulbs with your bare fingers. The oil from your skin can weaken the glass envelope and lead to premature filament failure. Always grip new bulbs by the base, or use gloves or a tissue if needed. LED and HID bulbs are less prone to oil damage but should still be handled carefully.

Check Connections and Wiring

Loose bulb sockets, damaged wiring, and corroded connectors can all impact headlight longevity and function. When replacing bulbs, inspect the condition of the electrical contacts. Clean or replace any corroded components. Check that the replacement bulb fits snugly and makes a good contact. Loose connections cause overheating and flickering that will shorten the life of your new bulb.

Consider Replacement Housings

Need To Replace Your 2024 Wrangler Bulbs. Learn The Sizes Here

For older Wranglers, the plastic headlight housings themselves may become clouded, oxidized, or damaged. This can severely reduce output even with new bulbs. Thankfully, replacement housings are available from aftermarket manufacturers. Upgrading to a replacement housing with fresh, clear lenses can restore peak light output if your originals are worn.

Use a Headlight Restoration Kit

If your headlight lenses are simply hazed over from age and oxidation, special headlight restoration kits can often bring them back to like-new clarity. Lightly sanding the lenses and applying a sealant can work wonders in restoring clarity and light output without replacing the housings. This is a handy way to get a little more life out of cloudy lenses.

With some preventative care and prompt bulb replacement when output drops, you can keep your 2024 Jeep Wrangler lighting system performing optimally for many more miles. Proper aim and clean lenses ensure your headlights are shining bright, while high-quality bulbs provide maximum longevity. Keep your Wrangler lighting system in top shape and you’ll drive with confidence in any condition.