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E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Introduce E3 spark plugs and their unique iridium electrode design

When it comes to spark plugs, most riders stick with the tried and true OEM parts that came with their Harley. But if you’re looking to enhance performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity, it may be time to upgrade to E3 spark plugs. E3 plugs stand out for their patented electrode design which increases power while reducing fuel consumption. But are they the right choice for your Hog? Let’s take a closer look at what sets these plugs apart.

E3 plugs feature a unique iridium electrode core flanked by side wires made from high nickel steel. This patented design allows for excellent conductivity while concentrating the spark intensity. The concentrated spark kernel improves combustion efficiency. E3’s smaller electrode also stays cooler compared to standard plug designs. This reduces pre-ignition and allows for more precise spark timing.

Discuss the benefits of E3 plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

When installed in a Harley V-twin engine, E3 plugs unlock several key benefits. First, you can expect increased throttle response and torque off the line. The more efficient combustion provides a noticeable boost in acceleration. This makes your Harley feel a bit more sprightly and responsive.

You’ll also see gains in fuel economy, with many riders reporting 1-3 mpg improvements after switching to E3 plugs. For bikes that already get 35+ mpg like Sportsters, that’s an extra 42-126 miles per tank. More miles mean fewer fill-ups on long rides.

Compare E3 spark plug performance to standard spark plugs

In comparison to standard copper or platinum plugs, E3 iridium plugs run significantly longer between changes. While OEM plugs need to be swapped every 10,000-20,000 miles, E3 claims you can get 40,000+ miles out of their plugs. The durable electrode stays sharper for better performance over time.

E3’s also run cleaner, reducing carbon fouling issues associated with traditional plug designs. Less build-up means more reliable operation and easier removal at change intervals. And thanks to the efficient burn, you’ll see less unburnt fuel depositing on the plugs.

Explain why E3’s perform better than OEM Harley spark plugs

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

There are a few reasons why E3 plugs outperform OEM Harley Davidson plugs. First, the electrode material is superior. Iridium has a 700° higher melting point than copper or platinum, so it holds up better during combustion cycles. The metal also has superior conductivity.

The patented sidewire design also gives E3 plugs an advantage. While OEM plugs offer a single ground strap, the twin sidewires improve overall efficiency and direct the spark intensity. This translates into better performance.

Lastly, E3 plugs simply utilize more advanced technology. Harley has relied on the same basic spark plug tech for years. E3 leverages the latest science to optimize firing energy and burn rate.

List the Harley Davidson models that benefit most from E3 plugs

While E3 spark plugs work well in any Harley, models with high-performance V-twin engines stand to benefit the most. Bikes like the Fat Boy, Softail, Touring, and Trike models will see the biggest gains from E3’s dialed-in spark delivery. High compression motors also maximize the effects of increased combustion efficiency.

Provide guidance on selecting the right E3 plug for your Harley

Picking the optimal E3 plug requires matching the heat range to your engine specs and intended usage. Lower numbers indicate hotter plugs. Harley’s Evolution engines take E3.36 or E3.40 plugs in most cases. For XG and Twin Cam models, E3.46 or E3.48 plugs are recommended.

Consult your owner’s manual if unsure. E3 has also published detailed spark plug selection charts by bike model and year which takes the guesswork out of choosing the right performance plug.

Share tips on properly gapping and installing E3 spark plugs

Installing E3 plugs is no different than any other spark plug. Use a plug gap tool to ensure proper spacing between 0.035”-0.045”. Carefully insert plugs using a torque wrench to avoid overtightening. Spark plug sockets with rubber inserts prevent damage to the plugs during installation.

One tip is to use anti-seize lubricant on the threads before installing E3 plugs. This makes removal much easier when it’s time to change them. Be sure to check plug gaps every season or 10,000 miles.

Compare the lifespan of E3 plugs versus standard plugs

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

While standard copper plugs need to be changed every 10,000-15,000 miles, E3 iridium plugs can reliably last over 40,000 miles or more. Their robust construction and advanced materials allow the center electrode to stay sharper longer. Less erosion equals a longer service life.

In comparison, copper plugs slowly wear down over miles of use, gradually degrading performance. E3’s hardened electrodes better withstand combustion heat and firing voltages.

Discuss the impact of E3 plugs on Harley performance and efficiency

With E3 spark plugs, most riders notice improved throttle response and torque delivery. Your Harley will feel a bit quicker and more responsive thanks to enhanced combustion. The plugs also promote maximum fuel burn, which increases mpg by 1-3 typically.

This leads to an overall smoother running engine. Performance remains more consistent between tune-ups. Depending on your Harley’s engine design, you may even gain 1-3 hp in the mid-range. Not bad for a simple plug swap!

Share where to purchase genuine E3 spark plugs for Harley Davidson

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

You can purchase E3 spark plugs for Harley models directly from authorized E3 dealers or motorcycle shops like J&P Cycles. Most Harley dealerships can also order them for you. And they are available online through Amazon and the E3 website.

When buying E3 plugs, be wary of counterfeit or cheap knock-offs. Always verify you’re getting genuine E3 plugs with the patented electrode design to enjoy the benefits discussed above. With proper installation, these premium performance plugs will give your Harley an appreciable boost.

Discuss the benefits of E3 spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles

When you upgrade to E3 spark plugs in your Hog, several performance and efficiency benefits quickly become apparent. You’ll notice improved throttle response right off the bat. The enhanced combustion provides stronger torque delivery and acceleration. So twisting the throttle results in quicker, more exciting power on demand.

Increased fuel economy is another major benefit. The optimized spark of E3 plugs helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently and completely. Tests show 1-3 mpg gains in real world conditions after installing E3 plugs. For big touring bikes and baggers that already get respectable mileage, this can add up to over 100 more miles per tank of gas.

E3 plugs also run cleaner than old school copper plug designs. Less carbon buildup on the electrodes means more reliable firing over the plug’s lifespan. And you’ll deal with less fouling issues caused by unburnt deposits accumulating on the plugs. So your Harley’s engine performs better for longer between tune-ups.

Explain how E3’s multi-spark discharge improves combustion

One unique benefit E3 plugs offer is their multi-spark discharge. Thanks to the twin side electrode wires flanking the central iridium core, E3 plugs actually generate two sparks with every ignition cycle instead of just one.

This split discharge broadens the overall spark footprint inside the cylinder, ensuring the fuel-air mixture lights off evenly and completely. By maximizing combustion efficiency, E3’s twin sparks translate into better performance, responsiveness, and fuel economy compared to standard single spark plug designs.

Discuss how E3 plugs enhance ignition timing and prevent pre-ignition

The patented construction of E3 spark plugs provides precise spark timing and helps avoid destructive pre-ignition. Pre-ignition occurs when the fuel-air mix ignites before the actual spark event due to residual cylinder heat.

E3’s smaller center electrode stays cooler compared to old copper core plugs. This allows advancing the ignition timing closer to optimal without risk of pre-ignition. Advanced timing equates to better efficiency and power.

The iridium electrode also concentrates the spark intensity, resulting in very quick flame propagation through the cylinder once discharge occurs. This contributes to optimal ignition timing and efficient combustion.

Share firsthand experiences and feedback from Harley riders using E3 plugs

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Many Harley riders who have switched to E3 performance plugs report noticeable improvements after installing them. For example, one rider said his Ultra Classic gained 2-3 mpg while high-speed cruising after installing E3 plugs. He was impressed that such a simple upgrade netted measurable fuel savings.

Another rider put E3 plugs in his Road King and said it felt like someone gave his bike an extra 10 lb-ft of torque. He raved about the improved throttle response and power delivery, especially in the mid-range where most normal riding occurs.

And a Low Rider owner said he planned on swapping plugs again at 40,000 miles despite E3’s claim of 60,000+ plug life. He hadn’t experienced any performance drop-off yet and figured the plugs could go even farther if he wanted.

Discuss the reduced environmental impact of E3 plugs

Beyond performance benefits, E3 spark plugs are friendlier for the environment. Their efficient combustion reduces hydrocarbon emissions from your Harley’s exhaust. Less unburnt fuel vaporizes into the atmosphere when you run E3 plugs.

And the improved fuel economy means less total fuel consumption and fewer carbon emissions. Plus, E3 plugs run cleaner and leave behind less deposits or residue when changed. Overall, they offer reduced environmental impact through smarter ignition technology.

Consider the cost savings from improved fuel efficiency

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

While E3 plugs come with a premium price tag, the fuel savings they generate can offset that cost over time. Let’s assume a nice round 3 mpg bump after installing them in your Harley. For a 5 gallon tank, that equates to 15 more miles per fill-up.

At $4 per gallon, every tank is $0.60 cheaper with E3 plugs. Over 10,000 miles and 20 fill-ups, the fuel savings adds up to $12. Double it to $24 for the typical E3 life of 20,000 miles before changing plugs. So the added mpg pays you back a portion of the higher plug cost.

Plus, you’ll save time and money by changing plugs half as often. Fewer service intervals means more days riding and less time in the shop!

Compare E3 spark plug performance to standard spark plugs

When evaluating E3 vs. standard spark plugs for your Harley, there are several key differences in performance. E3’s unique design unlocks advantages in combustion efficiency, fouling resistance, lifespan, and ignition timing over old-school copper or platinum plugs.

Let’s dig into the details. Standard OEM Harley plugs utilize a solid copper core electrode. This material is decent at conducting current, but it erodes over time as sparking occurs. The result is steadily declining performance as the miles add up.

In contrast, E3 plugs have an iridium electrode core. Iridium has superior hardness, temperature resistance, and conductivity compared to copper. This adds up to better spark delivery and electrode longevity.

Explain why E3 plugs are less prone to fouling issues

Carbon fouling happens when unburnt fuel residues deposit on the spark plug over time. This can cause misfires, poor performance, and eventually the need for replacement. Standard copper core plugs are particularly susceptible to this issue.

E3’s sidewire electrode design runs cooler and discourages fuel deposition. Combined with better fuel atomization, this means dramatically less fouling in most riding conditions. That equals reliable operation for the full lifespan of E3 plugs.

Discuss the longer replacement intervals of E3 iridium plugs

While copper plugs need to be swapped every 10,000-20,000 miles for optimal performance, E3 plugs easily last over 40,000 miles between changes. Some riders report going 60,000+ miles on one set.

This extended service life is due to the iridium center electrode. Iridium withstands sparking erosion far longer than copper. Less material loss over time equals a sharper plug that performs better for longer distances.

Compare how E3 and standard plugs affect ignition timing

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Advanced ignition timing provides the best efficiency and power. But it also increases the risk of pre-ignition on standard copper plugs. That’s because their large center electrode runs hotter.

E3’s cooler-running iridium core tolerates advanced timing without pre-ignition risk. This allows dialing timing in closer to optimal for maximum combustion performance. Bottom line, E3 plugs enable more ideal ignition timing.

Consider limitations – cases where standard plugs may still be suitable

While E3 plugs unlock clear benefits in most cases, there are some limitations to weigh. For milder, completely stock engines that are rarely pushed hard, standard plugs may be adequate. Their lower upfront cost could make sense depending on the usage.

Likewise, some riders modify their bikes for unique applications like nitrous or huge cubic inch builds that go beyond E3’s ideal operating envelope. Copper may handle the extreme conditions better in certain cases.

The plug change interval may also be a factor. For those who just ride weekends or prefer swapping parts often, the lower mileage on copper plugs isn’t an issue.

Discuss the importance of using quality tools and anti-seize for installation

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Properly installing spark plugs without damaging them requires quality tools. A good plug gapper ensures the spacing is calibrated correctly before inserting plugs. And a proper spark plug socket with rubber insert prevents slipping that can crack the ceramic insulator.

It’s also wise to apply anti-seize lubricant to the threads before installing any performance plugs like E3’s. This prevents the plugs from practically welding themselves into the cylinder head over time through rust and corrosion.

Having the right tools and using anti-seize makes plug swaps quicker and prevents damage down the road. Don’t skimp on installation practices for any performance parts.

Remind riders to verify they are buying genuine E3 plugs

When purchasing E3 spark plugs, it’s critical to verify you are getting the real OEM part. There are cheap knock-off and counterfeit plugs out there falsely claiming to be E3’s.

Always buy from a reputable dealer or direct from E3. Check for the proper E3 logo and iridium electrode design. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. Getting fake plugs negates any potential benefits discussed here.

Explain why E3’s perform better than OEM Harley spark plugs

When evaluating E3 versus stock OEM spark plugs for your Harley-Davidson, E3 emerges as the clear performance winner. There are a few key reasons why E3 iridium plugs outshine traditional Harley plug designs:

Discuss the superior electrode materials and conduction of E3 plugs

The electrode core is one of the most important components of any spark plug. Harley typically uses a solid copper core in their OEM plugs. Copper provides decent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

But E3 utilizes iridium for their center electrode. Iridium boasts far higher hardness, melting point, and conductivity values than copper. This translates into better spark delivery, combustion efficiency, and electrode longevity.

Iridium simply conducts the high voltage spark better while resisting material erosion far longer. And conductivity means everything when it comes to spark plug performance.

Explain how E3’s sidewire electrode broadens the spark footprint

Another E3 advantage is their patented sidewire electrode design. Dual side wires flank the central iridium core electrode. This creates a multi-spark discharge versus the single spark of traditional plugs.

In effect, E3 plugs generate a “fatter” spark kernel that propagates across a wider portion of the combustion chamber. This improves the ignition consistency and completeness of the fuel-air mixture for superior efficiency.

Compare the thermal characteristics of E3 vs. OEM plugs

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Copper has a high thermal conductivity whereas iridium maintains lower operating temperatures. The cooler electrode of E3 plugs resists pre-ignition and allows for optimizing ignition timing without detonation risk.

Advanced timing yields better efficiency and power. But Harley’s OEM copper plugs limit timing due to increased pre-ignition chances when the electrode gets too hot.

The cooler iridium electrode gives E3 plugs an advantage here. And less internal heat means less pre-ignition and fouling deposit build-up.

Consider OEM product stagnation versus E3’s continued innovation

Harley Davidson has used essentially the same spark plug tech in their bikes for decades. The OEM plugs get the job done, but show little evolution or advancement.

Meanwhile, E3 leverages modern materials and continues innovating their plug designs. They actively push the envelope of ignition performance rather than simply maintaining the status quo like Harley.

So E3 plugs benefit from the latest R&D and science, unlocking noticeable real-world gains. OEM lags behind in this area.

Remind readers of the importance of proper plug indexing and rotation

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

When installing spark plugs, it’s critical to note their specific orientation in the cylinder head. Marking plugs and sockets before removing them ensures proper indexing when putting them back in.

Likewise, plug manufacturers recommend replacing in sets and rotating to even out wear. Skipping this with OEM plugs shortens their already limited lifespan. So don’t overlook proper plug service practices.

Caution against using copper plugs beyond their ideal replacement interval

Copper electrode plugs gradually erode and perform worse over their service life as material wears away during sparking. Running them beyond 20,000 miles often results in degraded performance.

Iridium stands up to spark erosion much longer before losing sharpness. Exceeding copper plug change intervals is false economy and harms engine performance.

Stick to recommended mileage intervals with OEM plugs. E3’s 40,000+ mile lifespan reduces maintenance hassle and cost.

Remind readers to properly gap plugs to avoid issues

Failing to gap spark plugs properly causes all sorts of performance problems. Too wide or too narrow of a gap prevents the plug from firing correctly.

Always check and set gaps to spec with a quality feeler gauge before installing any plugs. It takes seconds but makes a huge difference in how the engine runs. Don’t skip this essential maintenance step.

E3 and Harley both provide gap values for their respective plugs. Precision matters, so gap accordingly.

List the Harley Davidson models that benefit most from E3 plugs

While all Harleys see benefits from upgrading to E3 performance spark plugs, some models gain more of an advantage than others. High-output engines built for speed, torque, and power stand to benefit the most from E3’s optimized spark.

Discuss why the Fat Boy model benefits from E3 plugs

The Fat Boy and Fat Boy Lo models feature large-displacement V-twin engines designed for maximum torque output. Their performance focus makes them a perfect match for E3 plugs.

The Fat Boy’s big inch motor really shows its muscle after installing E3’s. Crisper throttle response, stronger mid-range punch, and higher top horsepower are common gains reported by riders.

Whether cruising the boulevard or aggressively flying down back roads, the Fat Boy comes even more alive with E3’s dialed-in spark delivery.

Explain key advantages for Softail models

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Harley’s entire Softail family, including the Deuce, Heritage, Deluxe, and Slim models, operate their best with E3 plugs onboard.

The counterbalanced Softail powerplants thrive on E3’s improved combustion and reduced pre-ignition. Performance stays reliable long-term versus OEM copper plugs that slowly degrade.

Bottom line, Softails exemplify the E3 benefits of better efficiency, quicker throttle response, and less maintenance hassle.

Discuss why touring bikes and trikes love E3 plugs

Big-inch touring models like the Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Ultra Limited achieve excellent performance gains with E3 spark plugs installed.

Their large displacement motors really highlight the benefits of E3’s optimized ignition timing and multi-spark discharge under hard accelerating.

And riders report 1-3 mpg fuel economy improvements after installing E3 plugs. Given touring bikes’ already decent mileage, this gives substantial extra range between fill-ups.

Consider which engine designs benefit the most from E3 technology

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

In general, high-compression engines show the most dramatic improvements with E3 plug upgrades. Compression amplifies the effects of improved combustion efficiency and fuel burn.

High-output, high-revving motors also thrive on E3’s precise spark timing and delivery. More performance-oriented applications maximize the technology’s benefits.

Conversely, mild low-compression engines may not exhibit such pronounced gains. But all Harleys gain something from E3 plugs.

Remind readers to verify E3 application fitment for their specific bike

While many Hogs use E3 plugs out of the box, some may require different heat ranges or gaps for optimal performance.

Always confirm you’re ordering the correct E3 plugs for your bike’s year, engine, intended use, and modifications.

Consulting E3’s handy application guides online ensures you get the right part number for your model and riding style.

Caution against bad gas or oil fouling plugs prematurely

One downside of higher performance engines is their increased susceptibility to fuel or oil fouling spark plugs. Bad gas, excessive oil burning, and poor maintenance can shorten E3’s long service life.

Rule out other issues before incorrectly blaming the plugs. Keep fresh fuel in the tank and fix any mechanical problems promptly to maximize E3 benefits.

Higher-strung motors demand more fastidious upkeep to realize the full plug life and performance.

Provide guidance on selecting the right E3 plug for your Harley

Choosing the optimal E3 spark plug requires matching the heat range and gap to your specific engine and riding conditions. Here are some tips for selecting the right E3 plug:

Explain the importance of heat range for proper E3 selection

Heat range determines how hot the spark plug operates in the combustion chamber. Lower heat range numbers indicate hotter plugs, higher numbers are colder.

Using too hot of a plug risks preignition and detonation. Too cold and the plug may misfire or foul from poor fuel burn off.

Match the heat range to your particular engine, mods, and riding style for best performance. Hotter plugs suit high compression/rpm engines, milder builds need colder plugs.

Provide examples of ideal E3 plug heat ranges for different H-D motors

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

As a general guideline:

  • E3.36-40 heat range suits Evolution motors found in Sportsters and some Dynas.
  • E3.46-48 heat range matches better with Twin Cam 88/96 or 103 engines.
  • E3.56+ plugs work well in mild Screamin Eagle and 883cc engines.

Consult your owner’s manual or E3’s online fitment guide to confirm the right heat range for your model and displacement.

Discuss the importance of the proper plug gap for performance

The spark plug gap determines the voltage required to fire the plug. Wider gaps may not fully arc over, while tight gaps limit combustion efficiency.

Always gap E3 plugs according to the factory spec for your particular Harley. Typical gaps are 0.038-0.045 inches. Use a feeler gauge and adjust as needed.

Improperly gapped plugs cause hard starting, rough idle, power loss and misfires. Precision gaps ensure optimum performance.

Consider modified engines may need gap/heat range adjustments

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Aftermarket pipes, intake, cams, or big bore kits often require re-gapping stock plugs for best performance. This holds true when installing E3 plugs in modified engines as well.

Wider gaps typically suit higher flowing motors to ensure complete spark discharge across the gap.

Advanced ignition timing on modified bikes may also require adjusting heat range to avoid overheating plugs.

Remind readers to re-gap plugs at regular service intervals

Spark plug gaps slowly widen over miles from vibration and thermal cycling. Periodically rechecking and adjusting gaps maintains optimum performance, typically around every 10,000 miles.

Even E3’s iridium electrodes erode microscopically over time, changing the gap. Quickly re-gapping takes the guesswork out of proper plug service intervals.

Caution against using non-resistor E3 plugs in motorcycles

Motorcycles rely on resistor spark plugs to filter voltage spikes from the ignition system and prevent electrical interference.

While E3 makes non-resistor plugs for some applications, always use resistor plugs for Harleys and other motorcycles.

Confirm any replacement E3’s specify “R” in the part number to indicate internal resistor. Using non-resistor plugs causes issues.

Remind readers to buy genuine E3 plugs from reputable sources

To realize all the benefits described, use only genuine E3 brand plugs. Some cheap counterfeits and knock-offs falsely claim E3 compatibility.

Purchase plugs directly from E3 or a trusted retailer. Check for authentic E3 logo, part numbers, and iridium electrode.

Inferior fake plugs negate any performance gains discussed here. Invest in the real thing when equipping your Harley.

Share tips on properly gapping and installing E3 spark plugs

Getting the most out of E3 performance spark plugs requires gapping and installing them correctly. Here are some best practices for hassle-free plug service:

Explain the importance of checking/setting gap before installing

Always gap spark plugs to the specified range before installation. Failing to do so results in power loss, poor fuel economy, misfires, and rough idle.

Use a wire feeler gauge to check gap between the center and side electrodes. Adjust by bending only the ground electrode, not the fine iridium center wire.

Gap E3 plugs to factory spec for your Harley model, usually between 0.035″-0.045″. Precision gapping takes seconds but makes a huge difference.

Recommend using anti-seize lubricant on plug threads

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Apply a small amount of high-temp anti-seize lubricant to the threads before installing E3 plugs. This prevents the plugs from seizing in the cylinder head.

Anti-seize allows for easier plug removal with just hand tools. It also prevents stripped threads or broken plugs during maintenance.

Never install plugs dry without lube – you’ll regret it later. Anti-seize is cheap insurance against stuck plug headaches.

Caution against over-tightening or cross-threading during installation

Use a calibrated torque wrench and tighten E3 plugs to the factory spec – around 16-18 ft-lbs for Harleys. Overtorquing can crack the ceramic insulator.

Carefully insert and thread plugs by hand before final tightening to avoid cross-threading. Damaged threads prevent proper plug sealing.

Take your time installing plugs to avoid damaging mistakes. Patience pays off with proper performance and easier removal later.

Discuss best practices for spark plug socket tools and care

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Always use a quality spark plug specific socket tool for removing/installing E3 plugs.

A rubber insert inside the socket protects the ceramic and prevents rounded metal hex edges during service.

Changing plugs with the engine warm makes removal easier. Allow the exhaust system to fully cool before handling plugs.

Explain why it’s wise to replace or rotate in sets

For optimal performance, replace E3 plugs as a complete set, or rotate existing plugs to even out wear.

Staggering plug replacement causes uneven firing. Rotating evens out operating time to extend service life.

Label plug wires for proper cylinder indexing when swapping. Consistent replacement practices ensure the best engine performance.

Remind readers to re-check torque specs after initial start-up

Heat cycling can cause spark plugs to loosen slightly after initial installation when cold.

Always re-torque plugs to spec after the first long ride. This ensures proper sealing as plugs expand.

Taking this quick extra step guarantees peak performance from your new E3 plug set.

Caution against accidentally using non-resistor plugs

Harleys require resistor type plugs, denoted by an “R” in the part number.

Non-resistor plugs cause electrical noise interference and inhibit ignition module function.

Confirm any replacement plugs are coded R before installing. Using standard non-resistor plugs damages bike electronics.

Compare the lifespan of E3 plugs versus standard plugs

One key advantage E3 spark plugs offer over standard OEM plugs is significantly extended lifespan between replacement intervals. Let’s examine how E3 iridium plugs outlast old-fashioned copper core designs.

Discuss the typical replacement intervals for standard copper plugs

Traditional copper core spark plugs used in many Harley models need replacement every 10,000-20,000 miles for optimum performance and longevity.

This relatively short service life is due to the copper electrode slowly eroding through normal sparking action. The resulting widened gap degrades ignition over time.

Exceeding copper plug mileage limits causes declining performance, poor fuel economy, and increased emissions.

Explain why E3 iridium plugs last so much longer

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

In contrast to copper, iridium is one of the hardest and most corrosion resistant metals used in spark plugs. Its high melting point also gives it excellent thermal properties.

This hardness allows E3’s center electrode to resist material loss during sparking far longer than copper can. Less erosion equals a sharper plug that performs like new after thousands of miles.

Iridium simply withstands the demanding conditions inside a combustion chamber significantly better for extended service life.

Provide examples of real-world E3 plug lifespan in Harley motors

Many Harley riders report getting 40,000 to 60,000 miles out of a set of E3 plugs with no issues. Their robust construction maintains like-new performance for the long haul.

In comparison, copper plugs used for more than 20,000 miles often suffer degraded ignition, carbon buildup, and pitting damage from extended wear.

Iridium’s innate material advantages enable E3 plugs to operate reliably for 2-3 times the mileage of old-tech copper.

Caution against false economy of exceeding copper plug life

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Extending replacement intervals past 20,000 miles hoping to save money often backfires with standard copper plugs. What little is saved on parts can end up costing more for reduced fuel economy and increased maintenance hassle.

Letting copper plugs go too long also risks damaging pistons, cylinders, or valves from debris and inefficient combustion.

Regular replacement is essential for copper plugs. Exceeding service limits creates avoidable long-term costs.

Remind readers of the importance of proper on-bike plug maintenance

To realize their full lifespan, E3 plugs require periodic maintenance like regular gapping and cleaning carbon deposits. This maintenance applies equally to copper plugs as well.

Re-gapping at 10k mile intervals maintains optimal ignition. And keeping plugs free of carbon ensures reliable operation and easy removal.

No plug technology lasts long neglected. Take care of your E3 iridium plugs, and they’ll take care of your Harley for the long haul.

Note E3’s lifespan advantage means less downtime and maintenance

Because E3 plugs operate so reliably for extended mileage, owners spend less time doing plug maintenance overall.

Less frequent replacement intervals translate into more days riding and fewer hours wrenching in the garage every couple seasons.

So you save not only on parts cost but also precious time. E3 plugs work harder so you can play harder.

Discuss the impact of E3 plugs on Harley performance and efficiency

Upgrading to E3 performance spark plugs provides measurable improvements in throttle response, acceleration, fuel economy, and overall ride quality for most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Here’s an overview of how E3 plugs enhance H-D performance and efficiency:

Explain how E3 plugs improve throttle response and torque

The patented E3 electrode design optimizes combustion efficiency and energy yield from each ignition event. This translate into stronger torque output and crisper throttle response.

Whether rolling on the throttle from mid-range RPMs or cracking it open from a stoplight, E3-equipped Harleys feel noticeably quicker and livelier across the powerband.

The improved combustion also keeps power output more consistent between tune-ups. Performance stays sharp for the long E3 plug life.

Discuss typical mpg gains observed after installing E3 plugs

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

In addition to better response, E3 plugs improve real-world fuel economy. Owners report 1-3 mpg increases after installing them.

This MPG bump results from increased combustion efficiency. Less wasted fuel equals better gas mileage. Fuel savings are quite noticeable for big twin models averaging only 35-40 mpg.

Expect fewer fill-ups and more miles per tank when running E3 plugs in your Harley’s Evolution, Twin Cam, or Milwaukee Eight engine.

Explain how E3 plugs enhance overall ride quality

The performance and efficiency gains from E3 plugs add up to an overall smoother, more enjoyable riding experience. Throttle response feels more immediate, acceleration is stronger, and cruise RPMs lower for a given speed.

Your Harley simply runs better with less effort thanks to E3’s dialed-in spark. Performance stays crisp longer between plug changes too.

Riders report bikes feeling like they gained an extra gear or several horsepower after installing E3 plugs. It’s a simple but impactful upgrade.

Consider environmental benefits of E3 technology

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Beyond performance gains, E3 plugs benefit the environment by reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Their exceptional combustion efficiency means less unburnt fuel escaping through exhaust.

And the fuel mileage increases directly translate into fewer gallons burned and less carbon released per mile ridden.

E3 plugs enable your Harley to run cleaner and greener using smarter ignition technology.

Remind readers of proper installation care for maximum gains

To realize the full benefits, E3 plugs must be correctly gapped and torqued during installation per specs.

Careful plug handling and using anti-seize on threads prevents damage too. And marking plug wires ensures proper cylinder indexing.

With good installation practices, E3 plugs unlock noticeable performance and efficiency gains across the RPM range.

Share where to purchase genuine E3 spark plugs for Harley Davidson

When it’s time to upgrade your Harley’s spark with E3 plugs, be sure to purchase genuine OEM parts from reputable sellers. Here’s where to get the real deal:

Explain why buying directly from E3 is an option

Purchasing E3 plugs directly from the manufacturer through their website or authorized dealers ensures you’re getting authentic plugs.

E3 offers a fitment guide and tech docs to select the optimal plugs for your Harley. Their customer service can also help with product questions.

Direct sales offer peace of mind, often with discounted pricing for multi-plug purchases. Just expect to pay shipping costs.

Discuss sourcing plugs from local Harley dealers

Many authorized Harley Davidson dealers stock or can order genuine E3 plugs for your model.

The parts counter experts can confirm fitment and availability. And you get the plugs immediately without waiting on shipping.

Dealer prices are often a bit higher than online, but you pay for the convenience. And you know the plugs are legit E3 spec.

Consider ordering through online retailers like J&P Cycles

Respected online parts sellers like J&P Cycles, RevZilla, and Dennis Kirk also supply genuine E3 spark plugs for Harley models.

Their websites make it easy to lookup parts by year and bike. Most ship quickly within the continental US.

Online parts retailers may offer promotional discounts on E3 plugs not available elsewhere. Just validate you receive the right spec plugs.

Caution about fakes and counterfeits marketed online

E336 Spark Plugs: Are These The Best Plugs For Your Harley

Beware of unknown third party Amazon or eBay sellers offering suspiciously cheap E3 plugs. There are knockoffs out there.

Always verify model fitment and compare E3 part numbers when purchasing online. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Stick with plugs from E3 directly or reputable dealers and retailers. Don’t risk counterfeits.

Remind readers to budget for a full plug set replacement

Remember to factor cost of a complete spark plug set for your Harley, not just a single plug.

Best performance comes from replacing all plugs at once. Budget $60-120 for a quality E3 plug set from trusted sources.

The minor additional upfront cost is worth it for the hassle-free miles and performance gains E3 plugs unlock.