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Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

Check the Condition of Your Existing 24v Battery

As any avid off-roader knows, having enough power is crucial for getting the most out of your UTV. And when it comes to power, it all starts with your battery. The factory-installed batteries on most recreational utility task vehicles like the popular Dynacraft Realtree are decent, but rarely robust enough for hardcore use or heavy modifications.

So if your Realtree UTV seems underpowered, sluggish, or unable to hold a charge, it’s probably time to upgrade that 24v battery. But before rushing out and buying a shiny new lithium upgrade, it’s worth checking the health of your existing lead-acid battery first. Here’s a quick DIY guide for testing battery voltage and condition on your Dynacraft:

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged, either by running the engine for at least 30 mins or using a trickle charger overnight.
  • With the engine off, use a multimeter to test the open circuit voltage. It should read at least 12.6V (25.2V for the full 24v system). Much less could indicate a bad cell.
  • Check the voltage again with headlights, accessories on to simulate a load. A healthy battery should stay above 12V per 12v battery under load.
  • Inspect battery physically for any cracks, leaks, swollen caps which are signs it needs replacement.
  • Use a hydrometer to test the charge level of individual cells. All should be at or above 75% state of charge.
  • Consider having your battery load tested at an auto parts shop to be sure it still has adequate CCA.

If your stock battery checks out fine, then other upgrades like a new alternator or wiring improvements may give you the added oomph you’re looking for. But if testing reveals your current batteries are on their last legs, then it’s time to swap in an upgraded model.

High-Capacity and Lithium Batteries for More Runtime

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

The simplest upgrade is to replace the existing flooded lead-acid batteries with higher capacity AGM or gel models, such as a 24v 7Ah battery. Going with the maximum amp hours your UTV can handle will provide more runtime before needing a recharge.

For even greater weight savings and 3-4x the lifespan, lithium batteries are ideal. High performance models from EarthX can deliver huge cranking power in compact sizes. Though more expensive upfront, their extended service life pays off in the long run.

Just be sure to select a true deep cycle lithium battery, not a starter battery which isn’t made for repeated deep discharges. And use a lithium-compatible charger to get the most longevity.

Alternator, Wiring, and Voltage Regulator Upgrades

To keep those upgraded 24v batteries charged up, consider upgrading your Dynacraft’s stock alternator and wiring. The small factory alternators usually only put out around 40-60 amps, which may not be enough for high-drain accessories.

Bolting on a high-output 100A+ aftermarket alternator can significantly speed up recharging. Just be sure your voltage regulator can handle the extra output without overcooking your new alternator. An adjustable regulator like the Painless 30102 allows fine tuning voltage to 14.7v for optimal charging.

Upgrading the gauge of your wiring and terminals can also help maximize power flow from the alternator to the batteries. Old corroded wires cause resistance and voltage drops. Replacing with 4AWG welding cable and copper lugs will improve charging efficiency.

Dual Batteries, LEDs, and Other Tips

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

For the ultimate in electrical capacity, consider adding a second auxiliary battery wired in parallel with the starter battery. This doubles your amp hours for double the run time of high power electronics and accessories. Just be sure both batteries are of the same voltage and chemistry.

Replacing old fashioned incandescent bulbs with LED headlights, utility lights, and interior lighting can greatly reduce power draw. LEDs consume far less wattage while outperforming old filament bulbs.

And don’t forget regular battery maintenance for maximum performance and longevity. Keep connections clean, make sure batteries are properly mounted to avoid vibration damage, and try not to let them sit in a fully discharged state whenever possible.

With these upgrades and proper care, your Dynacraft Realtree will have the electrical brute force to handle any UTV adventure while keeping you powered up longer. Just take it slow and easy on the throttle until you get used to the instantaneous torque of that new lithium battery!

Consider Upgrading to a High-Capacity 24v Battery

Once you’ve tested your stock batteries and determined it’s time for an upgrade, the next step is choosing the right replacement. While you can go with another standard flooded lead-acid model, opting for a high-capacity AGM or gel battery can provide some nice benefits for your UTV.

Compared to old-school wet cell batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries offer superior vibration resistance, faster recharging, and reduced maintenance needs. The electrolyte is suspended in fine fiberglass for steady performance even on rough trails. And with no liquid to leak or spill, you can mount them in any orientation.

Popular AGM models like the Odyssey PC2400T can deliver up to 70% more starting power versus standard batteries in the same footprint. Their extreme cranking current provides instant power to spin your engine over, even after sitting idle for months during the off-season.

Gel cell batteries work similarly, substituting the fiberglass separator for a silica-based gel. They tolerate even deeper cycling than AGMs. Either battery type can prolong the time between charges, meaning you spend less time plugged into the wall and more time off-roading.

The Lightweight Lithium Advantage

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

But for the ultimate combination of power density, durability, and lifespan, upgrading to a lithium-ion battery is hard to beat. The 24v lithium batteries made specifically for powersports use deliver absolutely massive cranking amps from an incredibly compact and lightweight package.

For example, a single 14Ah EarthX ETX24L weighs just 5.5 pounds. Yet it cranks out a whopping 1000 cold cranking amps (CCA)—nearly triple the power of a similar size lead-acid. Imagine having the starting power of three stock UTV batteries inside one tiny lithium unit!

In addition to tremendous cranking power, lithium’s sustained energy density means your accessories can run longer without taxing the battery. And the high cycle life—often 3000+ cycles versus 500 or less for lead-acid—gives you years of reliable starting and deep cycling capability.

Just be sure to use a proper lithium charger to maximize safety and battery life. Models like the Battery Tender Lithium 24v Junior deliver a precise float/maintenance charge to keep each cell balanced.

Battery Finder for the Perfect Replacement

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

With so many battery options available, it can be tricky choosing the ideal upgrade for your model. That’s where online battery finder tools come in handy!

Simply enter your UTV’s year, make, and model—like Dynacraft Realtree—and the tool will match you with compatible replacement batteries guaranteed to bolt right in. No more guessing about terminal type, dimensions, or required CCA.

Online tech guides on reputable sites like BatteryStuff.com are another great way to narrow down the optimal battery for your specific vehicle and usage. You can compare AGM vs gel vs lithium models and select the best balance of cranking power, capacity, lifespan and budget for tackling the rugged trails with your upgraded Dynacraft.

No matter which route you take, a fresh high-capacity 24v battery will unlock the true performance and electrical potential of your trusty UTV. Just take care to properly install, charge, and maintain it for years of reliable off-road adventure.

Use a Battery Maintainer to Extend Battery Life

Popping open the hood after your Realtree has sat idle for a few weeks only to find a dead battery is no fun. And repeatedly deep cycling your batteries can shorten their lifespan. That’s where a good battery maintainer comes in handy!

A quality trickle charger like the Battery Tender Plus 24V can keep your UTV’s batteries topped off and balanced whether it’s parked in the garage or on a trailer. The low current and automatic float/maintenance mode prevent overcharging while neutralizing the normal self-discharge all lead-acid and lithium batteries experience during storage.

Forget trying to recharge with a standard automotive charger – they are designed for quick bulk charging, not maintenance. Constantly overcharging and undercharging your batteries causes damage. A proper maintainer provides just the right steady current for safe long-term care.

Battery maintainers connect easily via ring terminals and keep your ride’s 24v electrical system ready for action with a full charge when needed. No more jumping dead batteries or fiddling with battery chargers and timers.

Key Features to Look For

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

There are several helpful features to look for in a dedicated battery maintainer or conditioner:

  • Fully automatic operation that monitors battery voltage and turns on/off as needed
  • Float/maintenance mode that holds a preset voltage to prevent over or undercharging
  • Reverse polarity protection in case leads get connected backwards
  • Overcharge protection to prevent damage if attached long term
  • Desulfation mode to reverse sulfation and prolong lead-acid battery life
  • Temperature compensation for proper charging in extreme cold/hot
  • Spark proof for safe charging even near flammable fumes

A good brand like Battery Tender also makes maintainer models designed specifically for lithium batteries, AGM batteries, and large 24v systems. So you can pick the right charger for your UTV’s battery setup.

Keep Your Batteries in Peak Condition

Installing a battery maintainer is quick and easy. Just connect the ring terminals to your 12v or 24v batteries, plug it into an outlet, and let the automatic charger do its thing – no worrying about over or undercharging.

Combine a maintainer with proper storage temps, terminal cleaning and regular testing, and your Dynacraft’s upgraded AGM or lithium batteries will deliver years of reliable cranking power and plenty of reserve capacity for accessories.

A battery maintainer’s modest investment more than pays for itself in reduced battery replacements and the convenience of always having your UTV ready to ride at a moment’s notice – no more jump starting headaches!

Install Higher Output Alternator for Faster Charging

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

With big power comes big electrical demands – especially when upgrading to high-output accessories or auxiliary batteries on your Realtree. The stock 40-60 amp alternator may struggle to keep up.

Bolting on a high-output aftermarket alternator is a great way to speed up charging those upgraded 24v batteries. Models in the 80-120 amp range from quality brands like PowerBastion can make a huge difference in electrical capability.

But before cranking up the amps, make sure your voltage regulator can handle the extra output. The factory regulator is designed for lower amperage and may allow voltage spikes that fry your new alternator or electronics.

An adjustable regulator like the Painless 30102 lets you fine tune voltage specifically for your alternator. Set around 14.5-14.7v for optimum lead-acid charging without overvolting.

Alternator Size and Output

When selecting a higher output alternator, stick with a similar physical size as stock to ensure proper belt alignment. Larger cases may require modifications.

Check the voltage and polarity – you’ll want a 24v model wired for negative ground to match your system. And don’t forget any needed mounting brackets or hardware for your particular make and model.

Target an alternator rated for at least 25-50% higher amps than stock to provide sufficient overhead for larger loads. The typical 100A-130A range is ideal for most upgraded UTV electrical systems.

Supporting Mods for Maximum Power Flow

To get the full benefit of a high-output alternator, consider upgrading the wiring as well. The factory wiring is only sized for original equipments demands.

Larger 4AWG wire to the batteries lowers resistance for efficient power transfer. And be sure to upgrade the ground wiring and chassis bonding points to prevent bottlenecks.

Adding a second auxiliary battery also allows your new alternator to shine by providing more capacity to charge. Just make sure both batteries are isolated from each other to prevent discharge imbalances.

With these smart supporting upgrades, your new high-output alternator will keep both your starter and auxiliary batteries charged up for the most intense UTV adventures!

Upgrade Your Connections with Heavy Duty Wires and Terminals

You’ve upgraded your 24v batteries and alternator, but those enhancements can’t deliver full power if the factory wiring can’t handle the increased loads. Upgrading your terminals and cabling is equally important for performance gains.

The small gauge wire and cheap spring clamp connectors used by manufacturers are only intended for basic factory equipment. Add too many accessories and they become bottlenecks that inhibit power flow.

Replacing the main charging wires with 4AWG or 2AWG welding cable creates a super highway for your new alternator to rapidly charge upgraded batteries. The reduced resistance allows hundreds more amps to flow with less voltage drop compared to undersized OEM cabling.

And upgraded high current terminal blocks securely fasten your charging wires to the battery posts while eliminating corrosion that increases resistance. Copper or brass lugs soldered to the cable ends provide a robust connection.

Maximize Your Electrical System

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

Here are some tips for upgrading your Dynacraft’s electrical connections:

  • Use fine stranded 4AWG cable for maximum flexibility in tight engine compartments.
  • Color code positive and negative for foolproof connections.
  • Protect cabling from abrasion with wire looms and conduit.
  • Seal terminals to prevent moisture corrosion.
  • Secure wires tightly to prevent vibration damage.
  • Double check polarity when reconnecting to prevent shorts.

Don’t forget to upgrade the main ground wiring and chassis bonding simultaneously. Ground bottlenecks will negate other improvements. And clean any paint or grease from ground points to ensure metal-to-metal contact.

The High Performance Advantage

While it may not seem exciting, upgrading the battery cables, terminals, and grounding on your UTV is one of the best bang-for-buck ways to unlock the full capability of your electrical system.

The modest cost of high current cabling and quality terminals is paid back ten-fold in enhanced electrical performance, reliability, and lower resistance for your high-output alternator.

Your batteries will charge faster, your lights will burn brighter, and your accessories will have ample power when you need them most. So don’t neglect your wiring when planning electrical upgrades!

Add a Second Battery to Double Your Power

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to significantly increase your Dynacraft’s electrical capacity is by wiring in a second auxiliary battery. This doubles your available amp hours for even more electronic runtime before needing a recharge.

Just make sure to properly install and isolate the second battery to avoid accidentally draining both batteries and leaving you stranded. Follow these tips for safely wiring dual batteries on your UTV:

  • Use two identical batteries – same voltage, amp hours, and ideally same age/condition.
  • Install a battery isolator between the auxiliary and starter batteries.
  • Locate auxiliary battery in a vented rear box for safety.
  • Use heavy 4AWG cable for dual battery wiring.
  • Install a marine grade circuit breaker rated for the increased load.
  • Separate charging sources for each battery if possible.

The isolator allows the alternator to charge both batteries, while preventing the auxiliary from draining the starter battery should something drain the auxiliary alone.

Ideal Auxiliary Battery Types

While you can use any lead-acid or lithium battery as your auxiliary, absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gel batteries work particularly well:

  • AGMs handle repeated deep cycling better than standard wet cells.
  • Gel batteries are totally maintenance free and mountable in any position.
  • Both are safe for enclosed mounting locations compared to vented lead-acid models.

High performance lithium batteries offer the ultimate combo of light weight, high cranking power, and 3-5 times the cycle life compared to lead-acid. Just use a lithium-compatible charger.

More Run Time for Electronics and Accessories

With your dual 24v battery setup properly wired and isolated, you can tap the auxiliary battery’s power for winches, lights, audio systems and other electronics without fear of draining your starter battery.

Just be sure to balance power draws across both batteries to prevent one from being depleted much faster. And take advantage of your upgraded alternator to charge both packs simultaneously.

The extra onboard power brings confidence that you’ll have juice when needed, whether conquering tough trails or camping off-grid. Your UTV will have electrical reserves to spare for any adventure!

Use Lithium Batteries for Light Weight and Long Life

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

When it comes to the ultimate combo of cranking power, long lifespan, and featherweight portability, lithium batteries are hard to beat. Swapping your stock lead-acid batteries for lithium can transform your Dynacraft’s performance.

With 3-4 times the cycle life and up to 60% lighter weight than even AGM batteries, lithium models made specifically for powersports use deliver some compelling benefits:

  • Massive starting power – up to 1000 cold cranking amps!
  • No gradual fading due to sulfation like lead-acid
  • Faster charging and ability to boost-charge safely
  • Much greater tolerance for repeated deep discharge cycles
  • More stable voltage results in reliable electronics operation
  • High current output perfect for winches, audio systems, and electronics
  • Operates efficiently even down to sub-zero temps

Of course, the upfront cost of lithium is higher. But the extended service life more than pays for itself over time compared to constantly replacing lead-acid batteries.

Lithium-Specific Charging

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

Be sure to invest in a lithium-specific charger, as regular lead-acid chargers may overcharge and damage them. Quality lithium chargers like the Battery Tender Junior 24V provide the right float/maintenance voltage for safe long-term charging.

A BMS (battery management system) helps maximize lithium performance and safety. Quality batteries have the key protections built-in, but you can add an external BMS for extra peace of mind when charging and discharging your investment.

Performance That Lasts

While the upfront cost of quality lithium batteries exceeds lead-acid, the long-term savings are substantial when you consider the much greater lifespan and lack of gradual performance degradation.

And shedding 15-20 pounds of battery weight enhances acceleration, handling, and fuel economy. Your UTV will ride like new again!

Just be sure to take precautions like using insulated wrenches during install. But the benefits of lithium’s massive power in a compact and robust package make it the ultimate battery upgrade for demanding Realtree owners.

Install a Higher Output Voltage Regulator

Installing a high output alternator is a great first step, but to get the most from that upgraded amperage you need a voltage regulator designed specifically to maximize alternator performance.

The factory voltage regulator on your UTV controls alternator voltage output. But these basic regulators are calibrated for stock electrical loads and the lower demands of OEM alternators.

Adding a heavy duty adjustable regulator between your alternator and batteries allows you to fine tune voltage for optimum charging and prevent damage from voltage spikes.

Key Features of Performance Regulators

When selecting an upgraded regulator, look for these key capabilities:

  • Fully adjustable output voltage – ideal is around 14.5-14.8v for lead-acid
  • High current capacity – match to your upgraded alternator amps
  • Voltage and temp compensation circuits to prevent overcharge
  • Ignition switched and dash light wiring for easy install
  • Aluminum finned case for cooling
  • Backed by solid warranty from reputable brands

Quality options like the Painless 30102 have trimpots that allow you to dial-in precisely the right voltage for your batteries and electrical setup.

Get the Most from Your Alternator

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

Here are some tips for wiring your new regulator:

  • Mount it close to alternator to minimize voltage loss
  • Use proper gauge wire sized to alternator output
  • Ensure solid ground connection
  • Add fresh charging system fusible link as safety backup

With your high-output alternator and adjustable voltage regulator working in harmony, you’ll have rapid charging power to keep your upgraded 24v batteries at a full state of charge. Just monitor voltage levels periodically to ensure optimal system performance.

Upgrade Your Headlights and Accessories to LEDs

One of the easiest ways to take pressure off your UTV’s upgraded electrical system is by reducing power demands. Swapping out old power-hungry halogen lights for LEDs can make a dramatic difference.

High-output LED headlights and auxiliary lighting draw a fraction of the wattage of conventional bulbs. And with ten times the lifespan, you’ll save time on replacements too.

Upgrading interior and exterior accessories like dome lights, reverse lamps, utility lights and stereo amplifiers to efficient LED models ensures you get the most run time from charged batteries.

Benefits of LEDs

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

  • 80% less power draw – more reserve battery capacity
  • Brighter output per watt than halogens
  • No fragile filaments mean greater durability
  • Compact size allows creative mounting options
  • Very low heat output reduces fire risk
  • Instant power-on even in coldest weather

With brands like KC HiLiTES now making high-performance LED auxiliary work lights, you don’t have to sacrifice brightness or range by going LED.

Easy Plug-and-Play Install

Most LED bulbs and fixtures are direct replacements for stock halogen units. So installation is quick and easy in most cases:

  • Match LED bulb to stock socket type and wattage
  • Ensure polarity is correct on switched models
  • Use dielectric grease on connectors exposed to weather
  • Secure wiring to prevent vibration damage
  • Adjust angles for maximum night visibility

Let your upgraded charging system and batteries keep those new efficient LEDs shining bright on every journey!

Keep Your Batteries Charged and Maintained

No electrical upgrade pays off if you neglect basic battery maintenance. Keeping your UTV’s upgraded 24v packs in peak condition ensures you get maximum performance and longevity from your investment.

Be diligent about monitoring voltage and fluid levels in flooded lead-acid models. Clean corrosion from terminals several times a year and seal the connections. Check torque on hold-downs to prevent vibration damage.

Consider a maintenance charger for long-term storage. Trickle chargers like the Battery Tender Junior 24v provide an automatic float charge that prevents discharge when your ride sits unused between adventures.

Storage Tips

Here are some battery storage best practices:

  • Store batteries indoors in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid direct heat from radiators or appliances.
  • Place on an insulated surface, not concrete.
  • Bring to full charge before winter storage.
  • Maintain charge with automatic charger as needed.
  • Periodically test voltage and specific gravity.

Failing to maintain charge allows lead-acid batteries to sulfate, permanently reducing capacity. Proper storage keeps them ready for reliable cranking year after year.

Routine Maintenance Checks

Need Extra Power for Your Dynacraft Realtree UTV. Try These 10 Simple Upgrades

Get in the habit of regularly inspecting your batteries for potential problems:

  • Look for cracks, leaks or case swelling.
  • Clean battery tops to monitor fluid level.
  • Ensure vent caps are tight and valves unblocked.
  • Check cable and terminal condition for corrosion.
  • Confirm tie downs and mounts are tight.
  • Load test after 2-3 years to check overall health.

Just a few minutes of periodic maintenance will keep your UTV batteries performing at their peak – don’t neglect it!