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Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech’s Pool Blaster Makes Easy Work of Cleaning

Leaf Vac Makes Pool Maintenance a Breeze

As a pool owner, keeping your water pristine can feel like a full-time job. Leaves, bugs, and other debris constantly fall into the water, mucking it up and requiring regular scooping and scrubbing to remove. But with Water Tech’s ingenious Pool Blaster leaf vacuum, you can cut your cleaning time in half and make quick work of leaves and gunk in your pool.

This lightweight yet powerful cordless vacuum sports an industrial-strength motor that generates astonishing suction, easily gobbling up leaves, acorns, blossoms, insects, and any other debris in its path. Its large filter bag means you can collect loads of junk before needing to empty it out – up to three times the capacity of similar models! And the bag is reusable, saving you money on replacements.

Tired of being tethered to the wall with corded vacuums? The Pool Blaster runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery, freeing you to roam every inch of your pool without restraint. A single charge lasts up to 30 minutes – plenty of time to tidy up. And the battery is quick and easy to recharge so you can get right back to cleaning.

With two interchangeable nozzles, you can target tight spots and stairs, scrubbing away stubborn gunk and algae. The Pool Blaster’s angled design also makes quick work of vacuuming the pool floor. And it’s weighted to prevent tipping as you move around your pool.

Constructed from durable materials, this rugged vacuum is designed to last season after season. Its convenient shape and lightweight feel make storage a breeze. And the affordable price brings serious value compared to similar battery-powered models.

Pool owners everywhere rave about the Pool Blaster, confirming it’s a must-have for easy debris removal. No more back-breaking skimming by hand or tripping over cords. With minimal effort, you’ll have clear, sparkling water ready for summer fun.

A Cordless Wonder

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Forget about being tethered to the wall with a bulky cord. The Pool Blaster Leaf Vac is completely cordless, running on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows complete freedom of movement as you clean your pool.

The battery provides up to 30 minutes of strong, fade-free power – plenty of time to tidy up debris before needing a recharge. And recharging is a breeze with the included fast charger.

Cordless convenience allows you to easily maneuver across every square foot of your pool, scrubbing away leaves and gunk without restraint. Hard-to-reach spots and stairs are no longer a chore.

And without a cord dragging behind, the lightweight Pool Blaster is easy to maneuver and won’t get tangled. Your days of tripping over cords are over!

Powerful Suction

Leaves don’t stand a chance against the Pool Blaster! This compact yet mighty vacuum generates intense suction power to quickly gobble up leaves, blossoms, insects, acorns, and any other debris in your pool.

The industrial strength motor provides astonishing sucking force through the large intake nozzle, which simply devours leafy debris as you glide across the pool floor. Its strong vortex action makes quick work of scrubbing away stubborn gunk and algae.

Interchangeable nozzles allow you to target tight spaces like stairs and corners. And the angled nose gets into all the cracks and crevices where debris loves to hide.

Say goodbye to spending hours scooping out decaying leaves by hand. This powerful suction tackles debris removal in a fraction of the time – and with much less effort on your part.

Large Filter Bag

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

The Pool Blaster’s large reusable filter bag means fewer trips to empty out debris, allowing you to collect loads of leaves, bugs, blossoms, and gunk before needing to change the bag.

The durable mesh fabric bag has triple the capacity compared to flimsy bags that come with other vacuums. And it’s reusable – just turn it inside out and hose it off between uses rather than buying disposable replacements.

The easy-lock closure keeps the bag securely fastened during use. And the transparent mesh lets you see when it’s time to empty out the debris. No more guessing if the bag is full!

With this high capacity bag, you’ll save money and make less trips to dump out debris as you clean your pool. Convenient and efficient!

Lightweight Yet Durable

Even with its robust suction power, the Pool Blaster leaf vacuum weighs just 6 pounds. This lightweight design makes maneuvering a breeze.

The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand as you glide across the pool, letting you vacuum for longer periods without fatigue.

Don’t let its lightweight feel fool you though. This vacuum is built tough from durable materials designed to withstand season after season of debris removal.

And unlike flimsier models, the Pool Blaster won’t tip over as the bag fills up with leaves and gunk. The weighted base keeps it firmly planted to floor of your pool for superior stability.

Powerful yet nimble and durable – it’s everything you want in a lightweight pool vacuum!

Value-Packed Price

With its robust suction power, cordless convenience, durable construction and large filter bag, the Pool Blaster brings tremendous value at an affordable price.

Many lesser-equipped battery-powered vacuums cost significantly more. But the Pool Blaster packs premium features into an intelligently designed, value-driven machine.

Savvy shoppers appreciate this impressive combination of performance and price. You get impressive debris cleaning without blowing your budget.

And the long-lasting rechargeable battery means no ongoing costs for replacement batteries or cords.

For easy, efficient debris cleaning without big expense, the Pool Blaster can’t be beaten. It’s the bargain buy that outperforms the competition.

Rave Reviews

Thousands of satisfied pool owners confirm that the Pool Blaster Leaf Vac lives up to its claims, making debris removal a breeze.

Owners love the cordless freedom that allows easy cleaning of the entire pool and tight spots without fighting a cord. They’re amazed that such a compact vacuum can generate such incredible suction power.

The large filter bag is a fan favorite, collecting huge loads of leaves and gunk before needing to be emptied. And buyers appreciate the rugged construction built to endure season after season.

Many reviewers say the Pool Blaster is the best pool vacuum they’ve ever owned. It’s earned glowing reviews across the board.

Clearly, this ingenious cleaner is a hit with savvy shoppers who want an easier way to keep their pool sparkling clean. From its mighty suction to its cordless design, the Pool Blaster Leaf Vac simply outshines other models.

Powerful Suction Gobbles Up Leaves and Debris

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Tired of skimming decaying leaves and gunk out of your pool by hand? With the Water Tech Pool Blaster, you can kick debris removal into high gear and make short work of cleaning your pool.

This lightweight cordless vacuum is equipped with an industrial strength motor that generates intense suction power, easily gobbling up leaves, blossoms, bugs, acorns, and any other junk floating in your pool or sunk to the bottom.

The large intake nozzle utilizes a vortex action that basically inhales debris as you glide the vacuum across your pool. Leaves don’t stand a chance against this powerhouse!

Interchangeable nozzles allow you to target tight spots and stairs, scrubbing away stubborn debris and algae. The angled nose reaches into corners and crevices that are tough to clean.

With its incredible sucking force, the Pool Blaster not only cleans the water surface faster, but also thoroughly vacuums the floor, walls, and steps of your pool to remove all traces of gunk and grime.

Makes Short Work of Leaves

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Leaves are no match for the Pool Blaster’s intense suction power. This compact vacuum rapidly clears away leafy debris that falls into your pool.

The large intake nozzle generates a forceful vortex that sucks up leaves with astonishing speed as you maneuver across the pool. It literally inhales them through the nozzle as fast as you can move.

Skimming pole-mounted nets struggle to pick up soggy leaves before they sink and decay. But the Pool Blaster’s underwater suction grabs sunken leaves and whisks them up into the filter bag before you even realize they’re there.

With quick passes across the length of your pool, you can remove every last leaf and restore crystal clear water again. No more straining to reach leaves with a wimpy skimmer!

Conquers Acorn Invasions

Pesky acorns from nearby trees can rapidly accumulate on the floor of your pool, outwitting simple nets. But the Pool Blaster’s intense suction is strong enough to suck up these heavy nuisance acorns with ease.

The powerful vortex action instantly whisks away acorns as you vacuum the pool floor. Even the heaviest acorns deeply embedded in corners and crevices are no match for the Pool Blaster’s incredible sucking force.

While hand skimmers struggle and fail to grab sunken acorns, the Pool Blaster removes them thoroughly throughout the entire pool, including stairs and tight spots.

Take back your pool from frustrating acorn invasions with this hardworking debris conqueror!

Gobbles Up Blossoms

Delicate blossoms from trees and plants can quickly turn your pool into a petal-strewn mess. But the Pool Blaster makes fast work of clearing away flower debris.

Its powerful suction rapidly gathers blossoms floating on the pool surface before they have a chance to sink in clumps to the bottom. Even piles of soggy petals on the floor are no match for the Pool Blaster.

The strong vortex created by the intake nozzle basically inhales blossoms as you vacuum, collecting them thoroughly throughout the entire pool.

While hand skimmers or nets struggle with delicate petals, the Pool Blaster’s underwater suction whisks away every last blossom quickly and efficiently.

Cleans Up Bug Invaders

Bugs that fly or fall into your pool aren’t just gross – they can create unsightly debris and alter chemical levels. But the Pool Blaster removes insect invaders in a flash.

Crickets, stink bugs, beetles, bees, wasps, and any other bug that dares enter your pool is no match for the Pool Blaster’s intense suction power and large intake nozzle.

It rapidly vacuums up floating or sinking bugs from the surface and floor of your pool, whisking them away into the large filter bag.

Even tightly wedged bugs and insect debris in tough-to-reach areas like steps and corners are sucked free and removed. No bug survives the Pool Blaster!

Scrubs Away Gunk and Algae

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Over time, stubborn gunk and algae can build up on the floor, walls, and steps of your pool. But the Pool Blaster’s potent suction scrubs away built-up messes with ease.

Switching to the detail nozzle allows you to scour gunk and algae away in tight areas. The intense vortex action literally blasts away debris.

Even grimy spots that have resisted other cleaning attempts are no match for the scrubbing power of the Pool Blaster. It outperforms hand brushes easily.

And the angled nose design lets you efficiently vacuum debris from all surfaces, leaving behind pristine results. Say goodbye to grungy pool syndrome!

Makes Debris Disappear

Leaves, blossoms, acorns, bugs, gunk – whatever debris invades your pool, the Pool Blaster makes it disappear with its incredible sucking power.

While nets and basic vacuums struggle to pick up and remove debris, the Pool Blaster’s intense vortex action inhales it straight through the large intake nozzle and whisks it away into the filter bag.

Its robust suction thoroughly scours every square inch of your pool, removing all traces of debris quickly and efficiently.

Stop wasting time trying to clear away debris with hand skimming. The Pool Blaster conquers pool gunk with astonishing speed and power!

With this debris demolishing dynamo, you’ll restore pristine pool water in no time. Leaves, bugs and gunk are no match for the Pool Blaster!

Cordless Design Offers Unparalleled Mobility

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Tired of stumbling over cords and feeling restrained by a short reach while cleaning your pool? The Pool Blaster leaf vacuum brings a new level of freedom and mobility with its ingenious cordless design.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Pool Blaster eliminates annoying cords that limit your movement and become tripping hazards. Now you can easily clean your entire pool without restraint!

The long-lasting battery provides fade-free power for up to 30 minutes per charge. That’s plenty of time to vacuum every square inch before needing a quick reboost.

Keep your eyes on the cleaning, not the cord, with this revolutionary cordless wonder. Mobility and convenience have been transformed!

Roam Without Restriction

Corded electric vacuums keep you tethered close to the outlet, severely limiting your cleaning radius. But the cordless Pool Blaster offers complete freedom of movement as you clean.

The rechargeable battery allows you to roam your entire pool without straining against a restrictive cord. Hard-to-reach spots and stairs become readily accessible.

You can even take the lightweight Pool Blaster out of the pool and clean surrounding decks, patios, and landscaping beds without unplugging and replugging.

With unrestricted maneuverability, you can clean better and faster without interruptions and limitations from cords.

Cleans Tight Corners

Tight corners and cramped areas that collect debris are a chore to clean with corded vacuums. But the Pool Blaster’s cordless design lets you easily maneuver into every nook and cranny.

Without a cord holding you back, you can twist, turn, and reach the vacuum into tough angles and alcoves where debris loves to hide. The angled nose gets into these tight spots with ease.

Say goodbye to struggling with stiff, restricting cords. The cordless Pool Blaster provides unmatched accessibility for comprehensive cleaning.

Convenient Stair Cleaning

Pool steps can be a frustrating area to vacuum, with limited range from outlet placements. But the Pool Blaster gives you total freedom to thoroughly scour steps.

Without a cord complicating things, you can freely work the Pool Blaster across every inch of steps, removing debris completely. The interchangeable nozzle targets tough stair corners.

No more working around a restrictive cord while struggling to clean pool stairs. The Pool Blaster’s cordless design lets you swiftly vacuum steps spotless.

Lightweight Maneuverability

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Weighing just 6 pounds, the Pool Blaster is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver across all areas and surfaces.

The cordless design maximizes this natural maneuverability, allowing you to deftly glide across the pool, up walls, and onto pool decks with ease.

The comfortable ergonomic grip makes handling this lightweight vacuum simple and intuitive. Just use one hand to direct the nozzle where needed.

From broad sweeping passes to intricate detail cleaning, the Pool Blaster moves where you want with uncomplicated handling.

No More Tripping Hazards

Let’s face it, cords are a tripping hazard. It’s all too easy to catch your foot on a dangling cord while cleaning the pool.

But the Pool Blaster eliminates this risk completely with its cordless design. Now you can focus on the cleaning without worrying about the cord.

No more interruptions to unloop wrapped cords or untangle yourself from a mess. And no more stumbling as the cord binds while you work.

Cordless mobility equals safety and convenience. You can clean with confidence and peace of mind.

Unparalleled Freedom

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Cords restrain, while batteries liberate! The Pool Blaster’s innovative cordless design sets you free to clean your entire pool and surrounding area with unmatched mobility.

No other pool vacuum offers this level of convenient, uninterrupted cleaning power. You’ll get spoiled by the effortless mobility.

Leave outlet limitations and tripping hazards behind. The revolutionary Pool Blaster brings a new world of cordless freedom and mobility to pool cleaning!

Large Filter Bag Captures All You Suck Up

As you zip across the pool gobbling up leaves and debris with the Pool Blaster, where does it all go? Into an ingeniously designed large-capacity filter bag that collects loads of gunk before needing to be emptied.

The durable mesh bag has 3X the capacity of flimsy bags that come with other vacuums, so you can clean for longer between emptying. And it’s reusable – just turn it inside out and hose it off.

The Pool Blaster’s high-performance filter bag is specially engineered to capture all the debris you remove from your pool, while optimizing suction power.

Holds More Debris

Regular small vacuum bags need frequent changing as they rapidly clog up and lose suction. But the Pool Blaster’s large bag allows you to collect huge amounts of leaves, blossoms, bugs and gunk before emptying.

With 3 times the capacity of other models, this rugged bag can hold a tremendous volume of debris. The durable mesh fabric is designed for maximum fill capacity.

You’ll make far fewer trips back and forth to dump out the bag, saving you major time and hassle. More cleaning, less emptying!

Reusable and Removable

The Pool Blaster’s filter bag is crafted from high-quality reusable mesh fabric rather than flimsy disposable paper.

When the bag gets full, simply turn it inside out and use your garden hose to rinse debris through the mesh. The tight weave allows water to pass through while keeping leaves, bugs and gunk trapped inside.

The reusable design saves you money on replacement bags. And the bag is removable from the vacuum body for quick and easy cleaning.

See-Through Viewing

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Never wonder if the bag is full! The durable mesh fabric of the Pool Blaster’s filter bag is completely transparent.

Just glance at the bag as you clean to monitor the debris buildup. The see-through mesh gives you a clear view of the leaves and gunk accumulating inside.

No more guessing if the bag is full based on suction power. Visually inspect debris volume at a glance to know when it’s time to empty.

Secure Seal

The Pool Blaster’s filter bag locks securely into place with a sturdy easy-latch closure system.

Just line up the raised rails on the vacuum nozzle with the bag opening channels and twist slightly to create a tight pressure-fit seal.

The secure seal prevents the bag from detaching accidentally as the bag fills with debris during cleaning. Leaves and gunk stay safely contained.

Optimized Suction Flow

The large bag capacity doesn’t impede suction power. The bag is strategically designed for optimal airflow.

As debris enters the bag’s large opening, it moves smoothly into the tapered design without clogging intake flow, maintaining full suction force.

The durable fine mesh helps water pass through the bag while trapping solid debris. This keeps suction at peak cleaning levels.

Serious Filtration

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Leaves, blossoms, acorns, twigs, bugs – you suck it up, the Pool Blaster’s large filter bag catches it all!

The fine, tightly woven mesh fabric traps everything with incredible efficiency, filtering out all that you vacuum up.

Its high capacity means fewer stops to empty, while the secure seal and optimal suction flow prevent anything from escaping back into your pool.

When it comes to serious pool filtration, this bag delivers everything you want – and then some!

Interchangeable Nozzles Target Tight Spots

The Pool Blaster comes equipped with two specialized interchangeable nozzles to handle all your debris cleaning needs. Switch between the wide intake nozzle for general pickup and the detail nozzle for tight spots.

The innovative quick-swap nozzle system lets you change tools in just seconds without any disassembly required. Just pop off one nozzle and press-fit the other one into place on the vacuum head.

With the ability to instantly switch nozzles, you can optimize cleaning performance for the task at hand. Tough-to-reach areas are no match for this dynamic duo!

Wide Intake Nozzle

The Pool Blaster’s large wide-mouth intake nozzle is designed for general debris pickup across the main pool floor and surface areas.

Its broad funnel-shape opening generates a forceful vortex that swiftly sucks up leaves, blossoms, bugs and debris across broad swaths.

The expansive intake gulps down debris with incredible speed compared to narrow nozzles. Wide cleaning paths save time and effort.

When you need to make quick work of surface cleanup or vacuum the pool floor rapidly, grab the wide intake nozzle.

Detail Nozzle for Tight Spots

For tackling debris in corners, crevices, stairs, and other tight spots, the detail nozzle is the go-to tool.

Its narrow angled shape allows precision cleaning of cramped areas where debris loves to hide and avoid regular vacuuming.

Just switch on the detail nozzle when you need to scour out gunk and grime from cracks or scrub algae from walls and steps.

The compact nozzle tip maneuvers easily into tiny spaces while still delivering concentrated suction power.

Quick and Easy Changes

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Changing nozzles takes just seconds thanks to the Pool Blaster’s ingenious quick-change system.

Each nozzle has built-in press-fit connectors that pop right into place on the vacuum head with a simple twist-and-lock motion.

No tools or disassembly required! Just pop off one nozzle and press-fit the next one into the same space. So simple.

Rapid nozzle changes let you switch cleaning modes on the fly for optimized performance.

Customized Cleaning

The Pool Blaster’s two specialized nozzles allow customized cleaning for any situation.

Wide open areas are no problem for the large intake nozzle that swiftly gulps down surface debris. Then swap to the detail nozzle to scrub out tight corners and stairs.

Having the right tool for the job saves time and frustration. With quick nozzle changes, debris doesn’t stand a chance!

Power in All Spaces

No pool area is off limits to the Pool Blaster thanks to its interchangeable nozzles.

Hard-to-reach spots and awkward angles that foil other vacuums are no match the Pool Blaster’s detail nozzle. And the large intake nozzle tackles open areas with ease.

By delivering robust vacuum power through specialized nozzle attachments, this innovative cleaner conquers debris throughout the entire pool.

Unstoppable Cleaning Duo

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

With the Pool Blaster’s interchangeable nozzles, you have a dynamic cleaning duo ready for debris removal anywhere, anytime.

Swap nozzles in seconds to go from everyday vacuuming to detailed scrubbing. No debris stands a chance against this unstoppable pair!

Long-Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Runs Up to 30 Minutes

The Pool Blaster leaf vacuum delivers long-lasting cordless power thanks to its high-performance lithium ion battery.

A single full battery charge runs the Pool Blaster for up to 30 minutes of continuous vacuuming runtime. That’s plenty of juice to tackle debris throughout the average residential pool.

And when it’s time to recharge, the included fast charger has you back up and running in no time. With fade-free power on demand, you’ll get addicted to the freedom of cordless cleaning!

No Fade Power

Forget about declining suction as the battery drains. The Pool Blaster maintains full consistent power through a complete 30-minute run time.

The advanced lithium ion battery delivers steady fade-free energy output. The robust suction remains just as strong at the end of a charge as the beginning.

You won’t experience weakened cleaning strength or variable speed as you vacuum. Just pure, sustained power for the entire cleaning session.

Up to 30 Minutes Running Time

When fully charged, the Pool Blaster provides a lengthy cleaning window of up to 30 minutes before requiring a recharge.

That’s enough run time to thoroughly vacuum the floor, walls and water line of average residential pools multiple times over.

The long-running lithium ion battery lets you clean without interruption or having to monitor the clock. Just charge and go!

Rapid Recharging

When the Pool Blaster’s battery needs refreshing, the included fast charger does the job quickly.

Simply connect the sealed charging port to the charger and plug it into any standard 110V household outlet. Fully depleted batteries recharge in just a few hours.

The convenient charger makes it easy to get powered up again and resume cleaning. Minimal downtime means more uptime!

Holds a Charge

The Pool Blaster maintains sufficient charge between uses so it’s ready to go when you are.

Lithium ion batteries have minimal self-discharge compared to other battery types. You don’t have to worry about losing power sitting between cleanings.

Store it fully charged and this faithful vacuum will keep enough reserve power until the next time duty calls. No unpleasant surprises!

Long Service Life

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

This isn’t a battery that will fade out after one season. The Pool Blaster’s lithium ion power cell is built to last year after year.

Lithium ion batteries provide hundreds of charge and discharge cycles while retaining capacity. With proper care, expect years of reliable cleaning runtime.

You get long-term value and performance from this battery. No need to continually replace failing batteries!

Cordless Powerhouse

When it comes to delivering robust cordless performance, the Pool Blaster shines thanks to its lithium ion battery technology.

Say goodbye to cords and enjoy steady fade-free power for up to 30 minutes per charge. Minimal downtime coupled with long battery life provides unlimited cleaning freedom!

Lightweight Yet Durable Construction Won’t Tip Over

Weighing just 6 pounds, the Pool Blaster leaf vacuum is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver as you clean.

But don’t let its feather-like feel fool you. This compact cleaner features rugged construction that stands up to rugged use while resisting tipping as the bag fills.

Durably constructed yet easy to handle, the Pool Blaster brings the best of both worlds – power and portability!

Comfortable One-Handed Use

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Thanks to its modest 6-pound weight, the Pool Blaster is designed for comfortable and convenient one-handed operation.

The ergonomic grip fits nicely in your hand, allowing you to easily maneuver the vacuum across all pool surfaces with minimal effort.

The lightweight body reduces fatigue, so you can clean for longer periods without strain. And single-hand control leaves your other hand free.

Won’t Tip Over

Despite its lightweight feel, the Pool Blaster won’t tip over or fall forward as the bag fills up with debris when vacuuming.

The weighted base keeps the vacuum firmly planted to the floor. As the bag gets loaded down, the Pool Blaster maintains its upright stance.

No need to worry about this well-balanced cleaner unexpectedly tipping over as you work.

Durable Construction

The Pool Blaster is built tough from durable materials designed to withstand rugged use cleaning after cleaning.

The strong plastic body resists dings, cracks, and wear. The bag fabric is thick and reinforced to handle hundreds of uses.

This is no flimsy throw-away vacuum. The Pool Blaster is engineered for lasting performance season after season.

Won’t Rust or Corrode

Repeated water submersion quickly degrades metal vacuums. But the Pool Blaster is constructed from corrosion-proof materials.

No steel or iron components mean no rust or corrosion issues. The plastic, nylon, and polymer materials resist degradation from chlorine and sun exposure.

This sturdy vacuum will maintain like-new appearance and performance for years of underwater cleaning.

Designed to Endure

From occasional impacts to intense sun and chemical exposure, the Pool Blaster is built ready for it all.

Its solid construction and corrosion-resistant materials stand up to real-world wear and tear. You don’t have to baby this vacuum.

Count on this rugged cleaner to keep working like new no matter the cleaning conditions.

Powerfully Portable

When you need robust cleaning power in a compact package built to last, the Pool Blaster delivers.

The durable and damage-resistant construction ensures this lightweight vacuum will be your cleaning companion for years to come.

Affordable Price Compared to Similar Models

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

As summer winds down and autumn leaves begin to fall, keeping your pool free of debris becomes an increasingly difficult chore. Skimming the surface offers only temporary relief as more leaves inevitably find their way into the water. For a truly leaf-free pool that brings bliss all season long, a powerful leaf vacuum is essential. The Pool Blaster from Water Tech offers an affordable battery-powered cleaning solution to make easy work of fall pool maintenance.

Priced at around $120, the Pool Blaster costs significantly less than many competing electric or gas-powered models that can run $300 or more. Despite its budget-friendly price tag, this handy pool vacuum packs impressive cleaning power into a lightweight, compact design perfect for tackling leaves and debris in any residential pool.

Cordless Convenience for Spotless Surfaces

Perhaps the Pool Blaster’s biggest selling point is its cordless battery-powered operation. Running on an included rechargeable 24V battery, this vacuum offers unfettered mobility to reach every corner and crevice of your pool. No more lugging cords or awkwardly maneuvering around a fixed power source. The Pool Blaster goes wherever you need it, letting you focus on getting your pool surface spotless.

its pole extends from 3.5 to 6 feet, providing ample range to clean walls, steps, and floors without straining your back. Weighing just 6 pounds, the vacuum itself is lightweight and easy to manipulate. A stabilizing handle offers comfortable ergonomics and grip during extended cleaning sessions.

Powerful Suction Locks Onto Leaves

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Despite its portable design, the Pool Blaster delivers robust suction comparable to larger corded models. Its powerful motor generates 230 gallons per minute of suction flow through a large vacuum head. Strategically placed inlets across the head create a vortex effect that literally locks onto leaves, trapping them against the surface to prevent clogging.

The vacuum head pivots on a ball joint for effortless maneuverability across any pool surface. An easy-empty basket strains out leaves and debris, while allowing water to recirculate back into the pool. No need to stop and dump – just keep vacuuming until the job is done.

Long Run Time, Quick Recharge

The Pool Blaster’s integrated 24V battery provides up to 30 minutes of sustained run time. A full recharge takes just 4-6 hours via the included charger. The battery itself is sealed inside the vacuum pole for weather resistance and long life. With average weekly use, the battery should easily last all season long before needing replacement.

For larger pools, an optional backup battery is available for quick swapping when the first battery runs low. At around $60, the spare battery is an affordable way to double your cleaning time and finish big jobs in one session.

Cleans Beyond Just Leaves

While leaf clean-up is the Pool Blaster’s forte in fall and spring, its versatile design makes it useful year-round. The vacuum readily sucks up dirt, debris, seed pods, bugs, twigs, pine needles, and other common pool contaminants. Pet owners can use it to quickly clean fur and other solid pet waste that sinks to the bottom.

Its compact size makes quick cleanup after gatherings a breeze. Forget hand skimming – just zip around with the Pool Blaster anytime unexpected debris blows or washes in. For above-ground pools and spas, the product offers an effortless alternative to hand vacuuming.

Weighing the Tradeoffs

For its price point, the Water Tech Pool Blaster delivers excellent value and cleaning performance. However, there are some tradeoffs. Runtime is relatively limited compared to corded and gas vacuums, so larger pools may require occasional battery swaps or recharges mid-job. Suction power, while ample for leaves, is not as extreme as some commercial vacuums.

There is also no onboard debris collection bag; the strainer basket must be manually emptied. And as a compact portable design, the Pool Blaster understandably lacks automated features like some robotic in-ground cleaner models. But for an affordable battery-powered option, it hits a sweet spot for leaf cleanup and light debris removal in most residential pools.

Blissful Pool Enjoyment

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Don’t let fall leaves cut your swim season short or create a soggy mess out of winter pool closures. With the Water Tech Pool Blaster, you can easily vacuum away leaves, dirt, and debris to keep your pool pristine. Its cordless convenience and formidable suction provide an efficient, hassle-free cleaning solution. Before you know it, your pool will be leaf-free and ready for carefree enjoyment all season long!

Conveniently Designed for Storage and Transport

After a long summer of fun in the sun, autumn brings falling leaves that can quickly turn your beautiful pool into a leaf-strewn mess. Skimming the surface offers only temporary relief as more leaves inevitably sink and settle on the bottom. For crystal clear water all season long, a powerful leaf vacuum is a must. With its portable battery-powered design, the Pool Blaster from Water Tech makes pool cleaning easy and convenient.

Weighing just 6 pounds, the Pool Blaster is extremely lightweight and maneuverable. Its two-piece pole extends from 3.5 to 6 feet, allowing you to vacuum every inch of your pool with minimal strain or fatigue. The compact vacuum head measures only 11 inches wide, fitting into corners and tight spaces other bulkier models can’t reach.

Comfortable In-Hand Feel

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Thoughtful design makes the Pool Blaster comfortable and easy to use for extended periods. A padded stabilizing handle provides a secure, ergonomic grip. Controls are within easy thumb reach. The angular profile of the vacuum head offers excellent visibility as you clean.

Swiveling freely on a ball joint, the head glides effortlessly across any pool surface. Strategically angled inlets create a vortex that gives powerful suction to lock onto leaves and debris. An easy-access basket strains out collected gunk while allowing water to recirculate back into the pool.

Cordless Mobility

The Pool Blaster’s cordless battery-powered operation allows complete freedom of movement to reach every part of your pool. No more fighting with tangled cords or awkwardly moving a bulky power supply. The integrated 24V battery provides up to 30 minutes of run time per charge – plenty for most residential pool cleaning.

A full recharge takes just 4-6 hours using the included charger. The sealed battery design protects against weather and lasts for years of typical use before needing replacement. For larger pools, an optional backup battery is available to double your cleaning time when needed.

Compact Storage

When not in use, the Pool Blaster’s two-piece design separates for compact off-season storage. The slim battery pole tucks neatly into a corner of the garage or shed. The small vacuum head fits into an even tighter space like a bucket or bin. No bulky single unit taking up valuable storage real estate!

For year-round use, the pole conveniently mounts on a wall bracket near an outdoor power outlet. The charger can be permanently plugged in for grab-and-go convenience. Separated parts are also easier to transport to second homes or when visiting friends.

Quick and Thorough Cleaning

Don’t let autumn leaves ruin your pool enjoyment. The Pool Blaster makes quick work of fall cleanup jobs. Its powerful 230 GPM suction devours leaves, twigs, seeds, pine needles, and other debris in minutes. The compact yet robust design provides professional cleaning performance without taking up your whole backyard.

Beyond autumn, the Pool Blaster comes in handy year-round for fur removal, vacuuming dirt and bugs, and cleaning up after gatherings. Its lightweight maneuverability and cordless operation allows fast response anytime unexpected debris blows or washes into your pool. Easily reach steps, walls and floor for a spotless surface.

Caveats to Consider

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

The Pool Blaster aims for convenience and affordability over maximum power and capacity. The battery life, while sufficient for most residential pools, falls short of corded and gas-powered models. Suction, though strong, is not as extreme as some commercial-grade vacuums.

There is no large onboard collection bag, requiring occasional emptying of the basket. And lacking built-in automation, the Pool Blaster does not replace robotic in-ground cleaners for absolute hands-free convenience. But for quick, hassle-free leaf and debris cleanup, it hits the sweet spot for most pool owners.

Affordable Leaf Relief

Tired of back-breaking skimming and netting leaves from your pool all season long? The Water Tech Pool Blaster offers cordless, portable convenience for fast debris removal at a wallet-friendly price. Its lightweight maneuverability and serious suction make short work of autumn leaf cleanup and year-round maintenance. Rediscover the bliss of soaking up the sun in a pristine leaf-free pool!

Customer Reviews Confirm It’s a Fan Favorite

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Crisp autumn days are perfect for lounging poolside, if only the countless falling leaves didn’t turn your backyard oasis into a swampy mess. Skimming the surface offers only temporary relief as more leaves sink down to blanket the bottom. For leaf-free pool enjoyment into the fall season, the Pool Blaster portable leaf vacuum from Water Tech is a game changer according to enthusiastic customer reviews.

This compact battery-powered vacuum makes quick work of leaf cleanup jobs. At around $120, it provides serious cleaning power without the premium price tag of bulkier electric and gas models. Lightweight and cordless, the Pool Blaster earns rave reviews for convenience and ease of use from casual to avid pool owners.

Mobility and Reach Earn Praise

The Pool Blaster’s cordless design draws consistent praise in customer reviews. Running off an integrated rechargeable battery, the vacuum offers continuous run time up to 30 minutes per charge. Reviewers love the freedom to roam anywhere without tangling cords or maneuvering a stationary power supply.

Its two-piece pole extends from 3.5 to 6 feet, allowing easy access to all areas of the pool. At just 6 pounds, the Pool Blaster is highly maneuverable. Reviewers comment on the ease of cleaning walls, steps, and tight corners without back strain.

Powerful Suction Impresses

Despite its compact size, the Pool Blaster packs impressive suction power. Generating up to 230 gallons per minute flow, the vacuum effectively locks onto leaves and debris. Strategically angled inlets prevent clogging while creating a helpful vortex effect according to reviews.

An easy-empty basket filters out gunk while allowing water to recirculate back into the pool. Reviewers praise the “surprisingly strong” suction that devours leaves in minutes. Many mention using the Pool Blaster for quick everyday cleanups beyond just fall leaf removal.

Simple, Comfortable Operation

From assembly to storage to cleaning, Pool Blaster owners describe the overall user experience as smooth and comfortable. Setup takes minutes with only two pole pieces to connect. A padded stabilizing handle provides a sure, ergonomic grip. Controls are conveniently thumb-reachable.

The swiveling vacuum head glides easily across surfaces, helped by the highly visible angular profile according to reviews. For storage, the two-piece design separates into a slim bundle. Owners appreciate the minimal space needed to tuck away the Pool Blaster when not in use.

Affordable Yet Powerful Performance

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Given its budget-friendly price, reviewers say the Pool Blaster delivers impressive cleaning performance on par with far more expensive alternatives. Owners mention how quick and easy it makes short work of leaf cleanup jobs compared to skimming by hand.

The portable lightweight design allows fast response whenever debris unexpectedly blows or washes into the pool. For above-ground pools, the Pool Blaster provides a convenient alternative to manual vacuuming according to many reviews.

Opportunities for Improvement

While overwhelmingly positive overall, customer reviews do cite some drawbacks. The battery life, at up to 30 minutes, falls short of corded models. Runtime can require occasional recharging mid-job for larger pools. And the vortex suction, while robust, is not as extreme as some commercial vacuums.

There is no large onboard collection bag, requiring manually emptying the basket. Lacking automation, the Pool Blaster does not replace robotic cleaners for total hands-free convenience. But for an affordable battery-powered portable, reviewers say it hits the sweet spot for residential pool cleaning.

A Must-Have Pool Cleaning Tool

Bliss in your Pool but How: Water Tech

Tired of fishing soggy leaves out of your pool? According to enthusiastic customer reviews, the Water Tech Pool Blaster is a game-changing leaf vacuum that every pool owner needs. With cordless convenience and powerful suction in a compact package, the Pool Blaster makes easy work of autumn leaf cleanup and debris removal all year long. Rediscover carefree pool enjoyment into the fall season!