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Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

Monster Maxx Commando: A Tough Truck Built for Off-Road Adventures

If you’re looking for a monster truck that can handle the roughest terrains, look no further than the Monster Maxx Commando from Battat. This mean machine was designed for maximum off-road performance with its rugged tires, high suspension, and powerful motor. The Commando tackles dirt hills, jumps, and obstacle courses with ease thanks to its reinforced chassis and superior 4-wheel drive traction. Its commanding size and gritty styling gives it an aggressive edge over the competition.

What really sets the Monster Maxx Commando apart is its ability to go where other remote control trucks fear to tread. Embedded stones, muddy trenches, and steep inclines are no match for this beast thanks to its grippy tread design and fully articulated suspension. The Commando’s weighty body sits low to the ground providing stability across all kinds of surfaces. Its long-travel shocks and wide stance absorbs impacts while its meaty tires claw over the most uneven rocky or sandy terrain.

Battat designed this monster truck to be tough as nails so it can withstand inevitable crashes and rollovers while venturing off-road. The Commando’s body is made from impact-resistant materials and uses strong hardware to handle hardcore bashing. Multiple skid plates protect vital components like the motor and drivetrain from bottoming out on obstacles. Beefy bumpers and roll bars provide additional armor against accidental collisions.

Despite its ruggedness, the Monster Maxx Commando retains excellent handling and maneuverability. Its responsive steering has a tight turning radius that makes navigating trails a breeze. The powerful motor supplies tons of acceleration to climb steep hills and gives you enough speed to make big air jumps. Mammoth tires provide plenty of ground clearance to cruise over large objects. Dual rear shocks soak up landings after getting big air.

The Commando’s detailed interior features a roll cage, simulated engine, driver helmet and racing harnesses. Opening doors and hood provide access for maintenance and upgrades. Bright LED light bars ensure good visibility when running at dusk or dawn. A multi-function pistol grip transmitter allows you to easily make tuning adjustments on the fly.

So if you’re an extreme off-roading enthusiast looking for your next RC thrill, grab the controller of the Monster Maxx Commando. Its rugged build quality is ready to take on any rough-and-tumble situation you throw at it. This monster truck delivers aggressive performance and handling that’s unmatched on tough terrain. The Commando is an outstanding blend of tenacious power and rugged construction sure to provide endless hours of adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Key Features:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Tough off-road suspension with long travel shocks
  • Reinforced chassis and skid plates protect drivetrain
  • Powerful motor provides thrilling acceleration
  • Tight steering with great maneuverability
  • Huge treaded tires for traction and obstacles
  • Durable construction withstands hardcore bashing
  • Cool scale details like full driver compartment
  • Bright LED light bars for enhanced visibility
  • Pistol grip radio with tuning adjustments

If extreme off-road action is your thing, the Monster Maxx Commando from Battat is ready for the challenge. This remote control monster truck is engineered to handle rugged terrain and hardcore bashing with its reinforced design. Off-road enthusiasts will love tackling dirt, mud, rocks, and jumps with this mean monster machine.

Bigfoot Monster Trax: Iconic Monster Truck Inspired by the Legendary Bigfoot

Ever since the 1970s, Bigfoot has remained one of the most iconic monster trucks in history. Now Battat pays tribute to this legendary giant with their Bigfoot Monster Trax R/C replica. This officially licensed truck captures the classic look and larger-than-life presence of the original pioneering Bigfoot.

The instantly recognizable black graphics and red strips make this Battat truck look just like the real deal. Massive 66 inch tires with extreme tread provide plenty of grab on any surface. A swinging arm suspension system with scale shocks smooths out rough terrain. Dual chrome exhaust stacks shoot rooster tails of imaginary smoke when accelerating. Just like Bigfoot, this beast has imposing dimensions to spare.

Battat added many authentic touches to recreate Bigfoot’s famous Ford F-250 pickup body. Details like chrome header panels, side mirrors, grill and bumpers look just like the full-size monster. A detailed replica of Bigfoot’s championship winning 460 CID V8 sits under the hood. Roll bars, push bar, nerf bars and a driver’s helmet complete the realistic look.

In addition to replicating Bigfoot’s appearance, Battat also designed this truck for big performance. Its powerful brushed motor churns the oversized tires for thrilling speed runs. Oil filled shocks withstand hardcore monster truck bashing over jumps and crashes. Beefy construction materials like ABS plastic, nylon and steel provide durability. An easy to use 2.4GHz pistol grip transmitter has progressive throttle and steering control.

It’s not hard to see why the legendary Bigfoot remains one of the most popular monster trucks ever created. Now thanks to Battat, you can experience the excitement of this iconic giant in miniature R/C form. The Bigfoot Monster Trax is a highly detailed tribute that looks and performs just like the real thing. So strap in and feel like a true monster truck champion crushing cars and wowing crowds with this classic beast.

Key Features:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Officially licensed replica of the legendary Bigfoot
  • Iconic black graphics and red strips
  • Massive 66” tread rubber tires
  • Swinging arm suspension with oil filled shocks
  • Chrome exhaust stacks for realistic rooster tails
  • Detailed Ford pickup body with roll bars
  • Scale replica 460 CID big block V8 engine
  • Durable construction for hardcore bashing
  • Progressive throttle and steering on transmitter

Bigfoot die-hards and monster truck fans need the Battat Bigfoot Monster Trax in their collection. This R/C replica perfectly captures the iconic styling and overpowering presence of the legendary original in mini form. Get ready to tear it up just like your monster truck heroes with this classic beast from Battat.

Bigfoot Monster Trax: Iconic Monster Truck Inspired by the Legendary Bigfoot

As a monster truck fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for the legendary Bigfoot. This iconic truck pioneered the sport back in the 1970s and remains one of the most recognizable giants on the circuit today. When I heard Battat was releasing an officially licensed R/C replica called Bigfoot Monster Trax, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

Taking this mini Bigfoot out of the box, it’s clear Battat nailed the styling. The classic black graphics and bold red strips are spot on. Huge 66 inch rubber tires with aggressive tread tower over the truck’s body, just like the massive original. Chrome exhaust stacks shoot vertical rooster tails when you hit the throttle. Overall, the dimensions give it an imposing monster truck presence.

Battat didn’t skimp on scale details for the body either. The Ford F-250 pickup shape is authentic, complete with side mirrors, chrome front grille and bumpers that mimic Bigfoot’s classic build. Under the hood sits a shockingly realistic 460 CID V8 engine replica. Roll bars, push bar, nerf bars and a driver helmet capture the realistic monster truck details.

But it’s not just about looks with this R/C replica. Battat made sure it has the performance to match Bigfoot’s gargantuan reputation. A stout brushed motor spins those giant tires to impressive speeds for crazy donuts and smoky burnouts. Beefy oil-filled shocks take big air jumps and harsh bash crashes in stride. Durable nylon and ABS plastic construction withstands the rigors of backyard monster truck antics.

The included 2.4GHz pistol grip transmitter puts this beast easily under your control. Steering features proportional movement for smooth turning, while the throttle has variable forward and reverse. This gives you precision command for maneuvering obstacles or nail-biting wheelies.

Owning the Bigfoot Monster Trax from Battat makes me feel like a kid again, bringing back fond memories of seeing Bigfoot live crushing cars as towering plumes of exhaust billowed skyward. Now I can experience my own backyard monster truck thrills with this well-executed R/C legend from Battat. If you dig old school monsters, this is a must-have collectible replica.

Key Attributes:

  • Perfectly replicates Bigfoot’s iconic style
  • Massive rubber tires with gnarly tread
  • Chrome side stacks for vertical rooster tails
  • Shockingly realistic Ford F-250 body
  • Very cool detailed big block V8 under the hood
  • Beefy construction and oil shocks for hardcore bashing
  • Proportional steering and throttle on transmitter
  • Brings back fond memories of seeing Bigfoot live
  • A must-have for old school monster collectors

The legendary Bigfoot comes alive in R/C form with Battat’s officially licensed Bigfoot Monster Trax. This iconic truck is recreated in meticulous scale detail for fans wanting backyard monster memories. Grab the transmitter and let the car crushing begin!

Mega Wrex: Massive Tires and Raw Power in a Futuristic Monster Truck

The future of monster trucks is here with Battat’s Mega Wrex. This radical R/C beast brings a futuristic transformers-inspired look to the remote control arena. But don’t think this is just a pretty face – the Mega Wrex packs massive power and performance to back up its fearsome facade.

At first glance, the Wrex looks like it was beamed down from an alien planet. Its angular composite armor body sits low atop enormous spiked wheels. Integrated light pods give it a menacing glow. The cockpit is styled like a robotic exoskeleton suit with reinforced limbs jutting out. Even stationary, the Wrex looks like a mechanized monster ready for battle.

But this futuristic truck is built for speed too. A high-output brushless motor provides incredible acceleration and tire-shredding torque. Massive rubber treads give it tremendous grip while independently suspended wheels devour rough terrain. Oil-filled shocks and composite materials enable the Wrex to withstand huge jumps and crashes.

Despite its radical looks, Battat made the Wrex easy and fun to drive with proportional steering and throttle. The included pistol-grip transmitter gives you precise control as you pilot this beast over obstacles. Dual steering servos allow tight turning so you can maneuver through tricky sections. There’s even multi-channel sound effects like engine revving and horns.

When running the Mega Wrex, the experience is an infectious blend of power and playfulness. Thrilling speed bursts let you catch big air off ramps as the sound system roars. The wide, flat chassis sticks tight in turns, allowing controlled drifts and donuts. LEDs illuminate when driving at night for a dramatic cyber look. Basically, the Wrex is an RC monster truck built for futuristic fun.

Key Attributes:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Futuristic metal-armor styled body
  • Massive spiked treaded tires
  • Robotic-looking cab with armored framework
  • Super torquey brushless power system
  • Tough composite materials and oil shocks
  • Proportional trigger and steering control
  • Multi-channel sound effects
  • Exciting speed and stunt performance
  • LED lights illuminate for night driving

If you dig radical styling and extreme performance, look no further than the Mega Wrex from Battat. This R/C monster mashes futuristic armor looks with massive power and speed. Strap in and get ready for an intergalactic ride!

Skull Crusher: A Menacing Monster Truck That Crushes Everything in Its Path

When I first laid eyes on Battat’s Skull Crusher R/C monster truck, I knew this was no ordinary monster. Its sinister style and imposing weapons make it clear the Skull Crusher means business when it comes to crushing any obstacle in its path.

The truck’s post-apocalyptic vibe starts with its ragged, metallic frame adorned with spikes and chains. Meaty tread tires are studded with serrated metal plates ready to grind anything underneath. The skeletal driver’s helmet and engine bones continue the frightening theme. But the highlight is the brutal front skull-shaped cow catcher designed to devastate cars or anything else in its way.

This beast doesn’t just look vicious – it has the brawn to back it up. A torquey motor provides speed to hit jumps with crushing force. Heavy duty shocks withstand massive landings off tall ramps. The truck’s weighty chassis can barrel and bash its way through most objects and still keep crushing. Foam filled tires empower it to roll right over small obstacles and toys.

Despite its intimidating look, the Skull Crusher is surprisingly nimble thanks to its steering servos and tight suspension geometry. The included pistol grip transmitter gives you precise control to maneuver obstacles or line up hits. Dual rear antennas ensure a solid radio connection at long range.

When you take the Skull Crusher full throttle, the experience is an absolute blast. Plowing through makeshift car crushers or sending action figures flying from massive air brings a satisfying smile. LEDs in the skull’s eyes and mouth illuminate when revving the engine, adding to the truck’s sinister persona. In a nutshell, the Skull Crusher lives up to its menacing looks with total crushing domination.

Key Attributes:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Malevolent style with spikes, chains and skulls
  • Massive studded treaded tires mow down objects
  • Skull shaped front cow catcher demolishes obstacles
  • Tough construction withstands huge jumps and crashes
  • Surprisingly nimble handling for control
  • Bright LED lights in the creepy skull face
  • Satisfying power to crush cars and send figures flying
  • A sinister truck that dominates demolition derbies

Battat’s Skull Crusher lives up to its frightening persona with devastating crushing power. If you want total R/C domination, grab this menacing monster truck and start bashing!

Dragon Wagon: This Fire-Breathing Monster Truck Brings the Heat on the Track

Looking for a monster truck that really turns up the heat? Check out Battat’s Dragon Wagon, an R/C beast styled after a fire-breathing dragon that brings sizzling performance to the track. This red-hot truck looks fast standing still and drives even faster.

One glance at the Dragon Wagon’s styling makes it clear this truck means business. Its composite body is sculpted to resemble a roaring dragon with flared nostrils and baring teeth. Glowing red paint covers the body, accented by demonic horns and pointed scales down the truck’s sides. Its six massive rubber tires end in claw-like spikes for extra grip and intimidation.

Lifting the Dragon Wagon’s hood reveals just how Battat gives it fire-breathing power – a screaming fast brushless motor. This electronic speed demon delivers face-melting acceleration off the line and blistering top speeds for huge air. Beefy remote lock differentials optimize traction by distributing power to all wheels. The long suspension arms and coil-over shocks soak up big landings off jumps.

Despite its radical looks and power, the Dragon Wagon handles incredibly thanks to its low center of gravity chassis and proportional steering. The included 2.4GHz radio links to dual antennas for driving control even at long range. Hitting the triggers lets you feel the intensity of this beast right in your hands.

Taking the Dragon Wagon wide open reveals its addiction-forming mix of speed and style. Roasting the tires through corners or catching epic air produces a devilish grin every time. LEDs in the mouth and wheels make a fearsome glow when driving at night. In short, the Dragon Wagon is an R/C monster you’ll want to tame over and over again.

Key Attributes:

  • Fiery red dragon styled composite body
  • Fierce looks with horns, claws, teeth and scales
  • Intense brushless power for face-melting speed
  • Tough suspension for big air jumps and landings
  • Responsive steering with solid radio range
  • Roast tires, catch air and shred turns
  • Bright LED lights in mouth and wheels
  • An addicting mix of performance and style

Feel the heat with Battat’s Dragon Wagon, a ferocious fire-breathing monster truck that brings sizzling performance to the R/C scene. This beast demands to be tamed over and over again!

Swamp Thang: Equipped with Huge Mud Tires to Conquer the Muck and Mire

When it comes to monster trucks built for the mud, look no further than Battat’s Swamp Thang. With its massive tires and waterproof electronics, this beast oozes through the muck and mire better than any R/C competitor.

One glance at the Swamp Thang reveals a truck ready to get down and dirty. Oversized rubber mud tires with extreme tread provide tons of grip on sloppy surfaces. The truck’s watertight differentials transfer power efficiently even when submerged. Beefy foam filled tires allow it to float and drive through water and wet terrain.

But the Swamp Thang’s capabilities go far beyond just traversing mud holes. Its powerful motor supplies impressive speed to hit jumps and rip epic donuts even on slick surfaces. A sealed receiver compartment and waterproof servo motors enable driving even when soaked. The coilovers and rigid suspension provide cushioning when catching air.

Battat gave the Swamp Thang functional features for cleaning after muddy adventures too. The entire body separates from the chassis revealing easy access to all electronics. This allows rinsing out mud and debris without damage. Drain holes throughout help remove standing water after use. A basic tool kit assists with repairs or upgrades down the road.

Thanks to its smart engineering, the Swamp Thang provides carefree fun in the muddiest conditions. Floating through deep bogs, slinging muddy rooster tails, and catching big air without worry opens a whole new world of R/C possibilities. This versatile monster feels equally at home in the swamp or the backyard.

Key Attributes:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Massive tread mud tires for traction
  • Waterproof differentials maintain power
  • Foam filled tires allow floating and driving in water
  • Sealed electronics resist damage from water
  • Suspension soaks up big jumps
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning and service
  • Drain holes remove standing water
  • Tools included for repairs and upgrades
  • Conquer mud pits and catch epic air

Drivers wanting maximum mud performance need Battat’s Swamp Thang in their R/C fleet. This ingenious monster truck dominates the swamps while still providing backyard thrills in one mean mud-slinging machine.

Arachnorod: Part Truck, Part Robot, All Monster with Eight Wheels

Battat brings a whole new breed of R/C monster to life with their Arachnorod. This radical hybrid mashes up a robotic spider body with high-speed monster truck capabilities. With its eight quick wheels, this mechanical beast scurries over any terrain.

The Arachnorod’s design draws inspiration from fierce arachnids and futuristic machines. Eight movable legs made of composite materials replicate a spider’s agility. The truck’s low-slung armored chassis acts as the main body. Dual high intensity LEDs up front give it creepy insect-like eyes. The overall look is both alien and animal.

But this is much more than just another remote control buggy. Battat engineered the Arachnorod for extreme speed and versatility. Eight rugged wheels with all-terrain treads provide traction on any surface. A potent brushless power system delivers massive torque for eye-popping acceleration. Independent suspension on each wheel adapts to rocks, ruts and jumps.

The Arachnorod’s advanced components make driving simple and fun. A proportional pistol-grip transmitter allows precise speed and steering control. The steering servos provide tight turning while dual antennas maintain a solid radio connection. LED headlights allow driving at night for added fun.

Sending the Arachnorod full throttle reveals its addictive mix of speed, handling and style. Scampering over boulders, catching big air, and making tight turns triggers grins and laughs. The flexible legs absorb crashes while preventing rollovers. LEDs add a thrilling glow when running in darkness. In short, this monster mashes up robotic and animal attributes into an R/C beast like no other.

Key Attributes:

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

  • Mashup of robotic spider and monster truck
  • Eight movable composite legs
  • Armored chassis and creepy LED eyes
  • Massive power and speed from brushless motor
  • Eight rugged all-terrain wheels
  • Independent suspension on each wheel
  • Proportional radio for precise control
  • LEDs allow driving at night
  • Scampers easily over any terrain

With its unique melding of animal and machine, Battat’s Arachnorod brings multi-wheeled robotic monsters to life. This innovative R/C creation is a mashup sure to provide endless hours of off-road excitement.

Demo Derby: Armored for Destruction and Ready for Wrecking Action

When it comes to monster truck demolition, Battat’s Demo Derby is built tough to dish out hits while withstanding the wrecks. With its reinforced armor and power, this R/C beast dominates destruction derbies and backyard bash sessions.

One look at the Demo Derby reveals a truck optimized for destruction. Heavy duty composite armor shields vulnerable parts like the chassis, differentials and suspension. Metal side bars provide extra protection for core components. Studded treaded tires deliver traction even after mayhem causes treads to tear off.

But the Demo Derby isn’t just built for taking hits – it packs a serious punch too. A torquey brushed motor has the grunt to push or drag rivals around the arena. Soft foam tires let it ram or roll over other trucks without getting hung up. The long wheelbase adds stability when bashing opponents or flying off jumps.

Despite its ruggedness, the Demo Derby handles nimbly thanks to its four wheel independent suspension. The included 2.4GHz pistol grip radio links easily out of the box and provides precise speed and steering. An extra set of AA batteries powers the truck for hours of hi-impact fun.

When it’s time to wreak havoc in the derby or backyard, the Demo Derby satisfies like few others. Trading paint and grinding metal sounds cool when ramming rivals. Sending opponent trucks sailing with big hits triggers smiles. And the Demo Derby keeps dishing it out thanks to its durable build. If you dig destruction, this is your R/C wrecking machine.

Key Attributes:

  • Heavy duty composite armor
  • Metal side bars protect components
  • Studded treaded tires for traction when torn
  • Torquey motor has power to ram
  • Foam tires allow rolling over opponents
  • Long stable wheelbase for bashing
  • Four wheel independent suspension
  • Bonus batteries for extended bashing
  • Durable truck that dominates derbies

Bring on the destruction with Battat’s Demo Derby – an R/C monster truck ready to dish out hits and keep on wrecking thanks to its ruggedized build. This is an armored powerhouse destined for derby dominance!

Monster Mutt: A Howling and Hungry-Looking Monster Truck Dog on Wheels

With its big floppy ears, shaggy fur, and massive mouth filled with sharp teeth, Monster Mutt looks like it’s ready to devour the competition at any monster truck rally. This beast on wheels represents the canine kingdom in the world of monster trucks, bringing a ferocious yet playful presence to the track. Though Monster Mutt may look like someone’s pet that got a hold of radioactive materials and went rogue, this mechanical mutt has quickly become a fan favorite in the monster trucking community.

First unleashed in 2004, Monster Mutt was created by FELD Motorsports and carved out a niche as one of the only truck designs based on an animal. While most monster trucks opt for intimidating names like Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, and El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt stands out with its lighthearted canine theme. But make no mistake, this is not a lapdog – Monster Mutt can still crush the competition under its oversized tires.

The truck features a molded fiberglass dog head at the front, complete with lolling tongue, pointy plastic teeth, and vacant eyes that stare hungrily at whatever hapless car is lined up to get crunched. The main body has shaggy brown faux fur running along the sides and roof, mimicking the coat of a big lovable mutt. The massive rear tires kick up clouds of smoke as they grip the dirt, allowing Monster Mutt to perform jaw-dropping jumps and wheelies just like any monster truck worth its salt.

Early versions of Monster Mutt from 2004-2008 featured distinctive dollar-sign graphics on the sides, playing up the “money-hungry” nature of this mechanical beast. More recent versions have done away with the dollar signs but retain the same snarling, silly personality.

While Monster Mutt may seem to be all bark and no bite at first glance, the daring dog has proven its mettle by taking home numerous victories over the years. Drivers like Candice Jolly, Tanner Root, and Zane Rettew have guided Monster Mutt to event wins and national series championships. Monster Mutt is also no stranger to worldwide competitions like the Monster Jam World Finals, where it continually stuns crowds with gravity-defying stunts.

Much like its canine namesake, Monster Mutt comes in different breeds tailored to various events. The original Monster Mutt sits high atop 66-inch tall tires, ideal for bulldozing obstacles in its path. The Rottweiler and Dalmatian versions of Monster Mutt sport lower ride heights for greater speed and agility when racing other trucks. No matter the breed, Monster Mutt always brings the same wildly enthusiastic energy and strong-jawed grit.

While Monster Mutt may not be the most fearsome or famous monster truck out there, it certainly has its own loyal fanbase. Kids and adults alike are drawn to the truck’s silly persona and family-friendly vibe. In a motorsport dominated by masculine aggression and metal-crunching power, Monster Mutt is a breath of fresh air with its endearing canine theme. It just goes to show that you can have a cute face and still conquer the course when you’re a mechanized monster!

Other Notable Battat Monster Trucks

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

While Monster Mutt may be the most beloved canine in the Battat monster truck lineup, this innovative toy company produces a range of miniature monster trucks that capture the excitement of the full-sized beasts. Here are some other Battat trucks that deserve a spot in any monster truck fan’s collection:

  • Stone Crusher – This fearsome truck lives up to its name with an intense Demon design complete with spikes and skulls. The bright green color pops on the track.
  • MT Slammers – One of Battat’s old school original monster truck designs, still sporting classic retro graphics and a flame paint scheme.
  • The Felon – A bad guy-themed truck with gritty prison graphics and cleverly incorporated ball-and-chain details in the back.
  • Total Chaos – True to its name, this menacing black Battat truck has a twisted metal look straight out of a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Avenger – A patriotic-themed truck with red, white and blue graphics and American flag-styled stripes on the roof.
  • Cyborg – Half-monster, half-machine, this Battat creation has awesome robotic details like hydraulic claws and exposed engine parts.
  • Rockinator – A mineral monster come to life, with craggy stone texturing and lavender accents surrounding its bright green frame.
  • BKT – These initials stand for “Backwards Kustom Truck,” hinting at this truck’s ability to drive equally well in reverse thanks to a cool reversible bodyshell design.
  • Demo Derby – A classic smasher covered in dents, dirt, and damage, ready to dish out some destruction in the rink.
  • Mustang Sally – This speedy pony car-themed monster truck rears up on its hind wheels to blast down the track.

In the world of miniature monster trucks, it’s hard to go wrong with Battat’s extensive selection. They offer all the details and decoration of their full-sized counterparts in a compact collectible format. Whether you’re drawn to canine companions like Monster Mutt, bad-boy beasts like The Felon, or just love the iconic style of old school trucks like MT Slammers, Battat has a little monster that will appeal to kids and collectors alike.

Reptoid: Alien-Inspired Monster Truck Ready to Invade from Outer Space

Are These the Best Battat Monster Trucks. Check Out the Top 10 Mini Beasts

With its green extraterrestrial theme and reptilian design, Reptoid looks like an alien monster truck sent from another planet to dominate the Earthly competition. This out-of-this-world ride brings an intergalactic vibe to the monster truck circuit with its sci-fi stylings and readiness to crush any terrain.

Unveiled in the mid-2000s, Reptoid was created to cash in on the popularity of reptile-themed monster trucks like Grave Digger and Snake Bite. But rather than model it after earthly reptiles, designers decked out Reptoid with an alien motif from head to toe. The truck channels B-movie extraterrestrials with its green and black color scheme, bug-eyed headlights, and rear appendage that mimics a lizard tail.

From roof to tires, Reptoid is covered in scales and reptilian detailing like curved spines down its back. The molded head at the front could be straight from Area 51, with a ridged dome, pointed chin, and elongated alien eyes. Reptoid looks ready to either study human drivers…or eat them for a snack!

Yet despite its outlandish theme, Reptoid performs like a true champion monster truck. Its 66-inch tall tires allow it to crush cars, jump long distances, and challenge the laws of physics when flying off ramps. Drivers like Derick Anson, Coty Saucier, and Matt Pagliarulo have taken the intergalactic beast to victory lane at major stadium shows and motorsport events.

Reptoid debuted around the time when interest in aliens and UFOs was at a high point in popular culture. TV shows like Ancient Aliens explored extraterrestrial theories while blockbuster films like War of the Worlds depicted alien invasions. Reptoid let monster truck fans join the craze by experiencing an invasion firsthand at their local arena.

Just like the little green men it’s modeled after, Reptoid comes in a few different forms. The standard Reptoid sits on giant 66-inch tires that mash any obstacle. The Reptoid Sprint version lowers the ride height for greater maneuverability on race courses. And a special Ice Reptoid with spiked tires was even created just for frozen events.

Though now one of the more dated looking trucks on the circuit, Reptoid retains a cult following among monster truck aficionados. It represents an era when monster trucks pushed creative boundaries with wild themes and over-the-top designs. While we may never know if aliens are really out there, we can always count on Reptoid to bring an out-of-this-world experience.

Other Notable Battat Monster Trucks

In addition to otherworldly offerings like Reptoid, Battat produces a wide range of miniature monster trucks for fans to collect. Here are some other standout Battat trucks worth checking out:

  • Stone Crusher – A fierce spiked brute ready to smash anything in its path.
  • MT Slammers – An old school original Battat truck sporting retro graphics and hot rod flames.
  • The Felon – A gritty prison-themed basher with clever ball-and-chain details on the back.
  • Total Chaos – A post-apocalyptic black beast with a twisted metal vibe.
  • Avenger – Patriotic red, white and blue styling with American flag stripes on top.
  • Cyborg – Half monster truck, half machine thanks to robotic arms, claws and exposed engine parts.
  • Rockinator – A sentient boulder come to life, with a craggy stone finish and green accents.
  • BKT – This unique truck can drive equally well in reverse thanks to a reversible body shell.
  • Demo Derby – A clunky junker plastered in dents, dirt and damage, ready to wreck in the rink.
  • Mustang Sally – A rearing pony car-themed truck that gallops down the track.

Whether your taste runs towards aliens, prisoners, ponies or patriots, Battat offers monster truck models to satisfy any fan. With authentic detailing in a compact collectible size, Battat trucks let you bring home the monster action in miniature. Kids and collectors alike appreciate the quality and creativity behind the Battat monster truck series.