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Are You Protecting Your Vehicle’s Interior From The Elements: Goodyear’s Side Window Deflectors Are An Essential All-Weather Accessory

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle’s Interior From The Elements?: Goodyear’s Side Window Deflectors Are An Essential All-Weather Accessory

Introduction to Goodyear Side Window Deflectors

Driving with the windows down on a sunny day can be an absolute delight. Feeling the fresh air breeze through the cabin as you cruise down the open road epitomizes the freedom and exhilaration of motoring. Unfortunately, rolling down the windows also allows dust, rain, snow, and other undesirable elements to invade your vehicle’s interior. Plus, driving for extended periods with the windows fully open can create wind noise and turbulence. Goodyear side window deflectors provide the perfect solution, allowing you to crack your windows for ventilation while preventing the ingress of moisture, debris, and noise.

Goodyear is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in automotive accessories. Their side window deflectors are precision-engineered using high-quality materials for a custom factory fit on your specific make and model. Installing Goodyear deflectors is a quick and easy process that requires no drilling. The sleek, low-profile design blends seamlessly with your vehicle’s lines for a clean, integrated look. Unlike stick-on deflectors that can peel and leave sticky residue, Goodyear’s in-channel mounting system creates an unbreakable seal.

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality and protection of your vehicle, Goodyear side window deflectors deserve serious consideration. This article will explore the key benefits these accessories provide and explain why they are considered a must-have addition for many drivers.

Block Rain, Snow, and Debris from Entering the Cabin

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

One of the primary benefits of side window deflectors is keeping the interior dry in wet weather. With the deflectors installed, you can crack your windows during rainstorms or heavy snow and prevent water from dripping inside. The aerodynamically designed deflectors divert moisture away, allowing fresh air circulation without getting the seats and carpets soaked. This comes in handy on longer drives when you want some ventilation without being blasted by frigid air conditioning.

Goodyear deflectors also act as a barrier against windblown dust, pollen, and other road debris. Keeping these particles out of the cabin helps maintain interior cleanliness and protects passengers with allergies or sensitivities. The deflectors allow you to breathe cleaner, filtered air while driving through dusty conditions or during pollen season.

Reduce Wind Noise and Turbulence

Driving for hours at highway speeds with open windows can get tiresome due to wind buffeting and noise. Goodyear side window deflectors allow you to crack the windows at an optimal airflow level while reducing turbulence and roar. By smoothly redirecting wind over the car, the deflectors enable a quieter, more comfortable ride. Passengers can converse normally without having to shout over the din of rushing air. The reduction in wind noise and buffeting makes long trips less fatiguing for the driver as well.

The aerodynamic shape of Goodyear deflectors also helps minimize wind throb, which is the pulsing, drumming sensation caused by air oscillating in and out of the cabin. This fluctuation in air pressure can be distracting and annoying over time. By smoothing out airflow, the deflectors provide a calmer, more relaxing drive.

Maintain Interior Temperature

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Cracked windows courtesy of your Goodyear deflectors can help maintain comfortable interior temperatures in hot or cold weather. Allowing a touch of fresh air circulation removes stagnant air and keeps the cabin from becoming too hot, cold, or stuffy. But since you can fine tune the window opening, you don’t get a blast of sweltering or frigid outside air. This supplemental ventilation relieves static, odor buildup, and that “stuffiness” that can occur when the AC or heater runs nonstop.

Your deflectors also reduce air turbulence that can sometimes disrupt climate control ductwork. The smoothed airflow enables your ventilation system to maintain set temperatures more efficiently. Bottom line – side window deflectors give you better command over interior comfort and climate control.

Enhanced Security and UV Protection

Allowing your windows to remain partially open while parked acts as a basic security deterrent by indicating occupancy. This visible cue keeps opportunistic thieves at bay. Goodyear side window deflectors permit cracked windows even during rainstorms or if you’ll be away for an extended time.

The tinted acrylic material also provides protection against UV rays, helping prevent sun damage to interior surfaces. This shields dashboards, upholstery, and other components from the premature fading and cracking that extensive UV exposure causes. Think of the deflectors as sunscreen for your vehicle’s cabin.

Sleek, Custom Look

Unlike stick-on universal deflectors, Goodyear side window deflectors are custom-contoured for an OE-style fit. The low profile nestles flush against the vehicle for a clean, integrated appearance. Constructed from impact-resistant acrylic, Goodyear deflectors maintain their shape and luster even in extreme weather. You’ll enjoy years of functionality with an authentic factory look.

Goodyear deflectors are available to match your vehicle’s tint. Whether you opt for smoke black, light smoke, or clear, the hue seamlessly complements your windows for added aesthetics. Plus, the dark tint further reduces sunlight glare and heat buildup.

User-Friendly Installation

Installing Goodyear side window deflectors is a straightforward process that won’t consume an entire afternoon in the driveway. These deflectors utilize a tape-and-clip system that mounts inside the window channel. No drilling into the vehicle or running exterior tape is required. Complete installation instructions are provided.

Goodyear deflectors pop into place and an integrated clip expands to create a tight friction fit. Just clean the mounting area, peel the adhesive backing, and press into place. The low-profile clips tuck away for a clean appearance. Should you ever wish to remove the deflectors, they come off quickly and leave no damage or sticky residue behind.

With easy DIY installation and hassle-free removal, you can outfit your vehicle with Goodyear side window deflectors in under an hour. Enjoy the benefits right away – no appointment with the dealer or tint shop needed.

Choose the Trusted Goodyear Brand

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

When you want the very best in fit, function, quality, and style, Goodyear is the smart choice. As leaders and innovators in the automotive industry for over 100 years, their name is synonymous with engineering excellence. The advanced acrylic material and aerodynamic shaping ensure peak performance in channeling water, blocking debris, smoothing airflow, and more.

With minimal investment, Goodyear side window deflectors provide year-round protection and comfort. No more sopping wet seats after a sudden downpour or wrestling with stiff, crank windows on cold mornings. Your vehicle’s interior stays dry and comfortable in any weather while reducing noise and turbulence.

These ingeniously designed accessories also help remove stale air, maintain ideal temperatures, deter theft, and block harmful UV rays. Installation takes just minutes for a custom, OEM-quality appearance. For invaluable all-weather functionality and the Goodyear stamp of quality, upgrade your ride with side window deflectors today. Your commute will never feel the same!

Keep Rain Out and Let Fresh Air In

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to protect your vehicle’s interior from the elements while still allowing fresh air to flow through? Goodyear’s side window deflectors are an essential all-weather accessory that every vehicle owner should consider.

Goodyear’s in-channel window deflectors are custom-molded to seamlessly fit into the window channel of your specific make and model. This creates a tight seal that prevents rain, snow, and debris from entering, while allowing you to crack your windows open for ventilation. By keeping your windows open just a little, you can let fresh air circulate through your vehicle while keeping the interior dry.

These sleek deflectors are designed to be aerodynamic and discreet. Once installed, they blend right into the contours of your vehicle for a factory installed appearance. You get all the function without compromising the look of your ride.

Goodyear’s shatterproof acrylic construction also provides an extra layer of protection. They can withstand impacts from rocks and debris that could otherwise crack or shatter your window glass. This adds security and prevents costly glass damage.

These versatile deflectors aren’t just functional in bad weather either. Crack your windows open on sunny days to let refreshing airflow in and help reduce heat buildup inside the cabin. The tinted acrylic material offers protection from UV rays to help block the sun’s glare and keep interior surfaces protected.

Goodyear’s side window deflectors come in a variety of sizes and tint options to give you a truly custom setup. They offer a perfect solution for all cab styles, from sedans and coupes to trucks, SUVs and minivans. You can get clear or smoke tinted deflectors for all positions, including front driver and passenger windows, rear passenger windows, and rear cargo windows.

With easy no-drill installation, anyone can install a set of Goodyear rain guards in minutes. Just clean the window channel, peel the adhesive backing and stick the deflectors in place. The 3M automotive-grade adhesive creates a strong and long-lasting bond. Maintenance is also a breeze since the material is resistant to cracking, fading and warping from sun exposure.

Protecting your vehicle’s interior from rain, snow, wind, and UV rays is a must for any driver. Goodyear’s side window deflectors offer performance, protection and style all in one. Keep the inside of your ride clean and dry regardless of the weather with these innovative yet subtle accessories.

Benefits of Goodyear Side Window Deflectors

Here are some of the key benefits that make Goodyear side window deflectors a smart addition for any vehicle:

  • Keep rain, snow and debris out while allowing fresh air to circulate through cracked windows
  • Sleek in-channel design blends seamlessly into window channel for OEM look
  • Shatterproof acrylic material prevents glass damage from impacts
  • Lets you partially roll down windows to reduce heat and allow airflow
  • Blocks UV rays to prevent interior fading
  • Custom-molded for your specific make, model and year
  • Front and rear applications available for all cab styles
  • Clear or smoke tints complement your vehicle’s color
  • Easy no-drill installation with included 3M adhesive tape
  • Durable and long-lasting construction resists cracking and warping

Custom Protection and Style

The biggest advantage Goodyear window deflectors offer over other rain guards is their custom-contoured design. Each set is engineered specifically for the window channels of your vehicle make, model and year.

This allows the deflectors to seamlessly integrate into the lines of your windows for a continuous, flowing appearance. You don’t have to settle for flimsy universal rain guards that look out of place and provide subpar protection.

Goodyear deflectors come in clear or dark smoke tint depending on your preference. The tinted acrylic has a sleek look, while also blocking glare and UV rays. Both clear and tinted versions allow you to crack windows for ventilation without letting in rain or debris.

You also have the choice of front window only sets or full window sets. Get driver and passenger side front window deflectors for a minimalist look, or outfit your vehicle with deflectors for all four door windows for 360 degree protection. There are even rear cargo window deflectors available for SUVs and vans.

Unbeatable All-Weather Protection

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Nothing’s worse than getting into your vehicle on a rainy day to find the seats soggy from open windows. Or showing up to work with a car full of leaves, pollen and snow that blew in through cracked windows.

Goodyear’s in-channel deflectors form a seal that prevents exterior weather and contaminants from getting inside. No more wet seats or carpets when it’s storming. You can partially open your windows without worrying about dirt and debris being blown in.

The tight fit hugs the contour of the windows to deflect water away. Sleet, heavy rain and even automatic car washes are no match for Goodyear’s weatherproof design. Snow and tree sap can’t accumulate on the edges of your windows either.

And if you do get caught in a storm or experience an impact with debris, Goodyear’s shatterproof acrylic shields your window glass. Preventing costly glass damage provides peace of mind.

Let the Fresh Air In

While keeping the wet weather out, Goodyear deflectors also allow you to crack open your windows just a little for fresh airflow. Even having your windows open an inch or two makes a surprising difference in interior comfort.

On hot sunny days, slightly open windows allows interior air to circulate with fresh air from outside. This ventilation cools down the cabin and reduces heat buildup significantly. Long days stuck in traffic won’t feel quite as stifling.

Cracking the windows open also helps clear out odors more quickly and reduces interior fogging. Stuffy, humid air is replaced with drier, circulating air from outside.

Goodyear’s sleek, in-channel design even allows you to drive on the highway with windows partially open. Enjoy fresh flowing air without wind noise or turbulence thanks to the aerodynamic shape.

Quick DIY Installation

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

One of the best things about Goodyear side window deflectors is how quick and easy they are to install. There’s no need for complicated tools or mechanical skills. Just peel and stick them in place with the included automotive grade adhesive tape.

Simply clean the window channel, remove the adhesive backing and press the deflectors into place along the top of the window opening. The 3M adhesive creates a strong bond that won’t come loose over time.

You can install a complete set of four deflectors in less than 10 minutes. And no drilling into your window gaskets is required which could cause water leaks. The tape does all the work to keep the deflectors firmly in place.

If you ever want to remove them, just heat the tape with a hairdryer and slowly peel the deflectors off. But once you experience the benefits of Goodyear’s window deflectors, you’ll never want to take them off!

A Smart All-Weather Accessory

Goodyear side window deflectors provide an affordable way to protect your vehicle’s interior from rain, snow, wind and debris. Keep the cabin clean and dry no matter what the weather brings. Let fresh air in to reduce heat and humidity. And enjoy the sleek custom-molded style that integrates seamlessly with your vehicle.

Every truck, car, van or SUV can benefit from the all-weather performance and protection of Goodyear’s in-channel window deflectors. They are a smart addition for any driver seeking interior comfort, airflow and protection from the elements.

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Reduce Wind Noise and Vibrations

Driving can quickly become unpleasant and fatiguing when your vehicle suffers from excessive wind noise or vibrations. Luckily, Goodyear offers several innovative products designed to reduce cabin noise and smooth out your ride.

Aerodynamic side window deflectors, sound-dampening mats, and vibration-isolating motor mounts work together to provide a quiet, comfortable driving experience. Read on to learn more about how Goodyear’s noise and vibration solutions can make every mile more enjoyable.

Cut Down on Annoying Wind Noise

Few things are more aggravating on the highway than loud wind noise. It forces you to crank up the radio and makes conversations difficult.

Goodyear’s custom-fit window deflectors allow you to crack open your windows to let fresh air in, without all the turbulence and roar. The sleek, contoured design hugs the window channel and smoothes out airflow.

This aerodynamic shape significantly reduces wind noise compared to just cracking your windows. You’ll hear less whistling and buffeting, even at highway speeds. Let the fresh air in without the headache and ear fatigue.

Sound Dampening Mats Keep Things Quiet

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Excess road noise inside the cabin can also make driving uncomfortable. Things like tire hum, suspension noise and engine rumble add up over time.

Goodyear’s sound dampening mats are made of thick, heavyweight material that effectively absorbs noise. Strategically placed throughout the floor and firewall areas, they block out road din before it has a chance to enter the interior.

This sound deadening material noticeably reduces overall noise levels. It quiets tire roar, suspension clunks and even muffles the engine. The result is a much quieter, more relaxed ride.

Isolate Vibrations with Motor Mounts

Engine vibrations are another source of noise and harshness that ruin the driving experience. As motor mounts wear out, the engine can bounce around and make the entire chassis shake.

Goodyear’s premium hydraulic motor mounts completely change the feel of your drive. They isolate engine movement and keep vibrations from being transferred into the cabin.

New motor mounts make accelerating, shifting gears, idling and even just driving down the highway much smoother. Harshness from the engine is dramatically reduced for a luxury feel.

How Deflectors Reduce Wind Noise

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Goodyear’s window deflectors are specially designed to allow fresh airflow while minimizing turbulence and noise:

  • Custom molded tohug window openings tightly
  • Low profile in-channel design smooths airflow
  • Aerodynamic shape deflects wind up and over vehicle
  • Allows windows to be partially open, reducing wind resistance
  • Helps maintain cabin pressure and reduce buffeting

Almost all wind noise comes from air turbulence and resistance against the moving vehicle. Goodyear deflectors streamline airflow and let air enter and exit the cabin smoothly and quietly.

How Sound Mats Work

There are a few keys to how Goodyear’s sound dampening mats reduce interior road noise so effectively:

  • Made from thick, heavyweight sound-absorbing material
  • Strategic placement on firewall, floor pans and wheel wells
  • Constrains noise vibration before it enters cabin
  • Blocks tire roar, suspension rattling, engine rumble
  • Makes driving much quieter and more relaxing

The thick mats act as sound insulation that mutes exterior noises before they can be transmitted into the interior. They noticeably reduce overall noise levels from multiple sources.

Benefits of Upgraded Motor Mounts

Fresh motor mounts have many advantages when it comes to vibration reduction:

  • Isolate engine movement from chassis and body
  • Hydraulic fluid absorbs engine vibrations
  • No more engine bounce or harshness when accelerating
  • Smoother shifts and idle with less vibration
  • Less noise and disturbance from engine

Goodyear’s motor mounts stop engine vibrations from being directly transferred into the cabin. This dampens harshness for a smoother, quieter driving experience.

Enjoy a Smoother, Quieter Ride

Wind noise, road noise and engine vibrations can quickly make any drive uncomfortable. Goodyear offers affordable solutions to quiet your ride.

Reduce wind roar while allowing fresh airflow with aerodynamic window deflectors. Muffle road din and tire noise with sound damping mats. And isolating engine harshness with new motor mounts.

With Goodyear’s innovative noise and vibration products, you can smooth out your drive for more comfort and less fatigue. Experience the difference a quieter cabin makes during your everyday commutes.

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Protect Your Interior From Sun Damage

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Over time, sun exposure can cause major damage to your vehicle’s interior. Fading, cracking and deterioration can make your cabin look prematurely aged. Luckily, Goodyear offers innovative window deflectors and sun shades to protect your interior from UV damage.

Custom-fit deflectors block harmful rays while letting fresh air circulate. Reflective sun shades keep surfaces cooler and prevent fading. Together, these interior protection products keep your cabin looking like new for longer.

Window Deflectors Block UV Rays

The sun’s intense ultraviolet radiation is one of the biggest threats to your interior. It causes dashboard components and upholstery to fade and dry out over time.

Goodyear’s tinted acrylic deflectors filter out UV rays to prevent this damage. Their sleek, contoured design allows you to crack windows for ventilation while blocking up to 99% of harmful UV.

Keep fresh air flowing without the damage. The special tinting helps stop sun damage to seats, carpets, door panels and other interior surfaces.

Reflective Sun Shades Keep Things Cool

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Excessive heat from the sun can also warp and crack interior plastics and leather. On hot days, cabin temperatures can reach dangerously high levels.

Goodyear’s foldable sun shades are made of reflective, metallic material that blocks sunlight. Keeping the interior cooler prevents damaging heat buildup inside your parked vehicle.

The reflective surface also stops UV rays from fading and deteriorating upholstery, carpets and dash materials. Protect your cabin from the sun when parked outside or driving with the windows down.

Repair Kits Restore Faded Surfaces

Over time even the best protection can’t stop some sun damage. Luckily Goodyear makes DIY interior repair kits to renew faded surfaces.

Door panel, dashboard and leather seat repair kits restore UV-damaged materials to like-new condition. Just clean, prep and apply the included compound to revitalize appearance and color.

These easy kits let you quickly fix sun-faded cabin components without the high cost of replacement. Keep your interior looking fresh despite years of sun exposure.

How Deflectors Stop Sun Damage

Goodyear’s window deflectors are designed to effectively block UV while allowing airflow:

  • Tinted acrylic material filters UV rays
  • Lets you crack windows for air without direct sunlight
  • Reduces sun exposure to seats and interior panels
  • Prevents fading and deterioration of materials
  • Custom-molded for perfect window contour fit

The dark tint gives the deflectors their stylish look while also protecting underlying materials from the sun’s harsh effects.

How Sun Shades Work

Goodyear sun shades utilize a few key features to protect against heat and UV:

  • Reflective metallic material blocks sunlight from entering
  • Folds up accordion-style for convenient storage
  • Reduces interior temperature when parked
  • Prevents damaging heat buildup
  • Available for windshield and side windows

The reflective surface bounces sunlight away rather than absorbing it. This keeps cabin surfaces cooler and blocks UV rays at the same time.

Repair Kits Restore Appearance

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Goodyear interior repair kits include everything needed to remove sun damage:

  • For vinyl, leather, plastic and wood surfaces
  • Removes cracking, fading and discoloration
  • Compounds restore color and luster
  • DIY application with included tools
  • Much more affordable than replacement

A little elbow grease lets you renew sun-damaged surfaces to like-new condition, saving you money.

Keep Your Cabin Looking New

Don’t let sun damage ruin the appearance of your vehicle’s interior. Goodyear has innovative products to protect against UV rays and heat buildup.

Window deflectors, sun shades and repair kits work together to maintain the look of your seats, dash, panels and upholstery for years. Defend your interior against the sun’s harsh effects.

With routine protection and periodic repair, your vehicle’s cabin can stay looking nearly new despite endless sun exposure. Maintain that just-rolled-off-the-lot appearance inside and out.

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Easy, No Drill Installation

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

One of the best things about Goodyear’s side window deflectors is how quick and easy they are to install. Thanks to the included automotive-grade tape, no drilling into your window gaskets is required.

Anyone can install a set of deflectors in minutes with the simple peel-and-stick application. No special tools or mechanical skills are needed. Read on to learn just how simple installing Goodyear’s window deflectors can be.

Peel-and-Stick Application

Goodyear utilizes 3M adhesive tape to attach the deflectors securely inside the window channels. No drilling or hardware is necessary.

Simply clean inside the window channel, peel the backing off the tape, and press the deflectors into place. The tape bonds tightly to create a durable, long-lasting hold.

The peel-and-stick application makes installation quick and easy. No trying to align small fiddly screws or dealing with bracket hardware. Just stick them on and enjoy the benefits immediately.

No Special Tools Needed

Since no drilling is required, you don’t need any special tools to install Goodyear deflectors. No electric drill or assorted drill bits to contend with.

The included 3M tape handles all the attachment work for you. Just use the provided adhesive primer wipe to prep the window channel before application.

Any automotive owner can handle the simple peel-and-stick process. Just take your time and follow the instructions to get a perfect installation.

Install in Minutes

With the quick no-drill installation, you can install a complete set of Goodyear window deflectors in a matter of minutes.

Experienced DIYers report being able to install a full 4-piece set in around 10-15 minutes total. Even if you take your time to get the fit just right, the job should take no longer than 30 minutes.

That’s way faster than trying to install universal flimsy stick-on deflectors. Or using bracket systems that require carefully drilling holes and aligning hardware.

No Gasket Damage or Leaks

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Drilling into window gaskets risks permanently damaging the seals and allowing water leaks. That’s why Goodyear’s tape application is so great.

Without drilling, you avoid any chance of creating holes or cracks in the window seals. There’s no risk of wind noise, water leaks or body leaks down the road.

The included 3M automotive tape provides a secure bond while being gentle on sensitive window gaskets. No leaks or damage to worry about.

Easy Removal When Needed

Although the adhesive is extremely strong, Goodyear deflectors can be removed when needed. Just take your time and go slow.

Gently heat the tape using a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive. Slowly work the deflector free while continuing to apply heat.

The tape is designed to release without leaving any residue or damaging the window channel. Removal takes longer than installation but is still straightforward.

Long-Lasting Performance

Goodyear’s automotive-grade 3M tape keeps the deflectors firmly in place for years of performance. The bond actually gets stronger over time for incredible durability.

The tape withstands vibration, impact, temperature extremes, and exposure to moisture. You’ll enjoy the benefits of Goodyear’s window deflectors long after you’ve forgotten about the installation.

An Easy DIY Project

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

With the ingeniously simple peel-and-stick design, installing Goodyear side window deflectors couldn’t be much easier.

No special skills or tools needed. Just take your time and follow the instructions for a quick, simple DIY project. And no worries about leaks or damage from drilling.

Enjoy premium protection and airflow in minutes with the fastest no-drill window deflector installation on the market.

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Custom Fit for Your Specific Vehicle

One of the biggest advantages Goodyear window deflectors offer over competitors is their perfect custom fit. Each set is engineered specifically for your vehicle’s make, model and year.

This tailored design allows the deflectors to integrate seamlessly with your windows for a flowing, flawless look. Get premium protection and airflow without compromising style.

Contoured for Your Exact Windows

Goodyear deflectors are custom-molded and cut to match the exact contours of your vehicle. The shape is designed to hug your specific window openings tightly.

This precise fit allows the deflectors to blend into the lines of your windows for a sleek, continuous appearance. They won’t look out of place or stick out.

You’ll enjoy seamless integration and an OEM-quality look. It will seem like your vehicle came from the factory with deflectors installed.

No Gaps for Maximum Coverage

Because Goodyear deflectors are so meticulously shaped for your windows, there are no gaps in coverage.

The entire opening is protected edge-to-edge. This prevents water, debris and wind from sneaking in through any uncovered spots.

Maximum coverage from the tailored fit also optimizes airflow direction. Air is smoothly deflected up and over your vehicle as you drive.

Made Just for Your Car

Goodyear doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to fit. Each deflector set is modeled specifically for your vehicle’s make, model and year of production.

This isn’t a vaguely universal shape made to fit multiple vehicles. The sizing, angles and contours are engineered just for your car.

You get an ideal deflector designed from the ground up for your windows. No compromising with a one-size-fits-most approach.

Avoid a Sloppy, Loose Fit

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Many competitors use a stretched out “universal” deflector design to fit more vehicle makes and models.

This results in a loose, sloppy fit with wide gaps along the windows. Gaps allow wind, rain and debris to defeat the purpose of the deflectors.

You want a precision fit specifically engineered for your car. No wrinkles, wobbling or wind noise from a stretched-to-fit universal shape.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Styling

Factory window contours are an important part of your vehicle’s look. Goodyear deflectors maintain these sleek lines for a flawless appearance.

The exact fit hugs every curve and angle without disrupting your car’s stylish window shapes. Form and function in harmony.

Upgrade protection and enjoyment without the cost to visual appeal. Keep turning heads for all the right reasons.

The Perfect Fit for Your Car

For form-fitting window deflectors that look like they came installed from the factory, choose Goodyear.

Custom-molded specifically for your make, model and year, they seamlessly integrate with your existing windows and styling.

Say goodbye to gappy universal deflectors. Enjoy precision engineering and protection designed just for your vehicle.

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Shatterproof for Added Safety and Security

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Goodyear utilizes a shatterproof acrylic material to mold their custom window deflectors. This provides an extra layer of protection against glass damage from road debris and impacts.

The durable acrylic can withstand significant blows without cracking or breaking. Keep your window glass intact and avoid costly repairs with Goodyear’s shatter-resistant design.

Withstands Major Impacts

Goodyear’s shatterproof deflectors act like a shield for your existing window glass. They provide an initial barrier of protection against debris.

The durable acrylic material can take the brunt of impacts from rocks, gravel and other road projectiles that would traditionally crack your window.

By absorbing and deflecting these blows, Goodyear’s deflectors help keep your vulnerable window glass intact and damage-free.

Added Security on the Road

The shatter-resistant acrylic also acts as an extra deterrent against smash-and-grab thieves when parked.

The material is extremely tough and resilient compared to glass. A criminal would need to use considerable blunt force to break through the deflector.

This buys precious time and makes too much noise, forcing thieves to move on. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuables are better protected.

High-Impact Acrylic Material

Goodyear molds their deflectors from GE MR10 acrylic, renowned for durability and resilience against fracturing.

This high-grade acrylic has exceptional impact strength and mar resistance compared to glass and polycarbonate.

Goodyear uses advanced injection molding techniques to form the MR10 acrylic into precision-fit window deflectors. The end result is a product that can take repeated abuse without damage.

Sacrificial Protection

Even if an impact eventually cracks your Goodyear deflector, the acrylic still provided crucial sacrificial protection.

Like the crumple zone on cars, the deflector absorbs energy and destructive force before it reaches your window glass.

Replacing a cracked deflector is quick and affordable compared to a new windshield or side window. Added peace of mind on the cheap.

No Compromise on Optics

Despite its rugged properties, MR10 acrylic has excellent optical clarity and light transmission.

Goodyear deflectors maintain flawless visibility without dulling or distortion. You gain shatter-resistance without optical compromises.

Enjoy rugged protection that looks as sleek and crystal-clear as your factory glass windows.

Built for the Real World

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Don’t settle for flimsy deflectors that shatter on first impact. Goodyear uses hardcore acrylic designed to take abuse.

Whether it’s blocking road debris at 70 mph or stopping a smash-and-grab thief, Goodyear’s shatterproof deflectors live up to their name.

Protect your investment with rugged construction engineered for the rigors of real-world driving.

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Available in Dark Smoke or Light Smoke Tint

Goodyear window deflectors come in your choice of dark smoke or light smoke acrylic tint. This lets you match the deflectors to your vehicle’s color and windows for a cohesive look.

The tinted acrylic also provides UV protection while allowing you to crack windows for ventilation. Maintain a stylish appearance while keeping damaging sunlight out.

Dark Smoke Blends on Darker Cars

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

The dark smoke tint option has a deeper charcoal gray appearance that integrates seamlessly on vehicles with darker paint colors.

It matches well with black, gray, gunmetal, navy and other dark-toned cars and trucks. The rich tint blends right into the windows.

You get a smooth, continuous look from the dark tinted deflectors. They don’t stick out against darker window glass.

Light Smoke Matches Lighter Cars

For white, silver, tan and lighter-colored vehicles, the light smoke tint better complements the paintwork.

The lighter smoke has more of a translucent appearance rather than an opaque dark gray tint.

This prevents too much contrast against light window glass. The lighter smoke tint seamlessly flows with the window contours.

Matches Factory-Tinted Windows

Most modern vehicles come with slightly factory-tinted side and rear window glass. Goodyear’s tinted deflectors are formulated to complement this light OEM tinting.

The smoke colors blend right in with the existing window glass for a perfect match. It maintains the original styling and appearance.

You enhance protection and function without disrupting the intended window tinting appearance.

Also Available in Clear

If you prefer not to have any tinting on your windows, Goodyear also offers crystal clear window deflectors.

The optically clear acrylic provides all the same benefits while maintaining perfect visibility and light transmission.

Upgrade protection from the elements without affecting the look of your existing glass windows whatsoever.

UV Protection

Both the tinted and clear options filter out 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle’s cabin.

This prevents the sun’s glare and radiation from prematurely fading and cracking interior plastics, leather, upholstery and carpets.

Cut down on sun damage even on the hottest summer days. Keep your interior looking fresh and factory-new.

Match Your Vehicle Perfectly

Goodyear’s tint selections allow you to equip your specific car, truck or SUV with deflectors that seamlessly match the existing windows and paint color.

Maintain a cohesive, factory-installed appearance for maximum style points. The right tint is the finishing touch.

With options for light, dark or clear, you can achieve the perfect coordinated look.

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Improve Gas Mileage with Reduced Drag

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Goodyear’s aerodynamic side window deflectors allow you to crack windows open while minimizing wind resistance. This reduces drag for improved fuel economy and gas mileage.

The sleek, contoured design smooths airflow so you get ventilation without turbulence. Let the fresh air in while saving money on gas.

Reduce Wind Resistance

Bulky universal deflectors create a lot of wind turbulence when windows are partially open. This added drag burns more fuel to push through the air.

Goodyear’s deflectors integrate tightly with the vehicle’s window openings. Their low profile shape presents less frontal area to the wind.

Minimizing drag and turbulence lets you open windows further for more fresh air with less impact on gas mileage.

Maintain Aerodynamic Efficiency

Your vehicle’s aerodynamic shape is carefully optimized by engineers for best fuel economy. Obtrusive deflectors disrupt this ideal shape.

The curved profile and snug fit of Goodyear’s deflectors work with your existing aerodynamics. Air flows smoothly across the windows just like it was designed to.

Enjoy the benefits of ventilation while maintaining your vehicle’s efficient aerodynamic profile for better gas mileage.

Every MPG Counts

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

At today’s high fuel prices, every mile per gallon counts. Even small improvements add up to big savings over time.

Goodyear deflectors provide MPG benefits in two ways – allowing windows to be cracked open slightly further before drag increases, and reducing turbulence when they are open.

That means you get more fresh airflow with less impact on your wallet. Maximum comfort and minimum pain at the pump.

Cooler Cabin Temperature

Lower drag also allows you to keep windows cracked open just a bit more on hot days without fuel economy impacts.

The extra ventilation further cools the cabin, reducing the need for air conditioning. Less A/C means better mileage since the compressor creates parasitic drag.

Stay cool on summer road trips while keeping everyone happy at the gas station. For comfort and savings.

Easy Installation

Putting on Goodyear’s aerodynamic deflectors takes only minutes with the included no-drill tape. No need for professional installation.

Just clean the window channel, peel the adhesive backing, and press into place for a tight seal. Enjoy the MPG benefits right away.

Driving just a little more efficiently pays for the deflectors – then the savings are all extra money in your pocket.

Smart Fuel Economy Enhancement

With Goodyear’s innovative window deflectors, you can crack windows for a more comfortable drive without sacrificing MPG.

Their advanced aerodynamic profile cuts down on wind resistance and drag compared to basic deflectors.

Let the fresh air in while keeping money in your wallet. An economical way to enhance comfort and drivability.

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An Affordable and Stylish Auto Accessory

Goodyear’s side window deflectors deliver premium protection and ventilation at a budget-friendly price. The sleek custom fit also enhances your vehicle’s style.

For one reasonable price, you get the functionality of rain guards with the OEM cosmetics of factory options. An easy upgrade that adds value beyond the cost.

Costs Less Than the Competition

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Despite their custom-molded engineering, Goodyear deflectors cost noticeably less than comparable options from competitors.

Major brands like WeatherTech and AVS carry a premium price tag for their fitting and build quality. But you pay extra for the brand name.

Goodyear delivers the same OEM-style fit at around half the price. Exceptional value for the features and performance.

Budget-Friendly Protection

The affordable price makes Goodyear deflectors very approachable for most vehicle owners. It’s a small price to pay for comprehensive protection.

Keeping the interior clean and dry while letting fresh air circulate is priceless. But the deflectors pay for themselves easily in interior maintenance savings alone.

An economical way to extend the life of your vehicle’s carpets, seats, dash and panels. Not to mention the ventilation benefits.

Light on the Wallet

Unlike some accessories, Goodyear deflectors don’t require a huge investment to reap the rewards. Just the cost of a tank of gas or two.

The low price means almost any vehicle owner can afford this smart upgrade. Protect the cabin and enjoy a more pleasant drive without blowing your budget.

For just a small spend, you gain big improvements in interior protection, airflow and driving comfort.

Enhances Your Vehicle’s Style

Are You Protecting Your Vehicle

Not only affordable, Goodyear deflectors actually elevate the look of your vehicle. Their flawless fit integrates with the window styling to appear OEM.

The sleek shape dresses up the side profile with purposeful lines. Especially on pickup trucks and SUVs, the deflectors add depth and accentuate the rugged good looks.

A subtle yet stylish finishing touch at a price that can’t be beat. Form, function and value perfectly combined.

Worth the Minor Investment

For less than a tank of gas, Goodyear deflectors return major benefits in protection, airflow and aesthetics.

They may be affordable, but the difference is anything but cheap. Enjoy a more enjoyable, comfortable drive every day.

With an easy and economical upgrade like this, every vehicle owner wins. An accessory you’ll be glad you spent pennies per day on.

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