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Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

Hey there fishing friends! If you’re like me, having top-notch marine electronics on board is a must for successful days out on the water. But quality fish finders, GPS units, and accessories from brands like Humminbird can get pricey. That’s why I was thrilled to discover this electronics outlet that offers amazing deals on Humminbird gear. In this article, I’ll give you the inside scoop on scoring big savings on all the Humminbird products you need to upgrade your fishing game.

Introduction to Humminbird and Their Top Products

For those not familiar with Humminbird, they’re one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech sonar and GPS systems for anglers and boaters. I’ve been using their fish finders for years and consider them to be the best in the business. The clarity of their sonar imaging and accuracy of their GPS mapping gives me a major leg up on the fish. Some of their most popular units are the Helix series fish finders, SOLIX series with mega imaging, and ION augment reality displays. Humminbird also makes top-of-the-line transducers, battery packs, mounting systems, and other accessories to complete your electronics setup.

Why Choose Factory Direct for Humminbird Electronics?

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

So why buy from this particular Humminbird outlet? Two words…factory direct. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you avoid major markups from big retailers. That means crazy low prices compared to Humminbird gear for sale on sites like Amazon or at brick and mortar marine stores. We’re talking hundreds less on fish finders and other major electronics here.

For example, one of Humminbird’s newest and most advanced fish finders, the HELIX 10 G4N, retails for $1,599. But this outlet has it listed for just $1,299…a cool $300 in savings right off the bat! Across all the Humminbird products they offer, you’ll enjoy 30-50% discounts off MSRP. That kind of pricing simply can’t be beat.

Find the Newest Fish Finders and Depth Sounders

And unlike other discount retailers, this electronics outlet carries all the latest Humminbird units, not just older models. I’m talking brand spanking new HELIX, SOLIX, and ION releases that incorporate their newest sonar tech and features. No matter what size display or sonar capabilities you need, they’ve got you covered with a full selection of fish finder units at tremendous value.

They also have deals on Humminbird’s industry-leading depth sounders like the QuadraBeam PLUSTM. Accurately scanning up to 120ft deep and around your boat, it gives you vital info on bottom structure, depth changes, and suspended baitfish. It’s a must-have tool, especially for offshore fishermen and mariners navigating unknown waters.

Grab GPS and Chart Plotters at Unbeatable Prices

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

In addition to fish finders, this Humminbird outlet allows you to upgrade your navigation arsenal on the cheap as well. I’m talking big discounts on their latest GPS/chart plotter combos like the ONIX and ION. These units come preloaded with detailed lake maps and coastal charts to guide you to the fishy spots. They even create real-time 3D perspective views as you navigate. Mapping capabilities this advanced used to cost an arm and a leg, but not anymore thanks to the super low pricing.

Shop Quality Transducers and Mounting Systems

To complete your sonar setup, this Humminbird retailer also stocks all the transducers, transducer mounts, brackets, and other accessories you need. Their selection includes transom and trolling motor transducers for both conventional sonar and down/side imaging. No more dealing with blurry sonar pictures due to a cheap or mismatched transducer. They’ll make sure you get the right one dialed in for your particular electronics unit and fishing needs.

Accessories Like Cables and Chargers in Stock

And let’s not forget those smaller but still critical electronics accessories. Things like chargers, cables, carrying cases and the like. It never fails…I’ll buy a big ticket electronics item only to get home and realize it didn’t come with the right power cord or bracket I need. Well this Humminbird outlet keeps all those handy accessories in stock so you can get fully rigged up in one order.

Tech Support and Warranty Info for Products

Buying directly from the manufacturer also assures you get the full Humminbird warranty and access to their U.S.-based tech support team. Their experts can walk you through proper installation and setup to get your equipment dialed in. And should anything go wrong or need troubleshooting, they’ll help you quickly get it sorted out. No dealing with the hassle of going through retailer customer service.

Secure and Reliable Shipping Options

Something else that gives me peace of mind ordering from this factory direct electronics outlet is their solid shipping operations. They guarantee properly packed shipments so your gear arrives in perfect condition. No more holding your breath hoping those expensive electronics make it through third party shipping partners in one piece. I also love that they offer expedited shipping options to get your items ASAP.

Ordering Online or Over the Phone – How to Shop

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

When it comes to ordering, you can shop the easy way online or get personal assistance by calling their toll-free order line. Their website makes it a breeze to find exactly what you need with helpful product filters and resources. And their sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable, able to answer any questions you have about picking out electronics.

One tip: make sure to ask about any current promos or discounts for extra savings on your Humminbird gear!

Get Started Today to Upgrade Your Fishing Electronics

Well there you have it…the inside scoop on scoring amazing deals on the best Humminbird marine electronics around. No more settling for subpar fish finders or overpaying top dollar at retail stores. This outlet is your go-to source for upgrading your setup without emptying your wallet.

So head over to their website or give them a call today to start dialing in your electronics package. With Humminbird navigation and fish finding power on your boat, you’ll boat more bass, trout, walleye, and other tasty catches in no time! Tight lines out there.

Alright, so now you know Humminbird makes some of the best marine electronics around for anglers and mariners. But you’re probably still wondering…why buy from this specific factory direct outlet vs other retailers? What makes them so special? Well buckle up, because I’ve got the inside scoop on what makes this Humminbird dealer the best place to upgrade your fish finding game.

Why Choose Factory Direct for Humminbird Electronics?

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

For starters, the crazy discounts you get buying direct from Humminbird can’t be matched. I’m talking 30-50% off or more compared to places like West Marine, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Amazon. A fish finder that’s 300 bucks at a tackle shop might only be 200 bucks on this outlet. When you’re talking about high-end gear that costs thousands, the savings add up quick.

But it’s not just that they have unbeatable prices. This dealer also provides exceptional customer service and support that keeps me coming back. I can call them up and immediately get a real person who actually knows the Humminbird products inside and out. They’ll take the time to answer all my questions and make sure I get the right electronics for my needs. No pressure sales tactics or upsells. Just genuine helpful experts.

And they truly go above and beyond if any issue comes up. I had a transducer get damaged during shipping once. They overnighted me a replacement at no charge and followed up to make sure everything was resolved. Try getting that kind of support from some random seller you find on eBay or Craigslist. Not happening!

A Massive Selection of Humminbird Gear

Another big perk of buying direct from the manufacturer is the huge product selection. Since they work directly with Humminbird’s factories and warehouses, they can stock every unit and accessory currently on the market. We’re talking hundreds of different combos, configurations, and options to perfectly match your needs and budget.

Local tackle shops might only carry a handful of lower-end Humminbird units, if any at all. Even the big box outdoor retailers only have limited choices compared to what you’ll find browsing this outlet’s website or 40,000 square foot warehouse. And if by some miracle a store does have what you need in stock, remember – they’ll charge you way more for it!

Cutting-Edge New Releases

Not only does this factory direct dealer have the biggest selection of Humminbird gear, they also stay totally up-to-date with the newest product releases. There’s nothing worse than dropping big bucks on electronics, only to find out a better upgraded model just hit the market. Well that won’t happen ordering from the source. They get all the latest and greatest units as soon as they’re announced.

In fact, they usually can offer new Humminbird products to customers before retailers even get them in stock! So if you want the absolute cutting-edge fish finder technology loaded onto your boat, this Humminbird outlet is the way to go. You’ll be the envy of everyone on the water flexing the newest ION, HELIX 10, or SOLIX unit that all your fishing buddies wish they had.

Fantastic Warranties and Customer Service

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

Here’s another benefit of buying Humminbird products directly from the maker – getting the full manufacturer’s warranty. Humminbird is known for having outstanding customer service and backing their gear with generous warranty policies. But often retailers or secondhand sellers can’t honor those same protections.

Well, since this dealer partners directly with Humminbird, they can ensure you get every bit of included warranty along with support from their U.S.-based service team. Having that expert tech advice and assistance gives me serious peace of mind.

So in summary…unmatched prices, huge selection, cutting-edge inventory, and factory-direct warranty/service. Those are the killer perks that make this electronics outlet my go-to source for Humminbird marine electronics. They simply can’t be beat, which is why I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow anglers.

Now let’s get back to breaking down all the amazing Humminbird gear they carry and how it can upgrade your time on the water!

Now that you know why this factory direct dealer is the prime source for Humminbird electronics, let’s dive into some of the specific fish finding gear they offer. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older model or equip a new boat, their selection of the latest Humminbird sounders has you covered.

Find the Newest Fish Finders and Depth Sounders

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

One of their hottest sellers this year has been the new Humminbird HELIX 10 CHIRP MEGA SI G2N. This thing is an absolute beast with a 10″ color screen giving you ultra-clear sonar imaging down to 1500 feet deep. It has MEGA Side Imaging that scans out 125 feet on either side of your boat. So you get a full coverage view to spot structure, cover, and gamefish in incredible detail.

It also has built-in CHIRP sonar and 2D wide spectrum views that conventional fish finders can’t match. The interface is super intuitive with preset views, screenshot capture, and GPS chart overlay. Oh, and it’s compatible with Humminbird’s 360 Imaging transducer if you want to take things to the next level later on. At just $1,499, this HELIX 10 unit is an insane value for the performance.

If you need a more compact fish finder, check out the Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP G3N for small boats and kayaks. It packs big features like GPS mapping, CHIRP sonar, and Down Imaging into a 7″ screen that starts at only $799.

And for serious offshore captains, the Humminbird SOLIX 18 CHIRP MEGA SI G2N is the ultimate setup. It combines a massive 18.4″ touchscreen with MEGA Side Imaging, 64-degree wide beam CHIRP, and Bluetooth connectivity. At $4,999 it’s a premium rig, but completely worth it from the perspective of a seasoned saltwater angler.

They also carry Humminbird’s full range of high-end fish finding/chart plotter combos like the new ONIX 10. It’s got a 10″ display with integrated LakeMaster mapping to guide you straight to the best fishing spots. Check pricing on the ONIX units, because I’ve seen them discounted more than $1,000 below retail on this outlet!

Professional Grade Depth Sounders

In addition to fish finders, this Humminbird dealer stocks their full selection of standalone depth sounders. Having one of these bad boys dialed in is critical for understanding bottom structure and detecting baitfish schools.

The QuadraBeam PLUSTM transducer with total coverage scanning is my personal favorite. It gives you an unreal perspective of the water column in front, to the sides, and even behind your boat out to 120′. For offshore trolling, that coverage is just unbeatable.

They also carry more specialized transducers like the Side ImagingĀ® 3D, which scans out to 150′ on both sides. So if you just want to cover the area around your boat, that focused sidefield imaging could be the way to go.

No matter what kind of fishing you do, a proper depth sounder really takes the guesswork out of finding where the fish are holding. And getting Humminbird’s pro-grade models for 30-50% off makes upgrading a no-brainer!

Next let’s look at…

Alright, so we’ve covered Humminbird’s killer selection of fish finders and depth sounders available from this factory outlet. Now let’s talk about saving big bucks on their top-of-the-line GPS and chart plotter combos. I don’t know about you, but having advanced navigation and mapping capabilities onboard has become just as important to me as finding fish these days.

Grab GPS and Chart Plotters at Unbeatable Prices

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

Hands down, my favorite Humminbird GPS unit has to be the new ONIX 10 SI G2. This thing fuses high-resolution sonar imaging with preloaded LakeMaster mapping and wireless networking. It’s like having a 10″ multifunction display on your dash showing crystal clear charts, perspective 3D views, satellite imagery overlay, and of course Humminbird’s unmatched MEGA Side Imaging.

The level of detail is just incredible and makes navigating unfamiliar waters effortless. The ONIX 10 usually retails for $2,699 but this outlet has it discounted to just $1,999! That’s an unreal deal for such an advanced electronics package.

Another killer option is the Humminbird Helix 7 GPS G3N. It’s a more compact and affordable chart plotter sporting a 7″ display with GPS, GPS tracking, and UniMap cartography built-in. It provides top-down 2D mapping perspective and overlays for depth, trails, waypoints, and more.

I throw one of these Helix 7 units on my smaller tin boats for inland lake hopping. At $949, it packs amazing GPS power without breaking the bank.

They also stock higher-end Side Imaging compatible units like the Helix 9 SI GPS G2N with its 9″ ultra-wide display and MEGA sonar views. You can even add an AIS receiver to start seeing ship traffic on the screen! Pricing starts at just $1,399 for this advanced side scanning machine.

Accessories for Complete Navigation

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

And of course this Humminbird outlet carries all the little peripherals to complete your GPS and chart plotter setups. We’re talking map cards loaded with LakeMaster and Navionics data for your region. Power and data cables to wire the units cleanly. And instrument gauge kits that let you monitor speed, fuel, heading and more right on the big color displays.

Having fully integrated electronics transforms your dash into a legit command center for piloting the boat. And getting it all dialed in at 30-50% off makes pulling the trigger so much easier.

Up next, let’s explore…

Now that we’ve covered Humminbird’s huge selection of electronics units, let’s talk about dialing in the right transducers and accessories to complete your setup. Having properly mounted and calibrated transducers makes a massive difference in getting clear sonar readings and images.

Shop Quality Transducers and Mounting Systems

One of my favorite all-around transom mount transducers is the Humminbird XNT 9 20 T. It provides both conventional 200/455kHz sonar as well as powerful 455/800 kHz Down Imaging. So you get the best of both worlds for scanning beneath and around the boat.

It also has a 20 degree tilted element which helps reduce signal noise when trolling at higher speeds. At under $150, it’s a great way to upgrade an older fish finder with modern DI capabilities.

For a dedicated Side Imaging transducer, I recommend the Humminbird SIX 18 SI. The dual side-looking elements provide industry-leading MEGA Imaging out to an insane 180 feet on both sides of your boat. It’s incredible at high speeds too since it mounts permanently inside the hull.

The install is definitely more involved, but being able to see structure and cover at nearly 200 feet is a huge advantage. And costing hundreds less than retailers, the value is unmatched.

They also carry all the latest CHIRP transducers like the XNT 9 20 T CHIRP which unlock Humminbird’s high definition target separation. The broader CHIRP sonar spectrum gives you greater sensitivity and fish detection compared to traditional transducers.

And for anglers who fish smaller inland lakes, the XHS 9 HDI T is a great pint-sized transducer. It has 180 feet of Down Imaging for scanning vertically beneath the boat, perfect for finding bottom structure and cover.

Secure Mounting Systems

Having the right mounting bracket and hardware ensures your transducer stays locked in place, even when running wide open offshore. This factory outlet stocks OEM Humminbird mounting solutions for transom, trolling motor, and inside hull installation.

Their products are designed to work flawlessly with Humminbird transducers while protecting your investment from vibrations and impact. Get it done right the first time.

Next let’s go over…

Alright, we’re nearing the end of this inside look at scoring amazing deals on Humminbird marine electronics. But before we wrap up, I want to mention the huge accessory selection this factory outlet also has in stock. Those small but critical items like cabling, chargers, carrying cases and more.

Accessories Like Cables and Chargers in Stock

Having the right accessories makes installing and powering your electronics so much easier. Nothing’s worse than getting a new fish finder home, only to realize it didn’t come with the right power cable or transducer connector. Well this Humminbird dealer has you covered.

They stock all the latest Humminbird control heads, mounting hardware, wiring kits, harness extenders, chargers and miscellaneous accessories. So you can finish rigging up your electronics package with high-quality OEM parts.

Some of the must-have accessories I always grab are:

– Wiring harnesses to cleanly connect units and route cables
– RAM mounts for adjustable fish finder and GPS placement
– Carrying cases and screen covers for protection during transport
– External antenna kits for enhanced GPS and sonar signal

And of course extra map cards preloaded with coastal charts or lake contour data for different regions.

Having these little add-ons makes a big difference in getting the most out of your Humminbird gear for years to come. And they’ll make sure you get the right components for your particular electronics models.

Save Big on Humminbird Packages

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

I recommend browsing their combo packages too. They put together fish finders, GPS units, transducers and accessories into complete discounted bundles.

It’s an awesome way to upgrade your boat’s entire marine electronics suite while maximizing savings. I’m talking hundreds off full rigs with fish finder head units, mounting hardware, transducers and detailed mapping.

So definitely check out those money-saving combo deals!

Well that about wraps it up for this inside look at scoring amazing discounts on the best Humminbird marine electronics and accessories. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to head over to their website and start dialing in an upgraded electronics package for my boat! Tight lines out there and enjoy the new gear.

As we wrap up this guide to scoring big savings on Humminbird gear, I want to mention a few final benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer. Namely, getting full access to Humminbird’s customer service and warranty support.

Tech Support and Warranty Info for Products

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

One of the hidden perks of purchasing from an authorized Humminbird factory outlet is getting their products with the complete OEM warranty intact. Humminbird is known for having outstanding customer service and standing behind their electronics with long warranty periods.

But buying from unauthorized sellers or secondhand means you may only get a partial warranty…or worse none at all. Well, since this dealer partners directly with Humminbird, they can make sure you receive the full original 1-3 year warranty on fish finders, accessories, and parts.

And that warranty doesn’t just cover defects. It also gives you access to Humminbird’s U.S.-based technical assistance team. Their experts can walk you through proper installation, discuss transducer placement, help interpret sonar readings, and troubleshoot any hiccups that come up.

Having that pro guidance gives me serious peace of mind and helps get my electronics dialed in perfectly. It’s a perk I never take for granted when buying pricey marine electronics.

Smooth Warranty Repairs If Needed

In the rare event a product is defective or gets damaged, this authorized dealer can smoothly facilitate warranty repairs and replacements for you as well. No need to hassle with shipping items back and interacting with the manufacturer yourself.

They take care of managing any warranty issues from start to finish, getting your gear fixed or replaced with minimal downtime. Just another benefit of buying from a factory authorized retailer.

So in closing, if you’re looking to score screaming deals on cutting-edge Humminbird marine electronics, while also getting full factory warranty and support, this outlet can’t be beat.

Head over to their site today and get ready to own the water this season with high-tech Humminbird gear!

As we near the end of this guide to scoring big savings on Humminbird marine electronics, I want to touch on a few final reasons why this factory direct dealer is my go-to source. One major factor is their reliable shipping operations that safely deliver your high-dollar gear.

Secure and Reliable Shipping Options

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

Having expensive fish finders and electronics shipped can always make me nervous. But this authorized Humminbird outlet has fulfillment and logistics down to a science. They guarantee properly packaged shipments so your gear arrives in flawless condition.

Items are carefully wrapped and packed in heavy duty boxes. Sensitive components like screens are protected with foam inserts and padding. They even use freight shipment for large combo orders, not just standard ground delivery.

I’ve ordered thousands of dollars worth of electronics from them over the years without a single product arriving damaged. That peace of mind is priceless when buying pricey marine electronics online.

Fast Shipping to Get You on the Water

Another major perk is their expedited shipping options. They offer 2-day air and next day delivery nationwide to get you gear ASAP. No more anxiously waiting around a week or more to start installing your new electronics.

Whether I need a fish finder fast for an upcoming trip, or just want to upgrade my boat before peak fishing season really gets rolling, I appreciate how quickly they can deliver. Their warehouse ships thousands of packages daily, so turnaround time is lightning fast.

Bottom line – between safe packaging methods and fast fulfillment, this dealer makes getting high-end marine electronics delivered absolutely hassle-free. Yet another reason they’ve earned my business year after year.

Alright, last up let’s discuss…

We’re nearing the end of this in-depth look at scoring amazing deals on Humminbird products. Let’s quickly cover the hassle-free purchasing options this factory direct dealer offers. Whether you prefer ordering online or over the phone, they make gearing up with new electronics simple.

Ordering Online or Over the Phone – How to Shop

Need Humminbird Gear for Less. Try This Electronics Outlet

For convenience, my preferred way to buy from them is through their user-friendly website. Browsing all the Humminbird fish finders, accessories and combo packages is a breeze with their site’s filtering tools. Just select the product categories, price range, and features you want to instantly see matched options.

Adding items to your cart for checkout takes just a click. And they offer secure payment processing to protect your information.

Ordering over the phone is just as easy. Their sales staff is extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to answer any product questions. They can walk through specifications to help select the right electronics and accessories for your setup.

I never feel pressured or upsold when speaking with their team. Just friendly service and expert advice. Give them a ring at 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Whether shopping online or by phone, you can expect exceptional pre- and post-purchase support. These folks truly go above and beyond to provide a five-star buying experience.

In today’s world of lackluster customer service, it’s refreshing to deal with a company that genuinely values your business and satisfaction. They represent Humminbird flawlessly as an authorized dealer.

So don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or online chat if any questions come up about Humminbird products or placing an order. Their team is standing by to help get you dialed in with the perfect electronics!

Well that wraps up this guide to scoring the best deals on cutting-edge Humminbird marine electronics and accessories. I hope you found it helpful. Tight lines out there!

Well friends, we’ve reached the end of this complete guide to scoring big savings on Humminbird marine electronics and accessories. Hopefully you now have all the info needed to upgrade your fishing game without emptying your wallet!

Get Started Today to Upgrade Your Fishing Electronics

To recap, this authorized Humminbird factory outlet offers:

– Savings up to 50% off retail prices
– The newest Humminbird fish finders and accessories
– Awesome combo packages for complete discounts
– Secure shipping with expedited options
– Full OEM warranty and customer service

Whether you need a new fish finder, chart plotter, transducer or accessories, they have you covered for less.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to their website or give their sales team a ring at 1-800-XXX-XXXX to discuss your needs and dial in the perfect electronics setup.

Tell them the basics of your fishing style, boat type, and budget. Their experts will take care of the rest, recommending the ideal Humminbird options to help you catch more fish this season.

And remember, be sure to ask about any current promotional pricing or discounts for maximum savings! This time of year they often run special savings events and bonus free gear giveaways.

Well, that’s all for now anglers. Wishing you tight lines and full livewells this fishing season! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.