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Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women’s Nightwear That Feel Like a Secret Treasure

The Comfort of Flannel Nightgowns for Cozy Nights In

As the temperatures start to drop and the nights get longer, there’s nothing quite as cozy as slipping into a flannel nightgown. The soft, brushed cotton fabric envelops you in warmth and comfort. Flannel nightgowns are perfect for curling up by the fireplace with a good book or binge watching your favorite shows. The oversized fit and relaxed style provide ease of movement so you can lounge in total relaxation.

Flannel nightgowns come in a variety of fun prints and colors to suit your personal style. From buffalo plaid to polka dots, the options are endless. Some styles have buttons down the front while others have a simple pull-over design. Look for details like lace trim around the collar or cute pockets on the front. The longer lengths, ranging from mid-calf to ankle length, add extra coverage and coziness.

The breathable cotton material keeps you warm but won’t overheat, making flannel nightgowns ideal for winter nights. The soft fabric feels gentle against your skin and the looser silhouette allows airflow so you stay comfortable all night long. Unlike bulky sweats or fleece pajamas, flannel nightgowns won’t leave you sweating.

Flannel nightgowns are also wonderfully easy to care for. They can be machine washed and dried without losing their soft texture or shape. This carefree maintenance means your flannel nightgown will become your go-to sleepwear season after season.

When the weather turns chilly, treat yourself to a flannel nightgown for the ultimate in comfort and style. Nothing beats the feeling of being wrapped up in a soft, cozy flannel nightgown on a cold winter’s night. It’s like wearing a hug to bed!

Try Pairing Your Flannel Nightgown with Warm Socks and a Cup of Cocoa

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

For those extra chilly nights when your flannel nightgown alone just won’t cut it, try layering it with a pair of warm socks and topping it off with a soothing cup of hot cocoa or tea. The socks add an extra layer of insulation to keep your feet toasty since they tend to get cold first. Look for soft, fuzzy socks made from warm fabrics like wool. They’ll trap heat while keeping your feet nice and snug.

Sipping on something steamy like cocoa, cider, or chamomile tea makes the flannel nightgown experience complete. The hot drink helps warm you from the inside out. The aroma and flavor are soothing and relaxing to all your senses. Curl up in your favorite spot, take a sip, inhale the fragrant steam, and instantly feel a sense of tranquil comfort. Before you know it, you’ll be drifting off to sleep wrapped in the warmth of flannel and lulled by your evening treat.

The next time the thought of changing into your flannel nightgown isn’t quite enough, remember those cozy socks and a hot mug. This simple pairing takes the comfort level to a whole new level of bliss!

Nightshirts for Lounging with Pockets Big Enough to Hold Your Phone

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

One of the best feelings is slipping into a cozy nightshirt at the end of a long day. But what takes a classic nightshirt to the next level? Pockets – and big ones at that. Having pockets that are roomy enough to hold your cell phone or tablet makes lounge time so much better.

Just think about how great it would be to put on your go-to sleep shirt and not have to worry about finding a place to set down your phone. No more losing it in the blankets or precariously balancing it on the arm of the couch. With a nightshirt with deep, generous pockets you can relax and scroll to your heart’s content.

The pockets also allow you to keep essentials within reach – chapstick, remote control, tissues, or a snack. Not having to get up for every little thing allows you to maximize your vegging out time. You can lounge in total comfort without missing a beat of your show.

Some nightshirts have a single large kangaroo pocket, perfect for holding bulkier items like your iPad. Others feature two side seam pockets that are ideal for your smartphone and other smaller items. Either style ensures your necessities are easily accessible while you put your feet up after a long day.

Beyond the convenience of built-in storage, a nightshirt with ample pockets simply looks cute and feels great. The pocket outlines add visual interest and dimension to the classic T-shirt shape. And there’s something so satisfying about slipping your hands into those roomy pockets. Instant coziness!

For the ultimate lounge experience, look for a nightshirt made from soft fabrics like jersey or modal. The smooth, lightweight feel makes it perfect for relaxing. The oversized, flowy fit allows you to curl up comfortably on the couch.

Treat yourself to a nightshirt with pockets galore and wonder how you ever lounged without it. Your Netflix binge just got that much better.

Fun Prints and Colors Make Nightshirts Even More Appealing

While a basic solid color nightshirt has its charm, opting for something with a fun, eye-catching print or bold color can make getting comfy even more appealing. Vibrant floral patterns, swirly tie-dye designs, or psychedelic colors like neon pink instantly liven up your lounge look.

Going for a striking print or color is an easy way to showcase your personality. Are you bold and fun loving? Choose a nightshirt scattered with pineapples or palm trees. More whimsical and dreamy? Opt for a purple nightshirt covered in moons and stars. The options are endless for finding a print that reflects your style.

Patterns and colors can also help disguise any bumps and lumps that can come with loungewear. Busy, distracting prints draw the eye to the overall design rather than focusing on problem areas. Darker shades can be similarly slimming and flattering.

So the next time you’re looking for a nightshirt, browse the selection of patterns and colors. Find one that makes you smile and gets you excited for the cozy nights ahead. Because when you look good, you’ll feel even more relaxed curling up on the couch with your favorite show!

Cotton Nightgowns with Pretty Lace Detailing

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

When you think of nightgowns, cotton styles with beautiful lace details likely come to mind. This classic look never seems to go out of style and for good reason – it’s feminine, romantic, and uber flattering.

Cotton nightgowns with lace trim or overlays add a delicate touch of elegance to your sleepwear. Lace often evokes images of wedding dresses or formalwear, so incorporating it into a nightgown makes you feel special on even the most casual evenings.

The lace accents come in a variety of patterns – floral, geometric, or vintage inspired designs. Look for details like scalloped edging or eyelash lace that take the femininity up a notch. Placement of the lace can range from trim along the neckline or hemline to full lace sleeves or an overlay covering part of the gown.

Cotton lace nightgowns manage to walk that perfect line between comfort and beauty. The soft, breathable cotton makes up the bulk of the garment, ensuring total relaxation. Strategically placed lace panels add a delicate accent without compromising the coziness.

The result is sleepwear that is equally at home in the bedroom as it is the boudoir. So whether you’re settling in for a restful night’s sleep or looking to feel a little bit flirty, a cotton nightgown with lace can work for you.

Details like a flowing skirt, flutter sleeves, or low back keep the look romantic. Stick to neutral shades like ivory or blush to complement the lace details. The end result is timelessly beautiful sleepwear you’ll turn to again and again.

Look for Adjustable Straps for the Perfect Customizable Fit

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

One of the challenges with nightgowns is getting just the right fit, especially in the bust area. But with adjustable spaghetti straps, you can customize the nightgown to your proportions and achieve that flawless drape.

Being able to tweak the straps means the nightgown will hug your frame in all the right places. Go for a looser, more relaxed look for maximum comfort. Or tighten the straps for a slimmer silhouette when you want something more figure-hugging and chic.

Adjustable straps also ensure the neckline lies properly across your bust. Not too low but not too constricting. Finding that perfect middle ground for support and coverage can make all the difference in how confident you feel.

Since getting the straps just right allows you to strike that ideal balance between a flattering shape and carefree comfort, adjustable straps are a game changer. You’ll wonder how you ever settled for fixed straps before!

Flowing Maxi Gowns That Feel Like You’re Wearing a Dress to Bed

Why save fancy dresses just for going out when you can have all the glamour and elegance while curling up in bed? That’s the beauty of flowing maxi nightgowns – they make you feel like you’re wearing an exquisite dress to sleep.

Maxi gowns typically fall to the floor in a beautiful column of billowy fabric. Silk, satin, chiffon, and lace are dreamy choices to mimic the look of a formal evening dress. Unlike constricting party dresses, flowing nightgowns drape comfortably with plenty of movement.

Details like a thigh high slit, low back, or lace trim add alluring accents while still keeping the look soft and romantic. Look for ruched detailing that cinches at the waist or under the bust for a figure-flattering silhouette similar to a wrap dress.

The fluid fabrics sway gracefully with each step, creating a dramatic train effect. Regal colors like emerald, sapphire, and wine evoke gowns fit for royalty. For serious old Hollywood glam, go for a satin maxi cut on the bias.

To play up the dress illusion, accessorize your maxi nightgown with dainty jewelry like pendant necklaces or drop earrings. Pull your hair up in a loose, messy bun to show off the neckline and elongate your neck for added elegance.

If you’re looking to channel a more effortless, boho vibe, try a maxi in a soft jersey material with a vibrant paisley or floral print. Add a few braids to your hair and slip on a few stacked bangle bracelets.

However you style it, a flowing maxi gown makes every night feel special. It’s your little luxurious secret that you get to dress like you’re going to a gala every evening!

Add a Silky Robe for the Complete Glamour Experience

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

Take your maxi gown to the next level of glamour with the addition of a silk robe. The whisper-soft silk skims over your gown adding another layer of luxury.

Long silk robes in colors like champagne, blush, or navy complement your elegant nightgown. Look for details like a scalloped hem, belted waist, or lace accents for beautiful coordinating pieces.

The fluid nature of silk and other slippery fabrics makes the robe glide gracefully over your figure and move with you. Nothing hugs a woman’s curves quite like fine silk.

Get ready for bed by slipping on your silky soft robe over your flowing gown. Tie the sash in a perfect bow and admire how the fabrics drape together so exquisitely. The sensation is absolutely decadent.

Once you settle in for the night, the layers keep you cozy and warm while still enveloping you in luxury. You’ll look and feel like a queen waiting for your grand entrance.

Plush and Soft Nightgowns That Keep You Warm All Night Long

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

When the temperatures really start to drop, finding sleepwear that will keep you warm and cozy all night long becomes a priority. That’s when plush, soft nightgowns are a cold weather necessity.

The delightfully plush fabrics like velour, velvet, and fleece feel like a warm, comforting hug against your skin. The soft, thick textures act as insulation to trap your body heat close to the surface. This creates a protective barrier between you and the cold air.

Unlike lightweight cottons or silky satins, plush fabrics won’t leave you shivering after just a few minutes. The fleece lining and velvety finish maintain your warmth even in drafty bedrooms. No need for piles of heavy blankets!

Details like long sleeves, crew necks, and ankle-length hems on plush nightgowns provide head to toe coverage right where you need it most. Look for styles with zip or button front closures to seal in heat through the night.

The supple fabrics move with you as you sleep to prevent bunching or twisting. Breathable cotton linings wick away sweat in case you get too hot. This combination of coziness and comfort results in a perfectly peaceful night’s sleep.

Come morning, the soft warmth makes those first few moments out from under the covers much more pleasant. You’ll be tempted to lounge in your plush nightgown long after the sun comes up.

Pair with Fuzzy Socks or Slippers for Added Warmth

One way to take your plush nightgown to maximum coziness is by completing the ensemble with fuzzy socks or slippers. Having warm feet is key to maintaining overall body heat.

Look for soft, thick fuzzy socks that come up over your ankles. Natural wool or fleece fabrics hold in heat better than cotton. Fun patterns like polka dots, stripes, or fair isle knits also increase the cozy vibes.

Slippers with faux fur lining or shearling wool mimic the plush feel of your nightgown. The extra layer underfoot will keep your feet toasty when you pad to the kitchen for your morning coffee.

With a fuzzy sock and slipper set rounding out your head-to-toe plush look, you’ll stay so incredibly warm even on the coldest winter nights. You’ll never want to take off your soft, snuggly nightgown ensemble.

Nightgowns with Whimsical Prints to Make You Smile Before Bed

Who says pajamas have to be boring? Liven up your sleepwear with a nightgown featuring a fun, whimsical print that brings a smile to your face. When you look good, you feel good – even at bedtime.

Playful prints add personality to a classic nightgown silhouette. Prints featuring animals like pandas, llamas, or unicorns have a youthful charm. Retro-inspired designs with polka dots, plaid, or classic florals evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Look for nightgowns with all-over graphic prints that make a statement. Full skirts and flowy sleeves show off the print beautifully as you walk and move. Bold colors and patterns feel energizing and uplifting.

If you want something more subtle, choose a black or navy nightgown with a smaller scale print. Dainty florals or mini polka dots add interest without overpowering. The dark background gives the print a sophisticated, neutral vibe.

The feel-good vibes from a fun print can help shake off the stress of the day. The visual delight lifts your mood and shifts your mindset to a more positive space before bedtime.

An eye-catching print also masks pesky issues like creases or transparency that can plague solid color gowns. Bold patterns camouflage problem areas for a flawless silhouette.

Try Matching Your Nightgown Print to Your Room Decor

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

For a pulled together look, try matching the print of your nightgown to your bedroom’s decor. Coordinate your sleepwear with throw pillows, wall art, curtains, or rug patterns to tie the whole room together.

For example, pair a floral nightgown with floral bedding in similar colors. Or rock polka dot PJs in the same scale dots as pillow shams. The cohesive print scheme makes the space feel thoughtfully designed.

If you’re more eclectic, mix and match patterns for an energetic, lively vibe. The playfulness inspires creativity and joy. Just be sure to choose complementary color combos so the patterns enhance rather than compete.

Whatever print or pattern you choose, matching your nightgown to your room makes getting ready for bed feel that much more special. Sweet dreams!

Classic Nightshirts You Can Wear as Pajamas or a Cover-Up

The versatility of a simple nightshirt is what makes it such a wardrobe staple. A basic cotton nightshirt pulls double duty as sleepwear or a cover-up for lounging and layering.

A nightshirt’s oversized, flowing shape works perfectly as pajamas for a roomy, relaxed fit. The soft cotton fabric keeps you cool and comfortable through the night. Long sleeves and a button front closure allow for easy on and off.

During the day, a nightshirt transitions seamlessly to a cover-up. The longer length provides ample coverage over leggings, shorts, or a swimsuit. Lightweight chambray or jersey fabrics won’t add bulk under cardigans or pullovers.

Nightshirts also work well for that awkward time when you’re ready for bed before your partner. Stay modest after changing with a quick button-up nightshirt while you tidy up and get settled.

The ultimate lazy Sunday outfit combines a comfy nightshirt with yoga pants and fuzzy slippers. This relaxed ensemble is perfect for reading the paper, enjoying coffee, or binge watching your favorite shows.

For a cute daytime look, pair your nightshirt with denim cutoffs, a wide brimmed hat, and strappy sandals. Tying a front knot adds shape to the oversized silhouette.

Look for Versatile Prints Like Stripes, Plaid, or Florals

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

To get the most mileage from your nightshirt for both sleeping and lounging, look for versatile prints that seamlessly transition from night to day.

Neutral stripes, classic tartan plaids, ditsy florals, or chambray styles go with everything for a fuss-free option. These patterns work for sleeping and complement your weekend wear.

A light pinstriped nightshirt layers nicely over a contrasting tank and skinny jeans during the day. Soft florals feel sweet over leggings and boots on a weekend errand run.

The right neutral print also means you don’t have to worry about clashing with prints in your pajama pants or slippers. Coordinate solid bottoms for a pulled together sleep set.

Choose patterns and colors that reflect your personal style. Then get ready to enjoy effortless dressing and sleeping with the wardrobe wonder that is the classic nightshirt.

Nightgowns with High Necklines and Long Sleeves for Modest Sleepwear

When it comes to nightwear, comfort and coverage are key. For many women, modesty is also an important factor in choosing pajamas and nightgowns. Going to bed feeling both cozy and secure can lead to a restful night’s sleep. Nightgowns with high necklines and long sleeves provide that perfect balance of comfort and coverage for modest sleepwear.

The Allure of Modest Sleepwear

Modest sleepwear has an allure all its own. The long sleeves and high necklines offer a sense of privacy and protection during slumber. Unlike skimpy or revealing pajamas, modest nightgowns allow women to relax and drift off without feeling exposed. The flowing fabric provides warmth and freedom of movement for a peaceful night’s rest.

For many, modest sleepwear also aligns with their personal values. Some women simply feel more comfortable covering up more of their body while sleeping. High necklines and long sleeves provide that extra bit of coverage they desire. Choosing modest nightgowns allows them to stay true to their sense of modesty.

Fabrics for Comfort and Coziness

When selecting a high-necked, long-sleeve nightgown, fabric is key. Look for soft, breathable fabrics that feel great against the skin. Cotton and cotton blends make excellent choices, providing both comfort and durability. Flannel cotton is wonderfully cozy during colder months. Lighterweight cottons help keep you cool in summer. Rayon and polyester blends can also offer softness and breathability.

Consider details like a bit of stretch for ease of movement or subtly textured fabrics for extra visual interest. Pick a fabric you find soothing to the touch to enhance feelings of calm and relaxation while drifting off to sleep.

Stylish and Feminine Touches

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

Just because a nightgown offers more coverage doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. Look for feminine touches like lace or ribbon accents and draped necklines for a romantic vibe. Embroidered detailing, pintucks, and subtle ruching also add flair. Pretty prints in florals, paisleys, and feminine palettes make modest nightgowns feel sweet and charming.

Colors like light blue, pink, lavender, and soft yellow evoke a sense of spring and femininity. Rich jewel tones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire lend drama. Go for timeless patterns like polka dots, plaid, or classic stripes for an extra dose of personality.

Practical Features for Sleeping Comfort

Along with style, look for nightgowns designed with your sleeping comfort in mind. Details like full button-fronts allow easy on and off while long hemlines keep your legs cozy. Elastic waistbands provide a perfect fit without restrictive feeling. Side slits and vents allow for freedom of movement so you can rest easy.

Pockets are a handy extra, giving you a place to keep small items like your phone, lip balm, or earbuds close at hand. Adjustable straps customize the fit for your frame. Some nightgowns even have dual side slits so you don’t have to lift the whole hem when getting in and out of bed.

Mix and Match for Custom Comfort

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

Create a sleep wardrobe by choosing both long-sleeve tops and full nightgowns. Pair a long-sleeve sleep shirt with cozy pants or shorts when you want more coverage up top but less on your legs. Wear the gowns on their own or layer them under robes or dusters for extra warmth.

Having options allows you to customize your modesty, coziness, and style night after night. Switch between short and long lengths or mix up your sleeve and neckline styles. With a selection of mix-and-match pieces, you can stay covered while still having variety.

Sleep in Confidence and Comfort

At the end of the day, we all want pajamas that make us feel secure and relaxed. Modest sleepwear provides that needed sense of comfort and coverage many women desire. High-necked, long-sleeve nightgowns allow you to rest easy knowing you are fully covered.

With soft fabrics, feminine details, and cozy fits, modest nightgowns balance style and function. They allow you to sleep in confidence, comfort, and peace. Discover the hidden gem of high-necked, long-sleeve styles and drift off feeling both content and protected.

Luxurious Satin Nightgowns That Make You Feel Pampered

After a long day, slipping into a silky satin nightgown can make you feel like royalty. The luxurious fabric glides against your skin, enveloping you in softness. Discover how satin nightgowns can provide a little dose of luxury to make you feel pampered and relaxed as you drift off to sleep.

The Allure of Satin

Satin has an allure all its own. The smooth, shiny fabric feels uber-feminine against the skin. It has a luminescence that catches the light, making it appear almost iridescent. Unlike cottons or flannels, satin offers a more opulent and sensual look and feel.

The captivating sheen and fluid drape of satin make it perfect for nightgowns. As you walk, a satin nightie floats gracefully around your frame. The fabric molds to your contours, accentuating your shape. Satin makes anything instantly feel more glamorous.

Sumptuous Colors and Prints

Satin nightgowns come in a stunning array of hues and prints guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous. Rich jewel tones like sapphire, ruby and emerald evoke an air of luxury. Metallic sheens in gold, silver and copper add flair and drama.

Romantic floral prints in pinks, purples and blues feel utterly feminine and charming. Leopard and lace prints up the va-va-voom factor. Or keep it classic with timeless black or white satin.

Details for an Elevated Look

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It’s all in the details when creating that pampered luxury feel. Look for nightgowns accented with delicate lace, silky satin piping or tiny covered buttons marching down the front. Flowing kimonos sleeves, crossover bodices and asymmetrical hemlines also add visual interest.

Subtle pleating at the neckline or shoulders lends dimension. A touch of mesh along the d├ęcolletage provides alluring semi-sheer accents. Whatever the details, satin takes the drama up a notch.

Sensual Styles for Lounging and Sleep

Satin nightgowns come in a variety of silhouettes perfect for relaxing or dreaming. Long satin chemises skim the body, falling just below the knee. They feel sexy yet tasteful at the same time.

Shorter babydoll styles allow you to show a little leg. The swingy, skater silhouette is playful and flirty. Wrap styles cinch in at the waist for a bombshell shape.

For pure luxury, go for a full-length satin nightgown with long sleeves and subtle train. The epitome of old Hollywood glamour, it makes you feel like a silver screen siren.

The Ultimate in Comfort and Softness

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

As alluring as satin may be, comfort is still key when it comes to sleepwear. Look for satin nightgowns crafted with care for both indulgence and ease. Details like wide tank straps and stretch fabrics allow a full range of motion.

Elasticized waistbands and side slits prevent restricting and twisting. Elastic or ribbon straps customize the fit, while adjustable spaghetti straps let you wear it your way.

The result is satin sleepwear with a shape that flows with you as you walk yet hugs your curves in all the right places.

The Pampered, Luxurious Feeling of Satin

After a stressful day, treat yourself to the decadence of a satin nightgown. Let the fabric caress your skin, making you feel pampered, pretty and peaceful as you get ready for bed. Satin adds luxury and joy to your at-home wardrobe.

A sensual, elegant satin nightie provides the perfect antidote for everyday stresses. So go ahead – indulge in the opulence. Drift off feeling beautiful, relaxed and oh-so-luxurious in shimmering satin.

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women’s Nightwear That Feel Like a Secret Treasure

Nightgowns and Sleepshirts Designed for Plus Size Women

When it comes to nightwear, plus size women often feel overlooked by mainstream brands and retailers. However, there are some hidden gems out there that cater specially to curvy figures while providing superior comfort and style. These nightgowns and sleepshirts are like secret treasures – once you discover them, you’ll feel like you’ve uncovered a coveted chest of luxurious sleepwear made just for you.

Here are 10 of the best hidden gems when it comes to nightgowns and sleepshirts designed for plus size women:

1. Secret Treasures Flannel Nightgown

Flannel nightgowns are a winter wardrobe staple, but finding one made for plus size bodies can be a challenge. That’s why the Secret Treasures plus size flannel nightgown is such a prized find. Available in both cotton and cozy fleece fabrics, these nightgowns come in vivid buffalo plaids and classic tartans that envelop you in warmth while still looking stylish. The relaxed silhouette and long sleeves ensure maximum comfort for curves.

2. Secret Treasures Sleep Shirt

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

Prefer something a little shorter? The Secret Treasures plus size sleep shirt offers the best of both worlds. Cut like an oversized T-shirt but made from soft modal jersey, this sleep shirt provides coverage while the curved hem and relaxed fit prevent it from looking boxy or shapeless. The dolman sleeves add a touch of elegance too.

3. Secret Treasures Cotton Nightgown

Sometimes you just want an unfussy yet pretty nightgown made from breathable natural fibers. The Secret Treasures 100% cotton nightgown has a delicate embroidered lace yoke and hem for a romantic vibe while the loose empire bodice ensures it’s stretchy and figure-flattering in all the right places. The cotton material keeps you cool and comfy all night long.

4. Secret Treasures Nightgown with Pockets

It might seem like a little detail, but having pockets on a nightgown is game-changing. The Secret Treasures plus size nightgown with pockets lets you carry your phone, remote, or glasses without an extra layer – and the pockets are cleverly hidden in the side seams for a streamlined silhouette. Made from a modal fabric that’s soft, stretchy, and wrinkle-resistant, this nightgown lets you move freely and sleep in luxury.

5. Secret Treasures Sleepwear Gowns

Discover: 10 Hidden Gems of Women

Why choose one style when Secret Treasures has an array of sleepwear gowns designed to flatter and fit plus size bodies? From short cap sleeve gowns to plush fleece robes and duster coats, these gowns are ultra-feminine while remaining functional enough for sleeping and lounging. Special details like lace trims, floral prints, and hi-low hems modernize the classic nightgown silhouette.

6. Secret Treasures Sweet Treasures Nightgowns

As the name implies, Secret Treasures’ Sweet Treasures collection is full of nightgowns that feel like a special treat. Available in extended sizes up to 5X, these nightgowns come in indulgent fabrics like buttery soft modal and slinky satin. Romantic details like crossover necklines, keyhole backs, and mesh insets add gorgeous accents. You’ll look and feel like a dream wrapped up in one of these nightgowns.

7. Secret Treasures Night Shirts

For easygoing comfort, Secret Treasures’ plus size sleep shirts and night shirts can’t be beat. With details like chest pockets, notch collars, button front closures, and roll tab sleeves, these night shirts have a borrowed-from-the-boys feel while the curved shirt tails and stretchy fabrics are designed with feminine curves in mind. Made from soft modal or cotton fabrics, they’re ideal for warmer weather.

8. Secret Treasures Nightshirt

Similar to the sleep shirts but with a slightly more polished look, the Secret Treasures plus size nightshirt flatters fuller figures while still being appropriate for sleeping and lounging. Princess seams shape the bodice, long sleeves guarantee coziness, and side vents allow ease of movement. The modal jersey fabric drapes beautifully without clinging or wrinkling.

9. Secret Treasures Cotton Nightgown

For those who run hot or prefer natural fibers, Secret Treasures’ 100% cotton nightgowns are a cool and comfy choice. From short gowns with a touch of stretch to ankle-length cotton poplin styles, these breathable nightgowns come in pretty prints and vivid solids. Crochet lace trims and pintuck details add sweet feminine style. The cotton feels soft against the skin without trapping heat.

10. Secret Treasures Nightgown with Pockets

We can’t talk about these nightgown gems without mentioning pockets again! Having that handy pocket to hold your phone or other bedtime necessities easily makes this one of Secret Treasures’ most popular plus size nightgown styles. The smooth modal fabric drapes beautifully while the pockets discretely blend into the side seams for a pajama top feel. You’ll never want to take this nightgown off!

When shopping for plus size sleepwear and nightgowns, don’t settle for scraps. Seek out these hidden gems that are specially designed with your curves in mind. Brands like Secret Treasures cater to extended sizes with flattering details and fabrics made for sensational sleep. Treat yourself to the luxurious comfort you deserve!