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Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

When it comes to relaxing at home, few furniture pieces can compare to a comfortable recliner chair. Among the most popular brands of recliners on the market today is Homcom – known for their diverse selection of manual and power reclining chairs. If you’re considering a Homcom recliner for your living room or den, this review will highlight the top features and benefits to help you decide if they are worth your money.

Homcom Manual Recliner Design – Is it Comfortable & Durable?

One of the key things to evaluate with any recliner is the overall design and build quality. Homcom manual recliners feature wide padded seats and contoured backrests to cradle your body comfortably. They use high-density sponge padding covered in soft, durable upholstery like leather or polyester fabric. The framing is constructed from solid wood and steel to provide stability and prevent sagging over time. Most Homcom models feature overstuffed arms with padding for extra comfort and side support when reclining.

From a durability standpoint, Homcom recliners are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction and quality materials. The reclining mechanism is covered by a 1-year warranty, while the steel and wood frame is often backed by a 2 to 5-year warranty. So you can relax knowing your Homcom chair will provide many years of comfortable use.

Checking the Frame & Upholstery Quality of Homcom Chairs

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

When shopping for any furniture, it’s wise to look closely at how well it is constructed. For a Homcom recliner, check that the internal steel frame feels rigid and robust. The upholstery fabric or leather should be pulled taut across the padding with no sagging or wrinkles. Stress points like the arm joints should be tightly sewn and reinforced for durability.

High quality upholstery will feel soft yet supportive on Homcom chairs. Leather or thick polyester fabrics are preferable over thin faux leather or vinyl options. Seams should be neatly stitched and consistent in color. Minor irregularities can form over time with use but should not affect the chair’s comfort or longevity.

Do Homcom Power Recliners Offer Customizable Positions?

A key advantage of Homcom power recliners is the ability to customize your seating position at the touch of a button. Many Homcom models offer power recline and lift functions to move the footrest and entire chair up and down. This allows you to find the perfect spot for reading, watching TV or simply putting your feet up after a long day.

Look for Homcom power chairs that offer independent back and footrest positioning. This enables you to find just the right lumbar support while stretching out your legs. Padded power buttons should be easy to reach. USB charging ports are also nice bonus features found on some Homcom recliners.

Comparing Prices – Are Homcom Recliners Affordable?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Given their quality construction, Homcom recliners offer excellent value for money. Manual recliner chairs can be found for $120 to $200 for standard models. Mid-range options with bonuses like storage arms, swivel bases and rocking function run $200 to $500. High end power recliners with massage, heating and other luxury features can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000+.

Consider how often you will use your Homcom recliner when deciding on budget. Leather chairs also command higher prices but can justify the cost with their supple feel and durable upholstery. For occasional use, affordable microfiber or polyester recliners offer ample comfort and support.

Homcom Leather vs Fabric Recliner Chairs – Which is Best?

Leather and fabric each have their pros and cons when it comes to Homcom recliners. Leather has an elegant, timeless look and feels wonderfully soft and supple. It resists stains and pet hair and ages well over time. The downsides are leather’s higher cost and tendency to absorb body heat.

Fabric upholstery like microfiber is budget-friendly and available in wide range of colors to suit any décor. It feels plush and cozy against your skin. The drawbacks include potential pilling, wrinkling and staining over time. Fabrics also absorb more hair and dander compared to leather.

Ultimately, leather is ideal if you cherish luxury and durability, while fabric strikes the best balance for family-friendly upholstery that works with most budgets and lifestyles.

Finding the Right Size Homcom Recliner for Your Space

Before ordering your Homcom chair, measure the floor space you have available and compare it to the product dimensions. Leave ample clearance around the recliner when fully extended to allow for easy access. Standard manual models need around 2-3 feet of space from walls or other furniture.

Seat height, width and capacity are other key factors. Measure from floor to knee height when seated to gauge ideal seat height. Choose wide armrests if you’ll be nursing or feeding a baby. Check weight limits accommodate all expected users. Having these measurements will help select the perfect sized recliner.

Assembling Your New Homcom Recliner – Is it Easy?

Putting together Homcom recliners is a straightforward process most owners can handle in under an hour without extra tools or expertise. The chair ships with clearly labeled parts and simple instructions on how to join the base, backrest, seat and arms.

The most important steps are securing the reclining mechanism properly between the steel brackets and making sure screws are tightened in their proper sequence. Going slowly and carefully ensures your new Homcom chair assembles safely and functions smoothly for years of relaxation.

Testing the Swivel Function on Homcom Swivel Recliners

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Some Homcom recliner styles come with a spinning swivel function that rotates a full 360 degrees. This enables you to easily turn towards conversations, the TV or other focal points without straining your neck.

When testing swivel Homcom chairs, make sure the chair glides smoothly when turned and does not catch or jerk along the way. The swivel base should feel sturdy with no wobbling. Spinning around a few times also checks for any rubbing or grinding sounds from the swivel mechanism that could indicate issues.

Homcom Recliner Ratings & Reviews – What Owners Say

Overall, Homcom recliners receive largely positive feedback across major retail sites. The average rating is around 4 out of 5 stars, indicating most owners are satisfied with their purchases. Positive reviews praise the comfort, easy assembly, stylish design and quality at reasonable prices.

A few negatives cite recliners arriving with defects, subpar fabric quality on some models, and less than ideal customer service response times. However, Homcom provides 1-year warranties on defective parts, which helps offset these rare quality concerns reported.

Are Homcom Recliners Worth Buying? Our Final Verdict

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

For shoppers seeking reliable comfort at affordable prices, Homcom recliners present an appealing option. They offer ergonomic designs focused on customized relaxation in manual and power-adjustable models. Durable construction and quality upholstery add to the overall value proposition.

While rare defects can occur, Homcom’s warranties combined with proper assembly helps safeguard your investment. Considering the positive experiences reported by most owners, Homcom recliners remain a recommended choice that can help create your ideal relaxation oasis without breaking the budget.

When shopping for a comfortable recliner, Homcom is one of the top brands to consider. Their diverse selection includes everything from affordable manual chairs to high-end power recliners with premium features. But are Homcom recliners really worth the investment? In this in-depth review, we’ll examine the key benefits and downsides to help you decide.

Checking the Frame & Upholstery Quality of Homcom Chairs

One of the most important factors in any recliner purchase is the overall construction quality. Thankfully, Homcom recliners score well in this department. The internal steel frames feel rigid and stable, able to withstand years of regular use. Good reinforcement around high stress areas also prevents loose joints or cracking.

Upholstery is another key indicator of durability. Better Homcom models use supple yet durable leather or thick polyester fabric rather than cheap vinyls prone to tearing. When testing in person, make sure the upholstery is tightly pulled across the padding with no sagging spots. Check that seams are neatly stitched and consistent in color tone.

Of course, some wear and minor irregularities will emerge over time as the chair is used. But quality materials like leather develop a handsome patina with age rather than appearing shabby. Overall, Homcom’s solid frames and upholstery should maintain both good looks and comfort for years if cared for properly.

Do Homcom Power Recliners Offer Customizable Positions?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

One major perk of Homcom power recliners is how customizable the seating positions can be. Many models allow you to independently adjust the backrest angle and footrest height to dial in your perfect spot.

Look for Homcom power chairs with easy-to-reach side buttons that let you shift from upright to fully reclined with ease. Being able to tweak lumbar support while relaxing your legs reduces strain. Handy bonuses like USB charging ports also allow you to stay powered up while powered down in your recliner.

The ability to save favorite positions is another useful feature in pricier Homcom models. This enables anyone in the household to return to their ideal settings at the touch of a button – no more jostling for the prime reclining real estate!

Comparing Prices – Are Homcom Recliners Affordable?

Given their solid construction, Homcom recliners are very competitively priced. Simple manual chairs can be found for between $120-$200. Mid-range options with convenient extras like storage arms, swiveling bases, and rocking functionality run from $200-$500.

Top-tier Homcom power recliners with high-end features like full-body massage, heat, and high weight capacities understandably run higher – anywhere from $500 into the thousands. But on the whole, Homcom offers options suitable for almost any recliner budget.

Rest assured, whichever you choose, Homcom’s quality materials and workmanship ensure you get excellent value for your money. But calculating your budget based on frequency of use is wise. Leather costs more upfront but makes sense for heavy daily use. More occasional recliners can opt for cozy yet affordable microfiber or polyester fabrics to keep costs down.

Finding the Right Size Homcom Recliner for Your Space

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Making sure to choose the right sized Homcom recliner for your room is key to maximizing both comfort and functionality. Start by carefully measuring your available floor space and comparing to the product dimensions listed.

Allow ample clearance around the sides – at least 2-3 feet for manual models. This enables you to fully recline and stand up without bumping walls or furniture. Check seat height and width suit your body and usage – like nursing a baby. Accurately sizing your recliner upfront prevents crammed quarters down the road.

Homcom offers a versatile range of compact to oversized recliners fitting spaces small and large. Taking measurements beforehand ensures you select the ideal chair size for your home layout and needs.

Testing the Swivel Function on Homcom Swivel Recliners

Some Homcom recliner styles swivel a full 360 degrees on a rotating base. This freedom of movement enables conveniently pivoting towards the TV, conversations, or whatever focal point you need without straining your neck.

When testing swiveling function, make sure the Homcom chair rotates smoothly in both directions. Spin it a few times checking for any jerky catching or uneven gliding motions. The swivel mechanism should operate quietly – beware any squeaking or grinding sounds.

The chair should also feel completely stable when facing any direction. Try leaning into the armrests when swiveled sideways to check for rocking or wobbling that could indicate an unsteady base.

Homcom Recliner Ratings & Reviews – What Owners Say

The average online rating for Homcom recliners hovers around 4 out of 5 stars, reflecting mostly positive experiences among owners. Fans cite the comfort, stylish designs, easy assembly, and quality materials as reasons they recommend Homcom.

A few negative reviews report quality defects out of the box or subpar fabric on lower-end models. Homcom’s 1-year warranties help alleviate concerns over premature parts failures. And sticking with mid-range or higher price points generally provides a better experience.

Considering their solid construction and comfortable seating for the money, the majority of customers are pleased with their Homcom recliner purchases.

Are Homcom Recliners Worth Buying? Our Final Verdict

Ultimately, Homcom recliners represent a great value for shoppers seeking customized relaxation on a budget. Their chairs combine ergonomic designs focused on comfort with durable, quality materials built to last. From manual to power models, Homcom’s versatile catalog provides options suited for most needs and budgets.

While isolated quality concerns can occur, Homcom backs its products with reassuring warranties. And proper assembly is key to maximizing product life and performance. Taking into account their strengths versus minimal downsides, most reviewers happily recommend Homcom as a comfortable, affordable recliner brand worth buying.

Do Homcom Power Recliners Offer Customizable Positions?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money? : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Homcom Heated Vibrating PU Leather Recliner

Homcom Manual Recliner Chair

Homcom Heated Massage Recliner Chair

Homcom Swivel Recliner Chair

Homcom PU Leather Recliner Chair

Homcom Electric Power Lift Recliner

Homcom Manual Recliner with Ottoman

Homcom 2-Piece Recliner Chair Set

Homcom Manual Rocker Recliner Chair

Homcom PU Leather Recliner Chair with Ottoman

When it comes to finding the perfect recliner for your home, Homcom offers a wide selection of affordable options. But are these recliners really worth your hard-earned money? I compared prices and reviews across their top models to find out if Homcom’s reclining chairs provide good value.

Comparing Prices – Are Homcom Recliners Affordable?

One of the biggest draws of Homcom recliners is their reasonable price points. Models range from around $120 on the low end up to $300 for more premium leather recliners. This puts them at an attractive mid-range price compared to the ~$100 cheap bonded leather chairs and the $400+ high end brands.

Specifically looking at their manual recliner styles, the Homcom PU leather manual recliner chair runs about $120. Comparable faux leather manual chairs from brands like Best Choice Products and Esright cost similarly in the $130 range. For real leather, Homcom’s leather manual recliner chair bumps up to around $200. Other real leather manual recliners can run $250-300, so Homcom’s version remains competitively priced.

When it comes to Homcom’s power recliners, their powered reclining chair sells for approximately $270. Other brands like Mcombo, Esright, and Best Choice Products offer similar powered recliners between $250-300. So again, Homcom lands in an attractive middle ground for shoppers wanting electric recline without big price tags.

Based on these examples, Homcom recliners consistently offer affordable pricing relative to comparable models from other brands. You’re getting mid-tier quality chairs without forcing your budget. But a good deal means nothing if the product itself disappoints – so how do Homcom’s recliners actually perform?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money? : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

I compared Homcom’s 10 best-selling and top-rated recliner chairs to see if they live up to their budget-friendly pricing. Here’s how they stacked up:

1. Homcom PU Leather Heated Vibrating Recliner Chair

This popular pu leather vibrating recliner comes loaded with bonus features like heating, USB ports and side storage pockets. Reviewers on Homcom’s site give it 4.4/5 stars, praising its comfort and calling it “the best chair ever!” Some noted the chair is smaller/shorter than expected. But for the sub $150 price, most felt it was an excellent value.

2. Homcom PU Leather 360 Swivel Recliner Chair

This manual swivel recliner gets high marks for its smooth 360 degree swiveling and accessible side lever reclining. Multiple reviews described it as very well-made and comfortable. A few found the cushioning thinner than preferred. Overall it earns a 4.5/5 star average, with users pleased with the quality for the affordable sub $150 cost.

3. Homcom Faux Leather Heated Massage Recliner Chair

This popular fake leather model offers massage and heating functions. It earns a 4.4/5 star rating, with reviews praising its soft, quality PU leather feel and excellent vibrating massage. Some noted tricky assemble and a few wished the neck rest was taller. But for the reasonable $180 price tag, most found it a great value.

4. Homcom Faux Leather Manual Recliner Chair

This budget-friendly manual recliner costs under $120 but still offers padded support and easy side-lever reclining. It scores 4.3/5 stars, with reviews calling it sturdy, comfy and well-built for the low price. Shorter users wished the footrest was longer. A few noted minor defects like loose stitching. Overall a great affordable choice.

5. Homcom PU Leather Manual Recliner Chair

This manual pu leather recliner is another popular choice earning 4.4/5 stars. Users describe a high quality chair with thick, supple leather and reliable reclining function. Some wished the footrest was longer. A few noted damage in shipping. But for around $120, most considered it a worthwhile recliner.

6. Homcom 3 Seater PU Leather Reclining Sofa

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

This 3-seat reclining couch wins over reviewers with its affordable price under $300 and family-friendly 3-seat size. Users describe the PU leather as high-quality and the recliners as sturdy and comfortable. Some wished the footrests were longer. A few noted tricky assembly and minor defects. But overall a great budget-priced reclining sofa.

7. Homcom Manual Recliner Chair with Ottoman

This manual recliner-and-ottoman set scores 4.3/5 stars for its easy reclining, matching ottoman and padded comfort. Reviewers call it sturdy, well-made and comfortable. Some wished the cushions were thicker and found the ottoman too small. A few noted small defects. But for around $150, most were impressed with the quality.

8. Homcom PU Leather Electric Power Recliner Chair

Users love this power recliner’s smooth electric controls and adjustable leg rest and back positions. It earns 4.6/5 stars with reviews describing a sturdy, quality chair that’s easy to assemble. Some noted tricky wiring and a few marks in shipping. Overall an excellent powered recliner under $300.

9. Homcom Padded Recliner Chair with Footstool

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

This manual chair-and-footstool bundle wins 4.6/5 stars for its padded comfort and matching ottoman. Users describe it as sturdy, well-made and cozy. Some wished the cushions were thicker. A few noted the footstool was smaller than expected. But for around $130, a fantastic budget-friendly set.

10. Homcom Faux Leather Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

This popular massage recliner earns 4.5/5 stars for its soft leather, thorough massage and easy reclining function. Reviews praise its comfort and call it the “best purchase ever.” Some wished the neck rest was taller and noted tricky wiring. But overall delivers excellent features and comfort for under $200.

Based on these reviews, the top Homcom recliners consistently offer great bang-for-your-buck. Despite small flaws here and there, the chairs score high marks for comfort, quality, and value at budget-friendly price points. So while they may not match the perfection of ultra high-end brands, Homcom recliners punch well above their pricing.

If you want a quality recliner under $300, Homcom models make great affordable options worth considering. They cut costs without compromising too much on comfort and performance. Just be ready for some minor defects. Overall, Homcom recliners can help you get excellent recliner value to make your lounging and relaxation budget go further.

When shopping for the perfect recliner, one key decision is whether to choose leather or fabric upholstery. Homcom offers both types across their many affordable recliner models. But which is the better pick? Here I’ll compare Homcom’s leather vs. fabric recliners on cost, comfort, care and more to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Homcom Leather vs Fabric Recliner Chairs – Which is Best?

Leather and fabric recliners each have their own pros and cons. Here’s how they compare:


One of the biggest differences is price. Homcom’s faux leather recliners run approximately $150-250, while their fabric recliners cost $100-150. So leather commands a $50-100 premium over fabric.

While leather costs more upfront, it can save costs in the long run. Quality leather lasts significantly longer than fabric if cared for properly. So a good leather recliner can become a 10+ year investment. Lower-grade fabrics may show wear and need replacement faster.


Both leather and fabric recliners aim for plush, cushy comfort. Leather offers a smooth, sleek feel that naturally contours to your body. Fabric provides a soft, pillowy sit. Personal preference will determine which feels best for your relaxing.

Temperature regulation slightly favors leather. The porous fabric absorbs body heat, while leather’s skin stays cooler. But Homcom’s fabric chairs incorporate breathable meshes to minimize heat retention.


Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Fabric definitely wins for easier care and cleaning. Just use a fabric cleaner or spot treatment to freshen fabric chairs. Spilled drinks can be quickly blotted from the surface.

Leather requires more regular conditioning to prevent drying and cracking over time. Specific leather cleaners must be used to treat stains and spills. So fabric chairs involve less maintenance for looking their best.


Here personal taste rules. Smooth leather gives a sleek, sophisticated look. Available in colors like black, brown, gray and white, leather fits modern and traditional decor.

Meanwhile fabrics like microfiber offer tons of pattern and color options to fit any style. From solids to floral prints and more, fabric recliners lend fun, lively personality.

Environmental Factors

Kids and pets can make fabric the more durable, forgiving choice. From spilled juice to muddy paws, a fabric cover stands up to messes better. Leather shows scratches and stains more.

Likewise fabric better handles sunlight. Leather can dry out and fade when exposed to harsh direct light. So place leather recliners out of direct sun beams.


Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Both leather and fabric recliners can enhance relaxation with extras like massagers, heaters and USB ports. Homcom offers models of both materials with bonus perks to take your lounging up a notch.

One advantage of leather is matching ottomans more easily. Homcom’s leather chair-and-ottoman sets coordinate seamlessly to complete your reclining space.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately personal priorities determine whether leather or fabric fits your needs best:

  • If you want luxury style at a reasonable price, choose leather.
  • If you need family/pet friendly durability, opt for fabric.
  • If ease of care is key, fabric is the fuss-free winner.
  • If coziness matters most, either will relax you in pillowy comfort.

Homcom offers quality, value-packed options in both materials. And extras like massage, heat and power-recline inject indulgence into any budget. Whether you pick supple leather or soft fabric, Homcom recliners provide an affordable ticket to relaxation. Let your personal needs and style decide which material is the perfect match.

A cozy recliner can be the perfect furniture addition for lounging and relaxation. But choosing the right size recliner for your available space is key to maximizing both comfort and functionality.

Finding the Right Size Homcom Recliner for Your Space

Homcom offers recliners in a range of shapes, sizes and configurations to suit different needs. Here are some tips for selecting an appropriately sized Homcom recliner for your room:

Measure Your Space

First, carefully measure the floor area where you want to place the recliner. Be sure to account for reclined dimensions too – a recliner needs several feet clearance to fully kick back without bumping walls or furnishings. Jot down the measurements to compare with recliner sizes.

Consider Your Room’s Purpose

How you plan to use the space should guide your size selection. A smaller recliner fits well in bedrooms for intimate lounging. Larger models like triple-seat reclining sofas better suit family rooms where you want spacious shared seating.

Take Your Body Frame Into Account

Larger, wider recliners best accommodate bigger and taller users. If you have a slimmer body frame, a more compact recliner still allows full head/foot support without overwhelming your space. So always test Homcom recliners for personal fit.

Pay Attention to Proportions

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

The recliner should suit the room’s proportions. An oversized recliner overwhelms a small space. But a tiny model looks out of place in a large living area. Use your room measurements and the recliner dimensions to gauge good proportions.

Consider Your Household Size

How many people live in your home? Singles and couples need only 1-2 seats. Bigger families should size up to 3-4+ seats to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Examine Compact Options for Smaller Spaces

For bedrooms, dorms and apartments, Homcom has compact manual recliner models under 30″ wide. Their small size makes them easy to fit in corners or next to other furniture.

Take Advantage of Adjustable Power Options

Power recliners allow you to minimize and expand the footprint as needed. Fully upright, they tuck against walls. Reclined, they provide full head to toe support without cramming.

Consider Reclining Sofas for Large Areas

To furnish large living rooms or basements, Homcom’s 3 and 4 seat reclining sofas offer abundant shared seating. Their elongated shape smoothly fits along walls without dominating.

Add Ottomans for Optimal Leg Support

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Pairing recliners with matching ottomans extends leg support for smaller spaces. The ottoman tucks underneath when not needed.

Measure for Entryways Like Doorways

Make sure to measure entryways to ensure the recliner can pass through doorways during delivery. Larger recliners may require in-place assembly when access is tight.

By carefully measuring your available space, considering room use,personal fit, and proportions, you can select a Homcom recliner with ideal size. Compact, multi-seat, power adjustable or ottoman-enhanced models help tailor your recliner experience. With some planning, you’ll find just the right chair size to maximize comfort and relaxation in your unique space.

One concern shoppers have when purchasing recliners online is the assembly process. Is tackling a Homcom recliner build straightforward or frustrating? Here’s what to expect when putting together your new Homcom chair.

Assembling Your New Homcom Recliner – Is it Easy?

Homcom recliners come packed in boxes with all parts, tools, and instructions included. Here’s an overview of the assembly process and ease for key models:

Typical Homcom Recliner Assembly

A standard Homcom recliner includes the backrest, seat base, side panels, footrest, and hardware packed into one box. Assembly steps include:

  1. Attaching the backrest to the seat base
  2. Securing the armrests to the sides
  3. Connecting the footrest and recline linkage
  4. Adding cushions and covers

This involves lining up screw holes, inserting bolts, and tightening everything with the included Allen wrench and hardware. Any specialty functions like massagers or power units have separate instructions.

Time to Assemble

Total assembly time ranges from 30-90 minutes depending on recliner style. Simple manual chairs take around 30-45 minutes. More complex power recliners or sectionals can take 60-90 minutes due to more components and electrical connections.

Difficulty Level

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Reviews indicate most customers find Homcom recliners easy to assemble. The steps are straightforward, with clear diagrams. All the tools and hardware are included. Power recliners take a bit more time and care to wire up correctly.

Is Help Needed?

Homcom recliners are designed for solo assembly. An extra set of hands can speed up the process, but the average customer reports being able to put their recliner together independently without issue.

Tips to Make Assembly Easier

Follow these tips for the smoothest assembly process:

  • Carefully review all instructions before starting
  • Sort hardware and tools so they are easily accessible
  • Clear ample space to work in and around the recliner
  • Go slowly and double check alignments before tightening bolts
  • Follow power cord management directions closely
  • Do not force any components – realign if needed

Are Homcom Instructions Helpful?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Yes, Homcom includes clearly written instructions with step-by-step diagrams and parts lists. Critical steps are highlighted and different hardware labeled for easy identification. Reviewing the manual before starting is highly recommended.

Missing or Faulty Parts?

It’s rare, but some customers noted missing bolts or defective parts. Homcom has excellent customer service to promptly ship replacements if needed.

Best Advice for Smooth Assembly

Go slow, follow directions carefully, and do not force pieces together. Having a second person to help align parts can also be beneficial. Laying out hardware in labeled piles makes pieces easy to grab. With Homcom’s detailed guides, assembling your recliner should go quick and smoothly.

The Verdict on Assembling Homcom Recliners

Overall, Homcom recliners earn high marks for easy assembly. The process is straightforward enough for one person thanks to thorough instructions and labeled parts. Just follow the steps carefully, take your time, and don’t force pieces. Helpful tips include:

  • Review instructions fully before starting
  • Sort hardware and tools for easy access
  • Clear ample workspace to move around the recliner
  • Go slow and double check alignments
  • Have a second person assist with alignments

With Homcom’s clear assembly directions, all necessary parts, and some patience, constructing your new recliner should proceed smoothly. Before long you can kick back and enjoy the superior comfort and relaxation Homcom chairs provide.

One of the standout features of Homcom’s swivel recliner chairs is their ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. This adds convenience and versatility to the reclining experience. But how well does the swivel mechanism actually work? Here’s what to look for when testing out the swivel on your new Homcom rotating recliner.

Testing the Swivel Function on Homcom Swivel Recliners

Homcom manufactures several models of swivel recliner chairs that can fully rotate around. Testing the smoothness and ease of the swivel should be top priority once you assemble your new revolving recliner. Here are key things to look for:

1. Complete 360 Degree Rotation

Can the chair make a full circle without stopping or getting stuck? Fully swivel the chair clockwise and counter-clockwise to verify complete revolving capability.

2. Smoothness of Motion

A quality swivel recliner rotates smoothly and evenly without jerky hesitation or uneven spots. Swivel back and forth slowly and listen for any squeaking or grinding noises.

3. Locks Securely in Place

When you stop swiveling, the chair should lock securely in place at any angle. Try stopping at various points in the rotation to check it does not slide or drift.

4. Easy to Operate Swivel Mechanism

It should not require much effort to swivel the chair. You simply pivot your body weight naturally to activate the rotation. If you have to forcefully spin it, there may be a defect.

5. Durable Base Construction

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Inspect that the swivel plate and base appear sturdily constructed. Low quality materials can warp or break under regular use.

6. Sufficient Clearance

When swiveling, no parts should rub or catch on the floor surface. Check a full circle rotation has ample clearance.

7. Armrests Stay Level

As the chair swivels, the armrests should remain level and not tilt up or down. Tilting indicates an imbalance.

8. Back and Seat Align Properly

Sit in the chair and swivel it around checking the backrest and seat base stay aligned. Misalignment causes discomfort.

9. fabrics and Stitching Intact

Inspect that the upholstery shows no tearing or damage from the rotating motion. This can indicate rubbing or catching.

10. Recline Still Functions Smoothly

Test that the chair still reclines fully and smoothly in different swiveled positions. The motions should not impact each other.

What If There Are Problems?

First re-check that all bolts are tightened properly and parts aligned according to the assembly instructions. This can easily fix minor issues.

For defective mechanisms, Homcom’s customer service is excellent about swiftly sending replacement parts. Be sure to contact them right away while still within the return window.

Getting the Most from Your Swivel

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

When properly assembled, Homcom’s swivel recliner chairs offer excellent convenience being able to rotate completely to face any direction. This allows easily conversing with family and friends, watching TV from multiple angles, and reaching surrounding items without strain. Just be sure to test your new swivel recliner thoroughly and make any needed adjustments early on so you can enjoy this useful feature to the fullest.

When shopping for furniture online, customer reviews can provide valuable insight into real-world quality and performance. Here we’ll dive into feedback from Homcom recliner owners to spotlight common pros and cons.

Homcom Recliner Ratings & Reviews – What Owners Say

Analyzing Homcom recliner reviews reveals common high and low points owners call out. Here are the trends:

Positive Feedback

On average Homcom recliners earn around 4 out of 5 stars, indicating most customers are satisfied with their purchases. Positive feedback includes:

  • Comfortable cushions and padded upholstery
  • Smooth, reliable reclining function
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Attractive look at a reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble in under an hour

Owners say Homcom recliners provide great comfort and support for lounging and relaxation without breaking the budget. The chairs exceed expectations for the affordable price point.

Negative Critiques

While less frequent, critical reviews focus on:

  • Arms feel flimsy or wobbly
  • Cushions lose plushness quicker than expected
  • Leather wears faster than anticipated
  • Size runs smaller than pictured
  • Minor defects like loose stitching or dents

These issues are typical for lower-cost recliners. While Homcom quality surpasses the price, corners must be cut somewhere to offer budget seating. Quality controls sometimes miss flaws.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Homcom provides a 1-month return window if any defects are unacceptable. They also quickly ship replacement parts foreasy do-it-yourself repairs.

Key Takeaways from Ratings & Reviews

In summary, Homcom recliner reviews indicate:

  • Superior value and quality for the affordable pricing
  • Durable construction that outlasts expectations
  • Ideal for shoppers wanting comfort on a budget
  • Minor flaws are typical of lower-cost furniture
  • Responsive customer service to resolve any issues

Top Rated Homcom Recliner Models

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Specific Homcom chairs with exceptionally high reviews include:

Homcom Faux Leather Heated Massage Recliner

With thick cushions and an excellent massage function, this recliner earns 4.4 out of 5 stars for luxurious comfort at a reasonable price.

Homcom PU Leather Swivel Recliner

Reviewers love the smooth 360 degree swivel and easy reclining on this 4.5 star chair. It holds up better than expected.

Homcom Faux Leather Manual Recliner

This budget manual recliner scores 4.3 stars for being easy to assemble, sturdy, and comfortable without breaking the bank.

The Bottom Line

Homcom recliners consistently impress owners with enjoyable features, solid construction, and plush comfort that belies the affordable price tags. While occasional flaws appear, overall Homcom offers great bang for your buck.

Are Homcom Recliners Worth Buying? Our Final Verdict

When it comes to relaxation and comfort, nothing beats sinking into a plush recliner at the end of a long day. Homcom offers an extensive selection of affordable reclining chairs but are they really worth the investment? In this article, we review the pros and cons of some of Homcom’s top-rated recliners to help you decide if their chairs are right for you.

What to Consider When Buying a Recliner

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

Before diving into specific Homcom recliner reviews, let’s go over some of the key factors to evaluate when shopping for any recliner:

  • Comfort – Cushioning and padding are paramount. Try out the chair in person if possible.
  • Customization – Look for chairs with adjustable features like reclining positions, headrests and leg rests.
  • Size – Ensure the chair will fit your body type and space. Measure carefully.
  • Materials – Leather vs microfiber vs polyester, etc. Consider your climate and cleaning needs.
  • Added features – Massage, heating, rocking, swiveling can enhance relaxation.
  • Aesthetics – Choose something that fits your style and décor.
  • Brand reputation – Opt for established brands known for quality.
  • Price – Set a budget and look for sales on high-ticket items.

Homcom Manual Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for an affordable manual recliner, Homcom’s PU leather chair is a best seller. It’s billed as having ‘the comfort of a La-Z-Boy at a fraction of the price’. Here’s what reviewers are saying about its pros and cons:


  • Sturdy steel frame with thick foam padding
  • Smooth manual reclining mechanism
  • PU leather is easy to clean
  • Very budget-friendly price point
  • Easy self-assembly


  • PU leather retains heat
  • Lever action reclining not as seamless as others
  • On the smaller side
  • Some reports of footrests breaking

For under $200, Homcom’s manual recliner is a decent budget-friendly option if you don’t mind trading premium comfort for price.

Homcom Swivel Recliner Chair

Add a touch of sophistication to your living room with Homcom’s mid-century modern swivel chair. Its circular base and angled arms give it a stylish, contemporary look. But how does it perform?


  • Eye-catching retro design
  • Smooth swiveling base
  • Plush cushioned back and seat
  • Durable steel frame and solid wood legs
  • Reclines easily with side lever


  • PU leather gets warm
  • Tight seat cushion can feel firm
  • Arms don’t adjust inward
  • May tip if leaned back too far

This Homcom swivel recliner chair wins points for style and functionality. Just be prepared to add a seat cushion for extra comfort.

Hom Furniture Power Recliners

When you want powered reclining action, Hom Furniture’s faux leather push-button recliner is a customer favorite. How does it compare to pricier power chairs?


  • Smooth electric reclining
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Plush cushioning and padded arms
  • Easy-to-clean faux leather
  • Cup holders and storage pockets


  • Bulky armrests limit mobility
  • Faux leather retains heat
  • Shorter warranty than costly brands
  • May sag with regular use
  • Occasional motor issues reported

While not quite as durable as a La-Z-Boy, Hom Furniture’s powered recliner is a quality budget option under $500.

Should You Buy a Homcom Recliner Chair?

Are These Top Homcom Recliner Chairs Worth Your Money. : The 10 Best Homcom Reclining Chairs Reviewed

When reviewing Homcom’s range of manual, powered and swivel recliners, it’s clear they offer an impressive selection at wallet-friendly price points. However, cheaper materials and manufacturing can lead to some compromises in overall quality and longevity compared to investment pieces.

That said, Homcom recliners present an excellent value for shoppers wanting basic reclining function without breaking the bank. Their chairs strike a nice balance between cost, customization and comfort. Just have realistic expectations in terms of their lifespan and be prepared to potentially upgrade cushions or parts down the road.

If you’re seeking a temporary recliner on a strict budget or want to test different styles before splurging, Homcom chairs are definitely worth considering. Just don’t expect the absolute smoothest reclining action or softest cushions at their prices. However, for occasional TV watching or infrequent guest use, Homcom recliners will likely fit the bill.

At the end of the day, assess your budget and needs. For an inexpensive manual or powered recliner under $500, Homcom is tough to beat. But if you plan to lounge for hours daily, it may be worth investing extra in a higher-end recliner built to last.

Have you tried a Homcom recliner? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!