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Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Introduction to Time and Tru Plus Size Jeggings

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenge, especially for curvy women. However, Time and Tru’s plus size jeggings provide a stylish and comfortable option designed to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes. Keep reading to learn all about Time and Tru’s jeggings and why they are quickly becoming a favorite among many plus size shoppers.

What Are Jeggings?

Jeggings are leggings designed to look like denim jeans. They combine the comfort and stretch of leggings with the style and silhouette of traditional jeans. Jeggings are made with a high percentage of stretchy spandex fibers blended with cotton and polyester, allowing them to mold to your body shape while maintaining structure and denim-like detailing.

Time and Tru’s jeggings are made with premium stretch fabrics that move with you while providing tummy control and shaping. The waistband is designed to sit at the natural waist and the leg openings are cut to balance comfort and structure. The added stretch helps prevent uncomfortable digging or pinching.

Benefits of Time and Tru Plus Size Jeggings

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Time and Tru’s plus size jeggings offer many benefits that make them a wardrobe staple:

  • Flattering fit – Available in sizes 1X-4X, the jeggings are designed to fit and complement curvy figures.
  • Tummy control – The stretch fabric smooths and shapes the tummy area.
  • Comfortable – The premium stretch fabric moves with you while the waistband stays in place.
  • Versatile – Dress jeggings up or down for work, weekends, and nights out.
  • Pocket details – Functional front and back pockets give them a jeans-like look.
  • Affordable – well-made jeggings at budget-friendly prices.

Reviewers love how the jeggings fit their curves without gaping at the waist or thighs. The tummy control panel helps smooth problem areas while the stretch fabric allows free movement. Plus, the jeggings come in versatile colors to match any outfit.

Style and Design Options

Time and Tru jeggings are available in both mid-rise and high-rise options. The mid-rise hits around the belly button while the high-rise sits just below it, offering more tummy control. Time and Tru also offers jeggings in a few stylish washes and colors including:

  • Dark denim – A classic look, perfect for day or night.
  • Black jeggings – Sleek and slimming for work and weekends.
  • Olive green – Add interest while pairing easily with many tops.
  • Gray jeggings – Subtle neutral works with everything.

The jeggings feature functional details like working front pockets, functional back pockets, and faux fly. Belt loops allow you to add accessories. Lycra in the fabric provides stretch and recovery wash after wash.

Real Customer Reviews

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

With hundreds of rave reviews, it’s clear that real customers love Time and Tru’s plus size jeggings. Here are just a few examples of positive feedback:

From petite to tall and curvy figures of all sizes, Time and Tru customers agree that these plus size jeggings have an amazing fit, feel like leggings, and easily become wardrobe favorites.

Pairing Your Time and Tru Jeggings

The versatility of jeggings makes them easy to dress up or down all year long. Here are some top ways to wear your Time and Tru plus size jeggings:

  • With tunics, kimonos or oversized tops for a flowy silhouette.
  • Under dresses and skirts instead of tights.
  • With boots, from knee high to ankle styles.
  • Tucked into boots or with heels for night looks.
  • With flats or sneakers for casual weekend wear.
  • With button-downs, sweaters or blazers for polished work ensembles.

Go for casual looks with tees, tanks, and sweaters. Create business casual outfits with blouses and blazers. Dress them up with heels and accessories for date night. The options are endless!

Shop Time and Tru Plus Size Jeggings

Ready to try Time and Tru’s plus size jeggings for yourself? You can find an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes both in Walmart stores and online. Prices typically range from $13-$18 making them an affordable option for stocking up on a wardrobe staple.

For the perfect blend of comfort, style, and fit, explore Time and Tru plus size jeggings today. With premium stretch fabrics designed to flatter curves, you’ll want a pair to wear with all your favorite tops and sweaters.

Why Jeggings are a Wardrobe Staple

Jeggings have become a go-to item in many women’s closets thanks to their versatility and comfort. Part legging, part jean, these stretchy pants combine style and function in one must-have piece. Keep reading to learn why jeggings have earned their place as a wardrobe staple.

The Best of Both Worlds

Jeggings merge the comfort of leggings with the style of jeans. They are made of a stretch-cotton blend that includes a high percentage of spandex or elastane. This allows them to stretch and move with your body while maintaining structure and shape. The result? A pair of pants with the comfort of yoga pants and the look of designer denim.

Jeggings are designed to be super flattering. They mold to your natural shape rather than gape or pinch. The waistband stays in place and the fabric provides tummy smoothing. With jeggings, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style!

Flattering Fit for All

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Perhaps the best thing about jeggings is that they come in an inclusive range of sizes. Whether you’re petite, plus size, or anywhere in between, you can find jeggings designed to fit and flatter your body type.

Jeggings are often more forgiving than stiff denim, eliminating problems like waist gaping or thigh pinching. The stretchy fabric moves with you to create a smooth silhouette from top to bottom. No more tugging and adjusting throughout the day!

Wear Them Anywhere

It’s easy to dress jeggings up or down for any occasion. Their versatility makes them a wardrobe workhorse you can wear year-round.

For casual weekends, pair jeggings with tees, tanks, or pullovers. Throw on some boots or sneakers and you’re ready to go. For work, dress them up with blouses, blazers, and heels for an office-appropriate ensemble. At night, just add some sparkly tops, heels, and jewelry for an instant night-out look.

Jeggings work for parties, date nights, travel days, and everything in between. You can even layer them under dresses and skirts when the weather cools down.

Comfort Meets Durability

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Jeggings are designed for all-day wear. The stretchy fabric keeps its shape wash after wash so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for quality. Cotton, polyester, spandex blends provide both stretch and structure. You won’t have to constantly hike up loose waistbands or tug at sagging fabric.

Quality jeggings retain their color and resist pilling or thinning over time. Reviewers love that jeggings hold up well to machine washing without losing their shape or softness. No special washing or drying required!

Modern Must-Have

Jeggings have secured their place in the 21st century wardrobe by combining fashion and function. The flattering silhouette and second-skin fit is ultra modern and chic. Jeggings offer an edgier look than basic leggings with more structure and denim styling.

Plus, jeggings are a versatile basic you can wear year-round while updating your look each season. Pair them with chunky sweaters in winter, flowy tops in spring, tanks in summer, and booties in fall. Effortlessly transition your style simply by switching up your jegging pairings!

Affordable Options Abound

The best part about jeggings is that you can find quality pairs without breaking the bank. Many budget-friendly brands like Time and Tru offer premium jeggings for under $20. With such an affordable price point, you can stock up on multiples to take you through the week.

Mix and match black, blue, gray, olive, and white jeggings with all your favorite tops and footwear. Building a jegging wardrobe is easy on the wallet so you can afford to get one in every color!

Try Them Yourself

Sold on the benefits of jeggings? Now is the perfect time to pick up a pair (or three) for yourself. Look for options with at least 20% elastane for maximum stretch and retention. Make sure the waistband is wide and designed to stay in place. Look for functional front and back pockets for a jeans-like look.

Once you slip on your first pair of jeggings, you may never want to take them off! Be prepared to stock up in multiple colors to suit any mood or occasion. With their perfect blend of comfort, style, and versatility, jeggings deserve a place in every modern woman’s closet.

Flattering Styles for All Body Types

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Finding jeans that fit just right can be a challenge, especially for curvy figures. Fortunately, jeggings provide a stylish solution designed to flatter all body types. From stretchy fabrics to custom cuts, jeggings are made to complement your natural curves. Keep reading to discover the most flattering jegging styles for any shape or size.

Look for Stretch

The secret to jeggings’ universal fit is their stretchy fabric. Quality jeggings contain at least 20% spandex or elastane woven together with cotton and polyester. This creates a flexible fit that molds to your body’s contours without sagging or pinching.

Stretch-infused fabrics move with you throughout the day. When you sit, bend, or walk, the jeggings flex and recover without losing their structure. The result is a custom, second-skin fit tailored to your shape.

Flatter Your Figure

Jeggings are specially designed to enhance your assets and downplay problem areas. Here are some common features that flatter different figures:

  • Tummy control paneled waistbands slim the midsection.
  • Pocket placement and contoured side seams create the illusion of lifted, rounder hips and thighs.
  • Higher rises and wide waistbands cinch the waistline and prevent gapping.
  • Stretch fabric hugs curves without squeezing or pinching.
  • Ankle-length cuts elongate the leg lines for a slimming effect.

With jeggings, details like pocket designs, paneling, and cut make all the difference in complementing your shape.

Choose Your Rise

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

One of the most important factors in achieving an ideal fit is choosing the right rise. Jeggings come in low, mid, and high-rise options to suit different figures.

Low-rise pairs sit below the hips, ideal for longer torsos. Mid-rise jeggings hit at the hips or navel, flattering average lengths. High-rise jeggings come up to the belly button or higher, providing shaping through the waist and hips.

Make sure to select a rise that complements your proportions. The waistband should sit right at your natural waistline without pinching or leaving gaps.

Consider Curves

Jeggings are specifically designed to flatter curvy figures. Look for pairs made of premium stretch materials with at least 20% spandex. The fabric should feel thick and resilient, not flimsy or thin.

Opt for jeggings with tummy shaping panels and contoured waistbands made to lay flat against curves. The extra give in the hips and thighs will prevent uncomfortable squeezing. A wide waistband helps eliminate gaps for a smooth fit.

Accommodate Height

Jeggings allow you to achieve an ideal inseam length no matter your height. Petite shoppers can opt for cropped or ankle lengths. Standard jeggings typically come in average 30-32” inseams. Tall women can look for extra long cuts up to 36” long.

The stretch fabric also helps achieve an ideal fit. Jeggings mold to your form rather than pulling too tight or leaving baggy areas like stiff denim might. Reviewers rave about the perfect customizable length.

Flatter Plus Sizes

Plus size figures can turn to jeggings for an effortlessly chic look. Brands like Time and Tru offer a wide size range up to 4X. Look for jeggings made of thick, opaque fabrics that smooth any lumps or bumps.

Higher rises, tummy control panels, and contoured waistbands create a shapely silhouette. Stretch fabric moves with you to prevent uncomfortable squeezing. Jeggings are perfect for accentuating curves in all the right ways.

Achieve Your Ideal Fit

Whatever your size, shape, or height, jeggings provide the perfect balance of style and comfort. Thoughtful design elements like tummy shaping, contoured seams, and custom rises allow you to show off your body’s assets.

Look for jeggings in breathable stretch fabrics with at least 20% spandex. Make sure to choose the right rise and cut to complement your proportions. With the right pair, you’ll look and feel amazing!

Stretch Options For Ultimate Comfort

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Jeggings have become a go-to for style and comfort thanks to their stretchy fabric blends. Quality jeggings contain plenty of spandex or elastane to create exceptional flexibility and ease of movement. Read on to learn more about the stretch options that deliver unbeatable comfort.

Why Stretch Matters

Stretch is the key ingredient that allows jeggings to mold to your shape. Jeggings blend spandex fibers with cotton, polyester, and other materials. Spandex provides exceptional stretch and recovery for flexibility.

Quality jeggings contain around 20% spandex. The higher the spandex percentage, the more the jeggings will stretch and retain their shape wear after wear. Stretch also allows jeggings to fit snugly without restriction.

Benefits of Stretch Jeggings

There are many benefits to choosing stretch-enhanced jeggings:

  • Move freely – The fabric stretches and recovers with your every move.
  • Superior comfort – No pinching or binding as you walk, sit, bend.
  • Reduced adjustments – Stretchy waistbands and leg openings stay in place.
  • Flattering fit – Conforms to your curves without gaps or squeezing.
  • Easy on and off – Stretch allows jeggings to slide right on and off.
  • Wrinkle resistance – Tight weave and stretch prevent wrinkling and sagging.

Reviewers love the freedom of motion stretch jeggings provide. The fabric moves with you to eliminate discomfort, gapping, pulling, and constant adjustments throughout the day.

Types of Stretch Fabric

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Some common stretch fabrics used in jeggings include:

  • Spandex (Lycra) – Very elastic synthetic with exceptional stretch and recovery. Breathable and resistant to abrasion.
  • Elastane – Man-made fiber with stretch properties like spandex. Strong and durable.
  • Polyester Stretch – Woven polyester with a touch of spandex for stretch and structure.
  • Cotton Stretch – Breathable cotton blended with spandex for stretch, softness and comfort.

Quality jeggings often combine two or more stretch fabrics to optimize comfort and wear. For example, cotton spandex blends breathe while providing flexibility and structure.

The More Stretch, the Better

As a general rule, look for jeggings with the highest percentage of stretch material. Many jeggings contain around 20% spandex or elastane.

Some ultra stretchy jegging fabrics have 25% spandex or higher. The greater the spandex percentage, the more comfortable stretch you can expect. The jeggings will mold to your shape while providing lasting recovery.

Comparing Stretch Options

When shopping for stretch jeggings, you’ll encounter various stretch descriptors like:

  • Mega stretch – Typically 25-30% spandex for exceptional elasticity.
  • Ultra stretch – Around 20% spandex for optimal movement and recovery.
  • Super stretch – Approximately 15% spandex for great flexibility.
  • Extra stretch – Roughly 10% spandex for added mobility.

Look towards the upper end of the stretch spectrum to ensure your jeggings move with you. Multi-directional stretch fabrics are also ideal since they stretch both vertically and horizontally.

The Stretch Test

When trying on jeggings, do the stretch test. Make sure the waistband, hips, thighs, and leg openings have enough give. Walk, squat, and move around to ensure the jeggings flex with your body. Quality stretch options will pass the test with ease!

With unrestricted movement and lasting recovery, stretch-infused jeggings deliver blissful comfort from day to night. Seek out fabrics with plenty of spandex so you can enjoy ideal ease of motion.

High Rise Jeggings Create a Slimming Silhouette

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

High rise jeggings have become a popular choice for many style-conscious shoppers. The higher waist and smoothing fabrics create a long, lean look from top to bottom. Keep reading to learn why high rise jeggings are masters at slimming your silhouette.

The Magic of the High Rise

High rise jeggings sit right at your natural waist, rather than at the hips. This waistline positioning instantly lengthens the look of your torso and legs. The inch or two of extra coverage also creates a smoothing effect across the midsection.

The high waistband holds in any problem areas. The tummy control panel also targets your middle for a streamlined shape. By keeping you tucked in and elongated, high rise jeggings are extraordinarily slimming.

Shaping From Top to Bottom

It’s not just the high rise that creates a slim look. Design details from top to bottom give high rise jeggings their slenderizing magic:

  • Tummy control panels flatten the stomach.
  • Extra high waistbands nip in the waist.
  • Contouring through hips and thighs for a lifted look.
  • Back yoke seam shapes the derriere.
  • Ankle skimming cuts elongate the leg.

Every detail works together for sleeker lines and a longer, leaner silhouette. The right jeggings can make you look up to 5 pounds lighter instantly!

Smoothing Fabrics

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

The fabrics of high rise jeggings also lend a helping hand. Stretchy cotton-spandex blends mold to your shape without squeezing too tight. The tummy control panel provides compression and shaping through the midsection.

Thick, opaque fabrics hide lumps and bumps better than thin materials. The stretch and retention helps prevent sagging throughout the day so the slimming effect lasts.

Flattering for All Figures

High rise jeggings work their magic on all different body types and sizes. The tummy slimming effect benefits anyone looking for a leaner midsection and longer torso. The fitted hip and thigh area creates an hourglass effect on curvier frames.

Petites can elongate their legs with a high rise and ankle-skimming cut. Taller ladies get benefit from the extra high waist that enhances their natural proportions. No matter your height or shape, high rise jeggings insta-slim!

How to Wear Them

Achieve maximum slenderness by following these fashion tips:

  • Wear your top tucked in to accentuate the high waist.
  • Choose fitted blouses and slim cut coats to balance the silhouette.
  • Add heels to further elongate the leg line.
  • Pair with belts to cinch and define your waist.
  • For casual wear, create streamlined layers with close-fitting tees and cardigans.

By following these simple tricks, you can highlight your jeggings’ slimming magic. Flaunt those gorgeous curves in the most flattering way!

Dress Them Up or Down

The best part about high rise jeggings is that you can wear them anywhere. Dress them up with heels and dresses for date nights. Style casually with flats and hoodies for the weekend. Take them into the office with blouses and blazers for an instant work outfit.

Black, blue, and gray high rise jeggings make especially versatile wardrobe additions. Experiment with different tops and accessories to create stunning outfits that show off your shape.

Slay in High Rise Jeggings

Tuck yourself into a pair of high rise jeggings to instantly achieve those coveted long, lean lines. The stretch fabrics, tummy control and waist-enhancing silhouette shave pounds off your frame. And you can wear them just about anywhere!

Say goodbye to shapeless pants and uncomfortable squeezing. Hello, confidence! Find your perfect pair of high rise jeggings and work it in style and comfort.

Darker Washes are Universally Flattering

Dark-wash jeggings have become a closet staple for many style mavens. The darker dye creates a universally flattering look that complements any body type. Keep reading to learn why deep indigo jeggings should be your new go-to pair.

Slimming and Elongating

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

One of the most flattering features of dark jeggings is their slimming effect. The deep color palette creates an almost shaping effect, streamlining your silhouette. This helps downplay wider hips, thicker thighs, and other areas.

Dark jeans also have an elongating effect, making legs appear longer and leaner. The dark fabric draws the eye down, giving the illusion of height. Feel instantly slimmer and taller in dark denim jeggings!

Flattering Finishes

It’s not just the dark colors that make these jeggings so universally flattering. Key design details include:

  • Streamlining side seams and back yoke.
  • Tummy control panels at the waistband.
  • Stretch fabric that contours to your shape.
  • Strategic pocket placement to lift and define.
  • Customizable lengths for any height.

These finishing touches create a jean that fits and flatters all figures like a dream. The dark dye just enhances the effect even more!

Flatters All Figures

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Dark wash jeggings work their magic on petite, tall, curvy, athletic – all body types. The tummy control slims the midsection on any frame. Contoured leg seams make athletic legs look lean yet defined. And the deep color palette balances curves while elongating.

No matter your height, shape or size, everyone can benefit from the slimming magic of dark denim jeggings. They even come in a wide range of sizes from 00 to 20 for a customized fit.

Creates Long, Lean Lines

Achieve the coveted long and lean look by following these style tips:

  • Pair with nude heels to further elongate your frame.
  • Wear with fitted tops and slim cut jackets for balance.
  • Tuck in shirts to highlight your waist shape.
  • For petites, go for cropped lengths to show more leg.
  • Fitted tees and tanks make weekend pairings.

With the right pairings, dark-wash jeggings can help you look up to five pounds thinner! Flaunt those gorgeous gams.

Dress Them Up or Down

Dark jeggings’ versatility makes them suitable for any occasion. Dress them up with wedges and blouses for workweek chic. Style with hoodies and sneakers for weekend errands. Add strappy heels and sexy tops for night out glam.

Keep your look streamlined by opting for fitted tees, tanks and sweaters in smooth fabrics like jersey knits. Luxe looking without being overly dressy.

Discover Your Perfect Pair

Now is the time to discover your perfect pair of dark denim jeggings. Look for inky indigo shades made from contouring stretch fabrics. Front and back pockets add stylish detail while creating a lifted derriere.

Tummy control panels, streamlined silhouettes and the magic of dark dye all combine for a universally flattering look. Find your ideal fit and rock these do-it-all jeggings with confidence and flair!

Look Pulled Together With Minimal Effort

One of the best qualities of jeggings is how they instantly elevate your look without much effort. The right pair makes you look styled and polished in a flash. Read on to learn how jeggings create a put together outfit with minimal fuss.

Instant Outfit Base

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Jeggings serve as an effortless foundation for casual, work, and evening outfits. Their slim silhouette and classic details like front pockets and faux fly create a polished look equivalent to designer denim.

Simply pull on a pair of dark or black jeggings and you have a sleek, slimming base. Add almost any type of top from tanks to tunics and you have an instant outfit ready for anything.

Streamlined Silhouette

Between their stretch fabrics and hip-slimming cuts, jeggings create a streamlined silhouette without squeeze. The pocket placement lifts and shapes your derriere for an ultra-flattering rear view.

Front contouring and tummy control details smooth any lumps and bumps for a trim, elongating look. The close yet comfortable fit makes you look styled without the hassle of true denim.

Elevates Basic Tops

Pair jeggings with basic tees, tanks, and tunics to give casual looks a touch of polish. The fitted leg balances flowy tops while straight leg cuts balance oversized sweatshirts perfectly.

Even a basic tee or pullover gets an upgrade when paired with dark or colored jeggings. The leggings-meet-jeans vibe effortlessly enhances casual cool.

Dresses Up or Down

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Another effort-saving quality of jeggings is their versatility. Wear them with flats or casual sneakers on weekends for everyday errands. For work, just add heels and a blazer to make them office-ready.

At night, get miles of style by pairing your jeggings with strappy sandals and a silky cami. Fancy extras like jewelry instantly dress them up for date nights too.

Packable and Travel-Ready

Jeggings are a travel must-have since they barely wrinkle and pack down slim. Toss them in your suitcase as an anytime outfit base. Pair with layers like sweaters and cardigans that also pack down easily.

Black and blue jeggings make excellent travel options since they disguise dirt and wear. Add ballet flats and statement jewelry for an instant sightseeing, dinner or night out look.

Endless Pairing Potential

Experiment with jegging pairings to maximize your wardrobe possibilities:

  • With tunics, kimonos or dusters for a long, lean silhouette.
  • With cropped blazers and fitted tees for edgy workwear.
  • Under maxi dresses and skirts instead of leggings.
  • With chunky sweaters and boots for winter chic.
  • Topped with jean jackets, moto jackets or trench coats.

Effortless, minimal and chic! Discover how jeggings can streamline your getting-ready routine today.

Affordable Prices Make Stocking Up Simple

One of the best perks of jeggings is their wallet-friendly price tag. Quality pairs ring up under $20 in many cases, making it easy to stock up for endless outfit potential. Read on to learn why value pricing makes jeggings a must-have staple.

Save Money on a Wardrobe Essential

Every wardrobe needs a few pairs of basic denim bottoms. But designer jeans easily ring up $100 or more per pair. Jeggings deliver the look and feel of expensive denim for a fraction of the price.

Most jeggings cost between $15-25 per pair. Compared to pricier designer denim, you can buy 4-5 pairs of jeggings for the price of one designer label pair. Now you can build your dream denim collection on a budget!

Premium Features, Not Premium Prices

Don’t think you have to sacrifice style and quality just for lower prices. Many jegging brands offer premium features at an affordable cost:

  • Stretchy premium denim with spandex for mobility and recovery.
  • Flattering contours through hips, thighs, and rear.
  • Tummy control panels for a trim silhouette.
  • Functional front and back pockets.
  • Natural waistbands that won’t gap in back.

You get the same look, feel and performance as designer denim for a mere sliver of the price. Now that’s fashion savings you can’t ignore.

Try New Colors and Prints

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

The low cost also allows you to experiment with fun colors and prints you may not splurge on at higher prices. Expand your denim collection with:

  • Wine-colored jeggings to spice up neutrals.
  • Olive green for an earthy, natural vibe.
  • Soft blush pinks to balance spring pastels.
  • Camo and animal prints for fierce looks.
  • Metallic sheens to add shine.

At just $15-20 each, you can afford to try bolder jegging looks. Expand your fashion palette on a budget!

Save Time Shopping Too

Along with saving cash, affordable jeggings save you time shopping. No need to try and compare countless options when each pair is $100+. Just pick your favorite affordable pairs and colors and check out.

You’ll have plenty to mix and match while still sticking to your wardrobe budget. No more overthinking expensive purchases item by item.

Tips to Shop Savvy

Follow these tips to keep costs low when stocking up on jeggings:

  • Buy multiples in versatile shades like black, navy and gray.
  • Look for discount codes and bundle deals to save more.
  • Join rewards programs for exclusive discounts.
  • Shop sales around peak seasons like back-to-school and holidays.

With savvy shopping, you can stock up on jeggings to suit any occasion while staying within your clothing budget.

Stretch Your Wardrobe Dollars

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

The next time you need casual pants, look to affordable jeggings. Scoring designer style at a fraction of the cost allows you to build your dream denim wardrobe. Shop smart and save big!

Mix and Match Jeggings With Existing Wardrobe

One of the best qualities of jeggings is their versatility. They effortlessly mix and match with other items already in your closet for fresh new outfits. Read on to explore all the possibilities for pairing jeggings with your current wardrobe favorites.

Match With Your Favorite Tops

The slim, streamlined fit of jeggings works perfectly with all your favorite tops. Pair with everyday tees, tanks, tunics, and pullovers for casual weekend outfits. Create work-ready looks by matching with blouses, structured tops, and slim blazers.

Cropped and boxy cuts balance the fitted leg of jeggings. Flowy kimonos, dusters and cardigans overlay nicely for stylish layers. And fitted tees or tanks show off the flawless fit.

Layer Under Dresses and Skirts

Trade your leggings for jeggings under dresses and skirts when temperatures drop. The stretchy comfort feels the same while the waistband remains discreetly hidden under hemlines.

Dark denim jeggings work under printed dresses and lighter skirts. Black jeggings disappear unnoticed under solid colors and dark maxi skirts. Layering with jeggings adds warmth while keeping your look chic.

Balance Oversized Sweaters

Oversized and slouchy sweaters need fitted bottom halves to balance proportions. Pair your favorite oversized pullovers, tunics and cardigans with jeggings to offset the volume.

This slimming trick works for any body type. Add some heels to further enhance the long lines. Cozy layers have never looked so sleek!

Show Off Your Shoes

The cropped and ankle-grazing cuts of jeggings perfectly show off your favorite shoes. Pair with sneakers, flats or sandals for casual weekend style. Heels dress up the look for evenings out.

Bootcut jeggings fit neatly into knee-high boots without bunching. Straight legs complement thigh-high boots too. Show off your shoe collection with jeggings tailored to fit any footwear.

Add Coats and Jackets

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

Top off your jeggings with light layers like jean jackets, leather moto jackets and dusters. These slim layers maintain the streamlined shape of the jeggings underneath.

For colder temps, pair with wool coats, trench coats, parka puffers and capes. Leave coats open or unzipped for a fashionable layered look. Finish with infinity scarves for extra coziness.

Punch Up Plain Basics

Liven up plain white tops, solid pullovers and basic tees with fun printed and colored jeggings. Prints like camo, animal and plaid add interest while colored denim jazzes up neutrals.

Metallic jeggings boost black tops and dresses for nights out. Distressed details and edgy moto styling give casual weekend basics extra edge. Make simple basics stand out.

Your New Wardrobe Staple

With infinite pairing potential, jeggings deserve a permanent place in your wardrobe rotation. They instantly pull looks together and breathe new life into existing favorites.

Build a jegging collection in go-to shades like black, indigo and gray to mix and match all season long. Before you know it, you’ll be creating fabulous new outfits every day!

Feel Confident and Comfortable All Day Long

Find Your Perfect Fit: Discover Time and Tru Jeggings For Any Shape

One of the best parts of wearing jeggings is that they effortlessly meld chic style with daylong comfort. Thoughtful design and fabrics allow you to feel as amazing as you look from morning ‘til night. Read on to learn why jeggings deliver nonstop confidence and comfort.

Flattering Fabrics

Jeggings start with ultra-stretchy fabrics designed to move with you and fit you flawlessly. Premium cotton-spandex and poly-spandex blends mold to your shape for a customized, second-skin fit.

The fabrics conform to your curves without bagging out or creating muffin top. Compression panels provide tummy smoothing while elasticity prevents pinching and pulling as you go about your day.

Strategic Design Details

Special design features also boost how amazing jeggings make you look and feel:

  • Pocket placement lifts and defines your rear.
  • Contouring through hips and thighs for an hourglass effect.
  • Tummy control panels flatten and slim your stomach.
  • Stretch retention maintains the shaping fabric after washing.
  • Ankle-length cuts create longer looking legs.

These thoughtful details ensure you look just as flawless at hour 10 as you did at hour one when you first got dressed.

Perfectly Adaptable

Another reason jeggings inspire confidence is their incredible versatility. You can seamlessly transition your jeggings from workweek wardrobes to evening activities without missing a beat. No need to change halfway through your day!

Simply switch out your blazer for a cropped leather jacket. Trade heels for flats. Accessorize with sparkly jewelry instead of standard studs. The options for customizing your look are endless.

All Day Comfort

Along with looking fabulous, jeggings focus heavily on keeping you comfy. The forgiving stretch means none of that stiff, restrictive denim discomfort. From the moment you slide them on you can barely feel them!

The fabrics flex and move with you as you walk, sit, bend and pose. The waistband stays put without pinching or biting. No need for constant hitching and adjusting like regular jeans.

Flawless From A.M. to P.M.

Reviewers rave about wearing their jeggings straight from work to the gym or out with friends without needing to change. No more sacrificing style for comfort or vice versa!

Jeggings = confidence. With craftsmanship focused on fit, feel AND function, you can take on anything the day brings looking and feeling fabulous.