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Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Introduce Tiffany Blue: The Signature Color of Luxury and Elegance

When you hear the name Tiffany, visions of robin’s egg blue likely spring to mind. This iconic, unmistakable hue has become synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and timeless elegance over the famed jeweler’s long history. As you plan your dream wedding, consider incorporating this standout color into your decor for a classic yet creative style.

I’ll never forget the moment my cousin Sarah first showed me swatches of tiffany blue fabric for her upcoming nuptials. She was absolutely glowing, thrilled to integrate a touch of glam into her rustic farm wedding. We spent countless fun weekends DIYing table runners, garlands, and other accents in the perfect robin’s egg shade. Seeing everything come together so beautifully really made her vision come to life!

If you also want to make a statement on your big day, keep reading to discover endless eye-catching ways to dress up your wedding with Tiffany blue tulle.

Drape Tablecloths, Chair Covers, and More

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this color into your wedding decor is with tulle fabric overlays. Tiffany blue tablecloths instantly add a pop of color and can be combined with chair covers, sashes, napkins, or table runners in the same hue for a cohesive look. For more texture and dimension, you can also use tulle to create billowing ceiling drapings, altar swags, tent backdrops, and other dreamy accents.

When shopping for tulle, prioritize thicker, high-quality materials that won’t snag or tear easily. You can find it sold by the yard at most craft and fabric stores. For outfitting lots of tables and chairs, buying in bulk online is often more affordable.

Mix and Match With Other Colors

While Tiffany blue undoubtedly makes a statement on its own, it also pairs beautifully with other colors when used strategically. Try incorporating it with neutral tones like creamy ivory and tan or pastels like blush pink, mint green, and pale yellow. For a bold, vibrant style, combine Tiffany blue with rich wines, deeper greens and blues, or metallics like rose gold and champagne.

At my friend Amanda’s beach wedding, she alternated turquoise and coral chair sashes down the aisle to stunning effect. Her bold color scheme was so fun and cheerful against the seaside backdrop. Don’t be afraid to get creative and blend Tiffany blue with colors that reflect your theme and personality!

DIY On a Budget

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

From ribbons to tissue paper pom poms, there are endless affordable DIY projects for bringing Tiffany blue into your wedding day. Pick up rolls of tulle or chiffon from a craft store and use it to create elegant wreaths, garlands, and flower arrangements. Dye plain tablecloths or linen napkins to get that iconic robin’s egg color. Another easy idea is to wrap white candles or vases with ribbons in Tiffany blue.

If you or your bridesmaids are crafty, consider making your own bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces featuring dyed blue flowers like roses, mums, and carnations. The personal touch of homemade accents can be so meaningful.

Style Your Wedding Party

Incorporate Tiffany blue into your bridal party’s attire for a pulled-together, cohesive aesthetic. Bridesmaid dresses are an obvious choice, but don’t stop there – blue ties, pocket squares, shoelaces, and suspenders can complement the guys’ suits. Have your flower girl carry a Tiffany blue basket filled with petals or confetti.

You can also incorporate the color into getting ready robes, jewelry, clutches, shoes, and other accessories. One creative wedding party even had custom Converse sneakers made in Tiffany blue and white for dancing at the reception!

Cakes, Desserts, and More

From icing to fondant, there are so many ways to decorate baked goods and desserts using the signature Tiffany blue shade. For cupcakes or cake, try alternating blue and white frosting in elegant swirls. Use fondant cutouts like flowers, bows or geometric shapes on your cake as accents. You can even dye candy like Jordan almonds, M&Ms, or rock candy to match.

In addition to sweets, display trays of fruit, cheeses, or other appetizers on blue platters and stands on your buffet or dining tables. Tiffany blue napkins, tablecloths, and signage will pull everything together.


Make a stellar first impression by incorporating Tiffany blue into your save-the-dates, invitations, menus, programs, table numbers, and signage. You can keep it simple with just a blue ribbon or border, or go all out with printed pocket folds, belly bands, or specialty liners.

For a cohesive touch, use the same hue and design accents across all your stationery. I especially love seeing Tiffany blue woven throughout ceremony readings, vow booklets, welcome bags, and other paper goods.

Photo Backdrops

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Strategically placed Tiffany blue decor makes for fantastic backdrops in your wedding photos. Drape tulle swags over your sweetheart table, cake table, photo booth, or bar area to really make them pop. Suspended chair sashes along the aisle also photograph beautifully.

You and your partner can pose in front of vibrant Tiffany blue accents for playful candids and unforgettable reception shots. Photos of your big exit through a sparkling tunnel of blue tinsel will be pure magic!

With so many gorgeous ways to incorporate it, Tiffany blue is a wedding trend that’s here to stay. Add elegant pops of this signature shade to create a celebration that’s glamorous, timeless, and undeniably you.

Why Use Tiffany Blue Tulle For Your Wedding? Stand Out With This Iconic Hue

Picture this – you’re walking down the aisle on your wedding day, surrounded by loved ones. As you glance around the venue, the first thing that catches your eye is the vibrant pop of Tiffany blue adorning the space. From the billowing tulle draped across the ceiling to the rows of chairs tied with matching sashes, the iconic robin’s egg color is unmistakable. In that moment, you feel like a celebrity at a luxurious, glamorous event – all eyes are on you.

Incorporating Tiffany blue into your wedding decor transforms the entire atmosphere, making it feel elevated and special. It’s an easy way to add a touch of sophistication that your guests will remember forever. Unlike more common wedding colors like blush or mint, Tiffany blue is unique and recognizable.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen this specific shade gain popularity for all sorts of celebrations – not just weddings! It really took off after a few high-profile celebrity nuptials used Tiffany blue accents. From Reese Witherspoon to Gwen Stefani, major stars inspired copycat ideas. But this color’s connection to timeless glamour and luxury dates back long before current trends.

Audrey Hepburn famously posed with that light blue box in the iconic jewelry brand’s advertisements through the 1950s and 60s. Tiffany blue conveys a sense of exclusivity – you can’t just grab it as a paint swatch at the hardware store. That signature robin’s egg hue is specially trademarked. Brides choose it to communicate elegance and style.

Another great aspect of Tiffany blue is its versatility. Whether you plan a black-tie hotel ballroom reception or a relaxed garden party, this color works. It pops against natural green and brown hues outdoors, but also complements chandeliers and marble indoors.

From rustic to modern, beach to mountain, Tiffany blue livens up any wedding style. It photographs beautifully, reading as a crisp, refreshing color that won’t blend into the background. Your photos will shine when accented by lovely tulle tablecloths, chair sashes, arbor swags, and other Tiffany blue details.

Compared to more expected wedding colors like marsala or blush pink, Tiffany blue really helps your celebration stand out in guests’ memories. Years down the road, they’ll reminisce about your unique color palette. When done right, your Tiffany blue accents will inspire others to incorporate this regal hue into their own weddings. Set trends with your impeccable taste!

At the end of the day, your wedding decor should reflect your personalities as a couple. If you and your fiancé brighten up any room with your vibrant energy and zest for life, Tiffany blue is a perfect fit. Let this luminous, uplifting color set the entire mood of your big day as you embark on your new lifelong journey together.

Options For Adding Tiffany Blue Tulle To Your Wedding Decor: Tablecloths, Chair Covers, Aisle Runners, and More

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Ready to dress up your wedding with that iconic Tiffany blue hue? Luckily, there are endless options for incorporating tulle into your decor in stunning ways. Let’s explore some of the most popular ideas that are sure to impress your guests!

First, one of the easiest DIY upgrades is using tulle to create table overlays. Simply purchase yards of material and drape it over rectangular banquet tables for instant elegance. For round tables, secure each overlay by tucking the tulle under the table rim. You can layer the fabric for more fullness too. Mix in some white underlays if you want to soften the vibrancy.

Chair covers are another effortless way to add Tiffany blue throughout your reception space. Slip pre-made covers over folding chairs, padding the top edge for comfort. Using sashes around the bottom of the chair back helps secure the tulle. Bonus: chair sashes tie in nicely if you’re doing Tiffany blue aisle runners too!

Speaking of aisle runners, these are fantastic for ceremonies and receptions alike. Running ribbon-trimmed tulle down the aisle leading up to the altar provides that focal “wow” moment for guests. For outdoor weddings, use ground stakes to keep everything in place.

If you really want to amplify the romance, hang long panels of Tiffany blue tulle from the ceremony arch or frame. Suspended swags billowing in the breeze give gorgeous photo backdrops. Just secure one corner to the top of the structure and gather the ends. Accent with floral sprigs or crystals for extra embellishment.

For indoor weddings, ceiling drapings create dreamy atmosphere. Use hooks or command strips to attach one end of the tulle panel to the ceiling, gently swagging it and attaching the other side. Space panels out every few feet for full coverage. You can also drape tulle around chandeliers for stunning effects beneath the glow.

To complement tablescapes, wrap vases, candles, table signs or menu cards with Tiffany blue fabric strips, sheer ribbon, or raffia. DIY napkin rings are another nice touch. Fancy fold your linen napkins and tie them with a slim satin ribbon in that signature robin’s egg blue.

Outdoor tents and pavilions provide perfect lightweight backdrops for draping tulle panels, allowing you to transform even the simplest venue. Anchor swags around the tops of tent poles, gather at intervals, and enjoy the gorgeous effect.

With so many possibilities, it’s easy to infuse your wedding with Tiffany blue for an elevated look you’ll treasure. Get creative with tulle tablecloths, chair covers, aisle décor and more!

Mix and Match: Combine Tiffany Blue With Other Wedding Colors For A Unique Look

Sure, Tiffany blue makes a bold statement on its own. But for even more wow-worthy style, try pairing it with complementary hues. Blending this bright robin’s egg color with other shades creates a custom palette that’s uniquely you.

One idea is to mix Tiffany blue with neutral tones like crisp white, ivory, tan, or light gray. The pop of color stands out beautifully against these quieter backdrops. Alternating blue and white chair sashes or table runners keeps things cohesive but not monotonous.

For a touch of natural elegance, combine Tiffany blue accents with sage green, pale yellow, and blush pink. Imagine an outdoor wedding with blue linen tablecloths and napkins combined with simple white floral centerpieces – stunning! This pastel palette evokes springtime freshness.

Or go bold with deeper shades like navy blue, burgundy, emerald, and violet. Contrasting the light ethereal quality of Tiffany blue with richer jewel tones feels dramatic and luxurious. Try bold Tiffany blue invitations printed on deep purple or gold paper.

Metallics also pair gorgeously. Think shimmering gold candles and flatware on Tiffany blue tablescapes, or mercury glass vases shining against blue table overlays. Or accessorize neutral bridesmaid dresses with Tiffany blue shoes, jewelry, and clutches.

No matter your wedding colors, find ways to tuck little surprises of Tiffany blue throughout your decor. The unexpected pops of color will delight guests and add whimsy. Some ideas: blue ribbon bouquet wraps, custom drink stirrers, welcome bag tissue paper, program accents, and signage.

When mixing and matching hues, vary up textures and patterns too. Layer gauzy tulle tablecloths over linen runners in a contrasting shade. Matte blue table numbers and glossy white menus provide visual interest. Mix solids, stripes, polka dots, and floral prints across stationery and decor.

Most importantly, reflect your taste and personality in the palette you curate. Combining Tiffany blue with a few other meaningful hues creates something unique as you start your marriage. Play with mixing unexpected colors and see what you love!

DIY Tiffany Blue Wedding Decor: Affordable Ways to Incorporate This Color Into Your Special Day

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Brides, listen up! There’s no need to blow your wedding budget on expensive Tiffany blue decor from specialty boutiques. With a little DIY creativity, you can easily incorporate this iconic color into your wedding style while sticking to your bottom line.

First, check out the fabric department of any craft store. They usually stock rolls of tulle in every color imaginable at just a few dollars per yard. Simply draping inexpensive tulle panels over tables, chairs, walls, tents, or ceilings creates a big visual impact for little cost.

For tablescapes, thrift stores and dollar stores are goldmines for blue accent pieces. Pick up vintage blue glassware, mason jars, or vases to display florals. Candles are inexpensive to buy in bulk – wrap them in strips of blue fabric or ribbon for pops of color.

Speaking of fabric scraps, save every blue swatch you can find. Sew them together into a patchwork table runner or suspend little squares from fishing line over reception tables for a whimsical touch.

Check clearance racks for discounted blue plates, napkins, plastic tablecloths, or other party supplies you can repurpose. Or dye plain white linens robin’s egg blue with fabric paint or Rit Dye. This works great for tablecloths, cloth napkins, chair sashes, and more.

For outdoor weddings, paint cheap wooden crates or flower pots Tiffany blue. Fill them with blankets, beverages, or floral arrangements. Paint vintage picture frames blue and clip inexpensive prints inside for unique signage.

Many paper products can become Tiffany blue with spray paint or a sponge brush and acrylic paint. Transform drink stirrers, paper straws, air balloons, cups, tissues, and more. Punch a patterned edge along cardstock and use it for save-the-dates, programs, or signs.

If you’re crafty, make your own bouquets and centerpieces featuring blue dyed flowers, ribbons, and raffia. Gather bulk blooms or roses from local farms or wholesalers and DIY the arrangements.

The possibilities are endless! With smart sourcing and creative DIY projects, you can enjoy Tiffany blue wedding style on a budget.

Shop Smart: Find High Quality Tiffany Blue Tulle From Reputable Sellers

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Tiffany blue has become an iconic wedding color ever since Audrey Hepburn wore that famous black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Brides love the soft, robin’s egg blue hue because it adds an elegant, romantic vibe to any wedding. If you’re looking to incorporate Tiffany blue into your big day, tulle is a gorgeous way to do it.

Tulle is a lightweight, sheer fabric that has a dreamy, ethereal effect when draped or bunched artfully. Adding Tiffany blue tulle to your wedding decor transforms traditional elements into something magical. Drape it along chairs, twist it into centerpieces, or use it to make DIY backdrops and photo booths. The possibilities are endless!

However, when working with such a recognizable and specific color, it’s crucial that you find true, high quality Tiffany blue tulle. There are many shops that sell fabric marketed as “Tiffany blue” that ends up being the wrong shade or made poorly. So how do you make sure you’re getting authentic, vivid Tiffany blue tulle for your wedding?

Look at Color Swatches Before Buying

The easiest way to ensure you’re getting real Tiffany blue tulle is to look at color swatches from the seller. Most will provide these if you ask. Some even show photographs of their fabric draped so you can see the true color and shimmer.

Compare swatches against Tiffany’s official robin egg blue color. There are also Pantone color codes you can match to like Pantone 1837. If the tulle you’re looking at is too bright, too muted, or has a green/teal tint, it’s not real Tiffany blue.

Read Reviews Carefully

One of the big advantages of shopping online is being able to read reviews from other buyers. Pay close attention to what past customers say about the color accuracy of any Tiffany blue tulle you’re considering. You’ll get a good idea of whether the shade matches expectations.

Beware of shops that have no reviews or only vague feedback that doesn’t specifically mention color. The more detailed reviews that reference the exact Tiffany blue hue, the better.

Ask About Dye Lots and Consistency

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Even when a shop shows you accurate Tiffany blue swatches, there’s no guarantee all their tulle will match. Colors can vary across different dye lots. Ask the seller if they ensure consistent dyeing across all their Tiffany blue tulle.

High quality shops will put systems in place to maintain uniformity across their inventory. This ensures that any tulle you buy at different times will be the same shade when combined together.

Buy from Specialty Sellers

To find the best Tiffany blue tulle, look for specialty retailers that focus specifically on wedding fabrics and colors. They are more likely to invest time into perfecting difficult custom hues like Tiffany blue.

Ask how long they’ve offered the color and if they have long-time customers that order it regularly for weddings. Established Tiffany blue sellers have more experience maintaining accuracy and quality.

Get Fabric Samples

If you want to be 100% sure about the tiffany blue tulle shade, ask the company to send you a fabric sample. Most wedding retailers offer this service for free or very cheap.

It’s better to spend a couple bucks on samples of a few options than to risk buying in bulk and ending up with the wrong color. Bring the samples with you when you shop for other items to test if they match accessories or decor.

Read the Fabric Details

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Color isn’t the only factor when shopping for high quality tulle. Pay attention to the fabric specifics like the type of material and thickness.

Polyester tulle is affordable but doesn’t drape as elegantly as silk or French lace tulle. Go with at least medium weight for fullness. Sheer, thin tulle can look cheap and won’t hold shape well in decorations.

Ask About Special Finishes

High end tulle sometimes come with special finishes that enhance the look and feel. For example, metallic finishing adds gorgeous shimmer to Tiffany blue tulle.

Crinkle tulle has a wrinkled texture that makes decor pouf and drape beautifully. French lace edging gives it an elegant, feminine vibe. Ask sellers what finishes they offer to take your tiffany blue tulle to the next level.

Check Return Policies

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a small chance the tulle you receive looks different than expected. Before you buy, understand each retailer’s return policy in case you need to send it back.

Many wedding shops allow you to return tulle within a certain window if the color or quality doesn’t meet your standards. Find a seller who makes the process easy so you have a backup plan.

With so many ways to incorporate tulle into your wedding, Tiffany blue is a dreamy, romantic choice. Just be sure to find a quality retailer who you can trust for the perfect robins egg blue shade. Ask for swatches, read reviews, and buy from top tulle specialists. With a little research, you’ll be able to deck out your wedding with this iconic blue in style.

Style Your Wedding Party With Tiffany Blue Accents: Bridesmaid Dresses, Ties, Bouquets, and Boutonnieres

Tiffany blue is such a gorgeous, timeless wedding color. But why reserve it just for decor? For a cohesive, stylish look, consider incorporating this robin’s egg blue hue throughout your entire wedding party’s attire and accessories.

Accenting your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls with Tiffany blue is an easy way to add a pop of color and elegance. Not only will it look amazing in photos, but it’s a fun way for your wedding party to complement the blue touches in your decor and stationery.

Here are some fabulous ways to accessorize your bridal party with that dreamy pale Tiffany blue:

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids are one of the best ways to bring in your signature wedding color. Look for bridesmaid dresses in Tiffany blue silk or chiffon for an ethereal vibe. More muted blue-gray shades also pair gorgeously if you want a softer effect.

For maximum impact, have all bridesmaids wear the same Tiffany blue gown. Or, do mismatched dresses in varying blue hues like light powder blue, sky blue, and robin’s egg blue for a more eclectic look.

Blue Ties and Pocket Squares for Groomsmen

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Add a punch of Tiffany blue to your groomsmen’s looks through trendy ties and pocket squares. Solid blue neckties are a classic option, or go for a patterned tie with blue accents. Fold pocket squares from coordinating blue fabric and tuck them into their suit jacket pockets.

Ties and pocket squares come in every shade of blue imaginable, so you can find the perfect match for your vision of Tiffany blue. They’re small details that make a big visual impact in photos.

Blue Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls are too cute not to coordinate with the rest of the wedding party! Look for adorable frocks in Tiffany blue. A simple short sleeve dress in a soft blue fabric like eyelet lace or shantung screams timeless elegance.

For a more playful look, blue flower girl dresses often come printed with sweet details like Tiffany blue ribbons, flowers or other whimsical accents. The options are endless for turning your flower girls into mini Tiffany blue princesses.

Blue Bouquet Ribbons

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Want a quick and budget-friendly way to work more Tiffany blue into your wedding party style? Use ribbons to accent your bouquets and boutonnieres!

Wrap blue satin ribbons around the stems of your bridesmaids’ flower bouquets. For boutonnieres, fold a short strip of Tiffany blue ribbon into a small accent loop.

Ribbon is cheap, so you can buy a few different widths and shades of blue to mix and match. It pops beautifully against white and ivory blooms.

Blue Boutonnieres

Take the Tiffany blue groom and groomsmen style up another notch by incorporating it into boutonnieres. Rather than traditional red roses or white lilies, try boutonnieres made from blue flowers.

Good blue bloom options include hydrangeas, thistles, delphiniums, hyacinths, and iris. Baby blue delphinium or hydrangea paired with eucalyptus greens makes a gorgeous Tiffany blue boutonniere.

Mismatched Blue Shoes

Add a hidden pop of color by having your wedding party wear blue shoes that peek out from under their dresses and pants. Provide a few shades of blue and let each person choose their fave.

Some good blue shoe colors for a Tiffany theme could include pastel blue suede, metallic robin’s egg blue, or bright cobalt blue heels. Even blue floral print shoes are adorable!

Mismatched shoes let each bridesmaid and groomsman show off their personal style while still coordinating as a blue themed group.

Blue Outfit Accents

Can’t commit to full blue outfits? Use small blue accents throughout your wedding party looks. Think jewelry, hair accessories, belts, cuff links, ties, and shoes in varying shades of blue.

Groomsmen can rock a blue watch strap or blue patterned socks. Bridesmaids could carry blue clutches or wear blue floral crown headbands. Get creative with how you sprinkle in blue!

Pull everything together by incorporating these mini pops of Tiffany blue into your decor. The cohesive color scheme will look amazing in photos.

Tiffany blue is such a fun way to create a cohesive, fashion-forward bridal party look. Don’t be afraid to play around with different shades to find what matches your wedding vision. Accent small or go all out—either way, Tiffany blue is sure to impress.

Cake and Desserts: Decorate Your Sweets With This Recognizable Color

What’s a wedding without cake and desserts? If you’re using Tiffany blue in your wedding theme, don’t stop at the decor – continue that gorgeous robin’s egg hue all the way to the sweets table.

Tiffany blue cake and dessert decor makes a BIG visual impact. Not only is it an impressive focal point, but it’s a fun way to carry your color scheme through from start to finish. Here are some ideas for incorporating Tiffany blue into your wedding cakes, cookies, candy and other desserts.

All-Over Tiffany Blue Cake

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

For maximum Tiffany blue impact, cover your entire cake in blue! Opt for smooth buttercream or fondant icing in that unmistakable robin’s egg shade.

Keep the decor simple – think subtle cake ruffles, pearls or silver dragees. You can add white cake tiers to break it up, but let Tiffany blue be the star.

Ombre Tiffany Blue Cake

Ombre cakes are super trendy, so try fading your cake from Tiffany blue on the bottom to white at the top. Airbrush the icing to get a seamless gradient effect.

Another ombre option is light blue to dark blue. Or do a “watermark” effect by adding just a hint of Tiffany blue along one side of a white cake.

Blue Details on a White Cake

All-over Tiffany blue is bold, but you can get a more classic look with a white cake detailed in blue. Outline cake tiers in blue ribbon or piping. Add blue ruffle cake skirts.

Use fondant cut-outs for blue monograms, flowers or other designs on white cake tiers. Have your baker paint on delicate blue brushstroke patterns.

Tiffany Box Cake

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

For a true Tiffany & Co. branded cake, recreate their iconic robin’s egg blue gift boxes. Square cakes with white ribbons and a Tiffany logo on top are perfect for this.

Stack two or three square cakes like a set of Tiffany boxes. Drape blue ribbon around each tier and tie in a bow across the front. So cute!

Blue Wedding Cookies

Don’t forget your wedding cookies! Tiffany blue ribbon cookies are easy. For decorated sugar cookies, pipe blue royal icing on white frosted cookies. Or fully cover sugar cookie cut-outs in blue.

For a more decadent option, have your baker make Tiffany blue macarons. Their shiny, smooth tops beautifully show off the blue color.

Tiffany Blue Candy Buffet

Incorporate Tiffany blue into your candy bar or dessert table too. Wrap striped straws in Tiffany blue. Fill apothecary jars with blue rock candy, blue lollipops, or DIY blue candy-coated chocolates.

Display blue-frosted donuts, cake pops, rice crispy treats or other goodies. Scatter blue sprinkles or decorate marshmallows with blue sanding sugar.

Blue Wedding Dessert Bar

Create a dazzling Tiffany-blue dessert bar! Cover the table with a blue sequin linen. Use blue glassware like cake stands, tiered trays or apothecary jars.

Fill it with any blue sweet treats – cupcakes, doughnuts, blue velvet cake slices, macarons, blueberry tarts, etc. Your guests will be blown away!

DIY Blue Desserts

With a little food coloring, you can whip up your own Tiffany blue desserts. Make blue velvet cake from scratch and tint the frosting. Mix food coloring into homemade lemon curd or pastry cream.

Experiment with recipes for blue pancakes, waffles or French toast for a brunch reception. Serve mini blue fruit tarts in a blue sugar crust.

Let your creativity run wild with ways to work robin’s egg blue into your wedding dessert spread. When paired with white and silver accents, Tiffany blue sweets are sure to impress your guests.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations and Stationery: First Impressions Matter, Set The Tone With This Hue

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Your wedding stationery suite is one of the first ways to introduce your Tiffany blue color scheme to guests. Using this iconic robin’s egg blue shade throughout your invitations, programs, menus and signage sets the tone for your entire wedding.

Tiffany blue wedding stationery is elegant yet playful. It’s a detail-oriented way to kick off your wedding celebrations in style. Here are some ideas for incorporating pale Tiffany blue into your save-the-dates, invitations, and other wedding paper goods.

Blue and White Invites

A classic combo, navy blue and white invitations dotted with silver is chic and timeless. Print names in a matching navy font on crisp white or ivory paper.

Look for textured papers like linen, cotton, or vellum. Add white and silver foil stamping for an extra touch. This works for any style from modern to classic.

Watercolor Invites

Watercolor designs are huge for weddings. Ask your stationer to create custom watercolor washes in shades of Tiffany blue and white. Use these as backgrounds or accents on invites.

Floral watercolor designs with robin’s egg blue flowers are especially pretty for a romantic vibe. Let the blue bleed off edges for an ombre effect.

Blue Calligraphy

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Calligraphy invitations let Tiffany blue shine. Opt for thick, blue calligraphy names and lettering on plain ivory or white paper. Simpler is better.

For a lighter effect, have liner envelopes printed with your names in a matching blue calligraphy font. It provides just a hint of blue when mailed.

Tiffany Blue Envelopes

Envelopes might seem like a small detail, but customized blue envelopes make a big impact. Print a matching navy monogram or return address.

Foil stamping the flap or back seal in Tiffany blue is another luxe touch. Liner envelopes in robin’s egg blue are also fun.

Blue Accent Shapes

Use abstract blue shapes and lines throughout invitation suites to tie everything together. Circles, triangles and thick blue lines work well.

On simple white invites, a pop of blue catches they eye. Have these blue accents reappear on programs, welcome bags, or seating charts.

Blue Belly Bands

Add an extra layer to invites with a blue belly band. Pick a thick, textured navy blue paper and wrap it around the invite suite. This lets you color coordinate without blue print invitations.

Belly bands showcase details like your new monogram or wedding logo beautifully. They can also hold invite suites together without an envelope.

Laser Cut Blue

For a super modern invite, go for laser cut designs featuring Tiffany blue. These have intricate, precise patterns cut right into the paper.

Geometric shapes like circles and triangles or patterns like lace and flowers pop in robin’s egg blue layered over white. The lace-like effect is stunning.

DIY Blue Details

Add little DIY touches of Tiffany blue throughout your stationery. Wrap strands of blue baker’s twine around invites to tie them together. Affix small blue enamel heart pins or washi tape accents.

Stamp corner designs on envelope liners or invites with a Tiffany blue ink pad. The options are endless for small blue details!

Tiffany blue stationery instantly elevates any wedding. For the best quality, work with a professional stationer or printer to recreate signature Tiffany blue in ink, paper and accents. Your invitations set the tone!

Capturing Memories: Use Tiffany Blue Decorations As Backdrops For Unique Wedding Photos

Your wedding decor and details should not only look beautiful for guests, but also photograph gorgeously! When you incorporate Tiffany blue accents throughout your wedding, this lovely robin’s egg hue provides fresh, bright backdrops for stunning photos.

Tiffany blue is known for photographing well in all lighting. Take advantage of your decor details by using them as photo backdrops and prop accents during your wedding and reception.

The Ceremony Backdrop

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Your ceremony backdrop sets the tone for photos, so use Tiffany blue decor to make it pop! Drape tulle swags, hang paper lanterns or add bold floral arrangements in Tiffany blue tones.

An arch or gazebo adorned in blue and white blooms makes a dreamy focal point. Place blue vases or candles around your ceremony stage for accent color.

The Reception Ballroom

Your reception space is another area to maximize Tiffany blue decor. Swag the walls or ceiling with blue tulle or string lights to create a magical backdrop.

Bring in blue seating, centerpieces and lighting. A wash of subtle Tiffany blue sets an ambiance that photographs beautifully in dim lighting.

The Cake Table

Your wedding cake table is like a mini stage, so use it to show off your Tiffany blue theme! Surround cakes with blue flowers, linens and signage.

Take photos here of you cutting the cake with guests behind you. Your blue cake and decor provides a stunning, on-theme setting.

The Head Table

Dress Up Your Wedding With Tiffany Blue Tulle: Transform Your Reception With This Gorgeous Color

Drape your head table with Tiffany blue fabric or tulle to make it a focal backdrop. Coordinate blue floral centerpieces and blue upholstered chairs.

Take photos of your wedding party seated at the head table. Clustered against the long blue tablescape, you’ll have amazing reception photos.

The Photo Booth

Photo booths are super trendy, so incorporate Tiffany blue for on-theme photos your guests will love. Provide blue props like feathers, hats and glasses.

Drape the photo booth backdrop in blue fabric or add a bold Tiffany blue background graphic. The vibrancy shows up great in photos.

Outdoor Locations

For outdoor photo sessions, take advantage of any blue decor used outside.Capture shots against blue paper lanterns, seating, or altar backdrops.

Pose with blue reception details like menu cards, cocktails, cake stands or event signage. Using decor as props makes photos so fun!

Table Details

Your reception tables offer lots of small opportunities for blue backgrounds. Photograph ring shots, your place cards, or favors against blue table linens.

Get macro shots of blue napkins, chargers, candles or centerpiece blooms. When you notice little Tiffany blue touches, capture them!

Don’t let all that gorgeous Tiffany blue decor go to waste. Keep your color scheme and decor details in mind when posing for photos. The vibrant robin’s egg blue makes any picture pop.