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Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

Consider A Better Homes And Garden Brookbury Set For Durability

As we all know, the key to enjoying your outdoor living space is having durable, long-lasting patio furniture. After all, you want to get the most bang for your buck and not have to replace worn out sets every couple of seasons. This is why Better Homes and Garden’s Brookbury collection is such a fantastic option if you’re looking to upgrade your patio.

Better Homes and Gardens is known for their high-quality, weather-resistant outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements year after year. Their Brookbury sets, in particular, are crafted from hand-woven all-weather wicker that provides superior durability. This tight weave is designed to prevent sagging or visible cracking over time.

Additionally, Brookbury sets utilize Sunbrella fabric on the cushions. This performance fabric is fade, stain, mildew, and water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about the cushions getting drenched in a rainstorm or baking in the hot summer sun. The cushions will look freshly upholstered for many seasons to come.

Speaking of the cushions – they are extra thick for superior comfort and support. Once you settle into these plush cushions you’ll never want to get up! The foam also regains its shape readily, meaning the cushions retain their plumpness over the years.

Finally, Brookbury sets are crafted from hand-welded aluminum frames. This ensures sturdiness and prevents rusting. The materials are all selected for their ability to withstand the outdoor elements in even the most extreme climates.

So if you want patio furniture that will serve you well for years to come, a Brookbury set is a fabulous investment. The quality craftsmanship and weather-resistant materials will keep your set looking like new. You’ll get compliments from guests for many seasons without having to pay for pricey replacements every couple of years.

Choose A 5 Piece Patio Set For Flexibility

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

When selecting outdoor patio furniture, opting for a full 5 piece dining set is the way to go. The versatility of a 5 piece set allows you to customize it exactly to your entertaining needs.

Typically a 5 piece patio dining set includes 4 chairs and a coordinating table. This allows you to comfortably seat 4 people for intimate gatherings with family or close friends. But it also provides the flexibility to pull up additional seating when hosting larger groups.

If you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or birthday party, simply add in some folding chairs or stools to accommodate all your guests. With a 5 piece set as the base, you can easily expand your seating capacity to 6, 8 or even 10 people by integrating extra seating options.

Having a set with 4 chairs also allows you to create conversation nooks throughout your patio. Place two chairs with a small side table in one corner, and two chairs around the dining table in another area. This provides multiple intimate spots for people to lounge and chat during casual get-togethers.

With a 5 piece patio dining set, you get the versatility to arrange and rearrange your furniture in different configurations for any occasion. It provides a solid foundation that you can build upon to create the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Look For Wicker Styles For A Natural Look

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

When shopping for new patio furniture, wicker styles provide a lightweight, natural look perfect for outdoor spaces. Wicker has a casual, organic feel that blends beautifully into backyard environments.

Wicker is woven from natural plant materials like rattan, reed, and bamboo. This artisanal look lends a touch of cozy textures. The woven construction also allows for airflow, making wicker comfortable in hot outdoor temperatures.

Its natural hues blend with the surroundings rather than dominating them. Neutral tones like tan, brown, and grey match virtually any exterior paint colors and garden environments.

Wicker patio sets are also extremely low maintenance and weather resistant. High-quality resin wicker can endure sun, rain, snow and wind without cracking or peeling. An occasional hose-down is all that’s needed to keep it looking fresh.

Patio sets with plush cushions still retain the breezy, laid-back style wicker is known for. The cushions just provide extra comfort so you can lounge in luxury.

For backyard spaces that flow naturally into the landscape, wicker patio sets are the perfect complement. The organic style and comfy textures enhance the casual al fresco ambiance.

Select A Sectional Sofa Set For Comfort

When choosing new patio furniture, a sectional sofa set provides superb comfort for lounging outdoors. The perfect centerpiece for conversation nooks on the patio, a sectional invites relaxation.

Sectional sofa sets are typically L-shaped, with a corner seat on one end. This design contours perfectly to outdoor patios and porches. The modular pieces can be arranged in different configurations to maximize your space.

The corner seat provides ample room for multiple people to stretch out and relax. Lay back against the plush cushions and ottomans for a comfortable incline. Extended chaises make sectionals perfect for afternoon napping in the sunshine.

Larger sectionals with deeper seats, throw pillows, and padded armrests envelop you in cushy softness. The comfortable dimensions cradle your body, making sectionals the ideal outdoor lounge.

High back designs give lounging sectionals a cozy, enclosed feel. Curl up with your feet up to read or chat leisurely with friends. The sheltering shape offers a sense of privacy for small talk.

On cooler evenings, sectionals invite you to cuddle up by the firepit with a blanket. Their deep seating and sheltering shape lock in warmth against the nighttime chill.

For the ultimate in patio relaxation, sectional sofa sets can’t be beat. Their plush comfort, modular versatility and cozy configurations are perfect for outdoor lounging. Stretch out in style this season with a comfy sectional from your favorite furniture brand.

Choose A 5 Piece Patio Set For Flexibility

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

I’m in the market for new patio furniture this season, and I’ve been eyeing the 5 piece sets from some of my favorite brands. The flexibility of a 5 piece patio dining set really appeals to my needs as a busy host who entertains both small and larger groups in my backyard oasis.

With my hectic work schedule, I end up hosting a lot of impromptu get-togethers with coworkers or friends stopping by for a drink. I need seating that can accommodate 2-4 people at a moment’s notice. At the same time, my large extended family loves holding big backyard BBQs at my place over the holidays and in the summer. I need to be able to squeeze 8-10 people around the patio table when my kids, siblings, nieces and nephews come to visit.

That’s why a 5 piece patio set is perfect – it provides a solid foundation for both intimate gatherings and bigger parties that I can build upon. I can’t wait to create customized configurations for every occasion. Just picture it – a cool conversational nook tucked under my pergola with a pair of chairs and side table for wine with friends after work. Then for my dad’s 65th birthday barbecue bonanza, I’ll have the full dining table surrounded with all the chairs plus stools, benches and folding chairs brought in to accommodate everyone.

Having 4 chairs plus a coordinating table gives me flexibility I just don’t get with a 3 piece bistro set that only seats 2-3 people. I’d constantly be scrambling to find extra seating for bigger groups with a smaller set. Meanwhile, a 7 piece set with 6 chairs provides more fixed seating than I need for small get-togethers – it would dominate my patio. With a 5 piece I get the best of both worlds!

Look For Wicker Styles For A Natural Look

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

I’m looking for patio furniture that complements the natural surroundings of my backyard. I spend so much time gardening and landscaping that I want the furniture to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb. This is why wicker patio sets are at the top of my list.

The breezy, textural look of wicker furniture adds to the outdoorsy feel of my yard. I just painted my patio wall a warm beige tone, and I can picture a weathered grey wicker set pairing beautifully with the neutral wall. The earthy coffee and tan colors won’t clash with my lush green garden beds either.

My neighbor recently bought a cute three-seater wicker set for her front porch, and the warm brown weave reminds me of woven wood. It has an organic, handcrafted look that feels connected to nature. The curvy silhouette even mirrors the arching pergolas I have set up along my patio’s perimeter.

Since wicker won’t crack or peel like painted metal furniture, it will maintain that natural look for years. I won’t have to fuss over scratches or flakes ruining the finish. A simple hose-down keeps wicker looking like new – perfect for my low-maintenance lifestyle!

While I want comfort with thick cushions, the exposed woven wicker gives even cushioned sets a lighter, airier feel. The breathability will be really nice in the humid summers we get. I won’t stick to the furniture like I do with metal or wooden chairs in the dog days.

For my backyard oasis, I think wicker patio sets are the ideal way to bring in a cozy, natural look that enhances my green space. The earthy colors and tactile weave will blend right into the pastoral setting I’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Wicker is the perfect way to furnish my outdoor escape with casual, carefree style.

Look For Wicker Styles For A Natural Look

When the weather starts warming up, it’s only natural to daydream about lounging outdoors with a cool drink in hand. Before those dreams can become a reality, you need to pick out the perfect patio furniture to create your ideal outdoor oasis. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what’s best for your space. To narrow down your choices, consider looking for wicker styles to bring a natural vibe to your patio.

Wicker furniture offers a lightweight, breezy look that pairs perfectly with the outdoors. Since wicker is woven from natural materials like bamboo, rattan, or synthetic fibers designed to mimic them, it provides an organic feel you just can’t get from metal or plastic. Unlike some outdoor pieces that can appear clunky or industrial, wicker blends right into a garden or porch with its neutral tones and natural textures.

Beyond looks, wicker patio sets have practical advantages too. The open weave allows for airflow, so wicker chairs and sofas won’t get overly hot in the sun. That breathability also makes wicker faster to dry if it gets wet from rain or morning dew. Since it’s thinner and lighter than wood, wicker furniture is easier to move, stack, and store between seasons. Those perks, combined with its casual vibe, make wicker an excellent choice for low-maintenance outdoor living.

When shopping for wicker patio furniture, you’ll find plenty of stylish and durable options to suit your taste. For a traditional look, painted wood frames paired with beige or brown wicker weaves offer a timeless appeal. Dark wicker finishes like espresso or black provide a more modern vibe. Or opt for a neutral tone like gray or cream for a set that seamlessly blends with your outdoor decor. No matter which color you prefer, cushioned wicker sofas with removable seat covers make for comfy outdoor lounging.

If you want to create a conversational area on your patio or deck, choose a wicker seating set. A sofa, a pair of chairs, and a glass-top coffee table provide everything you need for an intimate gather spot. For larger spaces or bigger groups, sectional sofas and modular pieces allow you to customize the arrangement. A coordinating wicker ottoman, side table, or storage bench are great additions too. Or try a dining set with woven chairs around an outdoor-friendly table for meals al fresco.

When combined with other natural materials, wicker patio collections really come together. Pair your set with stone or concrete pavers outdoors, then add potted plants, lanterns, and outdoor pillows in earthy hues and textures. The result is a serene, organic oasis perfect for entertaining or quiet relaxation. Allow your wicker furniture to develop an aged patina over time for even more charm.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest this season, wicker patio furniture is a must. With its laidback vibe, breezy comfort, and organic aesthetic, you can’t go wrong creating a stylish, inviting area to soak up the sunny days ahead. Let wicker’s natural beauty infuse your patio with an easygoing charm that welcomes rest and connection beneath open skies.

Some popular retailers to find quality wicker patio sets include Target, Wayfair, IKEA, and Cost Plus World Market. Amazon also has a great selection of wicker outdoor furniture from brands like Christopher Knight Home, Best Choice Products, and Tangkula. Check patio furniture sales through the spring and summer for discounted prices. With proper care and maintenance, high-quality wicker can last for years, so investing in the right set for your space is well worth it.

Get ready to greet warmer weather and outdoor living by choosing the perfect wicker patio furniture this season. With its laidback vibe and breathable comfort, you’ll be enjoying backyard barbecues, garden teas, and breezy relaxation in your ideal open-air oasis.

Select A Sectional Sofa Set For Comfort

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

When designing your ideal outdoor living space, comfort should be a top priority. After all, what good is a patio if it isn’t a place you love spending time? One way to create a cozy, inviting area for relaxation is to choose a sectional sofa set.

Sectional sofas are perfect for patios and decks because their modular design allows you to customize the layout to fit your space. Arrange the pieces in an L-shape, a U-shape, or any configuration you like based on the flow and function of your outdoor room. With more seating than individual chairs, sectionals are great for accommodating family and friends. The ability to shift pieces around means you can adapt the setup as needed for conversation, dining, or lounging.

The right sectional offers superior comfort with thick cushions and pillowed backs. Look for weather-resistant materials like woven acrylic or olefin fabric over plush foam fill. Detachable covers are ideal for easy cleaning. Water-resistant surfaces like aluminum or synthetic rattan withstand the elements while remaining invitingly soft and smooth.

Design-wise, outdoor sectional sofas run the gamut from sleek contemporary to farmhouse chic. Monochromatic color palettes lend a crisp, modern feel, while woven textures and natural wood evoke breezy cottage charm. Measure your patio carefully to ensure the sofa dimensions fit the space while allowing enough room to navigate around it.

Don’t forget the finishing touches that take your sectional set from basic to beautiful. Throw pillows in colorful patterns, textures, and trims lend style and visual interest. An outdoor area rug underneath defines the space while providing a soft surface for bare feet. Side tables for drinks and snacks as well as lanterns and plants help create a welcoming ambiance.

If you plan to dine al fresco, look for a sectional configuration that can double as dining seating when paired with a square or rectangular patio table. Folding ottomans give you extra flexibility. Or choose a sectional set that includes coordinating chairs and coffee tables for a fully outfitted outdoor living room. With the right mix of pieces, you can easily tailor your setup to different occasions and needs.

When shopping, balance style with durability to ensure years of enjoyment. Look for weather-resistant materials like powder-coated metals, synthetic rattan, and UV-treated fabrics. Sturdy construction will hold up better to outdoor conditions over time. High-density cushions maintain their loft and bounce for superior comfort.

Arrange your sectional wisely to take advantage of shade, sunlight, views, and traffic flow on your patio. Angle it for conversation or place it against a wall to save space. Depending on your climate, look for removable covers, water-resistant barriers, and storage options for off-season protection.

With the right sectional sofa set, you can create the ultimate oasis right in your own backyard. Say goodbye to uncomfortable patio furniture and hello to outdoor living rooms designed for gathering, dining, or just putting your feet up. Sink into plush cushions, enjoy effortless conversation, and relax completely immersed in beautiful outdoor ambiance.

Popular retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Home Depot offer a wide selection of outdoor sectional sofas and sets to suit any style. Measure carefully and read reviews to ensure durability, comfort, and quality construction. Invest wisely and your perfect modular sectional will become the centerpiece of outdoor memories for years to come.

Make the most of warm weather and al fresco living this season. A comfortable, stylish sectional sofa set creates an inviting spot to reconnect with nature’s beauty while spending quality time with those who matter most.

Find A Brookbury Set With Weather Resistant Cushions

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

Creating an inviting outdoor living space starts with choosing durable, comfortable patio furniture. For a set that can withstand the elements while providing superior cushioning, consider the Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury collection.

The Brookbury line features weather-resistant wicker rattan construction for an elegant, breezy look. The woven material made from high-density polyethylene is specially formulated to maintain its beautiful finish through harsh outdoor conditions. Neutral antique brown and tan tones blend seamlessly into any yard or porch.

Beneath the stylish rattan exterior lies a sturdy steel frame engineered for stability and support. Each piece is crafted with rust-resistant materials built to last season after season. The combination of synthetic rattan over steel provides both beauty and brawn.

Plush cushioning takes the Brookbury set to the next level of comfort. Thick, high-density foam cushion cores are wrapped in smooth, water-repellent polyester fabric. The spun polyester cover repels water, block UV rays, and inhibits mildew growth. So even if you get caught in a rain shower, the cushions bounce back without damage.

For versatility, the Brookbury patio set is available in multiple configurations. The two-seater loveseat and pair of arm chairs provide cozy seating for conversation. The spacious sofa offers room to lounge. Rectangular and square coffee tables provide surfaces for snacks and drinks. You can even opt for a full dining set with a table and four or six chairs.

The five-piece seating set creates an intimate gathering area. Arrange the loveseat, two chairs, and coffee table in a U-shape for effortless conversation. The neutral color palette makes it easy to accessorize with patterned cushions and outdoor rugs for added flair.

Larger families or those who frequently entertain can expand their seating with the seven-piece sectional configuration. The left-arm loveseat, right-arm loveseat, armless chair, and ottoman allow endless layout options. Separate the pieces for individual seating or push them together when you want room for a crowd. The coffee table ties it all together.

For dining al fresco, the six-piece Brookbury dining set provides both form and function. The sturdy rectangular table surrounded by woven arm chairs creates an elegant spot for outdoor meals. When finished eating, simply pivot the chairs toward each other to connect in comfort.

No matter which Brookbury configuration you choose, you can count on its all-weather durability. The UV-treated synthetic rattan withstands sun exposure without fading. Built-in drainage allows rainwater to pass through the weave so the wicker dries quickly. Rust-resistant frames prevent corrosion and structural damage over the years.

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your Brookbury set looking fresh. Periodically clean the rattan with mild soap and water. Use protective covers during extreme weather or winter storage. With the right care, your patio furniture can last five years or more even with regular use.

Creating outdoor living spaces for relaxation and entertaining is easy with the right patio furniture. The Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury collection combines weather-resistant durability, plush comfort, and natural style. Find the perfect configuration to suit your space and lifestyles for seasons of enjoyment ahead.

Look for the Brookbury line at retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Wayfair. Compare prices and pieces to find the best value for your budget. Measure carefully to ensure the dimensions work for your patio. With a Brookbury set designed to withstand the elements in chic style, you’ll love unwinding at home surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Get A Full Dining Set For Al fresco Meals

As the weather warms up, many homeowners start thinking about how they can better utilize their outdoor space for entertaining and al fresco dining. A comfortable and stylish patio dining set is key to creating an inviting area where you can gather with family and friends to share a meal en plein air. But with so many options on the market, from materials to size configurations, it can be tricky to choose the right outdoor dining set for your needs.

When embarking on your patio furniture search, first consider the size and layout of your outdoor area. Do you need a compact bistro set for a small urban balcony? Or is there room for a large sectional and dining table that can seat 8-10 people? Measure your patio or deck footprint and sketch out some possible arrangements before shopping. This will help you zero in on the appropriate dimensions for your new outdoor dining set.

Next, think about how and when you plan to use your new patio furniture. Will it be mainly for intimate family dinners or larger gatherings with friends? If you’ll regularly host bigger groups, a 6 or 8-seater dining set is likely the better choice. Weather resistance is also key – some materials, like teak or aluminum, hold up better against the elements. And don’t forget about storage! Some sets feature cushions that can be removed and stored safely indoors while not in use.

When it comes to style, outdoor dining sets come in a range of aesthetic options. Wicker and rattan have a breezy, beachy vibe perfect for relaxed entertaining. Wood sets made from teak, acacia or eucalyptus add warmth and elegance to any patio. Sleek aluminum and metal sets provide a contemporary look. And folding outdoor furniture offers versatility and flexibility for smaller spaces.

Comfort is also key – after all, you want a set that’s actually enjoyable to sit in for hours! Look for chairs with contoured seats, supportive backs and thick, weather-resistant cushions. The table should be the right height for dining, typically around 29-31 inches. And don’t overlook small details like adjustable foot rests on chairs or umbrella holes in tables – features that can maximize comfort and convenience.

When comparing different patio dining sets, be sure to check reviews to get a sense of real-world quality and durability. Brands like Better Homes and Gardens offer stylish sets at affordable prices, like the Brookbury 5-piece Wicker Patio Dining Set. This handsome set provides plenty of seating for 4 with aloveseat and two armchairs, plus a coffee-colored wicker table. The thick tan cushions are fade- and water-resistant, and the powder-coated aluminum frame ensures lasting wear. According to reviews, it’s comfortable, easy to assemble and great value for the money.

Space-saving sets like bistro tables or folding chairs are also great options if you’re working with a smaller patio. The compact Better Homes and Gardens Harwick 3-piece Bistro Set, for instance, features a mosaic stone table and two fade-resistant chairs that easily fold up for storage. It’s perfect for a balcony breakfast nook or side yard brunch spot.

Large sectional sets are prized for their flexibility – the Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury 7-piece Sectional Setconfiguration allows you to customize its chaise lounge chairs and ottoman to best suit your space. The neutral gray cushions and sturdy aluminum frame make for an inviting focal point. Extras like side tables, swivel chairs and deep seating loveseats provide additional useful options.

When assembling your new patio dining set, be sure to follow instructions closely. Most sets can be put together in an hour or less with some easy-to-use tools. Position your set on a flat area of your patio or deck for maximum stability. Water-resistant covers are handy for protecting your furniture when not in use.

With a well-chosen outdoor dining set that fits your space, aesthetic and entertainment needs, you’ll be ready to enjoy leisurely backyard brunches, intimate anniversary dinners and memorable he holidays with an al fresco twist. Investing in a versatile, high-quality patio furniture set creates lasting memories with family and friends for years to come.

Pick A Style That Matches Your Home’s Aesthetic

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

When selecting patio furniture, it’s key to choose a cohesive style that complements your home’s architecture and design sensibility. Carefully considering materials, colors and textures that align with your existing aesthetic will help your outdoor space feel like a seamless extension of the indoors.

For traditional homes with white siding or brick facades, classic wicker furniture in neutral tones can enhance the timeless look. Sets like the Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury collection feature neutral-hued cushions and sandy brown wicker that oozes vintage charm. A matching sun umbrella over the dining table completes the polished yet inviting vibe.

Homes with Craftsman or farmhouse elements pairing rich woods and earthy hues should opt for acacia, teak or eucalyptus dining sets. The wood’s natural warmth paired with accents like galvanized metal bases or woven seat cushions underscore the cozy, lived-in aesthetic. A pop of cheerful color like fire engine red or cobalt blue on cushions keeps it playful.

Contemporary homes with a sleek, pared-down look do well with metal outdoor furniture sets in aluminum, steel or iron. Opt for a monochrome color scheme or bold, modern patterns on seat cushions. Glass-topped tables add to the minimalist modern appeal. Sets with clean lines or geometric shapes complement the streamlined architecture.

For patio spaces flanked by lush greenery or water features, rattan furniture sets bring an organic, tropical vibe. Weave patterns and natural wood accents connect to the surroundings, while bright citrus cushions provide pops of fun. A square dining table lined with rattan storage ottomans makes a super functional choice.

When your home flaunts Spanish or Mediterranean influences like stucco walls, terra cotta roof tiles and decorative ironwork, mirror those details in your outdoor decor. Cast aluminum dining sets with scrolled metalwork or mosaic tile tabletops emulate the regional charm. Splashes of sun-washed colors like terra cotta and azure blue enliven the ambience.

Small outdoor living areas like balconies and petite patios should stick with bistro-style sets for two. Compact pedestal tables with scalloped edges or filigree metal details save space while upping the visual interest. Folding chairs tuck away discreetly when not in use. You’ll still get style and function without overwhelming the modest footprint.

For homes near the coast, nautical motifs are a smart complement for breezy waterfront views. Classic navy and white striped cushions paired with rope accents on a driftwood-toned dining set bring the seaside straight to your patio. Opt for weather-resistant materials like aluminum or resin wicker to stand up to the salty air.

If your home leans bold and eclectic, don’t be afraid to mix and match! A punchy patterned table paired with simple woven chairs or an eye-catching bright blue bench with neutral side chairs showcases your fun, spirited style. Just be sure to stick with cohesive color schemes or coordinating materials to keep it chic.

Sets like the Better Homes and Gardens Elwood 7-piece Sectional Configuration prove you can have style flexibility and visual punch. The mix-and-match possibilities allow you to customize the modular set around a central fire pit table. Play with vibrant cushion colors and arrange the components to best suit your space.

For a harmonious, pulled-together patio aesthetic, take cues from your interior design. Incorporate signature details and materials while factoring in practical considerations like durability and maintenance. With some thoughtful planning, you can curate an outdoor oasis that seamlessly reflects and extends your home’s unique style.

Compare Prices And Reviews Before Buying

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

Investing in new patio furniture can be a big purchase, so it pays to do your homework before making a decision. Comparing prices, features, quality and reviews across different sets can help you find the best outdoor dining set for your budget and needs.

A quick online search will reveal a wide range of options at differing price points. Mass retailers like Wayfair and Overstock offer affordable dining and conversation sets from brands like Best Choice Products and Christopher Knight Home. Prices for a 5-piece dining set from these brands generally run from $300-$800.

Sets in this range, like the Florabelle 9-Piece Rattan Wicker Sectional Sofa Set, often feature resin wicker over steel frames with removable polyester or olefin cushions. The affordable cost comes at the expense of some durability, but occasional waterproofing treatment can help these sets last a few seasons.

For better quality in the moderate price range, stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot carry brands like Hampton Bay, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens. The prices tend to run from $600-$1,200 for these collections, which use thicker aluminum frames and all-weather wicker or hand-woven resin. For instance, the 5-piece Brookbury Wicker Patio Dining Set from Better Homes and Gardens costs around $950.

The mid-range price reflects details like powder-coated aluminum frames, faded- and water-resistant cushions, and tempered or faux-wood table tops. According to reviews, these sets withstand weather fluctuations well but may show some wear after a couple of years.

High-end retailers like Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware offer premium outdoor dining sets from brands like Pottery Barn, West Elm and RH in the $1,200-$4,000 range. These investment-worthy sets are made with top-quality materials like solid teak or powder-coated aluminum and handwoven all-weather wicker.

For example, the Montecito 9-Piece Dining Set from Restoration Hardware costs around $3,895. The sustainably-harvested teak frame, ultra-dense cushions and artisanal finishes result in heirloom-quality furniture built to last decades. For many homeowners, sets at this tier are worth the splurge.

When evaluating different collections, look at the materials used for the frames, tabletops and cushions. Aluminum, steel and teak offer the most weather-resistance and durability, while resin-wrapped wicker requires more protection. Cushions with Sunbrella or Outdura fabrics resist fading for years.

Also compare construction techniques like mortise and tenon joinery for teak sets or powder coating for aluminum frames. These details contribute to stability and longevity. Check that tables and chairs don’t wobble and that cushions are thick and supportive.

Reading online customer reviews can provide helpful insight into real-world quality and performance. Look for common feedback on aspects like comfort, ease of assembly, and how well a set withstands the elements over multiple seasons. This can reveal potential issues like rusting hardware or premature fading.

Sets that rate highly over years of use, like the Better Homes and Gardens Warwick 5-piece Aluminum Patio Dining Set, are probably a wise investment. Also reach out to companies about warranties which can provide peace of mind for bigger purchases.

While cost isn’t the only consideration, your budget should play a role in deciding which outdoor dining set is right for your home. Fortunately, comparison shopping makes it possible to find an attractive, durable patio set that provides enjoyment for years at a price you can afford.

Measure Your Patio To Ensure The Right Fit

Selecting a new outdoor dining set that properly fits your patio or deck space is key to creating a comfortable and functional area for entertaining. Taking accurate measurements before shopping will help you choose patio furniture dimensions tailored to your footprint.

Start by measuring the overall length and width of your patio or deck. Use a tape measure to get the precise numbers. Account for any built-in elements like planters or railings that take up space. You’ll want about 36-48 inches of clearance all around for pathways and circulation.

Next, sketch out ideas for furniture placement and traffic flow. Scale drawings are helpful to visualize different arrangements. Make sure chairs will be able to slide in and out from the table without obstruction. At least 32 inches should allow for easy egress.

Consider sunlight patterns so you can position the outdoor dining set in optimum shade or sun. Also factor in views you want to showcase or noisy areas you may want to orient away from.

Once you have a layout in mind, you can start narrowing down furniture dimensions. Measure existing outdoor furniture or furniture inside your home for a sense of comfortable proportions. For most dining sets, a table width of 36-42 inches with a length of 48-72 inches can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people.

The standard patio dining chair has a footprint of about 24 x 24 inches. Make sure to account for additional items like accent chairs, ottomans or side tables that add footprint. Chairs should have enough room to slide out and re-tuck beneath the table.

Consider your typical entertaining needs and if you’ll frequently host large gatherings. For regular parties of 6 or more, a 60-84 inch table can allow for additional leaves to expand the length as needed. Just make sure the patio has space to accommodate.

Sets intended for smaller spaces like apartment balconies do well with bistro-height tables around 30 inches wide and chairs with narrower 18-inch profiles. Afolding table and stackable chairs maximize flexibility.

Measure the steps down to your patio as well – a table height of 28-32 inches usually works best for both steps and seated comfort. Bar-height at 40-42 inches can feel restrictive.

Don’t forget to measure your patio’s gates, doors or stair openings to ensure your new furniture can be brought through. Disassembled sets allow for easier transport but will require assembly.

If your outdoor space will require a full sectional configuration, create a rough outline with tape to envision exact dimensions. Scale drawings are very helpful. Be sure to account for walkways and clearances.

Careful measurements also allow you to browse for patio furniture that will actually fit your deck or patio. Online listings usually provide the dimensions for every piece. You can refer back to your measurements to find options suited for the space.

With some precise tape measurements, rough layouts and furniture browsing prepared, you can zero in on a patio dining set that will truly enhance your outdoor living space. Sizing appropriately for comfort and functionality ensures your new set will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Add Coordinating Accents Like Side Tables And Ottomans

Better Homes Furniture: How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Set For Your Patio

When curating an outdoor dining set for your patio or deck, don’t overlook accent furnishings that can complement your main setup. Items like side tables, ottomans and swivel chairs lend extra functionality while expanding your decor options.

Nesting side tables are handy additions near chairs or sofas to hold drinks, snacks or books. Round, square and rectangular shapes provide versatility – just be sure they are small enough to allow walkways. The Better Homes & Gardens Ravello side table collection comes in a choice of colors like mint green or navy to mix and match.

Ottomans add flexible, casual seating and spare surface space. They can function as extra chairs when needed or as coffee tables paired with sofas. Look for weather-resistant materials like woven resin or aluminum frames. The Carter Oval Ottoman from Hampton Bay is a versatile pick.

Cushy poufs are stylish and portable options. They can scatter around a firepit seating arrangement or tuck beneath tables for extra seating only when required. The floral print and resilient foam on the Better Homes & Gardens Claribel Pouf make it perfect for outdoors.

Swivel chairs placed at the ends of a dining table allow for effortless conversation mingling. Spin chairs also nicely fill corners – the Millbrook Swivel Chair from Hampton Bay features a convenient 360-degree swivel.

Rocking chairs add laidback flair while giving guests a gentle swinging motion. Group them around a firepit or set them apart for tranquil reading nooks. The Harbor Oaks Rocking Chair rocks smoothly on a galvanized metal base.

Woven chairs with saddle-style seats surrounded dining sets give a breezy, beachy vibe. The hand-woven texture and curved shape provide ergonomic comfort. Use them with a matching teak dining set for a cohesive look.

Benches supplement dining chairs for extra seating or create unique dining banquettes. Curved modular benches help define sectional seating arrangements. The Marbella 7-Piece Patio Dining Set includes an arched bench for flexible seating.

Accessorize deep seating lounge sets with accent tables like the Better Homes & Gardens Ravello side table in navy. The small footprint fits nicely next to roomy club chairs or loveseats without crowding.

Oversized coffee tables double as ottomans with removable tabletops to reveal storage space inside. Use the tabletop for serving appetizers or playing games, then remove it when more leg room is needed. The Sonax Parkman Trunk Coffee Table neatly combines both functions.

Folding tray tables offer a lightweight accent surface while maximizing portability. Use them to hold plates and flatware for quick outdoor meals then fold up and store out of the way. The rectangular design of the Folding Tray Table from Best Choice Products saves space.

Finding coordinating accents allows you to customize your patio furniture setup and supplement your core dining or seating arrangement. Experiment with versatile furnishings like ottomans, side tables and swivel chairs to expand your options.