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Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

If you’re like me, you can never have enough outdoor storage. As an avid gardener with a small yard, I’m always looking for better ways to organize my tools, furniture, and other odds and ends without cluttering up the patio. This year, I discovered the Suncast DB8300 83 gallon deck box and it has been an absolute game-changer!

What is the Suncast DB8300 83 Gallon Deck Box?

The Suncast DB8300 is a large resin deck box designed to provide weather-resistant outdoor storage. With a spacious 83 gallon capacity, this deck box offers ample room for all your patio and yard supplies. I like to think of it as an outdoor closet – perfect for tidying up gardening tools, pool toys, patio cushions, and anything else you want to keep safe and dry outside.

Suncast is known for making high-quality outdoor storage products that are built to last. The DB8300 deck box definitely lives up to this reputation. The durable resin construction can withstand harsh weather conditions year after year without cracking, peeling, or corroding. Plus, the box is completely waterproof to keep your belongings protected from rain, snow, and morning dew.

Spacious 83 Gallon Capacity

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

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As the weather starts warming up, it’s time to think about getting your outdoor space ready for summertime fun! But where do you put all that extra patio furniture, gardening tools, and other seasonal items when you’re not using them? That’s where the Suncast DB8300 83 gallon deck box comes in handy!

Key Features of the Suncast 83 Gallon Deck Box

The Suncast DB8300 deck box is a great solution for adding storage space to your patio, deck, or backyard. Here are some of the key features that make this 83 gallon deck box stand out:

  • Spacious 83 gallon capacity – This deck box offers plenty of room to store cushions, gardening supplies, pool toys, and more.
  • Durable resin construction – Made from weather-resistant resin, this deck box is built to last season after season.
  • Waterproof design – A waterproof seal keeps the interior dry, so you don’t have to worry about rain damaging your stuff.
  • Easy access lid – The lid opens smoothly on piston-grip hinges, making it simple to get items in and out.
  • Stain and UV resistant – The resin material resists fading and staining to maintain its nice appearance over time.
  • Versatile storage – Perfect for storing patio furniture cushions, gardening tools, sports equipment, pool toys, and more.

With 83 gallons of storage capacity, the Suncast DB8300 deck box provides plenty of room to keep all your outdoor accessories tidy and organized. The waterproof design ensures your belongings stay dry, while the durable resin construction is made to handle the elements year after year. Let’s take a closer look at why this spacious deck box could be a great addition to your backyard.

Spacious 83 Gallon Capacity

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

One of the best things about the Suncast 83 gallon deck box is its generous storage space. With 83 gallons of storage capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for all your patio and pool accessories. For reference, here are some examples of items you can fit:

  • About 70 flower pots or gardening tools
  • 5-6 patio chair cushions
  • 2-3 patio umbrellas
  • 4-5 foldable patio chairs
  • 10 pool floaties and toys
  • Sports balls, frisbees, water guns, etc.
  • And much more!

No matter how you plan to use your outdoor space this year, you’ll appreciate having ample room for everything you need. The Suncast deck box prevents your yard from feeling cluttered and makes it easy to keep things organized.

Durable Resin Construction

Another great thing about the Suncast DB8300 is that it’s constructed from durable resin designed to withstand the elements. The weather-resistant resin construction ensures this deck box can survive years of sun exposure, rain, and snow sitting outside. Plastic deck boxes can become brittle and crack over time. But this Suncast model is built to last with sturdy resin walls and a solid lid to keep your belongings protected.

The neutral sandstone color also resists fading, so you don’t have to worry about the hot sun bleaching out the color over time. Keeping your 83 gallon deck box looking nice for years to come. No chipping, peeling, or other wear and tear. Just a classic, neutral look suitable for any backyard style.

Waterproof Design Keeps Contents Dry

Of course, with an outdoor storage box, waterproofing is a must. That’s why the Suncast 83 gallon deck box is designed to be 100% waterproof to keep the interior dry in any weather. The lid features a secure closing mechanism with an airtight silicone gasket that seals out rainfall and sprinkler water.

And the base elevates the deck box about half an inch off the ground, allowing air to flow underneath while preventing pooled water from seeping inside. Your patio cushions, gardening tools, and other items will stay dry as a bone inside this water-resistant deck box design.

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of waterlogged cushions after a storm. But the Suncast DB8300 eliminates this issue entirely. You won’t have to drag soggy, dirty cushions out to dry before company comes over. Just neatly tuck them away in this dry storage box to keep them clean and ready to use anytime.

Lid Opens Easily with Pistol-Grip Handle

Despite being securely waterproof, the Suncast 83 gallon deck box lid is easy and convenient to open anytime you need access. The lid opens on smooth piston-grip hinges that require minimal effort to lift. Just use the ergonomic pistol-grip handle to open the lid in one fluid motion.

The single-handed opening mechanism makes it simple to grab a few pool toys or get your gardening tools quickly, without having to fumble with multiple latches or a heavy, awkward lid. Just pop it open effortlessly with one hand and get what you need.

The lid also features hydraulic cylinders that allow it to gently close, keeping little fingers safely out of the way. Reviewers love how easy this deck box is to access versus struggling with other models on the market.

Stain and UV Resistant for Long Lasting Appearance

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Not only is the Suncast DB8300 deck box waterproof, but it’s also designed to maintain its nice visual appearance over time. The resin material resists staining, so it will keep looking crisp and clean instead of collecting dirt, mildew, or algae buildup.

And since the neutral sandstone color is mixed throughout the resin, it resists sun fading for years. No need to worry about the hot sun bleaching out the color and making your deck box look worn out after one season. The UV-resistant construction maintains that like-new appearance you love.

This long-lasting good look makes the Suncast 83 gallon deck box a beautiful backyard accent that complements your patio décor year after year. No chipping, peeling, or unsightly staining – just timeless style and durable performance.

Versatile Storage for Patio, Gardening, and More

What makes the Suncast DB8300 so popular is its versatile utility. With 83 gallons of spacious storage, you can use this deck box for all sorts of patio, backyard, poolside, and gardening accessories. Here are just some of the ways reviewers are using this handy product:

  • Storing patio chair cushions
  • Keeping gardening tools and gloves
  • Holding pool floaties, toys, and water guns
  • Organizing sports balls and frisbees
  • Protecting gas grill covers and accessories
  • Stashing folding lawn chairs inside

Whether you need dry cushion storage, easy access to gardening tools, or a place to stash muddy sports gear away from the house – this deck box has you covered! The versatile utility makes it an ideal outdoor storage solution for many situations.

Convenient and Attractive Solution for Any Backyard

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

At the end of the day, the Suncast 83 gallon deck box offers a complete solution for upgrading your outdoor storage. With its spacious capacity, durable and waterproof construction, smooth accessibility, and lasting good looks – this deck box checks all the boxes.

Plenty of room to organize all your patio accessories in one place, with a protective design that keeps them in prime condition. And the neutral style blends into any backyard décor, so you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for functionality.

Forget cluttered, damp storage spaces that rust and rot over time. The Suncast DB8300 is an affordable, long-term solution for finally getting your outdoor oasis in order. Order yours today and enjoy a clean, organized backyard all season long!

Spacious 83 Gallon Capacity

As the weather warms up and we start spending more time outdoors, the need for extra storage outside becomes clear. Decks, patios, and yards often accumulate outdoor furniture, grills, gardening tools and recreational equipment that need a home when not in use. This year, consider adding the Suncast DB8300 to your outdoor living space to tidy up clutter and keep belongings safe from the elements.

With a spacious 83 gallon capacity, the Suncast DB8300 deck box provides ample room to organize and stow away bulky outdoor items. 83 gallons translates to a storage space of 11 cubic feet, which gives you flexibility to store long handled tools like rakes and shovels or voluminous cushions for patio furniture. Have a small bistro set that needs a home during colder months? The roomy interior easily accommodates a table and two chairs.

Many inexpensive deck boxes max out at a capacity of 70 gallons or less. For just a few dollars more, the Suncast DB8300 gives you 13 extra gallons of storage. This bigger capacity means you can consolidate items from smaller deck boxes into one larger one, saving space on your deck or patio. If you’ve accumulated a mishmash of deteriorating plastic containers and repurposed trash cans for outdoor storage, upgrading to the durable Suncast DB8300 is a smart idea.

Attractive and Durable Construction

Made from durable resin, the Suncast DB8300 features wood-like accents on the lid and front panel that give it an attractive, natural look. The neutral beige color blends seamlessly with any outdoor living space. Both the lid and panels are completely weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or sun damaging the deck box.

The DB8300 boasts sturdy steel hinges, strong enough to accommodate repeated opening and closing without loosening over time. The lid opening stays propped open while you access the contents, a nice feature that keeps both hands free. Two cubic feet of the total storage capacity is perfectly suited for long handle tools, keeping them from sliding around inside.

This deck box also comes equipped with a interior sliding metal bar on which you can hang tools, keeping the floor clear for other items. Everything stows away neatly instead of becoming a jumbled mess after a season of use. Dual spring-loaded lid supports keep the lid open while you rummage around inside.

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Dry

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

A major advantage of a deck box over improvised outdoor storage solutions is the ability to keep contents protected year round. The Suncast DB8300 is both waterproof and lockable to secure your belongings.

An interior gasket creates a watertight seal when closed, keeping the inside dry even during downpours, spring snow melts and other wet weather. Small drainage holes prevent moisture from accumulating at the bottom after especially heavy rain. Any stored cushions, grills covers or other soft goods will stay dry and mildew-free.

The DB8300 comes equipped with a simple hasp mechanism that allows you to thread a padlock through and lock it shut. This prevents kids and sticky fingers from accessing your tools and helps ward off porch pirates. Locking the lid also secures it closed in windy conditions.

Convenient and Durable Outdoor Storage

With its spacious 83 gallon capacity, the Suncast DB8300 deck box is one of the largest resin deck boxes on the market. If you need serious outdoor storage to corral unruly patio items, pool floaties, seasonal cushions or yard tools, this versatile deck box is an excellent choice.

Suncast products are known for their durable construction and weather-resistant materials. The DB8300 is no exception. With care, this deck box should provide reliable, long-lasting performance for years of changing seasons outdoors.

Keep your deck, patio and yard neat and organized this year with the sturdy, spacious Suncast DB8300. You’ll reclaim your outdoor living areas from clutter and be able to find everything easily when you need it. Discover why the DB8300 is Amazon’s #1 best selling deck box and enjoy tidy, expanded outdoor storage.

Durable Resin Construction

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

As backyards become an extension of our living space, having durable and attractive outdoor storage becomes more important. The Suncast DB8300 deck box is an ideal solution for tidying up clutter while keeping your belongings protected and secure outside.

This spacious 83 gallon deck box is constructed from sturdy resin designed to withstand weather, wear and tear. The neutral beige color and woodgrain accents give it an attractive finish that complements any exterior. Let’s take a closer look at how the durable resin build makes the Suncast DB8300 a smart choice for outdoor organization and storage.

Weather Resistant Materials

Crafted from waterproof resin, the Suncast DB8300 stands up to rain, snow and moisture better than natural wood. The elements won’t cause unsightly cracking, splitting or peeling on this deck box exterior.

An integrated gasket forms a tight seal when closed, keeping the interior dry in wet conditions. Small drain holes prevent pooling of rainwater inside. You don’t have to worry about cushions, tools or other contents getting soaked by spring showers or summer thunderstorms.

In addition to being waterproof, the resin construction also withstands UV rays without fading or becoming brittle. The DB8300’s appearance will remain pristine despite years of sun exposure.

Tough and Durable Build

Resin is inherently strong and impact resistant, so accidental bumps and scrapes won’t damage the deck box. The sturdy build also prevents dents that can occur with thinner plastic or vinyl outdoor storage options.

Steel hinges connect the lid firmly to the base, providing rugged performance through seasons of use. The lid stays propped open for convenient access to the spacious 83 gallon interior.

An integrated metal handle on each side makes the box easy to move and reposition as needed. The DB8300 weighs just under 25 pounds while empty, so most people can maneuver it comfortably.

Made to Last

Many cheap deck boxes start showing wear after one or two seasons. The durable Suncast DB8300 is made to last for years of changing weather and use.

By investing a few extra dollars upfront, you won’t have to replace failing outdoor storage every year or two. The long-lasting construction saves you money in the long run.

Suncast products have a reputation for quality construction using weather-tough resins. The DB8300 is no exception. This deck box will keep your patio, porch or yard neatly organized season after season.

Lockable Security

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

The Suncast DB8300 comes equipped with an integrated hasp that allows you to thread a lock through and secure the lid. This prevents kids from accessing tools and deters theft.

Locking the deck box also keeps the lid tightly closed in windy conditions. You don’t have to weigh it down to prevent blowing open on blustery days.

Sturdy resin construction gives you security and peace of mind. Your outdoor belongings will stay safely stowed away.

Blend Into Your Outdoor Living Space

Molded resin gives the DB8300 a natural wood look but without the maintenance hassles of real timber. The neutral beige color and woodgrain pattern blend with any exterior color scheme.

This deck box doesn’t look out of place on a redwood deck or brick patio. The organic design complements your existing landscape.

Keep your outdoor living space looking neat yet stylish with the durable and versatile Suncast DB8300. This resin deck box is attractive enough for full view yet tough enough for yard and garden storage.

Waterproof Design Keeps Contents Dry

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Outdoor storage containers take a lot of abuse from the elements. Rain, snow, and moisture can damage belongings left outside if your deck box or shed isn’t waterproof. The Suncast DB8300 is designed to keep your stuff protected.

This spacious 83 gallon resin deck box features an integrated gasket and tight sealing lid to keep the interior dry. The waterproof construction provides peace of mind knowing your patio cushions, grilling tools and other outdoor gear are safe from the elements.

Integrated Gasket Forms Tight Seal

A rubber gasket lines the underside of the DB8300’s lid, creating a waterproof barrier when closed. The gasket presses tightly against the base to block rain and moisture from seeping in.

Many deck boxes rely solely on the plastic lid and base to form a seal. Over time, warping can allow rainwater to leak through. The Suncast DB8300’s gasket maintains a tight seal despite years of use.

The lid overlaps the base by several inches on all sides, deflecting rain away from the interior. Any moisture that collects on the lid drips harmlessly over the exterior rather than pooling around the seal.

Interior Stays Bone Dry

While the outside of your deck box will get soaked during storms, the inside stays dry thanks to the DB8300’s waterproof design.

There’s no need to frantically throw a tarp over your deck box when afternoon thunderstorms roll through. The Suncast model protects everything inside from getting wet.

Patio seat cushions, outdoor towels and blankets will stay fresh and mildew-free after being stored in the Suncast DB8300. You don’t have to worry about musty smells from moisture buildup.

Prevents Wood Splitting and Rust

Since the interior remains dry, you don’t have to deal with tools and other items rusting or wood warping and splitting. Your belongings are protected from water damage.

Dampness promotes rust on metal grilling tools, gardening implements and hardware. Storing these items in the dry DB8300 prevents corrosion issues.

Wood handles and furniture cushions are also susceptible to splitting and mold growth when left damp. The waterproof Suncast deck box keeps everything intact.

Drainage System

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

In addition to the gasket seal, the Suncast DB8300 has integrated drainage to prevent interior flooding during extremely heavy rain.

Several drainage holes at the base let excess water escape rather than pooling inside after intense storms. Any accumulated moisture drains out to keep contents dry.

The drainage system provides an extra level of protection on top of the watertight gasket seal. You’ll never open your deck box to find belongings sitting in inches of rainwater again.

Weatherproof for Year-Round Use

The DB8300 isn’t just waterproof for summer thunderstorms. It’s designed to keep the interior dry all year long.

Snowmelt and winter rains won’t seep through any cracks or warp the deck box. The sealed design prevents drafts from blowing in fall leaves.

While not 100% watertight if submerged, the Suncast DB8300 provides ample water protection for typical year-round outdoor use.

Reliable Wet Weather Protection

Don’t gamble on patio cushions and outdoor gear getting soaked by spring showers. The Suncast DB8300’s waterproof build gives you reliable protection from the elements.

Store your grilling accessories, gardening tools and pool floaties with confidence. This deck box keeps the spacious 83 gallon interior dry while withstanding years of wet weather.

Unlock the potential of your patio and yard by keeping everything tidy, organized and dry this season with the Suncast DB8300 deck box.

Lid Opens Easily with Pistol-Grip Handle

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Outdoor storage needs to be convenient and easy to access. The cumbersome task of opening a deck box can discourage you from using it. Fortunately, the Suncast DB8300 features a pistol-grip handle designed for smooth, effortless opening.

This ergonomic handle makes it simple to open the 83 gallon deck box with just one hand. No more struggling with awkward latches or lids that stick shut. Let’s look at how the Suncast DB8300 pistol-grip handle provides convenience.

Ergonomic Design

Molded into the front lid panel, the pistol-grip handle is comfortable to grip and naturally fits your hand. The vertical orientation allows you to stand upright while opening the deck box.

Competing models often have small horizontal handles requiring you to bend down and pull up awkwardly. The Suncast DB8300’s vertical pistol-grip handle minimizes back strain.

The handle also rotates smoothly on its axis for ergonomic opening motion. Just grab and lift up lightly to unlatch and raise the lid.

Opens Easily With One Hand

Thanks to the large pistol-grip handle, you don’t need two hands to wrestle the deck box open. Just grasp the handle with one hand and lift. The lid unlatches and raises easily.

For quick tool retrieval or stashing a couple cushions back inside, being able to open the box single-handedly adds convenience.

The pistol-grip handle does all the work. There’s no secondary latch or mechanism to operate.

Lid Stays Propped Open

The handle action smoothly controls the opening, allowing the lid to rest propped open once raised. Gas struts on both sides keep the lid upright without needing support.

Both hands remain free to grab items or organize the contents. You don’t have to hold the lid open or prop it with a stick.

This convenience makes loading and unloading the spacious 83 gallon Suncast DB8300 fast and easy. Take advantage of the entire storage capacity without hassle.

Closes Securely

Closing the deck box is just as seamless as opening it. Simply pull down on the pistol-grip handle until the lid drops fully shut, engaging the latch.

The lid closes flush against the rubber gasket, creating a waterproof seal that keeps the interior dry. A padlock can be threaded through the metal hasp for security.

There’s no guessing whether the deck box is properly closed or not. When shut, it’s locked tightly.

Designed for Frequent Access

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

From yard tools to patio cushions, outdoor storage is meant to keep frequently used items accessible yet protected. The DB8300’s ergonomic handle is designed for convenient access.

Since opening and closing is so easy, you’ll actually use the deck box instead of letting clutter accumulate because access is a chore.

The smooth piston-grip handle operation is designed to make using the DB8300 a breeze.

No More Storage Frustration

Forget struggling with stuck lids, latches that catch on the door frame or awkward handles. The Suncast DB8300 pistol-grip handle introduces effortless, single-handed access.

Now your patio cushions, gardening tools and recreational accessories can be fetched in seconds when needed. Curb the clutter and frustration with the user-friendly Suncast DB8300.

Stain and UV Resistant for Long Lasting Appearance

Outdoor storage takes a beating from the elements, resulting in faded, weathered deck boxes with unsightly stains. The durable Suncast DB8300 defies the effects of weathering to maintain its good looks over time.

This spacious 83 gallon deck box is constructed from stain and UV resistant resin. Let’s look at how this durable material prevents fading, discoloration and other damage from sun exposure and use.

Withstands Intense Sun

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Direct sun deteriorates many materials used in outdoor products. Plastics and natural woods can become dried out, cracked and discolored after one season of UV exposure.

The resin material of the Suncast DB8300 stands up to intense sunlight without fading or becoming brittle. The color remains vibrant for years.

You don’t have to worry about the deck box exterior taking on a weathered, sun-bleached appearance after a few months outside.

Won’t Stain or Discolor

Spilled fluids like gasoline, cooking oil and chlorinated pool water can quickly stain lighter deck boxes.

The Suncast DB8300’s resin construction resists stains from harsh chemicals, food, beverages and other mishaps that often occur outdoors.

Wipe up spills promptly and the deck box exterior cleans up easily. The finish maintains its like-new appearance over the long haul.

Matches Your Exterior Decor

Available in a neutral Beige color, the Suncast DB8300 complements any exterior without clashing.

The subdued, natural color won’t attract too much attention or stand out. It blends right into your existing outdoor design and decor.

You won’t have to awkwardly position the deck box out of view to avoid an eyesore. The color fits right in year after year.

texture Finish Minimizes Scratches

The grained, low-gloss resin finish masks minor scratches and scuffs that occur with outdoor use. The texturing helps hide imperfections.

Bumps and scrapes inevitable when moving the deck box or accessing the contents won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The Suncast DB8300 maintains its attractive finish rather than looking beaten up.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

You’ll never have to whip out the exterior stain or deck wash to keep this deck box looking pristine. The durable finish requires zero upkeep.

Let the elements take their toll while you relax. The Suncast maintains its great looks despite dust, debris, sunlight and more.

Each spring, simply wipe the deck box exterior with mild soap and water to restore its like-new sheen.

Long-Lasting Outdoor Storage

Don’t settle for a shabby, weathered deck box after just a couple seasons. The Suncast DB8300’s durable resin construction maintains its stain and UV resistance for years.

Keep your patio, porch and yard looking freshly organized while protecting outdoor essentials from the elements. This deck box is in it for the long haul.

Versatile Storage for Patio Furniture, Gardening Supplies, and More

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Outdoor living spaces accumulate an array of belongings that need protected storage between uses. The Suncast DB8300 provides versatile outdoor storage to organize patio furniture, gardening tools, pool accessories and more.

With 83 gallons of space, this deck box is a versatile solution for tidying up clutter on your porch, patio, or yard. Let’s look at some of the possibilities for using this multi-functional outdoor storage piece.

Patio Furniture

The spacious Suncast DB8300 easily houses a full patio furniture set, keeping it protected from the elements when not in use.

Store a bistro set or stackable chairs inside during winter or off-seasons. Keep cushions fresh and mildew-free inside the dry interior.

The 83 gallon capacity accommodates bulky items like chaise lounge chairs, ottomans and side tables. Your entire patio furniture set is safely stowed away.

Gardening Supplies

Use the Suncast deck box to organize messy gardening tools like rakes, shovels, pruners and gloves. The long interior fits tall handle tools.

An interior shelf keeps hand tools from sinking down. A built-in bar holds long handles in place.

Keep fertilizer, hoses and other accessories contained. Your gardening gear won’t clutter the garage or house entryway.

Pool Toys

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Floating pool chairs and toys quickly clutter up the pool deck or yard. The Suncast DB8300 provides ample storage for lounges, tubes, dive sticks, rings and more.

Let wet gear drip dry inside without making a soggy mess. The interior won’t become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Pool chemicals and cleaning accessories stay neatly organized until needed again.

Grilling Supplies

Grilling tools, BBQ cover, cleaners and extra propane tanks are outdoor necessities better stored inside. The Suncast deck box keeps these items conveniently accessible yet protected.

The built-in shelf corral smaller bottles and boxes. Long tools hang securely on the interior bar.

Keep the patio tidy while everything you need for weekend BBQs remains at your fingertips.

Pet Gear

Dog leashes, pet toys and other animal equipment clutter up yards and patios between uses. Store these items neatly inside the Suncast DB8300 deck box.

Keep spare bags and waste pickup supplies contained yet handy for quick access when walking your four-legged friend.

The interior shelf keeps smaller pet products visible and organized.

Sporting Goods

Basketballs, baseball equipment, soccer gear and more quickly become hazards littering the yard. The Suncast deck box neatly contains balls, bats, gloves, goals and equipment.

Keep outdoor sporting goods easily accessible but out of sight. Kids can grab gear and start playing in seconds.

Have additional outdoor recreational items? Boogie boards, camping chairs, life jackets and other bulkier accessories find a home in the DB8300.

Yard Maintenance Tools

Leaf blowers, trimmers, mowers and other yard maintenance equipment take up garage space when not in use. The Suncast deck box provides an alternate storage solution.

Keep outdoor power equipment contained yet conveniently close to your yard for quick access. Extension cords stay untangled and dry.

The DB8300 protects your landscaping investment from sun damage and weather deterioration.

With its versatile storage options, the Suncast DB8300 is an outdoor necessity for tidying up clutter this season. Enjoy an organized patio and yard.

Convenient and Attractive Solution for Any Backyard

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

As the weather gets warmer and we start spending more time outside, many of us are looking for ways to store outdoor items and keep our patios, decks, and yards organized. An outdoor storage solution like the Suncast DB8300 deck box can be a convenient and attractive addition to any backyard.

This spacious 83 gallon deck box from Suncast offers plenty of capacity for storing cushions, toys, gardening tools, pool supplies, and more. Made of durable resin, it will stand up to the elements while adding visual appeal to your outdoor living area.

What makes the Suncast DB8300 stand apart from other deck boxes is its versatile design. It features a lid that can be opened from either side, making access easy no matter where you place it. The taupe and brown color scheme blends nicely into any backyard décor. At 50 inches wide and 21 inches deep, it provides ample interior room without dominating your patio or deck.

Many reviewers on Amazon praise the Suncast 83 gallon deck box for its easy assembly. It snaps together in minutes with no tools required. The panels connect securely using Suncast’s Snap Lock technology. Durable resin construction ensures it will maintain its shape and not sag over time like some cheaper plastic models.

The comfortable seat pad on top of the Suncast db8300 is another convenient feature. You can use the deck box for extra seating when entertaining guests outdoors. The textured surface on top provides a slip-resistant surface that won’t get hot in the sun like metal deck boxes.

For peace of mind, this deck box comes with a three year warranty. The stays-dry design includes waterproof joints and sealing. Reviewers say even heavy rain does not leak into the interior. A drainage hole in the floor lets any collected moisture escape.

Here are some key reasons why the Suncast DB8300 is a top choice for outdoor storage:

  • Spacious 83 gallon capacity
  • Durable resin construction in taupe and brown
  • Versatile lid opens from both sides
  • Textured seat pad doubles as extra seating
  • Easy 5 minute no-tools snap assembly
  • Waterproof design with drainage hole
  • Three year limited warranty

If you need extra space to store patio cushions, gardening supplies, pool toys, or anything else, the Suncast DB8300 is an excellent option. It will keep your belongings dry and organized while adding an attractive accent to your deck or yard.

Ideal for Pool Toys and Floats

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

The large capacity of the Suncast 83 gallon deck box makes it perfect for storing pool floats, noodles, diving rings, and other water toys. No more soggy pool toys strewn across the patio or cluttering up the laundry room.

The Suncast db8300 can hold several pool rafts, swim rings, diving sticks, and kickboards with room to spare. You’ll have everything neatly stored and organized in one space, ready for fun in the sun.

Just toss wet pool toys into the deck box to keep them out of the way. The waterproof design with drainage hole ensures nothing stays soggy or moldy inside. Having toys stored right by the pool means kids can easily grab what they want and start playing.

Free up garage and laundry room space by moving pool accessories outside into the Suncast DB8300 deck box. No more tripping hazards as the whole family traipses through with armfuls of floats and noodles.

Keep Gardening Tools Organized

Gardening enthusiasts will love having a dedicated place to store tools right in the yard. The Suncast DB8300 deck box can neatly organize shovels, rakes, pruners, gloves, and other essentials.

No more muddy tools cluttering up the garage or laundry room. Everything can be stashed away in the deck box instead. The Suncast db8300 keeps tools protected from the elements so they don’t rust or corrode.

Having supplies organized and within reach makes gardening and yardwork so much easier. You can quickly grab what you need whether weeding, pruning, or planting.

The convenient seat lid means you can take a break without having to traipse back inside. Just open the lid and sit down on the padded top.

For gardening enthusiasts, the 83 gallon Suncast deck box is a game changer. No more frustrated searches for missing tools or dirtying up the house.

The Ideal Patio Storage Solution

Patios and decks always seem to accumulate an abundance of pots, décor, kids’ toys, and other items that end up cluttering the space. The Suncast DB8300 is the ideal solution for neatly storing anything you want to keep handy for patio living.

All those colorful pillows and cushions that dress up patio furniture can take up a lot of room when not in use. The spacious Suncast deck box easily swallows up cushions, pillows, tablecloths, placemats, and more.

Kids’ toys like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, and balls can be corralled into the deck box when not being played with. Outdoor décor like lanterns, planters, statues, and flags can stay tidy yet accessible.

The Suncast db8300 clears away the clutter, so you can actually relax and enjoy your patio or deck. Entertaining is easier when everything has a designated storage spot.

This versatile deck box is the ideal outdoor living accessory. No more tripping hazards, overflowing garages, or messy patios. The Suncast 83 gallon deck box is the convenient and attractive solution you’ve been looking for.

Affordable Price for a Large-Capacity Deck Box

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

As the weather warms up and we head into spring and summer, our thoughts turn to spending more time outdoors. For many homeowners, this means enjoying time on the patio or deck. However, the reality of limited deck and patio storage often gets in the way. Where do you store all of the outdoor cushions, tools, toys and accessories when they’re not in use? The struggle is real.

A large-capacity deck box is the ideal solution for conveniently storing everything you need for fun outdoor living, while keeping your space neat and clutter-free. But many homeowners balk at the high prices often charged for quality deck boxes. Is it possible to get a spacious, durable deck box without breaking the bank?

The good news is yes! The Suncast DB8300 deck box proves you can get an affordable price on a deck box that offers abundant storage. At 83 gallons, this deck box provides ample room for bulky patio cushions, yard tools and toys, grilling accessories and more. The neutral taupe color complements any outdoor décor.

What Makes the Suncast DB8300 a Smart Buy

Need Extra Outdoor Storage This Year. Discover the Suncast DB8300

Several handy features make the Suncast deck box a practical and budget-friendly choice:

  • Spacious 83-gallon capacity
  • Durable resin construction
  • Waterproof design protects contents
  • Lockable lid deters theft
  • Neutral taupe color fits any backyard
  • Affordable price point

Let’s look at each of these benefits in more detail.

The exceptional 83-gallon storage capacity of the Suncast DB8300 deck box means you can stash away all kinds of patio and yard items to keep your space tidy. Cushions, play equipment and tools for multiple uses will fit nicely inside.

For example, you could easily fit a bistro set’s cushions, several pool floaties, a couple of yard games like Cornhole or ladder ball, and still have room for a few small lawn tools or grilling supplies. The storage possibilities are virtually endless with all the cubic feet this deck box provides.

The Suncast deck box is constructed from sturdy resin designed to withstand exposure to weather extremes and heavy use. The resin material resists denting, rusting and peeling for long-lasting performance and appearance.

Unlike natural wood, resin won’t split, crack or warp due to moisture. The taupe resin color maintains its attractive neutral tone instead of graying and weathering like real wood. Count on the sturdy resin construction to keep your Suncast deck box looking great year after year.

Outdoor storage boxes need to keep your stuff dry, and the DB8300 delivers. This Suncast deck box is completely waterproof to protect the interior from rain, snow and excess moisture.

The tight-sealing lid ensures no water seeps in. The resin material also contains properties that inhibit mildew growth. You can safely stow patio pillows and cushions inside without worrying about mold or water damage.

Nothing spoils outdoor living like having your stuff stolen. Fortunately, the DB8300 makes security a priority with its lockable lid design.

Simply place a padlock on the provided latch, and your storage box will stay locked tight. The see-through lid also deters theft since potential intruders can see when the box is empty.

Sometimes deck boxes stick out like sore thumbs and clutter the backyard aesthetic. The neutral taupe resin color of the Suncast DB8300, however, blends nicely into most outdoor environments.

Taupe works well with color schemes featuring brown, green, tan or gray. The understated hue complements both natural and contemporary landscaping styles.

Costs and features vary widely for deck boxes. But the Suncast DB8300 proves you don’t have to overspend to get ample storage and quality construction.

This spacious deck box is very competitively priced for its large capacity. The price tag makes this deck box easy to work into almost any budget.

Ideal for All Your Outdoor Living Needs

Choosing the right deck box involves matching storage capacity to your specific patio and yard items. With its generous 83-gallon interior, the Suncast DB8300 can handle just about any combination of outdoor equipment, tools and accessories.

For example, the DB8300 works great for storing:

  • Pool floaties and water toys
  • Yard games like cornhole or croquet
  • Patio chair and table cushions
  • Grilling tools like spatulas and tongs
  • Gardening hand tools and gloves
  • Seasonal items like snow tools in winter

With the Suncast deck box taking care of storage, you can spend more quality time enjoying your outdoor living space.

Suncast DB8300: The Bottom Line

For homeowners seeking ample deck storage at a budget-friendly price, the Suncast DB8300 83-gallon deck box makes an outstanding choice. This versatile resin deck box offers weather-resistant durability and abundant space for patio and yard accessories.

The Suncast DB8300 allows you to keep all your outdoor living items neat, tidy and secure without breaking the bank. Check it out for affordable price and quality performance you can count on year after year.