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Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Introduction to crochet hair extensions. What are they?

If you’ve been looking for a protective, low maintenance hairstyle that will give you long, voluminous locks, crochet hair extensions may be the perfect solution for you. Crochet hair extensions, also sometimes called crochet braids, are a popular protective style that allow you to get beautiful long hair while giving your natural hair a break to grow and thrive underneath.

Crochet hair extensions get their name from the unique installation method. Unlike other extensions that require braiding, gluing, clipping or sewing in, crochet hair is installed by latching synthetic or human hair through cornrows with a special crochet needle tool. This creates a seamless, natural looking style that blends with your own hair smoothly.

Benefits of crochet braids vs other extensions

There are many benefits that make crochet braids a top choice over other extensions:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Natural look and feel
  • No need for harsh chemicals or glues
  • Easy installation – can DIY at home
  • Low maintenance
  • Protective styling for natural hair growth
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable

Different types of crochet hair

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

With crochet extensions, you have options when it comes to length, texture and style. Here are some of the most popular types of crochet hair:

Synthetic hair – Made from synthetic fibers like kanekalon. Lower cost, but doesn’t mimic real hair as well. Great for temporary styling.

Human hair – Made from real human hair. More expensive, but looks and feels incredibly natural with movement and sheen.

Pre-looped hair – Synthetic or human hair with loops so you don’t need to pre-loop it yourself. Faster installation.

You can also find crochet hair in different curl patterns from straight to tight spirals, various lengths from shoulder to extra long, and ombre shades.

How to choose the right crochet hair

With so many options for crochet braids, it can be tricky to decide what’s best for you. Here are some tips:

– Consider your style and lifestyle. Do you want a natural look for everyday or something more dramatic for events? Match the texture and curl pattern to your natural hair.

– Choose a length that flatters you. Go a bit longer than you normally would to get that bombshell look.

– Match the color to your natural hair tone or go bold with highlights or ombre color.

– Opt for human hair if you can splurge for the most natural look and ability to style.

– For ease of installation, try pre-looped hair your first time.

Easy installation

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

One of the biggest benefits of crochet braids is how quick and easy they are to install. While other extensions can take 8 hours at an expensive salon, crochet braids can be installed in as little as 1-2 hours. And you can easily DIY them at home!

Start by cornrowing your natural hair into a pattern across your head. Leave a small braid at the nape of the neck out to anchor the crochet hair. Then take your crochet needle, insert it through a cornrow, hook your crochet hair and pull it through forming a loop. Repeat across your head, one loop at a time.

If you choose pre-looped hair, you simply pull the loop through with your crochet needle instead of having to form the loop yourself. This makes installation even faster!

Maintenance tips

Once installed, crochet braids require very little maintenance compared to other protective styles. Here are some tips for keeping them looking fresh:

  • Gently wash once per week with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Allow to air dry or diffuse with low heat.
  • Style as desired – wear down, pull up, braid, bun etc.
  • Moisturize hair and scalp underneath braids as needed.
  • Gently remove any knots or tangles with fingers or wide-tooth comb.

How long do they last?

With proper care, crochet braids can last 4-8 weeks depending on your hair type and lifestyle. Those with more coarse, tightly curled hair may be able to go longer without the extensions loosening up. Plan to redo your cornrow pattern and install new crochet hair every 1-2 months.

Taking out crochet braids

When it’s time for removal, be gentle and patient to avoid damage to your natural hair. Never rip out the crochet braids. Carefully snip the base of each loop with sharp scissors then unravel and slide out the hair. Use a detangling brush or wide tooth comb to gently remove any shed hair caught in the cornrows. Deep condition after taking down the braids to prevent dryness.

DIY or professional?

The simplicity of crochet braids makes them the perfect DIY project for installing at home. However, if you want extra assurance of a flawless look, seek out a loctician who specializes in crochet braids.

The pros of a professional install include:

  • Expert cornrowing skills for a secure base
  • Knowledge of proper tension to avoid damage
  • Experience creating a full, natural style
  • Faster overall installation time

DIY pros include saving money and being able to style on your own schedule.

Fabulous styles to try

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Once you get hooked on crochet braids for their ease and versatility, you’ll want to try out many different looks. Here are some gorgeous crochet hairstyles to inspire you:

  • Long goddess waves
  • Half-up half-down ‘do
  • Natural corkscrew curls
  • Sexy highlights
  • Faux undercut
  • Trendy space buns
  • Bohemian goddess braids
  • Messy textured top knot
  • Side swept ponytail or pigtails

Let your personality shine through by playing with colors, textures and shapes. The styling possibilities are endless with the perfect base of crochet braids!

Benefits of crochet braids vs other extensions. More natural look and feel.

Crochet braids have fast become one of the most popular protective styles around. Once you enjoy the benefits of crochet hair extensions, you may never go back to messing with glue, clips, bonds or sew-ins again! Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages crochet braids have over other extension methods for achieving longer, fuller locks.

Lightweight and comfortable

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

One of the common complaints about hair extensions is how heavy and uncomfortable they can feel. All that extra hair pinned, glued or sewn in can cause headache-inducing tension on your natural hair and scalp. Crochet braids, on the other hand, feel incredibly lightweight and comfy.

The crochet installation technique means the extensions gently latch through your cornrow base versus being restricted tightly to your head. This creates a barely-there feel so you can wear crochet braids for weeks without irritation or headaches.

Natural look and feel

Besides comfort, crochet braids win when it comes to looking like your real hair. The small cornrow base stays hidden while the flowy crocheted hair blends seamlessly with your own. And unlike stiff hair bundles, crochet hair has movement and swing for a beautiful natural effect.

Go for a crochet style that matches your own hair texture. Kinky curls, loose waves, straight – the options are endless for a custom look.

No glues or chemicals

Say goodbye to glue, bonds and tape with crochet braids! These sticky extension methods can seriously damage your natural hair and scalp, leading to breakage and loss when it’s time for removal. The chemicals frequently cause irritation and burns too.

Crochet braids require no glues, waxes, tapes or other toxic products during application. The needle latching technique is gentle, chemical-free and worry-free for your locks.

DIY friendly installation

Crochet braids are hands down the easiest protective style to install by yourself at home. No complicated braiding patterns or tedious weaving required. As long as you can cornrow your natural hair into a base, you can add crochet extensions yourself in just a couple hours.

All you need is a crochet needle, hair extensions and a few hours of time. Save major bucks compared to paying for extensions at the salon.

Low maintenance

Keep your crochet braids looking fab with little effort. Unlike high-maintenance sew-ins, crochet braids only need the occasional wash, condition and style. Let them air dry or lightly diffuse for bouncy, beautiful texture.

When your natural hair begins to grow out after a few weeks, simply redo your cornrow base and add in new crochet hair. Much easier than taking down and redoing a full sew-in weave.

Protective benefits

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Underneath the crochet braids, your natural hair remains tucked away in neat cornrows. This protects your locks from exposure, friction and manipulation as you go about your busy life.

Crochet braids keep your hair strong and moisturized as it grows. And you avoid heat styling damage during the weeks you rock your crochet ‘do.

Long lasting style

While a sew-in might only last 4-6 weeks before looking ragged, crochet braids keep their fresh look for 6-8 weeks or more. The latching technique keeps the extensions secure and tidy.

As your new growth comes in, simply redo your cornrow base and add new crochet hair. You can keep your long crochet style going for several installs.

Budget friendly

Between professional installation costs and the hair itself, many extensions strain your beauty budget. But crochet braids are one of the most wallet-friendly options out there.

For $1-5 a pack, you can install several packs of crochet hair at home for less than $100 total. Get gorgeous inches without going broke.

If you’ve struggled with the discomfort, styling and cost of other extension methods, it’s time to give fabulous crochet braids a try. Your hair will thank you!

Different types of crochet hair. Synthetic hair, human hair, pre-looped hair.

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

One of the best things about crochet braids is the ability to customize your style. With so many options for length, texture, curl pattern and color, you can create a look that’s uniquely you. When shopping for crochet hair, you’ll come across three main types: synthetic, human hair, and pre-looped hair.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic crochet hair is composed of fibers like kanekalon or toyokalon rather than real human hair. The main advantage of synthetic hair for crochet braids is the low cost – packs can be found for as little as $1-3.

Synthetic crochet hair comes in endless colors, from natural black and brown to vibrant bold hues. It’s available in straight, wavy, and tightly curled textures to match different hair types. Synthetic locks mimic real hair but can sometimes look less natural.

While inexpensive and easy to install, synthetic crochet hair doesn’t last quite as long as human hair before tangling and frizzing. It’s best for temporary styling or those on a budget.

Human hair

For the most natural look, human hair is the way to go. Because it’s real human locks, the texture blends flawlessly with your own hair. Human hair has natural movement, shine and long-lasting durability.

You can style human crochet hair with heat tools, color it, and really treat it just like your own hair. It withstands humidity and resists tangling better than synthetic. The tradeoff is the higher cost, ranging from $8-$15 a pack.

Opt for human crochet hair if you want the most versatile, natural style that lasts months with proper care. It’s the ultimate investment for long-term wear.

Pre-looped hair

Pre-looped crochet hair takes the work out of preparing bulk hair for installation. Rather than having to manually create loops yourself, pre-looped hair comes ready with uniformly-sized loops about 1-2 inches apart.

This makes installing crochet braids go much faster! Just hook the pre-made loop with your crochet needle instead of having to pull the hair through and loop it.

Pre-looped hair is available in both synthetic and human hair versions. It provides ease and convenience without sacrificing style options. Just be aware that pre-looped packs contain less hair than bulk packs.

What’s best for you?

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

When deciding which type of crochet hair to choose, consider these factors:

  • Your budget
  • Hair style preferences
  • Length of wear desired
  • Time required for installation
  • Ability to recreate your natural texture

Those who want an affordable temporary style can save money with synthetic hair. Seeking the most natural look and versatility? Splurge for human hair.

If you’re new to crochet braids, start with pre-looped hair for faster install. Or choose bulk hair to DIY customize loop size and fullness.

Mix and match! Use pre-looped human hair for the back and sides, then add bulk straight synthetic hair for a curly up-do on top. Get creative with colors and textures.

No matter which crochet hair type you select, proper installation and care is key to getting longevity from your style. Follow tips for gentle washing, conditioning, removal and avoiding damage.

With the right crochet hair choice, you’ll get beautiful, braid-free locks for weeks on end. Flaunt your own fabulous hair!

How to choose the right crochet hair for your needs. Texture, length, color.

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

With so many options for crochet hair, it can be overwhelming trying to select the perfect look for you. But keep these tips in mind and you’ll pick extensions that match your style, flatter your features and create gorgeous, natural-looking locks.

Match texture to your hair

One of the beauties of crochet braids is the ability to mimic your natural hair texture. This helps the extension blend seamlessly for a realistic effect.

Those with tightly coiled curls should choose crochet hair with a tight spiral pattern. For looser curls, go with a wave or crimped crochet hair. If your hair is straight, pick straight locks.

You can even find crochet hair with a mix of textures, like loose waves throughout and tight coils at the ends. Play around with different patterns!

Consider your ideal length

Crochet braids allow you to experiment with longer lengths you may not feel comfortable committing to permanently. Have fun going for a dramatic look!

Shoulder length crochet hair provides a touch of added fullness. Opt for mid-back length for bombshell hair. Or try extra long 24-30 inch extensions for a whimsical mermaid vibe.

The longer you go, the heavier the hair will feel, so keep your lifestyle in mind too. Add some shorter layers around your face for a flattering frame.

Choose a color

Select a crochet hair color that either matches the shade of your natural hair or makes a fun, bold statement. Options include:

  • Solid jet black, dark brown, medium brown
  • Ombre shades fading from dark to light
  • All-over bold hair colors like blonde, red or pastels
  • Two-tone hair with contrasting colors
  • Natural black with highlighted face framing pieces

Look for quality crochet hair that hasconsistent coloring from root to tip for the most natural effect.

Factor in your lifestyle

Think about your regular activities when choosing crochet hair length, volume and texture. Do you need something you can dress up and wear out on weekends? Or prefer a style for your busy workdays?

Those with active jobs or fitness regimens might opt for shoulder length. Straight, silky locks for the office. Bouncy curls for date night.

The better the quality of hair, the more durable options you’ll have for styling and long-term wear.

Consider your face shape

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Flatter your gorgeous face by customizing your crochet hair length and part:

  • Oval face – Go for varied lengths with layers. Off-center parts look great.
  • Round face – Longer, straight hair with side parts elongate the face.
  • Heart shaped face – Layers with volume at jaw and crown balance full cheeks.
  • Square face – Soft waves and middle parts soften the angles.

Prep your natural hair

Make sure your own hair is prepped properly before installation. Trim split ends, deep condition for moisture and de-tangle for a smooth cornrow base.

This allows the crochet braids blend with your real hair seamlessly. Starting with healthy locks enhances the look.

Now that you know how to select crochet hair tailored to your unique beauty, the styling possibilities are endless. Be bold and try colors, prints or ombre you’ve always wanted. Change up your look from fierce waves to romantic curls. Let your personality shine!

Easy installation. Simple crochet tool allows you to install at home.

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

One of the biggest appeals of crochet braids is how quick and easy they are to install compared to other protective styles. While other extensions can take hours upon hours at an expensive salon, you can install crochet braids yourself at home in as little as one to two hours!

It’s all thanks to the simple crochet sewing tool that allows you to easily latch the hair through your cornrows. No advanced braiding skills or hair expertise required. Here’s an overview of the incredibly easy process from start to finish.

Step 1: Creating cornrow base

Start by sectioning off your natural hair and cornrowing it flat to your head. The number and pattern of cornrows is up to you – some opt for straight back rows while others create artistic designs.

Cornrow your hair as you normally would, keeping the braids tight to the scalp. Leave a small section of hair out at the nape of your neck to help anchor in the crochet hair.

Step 2: Adding crochet extensions

Now comes the fun part – attaching the crochet hair! Use the hook end of your crochet tool to latch open an empty cornrow stitch close to the scalp.

Insert the loose end of your crochet hair extension through the stitch opening. Pull it halfway through then use the hook to catch the loose end and pull it all the way through forming a loop.

Congratulations, you just installed your first crochet braid! Continue latching new pieces of hair into each cornrow stitch until your head is fully covered.

Step 3: Installing the edges

For a natural hairline, leave out the edges around your face. Carefully crochet the extension hair through the cornrow ends rather than your natural hair to protect your edges.

Keep the crochet braids at your hairline loose and wispy to blend with your own baby hairs. Gently pull some pieces out to frame your face.

Step 4: Finishing and styling

Once your head is covered, double check for any sparse areas you may need to fill in. Carefully trim the ends of the crochet hair to your desired length.

Style as desired! Fluff and arrange the hair into place. Add accessories like headbands. Experiment with different parts and updos.

That’s it – you just installed a flawless crochet style at home with your own two hands. Let your creativity go wild!

Tips and tricks

Follow these tips for easier crochet braid installation and a perfect result:

  • Work in sections – complete one braid row at a time
  • Use a mirror to see the back of your head
  • Maintain even tension – not too tight or loose
  • Split thicker hair into two thinner pieces to insert
  • Use curved end of tool to gently flatten cornrows
  • Go slow and be patient!

Take your time, keep your sections neat, and don’t overcrowd one area. With a simple tool and some free hours, you can install gorgeous, long-lasting crochet locks on your own.

Ditch the braiding hassle and salon expenses. Crochet braids make it so easy to wear versatile protective styles and save major coins.

Maintenance tips while wearing crochet braids. Washing, conditioning, styling.

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

The low-maintenance nature of crochet braids is one of the many reasons they’re so popular. But to keep your style fresh, beautiful and lasting over weeks of wear, it’s important to give them some periodic TLC.

Here are crucial maintenance tips for caring for your crochet braids and the hair and scalp beneath them:

Regular gentle washing

Aim to wash your crochet braids every 1-2 weeks as needed. Use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner made for braided hair. Dilute the shampoo with water before applying to prevent dryness.

Gently work the diluted shampoo into your scalp and hair, being careful not to tug on the extensions. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with conditioner, avoiding the scalp area. Let the braids air dry or diffuse with low heat.

Condition between washes

To keep the hair from drying out, condition your crochet braids 1-2 times a week in between washes. Spray leave-in conditioner or diluted rinse-out conditioner evenly from roots to ends. Sit under a hooded dryer so the heat helps the conditioner penetrate.

Look for creamy conditioners made specifically for braided styles. Deep conditioning treatments are also great for added moisture.

Gently detangle

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the ends of your crochet braids as needed. Carefully work through any knots, avoiding excessive pulling or friction.

Detangle gently while conditioned in the shower for easiest and safest detangling. Pat dry with an old t-shirt instead of rubbing for less frizz.

Protect edges

Take care not to catch and pull on the delicate edges of your hairline. Tuck them away under a scarf or satin cap for sleeping.

Avoid pulling tight styles that put pressure on your edges. If your edges get frizzy, use styling gel to slick them down neatly.

Moisturize your scalp and natural hair

Keep your real hair and scalp underneath hydrated by applying a moisturizing oil or leave-in conditioner at the roots every few days. Part the braids carefully and use a syringe applicator to access the cornrows.

Look for natural oils like jojoba, coconut or argan oil to nourish your scalp without clogging pores. A hydrated scalp will prevent itching and flakes.

Style and set your look

One of the fun parts of crochet braids is enjoying the versatility of styling. Switch it up daily or weekly!

Set your hair using rod rollers or flexi rods for defined curls and waves. Use styling gel to slick edges or get sleek updos.

Play with different parts and braided styles. Add fun accessories like headwraps, scarves or decorative pins. Let your creativity run wild!

With proper maintenance and TLC, your crochet style will look fab for 6-8 weeks or longer. Take good care of those locks!

How long do crochet braids last? Depends on hair type but 4-8 weeks.

One of the most common questions about crochet braids is how long they last before needing to be redone. The great news is crochet styles can hold up beautifully for 4-8 weeks or longer with proper care and maintenance.

The longevity of your crochet braids depends on several factors:

Your natural hair type

Those with tighter, kinkier hair textures may be able to go longer without the crochet braids loosening up. The coils help the hair hold onto the braided base longer before sliding out of the cornrows.

If your natural hair is straight with a looser wave, the friction against the cornrows can cause the crochet braids to loosen faster over time.

Installation technique

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Keep your crochet braids lasting by ensuring your cornrow base is tightly braided and the stitches are small. Crochet the hair in using the proper technique – not too loose but not overly tight.

Pay attention to tension when latching the hair through your cornrows. Keep the tension consistent throughout the head.

Hair care

To maximize longevity, properly care for your crochet braids in between installs. Regularly moisturize, gently detangle and use light hold styling products to prevent excessive frizzing.

Avoid over-washing, harsh brushing or heat styling at high temperatures. Handle the hair gently when styling to prevent tangling.

Type and quality of hair

Higher quality human hair will last longer than synthetic fibers. Pre-looped hair may slide out faster than bulk hair allowing you to control the loop size and spacing.

Try to find soft, flexible hair that mimics textures like your own for longer staying power. Avoid hair that feels stiff or plastic-like.

Lifestyle factors

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Are you active with a job that requires lots of movement? Do you frequently wear winter hats that cause friction? These factors can loosen crochet braids faster.

Also avoid frequently pulling your hair into tight ponytails or buns, which puts added stress on the cornrow base.

Pay attention to new growth

As your natural hair grows out, the new growth can cause the crochet braids to start lifting from the cornrows. This is the best indicator for when it’s time to re-do your install.

Some people can go 10-12 weeks between installs, but 4-8 weeks is average. Embrace the versatility to switch up styles and lengths!

Take your hair type, lifestyle and styling needs into account when gauging the longevity you can expect. Proper care and maintenance will ensure you get the most wear possible from your crochet braids.

Taking out crochet braids properly. Avoid breakage and shedding.

After 4-8 weeks of wear, it will be time to take out your crochet braids and give your natural hair some TLC. The removal process is just as important as the install. Take care to gently remove the crochet hair to avoid damage and breakage.

Here are some tips for properly taking out your crochet braids:

Wait for the right timing

Don’t try to force your install to last longer than its prime. As soon as you see significant new growth or loosening at the roots, it’s time for removal.

Leaving crochet braids in too long past their lifespan can cause matting, excessive pulling on your natural hair and locs working their way out of the cornrows.

Gather your materials

You’ll need sharp scissors, a rat tail comb or seam ripper tool, detangling brush and wide tooth comb. Have a bottle of moisturizing leave-in conditioner ready too.

Secure your hair out of the way with a headband. Work over a surface that lets cut hair fall away easily.

Cut, don’t pull

Carefully snip the knotted base of each crochet braid close to the scalp. Never just pull or rip the braid out from the roots.

Pulling can loosen your cornrow base, damage your edges or even rip out your natural hair. Go slowly and cut each braid base close to the scalp.

Gently remove shed hair

After cutting the knot, gently slide out and unravel each crochet braid from tip to root. Use the tail comb to loosen any shed hairs caught in the cornrows as you go.

Be patient and take care not to aggressively rip out the crochet hair, which can take your natural hair along with it.

Moisturize as you detangle

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

Use your detangling brush and wide tooth comb to gently work through your natural hair as you remove the crochet braids row by row. Add moisturizer to help detangle and prevent snags.

If you encounter any knots or matting, use your fingers to very gently tease apart rather than ripping through forcefully.

Deep condition after removal

Once all the crochet braids are out and hair is detangled, deep condition your natural hair. The protein and moisture will refresh your strands after weeks tucked away.

Let the hair air dry or gently blot with an old t-shirt. Style as desired and give your hair some recovery time.

Taking your time to properly remove crochet braids is just as crucial as the initial install. With care and patience, you’ll remove the hair without damage and be ready for your next look!

DIY or professional installation? Pros and cons of each.

One of the great aspects of crochet braids is the option to install them yourself at home. But for some, getting them done professionally at a salon provides added confidence. Should you DIY or hire an experienced stylist?

Here are some pros and cons of each option to consider:

DIY Crochet Install

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair


  • Saves money on installation costs
  • Schedule it when convenient for you
  • Customize to your exact style preferences
  • Fun to learn a new skill


  • Takes time and patience to install yourself
  • Tricks like tight cornrows or finishing the back area can be difficult
  • No guarantee of a perfect, flawless result
  • You have to remove them yourself when done

Professional Installation


  • Expert cornrowing for a secure base
  • Even tension and spacing for natural look
  • Faster overall install time
  • Professional tips and tricks


  • More expensive than DIY
  • Have to schedule appointments in advance
  • Less control over stylist’s methods
  • Still need to maintain style yourself

Tips for DIY Success

If you want to try installing your crochet braids at home, here are some tips for getting great results:

  • Watch tutorial videos to learn proper techniques
  • Start with pre-looped hair for easier install
  • Work in organized sections
  • Use a handheld mirror to see the back
  • Ask a friend to help with the back row
  • Take your time and don’t rush!

Get a feel for DIY by starting with simple styles before attempting intricate patterns or extra long lengths.

Whether you DIY or hire a professional, proper installation and aftercare is key to getting the most from your crochet braids. Evaluate your budget, skills and style preferences when deciding which route is best for you.

Fabulous crochet hairstyles to try. Ponytails, updos, twists, and more.

One of the best parts about crochet braids is how versatile they are for styling. You can create a different gorgeous look every day! From trendy updos to romantic curls, here are some fabulous crochet hairstyles to inspire you:

Sleek high ponytail

Show off the length and movement of your crochet braids by pulling them up into a sleek, high ponytail. Use styling gel to smooth flyaways and edges.

Add hair accessories like ribbons, scrunchies or pearl accents. For nighttime glam, wrap the base of the ponytail with gold cord or rhinestones.

Half up, half down

This versatile style is feminine and flattering for any occasion. Pull the top section of hair up into a bun or ponytail, leaving the bottom half long and loose.

Add pretty pins or decorative combs to jazz it up. Try a messy, imperfect bun up top for a laidback vibe.

Romantic curls

For a dazzling date-night look, curl your crochet braids into loose, romantic waves. Use a curling wand or flexi-rods to define the curls.

Finger-style the curls into place, leaving some pieces loose to frame your face. Finish with holding spray for touchable, bouncy curls that last.

Faux undercut

Need Longer Locks This Season. Crochet Hair Extensions: The Secret to Fabulous Hair

This edgy style fakes an undercut by pinning up the top layers, revealing an “undercut” bottom section. Slick down baby hairs along your hairline.

Pair this rocker chic look with bold makeup. Let some pieces fall out for added edge.

Top knot bun

A top knot bun gathered high on your crown creates an effortless updo. Twist all your hair up into a messy knot, leaving front pieces down to soften the look.

Make it your workout ‘do, or add jeweled hairpins for after-dark allure. Let shorter flyaways escape for a relaxed vibe.

Jumbo box braids

Incorporate your crochet braids into jumbo box braids for a cool, modern style. Part hair into square sections and braid down into chunky plaits.

Box braids show off various colors and lengths. Wrap braid ends in gold cords or beads for accented flair.

With the versatility of crochet braids, you can easily switch up your style daily or weekly. Have fun playing with new colors, textures and shapes!