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Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Have you ever stubbed your toe on a protruding cabinet handle? Or watched helplessly as your toddler caught their shirt on a drawer pull and ripped it? These little knobs and pulls cause more damage than we realize. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to prevent these daily disasters – door handle protectors.

What are Door Handle Protectors and Why Do You Need Them?

Door handle protectors, also called bumpers or guards, are simple devices that cushion and pad protruding handles and knobs throughout your home and car. They slip over existing handles to create a softbarrier, preventing:

  • Bumped elbows and bruised hips from sticking out handles
  • Fingers getting caught in doors and drawers
  • Cabinet handles scratching into adjacent cabinet doors
  • Drawer pulls getting tangled in clothing
  • Door handle damage from enthusiastic kids or distracted adults
  • Car door dings and scratches in parking lots

We’ve all been there – trying to squeeze through a narrow hallway or kitchen only to catch your belt loop on a handle or get smacked in the hip by a drawer pull. Even if you don’t have little ones at home, those protruding handles can really do some damage! Handle protectors cushion the blow, preventing bruises and tears in garments and home.

Protect Little Ones

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

If you have curious toddlers at home, handle guards are a must! Little fingers get caught in doors and draws very easily, often resulting in pinched fingers, torn nails, and plenty of tears. The soft foam protectors cushion the closure and prevent those heartbreaking injuries.

Save Your Walls

Have you noticed mysterious chips and scratches appearing on your walls and baseboards? Chances are protruding handles are the culprit. As cabinet doors and drawers open, the handles tap against the wall, slowly chipping away at the paint and drywall over time. Protectors stop the contact and damage.

Reduce Noise

Closing drawers and cabinets loudly in the early morning or late at night is inconsiderate for light sleepers and early risers. Wobbly cabinets and sticky drawers just exacerbate the problem. Handle bumpers absorb the noise and vibrations for a quieter home.

Types of Door Handle Protectors

There are a variety of handle protector designs to fit any need:

Clear Vinyl

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Discreet and inexpensive, clear vinyl wraps around existing handles for a low profile cushion. They show some wear over time but easily wash or replace.


Foam covers come in fun colors and completely cover handles in a soft material. They’re thick and very protective but can deteriorate over time.


Rubber options are extremely durable while still cushioning blows. They’re waterproof and resistant to oils, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


Silicone bumpers sit on cabinet corners to absorb vibration and prevent banging. They stop wobbly cabinets and soften closure.

Handles With Built-In Protection

Many handles now come with rubber bumpers or guards integrated into their design for full protection. Swapping hardware can make sense for permanent protection.

Where Should You Install Handle Protectors?

Anywhere handles and pulls protrude, you can benefit from protectors. Consider placing them:

  • On kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Throughout hallways and entries
  • In children’s rooms
  • On bathroom vanity doors
  • On pantry doors
  • In laundry rooms
  • On entertainment centers and dressers
  • On car interior and exterior door handles

Pay special attention to where you tend to bump into protruding handles regularly. Protectors can prevent future bruises in those high traffic spots.

Installing Handle Protectors

Installing bumpers and guards is a quick DIY project requiring no special tools. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean the handle thoroughly so the protector adheres well. Rubbing alcohol works great.
  2. Select a protector size that fits snugly over the entire handle or knob.
  3. Simply slide transparent vinyl or silicone guards on. Foam covers wrap around handles and adhere with tape or elastic.
  4. For rubber and silicone corner guards, peel off the backing paper and firmly press into place.
  5. Make sure guards are securely installed and smooth any wrinkles.

In just a few minutes, you can prep your home’s hazardous handles. No expertise needed – anyone can do it!

Prevent Damage and Annoyance

Don’t let protruding handles create another bruise or tear. Door handle protectors are an easy, inexpensive way to pad hazardous knobs and pulls throughout your home and car. Protect your family’s fingers and clothes, save your walls, and dampen noise with these clever cushioned guards. Give handle bumpers a try for a safer, more peaceful home.

We’ve all been there, rummaging through the kitchen drawer for a spoon when suddenly – BAM! That tricky drawer handle smacks you right in the hip bone. Ouch! Or racing through the house on a busy morning, only to catch your shirt on a cabinet knob and hearing it rip. It seems those little handles cause more damage than we bargain for.

Handle Bumpers Prevent Damage to Your Home and Car

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Protruding handles on doors, drawers, and cabinets present hazards in every room of your home. From bruised elbows to torn clothing to dented sheetrock, those little knobs and pulls can really do some damage over time. Even worse, they become an outright danger to tiny, curious fingers. Luckily, there’s a simple, inexpensive solution – handle bumpers!

These clever padded guards slip over existing handles to create a soft cushion. They absorb impact, protecting both your home and your body from all sorts of dings and dents. No more scraped paint, pinched fingers, or sidewalk slit pants. Handle bumpers offer safeguarding in all the right places.

Shield Tiny Hands

If you’ve ever experienced a toddler getting their tiny fingers pinched in a closing drawer, you know the heartbreak. Little hands move faster than little minds, and cabinet pulls seem designed to trap tender fingertips. Handle bumpers cushion the closure, dramatically reducing the risk of pinches, mashes, and tears.

Save Your Walls

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Cabinet knobs bang into adjacent doors, slowly chipping away at the paint and drywall over time. You may not notice it day-to-day, but eventually those little dings add up to an eyesore. Bumpers provide a soft barrier, keeping handles from tapping walls as doors swing open.

Protect Your Car’s Exterior

A run to the grocery store often ends with returning to a new dent or ding in the car door from other distracted shoppers. Door handle bumpers act like a protective rubber bumper for your car, absorbing contact and preventing damage in parking lots.

Reduce Noise

Trying to sneak in a late night snack? Sticky drawers and wobbly cabinets exacerbating the racket of closing up. Cushioned bumpers absorb vibrations and soften the blow as doors close. Your midnight missions just got a whole lot quieter.

Bumper Designs for Every Need

You can find a handle bumper to suit almost any application, from discreet vinyl wraps to colorful foam covers:

Clear Vinyl Guards

Discreet clear vinyl easily slips over existing handles for a low profile cushion. They blend in while still absorbing blows.

Bright Foam Covers

Foam covers come in fun, bright colors and offer full handle coverage. They add a decorative touch too.

Durable Rubber

Sturdy rubber guards withstand constant impact while resisting water, oils, and dirt. They’re built to last.

Cushioning Corner Bumpers

Self-adhesive silicone or rubber bumpers install on cabinet corners, reducing noise and vibrations.

Get Proactive Protection

Don’t wait for the next handle mishap to start safeguarding your home. Get proactive protection with handle bumpers throughout the house. Shield little fingers, save your walls, and reduce bruises and tears with these unobtrusive but mighty effective guards. Your hips and cabinets will thank you!

It’s inevitable – you’re trying to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack, but the squeaky cabinets give you away. Or your rambunctious kids slam drawers like they’re entering a slam dunk contest. No matter how carefully you try to close them, it’s bang, rattle, boom in the kitchen. Luckily there’s an easy, inexpensive way to restore peace and quiet – cabinet handle protectors.

Cabinet Handle Protectors Keep Drawers Quiet and Eliminate Wobbling

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

We all have that one problematic kitchen drawer or cabinet – the sticky one you have to yank on, or the loose handle that rattles with the slightest bump. Minor annoyances on their own, but combined they create a cacophony of bangs, slams, and scratches over years of use. Cabinet handle protectors are a simple solution to quiet and stabilize noisy kitchen hardware.

These unobtrusive bumpers and cushions install directly onto cabinet handles and corners. They absorb vibrations and stabilize wobbly doors and drawers for a noiseless kitchen. Give your cabinets some TLC with these benefits:

Deaden Noisy Drawer Slides

Drawer slides start to stick and scrape after years of cooking grease buildup. Rubber bumpers on the slides absorb friction and vibration for smoother, quieter drawer operation.

Eliminate Rattles

Wobbly cabinet handles and cupboard doors rattle loudly with each subtle kitchen vibration. Foam cushions snug up the hardware and prevent rattling.

Soften Closures

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Aggressive kitchen activity like slamming drawers inevitably happens. Cushioned handle protectors soften the impact for gentler, muffled closing.

Reduce Cabinet Wear

Constant banging and rattling takes a toll on cabinets over time. Protectors prevent unnecessary vibrations that can loosen joints and hardware.

Find the Right Bumpers for Your Needs

With an array of design options, you can easily find cabinet handle protectors fit for your space:

Clear Vinyl Guards

Discrete clear vinyl films easily adhere to handles for a low profile cushion.

Bright Foam Covers

Foam handle covers add colorful flair while absorbing noise and friction.

Rubber Corner Bumpers

Self-stick rubber bumpers on cabinet corners prevent banging and rattling.

Replace Handles

Swap out old hardware for handles with built-in rubber guards for a seamless solution.

Peace and Quiet With Simple Bumpers

Don’t let noisy, broken hardware undermine your peaceful home. Cabinet handle protectors fix sticky, wobbly doors and drawers quickly and easily. A few adhesive bumpers can restore tranquility to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to rattling and banging and enjoy dinner without the side of cacophonous cabinets.

It starts with a few minor chips along the door frame that you barely notice. Then over time, the paint begins to peel, revealing gnarly gashes in the drywall. Before you know it, you’re looking at a huge repair bill to resurface the wall. The culprit? That protruding door handle banging against the wall again and again.

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Door Handle Stoppers

Door handles cause more incidental damage than most people realize. As you open and close doors, the handles tap against walls, slowly chipping away at paint and drywall. Tiny dings multiply into major damage over months and years of use. Protect your walls and prevent costly repairs with simple door handle stoppers.

These ingenious devices cushion the point of contact between the handle and wall. They absorb the impact rather than transmitting it directly to the vulnerable surface underneath. Maintain your home’s interior beauty with these savvy solutions:

Clear Handle Wraps

Nearly invisible vinyl wraps fit tightly over existing handles to create a subtle cushion.

Foam Handle Covers

Fun foam covers provide full handle protection in a variety of colors.

Rubber Corner Guards

Self-adhesive rubber guards place on handle corners to absorb impact.

New Hardware

Replace old knobs and pulls with handles containing integrated rubber stoppers.

Protect More Than Just Walls

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

It’s not just walls that suffer damage from protruding handles. Stoppers also prevent:

  • Chipped baseboards and wood trim
  • Cracked plaster
  • Dented cabinet doors
  • Damage to door handles themselves

Anywhere handles bump and bang, stoppers save surfaces. They also pertain to drawers, cabinets, appliances, furniture, cars – you name it. Stop unnecessary damage with simple stick-on cushions.

Affordable Protection, Easy Installation

Don’t wait until you’re facing major sheetrock repairs or full cabinet refinishing. Protect surfaces now with handle stoppers. Installation takes seconds, requiring no tools or expertise. Simply adhere cushions on protruding hardware throughout your home for long-lasting preservation. Save your walls and your wallet with these clever bumpers.

It happens in an instant. Your little one reaches for a drawer and their tiny finger gets stuck as it closes. Cue the tears and heartbreak! Those innocent handles we barely notice are true boobytraps for curious toddlers. Luckily, there’s an easy way to protect little hands – handle guards designed just for kids’ rooms.

Protect Little Fingers with Handle Guards for Kids’ Rooms

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

As toddlers explore their world, cabinet and door handles pose serious risks to tiny, fragile fingers. Children move too fast for their minds to recognize the hazards, and their hands are small enough to fit into crevices. The results are often pinched fingers, smashed nails, or even broken digits if the door slams shut.

But you can safeguard those delicate little hands with handle guards made specifically for nurseries and kids’ rooms. These cushions wrap around handles to fill in gaps and create a soft bumper zone. They prevent fingers from getting caught while allowing doors to still open and close normally. Protect your child while letting them learn safely.

Safe Material

Guards use child-safe foam or rubber that cushions without containing latex, BPAs, or phthalates.

Fun Colors & Designs

Guards come in colorful, cute patterns that complement a child’s room. Animal shapes, polka dots, flowers and more.

Easy to Install

No tools needed! The guards slip on or use self-adhesive backing to secure quickly.

More than Fingers

Handle guards also prevent:

  • Forehead bruises from kids standing up too fast
  • Toddlers catching clothing and buttons on handles
  • Damage to the handles themselves
  • Bang noises startling sleeping babies

Anywhere little hands go, cushy guards can make it safer. Protect yours with fun designs made just for kids.

Low Cost Childproofing

Don’t wait until an injury to childproof your home. Handle guards are an easy, affordable way to prevent tears and trauma. Just slip on the cushions throughout your nursery and kids’ spaces for finger protection in seconds. Help them safely explore their world.

It starts off barely noticeable – a few small chips in the paint around the light switch. But before you know it, the minor scratches have multiplied into major gashes requiring expensive drywall repairs and a full wall repaint. The cause of this gradual damage? All those protruding handles banging into walls each day.

Save Your Walls from Dings and Scuffs

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Door handles cause more incidental destruction than most homeowners realize. As you swing doors open and closed, the handles tap against walls, slowly chipping away at paint and drywall over time. Tiny dings accumulate into large divots, eventually marring walls with holes and gashes.

Luckily, you can save your sheetrock and prevent unnecessary repairs using simple handle bumpers. These little cushions pad the point of contact, absorbing impact rather than transmitting it directly to the vulnerable surface underneath. Keep handles from destroying your walls with these damage-blocking solutions:

Discreet Clear Wraps

Nearly invisible vinyl films wrap tightly around existing handles to provide subtle protection.

Colorful Foam Covers

Fun, bright foam covers supply full impact absorption and coordinate with your decor.

Corner Handle Guards

Self-adhesive rubber guards place on handle corners to protect both wall and handle.

More Than Just Walls

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Walls aren’t the only at-risk surfaces. Bumpers also prevent dings, dents and chips on:

  • Wood trim and baseboards
  • Plaster walls and ceilings
  • Door surfaces themselves
  • Cabinets, drawers, and furniture

Anywhere protruding handles make contact, cushions can help. Protect your home’s interior from unneeded damage.

Quick DIY Installation

Don’t wait until you’re facing major drywall repairs to protect your walls. Install handle guards in seconds with peel-and-stick application requiring no expertise. Simply adhere cushions on protruding hardware throughout your home for long-lasting preservation. Defend your home affordably with these damage-blocking defenders.

It’s a familiar scene – you tug and yank on a sticky drawer, but it won’t budge. Or you have to put your full body weight into closing a swollen door. No matter how hard you try, some doors and drawers just fight you every step of the way. But you can stop the struggle and frustration with simple silicone handle bumpers.

Stop Fighting Sticky Doors and Drawers with Silicone Bumpers

Over time, doors and drawers start to stick and drag from years of paint, grime, and humidity buildup. Hinges and slides get gunked up, making them increasingly hard to operate smoothly. Not to mention the aggravation of loose, rattling handles that never stay tightened. It’s an endless battle just to open and close things!

Luckily, self-adhesive silicone bumpers provide an easy fix to make doors and drawers glide gently again. These small pads install right onto hinges, slides, and cabinet corners to lift, cushion, and support. Stop the fight and restore smooth function with these benefits:

Lubricate Sticky Slides

A small bumper lifts the drawer front slightly to prevent rubbing and binding on dirty slides.

Cushion Hinge Closure

Bumpers soften door closure so swollen doors latch properly without force.

Reduce Rattling

Corner bumpers snug up loose hinges and handles to prevent annoying rattles.

Quick Fix for All Kinds of Hardware

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Silicone bumpers offer a fast solution for any troublesome doors and drawers:

  • Kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Sticky interior and exterior doors
  • Squeaky pantry and closet doors
  • Wobbly dresser drawers
  • Desks, hutches, and appliances

Anywhere hinges, slides, and handles cause frustration, cushy bumpers can help make them operate smoothly again.

DIY Installation in Minutes

Don’t waste time wrestling with your home’s hardware ever again. Silicone bumpers offer an easy DIY upgrade to restore functioning in just minutes. Simply peel and stick the adhesive pads onto problem spots and watch doors and drawers operate like new. Reduce your household headaches with these clever sticky lifters.

Add Style with Fun Handle Protector Covers and Caps

We’ve all been there – reaching for a door handle or cabinet pull only to hear that unpleasant creak of metal on metal. Or worse, getting into your car and seeing yet another new ding in the door from the shopping cart in the parking lot. Handles take a beating and over time it can really make your home or vehicle look worn and neglected.

Luckily there’s an easy and budget-friendly way to restore your handles to their former glory and add a little personality at the same time – handle protector covers and caps! These simple accessories slip right over existing handles and knobs to cushion the impact and prevent further damage. No need for complicated installations or replacements – just pop them on and enjoy handles that look and function like new!

Protect Your Cabinetry

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

In the kitchen and bathroom, cabinet hardware is subjected to constant pulling, impact, grease, moisture and more. The result? Handles that are loose, discolored or showing scratches and wear. Handle protector covers are the ideal solution to keep cabinet handles looking great for years.

Look for cushioned or foam covers that contour to the handle shape. They’ll add padding to absorb the shock from slamming doors or nudging drawers shut with a hip or elbow. Gentle bumps won’t leave behind chips or scratches. The soft material also helps muffle noise from rattling handles. No more embarrassment when guests hear every squeaky drawer you open!

Protectors also prevent buildup of grime in crevices that are difficult to clean. Simply wipe down the smooth surface of the covers instead of scrubbing in the grooves of ornate hardware. Choose styles like cheery patterns or imitation wood and leather to complement your décor.

Save Your Doorways

Entryways take a real beating, from kids bursting through the doors to arms loaded down with groceries. Handle bumpers cushion the impact when the doorknob slams into the wall. They also keep hands from slipping off slick metal knobs.

For exterior doors, look for covers made of durable material that won’t degrade in the elements. Foam covers may absorb moisture over time. Leather or silicone withstand weather changes better while still providing protection. Opt for bright colors as a cheerful greeting.

On interior doors, choose fun patterns and textures suited to the room. Plush fake fur on a kids’ room doorknob prevents injuries. Metallic finishes and sparkling crystals dress up doors in more elegant spaces. If pets scratch at the door, covers will minimize damage to the underlying surface.

Guard Your Car

Car door handles suffer through sweltering heat, frigid temperatures, rain, snow and ice. Add in the dings and dents from other cars crowding too close. It’s enough to make your handles look unsightly even if the car is fairly new. Protect them and maintain that new car look with handle caps.

Look for a set that matches the trim color of your vehicle. Simple plastic caps slide over the handles, while more encompassing options may velcro into place around the handle edges. Caps guard the finish from chips, fading, and elements like bird droppings that can mar the surface.

Bumpers provide extra protection for the handle as well as the car’s exterior. Opt for thickly padded foam that absorbs impact and keeps the handle from contact. They look substantial enough to warn others away from opening doors into your car!

With kids in carseats, little feet are always kicking the back of front seats. Protect leather handles from shoe scuffs. Or prevent melting on hot days if children habitually grab the handle when exiting. Cushioning also helps prevent broken nails or skin pinched in the door.

More Uses

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Once you start looking, you’ll see handles everywhere that could benefit from a little protection. Consider refrigerator or freezer handles prone to chipping when metal tugs against the ice dispenser. Handles of pots and pans are susceptible to dings and abrasions from metal utensils. Even tool handles can be cushioned from bumps and scrapes during use.

Give your paddle boat oars some padding at the handles to prevent blisters. Make tools like shovels, rakes and hoes more comfortable with foam covers. Protect your palms, prevent splinters and improve your grip. Use colorful covers on paint brushes and kitchen utensils to easily identify them.

Get creative matching textures and patterns to the item being handled. Leather on your favorite coffee mug, cute crocheted covers on kids’ bike handlebars or bright colors on yard tools. Not only will the padding protect the underlying surface, but you can also add some fun style.

Prolong Your Investment

No one wants to replace expensive hardware or repaint marred doors and cabinets before their time. Protect your investment with handle caps and covers to prevent costly repairs and replacements. At the first sign of loose or rattling handles, slap on some cushioning covers. For neglected handles, refresh the look with cool colors and patterns.

Protect handles before they deteriorate and you’ll be rewarded with furniture, appliances and tools that look brand new even after years of regular use. Your entryways will beam an inviting hello thanks to preserved doorknobs dressed up with stylish covers. Car handles will maintain their sleek look instead of falling victim to parking lot dings.

Breathe new life into worn handles or preserve pristine ones with the huge selection of handle protector caps and covers available. At such affordable prices, you can afford to add them anywhere handles get regular use. Protect your investment while adding a little decorative flair!

Choose From Clear, Foam, and Rubber Cabinet and Car Handle Protectors

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

We’ve all been there – reaching to open a cabinet door or the car door, only to hear that gut-wrenching crunch as the handle bangs into the wood or metal. It never fails to make you cringe! Over time, those seemingly small dings and bumps can really add up, marring the beautiful finish of your cabinets or car. Luckily, there’s an easy fix – handle protectors!

Handle protectors are a simple but genius solution to prevent handle damage. These unobtrusive guards slip over your cabinet or car door handles, acting as a cushion and noise dampener. Now when you swing that door open in a hurry, instead of an abrasive thud, you’ll hear…nothing! The handle protector absorbs the impact, saving your handles from scratches, chips, and dents.

You can choose from clear, foam, and rubber handle protectors to best suit your needs:

  • Clear handle protectors are subtle and practically invisible, great for a seamless look.
  • Foam protectors provide lightweight padding and come in fun colors.
  • Rubber guards offer the most heavy duty protection and grip.

Installing most handle protectors is a breeze – just slide them over the existing hardware. No tools or handiwork required! They fit snugly in place, staying put through constant use. Not crafty at all? No worries, you got this.

Save Your Cabinets from Kids, Pets, and Daily Wear and Tear

Cabinet handle protectors are a must with rambunctious kids and pets in the house. Little hands love to swing on those doors, while wagging tails beat an enthusiastic rhythm. On top of the daily grind, the handles take a real beating. Before you know it, your beautiful kitchen is looking worn and dingy.

Protectors are an easy and affordable way to shield your investment. Slide a clear bumper onto each handle to discreetly defend your cabinets. Foam guards come in fun, bright hues that can add a pop of color. Or choose sturdy rubber for maximum crash protection.

The cushy bumpers will fend off those energetic youngsters and pets, absorbing any collisions. No more chips, scratches, or loosened hardware. Peace of mind has never looked so good! Those handles will stay pristine and your cabinets will look like new for years to come.

Defend Your Car’s Interior and Exterior from Dings

Your car endures all kinds of abuse to its handles. From products crashing around in the trunk to brushing up against other cars in parking lots, dings and scratches are inevitable over time. Protect your investment and make your car look years newer with handle protectors.

Start with the exterior handles. Clear covers install in seconds and prevent nicks and scratches from keys and jewelry. They blend seamlessly into any color car. Or add a pop of color with foam covers in vibrant shades. For extra heavy duty protection, rubber guards substantially cushion against bumps and scrapes.

Don’t forget the interior latches and levers! Foam covers keep the chrome looking shiny and deter the kids from hanging on the handles. Rubber versions provide an easy grip on tough to open levers. No more struggles and scratched chrome.

Handle protectors are an affordable way to defend the interior and exterior of your prized automobile. Keep it looking pristine mile after mile. With just this simple add-on, your car will stay ding-free for years to come.

An Easy Upgrade for Any Home or Vehicle

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Handle protectors are a quick fix for the inevitable dings that come with high traffic doors. They cushion the blow, absorbing impact instead of transmitting it directly to the underlying surface. It’s a simple upgrade that can make a world of difference!

For homes with kids and pets, cabinet handle protectors are a must. Fight off chips, scratches, and loosening from those rambunctious family members who love to swing from the hardware. Clear bumpers blend right in, while foam covers add a fun pop of color.

For vehicles, both interior and exterior handles take a beating over time. Stop scratches from keys, bags, and accidental bumps with protectors. Maintain that new car sheen with this easy upgrade. Both clear and color choices are available to suit any style.

Protectors slide easily over existing handles, adhering snugly without hardware or tools. Installation is a breeze! Just slide and click. Plus they’re an affordable solution, often under $10 for a whole set.

Don’t put up with banged up, damaged handles for one more day. With handle protectors, you can defend your doors and drawers quickly and easily. Say goodbye to dings and scratches! Keep your cabinets and car looking pristine with this simple upgrade. Just click and slide your way to protection.

Install Handle Bumpers in Minutes for Long-Lasting Protection

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

That cringe-inducing crunch when a cabinet or car handle bangs into the surface. We’ve all been there! Over time, those little dings can really add up, marring the beautiful finish. Luckily, there’s a quick fix – handle bumpers.

Handle bumpers are a genius yet simple solution to prevent handle damage. These guards slip over existing hardware, acting as a cushion and noise dampener. Now when you swing that door open in a hurry, instead of an abrasive thud, silence! The bumper absorbs the impact, protecting handles from dents, chips, and scratches.

Choose from clear, foam, or rubber bumpers to suit your needs:

  • Clear bumpers are subtle, nearly invisible, great for a seamless look.
  • Foam offers lightweight padding and fun pops of color.
  • Rubber provides the most heavy duty protection and grip.

Installation is a cinch for most – just slide into place over the handles. No tools or handiwork required! The bumpers fit snugly, staying securely despite frequent use. Not handy at all? No problem, you can handle this.

Save Cabinets from Kids, Pets, and Wear and Tear

Cabinet handle bumpers are clutch with rambunctious kids and pets. Little hands love swinging on doors, while wagging tails enthusiastically thump. The daily grind takes its own toll. Before you know it, your beautiful kitchen looks worn and dingy.

Bumpers shield your investment affordably and easily. Slide clear guards on discreetly to protect the handles. Foam versions in bright, fun colors add a pop. Choose sturdy rubber for max crash protection.

The cushy pads will absorb those energetic youngsters and pets, defending against collisions. No more loosened hardware, scratches, or chips. Enjoy peace of mind along with pristine handles for years to come. Your cabinets will look new, despite all that activity!

Protect Your Car Inside and Out from Dings

Car handles endure all kinds of abuse over time. The cargo area bangs around, and other cars brush up against it in parking lots. Dings and scratches are simply inevitable. But handle bumpers can protect your investment, making your car look years newer.

Start with the exterior – clear covers install in seconds to prevent nicks from keys or jewelry. They blend into any color car. Foam adds a fun pop of color for protection. Choose rubber for the ultimate heavy duty shield.

Don’t overlook interior latches and levers! Foam covers keep chrome looking shining and stop kids from hanging. Rubber makes tough pulls easier and prevents scratched chrome.

Bumpers defend your prized car affordably, inside and out. Maintain that factory new appearance mile after mile. With this simple add-on, handles stay ding-free for years.

An Easy Upgrade for Any Home or Car

Banging Handles Got You Down. The Easy Fix for Creaky Cabinets and Car Dings

Handle bumpers quickly fix inevitable dings that come with heavy use doors. They cushion impacts rather than transmitting force directly to the surface. It’s a simple upgrade that can make a noticeable difference!

In homes with kids and pets, cabinet bumpers are essential. Prevent scratches, chips, and loosening from those rambunctious family members swinging on hardware. Clear guards blend in seamlessly, while foam adds cheerful pops of color.

For vehicles, bumpers protect interior and exterior handles from wear and tear over time. Stop scratches from keys, bags, and parking lot bumps. Maintain that new car sheen easily with this upgrade. Both clear and colorful options suit any style.

Bumpers slide right over existing handles, adhering securely without any hardware or tools. Installation is a piece of cake! Just slide and click into place. Plus they’re affordably priced, often under $10 for a full set.

Don’t tolerate damaged handles for another day. Defend your doors and drawers quickly with bumpers. Bid farewell to dings and scratches! Keep your car and cabinets looking immaculate with this simple upgrade. Just click and slide your way to long-lasting protection.