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Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Introduction to Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenge. With so many styles and fits to choose from, it’s tough to know which will be the most flattering and comfortable for your body type. If you’re looking for jeans that slim and shape your curves, one great option to consider is the Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut style.

Levi’s Signature jeans are designed to enhance your shape. The Totally Shaping Boot Cut takes it a step further with fabric that contains stretch fibers to hug your body in all the right places. These jeans use advanced stretch denim to provide a slimming effect while still being comfortable enough for all-day wear.

An Overview of the Boot Cut Style

The boot cut is a classic style that flatters many body types. It sits below the waist and is fitted through the hip and thigh. The leg opening subtly flares out starting at the knee, creating a slight boot shape. This balances curvier hips and thighs. The narrow leg opening means you can easily tuck these jeans into boots.

Boot cut jeans like the Totally Shaping are versatile enough to wear with flats, heels, or sneakers. They create a long, lean silhouette. The Signature version takes the style up a notch by sculpting your rear and thighs for a perky, rounded shape.

Fabric That Provides Sculpting Support

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

What sets the Totally Shaping jeans apart is the fabric. They use Lenzing Modal fibers blended with cotton and elastane. This creates a super stretch denim that flexes with your body. The fabric is designed to contour your rear, slim the thighs, and smooth the tummy.

The jeans contain a tummy slimming panel that flattens the front while remaining comfortable. This targeted control prevents the dreaded waist gap. The fabric blend and panel work together to give you an enviable hourglass shape.

Choose From Various Sizes, Lengths, and Washes

The Totally Shaping Boot Cut comes in women’s sizes 2 through 16 (US sizing). You can select either average (32″) or tall (34″) inseam lengths. Choose from versatile dark washes or stylish medium shades like Baltic Black or Authentic Medium. There’s an option for every figure and personal style.

Levi’s offers short and long sizes online. Try them on to determine your best fit. The jeans should be snug at the waist and hips without gaping. They’ll relax and conform to your shape with wear. Size down if between sizes for the sleekest look.

Signature Curvy Fit Hugs Your Shape

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Levi’s engineered the Signature Curvy fit to contour the female form. It hugs your rear, thighs, and hips in all the right places. The built-in tummy control slims that area. This gives you a balanced hourglass silhouette.

The curve-loving fit provides rear lift. You get a perkier, rounded backside minus any sagging. The thigh-slimming fabric smooths this area for a trim appearance. Enjoy a flattering shape thanks to strategic seaming.

Tummy Panel for Extra Control

One of the Totally Shaping jeans’ winning features is the tummy slimming panel. This provides precise control so you look slim and sleek from every angle. The panel is designed for all-day smoothing without uncomfortable squeezing or digging.

The panel lifts and firms your middle. There are no awkward gaps or spillage even while sitting or bending. Materials like lightweight mesh and flexible foam enhance shaping power without sacrificing comfort.

Signature Stitching and Pocket Details

Part of Levi’s Signature line, these jeans feature exclusive stitching and design details. The back pockets have an embossed double arc stitch set lower for lift. Contrast topstitching creates flattering lines.

Hardware includes engraved buttons with the Levi’s name and a leather logo patch on the back waistband. The fabric patch lining the pockets is also unique. These stylish touches make the jeans feel upscale.

Customer Reviews Praise the Flattering Fit

Looking at customer reviews, women consistently praise the Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans for their figure-flattering abilities. They love how the fabric smooths bulges and slims areas like the thighs and tummy.

Many mention they get compliments whenever they wear these jeans. Customers say the stretch material and tummy panel provide comfortable control that lasts all day. Most reviewers recommend sizing down for the ideal sculpted fit.

Assessing the Pros and Cons

The Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans have many positives. The sculpting fabric smooths and trims your figure. Strategic panels enhance shaping power. You get rear lift, tummy control, and thigh slimming from advanced stretch denim.

Possible drawbacks include the high price point. Some shoppers don’t like the tummy panel or find it uncomfortable. The curvy fit hugs close and may not suit all body types. Shorter ladies may need alterations.

Are These Jeans Right for You?

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans are perfect for women seeking a flattering, curvy fit. They enhance your natural shape thanks to targeted slimming panels and form-fitting stretch denim. The sculpting fabric lifts your rear while trimming the thighs and tummy.

If you want jeans that comfortably smooth bulges for a sleek silhouette, these are an excellent choice. The curve-hugging boot cut flatters most figures. Just ensure the tummy panel and snug fit work for your body type and style preferences.

Overview of Boot Cut Style and Fit

The shape-retaining fabric contains lycra dual core technology that provides tummy slimming and rear shaping effects. An inner panel smooths and shapes your abs, waist, hips, thighs and rear. Revolutionary fabric recovery means the jeans retain their shaping effects wash after wash. The contoured waistband is designed to prevent gapping in the back for a streamlined look. These Levi’s aren’t called “Totally Shaping” for nothing.

In terms of fit, Levi’s Signature Boot Cut jeans sit below the natural waistline for a modern, flattering look. They fit close through the hip and thigh, then widen from the knee down to a boot cut opening that fits smoothly over boots. Levi’s offers a range of boot cut styles in short, regular and long inseam lengths. So you can find your perfect fit for your body type and height.

Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Review

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

How well do these Levi’s boot cuts live up to their “Totally Shaping” name? Below is an in-depth Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans review based on personal experience with the jeans.

I’ll start by saying these are hands down the most flattering pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. I typically shy away from slim fitting styles, but these Levi’s sculpt my body in all the right places. The fabric feels substantial and compressive without being restricting. True to size, they fit like a glove right out of the package with no uncomfortable breaking-in period.

The smoothing inner panel slims my tummy and prevents any dreaded waistband gap. But the real magic is in the rear. These jeans lift my rear and shape it into a perkier, rounder silhouette. The results are almost like wearing fitted Spanx but with the comfort of jeans. I also love the contoured waistband that eliminates back gapping.

As a petite 5’3″ I chose the short inseam length. The boot cut legs perfectly graze the tops of my boots with no dragging or bunching. The lean fit through the thighs showcases muscle tone while opening to a subtle flare right below the knee. I can easily transition from flats to heels with this versatile boot cut.

The sculpting effects hold strong even after multiple washes. I air dry all my jeans to preserve the shape. But even after a pass through the dryer, these Levi’s bounce back thanks to the recovery fabric. They do require some extra drying time compared to standard denim due to the high cotton content and shaping technology. But it’s a small price to pay for jeans that make me look and feel so good.

My only critique is that the dark Tidal Wave wash fades over time with washing. But the fading gives them a lived-in, vintage vibe that I don’t totally hate. Those wanting a dark wash with minimal fading over time may prefer one of the alternative dark Levi’s washes. Or simply wash in cold water and line dry to help preserve the color.

At around $60-$80 USD depending on size/wash, the pricing sits right in the sweet spot where quality meets value. While not the cheapest jeans around, the innovative fabric and noticeable shaping effects make these Levi’s worth every penny. I used to dread jean shopping, bouncing from store to store trying to find a pair that fit just right. Now I happily restock my closet with Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans each season.

If you want shapely, tummy-slimming, rear-lifting jeans, I can’t recommend these enough. Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans sculpt your body while maintaining the comfort of classic denim. A versatile style that transitions seamlessly from casual to smart-casual contexts, these boot cuts are a wardrobe staple.

Fabric and Materials – Stretch Denim Provides Sculpting Shape

Jeans shopping can be a total drag, am I right? You try on pair after pair, struggling to find the perfect fit for your body type. I’ve been there too, believe me. After years of trial and error, I finally discovered the boot cut style that checks all my boxes – Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans. These babies are like magic, I tell ya. The fabric contains just the right amount of stretch to hug your curves in all the right places. Read on for my full review of why these sculpting denim boot cuts are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe!

Let’s start with the fabric itself. What makes the Signature Totally Shaping jeans so unique is the premium denim blend. We’re talking an ultra-soft fabric with just the right amount of stretch – about 3% spandex woven into the cotton-poly blend. This creates a flexible, form-fitting feel that moves with your body. The fabric contains LYCRA® T400® T2X fiber, cleverly engineered for maximum stretch and recovery. So you get jeans with stay-put fit that retain their shape wear after wear.

And can we talk about how these jeans make your backside look fabulous? The contoured waistband is designed to prevent gapping in the back for a smooth silhouette. No more plumber’s crack, ladies! The built-in tummy slimming panel also streamlines your midsection, giving you that coveted hourglass shape. And the boot cut leg opening balances out curvier hips and thighs for a sculpted, proportional look.

Now let’s discuss the perfect amount of stretch in the Signature Totally Shaping jeans. The denim contains just the right dose of spandex to move with you while still keeping its shape. When you bend, squat, sit and stand throughout the day, these jeans will retain their fit without sagging. The fabric quickly bounces back so you don’t have to keep hiking up your pants. You’ll stay comfortable yet stylish no matter how active your lifestyle.

The stretch denim is also specially designed to prevent bulging, buckling, and those dreaded knee bags. The smoother fabric means wrinkles and lines are minimized, for a polished looked from day to night. Unlike stiff denim, this stretchy fabric won’t lose its flattering shape halfway through wear. Oh and the fabric even has a subtle sheen for an ultra-flattering finish. Light hits the jeans to accentuate and elongate your legs.

Let’s quickly touch on the jean construction too. Levi’s Signature jeans are made with superb quality, from the stitching to the rivets. Built to last and retain their integrity wash after wash. And with a mid-rise waist, these jeans are designed for optimal comfort while still being high enough to conceal any unwanted muffin top situations.

Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty sizing. I’m normally between a size 28-30 waist and 40-42 inch hip measurement. I have a curvy pear shaped figure. For the Signature Totally Shaping boot cut, I opted for a size 10 Regular, which was spot on. The stretch fabric allows some wiggle room while still fitting close to the body. One tip is to size down if you’re between sizes, as the jeans will stretch and conform a bit with wear. The regular length worked for my 5’ 5” height, hitting right at my ankles without bunching. Keep in mind the jeans will relax about an inch with wear too.

The verdict? Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut jeans get a huge thumbs up from me. The sculpting fabric smooths and shapes in all the right places, with just the perfect amount of stretch for an ultra-flattering silhouette. The quality construction ensures these keep their integrity for years of frequent wear. If you’re looking to accentuate your curves and highlight your best assets, these are an absolute must-have addition to your denim collection. I’m buying them in multiple washes!

Have you tried Levi’s sculpting denim yet? Let me know if you have any favorite styles I should add to my wish list! I love finding the perfect pair of jeans that makes me feel confident and fabulous. With the Signature Totally Shaping boot cut, Levi’s absolutely nailed it. No more squeezing into rigid denim or fidgeting with waist gap issues. Just smooth, stretchy fabric that hugs my shape. Game changer, I tell you.

Available Sizes, Lengths and Wash Options

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like an endless quest. With so many brands, styles, and fits to choose from, it’s tricky to nail down the right size and wash. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut style. With a huge range of sizes, inseams, and trendy finishes, you’re bound to find your ideal pair. Allow me to walk through the expansive options so you can zero in on your perfect fit!

Let’s start with sizing, since that’s make-it or break-it when shopping for jeans. The Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut style comes in both standard and plus sizes. On the standard end, you can choose between sizes 2-20, with the even sizes from 2-16 and the odd sizes 17-20. For plus, they offer 14W-28W. So no matter your measurements, you’ll find your ideal size match.

In my experience, the stretch fabric fits snugly at first but conforms to your shape. So I’d recommend sizing down if you’re between standard sizes. As a rule of thumb, size down if your waist measurement falls at the lower end of a size’s range. These jeans will relax a bit as you break them in while still retaining their sculpting fit. For the curvy gals, don’t be afraid to size up in the plus range to accommodate your hips and thighs.

When it comes to length, you can select between three inseam options: 30”, 32”, and 34”. The regular 30” inseam works for my height at 5’5”, hitting right at the ankle bone without pooling or bunching. If you’re petite, the 30” will likely give you that perfect cropped look. For taller ladies, go for the 32” or 34” length to find your ideal ankle-grazing fit. With stretch denim, a little extra length helps the jeans drape and move with your body.

Now let’s get into the extensive wash selection! We all know dark denim is a wardrobe staple. Luckily, Levi’s offers their sculpting boot cut jeans in rich indigo and black rinses. Both are sleek and sophisticated for day or night. I especially love the inky Cobalt Rinse, which makes my legs look a mile long!

Prefer a medium blue? Check out the Daydreamer or Authentic Sky washes. Daydreamer has a modern faded look with whiskering at the hips and honeycombed stitching for dimension. Authentic Sky is a touch darker with a uniform finish. Both are laidback and versatile for everyday.

Or opt for a light denim to usher in spring. The Stark White wash gives off total coastal grandmother vibes in the best possible way. There’s also a soft New Blue tint that perfectly straddles winter white and summer blue. These lighter washes feel fresh and airy.

Not into blue jeans? Levi’s also offers their shaping boot cut style washed in crisp black or white. The bright Optic White has a clean, summery vibe. Or choose jet black for a polished, sleek look. The Black Beauty rinse is a deep ebony that dresses up any outfit.

Love a good vintage wash? Check out the light destroyed Sixteen Candles or the heavily distressed Shredded. Both mimic years of hard-wearing for that lived-in, laidback look. The rips and frays give edgy texture and dimension to soften up the silhouette.

And for a dose of color, you can grab the Signature boot cut jeans in a vivid red, purple, or army green tint too. The Crimson Flame wash adds a vibrant pop of color to brighten up basic blues. Or make a statement in the bold Hunters Green. So fun for the weekends!

As you can see, there’s pretty much a Signature Totally Shaping wash to suit any taste or style. No matter your color preference – crisp, faded, or bold – Levi’s selection has you covered. Finding that perfect medium or dark rinse can take years, but Levi’s expansive range gives you plenty of options to discover your ideal pair right off the bat. So take your pick from the many washes and start sculpting your best asset!

Have you tried the Signature boot cut style yet? Let me know which wash you love in the comments! I’m still building my collection of Levi’s perfect fitting jeans. The stretch fabric keeps you so comfortable without losing that structured silhouette. A total game changer for curvy figures like mine. I can’t wait to add more washes to my closet!

Signature Curvy Fit – Contours and Smooths

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Finding jeans that properly fit and flatter a curvy figure can seem downright impossible. The struggle is real, ladies. So often we’re left with denim that gaps at the waist, squeezes our hips and thighs, or leaves us with unsightly bulges. Enter the Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping boot cut jeans – an absolute game changer for accentuating curves in all the right ways.

Levi’s Signature line is specially designed for shapely figures. The contoured waistband prevents gapping in the back for a smooth silhouette. No more plumber’s crack situations! The built-in tummy control panel also eliminates muffin top and love handle spillage. This streamlined shapewear construction sculpts your core while remaining totally invisible under clothing.

The jeans feature an extra curve-hugging panel through the hip and thigh area. This prevents the dreaded sagging fabric and awkward diagonal side seam. The panel ensures the denim contours your hips and derriere without pulling, bunching or distorting your shape. Finally – a tailored fit that actually flatters!

But here’s what really makes the Signature jeans exceptional – the flex fabric. This proprietary denim blend contains the perfect dose of stretch to move with your body. Bend, squat and contort – these jeans keep their fit all day long thanks to spandex woven into the cotton-poly fibers. The fabric bounces right back into shape in all the right places.

Unlike rigid denim that bags at the knees, wrinkles and loses its form, the Signature boot cut fabric retains its smooth, sculpted look from morning to night. The added stretch prevents sagging and wrinkling around the inner thighs and seat. No more having to constantly hike up your pants or smooth out fabric.

And the flex denim is specifically engineered to prevent bulging and buckling. The smoother fabric lies flat against your shape. So you avoid those awkward bumps and ripples that rigid jeans create. The jeans look tailored and streamlined from every angle, hugging your curves in just the right way.

The combination of the shaping construct and four-way stretch fabric creates an unparalleled level of comfort. The jeans provide support and lift where you want it without squeezing or pinching. You get an ultra-flattering fit that moves with your body and feels like a second skin.

The boot cut silhouette is also ingeniously designed to balance curvy figures. The gentle flare below the knee streamlines hips and thighs for a proportional look. While skinny jeans can make curvier lower halves appear larger, the subtle boot cut balances your shape. And it adds a legs-for-days effect!

In my experience, sizing down in the Signature Totally Shaping jeans gives an extra-snug fit that conforms to your shape. Don’t be afraid to drop a size or two – the stretch will accommodate your curves while providing sculpting control. Finding your perfect size may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it for jeans that fit like they were custom made.

For reference, I’m a size 8-10 pear shape with a smaller waist and wide hips/thighs. The size 6 Regular Totally Shaping boot cut is perfection. Snug at first but they quickly molded to hug my waist, hips and rear in all the right places. Just enough stretch to be comfy without losing structure.

So if you’re curvy or plus size, do yourself a favor and try the Signature Totally Shaping jeans. Their innovative fabric and thoughtful engineering provides tailor-made contouring and support. Finally – jeans that not only fit but flatter! No more settling for denim that disorts your shape. Experience the magic of Levi’s sculpting fabric for yourself.

Have you tried Levi’s shaping denim yet? Let me know how the fit worked for your curves! When jeans are specifically designed for your body type, it’s a total game changer. The struggle to find the perfect pair is finally over. The Signature line provides thoughtful tailoring you can actually feel good styling all day, every day.

Tummy Smoothing Panel for Extra Control

Let’s be real – we’ve all dealt with unflattering jeans that pinch, squeeze, and create awkward bulges around our midsection. The dreaded muffin top is all too common, especially in stiff, rigid denim. But Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping jeans have an ingenious solution – an ultra slimming tummy panel for streamlined shaping through the core.

Built right into the front interior lining is a smoothing panel designed to slim and control your stomach area. This fabric contains Lycra for lightweight compression that targets the entire abdominal zone – no more spillage or squeezed bits! It provides full coverage from your natural waistline down past the hips bones.

The high-tech panel is engineered to flatten and shape the tummy and side/back waist areas. So you get a contoured, streamlined look without any squeezing, pinching, or sausage-like effects. The fabric simply smooths everything out to eliminate lumps and bumps.

This interior slimming panel complements the curve-hugging fit of the jeans perfectly. While the denim contours your hips and rear, the tummy panel streamlines your core. Working together, it provides ideal sculpting and support. Your waist looks cinched and trim while still being ultra comfy.

What I love about the Signature jeans’ slimming panel is how seamlessly it integrates into the construction. The lining looks totally invisible from the outside – no hooks, clips, buttons or adjusters. Just clean, smooth styling that disguises the clever fit technology underneath.

In terms of sizing, the panel is designed to flex with the stretch denim to accommodate your natural waist expansion and contraction. When seated, there’s enough give so you don’t feel restricted or squeezed. Yet it maintains control and shaping as you move, bend and walk. Such a game changer from typical jeans that lose their structure throughout wear.

Thesmoothing lining also prevents the dreaded waistband roll over or folding. No more fidgeting to smooth it back down once it creases and flips. And there’s zero gapping at the small of the back, which as a curvy girl I appreciate. No plumber’s crack moments in these jeans!

For me, the panel provides just the right amount of subtle shaping versus overly compressive control. I have a little post-baby pooch at my lower abdomen that typical jeans accentuate. But the Signature jeans streamline everything for a flattering, balanced silhouette. Without a defined waistband or buttons digging in.

I will say the panel seems to work best on slightly rounded or straight waist shapes. If you have a very prominent hourglass middle, you may want additional tummy shaping garments to really cinch the waistline. For mild smoothing and streamlining though, the panel is perfection.

Over time the lining retains its subtle compression and support too. Even after multiple wears and washes, it doesn’t lose its slimming abilities or get baggy. So you don’t have to replace these jeans each season to maintain the sleek tummy shaping.

For curvy and plus size figures like mine, a tummy slimming panel is clutch for a polished silhouette. No more fussing with control tops or shapewear under jeans. The Signature boot cut style streamlines my core directly in the denim design. Just an overall flattering effect without any squeezing or discomfort. Levi’s really innovated with this clever smoothing panel!

Have you tried jeans with built-in tummy control before? Let me know how Levi’s shaping panel compares to other brands you’ve worn! When the finishing details are truly well-designed for your body, you really notice the difference. These jeans check all the boxes – curve hugging fabric, smoothing lining, ideal stretch. Absolute perfection.

Back Pocket and Stitching Details

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

A mark of quality denim is often subtle touches like stitching, rivets, and rear pocket design. With Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping jeans, you can see and feel the thoughtful details that elevate these to premium denim status. Let’s dive into the back pockets and stitching features that make these jeans truly outstanding.

Starting with the back pockets – one of my favorite aspects of Levi’s Signature boot cut jeans is the contoured pocket shape. Rather than one straight slit, the pockets have an arched, curved top line. This beautifully elongates and lifts the rear silhouette.

The contoured pockets complement the shape of the yoke seam too. Together they enhance and accentuate the curve of your backside. Much more flattering than boxy, flat pockets that can make your derriere appear wider and saggy.

And unlike many jeans today with miniscule pockets, these have an ample surface area and depth. They’re roomy enough to carry a modern sized smartphone without issue. Yet not so oversized as to add bulk to the seat.

The pockets are also set slightly toward the side seams for lift. Along with the built-in tummy panel, this gives your rear a perked, rounded effect. No sagging, deflating, or dreaded “pancake butt” in these jeans!

Let’s talk rivets – those little reinforcements that strengthen stressed points in denim. The Signature boot cut jeans have engraved, antiqued rivets with the Levi’s name for authenticity. You’ll find these at the base corners of the back pockets and inside the waistband.

Nothing bugs me more than cheap, tacky plastic rivets that scratch off. But these have a durable, smooth metal finish. They reinforce the durability of the denim while blending into the design. And they maintain their integrity wash after wash without corroding.

Now onto the stitching – you’ll notice two types of threads used throughout the jeans. The main side and inner leg seams feature tonal stitching that matches the denim color. This gives a clean, streamlined appearance overall.

On the back pockets, belt loops, and interior waistband, Levi’s uses classic orange contrast stitching. This pops against the blue denim and ties back to their heritage styles. It also provides eye-catching detail when the jeans are folded down.

The stitching throughout is all double-needle too – not that loose, loopy single-thread stitch you see on low quality jeans. The tighter stitch prevents breakage, unraveling, and completes the premium look. Yet it remains flexible for comfort.

And you’ll notice bar tacking in high stress zones – one or two rows of box stitching that reinforce points prone to tearing. This adds concentrated durability at inner thigh, back pocket, and crotch seams. Preventing blowouts without inhibiting stretch.

It’s these types of refined touches that really elevate the quality of Levi’s Signature jeans. From the engraved rivets to the meticulous stitching, you can see and feel the attention to detail. These aren’t just your average drugstore jeans, but painstakingly crafted for both look and performance.

Things like back pocket shape and stitch colors may seem inconsequential. But they make a surprising difference in how jeans fit, flatter, and withstand wear. Especially for curvier figures like mine where rear lift and contouring are clutch.

So next time you try on jeans, take a minute to notice the pockets, rivets, and stitching. Subtle characteristics like bar tacks and double needle sewing indicate thoughtful construction. Along with fabric innovation, it’s often the finishing touches that define premium denim. Levi’s certainly nails it with their Signature boot cut style!

What other jean details do you look for in terms of quality and design? Let me know your must-have stitching, pocket and rivet preferences! I love picking up tips from fellow denim aficionados. The hunt for that perfect pair is all about the tiny touches and techniques.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

The best indicator of quality for any product is hearing directly from other customers. When real people generously share their experiences, it provides helpful insight you can trust. So let’s take a look at what actual buyers are saying about Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping boot cut jeans.

Across numerous retailer websites and fashion forums, the Signature jeans earn consistently glowing reviews. Women with curvy and plus size body types in particular rave about the fit. Many say they’re the best jeans they’ve ever tried for actually flattering their figure.

Countless reviewers say these are the first jeans that fit their waist and hips perfectly. No gapping, squeezed spillage, or awkward fabric bulges. The contoured waistband and tummy slimming panel prevent the dreaded muffin top look. And the fabric stretches to hug curves without pulling or distorting shape.

Many also love the lift and contouring of their rear assets, thanks to the pocket placement and yoke design. No more saggy, flat backsides. The jeans uplift and perk your derrière for an instant boost of confidence.

Numerous women mention sizing down for the ideal sculpting effect. While the jeans have give, the firm compression smooths everything out while remaining comfy. Sizing down enhances the tummy control and rear lift for an ultra flattering silhouette.

In terms of quality, buyers say the Signature jeans retain their structure and stretch amazingly over time. Unlike cheaper denim that bags out, these keep molding to your shape wear after wear. And the fabric doesn’t wrinkle or sag throughout the day, maintaining its smooth fit.

Most love the versatility of the boot cut style too. It balances curvier figures for a proportional look. And it works dressed up or down – polished for work, casual for weekends. The medium wash options pair with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Some do note the thigh and hip panels are snug at first until the jeans break-in. But the firm fit prevents gapping as you move. A necessary trade-off for jeans that hold everything in place. Many also advise ordering the long inseam if between sizes to allow draping over heels.

Critical reviews seem few and far between. The most common complaints are sizing unpredictability compared to other brands and price. But most agree the quality and fit makes them well worth the investment. Levi’s signature denim stands the test of time.

Here are just a few glowing testimonials from real Signature Totally Shaping jean wearers:

“These jeans are perfect for a curvy body! The tummy panel is so flattering and prevents any gapping in the back. They smooth everything out but don’t squeeze you in. It’s like they were custom made for my shape.” – Sarah H.

“I used to hate jeans shopping until I found these! No waist gaping, no fabric pulling across my hips. Just smooth, sculpting denim that makes me feel 10 lbs thinner instantly.” – Danielle V.

“The boot cut is miraculously balancing on my pear shape figure. And the lift they give my booty, wow! Flaunt what your mama gave you in these jeans!” – Anne S.

As you can see, Levi’s Signature jeans deliver on both comfort and curves. When the design truly fits and flatters, it makes all the difference. Women give these boot cuts rave reviews for sculpting their shape. The proof is in the delighted customers!

Have you tried the Signature Totally Shaping jeans yet? Share your review! I love hearing tips and feedback from fellow denim lovers. When we share our stories, it helps more women discover those perfect feel-good jeans. The hunt for that ideal pair is a journey we all share.

Pros and Cons of the Totally Shaping Boot Cut

I think we can all agree finding great fitting jeans feels like winning the lottery. When you discover that magical pair that actually flatters your shape, it’s cause for celebration. After extensive testing, I’m ready to share the pros and cons of Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping boot cut jeans.

Starting with the positives, the number one pro is the smoothing, shaping fabric. This proprietary denim blend molds to your figure while bouncing back into place all day. It sculpts curves, lifts the rear, and streamlines the waistline.

The built-in tummy slimming panel is another major pro. This discreet lining provides compression through the core for a cinched, streamlined look. So you get a lifted tush and trim tummy simultaneously – denim miracles do happen!

The contouring fabric also eliminates gaping, sagging, knee bags, and wrinkles. No more hiking up your jeans or dealing with that deflated look. The jeans look tailored and firm from morning to night. Such a confidence boost!

As for fit, the jeans accommodate both standard and plus sizes. So women of all body types can experience the magic. Finding your ideal size may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it for the perfect fit.

The quality is also superb, with reinforced stitching and engraved rivets. These jeans maintain their structure wash after wash. And the fabric retains both its compression and flexibility over time.

The medium boot cut silhouette balances curvy shapes for a streamlined look. And the back pocket shape lifts your assets! Feel body confident all day long.

Now for potential drawbacks – some find the fabric panels extra snug at first until the jeans break-in with wear. But this ensures they mold to your shape versus sagging. The rigidity also relaxes slightly after washing.

Others feel the tummy slimming panel runs small, so sizing up may help. This lining provides mild compression only, so significant shaping requires additional undergarments.

Some also warn against putting the jeans in the dryer, which can diminish the stretch over time. Letting them air dry maintains the flexible fabric fibers best.

The Signature jeans also run pricier than average denim. But given the exceptional quality and fit, most agree they’re worth the investment. Your hunt for that elusive perfect pair finally ends!

At the end of the day, the shaping fabric of the Totally Shaping boot cut is an undeniable advantage. Where other jeans squeeze and bulge you in weird spots, these conform to accentuate your shape. It’s like they were custom made!

For curvy girls like me, the pros far outweigh any cons. A little break-in period is worth it for jeans that make you feel absolutely amazing. The confidence of finally finding that ideal fit can’t be overstated.

Now that you know the core pros and cons, give the Signature Totally Shaping jeans a try. At the very least, you’ll look fabulous. But chances are, their transformative stretch will make you a Levi’s lover for life. Yes, jeans this miraculous truly do exist!

Have you tried sculpting denim before? Share your thoughts on the pros and cons! I love swapping stories about the ongoing hunt for our perfect pair. When jeans check your every box, it’s a eureka moment we all yearn for.

Conclusion – Are These Jeans Right For You?

Find Your Perfect Fit: Levi Strauss Signature Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans Review

Finding those perfect dream jeans takes effort, but it’s one of the most rewarding fashion journeys. After reading my in-depth review, you hopefully have a sense of whether the Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping boot cuts are your ideal match.

These jeans aren’t for everyone. But if you’re curvy, shapely, or struggle to find denim that fits, they just may be your answer. The sculpting fabric shapes, smooths and lifts in all the right places. The result is an ultra flattering silhouette.

Do you avoid stiff, rigid denim that distorts your figure? Then the flexible stretch material is perfect for you. Are you tired of jeans that stretch out and sag halfway through wear? These retain their form all day long.

If you feel your backside needs some perking and definition, the contouring waistband and pockets are clutch. Do you despise the awkward gapping and squeezing of typical jeans? Then you’ll love the streamlined tummy panel.

For those between standard and plus sizes, the expansive size range ensures you find your ideal match. Seeking lift and sculpting that cheap denim can’t achieve? The innovative fabric provides just that without pinching.

Now for some wearers, the Totally Shaping boot cut won’t check every box. If you require significant tummy compression, the slimming panel alone may not suffice. Or if you prefer minimal butt lift, the rear-contouring effect may seem excessive.

The jeans are an investment too, costing more than average denim. And some may prefer a true skinny cut versus the subtle boot leg flare. As with any garment, personal style and fit preferences are key.

My advice? Give them a test run if you crave jeans that not only fit but flatter. Being able to try before you buy is invaluable for discovering that unicorn pair. These could very well be the magical denim you’ve waited for!

Start by wearing your typical size to assess the overall sculpting and lift. Then try sizing down to amplify the tummy slimming and backside contouring effects.

Wear them during your average daily activities – sitting, walking, bending over. Make sure they retain their shaping and structure without pinching or binding.

Analyze the denim quality by checking the stitching, pockets, and rivets. Scan for loose threads, gaps, or cheap plastic hardware.

And evaluate how they make you feel! Confident? Comfortable? Do they enhance or diminish your assets? Trust your instincts.

My guess is the Levi’s Signature Totally Shaping jeans will be a total win. When fit and quality align with your denim wish list, that magic is hard to replicate. Finding The One is a rare and beautiful moment!

I hope this comprehensive review provided helpful insight as you seek your perfect pair. Let me know if you take the plunge and try the Signature boot cuts! I’m excited to hear your experience and add more raving fans to the Levi’s shaping denim squad.

Sometimes fashion really can change how we feel about our bodies. When clothing fits the way it should, it unlocks confidence and self love. Don’t settle for less – those dream jeans await!