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Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn’t Know: How To Maximize Cleaning With These Amazing Tips

Choose The Right Bissell Solution For Your Cleaner Model

When it comes to keeping your home spotless, having the right cleaning solution is just as important as the machine itself. Bissell offers a wide variety of formulas designed for different models and cleaning needs. But with so many options, how do you know which one is best?

I’ve tested my fair share of solutions over the years as an avid home cleaner. Through trial and error across various stain types and fabric materials, I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t. In this article, I’ll share my insider tips on picking the perfect Bissell solution for YOUR specific cleaner.

Compare Formulas Between Product Lines

Bissell’s solutions are divided into product lines based on the machine they’re designed for. The main ones are:

  • Bissell 2X concentrate solutions for the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet and other 2X cleaners
  • Professional Pet solutions for the ProHeat and other Professional Pet cleaners
  • Oxy Gen2 formulas for the OxyGen Rug Shampooer
  • Woolite solutions for select deep cleaning machines

While formulas may seem interchangeable, ingredients and concentrations can vary between lines. Always reference the owner’s manual to verify cross-compatibility.

Factor In Fabric Types and Soiling

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Certain Bissell solutions are tailored to different fabric types and stain issues. For example:

  • Woolite Oxy Deep carpet shampoo is great for high traffic areas and ground-in dirt.
  • 2X Pet Stain & Odor formula tackles tough pet stains like urine.
  • Oxy Gen2 Boost spray is ideal for stairs, autos, and spot treatment.

Consider your soiling patterns and needs. Are you battling pet stains? Do you need something gentler for delicate upholstery? Select accordingly.

Don’t Overlook Spot Cleaner Formulas

While pre-treating with an upright machine formula can help, Bissell’s portable spot cleaners have their own unique solutions too:

  • Little Green cleaner solutions made to compliment its suction and spray system.
  • SpotClean Pro’s HeatWave technology heats the formula during cleaning.
  • Portable machine formulas conveniently spray directly on stains.

So before hauling out the big guns, try a spot formula first for localized issues.

Check the Dilution Ratios

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Concentrated solutions need to be diluted with water – but at different ratios. For example:

  • Bissell 2X formulas dilute at 2 oz of solution for every 1 gallon of water.
  • Most Woolite solutions call for 4 oz per gallon.
  • Oxy Gen2 is pre-mixed and ready-to-use.

Following manufacturer specs prevents under or over-diluting. Check the label or owner’s manual and use measuring cups for accuracy.

Know When to Use Boosters

For really challenging stains, Bissell makes booster sprays and powders. Examples include:

  • Oxy Boost Crystals – deodorizing powder to sprinkle and scrub in.
  • 2X Pet Stain & Odor spray – concentrated spot treatment.
  • Oxy Gen2 Boost – spurts solution deep into fibers.

Boosters give your regular cleaner a stain-fighting kick. Just don’t go overboard – follow directions to avoid potential damage.

Change Formulas For Maintenance Cleans

Deep cleaning high traffic areas calls for heavy-duty formulas. But for routine maintenance:

  • Use lighter duty solutions without “Oxy” in the name.
  • Try Woolite solutions for a gentle, fabric-safe clean.
  • Spot clean instead of fully extracting carpets.

Over-cleaning wears out carpet fibers. Varying formulas extends flooring life.

Check Out Convenient Value Packs

Bissell offers select household and pet formulas in value packs. For example:

  • 2X Pet Stain & Odor 48 oz. with 2 Boosters.
  • Woolite 2-pack with Oxy for carpet and upholstery.
  • Oxy Gen2 3-pack with brush tool and hose formula.

These provide cost savings on multiple bottles. Handy when you have a lot of cleaning to do!

At the end of the day, read that manual and reference product descriptions. With a little research, you’ll pick the perfect solution for YOUR situation in no time. Because the right formula makes all the difference in getting the deepest, most stain-free clean possible.

Dilute Concentrated Formulas For Extra Cleaning Power

When it comes to Bissell cleaning solutions, you’ll notice many are super concentrated. And for good reason – concentrating the formula allows for smaller packaging, shipping, and storage. But concentrated formulas require proper dilution to unlock their full cleaning muscle.

Through my journey as a DIY cleaning fanatic, I’ve experimented with different dilutions. And I’ve learned some tricks for making concentrated solutions really shine.

Always Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

First and foremost, never eyeball the dilution! Always measure carefully according to directions. For example:

  • Bissell 2X formulas dilute 2 oz of solution per 1 gallon of hot water.
  • Most Woolite formulas are 4 oz per 1 gallon.
  • Little Green solutions are 2 to 4 oz per filled tank.

Diluting too little can leave residue, while over-diluting reduces cleaning power. So precise measuring is key.

Use Warm or Hot Water When Possible

Heating the water activates and dissolves formula ingredients better. For example:

  • Bissell recommends using hot tap water when possible.
  • SpotClean Pro heats water internally to boost cleaning.
  • Heated water helps lift stains from carpet fibers.

So unless cleaning fabrics prone to shrinkage, opt for warm or hot water.

Shake Bottle Well Before Each Use

Vigorously shaking the solution container before pouring mixes up the active ingredients. For example:

  • Settling can occur, especially in 2X concentrated formulas.
  • Agitation helps dissolve stain-fighting enzymes.
  • Blending prevents pour-outs from being too concentrated.

So my motto is: Shake it like you mean it!

Consider a Splash of Distilled White Vinegar

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

For an extra cleaning boost, some folks add a splash of distilled white vinegar to the tank. Potential benefits include:

  • Acidity helps lift some stains and residue.
  • Acts as a natural brightener and deodorizer.
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon is plenty.

I’ll often vinegar-ize Woolite formulas. But never use with Oxy products or bleach – bad combo!

Spot Test Diluted Solution First

To play it safe, always spot test your diluted solution on an inconspicuous area first. Why test?

  • Checks for colorfastness and fabric sensitivity.
  • Catches any mixing errors or bad reactions.
  • Gives peace of mind before larger application.

An ounce of prevention goes a long way here!

By taking a scientific approach to diluting – precise measuring, heating, blending, testing – concentrated solutions really get to strut their stuff. The cleaning results will speak for themselves when you unlock that true, powerful potential.

Use Hot Water To Activate Stain Fighting Ingredients

When it comes to deep cleaning carpets and upholstery, having the right tools and solutions is key. Bissell is one of the most trusted brands in floor care, and their cleaning solutions are specially formulated to tackle dirt, stains, odors, and more. But did you know there are some simple tricks that can help you maximize the cleaning power of Bissell solutions? Read on to uncover bissell solution secrets you can use to boost cleaning results.

One of the best tips for getting the most out of bissell oxy gen2 cleaning solution, bissell proheat solution, bissell proheat cleaning solution, or any Bissell formula is to use hot water. The heat actually helps activate the stain fighting ingredients in the solutions. So when you’re filling up the clean water tank on your Bissell carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner, go for the hottest tap water setting. This cranks up the cleaning molecules and allows them to penetrate and lift stains more effectively.

Speaking of water temperature, it’s also important not to use cold water when cleaning with Bissell solutions. Cold water will not activate the formulas as well. Lukewarm or warm water is better than straight cold. Hot is ideal, but take care not to go so hot that it could scald or damage delicate fabrics. For most cleaning jobs, the hottest tap water setting is perfect for amping up your Bissell solutions.

Another bissell proheat solution secret is to make sure you use enough of it. Skimping on the solution won’t give you the same level of cleaning power. Refer to the instructions for your particular Bissell machine to see how much solution it recommends per tank or per cleaning job. Don’t be afraid to use the full suggested amount to allow the solution to do its job.

Shaking up the solution bottle before pouring it into the tank is also wise. This helps distribute the ingredients evenly so you get the full cleaning power in every drop. Periodically shaking the tank as you clean can further prevent the ingredients from settling.

When it comes to choosing the best bissell solution for your needs, don’t just default to plain water. Bissell’s formulas are expertly designed to dissolve and lift away grime. Using water alone won’t deliver the same results. Pick the Bissell solution designed for your particular cleaning task, whether it’s the Bissell Deep Clean Pro Heat Oxy Carpet Cleaner, Bissell Pet Stain and Odor Full Size Machine Formula, or another variety.

While on the topic of formulas, don’t think you can simply use any cleaning solution in your Bissell machine. It’s important to only use Bissell branded formulas, as they are specially pH balanced for Bissell equipment. Aftermarket or generic formulas may not properly dissolve dirt and stains.

To tackle extra dirty spots, don’t be shy about going over them a few times with the Bissell cleaner and solution. Letting the solution soak helps lift stubborn grime. Just don’t oversaturate the area to the point of leaving a wet mess.

Along those lines, make sure to fully extract all moisture after cleaning. Letting solution sit in saturated carpeting or fabric can lead to mold, mildew and other problems. Make multiple passes if needed to draw up as much liquid as possible.

Using the right accessory tools is also a great way to boost cleaning performance. Attachments like the stair tool, upholstery tool and specialty brushes let you target problem areas in new ways. The Bissell cleaning formulas shine when paired with these handy add-ons.

Maintaining your Bissell machine is the final factor that helps your solutions excel. From routine filter cleaning to occasional belt replacement, a well maintained unit operates optimally for supreme cleaning results.

Now that you’re armed with these insider tips, you can make sure you get the very most out of every drop of bissell oxy gen2 cleaning solution, bissell proheat solution, bissell proheat cleaning solution, or other Bissell formulas. Put them to work harnessing the power of hot water and the right accessories, and your carpets, rugs, couches and other furnishings will be their very cleanest.

Pre-Treat Tough Stains Before Deep Cleaning

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

When it’s time to deep clean carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics around the home, using the right tools and solutions is crucial for success. As a leading brand in floor care appliances and formulas, Bissell offers a range of products to tackle any cleaning job. But to really maximize cleaning power, try utilizing these bissell solution secrets. One of the best tips is to pre-treat stubborn stains and heavily soiled areas before going over them with the bissell oxy gen2 cleaning solution, bissell proheat solution, bissell proheat cleaning solution, or other Bissell formulas.

Why pretreat stains? It helps break down tough, set-in stains so they can be lifted more effectively. Bissell makes several great pretreat sprays and sticks, like the Oxy Boost PreTreat Spray. Simply spray or roll it onto problem spots and let it penetrate for 5-10 minutes before cleaning. This gives the oxygen-activated formula time to work on lifting the stain from the fibers below the surface.

You can also make your own pretreatment spray using a bit of dishwashing liquid and water. Mix a few drops of soap into a spray bottle filled with warm water. Spritz it onto stained or heavily trafficked high traffic areas of carpeting, upholstery, and rugs. Let it soak in for a few minutes before running the Bissell cleaner over it.

Why does pretreating work? It helps break the molecular bonds that hold stains in fibers. By loosening the stain’s grip before applying the bissell proheat cleaning solution, you allow the Bissell formula to remove it more thoroughly. It’s like a one-two punch.

Certain types of stains benefit the most from pretreatment. For food and drink stains like wine, coffee, juice, grease, etc, pretreat helps lift these organic substances from the fibers. Mud and dirt also benefit, as pretreat dissolves the compounds that hold them in place.

Pet stains are some of the toughest to conquer. Bissell makes a special Pet Stain Pretreat formula that goes to work on the urine salts, feces, and other organic matter left behind by dogs, cats, and other animals. Breaking down pet stains prior to deep cleaning ensures they get fully removed.

Old or set-in stains are also good candidates for pretreatment. Over time, stains bind more stubbornly to fibers. Pretreating allows Bissell solutions like bissell proheat cleaning solution to penetrate and purge even older stains that other cleaners may leave behind.

Knowing where to check for stains that need pretreatment will help too. High traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and main living spaces often harbor hidden stains. Pretreating them before a thorough clean lifts stains you didn’t even know were there.

Upholstery and carpets made from natural fibers like wool and cotton can really benefit from pretreatment. These fabrics absorb stains readily. Pretreating helps remove stains that would otherwise linger even after cleaning.

No matter what Bissell machine and formula you plan to use, from the SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner to the DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner formula, pretreat for best results. Just don’t oversaturate the area, or you’ll have a new mess to clean up.

While pretreatment is beneficial, it’s just one of many bissell solution secrets you can employ. Always use hot water to activate Bissell formulas. Check the recommended solution amount for your machine’s tank or cleaning job. Make multiple passes over extra dirty areas. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. And maintain your machine well so it operates at peak performance.

Unlock the full cleaning power of your Bissell equipment and formulas by leveraging the power of pretreatment. Those stubborn stains and heavy soil buildup don’t stand a chance against this one-two punch. Your carpets, rugs and upholstery will look like new again in no time when you know how to maximize every step of the cleaning process.

Never Mix Different Bissell Solutions Together

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

When it comes to keeping your home clean, few cleaning tools can match the power and convenience of a Bissell carpet cleaner. These popular machines use a variety of Bissell-brand cleaning solutions to lift dirt, stains, and allergens out of carpets and upholstery. But while having a variety of solutions at your disposal can be useful, there’s one cardinal rule all Bissell owners should follow: never mix different Bissell solutions together.

Combining cleaning solutions may seem harmless, but it can actually diminish their effectiveness and potentially damage your machine. Here’s a look at why you should use Bissell solutions as directed, and how to maximize their cleaning power safely.

How Bissell Solutions Work

Bissell carpet cleaning solutions are specially formulated to work with the company’s carpet cleaners. Solutions like Bissell Oxy Gen2 use an oxygen-activated formula that penetrates deep into carpets to lift stains. Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator contains powerful enzymes that break down tough pet urine stains and odors. And solutions like Bissell Professional Oxy Stain Destroyer use peroxide to remove set-in stains.

Each solution is designed with specific cleaners, PH balancing agents, fragrances, and other ingredients to target different cleaning needs. When you mix these specialized formulations together, you dilute their effectiveness. The active ingredients become less concentrated, reducing their stain-fighting power.

Potential Machine Damage

Not only can mixing Bissell solutions lead to subpar cleaning results, but it can potentially cause build-up and damage in your machine. When you combine formulas with different PH levels or chemical compositions, the solution mixture can become unbalanced. This can potentially corrode plastic components, clog internal parts, or leave unwanted residue behind.

For example, mixing an acidic stain-fighting solution with a high-alkaline pet formula can create precipitation build-up. Or blending a thick spot cleaner with a watery solution may create a sticky gunk that clogs tanks and hoses. Any build-up or residue left behind will not only decrease your cleaning performance over time, but could lead to costly repairs down the road.

Use as Directed

To get the most out of your Bissell solutions and machine, always follow the solution mixing instructions. Most Bissell cleaners have a tank where you’ll add the concentrated solution formula and hot tap water in specific ratios, like 2 ounces of solution for every 1 gallon of water. This ensures the solution maintains its optimal concentration and cleaning power.

Some multi-purpose formulas like Bissell Professional Oxy Stain Destroyer are highly concentrated, allowing you to use them in different ratios for different levels of staining. But you should still only combine them with water, not other solutions. Check the solution’s label for the recommended mixing ratios for various cleaning tasks.

Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

While you shouldn’t mix different Bissell solutions together, here are some useful tips to maximize the cleaning power of Bissell formulas:

  • Use hot water when diluting solutions, as this helps maximize stain removal.
  • Pre-treat heavily stained areas with an undiluted solution first.
  • Match the solution to the specific stain for best results – grease vs. dirt vs. coffee vs. pet stains.
  • Mix a new batch of solution mixture for each room you clean.
  • Rinse carpets thoroughly with plain water after cleaning.
  • Regularly rinse out dirty tanks and flush cleaning hoses.
  • Follow preventative machine maintenance tips to keep it running efficiently.

Have the Right Cleaning Tools

While mixing solutions is a no-no, having an arsenal of different Bissell formulas for various cleaning jobs is recommended. Consider keeping pet stain, antibacterial, deodorizing, and deep cleaning solutions on hand. Just don’t combine them!

And be sure to use the right attachment tools for each cleaning task. The tough bristle brush is great for high traffic areas. The stair tool will refresh carpets on steps. And the deep reach tool can clean deep down into furniture. Swap out attachments as you move throughout the house.

When in Doubt, Call Bissell

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Improperly mixing solutions can be a costly mistake. If ever unsure about how to use a Bissell formula, reference the solution’s label or the carpet cleaner’s user manual. Or reach out to Bissell’s customer service line at 1-800-237-7691 for guidance.

With a variety of specialized cleaning solutions at the ready and proper machine maintenance, you’ll be ready to tackle any stain-fighting challenge. Just be sure to keep the formulas separate when cleaning, and your Bissell carpet cleaner will take care of the rest!

Check Formula Expiry Dates Before Use

Having the right Bissell cleaning solutions on hand is key to getting carpets spotless. But before grabbing that bottle and adding it to your carpet cleaner’s tank, be sure to double check the expiry date. While it may seem harmless to use an expired formula, doing so can reduce cleaning effectiveness and potentially damage your machine over time.

Like food, cleaning products don’t last forever. The active ingredients and chemical compounds in Bissell solutions can degrade over time after opening. Using old, expired formula not only gives weaker cleaning results, but it can cause a number of issues you’ll want to avoid.

Reduced Strength

The powerful odor eliminators, stain fighters, detergents and other active ingredients in Bissell solutions break down over time after exposure to air, light and heat. So an expired formula simply won’t have the same level of potency it originally did, leaving you with subpar cleaning. An out-of-date pet solution, for example, may not fully eliminate urine stains and smells. And an expired spot cleaner may fail to get out set-in coffee stains.

Cloudy Residue

As cleaning solutions degrade, they can leave behind a filmy, cloudy residue on carpets. This buildup not only looks bad, but it can actually attract more dirt over time. Without the full concentration of ingredients to properly dissolve and extract dirt, sticky residue remains behind.

Machine Damage

The chemicals in expired formulas can also be more likely to corrode plastic components in your Bissell machine. For example, the PH level of an out-of-date solution may be off, creating a more corrosive mix. Or compounds that should have fully dissolved may be left behind as sediment-like deposits. This can clog internal parts, tanks and hoses over repeat use.

How To Check Expiry Dates

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Luckily, avoiding issues with expired solutions is easy – just get in the habit of checking the expiry date before each use! Bissell formulas have the expiry date printed on the bottle in a few different places:

  • Bottom of the label
  • Printed on the crimped metal bottle cap
  • Molded into the plastic bottle near the top

Make checking for a valid expiry date part of your cleaning routine. Give the bottle a quick scan for a stamped or printed date before mixing up a batch of solution. If it’s past the expiry, don’t use it.

How Long Do They Last?

The shelf life depends on the specific Bissell formula:

  • Standard carpet cleaners like Oxy Gen2 – 2 years unopened, 1 year opened
  • Specialized pet and stain formulas – 1-2 years from manufacture date
  • Concentrated cleaners – up to 3 years unopened

If there’s no expiry date stamped on the bottle, it’s best to toss formulas after 1 year just to be safe. And always store solutions properly sealed in a cool, dry space when not in use.

When To Toss

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Aside from passing the expiry date, here are some signs it’s time to throw out a solution:

  • Cloudy consistency instead of transparent liquid
  • Changes color
  • Severe separation in formula
  • Weakened smell
  • Formula was previously frozen
  • Bottle is leaking

A compromised bottle or formula won’t deliver the same cleaning punch. Safely discard and replace expired or altered solutions.

Bottom Line

Don’t diminish your carpet cleaner’s cleaning power by using old, expired solutions. Get into the routine of always checking formula bottles for a valid expiry date before mixing up a batch. And properly store bottles sealed and upright to prolong their shelf life. With fresh solutions, your Bissell will keep your carpets looking their best!

Shake Well Before Each Use For Optimal Mixing

Getting the most out of your Bissell carpet cleaner requires having a properly mixed cleaning solution. Simply adding water and formula to the tank isn’t enough to maximize cleaning power. For the best results, be sure to shake solution bottles vigorously before each use.

Giving your Bissell formulas a good shake helps ensure the solution mixes and dilutes evenly for full potency. Here’s why this simple step makes a big difference.

Ingredients Settle

Bissell cleaning solutions contain a mix of active ingredients like oxygenated surfactants, water softeners, pH balancers, fragrances and more. Being composed of both water-soluble and oil-soluble formulas, these ingredients can naturally separate and settle over time.

Shaking the bottle before mixing a new tank of solution helps re-combine and emulsify the ingredients so they dilute evenly. Otherwise, you may get an uneven concentration of certain cleaners over others, reducing effectiveness.

Formula Concentration

A thorough pre-mix shaking also helps ensure you get the right solution-to-water ratio for optimal concentration. When ingredients settle unevenly, you may miss out on the full dose of concentrated cleaner in each tankful.

Vigorously shaking the bottle resuspends the concentration you need for maximum stain-fighting and odor-eliminating power in every pump of the trigger.

Avoid Clogs

Failing to properly pre-mix solutions can also lead to clogs down the road. If ingredients settle into sediment at the bottle’s base, this sludge-like deposit can get pumped into your machine’s lines and tanks. Over time, built-up gunk leads to clogged internal parts and hoses.

A good shake ensures the solution remains emulsified so no heavy solids settle out.

How To Shake

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Shaking your Bissell solution for 30 seconds before each use ensures optimal mixing. Make sure to:

  • Remove spray nozzle/cap so ingredients can move freely
  • Shake bottle vigorously up and down
  • Turn bottle upside down repeatedly
  • Shake side-to-side while turning bottle over

You’ll know it’s well-mixed when the solution appears uniform in color and consistency, with ingredients fully blended throughout. Now it’s ready to dilute into the tank.

Other Mixing Tips

Along with pre-shaking solution, here are some other tips for mixed cleaning solution success:

  • Use hot tap water for improved cleaning and dilution
  • Stir solution gently after adding to tank
  • Always mix fresh solution with each cleaning job
  • Rinse machine parts after use to prevent build-up
  • Clean tanks and lines periodically to avoid sediment

Properly maintaining your machine and following solution mixing best practices will keep those carpets looking pristine. Just be sure to give formulas a good shake before every mix!

Troubleshooting Problems

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

If you notice weak cleaning performance, cloudy residue, or clogged internal parts, inadequate mixing may be the culprit. Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Shake bottles more vigorously before mixing
  • Inspect bottles for sediment build-up
  • Increase concentration – use more solution per tankful
  • Flush tanks and lines to clear any deposits
  • Replace old formulas that may be expired

Don’t let poorly mixed cleaning solution undermine your Bissell’s cleaning power. Get into the habit of shaking before every mix for carpets that really come clean!

Always Follow Instructions On Solution Bottle

Bissell carpet cleaning solutions are specially formulated to tackle dirt, stains, odors and more when used properly. While it may be tempting to simply eyeball amounts when pouring into the cleaning machine’s tank, don’t skip reading the solution instructions. Following the product label exactly is key to carpet cleaning success.

From mixing ratios to usage tips, those tiny print instructions contain important details. Here’s why it’s essential to read the bottle every time before getting started.

Get the Correct Dilution

To effectively clean carpets, Bissell solutions must be diluted with water at specific ratios. The instructions will list precisely how much formula is needed per tank or gallon of water. Following this ratio ensures the optimal cleaner concentration.

Too little solution can lead to poor cleaning results. But putting in too much risks residue build-up. So precise measuring matters.

Target Specific Stains

Different Bissell formulas are designed to conquer specific stains best. The instructions will recommend which types of messes the solution tackles most effectively, whether coffee, wine, dirt or pet stains.

Matching the solution to the underlying stain ensures the best cleaning outcome. So check that the formula aligns with your needs.

Avoid Machine Damage

If too much concentrated solution is added, or formulas are improperly combined, it can lead to machine damage over time. Instructions provide mixing dos and don’ts to prevent issues like corrosion, clogged tanks and interior build-up.

Following directions keeps your Bissell safely cleaning carpets longer.

Use Proper Process

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Instructions outline the proper cleaning process from start to finish. This includes:

  • Shaking the bottle first
  • Water temperature recommendations
  • Mixing/diluting steps
  • Cleaning motion tips
  • How to rinse carpets after
  • And more

Skipping a step can reduce cleaning effectiveness or leave residue behind. So follow each tip.

Get Stains Out Completely

Formula labels don’t just list mix ratios. They also provide stain removal tips like:

  • Letting solution sit on stains 5-10 minutes before cleaning
  • Using an undiluted solution to pre-treat stains first
  • Repeating cleaning passes over extra dirty areas
  • Blotting excess liquid from stains quickly

This inside advice helps tackle even the toughest stains for carpets that look new again.

Avoid Skin Irritation

Handling concentrated cleaning solution directly can potentially cause skin irritation for some people. Instructions caution users to:

  • Wear gloves when mixing formulas
  • Rinse solution off skin immediately if spilled
  • Wash hands after handling
  • Keep solutions out of reach of children

Following usage and safety precautions prevents health hazards.

Store Properly After Use

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

To maintain effectiveness and shelf life, solutions must be stored correctly after cleaning. Instructions will provide tips like:

  • Re-sealing bottles tightly
  • Keeping solutions at moderate room temperature
  • Storing bottles upright to avoid leaks
  • And more

Don’t just scan the mixing directions – read the entire label start to finish. Following usage instructions ensures Bissell solutions give carpets a superior clean.

Store Solutions Properly To Maintain Effectiveness

Having the right Bissell carpet cleaning solution ready to tackle any stain is key. But improper storage can shorten shelf life, reduce potency over time and lead to waste. Storing formulas properly maintains maximum strength and effectiveness.

From ideal storage temperatures to bottle positioning, following best practices keeps solutions working like new. Here are tips for maintaining your supply.

Watch the Temperature

Bissell solutions contain heat-sensitive ingredients and compounds that can degrade when stored in hot conditions. Leaving bottles in direct sunlight or next to heat sources accelerates deterioration.

Storing at room temperature between 60-80°F allows formulas to remain stable. Placing bottles in a cool, dry indoor cabinet or closet keeps temps ideal.

Keep Bottles Sealed

Exposure to air can cause some solution ingredients to oxidize and lose potency. Keeping bottles tightly sealed prevents this. Replace caps securely after each use.

For partially used bottles, consider replacing lost spray nozzle caps with a tight sealing screw-on cap to maximize air exclusion.

Store Upright

Solutions should be stored upright rather than on their side. Laying bottles down can cause leaking around the crimped cap. Plus, upright storage prevents formulas from pooling in bottle corners.

Storing upright helps ingredients stay evenly distributed through the liquid.

Use Oldest Solutions First

Practice first-in-first-out inventory management. Use up older solutions before cracking into new purchases. This ensures you get the most viable life out of each bottle.

Mark purchase dates on solution labels with a marker to make rotation easy.

Watch for Sediment

Over time, some separation or settling of ingredients can occur. Give bottles a periodic inspection for sediment buildup at the bottom. If present, shake vigorously to re-combine.

Sediment that won’t re-blend likely means the formula has degraded and should be discarded.

Keep Away From Children

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

Don’t store solutions under the sink or in easily accessed cabinets. The concentrated formulas can be hazardous if ingested, especially by children or pets.

Keep bottles in a locked utility closet or garage cabinet instead.

Discard If Frozen

Freezing temperatures can cause ingredients to break down. A solution bottle that has been left in a freezing garage or exposed to extremely cold temps should be discarded.

The freeze-thaw process ruins the chemical composition, rendering the formula ineffective and unusable.

Watch for Clumping

Over time, some formulas may turn cloudy or exhibit clumping rather than appearing smooth. This can indicate chemical degradation.

Toss bottles that show significant clumping or thickening rather than a normal liquid consistency.

Mind the Expiry Date

Solution bottles have an expiration date or period after opening. Even if properly stored, formulas lose potency after 1-3 years. Don’t use past dated solutions.

Following these simple storage steps keeps cleaning solutions working hard. With the right care, they’ll tackle stains on demand!

Buy Genuine Bissell Formulas For Guaranteed Results

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

With so many carpet cleaner formulas on the market, it can be tempting to use cheap, off-brand solutions in your Bissell. But to get the best cleaning results possible, always stick with genuine Bissell-branded formulas.

While generic cleaners may save you a few bucks upfront, they can diminish cleaning performance, potentially damage your machine, and even void your warranty. Using the real deal ensures a superior clean every time.

Specialized Formulas

Authentic Bissell solutions are uniquely engineered to work in tandem with the company’s carpet cleaners. They contain specialized detergents, oxygenators, anti-resoilers and other ingredients balanced to maximize cleaning.

Generic formulas won’t have the same synergistic effect and can leave carpets dirty.

Targeted Stain Fighting

Bissell offers a wide array of solutions tailored to target specific stains. There’s Pet Stain & Odor, Oxy Gen2 for Portable Spot & Stain, and Specialty Stain & Odor Remover – each designed for different cleaning needs.

Generic cleaners won’t have the customized stain-targeting abilities Bissell solutions do.

Proper pH Balance

Properly formulating cleaning solutions requires careful pH balancing. Bissell formulas are optimized for an ideal mildly alkaline pH that activates stain fighters while remaining gentle.

Off-brand cleaners may create solutions that are too acidic or alkaline, reducing cleaning power.

Avoid Residue

Bissell formulas are designed to thoroughly dissolve and extract from carpets with minimal leftover residue. Generic solutions are more likely to leave sticky residue that attracts dirt over time.

Stick with genuine solutions for truly deep cleans with no leftover gunk.

Prevent Damage

Using generic cleaners or improper mixing can potentially corrode plastic components and clog internal parts. Bissell formulas are rigorously tested for machine compatibility.

Don’t void your warranty – only use real Bissell in your machine.

Better Fragrance

Along with better cleaning, Bissell solutions leave behind a light, fresh fragrance. Generic formulas often use harsh synthetic fragrances.

Your carpets will smell as clean as they look.

Cost Effective

Bissell Solution Secrets You Didn

While pricier than generic brands, Bissell solutions are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way for value.

Better stain removal the first time also saves re-cleaning costs down the road.

Don’t undermine your carpet cleaner’s performance with inferior solutions. Stick with genuine Bissell formulas designed specifically for the best clean!