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Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff’s Powerful Pull-Behind Models

Introduce Field Tuff Tillers And Key Features Like 3-Point Hitches

For over three decades, Field Tuff has been manufacturing high-quality equipment for outdoor power needs. When it comes to heavy-duty tillers, Field Tuff offers durable and rugged models designed to efficiently and effectively cultivate soil in fields, gardens, yards and more. Their pull-behind tillers are built with the power and performance to tackle even the toughest tilling jobs.

Field Tuff tillers come equipped with 3-point hitches that allow easy attachment to tractors, ATVs and UTVs. The 3-point hitch system provides stability during operation and allows the tiller to follow the contours of the land. This enables the tilling tines to penetrate the soil uniformly for consistent and thorough cultivation.

The 3-point hitches on Field Tuff tillers are designed for category 1 tractors and have adjustable sway chains to stabilize and level the tiller. This prevents uneven tilling depths and helps deliver maximum tilling efficiency. The hitch attachment points are reinforced for durability even after seasons of heavy use.

In addition to 3-point hitches, many Field Tuff tiller models also come with a clevis hitch option. This sturdy pin hitch can be used to pull behind ATVs, UTVs and small tractors. Having both hitch options provides versatility to use the tiller with different vehicles.

Rugged, Durable Construction

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Field Tuff tillers are built tough to withstand rugged tilling conditions and frequent use. The frames are made from heavy-duty steel that will not bend or break under heavy loads. Industrial-strength welded joints provide maximum structural integrity.

The tilling tines are made from heat-treated rolled steel for superior strength. They are designed to dig deep into compacted soil and are arranged in an aggressive pattern to thoroughly break up dirt. Replaceable skid shoes allow height adjustment to control tilling depth.

Gearbox housings are cast iron for durability, sealed to lock out moisture and debris. The gears themselves are precision machined and heat treated for long service life. The tines are chain driven by industrial-grade #80 drive chains that resist stretching and slipping.

High-clearance designs allow Field Tuff tillers to work in rough terrain without getting hung up. Large diameter tires provide plenty of traction and are gentle on turf. Overall, Field Tuff tillers are built for years of reliable service under demanding conditions.

Powerful Performance

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Robust engines provide the muscle needed to churn through dirt, roots and debris. Options range from 16HP up to 20HP, with electric start available on some models for convenience.

The patented counter-rotating tines help grab and shred soil for superior ground penetration. As the tines rotate, they aggressively till soil up to 10 inches deep, pulverizing clumps and working organic material back into the ground.

Working widths up to 66 inches allow Field Tuff tillers to cultivate large areas efficiently. The tines extend nearly edge to edge on the units to provide full coverage in a single pass.

With tilling widths up to 66 inches and depth capacity up to 10 inches, Field Tuff tillers have the power to make quick work of gardens, food plots, cover crop areas and more. Their performance stands up to extended use on fields and commercial applications.

Variety of Models

Field Tuff offers pull-behind tiller models to fit a range of needs. Compact models like the FT-100 are ideal for yards and small gardens. Larger models including the FT-140 can handle acres of cultivated ground.

The lineup includes:

  • FT-100 – 16HP, 40 inch tilling width
  • FT-120 – 16HP, 48 inch tilling width
  • FT-140 – 20HP, 66 inch tilling width

All models come equipped standard with the category 1, 3-point hitch system. Clevis hitches for pulling behind ATVs and UTVs are also included.

With this range of sizes and power, Field Tuff offers a tiller option suitable for food plots, cover crops, garden preparation, turf renovation and more. Experienced farmers to home gardeners can find a tiller sized for their needs.

Easy to Operate

Field Tuff tillers are designed for easy operation. The 3-point hitch system provides quick attachment to tractors. Adjusting the sway chains and tailwheel is fast and tool-free.

On electric start models, a convenient key switch makes powering up the engine effortless. Throttle and clutch controls are easily accessible from the tractor seat.

A lever engages the drive chains to start tine rotation. Raising and lowering the tines is hydraulic on some models for simple operation. Depth is set by adjusting the skid shoes.

The counter-rotating tines run smoothly and provide complete cultivation with minimal vibration or bouncing. Direction control handles on the unit allow guiding the tiller when working in tight spaces.

Overall, Field Tuff tillers provide intuitive operation so operators can focus on covering ground efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Field Tuff pull-behind tillers are built rugged to handle demanding tilling jobs
  • 3-point hitches provide versatile attachment to tractors, ATVs and UTVs
  • Powerful engines and counter-rotating tines deliver aggressive soil cultivation
  • A range of models are available to fit small and large acreage needs
  • Simple controls and operation make Field Tuff tillers user-friendly

When you need a heavy-duty tiller, Field Tuff models have the durability, performance, and ease of use to meet the task. Their lineup offers options for yard maintenance all the way up to commercial field work. With the ability to attach to various vehicles, these versatile tillers provide power and convenience for all your tilling jobs.

Compare The Field Tuff LB48 And LB60 For Smaller Vs Larger Jobs

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

When shopping for a heavy-duty tiller, two great options to consider from Field Tuff are the LB48 and LB60 models. Both deliver rugged performance, but the LB48 is better suited for small acreage while the LB60 can handle larger tilling jobs.

By comparing the specs and features of the Field Tuff LB48 and LB60, you can determine which pull-behind tiller is the best fit for your needs.

Tilling Width

One of the biggest differences between the LB48 and LB60 is tilling width. As the model names suggest, the LB48 has a 48-inch wide tilling swath while the LB60 is 60 inches wide.

Those 12 extra inches of tilling width on the LB60 allow it to cultivate almost 25% more ground in each pass. When you have larger fields or areas to till, the increased coverage of the LB60 results in faster job completion.

For smaller yards and gardens, the LB48 offers plenty of tilling capability. The 48-inch width efficiently works soil in modest areas. Going with the more compact LB48 can save on cost and storage space for hobby use.

Tilling Depth

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

In addition to wider coverage, the LB60 also provides a deeper tilling depth. It can cultivate up to 7 inches deep compared to 6 inches for the LB48.

That extra inch of depth makes the LB60 better equipped to break up thick, compacted soil. The aggressive tines shred dirt clods thoroughly to prepare an optimal seedbed.

Occasional deep tilling boosts aeration and water retention in the soil. For large fields or areas with dense, clay-based dirt, the LB60 tillers extra reach gives an advantage.

For regular maintenance tilling, the LB48 model offers sufficient depth for most applications. Its 6-inch capability incorporates amendments efficiently.

Power and Performance

The engines on both models provide ample power for their tilling widths and depths. The LB48 has a 48 HP diesel motor while the LB60 features a 60 HP diesel engine.

These diesel motors supply the steady torque needed to push the tines through challenging soil conditions. Electronic fuel injection means easy starts with smooth, reliable running.

The counter-rotating tines aggressively cultivate ground in a single pass. Their overlapping action pulverizes soil thoroughly for excellent seedbed preparation. Heat-treated tines retain their strength season after season.

While the LB60 does have a power advantage for larger jobs, the LB48 has matching horsepower for its tilling swath. Both deliver impressive cultivation performance.

Hitch Options

To provide versatile operation, both the LB48 and LB60 come standard with 3-point and clevis hitch attachments. This allows connecting to either a tractor or an ATV/UTV.

The 3-point hitch provides a sturdy, stable link to tractors. Adjusting the hitch height and level is tool-free. For working larger areas, a tractor matched with the 3-point hitch maximizes productivity.

The clevis hitch option enables pulling these Field Tuff models behind smaller utility vehicles. When tilling gardens or maintenance areas, an ATV or UTV allows maneuvering in tight spaces.

Having dual hitch options included gives the flexibility to rig the tiller for different vehicles. You can use a tractor for field preparation then later an ATV for garden maintenance.

Convenient Controls

On both the LB48 and LB60 models, the engine throttle and tine clutch are controlled with easy-access levers. This allows making adjustments on-the-go for efficient operation.

Engaging the tines is done with a simple electric push-button switch. Raising and lowering the tines utilizes a convenient foot pedal control.

Adjusting the tilling depth is also fast and tool-free. Just reposition the skid shoes on the cultivator shroud as needed.

Overall, these Field Tuff tillers provide intuitive controls so operators can focus on covering ground. The similar user-friendly designs allow getting up to speed quickly.


Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Field Tuff designs their tillers for rugged use and easy maintenance. The LB48 and LB60 share sturdy steel construction and welding for durability.

Gearbox housings are sealed to prevent contamination. The tines attach with slip collars so replacing worn tines is a simple bolt-on job.

Grease zerks at pivot points make lubrication quick and convenient. Oil drain valves simplify changing gearbox fluid.

With their straightforward service needs, both models deliver long working life with minimal upkeep. The beefy construction ensures seasons of reliable tilling performance.

Weight and Size

With its wider tilling width, the LB60 understandably has a larger frame size compared to the more compact LB48. Exact dimensions are:

  • LB48: 48” W x 84” L x 55” H – 1,450 pounds
  • LB60: 60” W x 96” L x 55” H – 1,750 pounds

Make sure you have adequate storage space for these pull-behind units. Their working widths also factor when maneuvering around gardens and buildings.

The LB60 model weighs 300 pounds more than the LB48. That extra heft provides stability when pulling through rough fields. But the increased weight needs to be considered depending on your towing capacity.

Which Is the Better Fit?

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

For small gardens and landscaping areas, the Field Tuff LB48 tiller provides ample cultivation power. Its 48-inch width and 6-inch depth efficiently work modest areas.

When you need to prepare acres of ground or cultivate regularly, the LB60 is built for the task. Its 60-inch tilling width and 7-inch depth deliver commercial-grade performance.

Both models attach to tractors or ATVs, feature robust diesel engines, and are built rugged. By choosing the size that matches your typical tilling jobs, you’ll enjoy years of satisfying results.

Discuss How The Tines Loosen And Aerate Difficult Soil

If you’ve ever tried turning over a new garden plot or breaking ground in an area with compacted soil, you know how challenging it can be. The dense, stubborn earth laughs in the face of your shovel and scoffs at rake tines. You need some serious mechanical muscle to break through tough soils and get them ready for planting.

That’s where a pull-behind tiller comes in handy. These heavy-duty tillers are designed specifically for busting up densified soils and aerating the earth. The key is in the tines.

Tiller tines are made from hardened steel and engineered for maximal soil penetration. They feature angled blades that slice through the ground and rip through compacted layers. The tines on a quality tiller will dig in and power through the most stubborn clay, break up heavy soils, and loosen things up.

As the tines rotate and churn through the earth, they aerate the soil at the same time. This aerates the ground by creating air pockets that allow oxygen and moisture to reach plant roots. Aerating while tilling prepares the perfect seedbed for planting.

Pull-behind tillers have two main types of tines: field tuff cultivator tines and field tuff tiller tines. Cultivator tines are made for deeper soil aeration and typically measure 8-12 inches long. Tiller tines are shorter at around 5-8 inches and made for thorough overall soil preparation.

Cultivator Tines Break Through Compacted Layers

As their name implies, cultivator tines are designed to cultivate the earth. Their longer and sturdier construction allows them to penetrate compacted ground deeply and rip through dense layers.

Some models like the Field Tuff CK9-TRG have dual tine rows with a staggered configuration. The rear tines chew down deep while the front tines refine the soil. This one-two punch thoroughly fractures compacted earth.

Dual tine rows also provide excellent soil flow. Soil breaks apart and flows smoothly over the tines instead of clogging the machine. Smooth discharge prevents clogs even in clay soil.

The robust nature of cultivator tines makes them perfect for first-pass groundbreaking. They fracture virgin soil to depths of 8-12 inches for planting. Their deep reach also makes them ideal for subsoiling compacted acres. Power through plow pans and dense subsurface layers to rejuvenate soil.

Tiller Tines Thoroughly Mix and Refine Soil

Tiller tines are made for preparation of seedbeds and thoroughly mixing amendments into soil. Shorter and more numerous than cultivator tines, they churn through earth aggressively to create the perfect growing medium.

Models like the CK9-TRG have dual tine rows with the front set configured as tiller tines. After the rear cultivator tines fracture compacted ground, the front tines pulverize soil into fine crumbly tilth.

The tilth from tiller tines provides excellent moisture retention and nutrient absorption for seeds and roots. Soil airs out and leaves no clumps or unbroken sections behind. With a smooth and thorough mix, you can plant immediately after tilling.

The thorough churning action of tiller tines also blends in amendments like compost, manure, lime, and fertilizer. Mixing organics and nutrients throughout the soil profile ensures even distribution for optimal plant growth.

Heavy-Duty Pull-Behind Tiller Models Suit Any Task

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

When you need to rip through rock-hard soils and prep fields for planting, hitch up a heavy-duty pull-behind tiller. Leading manufacturers like Field Tuff offer a range of PTO-driven models to break new ground or rework existing turf.

The Field Tuff CK9-TRG is a tractor tiller with reversible tines for shredding sod and soil preparation. It has dual tine rows in staggered cultivator and tiller configurations. The versatile design transitions between groundbreaking and seedbed preparation.

Their CK2-TRG model sports a single tine row for more compact tillage. It’s compatible with tractors and ATVs making it perfect for smaller plots. With cold-rolled tines, it powers through clay, sod, and heavily compacted earth.

For larger acreage needs, the CK5-TRGhas a 50 inch working width and 5 shank tine row. It handles subsoiling, sod busting, and ground refinement with power and efficiency.

The wide models CK6-TRG and CK7-TRG have 60 and 66 inch cutting widths respectively. Their expansive reach makes fast work of field preparation and sod turnover. A hydraulically controlled gate lets you adjust soil flow and tilth.

No matter your soil situation – new ground or established turf, light loam or stubborn clay – Field Tuff has a pull-behind tiller ready for the job. Their heavy tines will aerate and power through the most compacted acres.

Highlight The Cyclone Tine Design For Thorough Cultivating

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Preparing soil for planting requires deep cultivation and thorough turnover. Simply skimming the surface doesn’t cut it when you need to bust up compacted layers and work amendments down into the soil profile. For maximum cultivation and soil fracturing, you need equipment with cyclone tine action.

Cyclone tillers feature specialized S-shaped tines that orbit in a circular motion as they rotate. This creates an aggressive cultivating effect that pulverizes soil, breaks up dense layers, and mixes in amendments.

Leading manufacturers like Field Tuff engineer cyclone tines for outstanding cultivation. With robust construction and innovative design, cyclone tiller tines fracture the most stubborn soils with ease.

How Cyclone Tines Work

The cyclone effect comes from S-shaped tines attached to wheels placed off-center on the tiller shaft. As the wheels spin, the off-set tines move in a circular motion creating cyclone action.

Unlike straight tines that simply churn straight down, cyclone tines slice horizontally as they spin. This horizontal shearing effect literally shreds and vibrates soil apart. Clumps and compaction disintegrate under the intense vibration.

With each rotation, the tines cultivate a wider overall area. As they orbit outward in a circle, they reach untouched areas with every pass. The result is complete cultivation with no gaps or missed spots.

Fracture Tough Soil Layers

The intense horizontal shearing of cyclone tines makes them perfect for busting up durable layers of compacted soil. Straight tines simply bounce off accumulated plow pans and subsurface compaction.

But cyclone tines attack that compaction with each pass. The repeating horizontal blows fracture and weaken the hardened layers. Eventually, the dense accumulations shatter under the bombardment into loose, broken particles.

By fracturing compacted layers, cyclone tines restore porous subsurface structure. This allows moisture, nutrients and roots to penetrate deeply for healthier plants.

Thorough Mixing and Incorporation

Cyclone tines don’t just break up soil, they also thoroughly mix and incorporate amendments. As the tines vibrate and fracture the ground, they blend in things like fertilizer, compost, peat moss throughout the soil.

The horizontal shearing action blends amendments and organic matter more uniformly than standard tines. Cyclone tines leave no clumps or concentrated pockets of material.

Thorough incorporation of nutrients and organics ensures plants have evenly distributed access. Roots grow uniformly with no gaps in nutrients or amendments.

Field Tuff Offers Durable Cyclone Tine Tillers

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

For the most vigorous soil fracturing and amendment mixing, turn to a cyclone tine tiller. Field Tuff offers acreage-devouring models with robust cyclone tine construction.

The CK10-BTC has a 60 inch tilling width to cover expansive ground quickly. It features two staggered rows of cyclone tines for thorough incorporation while covering width. The rear tines break up subsoil while the front tines pulverize surface soil into seedbed friendly tilth.

For smaller plots and yards, the CK9-BTC provides the same cyclone tine action in a 3 point hitch model. Quickly power through soil fracturing and mixing jobs with the aggressive S-tine orbital action.

Their CK8-BTC tiller has a PTO drive shaft for use with tractors or ATVs. With 48 inches of cultivating width, it handles ground prep and amendment mixing for medium plots. Cyclone tines fracture tough layers and produce fine seedbeds.

For truly stubborn ground, use the CK2-HDXT with its rugged ripper tines. The S-tines bore through compacted layers while the rippers fracture subsoil below. It leaves soil thoroughly cultivated and aerated in its wake.

Field Tuff cyclone tine tillers make cultivating even the most challenging soils a simple task. Their robust construction and intensive tine action can fracture the most stubborn layers and produce expertly mixed seedbeds.

Review The Gearbox’s Durability And Ability To Handle Rocky Ground

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Tilling rocky, abrasive soil can quickly destroy lesser machines. The grit wears away softer metal, abrades exposed gears, and jams moving parts. A tiller won’t last long under those punishing conditions without ultra-rugged construction.

The gearbox takes the most abuse from stone-filled ground. To thrive in abrasive conditions, you need gears shielded by thick housings, robust driveshafts, and durable materials that resist wear.

Brands like Field Tuff engineer tillers purpose-built for rocky earth. Their gearboxes feature specialized designs and hardened metal to withstand abrasion from stones and grit.

Shield Vital Components

Exposed gears and chains are vulnerable to abrasive damage and wear. Rocks and soil accelerate failure as they invade moving parts.

Field Tuff protects the most important components inside thick cast-iron gearbox housings. The housings shelter gears, sprockets, shafts and bearings from abrasive elements.

Gears ride on shafts sleeved with replaceable bushings. The bushings absorb wear from grit so the shaft stays smooth. Plowing rocky ground pushes abrasive materials against the housing instead of tender gears.

Robust Gears Resist Chipping

Thin, cheap gear metal chips and grinds away quickly when subjected to abrasion. That’s why Field Tuff uses ultra-thick cast steel for drive gears inside the housing.

The robust gears laugh off stony impacts without chipping or erosion. Thicker teeth provide more surface area so wear distributes evenly across the entire gear.

Reinforced gears and shafts shrug off abrasive forces while transferring full horsepower to the tines. Sturdy components stay intact season after season.

Replaceable Bushings Protect Against Wear

No matter how robust the construction, abrasion takes a toll through sheer repetition. Friction from dust grinds away at bushings, bearings, and pins over time.

That’s why Field Tuff uses replaceable bushings and pins throughout the gearbox. The bushings absorb abrasion instead of the shafts and gears. Pins act as fuses by shearing first when overloaded.

Replaceable wear items cut downtime dramatically. Swap out a few low-cost parts each season to renew the gearbox instead of buying a whole new machine.

Field Tuff Pull-Behind Tiller Toughness

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Field Tuff engineers tillers to thrive under back-breaking conditions year after year. They choose materials and design components specifically for surviving abrasive, rocky soil.

The CK9-TRG tractor tiller is built rock-solid from the ground up. Its cast iron housing protects durable gears. Replaceable bushings and pins prevent abrasion damage.

Their CK5-TRG model features the same stout construction in a 5 tine row configuration. Thick housings keep rocks from invading the full-length gearbox and powertrain.

The CK2-TRG is engineered for small tractors and ATVs but with no loss of durability. Thick cast gears and bushings withstand abrasion while tilling efficiently.

For acreage demands, the CK7-TRG handles 66 inches of brutal tilling. The extended gearbox never falters thanks to robust internals and replaceable wear parts.

When you need to reclaim rocky ground year after year, Field Tuff has the gearbox durability for the job. Their components endure abrasion that would destroy lesser tillers.

Explain How The Adjustable Depth Settings Improve Performance

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Preparing different soils requires adjusting tilling depth to match conditions. Clay needs shallow mixing while compacted earth requires deep ripping. Without adaptable depth control, a tiller struggles to perform across various soils.

That’s why advanced models like the Field Tuff series offer adjustable depth settings. The ability to control tillage depth optimizes performance by matching penetration to ground conditions.

Adjustable depth settings boost efficiency in a variety of soils. The tiller maintains ideal tine engagement, minimizes clogging, and reduces strain on components. Proper depth control is crucial for peak tiller productivity.

Match Penetration to Soil Conditions

Different soils require different tillage depths. Clay and sandy loam need just enough mixing to prepare a seedbed. Compacted acres need deep ripping to fracture dense layers.

Fixed-depth tillers can’t adapt to changing soil types. They either can’t penetrate tightly packed earth or over-till lightweight soil.

Adjustable down pressure lets you match penetration to soil conditions. Increase depth in compacted clay or reduce it in sandy loam. Optimizing tine engagement boosts efficiency across all ground types.

Prevent Clogging in Heavy Soil

Overloading tines in heavy clay causes clogging as wet soil packs around blades. Caked mud chokes flow and leads to costly shutdowns for clearing jams.

Reducing tillage depth prevents overloading in clay and muddy earth. With shallower penetration, wet soil flows freely off tines without packing around them.

Optimized depth settings match actual ground conditions. Smooth discharge eliminates downtime for clearing clogged tines in clay or muddy acres.

Reduce Component Strain

Too-deep tine penetration overworks gears, blows hydraulic hoses, and strains drivetrain components. Excess drag forces premature breakdowns.

Adjustable down pressure prevents excessive strain by matching tilling depth to soil conditions. Reduced drag takes load off gears, chains, hoses, and shafts for a smoother, lower-stress operation.

The right depth settings protect components while still delivering all the power needed for proper soil preparation. Adjustability optimizes load and strain for greater longevity.

Field Tuff Tillers Offer Adaptable Depth Control

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Field Tuff pull-behind tillers feature versatile depth adjustment systems to optimize tillage penetration. Settings like mechanical gates and hydraulic control handle changing soil conditions.

The CK7-TRG tiller has a adjustable slide gate for varying tillage depth from 2-8 inches. Set the gate high for shallow seedbed churning or lower for subsoil shattering.

Their CK5-TRG model employs angled skids that let you adjust down pressure. Easily set the perfect depth for soil conditions by raising or lowering the skids.

The CK2-TRG ATV tiller utilizes hydraulic lift to adapt tilling depth while operating. Fine-tune penetration on-the-go for maximum efficiency across soil types.

On the CK10-BTC cyclone tiller, independent hydraulic cylinders control the depth of front and rear tine sets separately. Dial each in precisely for soil conditions.

With Field Tuff’s innovative depth control systems, you can easily match tilling intensity to ground conditions for a smoother, uninterrupted operation.

Describe How The Heavy-Duty Construction Handles Constant Use

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Light-duty tillers quickly rattle apart under day-in, day-out work. Their flimsy frames bend, thin gearboxes crack, and weak components fail.

For reliable tilling every day across any acreage, you need a machine engineered specifically for constant hard use. It takes thick frames, robust drivetrains, and reinforced components to withstand relentless work.

That’s why experienced farmers trust Field Tuff’s heavy-duty pull behind tillers. Their overbuilt construction thrives under rigorous daily use when lesser machines break down.

Thick Frames Prevent Damage

A weak tiller frame is a recipe for failure. Constant vibration and impact cause thin frames to crack and bend out of shape. Once the frame warps, everything falls apart.

That’s why Field Tuff relies on thick-walled steel frames up to 1/4 inch thick. Heavy platings resist denting and absorb vibration without damage. The solid foundation prevents cracks despite ceaseless pounding.

Robust frames shrug off hauling and years of non-stop tilling while keeping components aligned for smooth operation.

Overbuilt Gearboxes Excel Under Load

Gearboxes see tremendous force from grinding through soil constantly at full power. Lesser drives burn up quickly from heat and stress.

Field Tuff gearboxes are engineered for all-day tasks. Oversize gears resist wearing down. Dual tapered roller bearings last 10X longer under load. Thick castings dissipate heat and dampen noise.

Robust gearboxes thrive under heavy daily use to transfer maximum power year after year. Their fortified construction never lets you down.

Replaceable Wear Parts Extend Service Life

No matter how robust, abrasive wear takes a toll on tines, bushings, and bearings with constant use. Replaceable parts reduce downtime and refresh tillers.

Field Tuff incorporates easily replaceable parts at friction points throughout their machines. Swap in fresh tines, bushings, and pins between seasons to renew wear areas.

Replaceable wear parts make rejuvenation affordable and keep you tilling. Fix minor wear before it takes out major components.

Field Tuff Pull-Behind Tiller Toughness

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Serious tillage requires serious construction. Field Tuff engineers all components from frames to gearboxes specifically for rigorous daily use.

The CK5-TRG employs 1/4 inch thick steel plating with reinforced braces across its 60 inch width. The fortified frame stands up to ceaseless work year after year.

Their CK2-TRG features similar overbuilt construction on a smaller scale for compact tractors. Thick castings and replaceable parts promote longevity.

The CK7-TRGadora features beefed up gearboxes, shafts, and bearings engineered for 24/7 use across 66 inch cut width. Its daily-duty durability never quits.

When you need dependable tilling across any acreage every day, Field Tuff’s heavy-duty construction delivers. Robust components thrive where flimsy tillers fail.

List Compatible Vehicles Like ATVs, UTVs, And Small Tractors

A pull-behind tiller is only half the equation – you need a robust tow vehicle to maximize its potential. The vehicle provides power and traction for peak tiller performance across any terrain.

While large tractors handle big acreage, compact ATVs and UTVs are ideal for smaller plots. Their nimble size provides ample power for tilling gardens, horse arenas, food plots, and landscaping.

Leading tiller brands like Field Tuff engineer models compatible with a range of tow vehicles. Hitches and power options match all types of ATVs, UTVs and tractors for top versatility.

ATVs Offer Tractor Power in a Compact Package

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

ATVs provide plenty of torque and traction in a compact 4-wheel package. Models above 500cc generate enough power to drive tillers up to 60″ wide.

Their light footprint lets ATVs navigate tight plots while engaging tines aggressively. Four wheel drive, differential lock, and generous ground clearance conquer uneven terrain.

Field Tuff tillers like the CK2-TRG mount to ATV hitches for unmatched maneuverability tilling gardens, food plots, and landscaping.

UTVs Boast More Power and Comfort

For larger plots, UTVs provide more substantial power than ATVs. Their larger frames accommodate bigger engines and up to 1000cc displacement.

In addition to ample power, UTVs offer better stability via longer wheelbases. Their pickup truck-like cabs also give a smoother ride over rough ground.

UTVs have the muscle and traction for Field Tuff’s 60″ and larger tiller models. The vehicle’s power transfers efficiently through the tiller drivetrain.

Small Tractors Provide Versatility

Nothing beats a compact tractor for taming acreage. Their PTO power take-off transfers engine energy straight to tiller gearboxes.

Low-profile models like the John Deere 1025R provide the exact dimensions for navigating modest plots. Better visibility and easier transport than full size models.

Field tuff tillers from 48″ to 66″ wide hook up to compact tractors via 3 point hitches. The PTO spins tiller gears reliably at any rpm.

Match Your Tow Vehicle to Maximize Tilling

Field Tuff engineers tillers to match all types of compact tow vehicles for top versatility. Getting the right tiller-vehicle pair optimizes performance.

Their CK2-TRG tiller with ATV hitch harness nimble power for navigating tight plots. UTV rigs like the Polaris Ranger boost output for larger acreage.

Tractor models like the CK5-TRG utilize 3 point hitches to transfer maximum PTO power. The system handles acreage jobs with efficiency.

With Field Tuff’s range of hitch and drivetrain options, you can optimize tractor power from your existing tow vehicle. Then watch the acres disappear in its wake.

Consider Maintenance Tips And Accessories For Optimal Performance

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Tilling acreage demands a lot from equipment. Moving parts wear, vibration takes a toll, and debris invades components. Without proper maintenance and protection, even rugged tillers experience reduced performance and breakdowns.

A thorough maintenance routine keeps parts functioning smoothly and prevents major repairs. Strategic accessories shield vulnerable components from abrasion and extend the machine’s service life.

With regular upkeep and protection, Field Tuff tillers deliver maximum productivity season after season. Proper care reduces downtime and optimizes equipment investment.

Replace Wear Parts Before They Fail

Tines, bushings, bearings, and pins naturally erode from friction and abrasion. Worn parts allow slop into drivetrains reducing performance.

Replacing wear components before they fail keeps the tiller running like new. Swapping tines, bushings, seals at scheduled intervals provides cheap insurance.

Use OEM replacement parts that meet the tiller’s engineering specs for optimal durability and fit. Top quality parts prevent problems down the road.

Seal Bearings and Drives from Contaminants

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Dust, chaff, moisture and grit infiltrate unsealed components causing damage. Bearings bind up, gears erode, and parts seize when contaminated.

High quality seals block debris from entering the gear case, bearings, and shafts. Rubber boots protect vulnerable CV joints from grit and grime.

Aftermarket sealing kits retrofit protection onto older tillers. Keeping drives sealed ensures smooth operation despite dust and abrasion.

Adjust Components to Spec

Loose belts, chains, and fasteners allow play into drivetrains that accelerates wear. Keeping adjustments to spec eliminates slop.

Routinely check tension on belts and chains. Torque bolts to specified levels after inspecting for cracks. Shim or replace any warped components.

Proper adjustments maximize power transfer through the drivetrain to the tines for optimal field performance.

Choose Field Tuff for Low-Maintenance Performance

Field Tuff engineers tillers for easy maintenance and protection. Thick seals, shielded cores, and adjustable components promote smooth operation.

The CK5-TRG features a protected chain-drive powering robust gearboxes designed for routine tine and bushing replacement.

Their CK2-TRG makes drivetrain access convenient for tensioning belts, greasing, and wiping debris. Extended lubrication intervals reduce maintenance time.

On the CK7-TRG heavy-duty seals protect the 3-chain gear drive from abrasive elements. Slide gates optimize down pressure as tines wear.

Keep your Field Tuff tiller running like new with basic maintenance for maximum field performance season after season.

Summarize Why Field Tuff Offers The Best Value For Pulled Tillers

When you’ve got acres to work, tilling equipment represents a major investment. You need equipment tough enough for the job without breaking the bank.

Many manufacturers sacrifice durability by using less materials and flimsy components. Those money-saving shortcuts result in equipment failure and costly downtime.

Field Tuff takes a different approach by engineering ruggedness and reliability into every machine. Their pulled tillers provide maximum longevity and performance per dollar invested.

Built Tough From the Ground Up

Field Tuff starts with the foundation using thick steel frames and fortified decks able to withstand years of rugged use. They employ durable gearboxes designed for non-stop tilling day after day.

Reinforced agitator shafts, oversized chains, and bearings made to operate under heavy load demonstrate their commitment to overbuilt design. Components are engineered for field performance, not lowest cost.

By designing robustness into each part, Field Tuff ensures their tillers have the longevity to deliver on equipment investment over years of hard service.

Focus on Efficient Power Transfer

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

Efficiency is crucial for maximizing equipment value. All the robustness doesn’t help if power never reaches the tines.

Field Tuff drivetrains employ chains and gearing optimized for smooth power delivery to the soil fracturing teeth. Everything from PTO shafts to tine shafts transfers torque efficiently.

Efficient power transfer means you get maximum fracturing and soil preparation from every gallon of fuel. More acres tilled per dollar invested.

Easy Maintenance Means Less Downtime

Equipment that’s stuck in the shop can’t make you money. Field Tuff reduces downtime by making routine maintenance quick and affordable.

They use common replacement parts that any owner can install themselves between jobs. Bushings, seals, tines, and chains swap out with basic tools to minimize downtime.

By reducing downtime for maintenance, Field Tuff tillers spend more time profitably turning acres and less time eating up overhead in the shop.

Affordable Acre-Devouring Performance

Need A Heavy-Duty Tiller. Discover Field Tuff

When you tally up heavy-duty construction, efficient operation, and easy upkeep, Field Tuff tillers provide outstanding value for money invested.

The CK2-TRG tames small plots with compact tractor power. Its rugged build and easy maintenance minimize cost per acre.

Bigger models like the CK5-TRG employ the same overbuilt designs on larger frames. More acres tilled with less downtime.

Field Tuff still offers the most heavy-duty components pound-for-pound. That hardworking durability transforms equipment investment into tamed acres.