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Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

What is Fit Me Makeup? Benefits of Maybelline Fit Me Products

In our image-conscious society, finding makeup that fits your unique skin type and tone can feel like an impossible quest. Enter Maybelline’s Fit Me line: makeup specifically designed to match your skin and highlight your natural beauty. As someone who has struggled for years to find the right shades and formulas, Fit Me has been a total game-changer for me.

Fit Me’s range of foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and bronzer is specially formulated to blend seamlessly into skin for a customizable, natural look. The key is the intelligently designed shade range and adaptable formulas catered to different skin types and concerns. While most brands offer only a handful of tones, Fit Me’s extensive selection ensures nearly everyone can find their perfect match.

Finding Your Perfect Shade Match

Matching your skin’s unique undertones is crucial for a flawless, natural look. Fit Me makes it easy with options for warm, cool, and neutral undertones in a wide range of depths. I used to struggle matching foundations to my fair, neutral-cool skin, but Fit Me’s Porcelain shade is a spot-on match.

Fit Me also offers shade adjusting drops to customize coverage. I love tweaking the tone slightly to match my complexion as it changes with the seasons. No more guessing games to find your perfect hue!

Flawless, Natural Coverage

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Fit Me’s lightweight serum foundation blends seamlessly without settling into fine lines or pores. The buildable medium coverage and semi-matte finish masks imperfections while looking like your skin, only better. For even more flawless coverage, Fit Me’s concealer brightens, highlights, and masks blemishes with its creamy, blendable formula.

On days when I want a lighter look, Fit Me’s powder provides natural-looking coverage without caking or adding shine. The loose mineral-based formula absorbs oil and blurs pores for smooth skin that lasts all day. Unlike some powders that look chalky on fair skin, Fit Me leaves a natural, lightweight veil of color.

Sculpting and Contouring

Fit Me makes contouring easy with buildable matte bronzers and blushes tailored to different skin tones. The bronzer blends smoothly and adds warmth without muddiness. I love using a fluffy brush to sculpt my cheekbones and give dimension to my fair complexion. The blush brightens with a soft, natural flush. With practice, I’ve gotten good at layering the bronzer and blush to enhance my bone structure.

Fit Me’s Glow Bronzer provides sheer luminous color with a touch of shimmer that catches the light beautifully. Whether you’re new to contouring or a pro, Fit Me has the shades and buildable formulas to sculpt your ideal look.

Eyeshadow Palettes for Alluring Looks

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Create dazzling eyes with Fit Me’s collection of eyeshadow palettes catering to different colors. I love the warm amber and rose gold tones in the Blushed Nudes palette for everyday wear. The shimmers add glow while the mattes blend easily to contour the eyes. For drama, the Sultry Nudes palette features smoky purples, cool taupes, and rich browns to make brown eyes pop.

True to its name, Fit Me eyeshadows are formulated to adhere evenly to lids and blend like a dream. With neutral mattes, striking shimmers, and bold brights, the palettes have everything you need to match any outfit or occasion.

Brows and Lashes for Fuller Shaping

Fit Me helps you frame your eyes by taming brows and building lush lashes. The buildable brow pomade sculpts and defines my arches for natural fullness, while the tinted brow gel tames strays and enhances texture. For soft, feathery lashes, Fit Me’s Lash Lifter Mascara lifts and extends without clumping or flaking throughout busy days.

For major lash impact, the Volume + Length Mascara formulas maximize each coat for intense thickness and reach. The curved brushes grab every lash and deposit the conditioning formula from root to tip. Just a few coats transforms my flimsy lashes into a gorgeous fanned-out fringe!

Lip Color that Flatters and Lasts

Accentuate your smile with Fit Me’s lip offerings designed to flatter and nourish lips. The creamy Matte + Poreless formula blankets lips in opaque, suede-matte pigment with a comfortable feel. Vibrant shades like Wine Not complement my fair complexion beautifully. When I want shine, the Dewy + Smooth Lipsticks condition with mango butter for full color and glassy shine.

To customize your lip look, try the Powder Matte Lipsticks. This innovative formula starts as a powder that liquifies to velvety, transfer-proof matte color. Dab it on for a soft stain or build it up for full coverage. The Lip Glosses feel cushiony and provide non-sticky shine and moisture. Fit Me truly has something for every lip mood and occasion!

Save Money: Best Deals on Fit Me Makeup Essentials

While the quality is excellent, Fit Me makeup offers an affordable way to build your beauty arsenal without breaking the bank. New products are frequently rolled out along with great sales and deals.

Sign up for Maybelline’s email newsletter to receive coupons and alerts on the latest Fit Me releases and discounts. Check the website for printable coupons and offers on featured kits. Maybelline also runs many buy one, get one half off promotions both on its website and at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target.

Shopping online opens up even more money-saving opportunities. Take advantage of free shipping thresholds, flash sales, and cashback offers through online retailers like Amazon, Ulta, and more. Subscribe to Slickdeals for alerts on discount codes for additional savings.

Fit Me starter kits are a great way to try out multiple products at a discount. The Face + Eyes Palette combines foundation, concealer, highlights, contours, and eyeshadows all in one travel-friendly set. For lips, the 12-piece Lip Vault provides a rainbow of top shades to suit any mood or outfit.

By taking advantage of deals and trying affordable starter sets, you can build an entire customized Fit Me collection without blowing your beauty budget. Discover your perfect match and enhance your natural radiance at a fraction of luxury brand prices.

Different Formulas for Different Skin Types and Concerns

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

One of the most impressive things about Fit Me is the way it caters to diverse skin types and needs. No matter your complexion, preferences, or problem areas, Fit Me has a tailored solution.

For example, the Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation formula controls oil and shine for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for oily and combination skin like mine. The oil-absorbing powders mattify skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. Yet it still feels lightweight and comfortable, never cakey.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fit Me’s Dewy + Smooth formula hydrates normal to dry skin with glycerin and vitamin E. The luminous finish illuminates lackluster complexions. My sister swears by this one to give her dry skin a fresh, glowy look.

Those with sensitive skin can rejoice in the clean, hypoallergenic formulas free of fragrances, oils, and parabens. Fit Me is even non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. The sheer range of custom finishes from matte to dewy to natural cater to sensitivities and preferences.

In addition to different bases, Fit Me offers correctors to target common skin issues. The Radiant Pear Hydro-Glow Luminizer Pen brightens dullness and brings light to shadowy areas. Meanwhile, the Concealer stick camouflages blemishes, spots, and dark circles in a portable stick formula.

No matter your unique skin type, tone, or texture, Fit Me empowers you to fake it till you make it. As someone who deals with enlarged pores, oiliness, redness, and blemishes, I love how Fit Me lets me smooth and perfect skin so it looks naturally flawless.

Fit Me also adjusts formulas for our ever-changing needs. The Fit Me Makeup Remover efforlessly dissolves even waterproof mascara and lip color without irritation. For on-the-go touch ups, the new Fit Me Power Powder dispels unwanted oils whenever, wherever.

Life throws skin curveballs, but Fit Me always hits it out of the park. It truly goes beyond one-size-fits-all makeup, allowing you to customize and care for your complexion.

Finding Your Perfect Shade Match

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Finding a foundation that truly matches your one-of-a-kind skin tone can feel downright impossible. But Fit Me Makeup makes matching your unique complexion effortless with its extensive shade range and customizable options.

With 40 shades of foundation and concealer, Fit Me has your hue covered whether you’re the fairest of fair or deepest of deep. And we’re not just talking a handful of beige. Fit Me offers options for warm, neutral, and cool undertones across the spectrum.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a foundation labeled “light” or “fair” only to find it looks like burnt orange on my neutral-cool, porcelain skin. With Fit Me’s Porcelain shade, I finally found my perfect match. No more mixing mismatched formulas or settling for less-than-flattering tones.

Fit Me also makes adjusting easy with its Light/Medium and Dark shades designed to mix and customize your color match as your complexion changes. The Shade Adjusting Drops offer concentrated pigment to tweak your foundation hue under different lighting or seasons.

Matching your undertones is key for a natural look that flatters you. Stop trying to force cool-toned bases onto your warm skin or vice versa. Fit Me lets you embrace your natural tones with options to flatter both surface and subsurface coloring.

For customizable coverage, Fit Me foundations come in a wide range of shades and finishes. Try the Serum, Dewy Smooth, or Matte & Poreless formulas to see which works best for your skin needs and preferences.

With Fit Me, finding your perfect match doesn’t require exhaustive trial and error. This makeup line truly celebrates the unique beauty in every complexion.

Get Flawless, Natural Coverage with Concealer and Foundation

Achieving flawless-looking skin that still appears natural and undetectable can seem impossible without layers of heavy makeup. But with Fit Me’s lightweight concealer and foundation formulas, you can cover imperfections without compromising a fresh-faced look.

Fit Me’s serum foundation provides buildable medium coverage with a semi-matte finish that smooths without appearing cakey or mask-like. It contains micro-powders to control shine while letting your skin’s natural radiance peek through.

The foundation applies smoothly and blends seamlessly into skin. I love how it evens my complexion and masks redness without settling into fine lines or pores. The result is flawless yet believably natural coverage.

For targeting imperfections, Fit Me’s Concealer stick makes spot-concealing a breeze. The creamy formula blends effortlessly to disguise blemishes, spots, under-eye circles, or any area needing extra camouflage. Just dot, blend, and watch dark circles disappear like magic!

Applied sparingly, the concealer brightens without looking heavy or obvious. But it offers full coverage when layered over blemish-prone areas. I especially love using it to highlight and bring light to my fair complexion.

To set makeup and reduce shine, Fit Me’s Loose Finishing Powder provides a veil of soft-focus coverage. This mineral-based formula mattifies without caking or adding texture. It blurs pores and imperfections just enough to perfect yet never overpowers your natural radiance.

With Fit Me, you can customize sheer to full coverage as desired. Mix and layer products for a flawless face that still looks believably like your gorgeous skin.

Sculpt and Contour with Fit Me Bronzer and Blush

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Finding the right makeup to perfectly match your skin tone and texture can feel like an endless quest. But with the versatile range of complexion products from Maybelline’s Fit Me collection, you can easily accentuate your natural features and create a flawless finish. Keep reading to learn pro tips and tricks for using Fit Me bronzer and blush to sculpt and contour your way to a naturally radiant complexion.

Start with the Perfect Canvas

A smooth, even base is the key to ensuring your bronzer and blush apply true to color. Start by color-matching your skin with one of Fit Me’s Matte + Poreless foundation shades for a shine-free, airbrushed look. The ultra-lightweight liquid formula blends seamlessly to conceal pores and imperfections without caking or settling into fine lines. For a boost of moisture, try the Dewy + Smooth version. And don’t forget to set it all with Fit Me pressed powder! Applying your bronzer and blush over top of a veil of powder will help the warmth show through.

Warm Up with Bronzer

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

After you’ve perfected your complexion, it’s time to add subtle warmth and dimension back into the skin. Sweep Fit Me Bronzer lightly across the high points of your face that would naturally catch the sun. Dust it gently along your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin using a large fluffy brush. To sculpt and chisel your features, concentrate the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and temples. The key is to blend, blend, blend to achieve an even, natural-looking finish. No harsh lines!

For fair skin, try the lighter shade Fit Me Bronzer in Fair Bronze. Medium to tan complexions will love the richness of Deep Bronze. And Deep Bronze Tan was made for darker skin tones. With its silky, lightweight texture and velvety matte finish, Fit Me Bronzer gives you that coveted sun-kissed glow without ever looking unnatural or muddy.

Bring Back Dimension with Blush

After adding warmth with bronzer, blush brings life and dimension back to the face. Sweep a soft pink or coral shade of Fit Me Blush onto the apples of your cheeks using a fluffy brush. Blend up and back toward your hairline to create a natural flush. Choose a shade that complements your complexion – Fair Pink for fair skin, Soft Pink for light to medium, Wine for medium to tan, and Berry for deeper tones.

For an extra pop of radiance, try the Dewy & Smooth Fit Me Blushes. The formula contains ultra-fine pearl pigments that catch the light, giving your cheeks a lit-from-within glow. Shade options include Coral, Rose, and Apricot – a universal brightening pink. A little goes a long way with these buildable blushes, so start light and layer as needed. The key is to look like you just came in from a brisk winter walk – fresh, lively, and healthy.

Play Up Your Features

Once you perfect the basics, have fun enhancing your best features with strategic bronzing and blush placement. To play up your cheekbones, apply bronzer in a 3 shape along the hollows and blend toward the hairline. Sweep blush on the apple of the cheek and back toward the bronzer to tie it together. For a slimming effect, dust bronzer along the jawline and blend down toward the chin.

To make eyes appear larger and brighter, lightly sweep bronzer along the lower lash line from the outer corner inward. Use an angled brush for precision. For wider-set eyes, concentrate blush and bronzer on the inner halves of your cheeks and nose. Those with close-set eyes will want to focus the warmth on the outer halves instead. Your features will look balanced and proportional.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to contouring with Fit Me. The possibilities are endless with this versatile formula that lets you personalize your look.

Set It and Forget It

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

To finish your sculpted and contoured complexion, set your makeup with Fit Me Pressed Powder. This ultra-lightweight powder helps control shine for up to 12 hours without caking or feeling heavy. For oily skin, Matte Finish powder keeps excess oil at bay. Try Dewy Finish powder for drier skin types who want a radiant sheen. Use a large powder brush to dust it over your entire face, or target only the T-zone if you tend to get shiny mid-day.

The translucent shade goes on invisibly over any complexion. But for extra oil control and a soft-focus effect, use the tinted shade that matches the Fit Me foundation color you use. Pressed over liquid foundation, the Fit Me powder creates a smooth, flawless texture while blurring the look of pores and fine lines. Your contoured makeup will stay locked in place and shine-free!

With the right tools and techniques, Fit Me Bronzer and Blush makes it easy to create a naturally sculpted, dimensional look. A swipe of bronzer can give the effect of cheekbones worthy of the runway, while a pop of blush brings a believable flush. Experiment, have fun with it, and find the perfect combination to enhance your unique facial features. Paired with a flawless complexion, you’ll have a red carpet-ready look in minutes.

Try Creamy, Vibrant Eyeshadows for Alluring Looks

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

When it comes to eye makeup, rich pigment and easy blendability are must-haves. With Maybelline’s Fit Me eyeshadow palettes, you get the best of both worlds – creamy, vibrant color in velvety textures that make eyes stand out. Read on for pro tips on using these eyeshadows to create show-stopping looks that are perfect for any occasion.

Prime for Perfect Pigment

Starting with a clean eyelid canvas is key for eyeshadow colors to really pop. Sweep a light layer of Fit Me Concealer onto lids and let it set for a minute or two. This will neutralize any discoloration and provide a smooth base for shadows to adhere to. For extra longevity, dust a translucent powder like Fit Me Pressed Powder over the concealer before applying eyeshadow.

Next, use an eyeshadow primer like Fit Me Eye Primer. Pat this light, creamy formula onto lids with your ring finger. It grabs onto powder shadows and intensifies the vibrancy. The silicone-based primer also prevents creasing and fading for long-lasting looks. Let it dry for 30 seconds before applying color.

Sweep on Vibrant Hues

Now for the fun part – sweeping on the creamy, pigment-packed eyeshadow! Fit Me eyeshadow palettes come in shade ranges perfect for any look. The Nudes palette has 12 earthy browns and champagne shimmers, from light matte bisque to dark glittering bronze. Blazing Hazels features 12 warm peachy and red tones in velvety mattes and satin shimmers.

Use a fluffy brush to blend your base lid color, sweeping from lashline to browbone. Then use a firm, dense brush to pat shimmer or darker shades onto the lid. Fit Me’s ultra-pigmented formula means color shows up vibrantly in just one swipe. Build up intensity gradually for a sultry, smokey eye.

Make sure to blend eyeshadows seamlessly at the edges so there are no harsh lines. Use a clean brush with no additional product to soften any rough transitions between shades. The buttery texture makes Fit Me shadows easy to layer and merge for all kinds of eye looks.

Define with Eyeliner

After applying your eyeshadow, it’s time to define. Rim your upper and lower lashlines with Fit Me Eyeliner Pencil for extra intensity. The ultra-creamy kohl formula glides on smoothly and won’t tug at the delicate eye area. Smudge the liner with an angled brush before it sets for a sultry, smoky look.

Or keep it sleek and precise by leaving the liner unchanged. Fit Me Eyeliner comes in soft brown, charcoal black and shimmering dark teal – perfect shades to make eyes stand out with any shadow look. The pencil tip lets you sharpen for thin, tapered lines or smudge for thicker definition.

For a foolproof liquid line, use Fit Me Liquid Eyeliner. Its flexible felt tip gives you total control to create thin flicks or thick dramatic wings. The intense black pigment won’t fade or smudge all day and night. Finish by lining your inner rim with white liner to make eyes appear wider and brighter.

Lengthen with Luscious Lashes

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

No eye look is complete without some lash enhancement! Layer on coats of Fit Me Mascara for mega volume and length. The conditioning formula won’t flake or smudge and leaves lashes ultra soft. Apply starting from the base of lashes and wiggle upwards to coat every strand. Let each layer dry between coats.

For fluttery, fanned-out lashes use Fit Me Lash Lift Mascara. The curved brush lifts and separates each lash, while the smudge-free inky black pigment thickens and extends. Finish by using the opposite side’s precision brush to coat hard-to-reach corner lashes.

Pair mascara with a set of Fit Me Cluster Lashes for an instantly eye-opening effect. These fluffy fiber clusters adhere securely and comfortably right over your own lashes. Apply mascara first, then sandwich the cluster lashes between layers. Your eyes will look wider, more lifted and ultra voluminous.

Complete the Look

Finish your eye makeup with perfectly groomed brows. Use Fit Me Brow Pencil to fill and define brows with hair-like strokes. Match your brow shade to your hair color – black brown for dark hair, soft brown for medium brunettes, and blonde for light hair. Brush brows into place after filling for a natural shape.

Don’t forget to prep your face with complexion products too! Even out skin tone with Fit Me Foundation or Concealer, then set it in place with Fit Me Powder. Add warmth and dimension back into the face with Fit Me Bronzer and Blush.

With velvety rich eyeshadows, intense eyeliner, volumizing mascara and groomed brows, your eyes will be the star of any look. Experiment with different shadow combinations and liner shapes to customize your style. Fit Me eye makeup products make it easy to achieve salon-worthy eyes in minutes!

Define Brows with Brow Pencils and Gels

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Full, bold brows frame your face and really make your eyes pop. But achieving perfect arches takes the right products and techniques. Enter Maybelline’s Fit Me brow collection – easy-to-use pencils, powders and gels for naturally defined brows every time. Read on for pro tips on filling, shaping and setting your brows with Fit Me’s buildable formulas.

Fill In Gaps

Start by filling any sparse areas in your brow shape with Fit Me Brow Pencil. The slim, retractable pencil makes it easy to create hair-like strokes along the arch and tail. The formula isn’t overly waxy or creamy, so it deposits pigment precisely without pulling on delicate brow hairs.

Choose your brow pencil shade to match your natural brow color – soft brown for light to medium brunettes, dark brown for darker brunettes to black hair, and blonde for golden tones. Always do short, featherlight strokes to mimic real hairs. Build up color gradually for a natural look.

Use the spoolie brush on the opposite end to blend and brush brow hairs upward. This helps distribute the pencil pigment evenly. Don’t press too hard or you’ll remove the color!

Define the Shape

Once your arches are filled in, it’s time to define the shape. Use the Fit Me Brow Pencil to outline and sharpen the edges of your brows. Run the pencil tip lightly along the top and bottom edges, following your natural arch and shape. Avoid going too heavy-handed or it can look harsh.

Next, use the pencil to extend the tail for a lifted look, if needed. Draw in hair-like strokes angling slightly upward. For the most natural finish, the tail should end roughly in line with your outer eye corner.

Finish by concealing any spots between brows with Fit Me Concealer to clean up the shape. The lightweight liquid formula blends seamlessly. Set it in place with Fit Me Pressed Powder to lock your defined brow edges.

Set Brows in Place

After filling and shaping, it’s time to set brows so your work lasts all day. Fit Me Clear Brow Gel is a must for taming unruly hairs and keeping arches in place. The formula dries quickly to lock brow hairs with a flexible hold that isn’t stiff or flaky.

Use the wand to brush hairs upward and outward from the inner corners, coating them evenly with gel. Let it set for a minute before using a clean spooly brush to shape brows. Your arches will stay perfectly groomed for up to 12 hours of wear.

For extra hold and definition, layer Fit Me Tinted Brow Gel on top. It contains tiny microfibers that cling to hairs, setting them in place with nourishing ingredients. Choose from light brown, dark brown and deep brown shades. Brush through brows like mascara to tint and condition.

Highlight Under Brow

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

The final step is to highlight right under the arch for added polish. Use your Fit Me Concealer or a matte eyeshadow a few shades lighter than your skin. Apply with a small flat brush in a thin stripe under your arch, blending down toward the outer corner.

This brightens the eye area and makes your defined arches really stand out. For nighttime definition, try Fit Me Shimmer Palette instead for subtle luminosity under brows.

Don’t forget to finish with complexion perfection too! Even out skin with Fit Me Foundation and Concealer, then set with Fit Me Powder. A flawless canvas makes your brows the focal point.

With the right Fillers, pencils and gels from the Fit Me collection, you can achieve bold, beautiful brows worthy of the runway. Frame your eyes perfectly every day with arches tailored to your unique facial features and style.

Achieve Full, Dramatic Lashes with Fit Me Mascaras

Big, bold lashes can take your look from basic to glam in an instant. But getting volume, length and lift takes the right mascara. That’s where Maybelline’s Fit Me mascara collection comes in. These innovative formulas and brushes make it easy to customize your lash look, from wide-eyed and innocent to seductive and dramatic.

Load Up on Length

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Get ready to bat those lashes, because Fit Me Lash Lift Mascara delivers serious length. Its curved brush features two sides – one to build length and one for corner lashes. Start by using the flared side to grab and extend lashes from root to tip in one smooth stroke.

Wiggle and sweep the brush upwards as you apply to coat lashes on all sides. The inky black formula adheres evenly and won’t clump. Let each layer dry before adding the next to build dramatic length from any angle.

Finish up with the precision side of the brush. The short, dense bristles let you coat those tiny corner lashes that always get skipped. Your lashes will look lengthy, separated, and fanned out. It’s lash lift perfection!

Volumize for Maximum Impact

If bold, thick lashes are more your style, Fit Me Volumizing Mascara is your new secret weapon. The intense black color and volumizing brush work together to build super thick lashes in just a few coats.

The bristles are designed to catch and coat every tiny lash, plumping and thickening from root to tip. Wiggle the brush as you apply, rotating the wand as you pull up and out to grab lashes. Let each layer dry before building up volume.

No spidery clumps here – just ultra black, ultra lush lashes. For after-work cocktails or weekend fun, a few swipes of this mascara ensures your eyes stand out in any scene. Stack on the layers for maximum impact.

Try Volumizing Primer

For an extra volumizing boost before regular mascara, start with a coat of Fit Me Lash Volumizing Primer. This white conditioning formula plumps lashes from inside the strands, prepping them for maximum thickness. Apply like a regular mascara base.

Next, layer on your favorite Fit Me mascara shade – black, brown or blue. The volumizing primer helps the pigment grab onto lashes evenly for buildable thickness from roots to tips. No spidery clumps or flaky residue.

Your lashes will look ultra lush, with added body that really intensifies your mascara. The protein-enriched primer even protects lashes from damage. Use it anytime you want extra va-va-voom volume before mascara.

Curl for Wide-Eyed Look

No mascara look is complete without curling first! Use an eyelash curler to gently pinch lashes upward at the base. Hold for 10-15 seconds to set the curl.

Then apply your Fit Me mascara using a zig-zag motion from root to tip. This ensures the mascara grabs and coats every lash. The curl will also help lift lashes up and out for a wide-eyed look.

An eyelash curler is a must for straight lashes that stick straight out or point down. Curling makes lashes appear longer and lifts up downturned eyes. Always curl before mascara so the curl stays put!

Finish by holding a tissue under your eye as you apply mascara to the bottom lashes. This prevents messy smudges. Your eyes will look doe-eyed, feminine and flutter-worthy.

With the right Fit Me mascara for your lash goals, you can customize your look from bold bombshell to barely-there. Lengthen, volumize and lift your way to the exact eyes you want with just a few strokes of the wand. Your eyes will do all the talking!

Get Long-Lasting Color with Fit Me Lipsticks and Glosses

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

The perfect lip look ties your whole face together. But achieving kissable color that lasts through busy days isn’t always easy. That’s where Maybelline’s Fit Me lip collection comes in. These vivid liquid lipsticks, creams and glosses are formulated to keep your pout looking flawless for hours on end.

Swipe on Creamy Mattes

For highly pigmented color and velvety matte finish, reach for Fit Me Liquid Lipstick. This creamy formula glides on bold and dries down to an ultra comfortable, transfer-proof finish. Choose from 12 rich shades like Deep Wine, a romantic berry, or Midnight Mauve, a moody plum.

Swipe on two coats for fully opaque coverage and use the tapered applicator to define the edges of your lips. The liquid lipstick dries fast, so work quickly to blend before it sets. Pucker up – this vibrant color stays put all day with no smudging or crumbs.

Finish with a dusting of loose powder to take down any shine. Your lips will look freshly painted for up to 8 hours of wear. Talk, eat, drink – this lipstick isn’t budging!

Hydrate with Creamy Lipsticks

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

For ultra pigment with nourishing hydration, the Fit Me Matte + Poreless Lipstick is your new go-to. Available in 12 shades from pinky nudes to brick reds, this creamy formula glides onto lips, depositing intense, lightweight color that doesn’t bleed or feather.

Ingredients like vitamin E and orchid extract condition lips to prevent drying and cracking. The pointed bullet applicator makes it easy to outline and fill your lips smoothly. Blot gently before the lipstick sets to perfect your edges.

The soft matte finish feels comfortable, not dry. Your lips will stay kissable and hydrated for hours, with color that lasts through meals and snacks. Go for bold cherry red for night out glam, or soft rose for daytime polish.

Amp Up Shine with Gloss

For irresistible shine and wet-look finish, layer on Maybelline Fit Me Gloss over your lipstick or wear alone. Available in 10 juicy shades from pale pink to deep wine, the non-sticky formula hydrates lips while adding lush reflective shine.

Sweep on one or two coats, using the curved applicator to glide color across your lips smoothly and evenly. The gloss conditions with antioxidant vitamin E to nurture lips. Subtle color pigments enhance your natural lip shade without being overpowering.

Your lips will look plump and irresistibly glossy. Layer conservatively for daytime or pile it on for an ultra glam night out pout. However you wear it, the non-sticky gloss keeps lips comfortable while dialing up the dazzle.

Prep Lips for Perfect Color

Before applying any lip color, it’s important to start with smooth, flake-free lips. Gently exfoliate first with a wet washcloth or lip scrub to remove dry skin.

Next, define the edges of your lips with Fit Me Concealer using a small flat brush. This gives your lip color crisp edges that don’t bleed or feather.

Finish with lip balm, then blot away excess before lipstick for smooth application. Taking the time to prep ensures your Fit Me lip color goes on evenly and lasts for hours.

With bold mattes, creamy lipsticks and high-shine glosses, Fit Me has everything you need to create your perfect lip look. Customize your shade for day or night and trust it to stay put beautifully. Pucker up – your new go-to lip products are here!

Save Money: Best Deals on Fit Me Makeup Essentials

Finding makeup that fits your style, skin type and budget isn’t always easy. But Maybelline’s Fit Me collection makes it totally achievable. These foundations, powders, lip and eye products deliver salon-quality looks at drugstore prices. Here are the best deals right now on Fit Me’s most essential products.

Stock Up on Foundation

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

For flawless complexion, Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation is a must-have. This lightweight formula mattifies skin and minimizes the look of pores for up to 12 hours. It comes in 40 flexible shades to match all skin tones.

Right now, you can grab this foundation for only $5.99 at Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty event. The regular price is $7.99, so you save 25% – stock up! Apply with a damp sponge for seamless coverage that stays fresh-looking all day.

Set It All with Powder

Now that you’ve got your foundation, finish your look with Fit Me Pressed Powder. This ultra-light powder controls shine and blurs pores without caking. The translucent shade works for all skin tones to set makeup for up to 12 hours.

Get this must-have powder for just $4.49 at Target right now. That’s 50% off the regular $8.99 price. Use a large brush to apply all over your face. You can also use the tinted shade to color correct skin imperfections.

Define Eyes and Brows

Frame your eyes perfectly with Fit Me Brow Pencil. The slim retractable pencil adds natural-looking definition with hair-like strokes. At just $3.49 at Rite Aid, it’s 54% off the original $7.49 cost. Stock up on shades like soft brown and dark brown.

Complete your eye look with Fit Me Eyeliner. The ultra-pigmented pencil creates clean liquid liner looks that last. Get this eyeliner for only $4.79 instead of $7.99 at Walgreens – a sweet 40% discount!

Grab Lip Essentials

Find Your Perfect Match: How Fit Me Makeup Can Transform Your Look

Tie your whole look together with must-have lips products. Fit Me Matte Lipstick gives creamy opaque color that lasts for just $4.49 at Walmart – it’s normally $7.99. Go bold with shades like Wine or keep it subtle with Blush Nude.

Finish with high shine gloss! Fit Me Gloss adds non-sticky shine and moisture for your pout. At only $3.49 at CVS, you save 50% off the regular $6.99 price. Layer it on for next-level glam.

Create Eye Looks on a Budget

Take your eye makeup to the next level on a budget with Fit Me eye powder palettes. The Rose Eyeshadow Palette features 9 shimmery pinks and neutrals. Get it for just $5.24 instead of $12.99 at Amazon – that’s 60% off!

Or try the Chic Nudes Palette with 12 earthy shimmers and mattes for just $6.74 at Walgreens, marked down 43% from the original $11.99 cost. The velvety texture blends like a dream.

Don’t Pay Full Price

To save even more on Fit Me essentials, keep an eye out for coupons and promos. Print coupons from Maybelline’s website or download digital ones to your store loyalty apps. This can score you dollars off or even free products!

Sign up for rewards programs at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens too. You earn points on purchases that convert into coupons. Redeem these on future trips to lower your costs.

With the right deals and savings strategies, you can stock up on all the Fit Me basics that make getting ready fast, flawless and affordable.