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Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are poised to be the hottest hair accessory this spring. These whimsical clips shaped like intricately woven bird nests add an element of natural beauty and free-spirited style to any look. As we transition into the warmer months, these organic hair jewels are an effortless way to get in on the earthy, boho chic trend.

What Are Bird Nest Hair Clips?

Bird nest hair clips get their name from their unique woven construction designed to mimic the appearance of an actual bird’s nest. They are made from materials like faux leather, ribbon, jute, cotton rope, and twine intricately twisted and woven together by hand or machine into a loose, mound-like shape.

The woven texture and earthy, neutral color palette give these hair accessories a natural, rustic vibe. The disheveled shape of the woven mass adds an playful, whimsical touch of controlled chaos to your hairstyle. Bird nest clips come in a range of sizes, from dainty mini versions to extra large clips that can anchor a voluminous updo.

Why Are Bird Nest Clips Trending This Season?

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

This spring, haute couture and street style trends have embraced seventies bohemian influences like peasant blouses, fringe bags, and flared denim. In keeping with the earthy, natural aesthetic of the season, bird nest hair clips are the perfect way to nod to the free-spirited vibe in a chic, elevated way.

The textured, woven construction gives them an organic look that complements the laid-back, effortless essence of boho style. At the same time, the intricate handiwork elevates them into statement accessories that add a touch of whimsy and texture to your locks.

For a cool way to wear the look, check out celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez sporting these woven wonders clipped into loose, messy updos and cascading curls.

Different Types of Bird Nest Clips Available

From petite mini clips to jumbo sized accents, you can find bird nest hair clips in a range of styles to suit your needs:

  • Mini bird nest clips: Perfect for accenting a half-up style or sprinkled throughout delicate braids or loose curls.
  • Small bird nest clips: The most versatile size, these contain the nest shape in a compact but eye-catching way.
  • Medium bird nest clips: With a wider shape, these hold more hair for clipping up sections.
  • Large/jumbo bird nest clips: Make a statement by anchoring voluminous braids, buns and updos with these substantial sizes.

Popular materials like faux leather, cotton rope, ribbon and jute give the woven texture visual interest through contrasting colors and fabric variations. From neutral earth tones to bold, colorful accents, there’s a bird nest clip that aligns with your personal style.

How To Style Bird Nest Clips For Different Hair Lengths

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

One of the best aspects of bird nest clips is their versatility to be styled in different ways for various hair lengths and types:

  • Short hair: Cluster mini bird nest clips throughout the back to amp up short locks.
  • Shoulder length: Clip a medium nest on each side of a middle part for a symmetrically boho vibe.
  • Long hair: Weaver larger clips into braids or a top knot for an eye-catching accent.

Whether you want to clip up sections of hair or sprinkle them randomly throughout your tresses, embrace the messy chic look and let those woven wonders do their thing!

DIY Tips To Make Your Own Bird Nest Hair Clips

Want to channel your inner craftiness to create your own custom clips? Here are some simple tips for DIY bird nest hair clips:

  • Use a sock, t-shirt or other fabric cut into strips and rolled into bundles for the base.
  • Wrap yarn, ribbon, twine and other textures around the base in a haphazard woven pattern.
  • Shape the wrapped mass into a dome “nest” shape and hot glue it for stability.
  • Glue on hair clip pieces or bobby pins to the back to attach to hair.

With a few basic materials from a craft or fabric store, you can make these hair accessories uniquely your own for a fun weekend project.

Top Places To Buy Affordable Bird Nest Clips Online

Looking to add some woven wonder to your collection without spending a fortune? Check out these top spots to pick up budget-friendly bird nest hair clips:

  • Etsy – From minimalist designs to bold statement pieces, Etsy sellers offer handmade quality at affordable prices.
  • Amazon – Search for multi-packs of bird nest clips imported wholesale for seriously low costs.
  • AliExpress – Browse the latest bulk shipment arrivals of on-trend hair clips shipped direct from manufacturers.
  • eBay – Score major deals on auction listings for bulk pack lots of bird nest clips.

Scope out sale sections, bulk packs and coupons for additional savings on these must-have hair accessories of the season.

Bird nest hair clips have been gradually gaining popularity over the past few seasons, but they are poised to reach peak trend status this spring. More than just a passing fad, the appeal of these textured hair accessories taps into some larger cultural trends that help explain why they are suddenly flying off shelves. Let’s dig into why bird nest clips are ruffling feathers as a must-have style this season.

Why Are Bird Nest Clips Trending This Season?

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

There are several factors aligning that make 2023 the year bird nest hair clips have their mainstream moment in the spotlight:

  • Boho revival – Loose, natural textures and earthy tones are back in vogue, with the bohemian aesthetic returning to the runways and streets. From peasant dresses to fringe purses, bird nest clips perfectly complement the laid-back boho vibe.
  • Artisan appeal – Intricate, handcrafted pieces with imperfect character resonate with our desire for uniqueness over mass production. The one-of-a-kind woven texture satisfies our craving for artisanal beauty.
  • Hygge happiness – Danish “coziness” is a megatrend, and the whimsical, free-spirited shape of bird nest clips evokes the simple joy and quirky charm hygge philosophy embraces.
  • Sustainable style – Upcycled and natural materials are increasingly important. Made from recycled textiles or all-natural fibers like jute and cotton, bird nest clips let us express our values through sustainable accessories.

Beyond just latching onto several larger trends, bird nest clips have an intrinsic charm and versatility making them their own phenomenon. The organic shapes blend into hair seamlessly while adding artful texture. They work for any hair length, dressing up styles from pixie cuts to cascading blowouts. And they appeal across generations, with teens and boomer hippies alike rocking the look.

So whether you’re embracing the boho revival or just digging their cheeky vibe, this is the season to give your locks a stylish bird’s nest makeover!

The loosely woven, mound-like texture of bird nest hair clips adds an element of carefree chaos that complements the organic spirit of bohemian style. At the same time, the meticulous handiwork brings an elevated artistry to this whimsical accessory. Made from natural materials like jute, cotton and wood beads, they align sustainable materials with chic design for the ultimate eco-friendly statement. Their smaller size and delicate details also connect to the popularity of more minimalist, purposeful accessories.

Beyond aligning with some of these larger trends, bird nest clips have an approachable versatility that gives them broad appeal across ages and styles. They seamlessly blend into hair without looking clunky or overpowering, with the organic shapes complementing both straight and curly locks. You can go subtle with mini accents throughout braids or ponytails, or make them the focal point anchoring a messy updo. Whether you’re a teen testing out trends or a boomer revisiting boho roots, these woven wonders evoke joy and self-expression for all.

So let your hair down and give it a bird’s nest makeover this season! What sets bird nest clips apart is they don’t just latch onto a trend – they reflect a deeper cultural shift towards embracing uniqueness and sustainable style with carefree whimsy.

Bird nest hair clips may seem simple at first glance, but look a little closer and you’ll discover they come in a diverse range of sizes and materials to suit different needs. Whether you want a dainty accent piece or eye-catching focal point, there are so many options to explore.

Different Types of Bird Nest Clips Available

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

From petite mini clips to jumbo showstoppers, bird nest hair accessories span the spectrum when it comes to shape and scale. Here’s an overview of the size options out there:

  • Minis – Just an inch or two wide, these little nests are perfect for a subtle touch dotted throughout braids or curls. Their compact size prevents them from weighing hair down.
  • Small – Around the width of a few fingers, small clips are versatile for holding half-up dos or accenting pigtails. They balance eye-catching and lightweight.
  • Medium – With a wider profile, medium bird nest clips can anchor more hair in updos or hold thicker sections in place. They make more of a statement.
  • Large – Jumbo clips measuring several inches wide have a substantial presence perfect for voluminous styles. Clip one in for an organic focal point.

Bird nest clips also utilize a range of materials like faux leather, cotton, jute and ribbon to create diverse textures and looks:

  • Woven cotton or jute have an earthy, neutral vibe perfect for boho styles.
  • Faux leather offers a sleeker, polished alternative with various color options.
  • Densely woven nests have more of an orderly, crafted appearance than loose, unraveling ones.

Variation in color palette is another way to make a statement, from neutral naturals to bold hues. Whether you prefer a minimalist, orderly aesthetic or free-spirited colorful look, there’s a bird nest out there for you!

Beyond aesthetics, also consider factors like hair type and weight. Focus on lightweight mini clips for fine or fragile hair. Thicker, heavier textures can hold larger statement pieces without sagging. The organic versatility of bird nest clips lets you select the perfect match for your personal style and needs.

At the end of the day, the beauty of these woven hair wonders is their diversity. Let your inner magpie seek out the shape, scale, colors and materials that complement your individual essence. With so many options, you can find your perfect bird nest hair clips!

One of the best aspects of bird nest hair clips is they can be styled beautifully on any hair length. Whether you’re rocking a short pixie cut or extra long Rapunzel locks, these woven wonders are versatile hair accessories that add whimsical texture.

How To Style Bird Nest Clips For Different Hair Lengths

Here are some tips for making the most of bird nest clips on specific hair lengths:

Short Hair:

  • Dot mini bird nest clips throughout the back and sides for an all-over accent.
  • Focus clips on one side for an asymmetrical statement.
  • Use them to embellish short braids or space buns.

Shoulder Length:

  • Line up symmetrically on both sides of a middle part.
  • Anchor a low side ponytail or pigtails.
  • Pair with mermaid or beachy waves.

Long Hair:

  • Incorporate into braids, especially fishtail or waterfall braids.
  • Clip into a top knot for a messy, textured updo.
  • Add whimsical accents throughout loose curls or waves.

The organic, free-spirited shape of bird nest clips complements the movement of wavy and curly hair beautifully. Let them enhance your natural texture.

Don’t be afraid to play around with placement either – pile on multiple in one area for drama, or sprinkle them throughout for an effortless feel. You really can’t go wrong when styling these woven wonders!

Whether you want to make them the main focal point or use them to embellish simple styles, bird nest hair clips inject a bit of carefree whimsy into any cut. Embrace the messy chic look and let your inner magpie run wild with these textured trends!

DIY Tips To Make Your Own Bird Nest Hair Clips

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are emerging as a major hair accessory trend for spring 2023. With their whimsical and organic shapes, these bird nest shaped hair clips add a playful and romantic touch to any hairstyle. While you can find readymade bird nest hair clips online and in stores, making your own allows for endless customization and personal flair. Read on for DIY tips, tricks, and inspiration for crafting your own unique bird nest shaped hair holders.

Gather Your Materials

The basic supplies needed for DIY bird nest hair clips include:

  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Dried moss, lichen, or other greenery
  • Dried flowers
  • Feathers
  • Embellishments like beads, buttons, or mini pom poms
  • Floral glue
  • Hair clips
  • Wire cutters

Choose materials in natural, earthy tones like greens, browns, creams, and neutrals to emulate an authentic bird’s nest. Dried materials can often be foraged from your own backyard or garden. For feathers, look for craft suppliers that ethically source from poultry farms.

Shape the Base

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Form the foundation of your bird nest hair clips by shaping floral wire into a loose nest or bowl shape. This will support the dried greenery and flowers. Use pliers to twist the ends of the wire together to secure the shape. For a more organic look, sculpt an irregular bowl shape rather than a perfect circle or oval. The wire base should be about 2-3 inches wide.

Add Greenery and Texture

Begin building up texture and filling out your bird nest shaped hair holder by wrapping dried moss around the wire frame. Use floral tape to secure it in place. Spanish moss, reindeer lichen, and preserved sheet moss all mimic the soft, fluffy interior of an actual bird’s nest. Next, incorporate other greenery like ferns, eucalyptus leaves, or twigs. Layer and wrap the organic materials, using floral tape to bind them to the frame as needed.

Embellish with Flowers and Feathers

Once your base and greenery are arranged, creatively embellish your birdsnest hair clips with flowers and feathers. Mini dried roses, baby’s breath, lavender sprigs, and buds are all delicate options. Use hot glue or floral glue to attach each bloom. Then tuck in feathers for an authentic bird’s nest touch. Go for feathers in natural shades like white, brown, cream, or black.

Add Finishing Touches

To complete your hair clip, glue or wire your sculpted bird nest shape onto a plain hair clip base. Then consider adding any final embellishments, like beads scattered throughout for eggs or mini pom poms for baby birds. A final coating of floral glue helps stiffen and preserve the materials. Let fully dry before wearing.

Style Your Bird Nest Clips

Ready to rock your handmade bird nest hair accessories? Here are some chic styling ideas:

  • Clip into an elegant low bun for a whimsical accent.
  • Use to adorn a loose boho braid.
  • Nestle into the back of a messy undone updo.
  • Perch one on top of a sleek high ponytail.
  • Pair one with soft flirty curls.

The organic charm of bird nest shaped hair clips complements both formal and casual hairstyles. Let your playful creation inspire your inner woodland fairy!

Troubleshooting Tips

Running into tricky spots while crafting your bird’s nest hair accessories? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • If your clip feels flimsy, make sure to use thicker gauge wire for the base and secure all materials tightly with floral tape.
  • For a balanced shape, visually divide your wire base shape into quarters and distribute materials evenly.
  • If the greenery won’t stay, use more hot glue and let dry completely before moving or styling.
  • If pieces become loose, reattach with hot glue and press firmly for 30 seconds while drying.
  • For oddly shaped clips, gently bend and tease the wire base into the right form.

Take your time shaping and filling in your bird nest hair clips for long-lasting results! With these DIY tips and techniques, you’ll be rocking hand-crafted hair accessories all spring long.

Top Places To Buy Affordable Bird Nest Clips Online

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are trending for spring, but the designer versions can be pricy. Luckily, there are plenty of places online to find budget-friendly options for these whimsical bird nest shaped hair clips. Read on for the best sites to buy affordable bird nest hair clips and accessories.


Etsy is a top source for unique handmade and vintage hair clips. Many sellers there offer bird’s nest-inspired designs at affordable price points. Search using terms like “bird nest hair clip” or “birdsnest hair accessories.” You can filter by price range to stay under budget. Etsy shops to check out include TheRusticWillow, LoveYourNest, and RiverOtterCo.


eBay is another go-to for discounted hair accessories. Look for new and used bird nest shaped hair holders from individual sellers and bargain accessory shops. Search “bird nest hair clip bulk” or “bird nest hair clip lot” to find multi-packs for the best deals. Sort by price + shipping lowest first.


Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

AliExpress is filled with ultra-affordable hair accessories direct from manufacturers. Search terms like “bird nest hair clip” and “bird nest barrette” will pull up tons of options under $2 each. Order in bulk to get the biggest discounts. Just be sure to read reviews and seller stats first.


Check Amazon for low cost bird nest hair clips in multi-packs. Search phrases like “bird nest hair clips bulk.” Filter results under $10 or $20. Read reviews to find quality sets that won’t fall apart. Comparing prices across sizes like 5-packs vs 20-packs can reveal the best deals.

Retail Clearance Sections

Check the clearance racks in stores like Target, Claire’s, and Forever 21 for marked-down hair clips. Sometimes you can snag on-trend bird nest shaped hair accessories for just a few dollars. Sale sections on retail websites are also worth browsing for hidden deals.

Thrift Stores

Never underestimate your local thrift stores when accessory shopping on a budget. Scour the hair clip and barrette selection for vintage or retro bird nest clips.utative pieces reflective of the design trend. Even if it’s not a perfect bird’s nest replica, anything ornate and nature-inspired will get the look.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores can be another source of super cheap hair clips to DIY into bird nests. Grab simple barrettes, hair combs, and bobby pins for just $1-3 each. Then use floral wire, moss, and feathers from the craft store to turn them into boho bird nest hair accessories on the cheap.

Hair Accessory Wholesalers

For the lowest prices, buy bird nest hair clips in bulk via wholesale hair accessory suppliers. Search terms like “wholesale hair clips” and “wholesale hair accessories.” Minimum orders are usually 100+ pieces, but the per-unit price can be as low as $1. Share extras with friends or sell online.

Tips for Buying Affordable Clips

When shopping for budget bird nest hair clips, keep these tips in mind:

  • Sort and filter by low to high price
  • Look for multi-packs and wholesale lots
  • Compare shipping costs
  • Read reviews for quality assurance
  • Search broad keywords like “hair clip,” “hair accessory,” etc.
  • Check seller stats and ratings if buying handmade

With so many ways to save, you can stock up on armfuls of dreamy bird nest hair clips without spending a fortune. Let your thrifty finds inspire natural, free-spirited hairstyles this spring.

Video Tutorials On How To Put In Bird Nest Clips

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are poised to be one of the hottest hair accessories for spring 2023. These whimsical clips are shaped just like a tiny bird’s nest, complete with faux twigs, leaves, and eggs. While the style may seem intimidating at first, bird nest clips are actually quite easy to incorporate into your look. With the right techniques, you can wear these playful clips for both day and night. If you want to hop on this trend, here are some video tutorials that demonstrate foolproof methods for putting in bird nest clips.

Secure The Base

When using bird nest clips, it’s important to anchor them securely so they don’t slide out of place. Many tutorial videos recommend bobby pinning the base of the clip to your hair first. Insert a bobby pin horizontally across the bottom of the clip to hold it firmly in place. You can also backcomb or tease the section of hair first to give the clip something to grip onto. Securing the base helps keep your bird nest clip stay put all day or night.

Place Strategically For Volume

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

One of the best aspects of bird nest clips is they add instant volume and texture. To maximize lift, popular YouTube tutorials show placing the clips near the roots at the crown of your head. Position it an inch or two behind your hairline to lift the roots for added body. Angle it upward and outward from the part to get maximum height. The fluffy twigs and unique shape of the clip will give you a bombshell boost of volume at the crown.

Hide With Existing Hair

While you want your bird nest clip to stand out, you also want to make it look natural. Clever TikTokers use their own hair to help blend the accessory. Position your clip within a section of hair, then loosely drape pieces over and around the clip to make it seem like it’s emerging from your hair organically. Use bobby pins to loosely hold the hair over the edges of the clip, almost like you’re tucking it into a nest. This helps it look like a seamless addition for an effortlessly whimsical vibe.

Add Some Sparkle

What’s a spring trend without a bit of shine? YouTube tutorials recommend accenting your bird nest clip with some shimmery hair pins or jeweled bobby pins. Look for pins encrusted with pearls or rhinestones to catch the light beautifully. Tuck them around the base of your clip or into the hair draped over it for some added sparkle. This elevates the look for a special occasion or night out.

Try A Faux Undercut

For an edgy take on this look, Instagram videos demonstrate using bird nest clips to fake an undercut or shaved section of hair. Simply place your clip at the nape of your neck, positioning it horizontally like it’s a stripe of shorter hair. Let your longer hair hang loose over it, then lightly tease and spritz the shorter section underneath the faux undercut. The trick makes it appear you have an undercut when you don’t! It’s a great way to test drive the style.

Pair With Braids

For a boho vibe, TikTokers pair bird nest clips with braids and plaits. Work the clip into cornrows or a Dutch braid, either sitting it atop the braid or weaving it in with the stranding. You can also pin it to the base of a braid to anchor it and add interest. Pairing the natural looking clip with braided textures creates a whimsical, earthy style perfect for spring.

Use Multiples

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Don’t be afraid to use more than one bird nest clip! The great thing about this trend is you can incorporate as many as you like for an ultra playful look. YouTube tutorials show placing 3-4 clips throughout the hair, whether clustering them together or dispersing them. You can go for different sizes and styles too. Mixing and matching creates an artsy, music festival ready style that’s totally individual.

Bird nest clips may appear complicated, but as you can see from these video tutorials, they’re actually quite simple to install and style. With a few tricks like securing the base, blending with your natural hair and adding embellishments, you can easily nail this super cute trend for spring. So grab your bobby pins and get nesting!

Celebrity Inspiration For Styling Bird Nest Hair Clips

Bird nest hair clips are quickly becoming one of spring’s hottest accessories. With their whimsical design and instant volume-boosting effect, it’s no wonder celebrities are clipping into this trend. Looking to starlets for style inspiration is a great way to figure out fresh and fabulous ways to wear bird nest clips. From glamorous to boho chic, check out how the celebs are rocking this playful hair trend.

Taylor Swift’s Romantic Updo

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Leave it to Taylor Swift to create an ultra-feminine look with bird nest clips. To complement a floral dress, she swept her blonde tresses into a loose updo. Placing a small bird nest clip at the crown added lift and interest. Letting soft pieces fall around her face kept the vibe romantic and soft. This is a great go-to for weddings or date night.

Zendaya’s Red Carpet Glam

For an edgy twist, take inspiration from Zendaya’s red carpet style. Her crop top and skirt combo was offset by a huge bird nest clip angled high on her head. With leafy accents extending upwards, it mimicked the look of an undercut. She kept her makeup bold with a plum lip to complement the daring look. It’s a great way to vamp up evening attire.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Boho Chic

Trust Vanessa Hudgens to show off the bohemian potential of bird nest clips. She coupled hers with a printed kimono, layered necklaces, and oversized sunnies. Placing the clip low at the nape of her neck, she let her wavy tresses flow freely. The overall effect is relaxed, earthy, and effortlessly cool. Take notes for blissful weekend vibes.

Lizzo’s Disco Diva

Why not have some disco fever fun with this accessory like Lizzo? With a shimmery jumpsuit and stage-worthy makeup, she went for drama. Piled high in curls, she positioned her bird nest clip to amp up volume even more. The result is Studio 54-worthy glam perfect for a night out dancing.

Billie Eilish’s Punk Rock Vibes

Billie Eilish proved bird nest clips can also exude attitude. With her neon green hair, she tucked a clip into her messy updo like it was piercing the style. A chunky chain choker and leather jacket balanced the softness. It’s easy to recreate her punk rock aesthetic for a rebellious date night or concert.

Selena Gomez’s Textured Ponytail

For a casual take, style your clip into an unfussy ponytail like Selena Gomez. Pulling her hair into a low tail, she threaded her bird nest accessory in with the elastic for a nested effect. Piecey strands perfectly offset the smoothness. It’s an easy way to funk up a basic pony before heading out.

Jennifer Lopez’s Half Updo

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Let Jennifer Lopez teach you how to rock bird nest clips for date night. Leaving hair down in loose waves, she pulled the top section back loosely and anchored it with a clip. Placed behind the crown, it added lift while keeping the vibe low-key and romantic. Finish the look with hoop earrings for an effortless glam moment.

Hailey Bieber’s Textured Bob

If you have a short cut, take notes from Hailey Bieber’s style. She swept her blunt bob to one side and tucked in a tiny bird nest clip to amp up the texture. A swipe of lipstick and simple studs kept the focus on the flirty shape. It’s a great way to play with accessories if you have a cropped style.

Kendall Jenner’s Throwback Vibes

For serious retro inspiration, look no further than Kendall Jenner’s glam take. Parted deeply to the side, she secured voluminous curls with a bird nest clip. The effect gave ’60s bombshell appeal. To make it modern, she added skinny sunglass and minimalist earrings. It’s proof these clips work for any era’s aesthetics.

As you can see from the celebs, there are so many chic ways to work bird nest clips into your style. Whether you want to go glitzy, edgy, or low-key, you can find star-approved inspo. Just have fun clipping into this whimsical accessory trend. With the right placement and accents, you are sure to turn heads wherever you go this spring.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Bird Nest Clips

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are having a major moment for spring 2023. But as fun as these playful accessories are, they do take a bit of finesse. Before clipping in, make sure to avoid these common mistakes to ensure your bird’s nest is perfectly positioned.

Choosing Too Large Of A Clip

One of the biggest errors is selecting a bird nest clip that’s too bulky. Oversized options might seem glamorous, but they can actually overwhelm delicate hair and features. Opt for small and medium sizes that compliment your proportions. Petite girls should stick to diminutive styles. Larger ladies can size up for a statement. Getting the scale right makes all the difference.

Positioning Too Low

While placing your clip at the nape of your neck can look pretty, it’s missing out on the volumizing potential. Position your bird’s nest too low and you forfeit that bombshell lift. experts recommend situating it 1-3 inches from your hairline, angled diagonally. The higher placement gives your locks va-va-voom height and shape right where you want it.

Not Securing The Base

Failing to anchor your bird nest clip is a rookie mistake. Without securing the base, it will inevitably slip and slide out of place. Always pin down the bottom edges with bobby pins, crossing them over the base horizontally. You can also tease the section of hair underneath for more hold. If that clip moves, so does your whole style.

Hiding It Entirely

While you want to blend a bird’s nest seamlessly, be careful not to bury it completely. Drape hair softly over and around the edges, but leave a portion peeking through. Completely concealing it defeats the purpose! Let its charming shape and design shine through to reap the full whimsical effect.


Too many accessories compete with your bird nest clip, muddling the look. Stick to one or two hairpins for light embellishment. piling on jeweled bobby pins and barrettes distracts from your focal point. Let your bird nest style fly solo in the accessory department.

Forgetting Texture Products

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

A bird’s nest looks its best nestled into hair with texture vs. stick straight styles. Don’t forget products that enhance natural waves or curls if your hair tends to fall flat. Salt sprays, dry texturizing sprays, and mousses help achieve perfectly undone, rumpled texture your clip can blend into.

Pairing With Slicked Down Hair

Tightly pulled back ponytails and buns don’t complement the lushness of bird nest clips. Too severe and polished, it fights the soft whimsy you want. Let pieces naturally fall around your face and keep extra volume at the crown to match its aesthetic. Embrace bedhead texture.

Not Angling It Properly

For lift that lasts, point the open end of your bird nest upward and outward. Situating it straight across flattens volume. Angle it on a diagonal, following the direction of your part. Let those pretty twigs extend up and away from your crown to get that bombshell boost.

Skipping Regular Adjustments

Like any hair accessory, bird nest clips need a little TLC. Gently press and reshape the twigs and bristles back into place throughout the day. Re-pin any loose edges as needed. Take it out and give it a quick primp to revive the look after hours of wear.

Avoid these missteps, and you can nail the perfect bird’s nest style. Take your time choosing the right size and placement while anchoring it securely. With the right amount of texture and height, your look will truly soar this spring.

How To Care For Your Bird Nest Hair Clips To Make Them Last

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Bird nest hair clips are having a major fashion moment for spring 2023. But like any delicate accessory, they require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Follow these tips to extend the life of your bird’s nest so you can keep rocking this playful trend.

Protect From Heat Styling

Exposing bird nest clips to high temperatures will cause the bristles and twigs to dry out and become brittle. Avoid using hot tools like blowdryers, curling irons, or straighteners near your clip. The heat can damage the materials. Let your hair air dry naturally before clipping in your bird’s nest to keep it lush.

Gently Brush Bristles

Use a soft bristle brush or spoolie to groom the twigs and faux leaves of your bird nest clip. Gently brushing them will remove any product buildup and refresh the texture. Be sure to avoid hard plastic bristles that could snag or pull the materials. A light touch keeps the bristles fluffy.

Store Properly Between Uses

Don’t just toss your bird nest clips in a drawer when not in use. Keep them in their original box or a designated pouch/bag for protection. Laying them flat prevents the clips from warping or losing their shape while being stored. Cushioning them prevents delicate materials from becoming crushed or bent.

Avoid Hair Product Overflow

When styling your hair, be cautious not to overload your bird’s nest with product. Things like hairspray, mousse and oils will leave residue that weighs down the bristles. Apply styling products before putting your clip in, and focus them on the lengths of your hair instead.

Shake Out Debris

From time to time, give your bird nest clip an upside shake to remove any accumulated debris. Things like dust, dirt and loose hairs can get lodged in the bristles. Gently shaking it removes buildup to keep your it looking cleaner between deep cleansings.

Freshen With Conditioner

If your clip starts to lose its softness and shape, give the bristles a conditioning treatment. Mix a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner with water in a bowl. Dip the ends of the bristles in the mixture and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse under cool water and let air dry before wearing again.

Disinfect Periodically

Bird Nest Hair Clips: The Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2023

Every few weeks, give your bird nest clip a sanitizing soak. Dissolve an alcohol-free antimicrobial tablet in water, then submerge the clip bristles for 15 minutes. This kills germs and bacteria that can accumulate in the bristles from repeated wearing. Let air dry completely afterwards.

Avoid Waterlogging