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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

Why Is My Bissell Carpet Cleaner Not Spinning Or Turning?

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling out your trusty Bissell carpet cleaner, eager to tackle that set-in stain, only to find the brush roll isn’t spinning. Without the rotating brushes, your Bissell can’t provide that deep clean you were counting on.

But don’t despair! In most cases, a non-spinning brush roll simply indicates a worn out drive belt needs replacing. The good news is that on most Bissell models, including the popular ProHeat, replacing the belt yourself is a quick and easy fix.

Checking The Bissell ProHeat Belt 3100625

Before ordering a new Bissell belt, it’s wise to double check the current one. Locate the belt housing below the dirty water tank. Refer to your owner’s manual for the exact location on your Bissell model. Gently pry off the housing cover and remove the belt. Inspect closely for cracking, fraying, or excessive stretching. Give it a gentle twist – it should be quite stiff. If it seems loose or lacks tension, a replacement is likely needed.

The original belt on most Bissells is part number 3100625. However, always match any replacement to the belt you removed, as not all models use the same size. An incorrect belt won’t provide the right tension to spin the brush roll.

Locating The Motor Pulley On Bissell Proheat Pet

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

Once you’ve got the new Bissell ProHeat belt 3100625, you’re ready to install it. The first step is accessing the motor pulley behind the brush roll. On the ProHeat Pet, the pulley is visible after removing the nozzle hose, unscrewing the brush cover, and lifting out the brush roll.

Refer to diagrams in your owner’s manual if unsure where to locate the motor pulley on your particular Bissell model. Some require partially disassembling the unit to access this component.

Removing The Brush Roll On Bissell Proheat 2x

With the pulley exposed, next remove the brush roll. On the popular ProHeat 2X, this involves unscrewing the brush roll end caps and sliding the roll out. Take note of the direction the brushes face so you can reinstall correctly later.

Be mindful not to lose any small parts or end caps as you remove the brush roll. A magnetic screwdriver can help retrieve any dropped screws or hardware.

Taking Off The Belt Cover On Bissell Proheat Essential

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

Now the old belt should easily slip off the motor pulley. Some Bissells like the ProHeat Essential have a plastic belt cover that must also be removed first. This usually involves unscrewing or unclipping the cover from the base.

Set aside all removed housing covers, belt guards, etc. so they can be refitted once the new belt is installed.

Sliding The Old Bissell Belt Off The Motor Pulley

With the belt exposed, pry or twist it off the pulley using your fingers or a flathead screwdriver if needed. Expect some resistance as the old belt is stretched tight.

Inspect the now accessible pulley for debris, dust, or pet hair buildup which could impede the new belt. Clean the pulley if needed so it can spin freely.

Placing The New Bissell 3100625 Belt On Pulleys

After removing the old belt from the motor pulley, wrap your new Bissell belt 3100625 around the pulley and the brush roll pulleys according to the diagrams in your manual.

Note the proper twisting path as the belt connects the two pulleys. On some models, you may need to twist the belt into a figure 8 pattern.

Ensure the belt is fully seated in the pulley grooves. Give it a test spin to check smooth engagement before reassembling.

Reattaching The Belt Cover On Your Bissell Model

With the new belt installed on the pulleys, replace any housing covers, guards, or plates. On some Bissells, tension springs or clamps help keep optimal pressure on the belt – be sure to refit these correctly.

Getting covers realigned and screwed in tightly often takes some patience and care. But proper reassembly is crucial for optimal suction power.

Reinserting The Brush Roll In Correct Alignment

The last step is replacing the brush roll, taking care to align the bristle direction correctly with your Bissell model. Replace any end caps and screws to secure the roll.

Getting the brush roll perfectly realigned in the chassis prevents the belt from slipping off during use.

Testing The Spin With New Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

Once fully reassembled, flip the power switch and verify full spinning action with the new belt. Let it run a few minutes to ensure smooth operation and no slippage.

If any noise or hesitation, power off and carefully check for obstructions, debris, or misalignment. With a properly installed new Bissell ProHeat belt 3100625, that carpet cleaner should be ready to tackle any job!

Checking The Bissell ProHeat Belt 3100625

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

When your Bissell carpet cleaner’s brush roll refuses to spin, the first step is verifying the drive belt is in fact the culprit. Locate the removable plastic housing below the dirty water tank that contains the belt. Your owner’s manual provides the exact location for your model.

Gently pry off the housing cover and slide out the existing belt for inspection. Check for excessive stretching, dry rot, cracks, or fraying. Give the belt a gentle twist in your hands – it should feel very stiff and maintain its shape.

If the belt seems loose, brittle, or lacks tension when twisted, it likely needs replacement. The original Bissell ProHeat belt is part number 3100625, but always match any new belt to the one you removed.

Accessing the Motor Pulley Area

Once confirmed the drive belt is worn out, it’s time to install the new Bissell ProHeat belt 3100625. First, locate the motor pulley the belt wraps around behind the brush roll.

On the ProHeat Pet model, removing the flexible hose nozzle and unscrewing the brush housing exposes the pulley. Refer to diagrams in your owner’s manual to locate this component on other Bissell versions.

Some require partial disassembly to access the motor pulley area. Take photos with your phone as you go to aid correct reassembly later.

Sliding Out the Brush Roll

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

With the pulley visible, the next step is removing the brush roll to completely expose the belt path. On the popular ProHeat 2X, this means unscrewing the end caps and sliding the roll straight out.

Note which direction the bristles face so you can properly realign the roll during reinstallation. Losing small screws or end caps is easy, so work carefully.

Removing Belt Guards and Covers

At this point the old belt should slip easily off the motor pulley. Some Bissells have plastic belt covers that must also come off first. The ProHeat Essential for example uses a guard that unclips from the base.

Set aside any housing components, guards or plates so they can be refitted after the new belt installs. This helps avoid lost parts or incorrect reassembly.

Twisting the Old Belt Off the Pulley

With full access to the belt, pry or twist it to loop it off the motor pulley. Expect significant tension and resistance as the stretched belt detaches from the pulley grooves.

Inspect the now visible pulley and clean any debris or pet hair buildup so it can rotate smoothly again.

Now you’re ready to wrap the fresh Bissell ProHeat belt 3100625 into place using the diagrams in your model’s manual as a reference….

Locating The Motor Pulley On Bissell Proheat Pet

If the brush roller on your Bissell ProHeat Pet carpet cleaner has stopped spinning, the likely culprit is a worn or broken belt connecting the motor pulley to the brush roller. Replacing this belt is a fairly straightforward DIY task that can save you time and money compared to taking the machine to a repair shop. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps for locating and accessing the motor pulley to replace the Bissell ProHeat Pet belt.

The first step is to turn the Bissell ProHeat Pet upside down to access the bottom side of the machine. You’ll notice a large removable panel held in place by screws – this is the access panel for the belt area. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, completely remove all screws and set them aside in a safe place.

Gently pry off the access panel to reveal the inner workings of the carpet cleaner. Be careful not to damage any tabs or break off pieces of the panel. With the access panel removed, you’ll be able to see the motor pulley on the left side of the machine.

The motor pulley is a rubberized wheel with ridges around the edge. It connects to the motor shaft inside the body of the cleaner. There will likely be belt residue built up on the pulley if your original belt broke. Use a clean rag to wipe this residue away before installing the new belt.

On the right side, you’ll see the brush roller. Notice the similar pulley wheel in the center connected to the brush roller shaft. The Bissell ProHeat Pet belt loops around both the motor pulley and the brush roller pulley to spin the brush.

If your belt is still intact but simply slipping, you may be able to remove it from the pulleys to check for wear and reinstall it. But more commonly, the belt will be cracked or broken and will need to be replaced. The Bissell ProHeat Pet uses belt style 3100625.

To remove the old belt, use needle-nose pliers to grip the belt close to the motor pulley. Twist the pliers to create slack in the belt while rolling the pulley and slowly work the belt off. Take care not to damage the motor pulley with the pliers.

Once removed, visually inspect the belt for any cracks, fraying, or excessive wear. A high quality replacement Bissell ProHeat Pet belt should be flexible and free of defects. Avoid cheap knock-off belts that may be stiff or prone to breaking.

Before installing the new 3100625 belt, double check that all pulleys spin freely and debris is wiped away. Loop the belt over the motor pulley first, then stretch it over the brush roller pulley on the opposite side. The flexible rubber construction allows the belt to easily slip into place.

Rotate the pulleys by hand several times in both directions to center and align the new belt. Visually inspect around the edges to ensure the belt is fully seated in the grooves of both pulleys. If necessary, use the needle-nose pliers to make final adjustments.

Once satisfied with the belt positioning, put the access panel back in place. Insert and tighten all screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. With the belt replaced, the Bissell ProHeat Pet brush roller should once again spin properly when powered on.

Some key points to remember when locating and replacing the motor pulley belt on a Bissell ProHeat Pet:

  • Turn machine upside down and remove access panel screws
  • Locate motor pulley on left side
  • Remove old belt and clean pulleys
  • Loop new Bissell style 3100625 belt over pulleys
  • Rotate pulleys to align and seat belt
  • Reattach access panel

With a little DIY know-how, you can swap out the belt on your Bissell ProHeat Pet quickly and get back to deep cleaning carpets. Properly maintaining and replacing wear items like belts will extend the useful life of your carpet cleaner. Just be sure to use the exact original Bissell belt specification to keep the motor and brush spinning smoothly.

Removing The Brush Roll On Bissell Proheat 2x

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

The brush roll on a Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaner is responsible for agitating the carpet fibers and lifting dirt to the surface during cleaning. Over time, debris and hair can get tangled around the brush roll, hampering its effectiveness. To maintain optimal cleaning performance, the brush roll needs to be periodically removed for cleaning.

Removing the brush roll on a ProHeat 2X is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps with some simple household tools. In this handy guide, we’ll walk through the process step-by-step so you can keep your carpet cleaner’s brush roll debris-free.

The first thing you’ll need to do is turn the ProHeat 2X upside down. You’ll notice a large removable panel on the bottom held in place by several screws. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove all of the retaining screws and set them aside in a safe place.

With the screws removed, you can now detach the access panel. Some gentle prying around the edges may be necessary to loosen it. Be careful not to damage any of the plastic locking tabs in the process. Lay the panel off to the side.

Looking inside the machine, you’ll see the cylindrical brush roll spanning the width of the cleaner body. The ends of the roller are nestled into notches that hold it in place. Make a note of how the brush roll is situated before attempting to remove it.

On each side of the brush roll you’ll notice a small screw cap. Unscrew these caps in a counter-clockwise direction and set them aside. This will expose the ends of the roller axle.

Now comes the tricky part – simultaneously lifting both ends of the brush roll straight up and out of the notches. Having a friend help makes this easier. Apply even upward pressure at the ends until the entire roller assembly can be lifted out.

With the brush roll removed, inspect it for accumulated hair, debris, and string wrapped around it. Carefully cut and remove anything wound around the bristles. You can also use scissors to trim away hair or fibers.

Once cleaned, simply reverse the steps to reinstall the brush roll. Line up the axle ends with the notches and firmly but gently press straight down until seated. Replace the end screw caps. Double check that the brush turns freely.

Reattach the access panel using the original screws and make sure it is securely in place before turning the ProHeat 2X upright. Plug it in and power on to ensure the brush roll spins properly before putting it back into cleaning duty.

Some key tips to remember when removing the brush roll on a Bissell ProHeat 2X:

  • Flip machine over and remove bottom panel
  • Locate brush roll and end caps
  • Lift both ends straight up simultaneously
  • Clean debris from brush bristles
  • Reinsert brush roll into notches
  • Replace end caps and access panel

Regularly removing and cleaning the ProHeat brush roll will maximize cleaning performance and extend the life of your machine. Just be gentle when removing and reinserting it to avoid damaging the delicate bristles. With a little routine care, your carpet cleaner will keep rolling along!

Taking Off The Belt Cover On Bissell Proheat Essential

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

The Bissell ProHeat Essential is designed to deep clean carpets and upholstery using a powerful brush roll and suction system. But if the brush roll stops spinning properly during cleaning sessions, chances are the belt needs to be inspected or replaced.

The belt is located under a removable panel on the bottom of the unit. Getting access requires taking off the belt cover, which is held in place by several screws. This guide will walk through the simple process of removing the cover to access the belt area on a Bissell ProHeat Essential.

Start by placing the carpet cleaner upside down on a soft surface to avoid scratching the body. Examine the base and you’ll notice a large rectangular panel secured by multiple screws – usually around 6 or 8 of them.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to fully remove all of the screws from the panel. Keep the screws grouped together so they don’t get lost. With all the screws out, the panel should detach easily.

Grip the panel firmly and pull it away from the base. Some gentle prying around the edges can help loosen it if needed. Set the removed belt cover off to the side.

Now the internal belt components are exposed. You’ll likely see some accumulated pet hair, dirt debris, and belt residue in this area. Use a small vacuum crevice tool to clean out any loose dirt or hair.

Locate the motor drive belt – it will be looped around two pulley wheels on either side. One pulley connects to the motor, while the other drives the brush roll. Now you can slip off the old belt to inspect its condition.

Check for cracking, excessive wear, or frayed spots. If the belt is damaged, you’ll need to replace it with a new Bissell ProHeat Essential drive belt. Make sure to get the exact correct belt for your model.

If reusing the original belt, clean any debris buildup off the pulleys and brush roll ends. Proper alignment is critical for the belt and machine to operate smoothly.

Loop the belt back into place around the pulley wheels if reinstalling the original. Rotate the pulleys manually while pressing the belt into the grooves to seat it properly.

Visually inspect the tension and alignment. The belt should have uniform contact against both pulley surfaces. If it looks misaligned, use your fingers to adjust until seated evenly.

Once the belt is positioned correctly, place the removed belt cover panel back into position, matching up the screw holes. Insert each screw by hand first before tightening down with the screwdriver.

Important tips when taking off the belt cover on a ProHeat Essential:

  • Turn unit upside down safely
  • Remove all base panel screws
  • Detach cover panel
  • Inspect, clean or replace belt
  • Realign belt around pulleys
  • Reattach panel with original screws

Removing and accessing the belt cover is fast and easy on a Bissell ProHeat Essential, thanks to the convenient base panel design. Just be extremely careful not to lose any small screws or overtighten when reassembling.

Following routine belt inspection and replacement steps will help maintain your ProHeat’s cleaning efficacy. Keeping the interior free of dirt buildup will also improve longevity. With proper care, your Bissell carpet cleaner can deliver professional-quality deep cleaning for years to come!

Sliding The Old Bissell Belt Off The Motor Pulley

Over time, the drive belt on a Bissell carpet cleaner can become loose, cracked, or otherwise worn out. This results in the brush roll failing to spin properly during cleaning sessions. Replacing the old worn belt with a new one is a repair you can easily tackle yourself.

The most important step when replacing the belt is safely sliding the old belt off the motor pulley without causing damage. With some simple tools and careful technique, this process is quick and straightforward on most Bissell models.

Start by turning the Bissell upside down to access the underside removable belt compartment cover secured by screws. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove all screws from the panel. Set them aside carefully.

With the screws out, gently pry and detach the belt compartment cover. Some models have tabs that release the cover. Set it aside and take a moment to vacuum any dirt or debris from the belt area.

Look for the motor drive pulley on the left or right side of the belt compartment. It will be a rubber wheel with ribs that the belt loops around. Note the pulley location and belt routing for reinstallation later.

To safely slide the old Bissell belt off the motor pulley, use needlenose pliers with a firm but gentle grip. Grip the belt close to the pulley, being careful not to damage the pulley surface.

Slowly twist the pliers in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, which will roll the pulley and loosen the belt tension. Keep rotating until the belt walks its way off the pulley and is fully removed.

Visually inspect the removed belt for cracking, uneven wear, or other damage. A high quality Bissell replacement belt should be flexible and resilient.

Before installing the new belt, clean any debris or built up gunk off the motor pulley, brush roll, and interior compartments. Use a damp rag if needed.

Slip the new belt over the motor pulley first by rotating the pulley with your fingers and walking the belt into the grooves. Follow the routing path noted earlier.

Stretch the belt over to the brush pulley on the opposite side while rolling the pulley and guiding the belt into place around it.

Rotate the pulleys manually to center and align the belt, keeping even tension on both sides. Double check the routing before reattaching the cover.

Some key tips when sliding off the old Bissell belt:

  • Remove belt compartment cover
  • Locate and visually inspect belt
  • Use pliers to grip belt and rotate pulley
  • Roll belt off pulley smoothly and gently
  • Confirm belt damage
  • Clean pulleys and compartment before new belt

Taking the extra time to safely slide off the old Bissell belt without damaging the motor pulley will make the replacement job much easier. Consulting your owner’s manual for model-specific steps is also advised. With some patience and the right technique, you can swap the belt yourself and get your Bissell cleaner brush rolling again.

Placing The New Bissell 3100625 Belt On Pulleys

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

The Bissell 3100625 belt is a common replacement part for belt-driven Bissell carpet cleaner models when the original belt becomes cracked, loose, or broken. Properly installing the new 3100625 belt on the motor and brush pulleys is key to restoring full cleaning functionality.

Before placing the belt on the pulleys, ensure you have removed the old belt from the cleaner and cleared any debris from the belt compartment area. Also confirm the new replacement 3100625 belt is the proper length and width for your Bissell model.

Start the installation by locating the motor drive pulley within the belt compartment. This rubber wheel with ribs receives power from the motor. Slip the 3100625 belt over this pulley first.

Use your fingers to rotate the pulley while carefully walking and guiding the belt into the pulley grooves. Take care not to twist or crimp the belt.

Continue rotating the pulley while sliding the belt further into place. Visually inspect to confirm the belt is centered on the pulley before proceeding.

Next, locate the brush roller pulley on the opposite side. This connects to the brush roller. Stretch the 3100625 belt over to the brush pulley while rolling the pulley with your fingers.

As you did before, slowly roll the pulley while carefully feeding the belt into the grooves. Avoid pinching the belt and fully seat it on the pulley.

Once seated on both pulleys, manually spin the pulleys while pressing the length of the belt inward. This will center and align the new 3100625 belt into the ideal position.

Check for proper pulley alignment and take note of any belt tensioners or idlers that may need adjustment. Consult your Bissell model’s service manual if needed.

Visually confirm that the 3100625 belt routing matches the original factory setup. Look for equal belt tension on both pulleys. Adjust manually if required.

Rotate the pulleys several full revolutions to further seat and center the new belt into place. Double check alignment and tension before reattaching covers.

Tips for properly placing the new 3100625 Bissell belt:

  • Establish pulley locations
  • Slip belt over motor pulley first
  • Rotate pulley while seating belt in grooves
  • Stretch belt to brush pulley
  • Center and align belt between pulleys
  • Confirm routing and tension

Installing a new Bissell 3100625 belt can restore spinning brush functionality that was lost due to a worn belt. Taking the time to properly seat and align the new belt on the pulleys will ensure long belt life and optimal cleaning performance.

Refer to your cleaner’s service guide for model-specific steps. And be sure to periodically check belt condition to identify wear before it leads to breakage. With routine care and maintenance, your Bissell will keep rolling along!

Reattaching The Belt Cover On Your Bissell Model

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

After replacing or inspecting the belt on your Bissell carpet cleaner, it’s crucial to properly reattach the protective belt cover before using the machine again. Taking the time to correctly realign and secure the cover will prevent dirt and debris from entering the belt area during future cleaning sessions.

Most Bissell models have a removable panel or door on the underside that provides access to the motor belt and brush roll compartment. This cover is held in place by several screws.

Once your belt replacement or inspection is complete, prepare to reattach the cover. First confirm that the new or existing belt is seated correctly on the motor pulley and brush roll pulley.

Rotate the pulleys several times by hand to double check the belt operation and alignment. Make any final adjustments to center the belt before continuing.

Next, align the belt cover panel over the compartment opening. Match up the screw holes on the panel with the corresponding holes on the cleaner body.

Insert each screw partially by hand to get them started in the right position. It helps to tilt the unit slightly upwards when reattaching the panel from below.

Once all screws are threaded properly by hand, use a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten them down fully. Tighten until secure but be careful not to over-tighten.

Visually inspect the gaps around the panel perimeter. An evenly aligned cover should fit flush without any obstructions or misalignments.

If the panel has plastic locking tabs, press them into position by hand. Avoid forcing the cover if it doesn’t seat properly – double check for alignment issues.

Finally, turn the Bissell model upright and run a quick test cleaning cycle. Make sure the brush spins correctly before putting the machine back into regular use.

Helpful tips for properly reattaching the belt cover:

  • Confirm belt is aligned correctly before covering
  • Position panel and insert screws by hand initially
  • Tighten screws fully with screwdriver
  • Ensure panel fits flush without gaps
  • Lock any locking tabs into place
  • Test brush roll operation before use

While accessing the belt compartment is necessary for replacements, keeping the area debris-free is critical for longevity. Take extra care when reattaching the protective cover to prevent dirt ingress.

Consult your Bissell manual for model-specific steps. And be sure to periodically check under the cover for any buildup that needs cleaning. Following a careful belt cover reattachment process will maintain cleaning efficacy for years to come!

Reinserting The Brush Roll In Correct Alignment

The brush roll on a Bissell carpet cleaner is critical for agitating carpet fibers and lifting dirt during cleaning. After removing the brush roll for maintenance, taking care to reinsert it properly is key to restoring cleaning performance.

When reinserting the brush roll, the goal is to achieve the same factory alignment for optimal brush-to-carpet contact. This ensures debris pickup and helps reduce uneven wear on the bristles.

Start by examining the cleaner interior where the brush roll sits. Look for notches or molded guides designed to hold the brush ends in the correct position.

Also identify any slots for the belt drive or other retaining components. Visually note the orientation so you can replicate it later.

Next, inspect the brush roll ends and center axle. Remove any built up debris from the axle or bearings. The ends should turn freely when spun by hand.

Hold the brush roll over the front opening and orient it to match the correct original mounted position. Slowly lower it straight down into the cleaner interior.

Align the brush ends with their respective guides or notches. You may need to turn the roll slightly to slot it into position properly. Apply even pressure to fully seat it.

Confirm both brush ends are inserted fully and sitting flat. Spin the roll by hand to check for binding or excessive resistance.

Visually inspect that the brush remains parallel with the cleaner opening. It should not be crooked or angled once in place.

For belt drive models, ensure the belt pulley on the brush roll axle is oriented correctly before replacing the belt.

Reattach any additional retaining clips, caps or other fasteners according to your model’s manual.

Finally, perform a quick cleaning test. Ensure the brush spins freely without noise before putting the machine back into use.

Helpful reminders for proper brush roll reinsertion:

  • Note original orientation before removing roll
  • Align ends with guide notches
  • Press straight down firmly to seat
  • Ensure roll remains parallel
  • Reattach retaining clips and hardware
  • Test spin it before using again

Taking extra care to correctly realign the brush roll will maximize cleaning efficacy. A properly inserted brush equals better pickup and longer machine life!

Testing The Spin With New Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Belt Not Spinning. How To Easily Replace Bissell Proheat Belt 3100625

After replacing the worn drive belt on your Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner with a new 3100625 belt, it’s important to do a quick test spin to verify proper operation before putting the machine back into cleaning duty.

Testing the spin will help identify any issues with the belt installation while components are still easily accessible, saving time and frustration down the road.

Start by making sure the new 3100625 belt is installed correctly, with proper routing through the motor pulley and brush roller pulley.

Visually inspect belt alignment, tension and seating on the pulleys. Give the pulleys a test spin with your hand to check smooth rotation.

Reattach any interior components and access panels with original screws, taking care not to overtighten. All covers should be securely in place for testing.

With the machine upright, plug the power cord into an electrical outlet as you normally would when operating the Bissell ProHeat.

Turn the cleaner on by pressing the power button, which should illuminate. Put the handle in the reclined cleaning position.

Press the pedal on the side or back of the unit to engage the brush roller. Look through the foot opening as you engage the pedal.

The brush roller should begin spinning at full speed within 1-2 seconds. No loud noises or grinding should occur.

Disengage the pedal and confirm the brush stops promptly. Press again and verify it spins up to speed quickly as before.

Repeat this engage/disengage test several times to ensure consistent operation. Also confirm the belt remains centered and taut.

If issues are observed, turn off and unplug the cleaner immediately. Recheck for obstructions, proper belt seating, pulley alignment, and cover tightness.

Helpful spin test reminders when installing a 3100625 belt:

  • Confirm correct belt routing before testing
  • Reattach all covers securely
  • Plug in and turn cleaner on
  • Engage/disengage brush pedal multiple times
  • Listen and look closely for smooth spin up
  • Turn off and investigate any problems

Taking a few minutes to spin test a new 3100625 Bissell ProHeat belt can help identify and correct any issues immediately, saving time down the road. Protect that belt investment with a proper installation!