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Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Open Face Helmets Offer More Visibility But Less Protection

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, choosing the right helmet is a crucial decision. Open face helmets have remained a popular option for riders who value maximum visibility and ventilation. However, they do lack the full facial protection of their full face counterparts. The good news is that advancements in helmet technology now allow open face helmets to offer added safety through retractable sun visors.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was a teenager, starting out with dirt bikes and gradually moving toward street bikes once I got my license. That first open face helmet gave me the wind-in-your-face feeling that fueled my passion for riding. As I logged more miles on faster bikes, I realized that a full face helmet would be safer and reduce wind noise at high speeds. Still, I missed having that extra peripheral vision from an open face model.

The Best of Both Worlds

When I recently upgraded my headgear, I was thrilled to discover open face helmets now available with retractable sun visors. This innovative option gives me the visibility I love from a 3/4 helmet along with the ability to deploy a tinted shield when the glare demands it. I enjoy the versatility of having both the open exposure and quick sun protection at my fingertips.

During an epic ride last summer through Utah’s winding canyons, I was amazed at how seamlessly I could transition between the clear and smoked visor. Approaching the bright red cliffs, I’d flip down the tinted shield to prevent squinting that could impede my view of the sinuous roads. Then I’d retract it again when entering shaded parts or tunnels to maximize my sightlines. The easily accessible button made these transitions quick and uncomplicated.

Blocking Out Harmful Rays

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Research shows that exposure to UV rays can lead to conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration over time. A sun visor blocks 98% of UVA/UVB radiation, protecting your eyes from damage on long rides. I don’t have to worry about arriving home with throbbing, fatigued eyes after a full day in the saddle any longer. The dark tint instantly provides relief by reducing glare and strain.

Having escaped a close call with debris kicked up by a passing truck, I’m also glad for the barrier against road particles offered by the lowered visor. Without it, I could have been distracted or injured by a pebble to the eyes at 65 mph. The clear shield alone left me vulnerable to hazards that the sun shield now deflects.

Adapting to Changing Conditions

A motorcycle sun visor eliminates the need to pull over and swap out shields when you’re faced with altering light. Riding from tree coverage into open highway sunlight no longer means stopping to dig through my saddlebags for a tinted pane. With the flip of a switch, I can fine-tune my visibility on the go. The quick transition also improves safety since I’m able to keep my eyes on the road.

When I conquered the Dragon Tail this summer, a famous stretch of Route 129 with 318 curves in 11 miles, the electric visor was ideal. One moment I was in dense forest shadows, the next twisting into blinding vistas. Being able to adapt instantly kept me safer on the notoriously technical ride. I could concentrate on maneuvering all those turns without interruption.

Versatility for Changing Preferences

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

While sunglasses are one option on bright days, I prefer the coverage of a dropped visor. It provides a bigger field of tinted view than shades which only block a portion of your sightline. For times when I know I’ll need the lid closed for an extended period, the dark lens is less claustrophobic to peer through than a smoked shield. I can always crack it open for a rush of airflow when desired.

Having both clear and tinted options in one helmet also removes the need to own multiple expensive visors. I get the variety and adaptability without draining my budget. I’ve seen some helmets that even offer a transitional shield, but I find the retractable more convenient since it’s instantly accessible.

Visor Tech to Look For

When shopping for an open face helmet with sun shield, I recommend keeping an eye out for these ideal features:

  • Anti-scratch coating prevents abrasions from impairing visibility
  • Anti-fog treatment keeps the shield clear in humid or wet conditions
  • A sturdy yet smooth deployment/retraction mechanism for flawless transitions
  • Dark tint for glare reduction but not so opaque it’s unusable at night
  • A shape and size that provides full sun coverage without obstructing sightlines

The retractable sun visor has been a game changer for my open face helmet. I no longer have to compromise perfect vision for eye protection. It’s the best of both worlds–and a versatile shield for whatever each ride throws my way.

Adding A Retractable Sun Visor Blocks Glare Without Compromising View

One of the biggest advantages of a retractable sun visor on an open face helmet is how it blocks blinding glare without obstructing your field of vision. Unlike swapping to a tinted shield, you don’t have to sacrifice clarity just to gain eye protection from the sun.

I’ll never forget the first time I flipped down the smoked visor while riding toward a fiery sunset. I braced for the dark tunnel effect I expected from a shaded shield. But I could still see the road ahead and traffic around me surprisingly well. The subtle bronze tint was just enough filter the harshest rays without dramatically reducing visibility.

Having ridden for decades, I’ve dealt with my share of makeshift glare protection improvised on the fly. From ducking behind the windscreen to flipping up the chin guard of my jacket, I’ve tried desperate measures to shade my eyes. The sun visor eliminates those risky maneuvers to block brightness by providing permanent, convenient protection.

Clarity Where You Need It

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Unlike sunglasses or a tinted visor that shade your entire line of vision, the retractable sun shield targets only the area most vulnerable to glare. It concentrates protection right in front of your field of view where sunlight is most likely to reflect off the pavement. Your peripheral sightlines remain clear to maximize awareness of your surroundings.

I was reminded of this benefit recently while riding along the coast at sunset. Even with the sun directly in front of me, I could still clearly see the ocean and railing off to my right. My eyes weren’t overwhelmed by blanket shade from a dark lens. The strategic sun coverage boosted comfort without compromising clarity.

Quick Adjustments for Changing Conditions

Because I can lower or raise the sunshield in seconds, I have much more flexibility to adapt to variable light conditions. One moment I’m flicking it down to prevent squinting into evening light, then retracting it again under a bridge. That quick-change ability allows me to optimize visibility for any environment.

I also love being able to modulate the shade, cracking the visor open a bit if I want more airflow or a slightly brighter view. It’s not an all-or-nothing proposition like swapping shields. I get nuanced control over my line of sight.

No More Scratched Swap-Out Shields

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Having dropped my helmet more times than I’d like to admit, I’ve dealt with scratched stock visors that impair clarity. Keeping a clear shield on my helmet and deploying the sunshade prevents any wear and tear. The retractable one is protected and out of harm’s way until needed.

I’m also saved the chore of constantly swapping shields every time the light changes. I used to fumble with sticky shields, risking dropping and losing them along the roadside. Now I can focus on the ride rather than stopping to dig through my bags.

Safer Riding Without Interruption

Being able to adapt my vision on the fly with a flip of the visor allows me to spend more time focused on riding. I no longer have to pull over or spend minutes parked on the shoulder rummaging through shields. The seconds I save not having to stop translates into improved safety.

Having my eyes covered by either the clear main shield or sun visor also means I’m never exposed at high speeds. I don’t have to risk riding squinting into sunlight without any protection. By improving comfort and convenience, the retractable sunshield ultimately enhances my overall safety.

For open face helmet wearers like myself, the sun visor is a true gamechanger. It allows us to enjoy the ventilation and peripheral vision we love without sacrificing critical eye protection. I’ll never ride without this accessory that prevents glare without compromising the clarity of the road ahead.

Visors Protect Eyes From UV Rays That Can Cause Long-Term Damage

One of the key benefits of a sun visor on an open face motorcycle helmet is protecting your eyes from harmful UV exposure. Studies show UV radiation can lead to vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration over time.

After a cross-country ride a few years ago, I noticed my eyes seemed more sensitive to light. It dawned on me that hours of unprotected sun glare while riding could take a toll on my vision. That trip motivated me to invest in a helmet with a retractable sunshield.

Now, a quick press of a button deploys the tinted screen to filter UV rays before they reach my eyes. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have an extra layer of defense against the sun’s damaging effects.

Blocking Hazardous Ultraviolet Rays

Unlike visible light, UV rays penetrate deep into the eye even when bright enough to make you squint. Research indicates UV exposure clouds the lens and retina, contributing to cataracts later in life. The sun visor’s specialized tint blocks over 98% of these harmful rays.

I’m relieved knowing the UV blocking visor will help me avoid vision issues down the road. Seeing my friend who spent years lifeguarding struggle with early cataracts was a wakeup call about sun protection. Her doctors directly linked the condition to UV damage.

Reducing Risk of Macular Degeneration

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Studies also show UV rays may increase the chances of developing macular degeneration, which blurs central vision. A sun visor shields the macula, preventing degradation that would make driving or reading difficult.

Since my grandfather battled macular degeneration, I’m extra vigilant about UV protection. Keeping those rays from bombarding my eyes on long rides could help me avoid his fate. I feel more confident I’ll have clear eyesight for many years.

Combating Eye Fatigue and Strain

Anyone who’s faced the sun’s piercing glare for hours understands how it can leave your eyes feeling exhausted. The tinted sunshield helps combat that eye fatigue by diffusing harsh light.

I used to finish longer rides with throbbing, irritated eyes from contending with constant brightness. Now the sun visor provides welcome relief, making my vision feel refreshed rather than beat down after a long day.

Quick Protection Against Brief Exposure

Even brief sun glare while riding can degrade vision over time. What makes the retractable visor so ideal is how rapidly it can shield eyes from sudden brightness. In seconds, I can deploy it when cresting a hill into low afternoon light.

Riding around the winding coastline, I’m constantly turning into and away from the sun’s rays. The quick deployment of the sunshade allows me to quickly adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

No More Squinting Without Protection

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Before getting the retractable sun visor, I’d often find myself squinting into bright sunlight when out riding. Scrunching your eyes to cut the glare actually magnifies UV exposure.

Now when I’m faced with low sun glare, I simply lower the tinted shield rather than grimacing unprotected. My eyes stay relaxed behind the UV-blocking visor.

For bikers who log miles in the saddle, having reliable UV protection is crucial. The sun visor provides an essential safeguard against invisible rays that can degrade vision over the long run. I’m keeping my eyes safer while still enjoying the open face helmet experience.

Clear Shields Allow Riders To Quickly Adapt To Changing Light Conditions

One advantage of an open face motorcycle helmet with a retractable sun visor is that you can still use a clear main shield for maximum visibility. Having both options allows you to seamlessly adapt to changing light conditions.

As an avid rider who logs thousands of miles annually, I’m constantly moving between bright sunlight and dark shadows. The combo of a clear shield augmented by a quick-to-deploy sun visor gives me the best of both worlds.

Now when I exit a tree-lined highway into blinding brightness, I can flip the visor down without having to pull over and swap shields. It makes adjusting to different lighting fast and uncomplicated.

Unobstructed Vision in Low Light

Unlike a tinted visor that impairs visibility, a clear shield provides unobstructed views critical for night riding or when traveling through dark tunnels. I never have to sacrifice clarity just for sunlight protection.

Last week on a moonlit ride through the mountains, I was thankful I could retract the sunshade and rely solely on the transparent shield. Trying to see through a dark tint would have been dangerous on those twisting roads.

Instant Adaptation to Glare

The most helpful feature of my helmet combo is going from crystal clear sight to shaded protection instantaneously. Just a flip of a switch darkens my view when I steer into sunny conditions.

Headed west at sunset recently, I was able to flick the visor down just as the piercing light crested the horizon. That quick reaction spared my eyes without having to veer or stop.

Gradual Deployment Options

Unlike swapping an entirely shaded shield, the retractable sun visor allows more nuanced adjustments. I can lower it halfway when conditions are variable for just a hint of tint while maintaining clarity.

When riding on coastal roads with alternating vista views and tree coverage, I’ll often crack the visor to find the right balance of light filtration and visibility.

No Smudges or Scratches

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Changing visors frequently also risks getting annoying smudges or nicks that impede your view. Keeping a clear shield on means the sun visor stays protected until needed.

After a bad experience with a scratched tinted lens, I’m relieved I don’t have to manage multiple shields anymore. The sunshade deploys pristine anytime my eyes need relief.

Avoid Stopping to Swap Shields

Needing eye protection quickly often meant I’d have to stop unexpectedly to exchange visor panels. Sometimes I’d even have to remove my gloves, risking dropping the tiny screws.

Now both of my vision options are handy at all times. I don’t have to disrupt my ride or pull over to adjust to the conditions.

For riding enjoyment and safety, having an untinted main shield supplemented by a sunshade really maximizes visibility. I can adapt seamlessly to nearly any lighting environment. My eyes are comfortable and protected no matter how bright the sun shines.

Visors Eliminate Need For Swapping Shields Or Wearing Sunglasses

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

One of the most convenient features of a retractable sun visor on an open face helmet is it eliminates having to constantly change shields or don sunglasses to manage glare.

As someone who used to stop to swap lenses as light conditions changed, I appreciate no longer having to halt my ride to dig through my saddlebags. The sunshade provides eye protection on demand.

Simply flipping down the tinted visor delivers instant shade without having to remove my helmet or gloves. It’s the epitome of quick and easy sun defense.

No More Pullover Lens Changes

Changing visors requires safely pulling over, often on short notice if the sun emerges suddenly. The retractable sunshield means I stay in the flow of riding without unexpected stops to modify my gear.

I used to dread hearing the distinctive “pop” of a lens coming loose at speed, knowing I’d soon be stuck mid-ride trying to reconnect it.

Convenient Protection from Glare

Rather than having to anticipate light conditions and carry multiple tinted shields, I can deploy eye protection from glare on demand. As soon as the sun strikes, I simply lower the sunshade.

This convenience ensures I never have to squint uncomfortably if I’m surprised by brightness. My vision stays relaxed behind the visor’s UV-blocking tint.

No More Fumbling with Tiny Parts

If you’ve ever tried swapping visors roadside in motorcycle gloves, you understand how frustrating it can be. The retractable shield eliminates those fumbling issues.

I don’t have to juggle miniature screws with thick gloves just to adjust my shade for the conditions. The sun visor gives me fingertip control.

Prevents Loss or Damage

I lost track of the number of lens shields that went missing over the years after pulling over to change them. That wasted money and left me unprotected if I couldn’t find a replacement.

The retractable sunshade stays securely integrated into the helmet, often behind a protective outer lens. I don’t have to worry about it falling in the grass on some backroad.

More Convenient Than Sunglasses

While swapping my regular glasses for shades is an option, sunglasses provide less coverage than a dropped visor. I prefer having protection across my entire field of vision.

Sunglasses are also one more thing to store and keep track of on rides. The integrated visor means one less piece of gear to manage.

The sunshield eliminates the hassle of changing lenses or glasses every time conditions demand. With quick shade always at my fingertips, I can fully enjoy the ride without disruption.

Internal Sunshields Deploy & Retract Quickly At The Push Of A Button

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

One of the most useful features of retractable sun visors on open face helmets is how rapidly they can be lowered or raised to adapt to changing conditions. At the push of a button, the inner tinted shield slides into place.

After years of manually swapping lenses, having sun protection deploy seamlessly with a simple tap or slide is a gamechanger. Within seconds, I can shade my eyes without disrupting my focus on the road.

Whether a sudden sun glare emerges or I’m passing from a brightly lit tunnel into darkness, quick visor adjustments keep my vision optimized.

Instant Shading at the Touch of a Button

As soon as I notice a piercing sun glare, I can instantly activate the inner sunshield mechanism with a press of a fingertip. It slides down swiftly to filter brightness before it reaches my eyes.

This rapid reaction protects my vision from harsh light that could otherwise leave me distracted or temporarily blinded. Quick deployment allows me to confidently face variable conditions.

Transitioning Seamlessly Between Lighting Environments

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

The speedy retraction functionality also helps when moving between bright and shaded areas. Approaching a bridge, I can raise the visor quickly to avoid sudden darkness.

Without having to divert my eyes from the road, these rapid adjustments prevent jarring transitions between sun and shadows. I feel in command of the conditions.

Adapting to Low Visibility at Night

After sunset, rapidly retracting the sunshade helps maximize visibility in low light. With a quick slide, my view opens up to safely navigate winding roads.

Sudden sunset glare can also be quickly filtered by lowering the inner shield. This quick adaptation allows me to account for rapidly shifting light.

Maintaining Focus on the Ride

Minimizing the time spent adjusting gear means I can devote more attention to riding. I don’t have to pull off the road or disrupt my focus to make helmet changes.

The seconds I save not having to stop and manually swap visors results in a smoother, safer trip. Quick sunshade transitions keep me centered on the joy of riding.

Avoiding Unexpected Brightness

Unanticipated sun glare used to mean painful squinting until I could find a place to pull over. Now I can rapidly drop the visor to shield my unadjusted eyes.

When cresting a hill into late day brightness recently, I was able to flip the shield down in the moment. That prevented sudden exposure that could have distracted me.

Having sun protection deploy and retract at the push of a button is a gamechanger. Quick visibility adjustments allow me to focus on the thrill of the ride, not my gear.

Some Helmets Have Tinted And Clear Visors For Maximum Versatility

While most open face helmets with retractable sun visors come with a main clear shield, some models offer the ability to swap in a tinted lens too. Having both shade options gives you maximum versatility for variable conditions.

As an avid year-round rider, I appreciate being able to tailor my helmet setup to the environment. Clear for night or overcast days, tinted for bright sun, and the retractable sunshade for instant adjustments.

With a full visor wardrobe at the ready, I can customize my helmet for unmatched eye protection and ideal visibility.

Tinted Shield for Long Days in the Sun

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

For all-day rides in direct sunlight, having a dark main visor ensures my eyes stay relaxed and comfortable behind the shade. The sunshield offers extra protection as needed.

Without having to lower an inner shield constantly, the tinted lens allows me to enjoy hours of uninterrupted views protected from harsh light.

Clear Shield for Night or Rain

When riding at night or in low light rain, flipping up a darker main visor can make it hard to see around you. That’s when it’s great to be able to swap in an entirely transparent shield.

Having maximum clarity and visibility become especially critical after sunset. The clear lens gives me confidence I can navigate night riding conditions.

Quick Sunshade for Variable Light

Where the retractable sun visor really shines is when light conditions are changing quickly. Heading west at sunset or weaving in and out of tree coverage, I can fine tune shade and visibility on the go.

Rather than having one static tint all the time, the sunshield allows more dynamism to match the environment’s demands.

Avoid Constantly Stopping to Swap

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Being able to flip down the sunshade means I don’t have to constantly pull over to exchange visors as conditions vary. The quick fix of the retractable lens means fewer unexpected stops.

Carrying multiple shields also risks dropping one at roadside. The integrated sun visor eliminates that hassle and worry.

Prepared for Any Riding Scenario

From sunny highways to winding night rides, having clear and tinted lenses plus the retractable sunshade means I’m ready for almost any scenario. I don’t have to be caught off guard by variable light.

Knowing my helmet is equipped for nearly any conditions, I can plan adventures with added peace of mind. My eyes will have the right protection when I need it.

The ability to swap main visor shields while also having the quick sunshade means maximizing eye protection and visibility every time I ride. I stay safe and comfortable across endless miles.

Opt For A Visor With Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Coatings For Best Visibility

When shopping for an open face helmet with retractable sun visor, prioritize options with anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings. These enhancements preserve optimal visibility in a range of riding conditions for safety.

After dealing with a foggy, scratched visor that put my vision at risk, I’ll only buy helmets now that actively treat the lenses against misting and abrasions. It’s a worthwhile investment for every mile of clear sight ahead.

Don’t settle for subpar visibility – look for thoughtfully engineered helmet visors that maximize your view in all environments.

Prevent Fogging That Obscures Vision

Few things are more dangerous than a fogged visor that blurs your sight at high speeds. Quality anti-fog treatments on both the main and retractable shields prevent this scary scenario.

I used to have to crack my helmet open when humidity fogged the interior. Now the coated lenses resist condensation, providing a reliably crystal clear view ahead.

Repel Water Beads That Distort View

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

When riding in the rain, water beads on an untreated visor scatter light and make it impossible to see clearly. Anti-fog technology causes those droplets to spread evenly instead.

Having been caught in a downpour with a low-quality visor, I know how much even minor fog or beading can degrade visibility. I don’t take chances anymore.

Guard Against Scratches That Impair Sight

There’s nothing more irritating than minor visor scratches that constantly distract your vision. A simple anti-scratch coating prevents these by making the lens surface more resilient.

I apply fresh coatings now before every riding season for the peace of mind of flawless optics. It’s cheap protection against impaired rides.

See Road Debris Before It Hits You

When tiny pebbles kick up on the highway, scratched lenses make it hard to see them in time to react. With an anti-scratch shield, your vision stays sharp to spot road hazards.

Since dodging a rock at 65mph once, I’m zealous about optics that give me every fraction of a second to respond to dangers ahead.

Maintain Full Visibility Riding at Night

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Scratches that go unnoticed during the day can wreck your vision at night. Quality lenses keep your sight crisp after dark by preventing those abrasions in the first place.

Neglecting my helmet lenses once nearly caused an accident when headlight glare obscured part of the road. Now I’m diligent about coatings that enhance visibility in all conditions.

Don’t take clear views for granted. Do your research to find helmets engineered for lasting, optimal vision day and night.

Look For Sturdy yet Smooth Visor Mechanisms That Won’t Fail At High Speeds

When evaluating retractable sun visors, pay close attention to the sturdiness and functionality of the lowering/raising mechanism. It needs to reliably operate even at high velocities.

I once trusted a cheap visor system that malfunctioned mid-ride, leaving me unexpectedly unprotected from glare. Now I scrutinize the engineering to ensure it won’t fail unexpectedly.

While convenience features are nice, your safety depends on robust visor hardware tested to perform flawlessly ride after ride.

Visor Should Lower/Raise Smoothly

A quality sun visor rocks smoothly up and down when you slide the mechanism. Nothing is more frustrating than a jerky shield prone to sticking when you need quick adjustments.

I try all the demo helmets extensively before buying. If the visor has any catch points, I know to keep looking.

Check Sturdiness of Moving Parts

Flip the visor up and down while carefully inspecting the pivots, hinges, and guides. Look for metal parts reinforced against breakage.

My last visor broke at its weak plastic joint, leaving the shield hanging uselessly. Now I search for all-metal robust construction.

Shouldn’t Shake or Vibrate

Pay attention to whether the lowered sunshade vibrates or shakes while you simulate riding motions. If so, it could detach at speed.

I secure the helmet and check sightlines from multiple positions to make sure the visor remains stable during movement.

Avoid Overly Complex Designs

The more elaborate the mechanism, the more likely something can jam or break. Simple, robust engineering means better reliability.

Seeing tiny interconnected parts scares me off now. I want uncomplicated mechanics with less to fail.

Manufacturer Warranty Provides Peace of Mind

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Look for a strong warranty that covers mechanical visor failure for years after purchase. It shows the company stands by the design.

I won’t even consider a helmet now without assurance that a busted shield will be repaired or replaced promptly.

Read Reviews Monitoring Visor Performance

Spend time reading user reviews to check for any reports of malfunctioning shields failing riders. This feedback is invaluable.

I try to buy only models with a long history of visor dependability noted by other bikers like me.

Inspect closely, search thoroughly, and don’t compromise – your helmet’s sun visor should shield your vision for miles to come.

Choose A Helmet With A Visor That Suits Your Specific Motorcycle & Riding Style

When selecting an open face helmet with retractable sun visor, consider how its size, shape, and tinting align with your bike style and needs. One design won’t suit every rider.

I made the mistake of choosing a visor that looked cool but ultimately didn’t complement my preferences. Now I carefully match the helmet to my motorcycle’s unique characteristics.

Take the time to assess what will maximize your personal riding experience based on how and where you log miles.

Size Matters for Peripheral Vision

Need Extra Safety & Style For Your Motorcycle Rides. Try These Helmets With Sun Visors

Larger helmet visors provide more surrounding view compared to compact versions that limit sightlines. Choose based on your bike’s existing visibility.

I ditched a small sunshade on my streamlined motorcycle because I felt too boxed into a narrow forward view. A wider visor opened up awareness.

Tint Darkness Should Match Riding Environment

Consider when and where you primarily ride to determine ideal tint darkness. Night riders need lighter shades than desert tourers battling harsh midday sun.

Since I frequently ride coastal roads at sunrise and sunset, I chose a bronze visor that cuts glare without being too dark in low light.

Curved vs. Flat Profile Impacts View

Curved visors increase downward peripheral vision which aids monitoring your dash and the road surface. Flat shields provide slightly better straight-ahead clarity.

Based on my bike’s limited downward sightlines, I prefer a curved retractable visor to maximize what I can monitor below.

Helmet Ventilation Should Align With Climate

In hot climates, select a helmet optimized for airflow so the sun visor doesn’t complicate cooling. Cold weather riders need sealed models with face shields.

I replaced a solid helmet with a new one featuring vents so I could use the sunshade without overheating in summer.

Consider Helmet Weight and Balance

Heavier lids with broader visors can become tiring and off-balanced over time. Make sure to try on any helmet for an extended period.

Learning my lesson, I now test drive options on long rides to gauge comfort and stability before deciding.

Match Features to Your Riding Style & Needs

If you ride long distances non-stop, prioritize comfort and optics. Frequent night riders should optimize visibility. Off-road needs maximized ventilation and a reinforced face shield.

Analyzing my riding habits helped me identify which helmet qualities were most essential for me.

With so many options, take your time researching and testing to find the perfect visor match for you and how you ride.