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Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

When it comes to finding the best selection of pet supplies in Boone, NC, Pet Supplies Plus should be at the top of your list. Here’s a closer look at why Pet Supplies Plus is a cut above the rest:

Why Pet Supplies Plus Boone NC Is The Top Choice

With nearly 20 years of experience serving pet owners in Boone, the knowledgeable staff at Pet Supplies Plus have developed specialized expertise that is hard to match. They know the local climate, popular breeds, and what pet parents are looking for. You can trust their recommendations to find the perfect products for your furry companions.

Pet Supplies Plus also offers an unmatched selection when it comes to pet foods. You’ll find all the major brands of dog and cat food, including specialty diets like grain-free, limited ingredient, and prescription formulas. There’s food for small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits too. Plus, you can mix and match different proteins and flavors to suit your pet’s preferences.

Wide Selection Of Pet Toys And Accessories

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

The toys and accessories at Pet Supplies Plus cater to pets of all types. Find durable chew toys, interactive puzzle toys, cat trees and scratchers, small animal habitats, and everything in between. You’ll also discover unique specialty items you won’t find anywhere else in Boone. Why settle for basic when you can spoil your pets with the latest innovations?

Quality Pet Medications And Supplements

Keeping your furry friends healthy is a top priority. That’s why Pet Supplies Plus stocks a wide variety of medications, vitamins, and supplements to address everything from joint pain to skin allergies. Brands like VetIQ and Zyrtec provide trusted over-the-counter solutions while you can get prescriptions filled on-site. Ask the store’s pet care experts for guidance.

When every dollar counts, Pet Supplies Plus has you covered. Their store brand products provide quality and value across pet foods, toys, and medications. Regular sales and promotions – both in-store and online – help you save even more. And members of the Pals Rewards program unlock exclusive deals.

Full-Service Grooming For Your Pet’s Best Look

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

The professional groomers at Pet Supplies Plus are artists when it comes to making your pet look and feel their best. Services like bathing, nail trims, and haircuts are available for both cats and dogs. You can even schedule an appointment online for convenience. Your pet will be pampered, primped, and polished to perfection.

With knowledgeable staff available to answer questions, you can feel confident every time you shop at Pet Supplies Plus. The employees are true pet lovers who aim to match you with the right products while also providing specialized advice for your situation. They can recommend everything from nutrition to training tips.

Convenient Location With Easy Access

Situated just off Highway 321, Pet Supplies Plus offers a convenient Boone location with plenty of parking. The store’s layout makes it easy to find what you need, even if you’re stopping in quickly. And their hours – 8am to 9pm daily – provide extended shopping times. You can get in and out on your schedule.

Healthy pets start with quality veterinary care. That’s why Pet Supplies Plus offers vet services including exams, vaccines, microchipping, heartworm tests, and more. Experienced vets and techs provide compassionate care in a low-stress environment. Annual checkups, illness treatment, and emergencies are covered.

Supporting Local Pets And Community

As a locally owned and operated business, Pet Supplies Plus is invested in strengthening the Boone community. They support local pet adoption groups, donate to area animal shelters, and partner with local events. Shopping at this trusted neighborhood store supports friends and neighbors.

When it comes to all things pets, Pet Supplies Plus is the go-to resource in Boone, NC. With unmatched selection, prices, and services, they have everything you need to care for your furry, feathered, or scaly companions. Visit them today and see the difference a true pet store makes.

Wide Selection Of Pet Foods And Treats

Hey friend, have you taken a gander recently at the pet supplies available in our fine town? With so many options on the shelves, it can make your head spin trying to pick the best foods and treats for your furry family members. I feel you – I’ve been there myself, staring blankly at the endless aisles of kibble and cans, not knowing where to even start. But don’t fret, pal, I’m here to help shortcut your shopping and make sure you get the finest provisions Boone NC has to offer.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s an important question to ponder, amigo. Our pets depend on us to take care of them and give them the nutrition they need to live their very best lives. You want to make sure you’re not just grabbing any old bag of chow, but actually selecting quality grub that will keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come.

Now you may be wondering, what exactly makes for high-quality pet foods and treats? Valid question, bud. Here are a few key things to look out for:

  • Whole, natural ingredients: You’ll want to see things like real meat, fruits and veggies near the top of the ingredient list, rather than by-products or mysterious “meat meals.” Go for foods made with stuff you recognize that your great-grandma might have cooked with.
  • Limited additives: Steer clear of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The fewer extra add-ins, the better.
  • Proper nutritional balance: Pick foods designed for your pet’s specific age, size and activity level. You want the vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, fiber and nutrients to all be optimal for their needs.
  • High-quality sources: Seek out brands that use premium, human-grade ingredients you trust.

If you stick to foods that meet this kind of criteria, you can feel good knowing you’re giving your furball the best nutrition around. Now, what are some of the top pet supply spots in Boone NC that can set you up? Let me hip you to a few prime picks:

Pet Supplies Plus

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

This place has it all, amigo. Wall-to-wall selections of pet foods, including premium brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness and Taste of the Wild. Their wide variety of proteins, like bison, venison and salmon, provides options if your pooch has allergies or food sensitivities. They’ve even got fancy refrigerated and fresh-frozen foods if you want to spoil your pup. And for kitty, you’ll find nutrition-packed feeds specially formulated for your cat’s needs. Beyond food, they’re loaded up on toys, beds, grooming tools – everything you need for happy pets under one roof. The staff is super knowledgeable and can point you toward the best choices for your unique pet.

Holistic Pet Supply

For the most natural, organic and holistic pet foods around, this is your spot, bud. They focus on top-quality, sustainably sourced eats, often from smaller, artisanal brands you won’t find in big-box stores. If digestibility is a concern, they’ve got limited-ingredient and grain-free options galore. Raw and raw-infused diets are also available to mimic a more ancestral canine or feline diet. In addition to nutrition, they’ve got supplements, treats and preventatives to keep your pet in tip-top shape. The passionate staff can provide guidance to find the ideal foods and products for your animal’s needs.

High Country Pet Supply

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

Don’t let the unassuming exterior fool you, friend – this place packs a huge selection into a small space. They carry all the major premium pet food brands, including Nutro, Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin, so you can find trusted nutritional solutions for any pet. Plenty of choices for sensitive stomachs and food allergies too. Bonus: big-name treats and toys are available for one-stop shopping. The owners and staff aim to provide the community with quality products at fair prices. And with their stellar customer service, they’ll make sure you get in and out with just what your pet needs.

There you have it, amigo – a handy hit list of top-notch pet supply spots in Boone NC. At any one of these places, you’re sure to find the perfect foods and treats to keep your furry pal happy and healthy. No more staring blankly at overwhelming shelves of options. Just shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the very best for your special family member. Give these recommendations a shot on your next pet supply run – both you and your pet will be glad you did. Happy shopping, friend!

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Quality Toys And Accessories For Dogs And Cats

Well hey there friend! Do your furry pals have all the toys and accessories they need to live their best lives? As pet parents, it’s our job to make sure our cats and dogs have everything required for a happy, healthy existence. And while nutrition is important, don’t underestimate the power of playtime! The right toys and accessories can provide vital physical and mental stimulation to keep your pets engaged and entertained. But with so many options on pet store shelves, how do you even begin to choose? Read on pal, and let me lend you a hand in finding the finest toys and accessories for your furballs here in Boone NC.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s crucial we take the time to ponder this question, bud. Our animal companions rely on us completely to meet their needs. When it comes to accessories and toys, we don’t just want to grab any ol’ thing off the rack. We want to carefully select items that will truly enrich our pet’s world.

So what exactly should you look for when choosing accessories and toys? Great question, friend! Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Safety first: Make sure any toy you select is designed with pet safety in mind. Look for durable construction without small, choking hazard parts.
  • Age appropriateness: Puppies and kittens have different exercise needs than senior pets. Choose toys suitable for your pet’s age.
  • Function: Pick toys that match your pet’s play style – chewers need tough chew toys, while interactive pets may prefer chase toys.
  • Variety: Rotate different types of toys to keep things interesting and engaging.
  • Supervision: Monitor your pet to ensure proper usage of any toy or accessory.

Beyond toys, accessories like beds, bowls, collars, leashes and grooming tools also impact your pet’s comfort and quality of life. Take durability, adjustability, ease of cleaning and safety into account when selecting these too.

Now, where are the top spots in Boone to shop for amazing pet toys and accessories? Here are a few of my trusted recommendations:

High Country Dog Hub

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

This shop understands what dogs in our mountain town need, pal. They’ve got an unreal selection of tough, locally-made chew toys that can stand up to the most aggressive chewers. Rope toys, balls, plush toys – even puzzles and treat dispensers to give your pup’s brain a workout. For accessories, you’ll find comfy beds, bowls, leashes, collars and more from quality brands. The knowledgeable staff can help match you with just the right toys and accessories for your unique dog.

Cat’s Cradle

Crazy cat lady paradise! This feline-focused shop has seemingly endless toy choices to enrich your curious kitty’s world. Teasers, chasers, scratchers – you name it. There are interactive puzzles and treat balls to keep cats engaged and entertained for hours. You’ll also discover beds, litter accessories, scratching posts and other essential gear to fit your cat’s lifestyle. The staff goes above and beyond to pair each cat with products that match their energy and personality.

Wags & Whiskers

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

No need for separate shops, this place has got you covered for all your furry friends! Row upon row of quality toys will keep both dogs and cats busy having a ball. Plus handy accessories like leashes, beds, carriers, collars and more to suit your pet’s everyday needs. You can trust their house brand’s durability and safety too. Helpful employees can assist you in selecting playthings and accessories your pets will truly go wild for.

Well there ya have it, amigo – the inside scoop on the hottest pet accessory and toy suppliers in Boone NC. Visit any of these spots, and you’re sure to find loads of great ways to keep your dog or cat active and engaged. Help your furry pal live their best life by giving them playthings and gear that nurture their mind and body. They’ll be thrilled, and you’ll breathe easy knowing your pet is happy. Time to go shopping, friend!

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Affordable Prices On Medications And Vitamins

Hey friend! Keeping our furry pals healthy and happy is a top priority, but pet medications and supplements can put a hurting on your wallet. In these times of rising costs everywhere, finding an affordable source for quality pet meds is essential. Don’t want you to have to choose between nourishing your pet or nourishing yourself! Luckily, there are great options right here in Boone NC to get you everything you need for less. Read on pal, and let me point you toward the best deals on pet meds and vitamins around.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question, bud. We all want to take the very best care of our pets that we can. But especially for those on a tight budget, finding an affordable source of vital pet medications is key. We don’t want price to come at the expense of our furry friends’ health!

When evaluating pet medication affordability, here are some money-saving tips to remember:

  • Compare prices – a deal at one store may beat another’s regular pricing.
  • Look for store brands – quality meds for less than big name brands.
  • Buy in bulk when possible – bigger packages often mean lower unit pricing.
  • Inquire about loyalty programs – memberships may unlock special savings.
  • Ask about price matching – some places will match competitors’ offers.
  • Look for sales and coupons – sign up for pet store emails to get deals.

Staying informed on deals and discounts makes it possible to get top-notch pet meds without top-dollar pricing. Now, where can you find the best bargains on pet pharmaceuticals in Boone? Here are my handy recommendations:

VetRx Pharmacy

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

This specialty vet pharmacy offers prescription pet meds for less, amigo. No markup – their prices are comparable to wholesale cost, paws down. Flea and tick preventatives, heartworm meds, prescription diet foods – all fairly priced for your pet’s needs. Staffed by knowledgeable pharmacists who provide excellent service. Vet office prescriptions can easily be transferred and filled here to start saving.


You know their motto – wholesale prices on everything! Costco’s pet pharmacy has some of the most competitive pricing around on pet meds and nutritional supplements. Flea control, joint supplements, fish oil, probiotics – all sized for your pet at member-only low Costco cost. Can’t beat their bulk value either if your pets take meds year-round. Their pharmacists are available for any questions too.

Tractor Supply Co.

This farm supply superstore offers surprisingly affordable pet meds alongside their signature ranch gear. They’ve got all the basics covered – flea and tick control, vitamins, dental care, wound care and more. Their budget-friendly pricing means you can easily stock up your pet med cabinet without emptying your wallet. An easy one-stop save for all the essential pet health necessities.

There you have it, friend – the inside scoop on scoring bargains for pet pharmaceuticals and supplements around Boone! At any of these fine establishments, you can feel good knowing you’re securing everything your pet needs to stay healthy at a price you can handle. Give your furball the best care without breaking the bank. Happy pet parenting, amigo!

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Grooming Services To Keep Your Pet Looking Great

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

Well hey there friend! Keeping our pets clean and well-groomed is so important for their health and happiness. But who has the time or skills to handle all that brushing, washing, trimming and primping on their own? Lucky for us, Boone NC has some top-notch pet grooming spots that can keep your furry pals looking fly. Read on pal, and let me tell you all about the best pet grooming services in town.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question to ponder, bud. Grooming is a vital part of caring for our animal companions. You want to be sure you’re utilizing a groomer that will make your pet look great while keeping them safe and comfortable.

When evaluating pet grooming services, here are some helpful things to look for:

  • A calm, stress-free environment.
  • Groomers experienced with your pet’s specific breed.
  • Use of high-quality, gentle grooming products.
  • Extra care taken around sensitive areas.
  • Availability of different service options.
  • Reasonable pricing for the quality of service.

The right groomer will handle your pet with care while making sure they look dynamite. So who offers primo pet grooming here in Boone? Here are my tried and true recommendations:

Pampered Paws Pet Salon

For full service grooming with a luxe spa vibe, this place has you covered, amigo. Their skilled groomers handle each pet gently, maintaining a calm environment for even anxious animals. From baths to haircuts, nail trims to teeth cleanings, they’ll primp your pooch or pretty up your feline. Your pet will leave looking like a million bucks (without costing nearly that much).

Dirty Dog Salon

Don’t let the cheeky name fool you – they get your dog sparkling clean! This spot handles the full range of grooming needs, from a basic bath and brush to intricate haircuts, de-shedding treatments, flea baths and beyond. They’re pros at working with dogs of all breeds and personalities. Your dog will stroll out looking like best in show.

Groomed to Purrfection

A playful name says it all – cats get the royal treatment here! This feline-exclusive salon is staffed by patient pros specially trained on cat handling and behavior. Services run the gamut from nail trims to detangling to sanitary shaves. Your kitty will be primped to perfection (and maybe even enjoy some complimentary catnip!).

There ya have it, pal – the inside scoop on the top pet grooming spots in Boone NC. At any of these salons, you can trust your special furball is in caring, capable hands. Schedule a visit and see for yourself how a professional primping can leave your pet looking fantastic. Their new ‘do will be the talk of the dog park or kitty condo!

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Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff Ready To Help

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

Hey there friend! When it comes to getting the best pet supplies and services, having helpful guidance makes all the difference. The folks behind the counter can make or break your shopping experience, am I right? Well luckily for us, Boone NC boasts some incredibly friendly and knowledgeable pet store staffs ready to point you toward the perfect picks for your furry friends. Read on pal as I fill you in on where to find the top talent in town.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question to ponder, bud. Having assistance from people who really know their stuff takes the stress out of shopping for our pets. You want to be sure you can rely on the expertise of the humans behind the brand names.

So what should you look for in awesome pet store staff members? Here are some helpful traits:

  • Passionate animal lovers who connect with pets
  • Extensive knowledge on products and services
  • Eagerness to answer any and all questions
  • Skills to match pets with ideal foods and items
  • Sincere interest in owners’ needs and concerns
  • Ability to admit when they aren’t sure and follow up

With staff like that, you’ll breeze right in, get the scoop, and breeze right out with tail-wagging confidence. So where are Boone’s best bets for stellar pet shop service? Here are my top recommendations:

Animal House

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

The crew at this locally owned shop really bonds with both pets and owners. Their passion is contagious, and their knowledge is deep – just ask them anything about nutrition, toys, accessories and more. They’ll spend all the time you need to help make perfect picks for your unique pet.

Pet Depot

The staff here takes customer service seriously. From suggesting foods ideal for your pet’s needs to assisting with training guidance, they’re eager to share their expertise. Multiple training certifications and continuing education ensure their knowledge stays cutting-edge. You’ll leave feeling like old pals.

Best Friends Pet Market

Living up to their name, the folks here make you feel like family. They have a knack for gauging each pet’s personality to find foods and products they’ll love. The staff readily answers questions big and small – even calling later to follow up if needed. You won’t just get supplies here, but great service.

Well there ya have it, amigo – the inside scoop on Boone’s most helpful pet shop humans. Visit any of these spots, and the friendly faces and wealth of knowledge will make shopping truly enjoyable. Taking the best care of our pets starts with caring experts guiding the way. See you and your furry pals at the shops!

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Convenient Location With Easy Parking Access

Well hey there friend! When you’re out running errands for your furry family members, nothing slows you down like a tricky parking situation. Trying to lug 20-pound bags of kibble across a huge lot is no fun for anyone. That’s why finding pet supply shops with hassle-free parking is a must. Luckily, Boone NC has some primo spots to pull right in and get what your pets need with no fuss. Read on for the inside scoop!

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question to ponder, bud. We want our pet supply runs to be quick and convenient. An ideal shop has parking nearby so you can dash in and out with all your fur baby’s essentials.

When evaluating a good pet supply parking scenario, here are some great features to look for:

  • Plentiful parking spaces near the store entrance
  • Designated handicapped parking spots available
  • Wide spaces to accommodate large vehicles
  • Clearly marked one-way lanes and stop signs
  • Speed bumps for safety in the lot
  • Cart corrals spaced throughout to return carts

Hassle-free parking makes shopping with pets stress-free. So which top spots in Boone offer prime parking for pet errands? Here are my handy recommendations:

Pet Depot

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

This pet superstore has a massive parking lot that makes runs a cinch. Spaces galore mean you’ll always nab one close-by. Wide lanes let you maneuver big rigs or SUVs with ease. Cart corrals everywhere so returns are simple. You’ll be in and out with your haul in no time.


Another pet retail giant with a parking paradise. Their gigantic lot ensures you always snag a spot right by the doors. Loading up the car is simple since your parking space is steps away. Dedicated handicapped spots get you in fast too. They thought of everything to get you moving at this pet essentialsHQ.

Wag More Bark Less

Though small, this boutique shop makes up for it with super convenient parking. A small side lot provides three designated pick-up spots right against the entrance walkway. Pull up, grab your pre-ordered items, and go! Can’t get quicker than that for pickup convenience.

There ya have it, amigo – the quick and easy parking 411 on Boone’s best pet supply spots! At any of these stores, you’ll breeze in and out with everything your pet needs in a time-saving cinch. No more lugging heavy bags across a parking desert. Give these recommendations a whirl for your next supply run!

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Rewards Program Saves You Money On Future Purchases

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

Well hey there friend! As all us pet parents know, supplying our furry family members can carry a hefty price tag. From food to toys to medications and more, costs sure add up. That’s why finding ways to save money on pet essentials is so important. The good news? Some excellent retailers right here in Boone NC offer rewards programs that can lower your pet supply budget. Read on pal, and let me fill you in on the best pet shop savings clubs in town.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question, bud. We want to secure the finest products for our four-legged friends, but also keep our wallets happy. Signing up for store rewards can unlock serious savings that benefit both pets and owners.

When evaluating pet store rewards programs, here are some beneficial features to look for:

  • Sign-up bonuses just for enrolling
  • Points earned for every dollar spent
  • Additional bonuses through promotions or reviews
  • Redemption of points for discounts or free items
  • Multiple membership levels with increasing rewards
  • Special member pricing on select items

Programs like that add up to big savings over time. So where can you sign up for the best pet shop rewards clubs in Boone? Here are my money-saving recommendations:

Pet Depot Pet Perks

This program offers a $5 sign-up bonus and $5 birthday bonus annually. Members earn 1 point per $1 spent and can redeem points for coupons and products. Exclusive member sales are also advertised. Great way to save on all pet essentials.

Chewy AutoShip Rewards

When you enroll in Chewy’s autoship delivery program, you earn points with every shipment. Points can be redeemed on future orders for discounts or free products. The more you buy, the bigger your rewards. Perfect for big savers buying in bulk!

Pet Supplies Plus Pals Rewards

Score a $5 welcome gift when you sign up. Then earn 1 point for each $1 you spend, with opportunities to earn bonus points through reviews or promotions. Redeem points for instant in-store savings. A great everyday program.

There ya have it, amigo – the scoop on pet shop loyalty programs that can save you serious cash on supplies in Boone! Give one of these rewards clubs a try and watch your savings pile up. Your pets will thank you for the treats and toys you’ll now be able to afford!

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Vet Services Available For Checkups And Vaccinations

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

Well hey there friend! Keeping our furry pals healthy is a top priority. But making those regular vet visits for checkups and shots can mean schlepping all over town. Wouldn’t it be nice to handle all your pet’s wellness needs in one spot? Good news, pal – some excellent pet stores in Boone NC offer the convenience of onsite vet clinics for all your pet’s medical needs. Read on and let me fill you in on these one-stop shops.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question to ponder, bud. Having vet services available alongside pet supplies enables you to take complete care of your furry family members efficiently. No more separate trips to multiple spots around town!

When evaluating vet clinics co-located with pet stores, here are some great features to look for:

  • Trusted, licensed vets and technicians
  • Full range of wellness services like exams, vaccines, tests
  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • Ability to fill prescriptions onsite
  • Savings on combined store purchases and vet visits
  • Record-sharing between clinic and store systems

Having it all in one place is so convenient! So which top pet supply spots in Boone also offer primo vet care? Here are my recommendations:

PetSmart Vet at PetSmart

Ask Yourself This: Are You Getting The Best Pet Supplies In Boone NC

This national chain offers trusted Banfield Pet Hospital clinics right inside stores. Get your pet’s wellness needs met then grab supplies in the same trip. Veterinary teams offer comprehensive exams, testing, vaccines – the works. Appointments can be booked online or onsite for ease.

Supporting Local Pets And Community Since Opening

Well hey there friend! As members of this fine Boone NC community, it feels good to support local businesses who give back, right? The same goes for our pet supply needs – we want to patron shops that care about neighborhood pets and people. The good news? Boone has some stand-up pet retailers who have made local care a priority since day one. Read on pal as I highlight these homegrown heroes.

Ask yourself this: Are you getting the best pet supplies in Boone NC? It’s a fair question to ponder, bud. Beyond quality products at fair prices, we want pet supply sellers with heart who are invested in our regional community. Stores passionately supporting local pets and owners deserve our business.

So what are some signs of an outstanding locally-focused pet shop? Here are some helpful things to look for:

  • Local ownership and staffing
  • Prioritizing area adoption groups and shelters
  • Donations to regional pet charities
  • Hosting pet-centric community events
  • Neighboring with local businesses
  • Living and hiring locally for years

Businesses like that empower our community from the inside out. Which top pet supply spots demonstrate this hometown dedication? Here are some prime picks:

Highbridge Hounds

This homegrown shop partners with regional rescues to host monthly pet adoption events on-site. They pride themselves on hiring local young people and those with disabilities. They’ve called Boone home for over 15 years.

Town & Country Feed

Supporting area farms and families is central to their mission. They source products from regional suppliers to benefit local economies. Partnering with 4-H clubs and vet programs gives youth experience. This multi-generational biz is local to the core.

Mountain Pet Supply

Owned by Boone natives, they make donations to local shelters and host supply drives for area rescues. Their staff is heavily involved with community groups like the humane society. Buying here benefits neighbors.

There ya go amigo – the inside scoop on hometown shops to feel good about patronizing! These pet supply sellers walk the walk of community care from day one. When you shop local, pets and people benefit. Support these stores and support the heart of Boone!

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