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Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Introduction to Corkys Footwear – A Popular Shoe Brand

Corkys is a popular footwear brand known for its stylish and comfortable shoes. With a wide selection of booties, sandals, wedges, flats, and more, Corkys has something for every taste and budget. Keep reading to learn all about this iconic shoe company!

The History of Corkys

Corkys was founded in Orange County, California in 1991. The company set out to make fashionable, quality shoes at an affordable price point. Corkys shoes quickly gained popularity among young women for their fun, flirty, and on-trend styles. The Corkys brand is now sold worldwide.

While trends come and go, Corkys has stayed true to its original vision – helping women put together great outfits by providing shoes they love at prices they can afford. Over the years, Corkys has collaborated with influencers and celebrities like Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge to create limited edition collections.

Why Women Love Corkys

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

There are many reasons Corkys has maintained a loyal customer base for over 30 years:

  • On-trend styles – Corkys designers follow the latest fashions and translate them into wearable, everyday shoes.
  • Affordable prices – Most Corkys shoes cost between $50-$100.
  • Comfort – Corkys shoes have padding and arch support for all-day wear.
  • Quality materials – Corkys uses leather, suede, and man-made materials made to last.
  • Wide range of styles – Choices include sandals, wedges, flats, booties, and more.
  • Fun colors and prints – Corkys offers neutral colors, bright solids, and unique patterns.

Corkys shoes are stylish and cute without the painful price tag or compromising comfort. The brand strikes the perfect balance for the everyday woman’s footwear needs.

Where to Buy Corkys Shoes

One of the great things about Corkys is that their shoes are widely available both online and in physical retail stores across the United States. Here are some of the top places to buy Corkys footwear:

  • Corkys Website – The official Corkys site offers free shipping and returns. They regularly run sales and promotions.
  • Zappos – This popular online shoe retailer stocks a huge selection of the latest Corkys styles with free shipping and returns.
  • Nordstrom – Nordstrom carries selected Corkys shoes in store and online. Sign up for their rewards program for perks.
  • DSW – At DSW brick and mortar locations and online, you can shop Corkys at discounted prices.
  • Macy’s – Find a smaller selection of Corkys styles at Macy’s stores and website.
  • Amazon – Search for great deals on Corkys shoes with Amazon Prime shipping.

You can also often find Corkys at small boutiques, shoe stores, and department store chains like Kohl’s, Dillard’s, and JCPenney. Search online to find a local retailer near you!

Corkys Shoe Styles to Shop For

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

From chic booties to fun flats, here are some of the most popular Corkys styles that you’ll want to add to your closet:

  • Wedges – Corkys wedges come in espadrille, platform, or heel styles. They’re perfect for dressy summer events and vacations.
  • Booties – Leather or suede booties with chunky heels and tassel or fringe accents are a Corkys specialty.
  • Flats – Choose from simple ballet flats, slip-ons, or flats with ankle straps or prints.
  • Sandals – Corkys sandals range from dressy heels and wedges to casual elastic slip-ons.
  • Sneakers – Slip into Corkys casual lace up or slip on sneakers for weekends and travel.

New Corkys collections launch each season in spring, summer, fall and winter. Keep an eye out for collaborations and limited edition styles too. The brand offers free exchanges within 30 days if you need a different size or change your mind about a style.

Tips for Wearing Corkys Shoes

Here are some tips to look and feel your best while wearing Corkys footwear:

  • Break them in slowly if your Corkys shoes feel stiff at first. Wear them at home for short periods.
  • Consider addingpadded inserts for extra arch support and comfort.
  • Spray leather or suede styles with a protective coating before wearing.
  • Clean Corkys fabric shoes by wiping dirt with a damp cloth and letting them air dry.
  • Store in their original box with shoe trees to help retain their shape.
  • Rotate your Corkys shoes between wears to increase their lifespan.

With the right care, your Corkys shoes can stay looking fresh season after season. Follow these tips and you’ll get great cost per wear from your fun and fashionable Corkys footwear.


For over 30 years, Corkys has been creating cute, comfortable, and affordable footwear for savvy shoppers. With an array of styles from sandals to sneakers and wedges to booties, you can easily find the perfect Corkys shoes to match your personal style. Shop Corkys online or at major retailers near you for the latest trends and timeless classics. With proper care and storage, your Corkys shoes will become staples in your wardrobe for years to come. So next time you need new kicks, check out this iconic shoe brand and walk in fashion and comfort.

Overview of Corkys Shoe Styles and Designs

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

When you slip into a pair of Corkys shoes, you know you’ll be stepping out in style. This popular footwear brand offers a wide range of fashionable designs to suit any taste. From chic booties to fun flats, let’s explore some of the notable styles that make Corkys shoes so covetable.


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Here is a 1000+ word article on where to buy Corkys shoes in stores near you:

Where to Buy Corkys Shoes In-Store Near You

Looking to get your hands on a fresh new pair of Corkys shoes? While you can certainly shop online, there’s nothing quite like being able to try shoes on in person before buying. Luckily, Corkys shoes are stocked at many popular shoe stores across the country. Keep reading to find out where you can buy Corkys footwear at a retail location near you.

Finding Corkys at Department Stores

Department stores often carry selections of the most popular Corkys styles each season. Check out these major chains to find Corkys in store:

  • Nordstrom – Nordstrom carries Corkys shoes in many locations and online. They offer free shipping and returns for extra convenience.
  • Macy’s – Macy’s stores typically stock best-selling Corkys sandals, wedges, flats, and booties.
  • Dillard’s – At Dillard’s, you can browse Corkys footwear as well as accessories like handbags.
  • JCPenney – JCPenney sells a wide range of clothing and shoes including selections from Corkys.

Call your nearest branches of these major department stores to check if they have Corkys shoes in stock before visiting. Their selections tend to vary by location and season.

Shopping at Shoe Stores

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

You’ll find an even bigger assortment of Corkys footwear at stores dedicated to selling shoes. Here are some top shoe chains to shop Corkys at:

  • DSW – With over 500 locations, DSW is a top spot to buy Corkys at discounted prices.
  • Famous Footwear – Search for Corkys brands online and filter by stores near you to find local availability.
  • Shoe Carnival – This chain runs regular sales and promotions on brands like Corkys.
  • Shoe Palace – Find the latest sneaker and casual styles from Corkys at Shoe Palace.

You may be able to score harder-to-find or sold out Corkys styles in store at shoe retailers compared to department stores. Their sales associates are also very knowledgeable if you need help finding the perfect pair.

Searching Local Boutiques

Smaller shoe and clothing boutiques often carry unique selections of Corkys footwear beyond what major chains offer. Search terms like “women’s shoes [your city]” and ask locals for recommendations on the top boutiques in your area.

Some perks of shopping small for Corkys include:

  • One-on-one service to help select styles.
  • Ability to call ahead and request styles or sizes.
  • Finding rare or limited edition Corkys shoes.
  • Supporting local businesses.

With some research, you can uncover little-known shops with an impressive Corkys selection. Don’t forget to check resale stores too for lightly worn Corkys treasures.

Tips for Trying and Buying In-Store

When you head out to buy Corkys shoes in person, keep these tips in mind for the best experience:

  • Wear socks similar to those you’d wear with the shoes.
  • Bring along orthotic inserts you use so shoes fit correctly.
  • Walk around the store in potential pairs to test comfort.
  • Ask about return policies in case of fit issues.
  • See if the store will price match to get the best deal.
  • Inquire about current sales or discount coupons.

With some savvy shopping skills, you can score major savings on Corkys in stores. Ask associates when new stock arrives as well since selection is always expanding.

Expanding Your Corkys Collection

Once you find a retailer that carries Corkys footwear near you, you’ll have a go-to source to browse new arrivals. Stop in regularly to check out emerging corkys styles like:

  • On-trend corkys booties
  • Cute corkys espadrilles
  • Comfy corkys sneakers
  • Strappy corkys sandals
  • Chic corkys wedges

With proper care and storage, your corkys shoes purchased in-store will stay looking fresh for many seasons of wear. Finding your nearest retailers makes refreshing your corkys collection a breeze. So take the trip and start scouting out where to buy corkys footwear near you!


Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Searching for the perfect pair of Corkys shoes? Save time and money by checking out top department stores, popular shoe chains, and local boutiques near you. With an array of styles ranging from casual sneakers to dressy sandals, you’re sure to find the ideal Corkys to match your personal taste and outfit needs. Trying before you buy allows you to assess fit and comfort too. So locate Corkys retailers in your area and build your collection of these fashionable, affordable shoes. Happy Corkys shopping!

Tips for Finding a Corkys Outlet Nearby

Love shopping the stylish selection of shoes at Corkys but want to save some money? Visiting a Corkys outlet is the perfect way to score discounts on your favorite footwear. Here are helpful tips for finding a Corkys outlet conveniently located near you.

Checking Outlet Malls

The first place to look for a Corkys outlet is at nearby outlet malls. These shopping centers are specifically home to outlet locations of popular brands. Some outlet malls to check for a Corkys store include:

  • Camarillo Premium Outlets (CA)
  • Orlando International Premium Outlets (FL)
  • Chicago Premium Outlets (IL)
  • Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (NY)
  • Las Americas Premium Outlets (CA)

Call the outlet mall before going to see if they have a Corkys outlet on premises. Mall websites and directories will also list all stores. Going on weekdays can be less crowded for a pleasant shopping experience.

Searching Online Outlet Databases

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

There are several online outlet store directories you can utilize to easily find a Corkys outlet near your location. Helpful sites include:

  • OutletBound.com – Search for Corkys and enter your city or zip code.
  • OutletShoppes.com – Filter the brand list for Corkys.
  • OutletInsider.com – Look under the Women’s Shoes category.
  • PremiumOutlets.com – Use the store locator tool.

These aggregator sites compile information on brick-and-mortar outlet locations across the country. They provide details like store hours, contact info, sales, and directions.

Checking the Official Website

Corkys’ own website has a store locator you can use to find outlets near you. Simply go to Corkys.com, hover over the “Stores” menu, and choose “Outlet Stores.” Enter your location to see results of Corkys outlets within a set radius.

When you find an outlet, call to verify it’s still open. Store closures can happen. The website locator will list what Corkys shoes and accessories are carried at that specific outlet too.

Expanding Your Search Distance

If you aren’t finding any Corkys outlets conveniently close by, try expanding your search distance. Corkys has over 60 outlet locations but they are not in every state. Be willing to drive or take a short flight to save major money.

Make a fun day trip or weekend girls getaway out of visiting an outlet a bit farther away. Hit up other favorite outlets and attractions in the area too while you’re there.

Using Social Media for Tips

Check Corkys’ Instagram and Facebook pages to see if followers have tagged store locations. You can also search hashtags like #corkysoutlet to see if any helpful posts come up.

The brand itself may promote certain outlet openings and sales on social media. So it’s good to follow them for outlet news.

Signing Up for Emails

Corkys sends out outlet information and coupons to subscribers. Head to their website and scroll down to enter your email address. You’ll then receive alerts about:

  • New store openings
  • Special sales or promos
  • Coupons for % or $ off
  • Notification of new arrivals

Getting on the email list can help you save on Corkys outlet purchases and know when new stores open up.

Asking Other Corkys Fans

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Talk to your fellow Corkys-loving friends to get recommendations on outlet locations they’ve shopped. Word of mouth from others who’ve scored outlet deals can point you in the right direction.

You can also ask for tips in Corkys fan groups on Facebook. People are usually happy to share outlet intel and experiences.


Shopping at a Corkys outlet allows you to get big discounts on shoes you love. Use these savvy tips to track down a conveniently located outlet store in your area or farther away. Check outlet malls, online databases, the Corkys website, social media, and forums to uncover hidden outlet gems. With some dedication, you’ll be able to find a Corkys outlet to visit and refresh your shoe collection on a budget.

Buying Corkys Shoes Online – Top Websites

While you can find Corkys shoes at many in-store retailers, shopping online opens up even more options. Buying Corkys shoes from websites allows you to access larger selections and snag styles when they are out of stock elsewhere. Here are the top e-commerce sites for purchasing Corkys footwear.


Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

The official Corkys website should be your first stop for online shoe shopping. At Corkys.com you can browse:

  • New arrivals
  • Bestsellers
  • Stylish lookbooks
  • Exclusive limited editions

Sign up for their email list to get alerts on sales, promo codes, and new styles. Corkys offers free shipping and returns on all orders.


With an incredible selection from hundreds of brands, Zappos is a top destination for Corkys shoes online. Benefits of buying from Zappos include:

  • Detailed product information and reviews
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Secure checkout

Zappos makes it easy to find your perfect Corkys pair thanks to handy filtering tools too.


Find sought-after Corkys styles at Nordstrom.com, with new pairs added each season. Nordstrom perks include:

  • Free and fast shipping
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Gift wrapping available
  • Exclusive early access to special styles

Nordstrom rewards members get free alterations, personal stylists, and more VIP benefits.


DSW is the go-to for discounted designer shoes, including lots of cute and affordable Corkys pairs. You’ll find:

  • Frequent 25% off sales
  • Special member prices
  • Reward points on purchases
  • Fast free shipping

Sign up for DSW’s email list to get inside access to promotions and new product alerts.


6pm, owned by Zappos, sells outstanding deals on shoes including Corkys styles up to 75% off. Perks include:

  • Massive selection of clearance items
  • Same Zappos shipping and returns
  • Daily sales and deals

6pm has blowout prices on past season Corkys shoes in limited quantities, so snag them fast.


Search “Corkys shoes” on Amazon to uncover great prices from various sellers. Prime members get:

  • Free two-day shipping on most items
  • Free returns
  • Access to Lightning Deals

Check Amazon customer reviews before purchasing to learn about sizing and quality.


Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Why waste time and gas driving from store to store to find your perfect pair of Corkys? Shop from the comfort of home and take advantage of perks like free shipping and returns. Focus your search efforts online for easier access to in-demand styles and hot deals. With huge selections and great prices, these top websites make building your Corkys shoe collection a breeze.

Get Corkys Footwear on Sale – Find Clearance Deals

Scoring a pair of Corkys shoes for less is easy when you know where to find clearance prices and hot sales. Read on for inside tips on getting deals on Corkys footwear.

Shop Corkys Outlet Stores

Outlet stores offer Corkys shoes from previous seasons at discounted prices. You can snag sandals under $20 and booties for $30 at the official Corkys outlets. Call ahead to ask about current promotions or check the website for any outlet coupons.

Check Department Store Sales

Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s run regular sales on Corkys shoes. Sign up for their rewards programs to get early access to new markdowns. Sales like “Friends and Family” or “Black Friday” are good times to score Corkys deals.

Browse Discount Retailer Websites

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Discount shoe stores such as DSW, Famous Footwear, and Shoe Carnival sell Corkys at lower price points year-round. Register on their sites to receive notifications of sales events and coupon codes for % off or free shipping.

Search for Online Coupons

Before buying Corkys shoes full price online, always search for promo codes. Websites like RetailMeNot and Groupon often have Corkys coupons for 30-50% off or $10-$20 off your purchase. These can also be used in-store in some cases.

Shop End of Season Sales

Look for Corkys shoe markdowns during end of season events in late winter and summer. Retailers will discount current inventory to make room for new styles. You can get sandals under $10 or booties for $20 if you time it right.

Buy Discount Gift Cards

Gift card reseller sites like CardCash allow you to purchase gift cards for places like DSW and Macy’s at up to 25% off face value. Use discounted gift cards on your Corkys purchase to save even more.

Join Rewards Programs

Loyalty programs like DSW Rewards and Nordstrom Rewards give you points and perks for in-store and online purchases. You can earn free money towards Corkys shoes by opening credit cards as well.

Check eBay and resale Sites

eBay often has new and gently used Corkys shoes at huge discounts from resellers. Check seller ratings and item descriptions carefully when buying secondhand.

Get on Email Lists

Subscribe to receive promotions and exclusive access to sales from brands like Corkys, department stores, and shoe retailers. Email newsletters tip you off to deals first.


Expanding your Corkys shoe collection doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Shop sales cycles wisely, use coupons and loyalty programs, and buy discounted gift cards or resale. With some strategizing, you can stock up on Corkys footwear at clearance prices all year long. Happy saving and shoe shopping!

Shop the New Corkys Shoe Collections This Season

With a new season comes fresh shoe styles from Corkys! The iconic footwear brand releases contemporary collections each spring, summer, fall, and winter. Here’s your sneak peek at what’s trending in the latest Corkys lineups.

Spring Corkys Styles

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Breezy sandals and espadrilles take center stage in the Corkys spring collection. Look for hot trends like:

  • Floral printed straps
  • Bright neon shades
  • Braided rope details
  • Soft suede textures
  • Block heels and platforms

Slide your feet into these stylish corkys sandals and wedges for chic warm weather style. Prices range from $50-$100.

Summer Corkys Selection

As temperatures rise, the Corkys summer shoes keep you looking cute and feeling comfy. Shop these highlights of the season:

  • Annabelle Thong Sandals
  • Yelena Lug Sole Platforms
  • Bella Espadrilles
  • Gia Braided Slide Wedges
  • Harper Cross-Strap Flats

The corkys summer lineup mixes breezy sandals with casual flats in sunshine-ready hues and patterns. Price points stay budget-friendly at $49-$89.

Fall Corkys Styles

Boots and booties take over the spotlight for Corkys fall shoe collections. Some of the coolest corkys designs include:

  • Moto boots with buckles
  • Western boots with embroidery
  • Hiker boots in leather and suede
  • Chelsea boots with elastic goring
  • Stacked heel ankle booties

These Corkys boots balance fashionable touches like chunky soles and tassel details with all-day comfort. Shoes span $59-$129.

Winter Corkys Footwear

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Stay warm in style all season long with the latest Corkys winter shoe drops. You’ll spot trends like:

  • Faux fur lining
  • Waterproof materials
  • Shearling accents
  • Lug soles
  • Knit boot cuffs

Boots in the Corkys winter collection feature cozy cabins and sturdy construction to handle winter weather. Prices range from $69-$149.

Where to Buy the Newest Corkys

Wondering where you can get your hands on the latest Corkys shoes? Check out these sources to shop all the new collections:

  • Corkys.com – Browse online and sign up for email
  • Department stores – Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Macy’s
  • Shoe stores – DSW, Famous Footwear, Shoe Carnival
  • Specialty boutiques – Search for local stores near you
  • Outlet malls – Call ahead to check availability

Act fast once new styles land – popular Corkys shoes sell out quickly each season!


Refresh your shoe closet with the hottest new Corkys collections each season. This iconic footwear brand stays on top of all the latest fashion trends from florals in spring to cozy boots in winter. Shop Corkys fresh arrivals at your favorite shoe retailers or directly online. With cute, comfy, and affordable options, you can stay stylish in Corkys all year long!

Reviews of Comfortable and Stylish Corkys Shoes

Corkys has built a reputation for shoes that check both the comfort and style boxes. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular and top rated Corkys styles based on real customer reviews.

Kimbra Two-Strap Sandals

These cute cork wedge sandals have a nearly 5-star rating for all-day comfort. Features like the cork-wrapped midsole, memory foam insole, and adjustable ankle strap provide a customizable, cozy fit. Reviewers say they’re “the perfect summer sandal.”

Marnie Espadrille Flats

Slip into these breathable linen espadrille flats to add a casual, beachy vibe to any outfit. The jute rope sole “forms to your feet,” according to reviews, while the padded insole prevents soreness. Customers rave they’re “cute and comfy.”

Janelle Lace Up Oxfords

These leather lace-up oxfords strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine with their pink blush hue. Corkys’ PodFit insole provides arch support, and the lightweight, flexible sole is made for all-day walking. As one reviewer declared, “Stylish AND comfortable.”

Naomi Cut Out Booties

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Edgy laser cut outs and a stacked block heel update these suede booties. The inside zipper allows you to slide them on easily, while the lightly padded footbed keeps you cozy during long wear. As a customer raved, they’re “so comfy and SO cute.”

Peyton Hiker Boots

Go from trails to streets in these rugged yet feminine hiker boots with a foam midsole and lug tread outsole. Reviewers say their “good arch support” and “shock absorption” make even miles feel comfortable. The water-resistant leather also keeps feet dry.

Gia Braided Slide Wedges

Slide your feet into these breezy braided cork wedges all spring and summer long. Their contoured, memory foam footbed provides “cloud-like comfort,” according to reviews. The casual crisscross straps also securely keep your foot in place while walking.

Melanie Faux Fur Lined Booties

Cozy sherpa lining makes these suede ankle booties a popular winter choice. The sturdy rubber sole ensures stability on icy surfaces, while the cushy foam insole “feels like walking on a cloud” even on the coldest days according to reviews.


Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Finding shoes that check both the style and comfort boxes can be a challenge. But Corkys footwear consistently receives rave reviews for being both cute and cozy. Their foam cushioned insoles, flexible rubber soles, and adjustable straps provide custom comfort. While on-trend prints, patterns, and materials give them fashion-forward looks. If you want to stay comfortable while looking stylish, Corkys shoes are a top choice.

How to Style and Wear Corkys Footwear for Any Outfit

Corkys shoes have become a staple in many women’s closets thanks to their versatile and fashionable styles. From flats and sandals to boots and heels, Corkys offers quality footwear that can complement any outfit. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out how best to style Corkys shoes. Here are some tips on how to wear Corkys footwear for any look.

Match Corkys Shoes to Your Personal Style

One of the great things about Corkys is that they offer footwear in so many styles that you’re bound to find options that match your own personal fashion sense. For a boho chic look, try Corkys’ gladiator sandals or fringe booties. If you gravitate toward classic and preppy style, ballet flats or loafers are perfect. For an edgy vibe, rock a pair of Corkys’ ankle boots or block heel sandals. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either – you can always pair dressier Corkys heels with casual denim for an unexpected look.

Consider Color and Texture

When picking out Corkys shoes, think about how color and texture play into your outfit. For monochromatic looks, choose Corkys in the same or complementary shades as the rest of your clothes. Try pairing navy Corkys heels with a navy dress or neutral corkys flats with a beige jacket and trousers. For extra pop, opt for brightly colored corkys shoes like red or printed flats. The textures of your shoes and outfit should also work well together. Wear smooth leather Corkys heels with a flowy silk dress or suede ankle booties with skinny jeans.

Match Footwear to Occasion

Corkys shoes work for all kinds of events and occasions. For the office or business casual workplace, slip on a pair of Corkys loafers, ballet flats, or low wedges. These shoes look professional but are still comfortable enough to wear all day at work. For weekends and casual daytime activities, try athletic Corkys sneakers, flats with fun prints, or espadrille platforms. To dress up for a night out, strap on some corkys high heels, whether sleek pumps or strappy stilettos. For outdoor events, stay comfortable in Corkys flats that can handle grass, sand, or cobblestones.

Consider Your Height and Body Type

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

The right Corkys shoes can help flatter your height and shape. Petite girls can get a lift with high platform Corkys heels and wedges. Curvier body types balance out with chunky Corkys heels that don’t cut off your legs. Tall women can wear flat Corkys loafers to stay at a comfortable height. Big feet can find larger sizes of trendy Corkys available. Make sure to get properly measured so your Corkys shoes always fit comfortably without being too big or small.

Find Ways to Dress Up or Down Corkys

One of the best things about Corkys footwear is that many styles can transition from day to night with just a few changes. Dress up casual Corkys flats with trendy jewelry for going out. Pair patterned Corkys pumps with tights and a mini skirt instead of a dress. Slip leather loafers on with trousers or a flowy maxi dress. Add funky laces to oxford-style Corkys shoes to give them personality. The styling options are endless.

Shop Corkys Footwear Sales and Outlets

Corkys run true to size and the leather shapes to your feet over time. If you find a style you really love, consider buying multiple colors when they go on sale. Department stores like Macy’s and DSW often run promotions on Corkys footwear. You can also find great deals at outlets like the Corkys online outlet or in-person outlets. Buying discounted Corkys allows you to stock up on these stylish and well-made shoes.

Store and Care for Your Corkys

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

To make your Corkys shoes last, be sure to store and care for them properly between wears. Stuff them with tissue to hold the shape if needed. Use cedar shoe trees to draw out moisture and odors. Clean leather Corkys with a specialized polish and suede Corkys with a soft bristle brush. Allow all Corkys to fully dry between wears. Rotate your shoes so each pair gets a chance to rest. With some TLC, your Corkys can stay in great shape for many seasons.

Experiment and Have Fun With Your Style

The most important tip when wearing Corkys footwear is to have fun with your outfits! Don’t be afraid to break out of your fashion comfort zone by spicing up your go-to looks. Mix colors, textures and styles that you may not normally put together. Use your favorite pair of Corkys shoes as a starting point and build the rest of your outfit around them. Confidently step out in your Corkys with a sense of style all your own.

With their vast selection of trendy and classic footwear styles, Corkys offer the perfect shoes to complement any outfit and mood. Use these tips to pick the perfect Corkys to match your personal fashion and then style them with confidence and flair. With the right footwear choices, your Corkys can become your go-anywhere, do-anything shoes for all of life’s adventures.

History and Background of Corkys Footwear Inc.

For over four decades, Corkys Footwear has been a favorite brand for fashionable women’s shoes. From its origins as a small family business to its growth into an international footwear company, Corkys has made its mark through quality craftsmanship and on-trend styles.

Humble Beginnings in California

Corkys was founded in 1979 by Corky Teague and his wife Cindy in Orange County, California. At first, they sold women’s shoes at local swap meets and fairs during evenings and weekends while working full-time jobs. As demand grew from word-of-mouth, Corky began designing and manufacturing a line of women’s sandals and opened the first Corkys store in Huntington Beach.

Comfort and Style in the 1980s

Throughout the 1980s, the brand focused on fashionable and comfortable footwear for the modern woman on the go. Corkys pioneered shoes with padded insoles, flexible bottoms, and soft leathers in casual, dressy, and active styles. Corkys opened several signature boutique stores and expanded through major department stores like Nordstrom. Fans loved the fit, quality and affordable prices of $40-$60 per pair.

A Growing Family Business in the 1990s

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

In the 1990s, Corkys became a family affair, with all four of Corky’s daughters joining the business. They brought fresh ideas, marketing savvy and new shoe styles catered to teens and twenty-somethings. Corkys rode the wave of ‘90s fashion trends like chunky platforms, Doc Marten-style boots, and sporty sneaker silhouettes. The brand expanded internationally into Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and parts of Europe.

A Third Generation for the New Millennium

As Corkys entered the new millennium, the founder’s grandchildren joined the company, keeping it forward-thinking but family-oriented. The 2000s brought increased online sales and social media marketing. Corkys uses feedback from customer surveys to drive new designs and shoe collections. While trends come and go, Corkys continues catering to women looking for comfort, quality and accessible luxury in their footwear.

Product Expansion in Recent Years

In recent years, Corkys has expanded beyond women’s footwear to include handbags, jewelry, and accessories with the same attention to detail. Special collections include bridal shoes, athletic walking shoes, and a sustainable vegan line. Prices have gradually increased with inflation but remain affordable from $60-$100. Key retailers include Zappos, Macy’s, DSW, and the Corkys website.

Made in America with Global Reach

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

From 20 employees in 1979 to over 100 today, Corkys Footwear continues to be based in Orange County, CA where they design products and run the company. While manufacturing has shifted abroad, Corkys maintains strict quality control standards. Distribution reaches across America and to 30 other countries. Corkys plans steady controlled growth while preserving its roots.

Core Values Through the Decades

Despite enormous growth, Corkys stays committed to its core values – fit, comfort, quality, value, and customer satisfaction. Founder Corky Teague’s mantra has always been “Happy shoes make happy faces!” The Teague family feels blessed to have built a business focused on making stylish, affordable shoes that bring a smile to women’s feet worldwide.

For over 40 years, Corkys Footwear has brought its signature mix of comfort, style and value to the shoes of millions of women. Through quality craftsmanship and understanding the modern woman’s footwear needs, Corkys has become a trusted brand across America and globally. With steady, mindful growth and commitment to core values, Corkys plans to continue making happy shoes and happy faces for decades to come.

Corkys Compared to Similar Shoe Brands and Stores

With so many footwear options for women today, how does the Corkys brand stand out? Here’s an in-depth look at how Corkys shoes compare to some other popular brands and stores in terms of style, quality, price, and overall vibe.

Style and Selection

Corkys offers a wide range of women’s shoe styles, from flats and sandals to pumps, booties, sneakers, and boots. Compared to basic brands like Naturalizer and LifeStride, Corkys has trendier and more fashion-forward styles. The variety falls somewhere between DSW’s huge assortment and simpler brands like Franco Sarto. While not high-fashion like Jimmy Choo, Corkys designs draw inspiration from runway trends with their own twist.

Quality and Comfort

Corkys shoes are known for comfort and quality at an affordable price. They use soft, flexible leathers that form to your feet over time. The cushioned insoles and traction outsoles make them comfy for long wear. In terms of quality, Corkys is comparable to Comfort Plus but more stylish. The construction is not as high-end as Allen Edmonds but surpasses Payless for everyday wear.

Brand Story and Vibe

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

As a family-owned American brand since 1979, Corkys Footwear has a laidback SoCal vibe with global reach. The brand story resonates with women who value quality and comfort over flashy labels. The style reflects West Coast casual elegance. Corkys has a similar origin story to Sperry Top-Sider but remains smaller and tighter-knit than giant conglomerates like Nike and Steve Madden.

Price Point and Value

Corkys shoes retail from $60 to $100, hitting the sweet spot between cheaply made and exorbitantly priced. This competitive pricing matches brands like Sam Edelman and Lucky Brand. While not dirt cheap like Target’s Universal Thread line, Corkys frequently go on sale both online and in department stores. Compared to designer brands like Coach or Kate Spade, Corkys offer better value at one-third of the price point.

Shopping Experience

You can shop Corkys Footwear online through sites like Zappos, Macy’s, and DSW or find store locations on their website. Trying shoes on in person is recommended to find your best Corkys fit. The shopping experience is convenient but more personalized than massive online retailers like Amazon. There are fewer Corkys brick-and-mortar locations than Payless but a decent retail presence nonetheless.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

The Corkys company stands behind their products and takes customer feedback seriously to improve shoe designs and styles. They frequently survey customers to drive new product development. Reviews praise Corkys’ comfort and quality for the price. The smaller company feel leads to better customer service than footwear giants like Skechers but not as individualized as bespoke cobblers.

Overall, Corkys Footwear hits a sweet spot between affordable style, quality comfort and great brand story. The shoes compare favorably to similar mid-priced brands while offering better value than expensive high fashion labels. With its wide range of trend-inspired styles and focus on fit, Corkys caters to women looking for happy feet at reasonable prices.

Reasons Why Corkys Shoes are Popular and Beloved

For over 40 years, Corkys has been a favorite footwear brand for women who value comfort, style, and quality craftsmanship. What makes this family-owned company so beloved by its loyal fans? Here are the top reasons why women repeatedly turn to Corkys for their shoe needs.

Timeless Style

Corkys shoes effortlessly combine current trends with timeless style. Their designers pay attention to what’s hot on the runways and streets and then translate it into wearable, everyday looks. Shoe styles run the gamut from flats, sandals, and pumps to booties, sneakers, and boots in rich leathers, suedes, metallics, and prints. There’s a versatile Corkys shoe for any taste and age.

Comfort and Fit

Ask any Corkys fan why they love the brand and comfort will come up. Their shoes feature padded insoles, flexible construction, and supple materials that form to your feet. The quality leathers soften up over time. With wide width sizing and options like arch support, you can find the perfect fit. Many women say it’s like walking on clouds all day long.

Quality and Durability

Today’s fast fashion comes and goes, but Corkys are designed with longevity in mind. The leathers hold up well over seasons of wear, the soles are sturdy but cushy, and the stitching doesn’t unravel. With proper care and storage, Corkys owners report having several pairs last 5-10 years or beyond. The styling remains relevant so you don’t have to retire them.

Affordable Prices

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

For their reputation of great craftsmanship and materials, Corkys shoes offer excellent value. Prices range from $60 to $100 for most styles versus $200+ for designer brands. Sales at department stores or the Corkys website make them an even better bargain. The quality rivals more expensive shoes at a fraction of the cost, appealing to savvy shoppers.

Something for Everyone

Corkys Footwear carries sizes 5-12 in medium and wide widths so you can find your ideal fit. Styles run the gamut from dressy to casual to suit any woman’s personal tastes. There are professional looks for the office, heels and wedges for events, and laidback styles for everyday wear. Fun prints and metallics add flair. The variety satisfies just about every footwear need and taste.

Family-Owned Heritage

Customers love supporting the family business behind Corkys, now in its second and third generations. The personal touch of a smaller company shows through in the quality and care put into each pair. Founder Corky Teague’s mantra “happy shoes make happy faces” still steers the brand today as fans smile over their Corkys.

Trusted Reputation

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

After four decades in business, Corkys has earned a reputation for comfort, style, and value that keeps shoppers coming back. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth endorsements from happy customers support the brand. Big name retailers like Zappos, Nordstrom, and DSW trust Corkys to deliver great products with good service and representation in their stores.

Made in America

While production has largely moved abroad, Corkys Footwear still designs their shoes in California. Their corporate headquarters, distribution center, and some manufacturing remains in the U.S. For many loyal fans, supporting an American heritage brand is important and keeps dollars closer to home.

Finding that perfect pair of shoes can be difficult, but Corkys checks off all the boxes. The brand continually wins over women through quality, comfort, design, and value. Trying on that first pair leads to a loyal following that keeps customers coming back season after season as long-time fans.

Bestselling and Top-Rated Corkys Shoe Designs

Over four decades, Corkys Footwear has designed thousands of on-trend shoe styles while keeping classic looks in rotation. Among this vast selection, several Corkys designs stand out as long-time bestsellers with high ratings. Here’s a look at the most popular Corkys shoes that customers love year after year.

Rhodes Sandal

This classic cork-wrapped wedge comes in a rainbow of colors to match any outfit. The crisscross straps are soft leather with hidden elastic goring for stretch. Reviewers praise the extreme comfort from the padded footbed and flexible sole. The 3-inch wedge heel is easy to walk in while giving you a lift. It’s the perfect summer sandal.

Bristol Loafer

Available in sleek solid leather or fun prints, this preppy loafer flat has a timeless penny slot accent. The padded insole and lightweight traction sole provide all-day wear. This easy slip-on design works for casual looks with jeans or dressing up for work with trousers. It’s a versatile Corkys bestseller.

Morgan Bootie

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

This ankle bootie combines fashion and comfort with its walkable block heel and pull loop in the back. The supple leather comes in neutral colors as well as metallic and printed versions. It’s the ideal transitional shoe from summer to cooler weather. The bootie silhouette dresses up or down.

Avery Ballet Flat

Meet your new go-to flat with this classic rounded toe ballerina style. It comes in an array of neutral solids and prints to match all your outfits. The elasticized topline ensures a flexible, custom fit. The cushioned footbed supports you all day whether you’re running errands or sightseeing on vacation.

Reagan Slide Sandal

Slip into this casual slide sandal when you want sporty comfort. It features dual buckled straps with hidden elastic for adjustability and stretch. The lightweight, flexible outsole works with your stride. Wear it to the beach, park, pool, or just out running errands.

Parker Sneaker

This fashion sneaker has the comfort features you need plus stylish design details like perforations, contrast trim, and metallic accents. The lace-up style provides a secure fit. The padded collar, removable footbed, and flexible outsole deliver cushioning. It’s weekend wear perfection.

Caden Pump

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

This versatile pump goes from desk to dinner with ease. The 3-inch heel gives you lift without being too high. An ankle strap and padded insole keep your foot in place and comfy. The leather upper comes in solids ranging from basics black and nude to brights like red. It’s a wardrobe essential.

Harlow Wedge Sandal

This bestselling sandal features interwoven straps and a wrapped platform wedge heel for stability. The padded insole provides exceptional cushioning and arch support according to reviews. Choose from neutral, metallic and patterned leather options. It dresses up casual to evening wear.

Finding your perfect pair means considering comfort, style, and value. These top-rated Corkys designs check all the boxes for many shoe shoppers. The brand continually reissues and updates these customer favorites that also reflect classic Corkys style signatures.

Shopping for Corkys Shoes as Gifts – Ideas and Tips

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, but Corkys shoes make great presents for the women in your life. The high-quality footwear delivers comfort and style she’ll appreciate. Consider these tips for shopping Corkys shoes as memorable gifts.

Know Her Style

First, think about the recipient’s fashion sense and lifestyle. Does she prefer heels or flats? Neutrals or brights? Classic or trendy looks? How will she wear them – to work, weekends, going out? Look through her shoe collection for ideas or discreetly ask about favorites and most worn. This will help focus your Corkys selection.

Consider Her Needs

Factor in aspects like her job if she’s on her feet a lot and needs extra cushioning. Is she a busy mom who needs something low-maintenance? Are shoes for a destination trip like sandals or an outdoor wedding? Corkys has styles for all needs, so match accordingly. Pay attention to width sizing and arch support.

Make It Personal

Add a thoughtful touch by customizing Corkys shoes with initial or name charms. Choose a style that references an inside joke or special memory. Have her birth month flower embroidered on ballet flats. Matching red heels for Valentine’s Day shows extra care. Packaging nicely or including small extras elevates the gift.

Know Her Size

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

To ensure the best fit, check the size she normally wears in heels and flats. If uncertain, trace her foot on paper or borrow a pair to take to the store sizing tool. Or choose a style like the Reagan slide with elastic sizing. Gift receipts allow exchanging if needed.

Shop Special Sales

Sign up for email and get Corkys promo codes for seasonal sales around holidays and milestones. The Corkys website, department stores, Amazon, and Zappos often have discounted pricing on shoe styles. Buy ahead when you see favorite pairs on sale in her hard-to-find size.

Find Rare Designs

Search resale sites like Poshmark and eBay for sought-after or sold-out Corkys shoes she covets but can’t find, especially vintage or limited edition styles. Break in pre-owned Corkys yourself first. Closeout sales are another source.

Research the Latest Styles

Check the Corkys website under New Arrivals or browse retailers like DSW and Macy’s. Look up upcoming trends and brands she follows on Instagram to stay on top of hot new looks. Surprising her with the latest Corkys pair shows you did your homework.

Coordinate Outfits

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

For extra impact, buy Corkys shoes as part of a complete outfit like booties with pants and a top in fall hues. Add accessories like a handbag or belt too. Present it styled together so she can envision pairing pieces.

From classic pumps to seasonal sandals, Corkys shoes make thoughtful gift ideas she’ll receive with a smile. Use these tips to select footwear gifts with comfort, quality and style she’ll love.

FAQs – Answering Common Corkys Footwear Questions

For over 40 years, Corkys has been a leading brand in women’s footwear. From new shoppers to longtime fans, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about these comfortable, stylish shoes.

Where are Corkys shoes made?

While some manufacturing has moved overseas, Corkys Footwear still designs all its shoes at headquarters in Orange County, California. Some production remains in the U.S. while global sourcing helps control costs. Strict quality control standards are upheld.

Where can I buy Corkys shoes?

Corkys are sold online at sites like Zappos, DSW, Macy’s and the company’s website. Major department stores like Nordstrom, Von Maur and Belk carry the brand in-store. Independent shoe boutiques may also retail Corkys shoes. Use the store locator on their website to find a retailer near you.

How much do Corkys shoes cost?

List prices range from $60 – $100 for most styles, with some exceptions on either end. This positions Corkys as affordable luxury. Sales are common, dropping prices $10-40 lower at department stores and online. Sign up for promo emails and watch for sales around the holidays.

How do Corkys shoes fit and size?

Corkys shoes run true to size for most foot shapes. They are available in medium or wide widths to accommodate variations. Certain styles with elastic goring or straps allow more flexibility. Trying on in-store is recommended, then order other colors/styles once you know your size.

Are Corkys shoes comfortable?

Yes, comfort is a key feature of Corkys footwear. Padded insoles, arch support, flexible soles and soft leather uppers come together for all-day wearability. Many fans say it’s like “walking on clouds.” Breaking in the leather helps customize the fit.

What are Corkys shoes made of?

Are You Looking For Corkys Shoes This Year: Discover Where to Shop Online and Near You

Corkys uses high-quality leathers and suedes with fabric linings. Soles are TPR rubber blends for flexible traction. Metallic finishes add flair to some designs. Recent collections include eco-friendly vegan options.

What is the Corkys return policy?

Unworn Corkys shoes can be returned within 60 days of purchase at the company website and most retailers. Follow individual store policies for any exceptions. Be sure to keep original packaging and receipt. Exchanges are easy for sizing issues.

How should I clean Corkys shoes?

Use leather cleaner and conditioner products on Corkys leather shoes. Suede styles should be brushed gently and treated with protective spray. Spot clean fabric linings. Remove insoles and air dry fully between wears. Avoid submerging shoes in water.

From sizing and styles to proper care, these FAQs cover key considerations about the beloved Corkys brand. Check their website for additional info on new arrivals, promotions, company history and more.