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Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Introduction to Lee Riders curvy fit skinny jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenging endeavor, especially for women with curves. While skinny jeans have remained a staple wardrobe item for years, many brands simply aren’t designed to properly fit and flatter curvier body types. However, Lee Riders has become a go-to brand for women looking for a great pair of curvy fit skinny jeans that are both comfortable and stylish.

Lee Riders curvy fit skinny jeans are specifically designed for women with hourglass figures, with more room built into the hip and thigh area while still tapering to hug the leg. This allows you to achieve a skinny jean look that flatters your shape, avoiding the dreaded gaping waistband or sagging bagginess in the legs.

Flattering Features of Lee Riders Curvy Skinny Jeans

So what exactly makes Lee Riders jeans such a popular choice for curvy women? Here are some of the brand’s key features:

  • Stretch fabric blend with ample stretch and recovery to move with your body
  • Mid-rise waistband designed to sit just below the navel for coverage and support
  • Contoured waistband that prevents gapping in the back
  • Scooped back pockets and precisely placed seams to lift and shape the rear
  • Thigh-slimming paneling and tapering through the ankle for a long, lean look
  • Shorter inseam lengths that work for petite frames
  • Multiple wash options from dark rinses to light destroyed styles

Lee Riders uses state-of-the-art fit technology and conducts fit workshops to ensure their jeans flatter real women’s bodies. Their hyper-stretch denim also includes spandex for flexibility and retention, coming in a variety of fabric blends from 99% cotton to hybrid cotton-polyester-lycra fibers.

Achieve an Hourglass Silhouette

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

The curvy skinny fit is designed to accentuate your natural hourglass proportions. The contoured waistband and stretch fabric blend prevents the dreaded waist gap effect of ill-fitting jeans. The jeans sit smoothly across the hips with room built into the seat and thighs. Front hip pockets also help balance fuller hips and thighs for an overall smoothed effect.

The tapered leg gives you a slim skinny jean look that elongates your legs instead of cutting them off. This helps balance out curvier hips and derriere for ideal hourglass proportions. The back pockets are carefully angled and placed to lift and perk the rear as well.

Comfortable All Day Wear

A common complaint about skinny jeans is how restricting they can feel. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are designed to be comfortable all day long, from your morning commute to evening plans. The hyper-stretch fabric moves with you instead of squeezing and binding.

The mid-rise waistband hits right at the natural waist for coverage and support. There is no pinching or awkward gapping, even when sitting and bending. The jeans also retain their shape all day without stretching out.

The jeans come in short, medium and long inseam options so you can find the perfect ankle-grazing length for your height. Hemming is minimized for maximum comfort.

Flattering Dark Rinse and Vintage Washes

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans come in an array of rich dark rinses that are universally flattering. Opt for a solid crisp dark wash or choose a style with light whiskering and fading for character. Darker washes draw the eye vertically to elongate legs and balance curvy hips and rear.

Vintage washes in lighter shades can also create a flattering, lived-in look. The wear patterns are carefully placed to lift and contour the body. Lighter finishes like icy grey or bleached washes make legs appear longer as well.

No matter which finish or wash you select, Lee Riders’ innovative fade technology ensures the jeans will retain their color and appearance wash after wash. The color won’t rub off onto furniture or linens either.

Truly Skinny from Hip to Hem

Some “skinny” jeans aren’t really skinny throughout the leg. Many have a looser cut through the thigh that gradually tapers down. While this can accommodate larger thighs, it lacks the slim sleekness that makes skinny jeans so stylish.

Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are designed to hug your curves from the hip all the way down for a tight fit. However, strategic stretch points ensure the jeans still move with you. The hip-to-hem skinny silhouette makes these jeans the perfect pairing for tucked tees, boots, heels and more.

You also won’t have to worry about the jeans feeling too short. Lee Riders offers short, regular and long inseams designed to hit at just the right spot for your height.

Achieve Multiple Stylish Looks

The contoured fit and neutral shades of Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans make them an ideal basic wardrobe item. You can easily dress them up for a night out or down for a casual daytime look. Pair them with wedges or strappy heels and a flowy blouse for perfect date night style.

For casual days, try wearing the jeans with ballet flats, ankle boots or slip-on sneakers. Add layers like kimono cardigans or denim jackets for a more relaxed vibe. Distressed and torn styles also have an effortlessly cool look when paired with simple tees and leather jackets.

No matter how you style them, you can always count on your Lee Riders skinny jeans to make your shape look curvy in all the right places. The flattering fits and innovative denim blends also ensure all-day comfort as you go about your day in style.


Lee Riders jeans offer the perfect solution for curvy women seeking a truly skinny jean that flatters. Thoughtful design features contour to your natural shape while stretch denim blends move with your body. Flattering washes and versatile styling options allow you to always put your best look forward. If you’ve struggled to find skinny jeans that work with your hourglass frame, Lee Riders curvy jeans deserve a spot in your closet.

Benefits of curvy fit jeans for women’s body shapes

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Finding a great pair of jeans isn’t always easy, especially for women with curvier figures. Standard jeans are often designed for straight body types, leaving women with hourglass or pear-shaped frames struggling with gapping, sagging, and a lack of contouring in all the wrong places. However, the right curvy fit jeans can turn that denim despair into a rearview mirror delight.

Curvy fit jeans are specifically engineered for women with fuller hips, thighs, and backsides. Brands like Lee Riders have perfected the curvy skinny jean, using innovative fabric blends and contoured waistbands to enhance your natural curves. The benefits go beyond just looking amazing – curvy jeans support your shape, eliminating discomfort and awkward adjusting.

Gap-proof Waistbands

A common annoyance of ill-fitting jeans is the dreaded waist gap – where there’s ample space between the waistband and your lower back. It leaves you constantly hiking the jeans up and re-tucking your top.

Curvy jeans have a contoured waistband designed to sit flush against your natural waist, eliminating gaps. The extra room built into the hip and seat means the waistband won’t slide down or loosen throughout the day. Mid-rise styles also provide ample rear coverage when sitting or bending.

Smoothing Over Trouble Spots

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Areas like the inner thigh or just under the buttocks can be problem spots for some women’s body types. Excess fabric and seams here can cause unflattering ripples and bulges. Curvy jeans are engineered to smooth over these areas for a flawless fit.

Strategically placed seams, pocket panels, and tapering through the leg creates a slimming effect. The stretch fabric also gently hugs curves without constricting. You’ll look perfectly proportioned from the rear view to leg line.

No Muffin Topping

High waistbands paired with non-stretch denim often dig into the waistline, resulting in unsightly muffin topping over the jeans. Curvy jeans have an elasticized waist and stretch fabric that provides comfortable compression without biting, pinching, or squeezing at the waist.

Higher spandex content like 2-4% creates the ideal amount of flexible stretch and recovery. The jeans retain their shape while moving with your body. You can say goodbye to waistline spillage for good.

Thigh Slimming

For women with curvier thighs, ill-fitting jeans often cause bulges, sagging fabric, or an uneven fit. Curvy skinny jeans are designed for a closer fit through the thighs with thoughtful fabric blends and strategically placed seams.

A touch of spandex paired with sculpting front and back thigh panels creates a smooth slimming effect. The tapered leg also balances curvy thighs for an overall elongated silhouette.

Rear Lifting

One of the most annoying issues many women face is jeans that sag and droop in the backside, creating a sloppy ill-fitted look. Curvy jeans utilize features like contoured back yoke seams and rear lift panels to perk and round out your rear.

Pocket placement is also designed to create a subtle lifting effect. You’ll get an instantly perkier backside that makes your shape pop in all the right ways.

Height Balancing

Finding the right rise and inseam length is crucial for properly balancing your proportions. Curvy skinny jeans come in short, regular, and long lengths with low to mid rise options.

The right inseam avoids bunching at the ankles for a clean line. While the ideal rise matches your natural waistline to elongate the look of your legs. The result is a beautifully balanced silhouette.

Flattering Dark Finishes

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Dark denim washes are universally flattering for all body types. Curvy jeans come in array rich black and blue-black rinses that create a slimming effect up and down.

Strategic fading and whiskering draws the eye to accentuate your assets as well. Vintage-inspired finishes also mimic that perfectly worn-in pair of good luck jeans.

Darker finishes and minimal distressing keeps the focus on your flawless fit. Lighter washes can also elongate legs on shorter frames.


Ill-fitting jeans do your curves no favors. From awkward gapping to unflattering bulges, finding the perfect pair can seem impossible. However, jeans specifically engineered for curvier frames, like Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans, can transform the way your shape looks in denim.

Thoughtful design features flatter your waist, rear, thighs, and legs for an always flawless fit. Say goodbye to jeans dread and embrace a pair that accentuates your gorgeous hourglass curves.

Details on Lee Riders curvy skinny jean features

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Finding a great pair of curvy skinny jeans to flatter your shape can be a challenge. Standard skinny jeans are often designed for straight figures, leaving curvier body types with less than ideal fits. However, Lee Riders has perfected the curvy skinny jean, incorporating innovative features to enhance your natural curves.

From thoughtfully contoured waistbands to strategically placed seams, Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are engineered to complement and support hourglass figures. Here’s a closer look at some of the brand’s unique design details that make their jeans such a popular choice.

The Contoured Waistband

One of the hallmarks of Lee Riders curvy jeans is the contoured waistband designed to sit smoothly against the natural waist. Unlike standard straight waistbands, it features slight curves at the sides to accommodate fuller hips and prevent gapping.

The contoured shape and mid-rise cut ensures the waistband stays in place without sliding or rolling. You never have to worry about your top or undergarments peeking out. A smooth waistband also helps create a seamless silhouette for a polished look.

Stretch Fabric Blends

Lee Riders curvy jeans are crafted from hyper-stretch denim fabric blends with ample recovery. Blends like cotton with 2-4% spandex provide the ideal amount of flexibility to move with your body while retaining their shape.

In addition to spandex, some Lee Riders jeans also contain lycra or polyester fibers for stretch. The proprietary fabric contours to curves without restricting or squeezing. Jeans also won’t lose their stretch and turn saggy with wear.

Back Lift Panels

A rear view boost is built right into Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans thanks to innovative lift panels in the back. Integrated fabric pieces in the yoke seam gently lift and contour the buttocks for an instantly perkier rear.

Contouring back pockets and angular pocket seam placement also enhances the lift effect. You get an eye-catching rear view that pops in all the right places.

Scooped Rear Pockets

Standard back pockets often have a tendency to flatten curves. Lee Riders avoids this effect with signature scooped pockets that curve in towards the center seam. This echoes and enhances the natural shape of your rear.

The scooped pockets sit perfectly on each cheek without spreading or distorting. Their angled placement also creates that coveted lift effect. Your jeans become an instant rear view booster.

Thigh Slimming Panels

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Strategically placed thigh slimming panels create a smooth streamlined fit through the legs. For curvier thigh shapes, tapering alone can cause an uneven lumpy effect. But slimming panels placed from hip to inner knee softly shape and contour thighs.

Front scoop and back dart seams further refine the fit to avoid bunching and ripples. Paired with hyper-stretch fabric, the result is a comfortable held-in fit that flatters thighs of all sizes.

Tapering Through Ankle

Curvy skinny jeans look best when they gracefully taper down to hug the ankle. Lee Riders leg shape isn’t overly loose at the hip and thigh which can lead to a drastic skinny taper.

Thanks to stretch fabric and slimming panels, Lee Riders jeans naturally contour thigh to calf for an ultra sleek skinny silhouette. Various inseam lengths let you tailor the ankle-grazing tapered effect.

Short Inseams for Petites

Finding the perfect jeans length is crucial for petite figures. Standard inseam lengths often bunch up awkwardly or completely swallow petite frames. Lee Riders offers an inclusive size range with short 28-30” inseams designed for women 5’4” and under.

Shorter inseams mean jeans hit right at the ankle bone for an instantly leg lengthening effect. No more hemming required. The skinny taper also balances out curvier hips and thighs.

Mid and High Rise Waists

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

The ideal rise matches your natural waist for a flawless fit. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans come in mid to high rise cuts ranging from 9-12” based on size. Rises include:

  • Mid rise – Sits below navel
  • High rise – Hits at or just above navel
  • Ultra high rise – Rises to the natural waist or just above

Higher rises provide ample rear coverage and eliminate plumber’s crack. The right rise also creates ideal proportions to flaunt your figure.


Lee Riders has engineered the perfect curvy skinny jean, incorporating innovative features that complement and support hourglass figures. From contoured waistbands to strategic seaming and stretch fabrics, their jeans are thoughtfully designed to enhance your curves.

Details like lift panels, rear shaping, and thigh slimming create an impeccable fit you can’t find with standard skinny jeans. Discover why Lee Riders is a go-to denim brand for women wanting to flaunt their fabulous shape.

Tips for finding your perfect Lee Riders curvy skinny jean size and fit

The key to looking and feeling your absolute best in a pair of skinny jeans is finding that magical combination of the perfect size and fit. When it comes to curvy figures, Lee Riders has mastered the craft of the contoured skinny jean. Follow these tips to help find your ideal match in the Lee Riders denim range.

Know Your Measurements

Many women simply buy jeans based on the size they think they wear. However, for the best fit, it’s important to know your actual measurements. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and waistline. Record these numbers, along with your typical jeans inseam length.

Compare your measurements against Lee Riders’ sizing charts online or on the size tag. Keep in mind their jeans have plenty of stretch, so err on the smaller side if you’re between sizes. An accurate hip and waist measurement will get you closer to an ideal fit.

Understand Your Body Type

Lee Riders jeans are available in three main fits to accommodate different curves:

  • Demi – Fuller in hip and thigh
  • Bombshell – Maximizes hips and rear
  • Muse – Balances and enhances curves

Think about your main asset areas and choose the corresponding fit. For example, the Bombshell highlights the rear while the Demi flatters fuller thighs. This ensures the jeans enhance your best assets.

Look for a Contoured Waist

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

A contoured waistband is essential for curvier figures to avoid gapping in back. Lee Riders’ signature waistbands curve in at the sides to hug hips and prevent slipping. Make sure to choose a mid or high rise style, depending on your shape.

Mid-rise sits just below the navel, providing a little extra coverage for fuller tummies. High-rise fits best if you carry more weight in your lower stomach or want maximum rear coverage.

Size Up For Comfort

Some women stick to a smaller size in jeans for a confidence boost. However, too-tight jeans create unsightly bulges, thighs spillage, and discomfort. Lee Riders jeans have plenty of stretch, so always size up if you’re between sizes.

Remember, skinny and curvy are not mutually exclusive. The right fit will hug your shape without squeezing. Prioritize comfort to keep jeans looking great from morning to night.

Know Your Inseam

An improper inseam ruins the proportions of skinny jeans. Petite women should opt for Lee Riders short 28-30” inseams to avoid bunching at the ankles. For average height, try a 32” inseam.

Tall or longer-legged ladies can choose between regular 32”, long 34-35” and extra long 36-37” inseams. Measure your ideal length and buy jeans un-hemmed when possible.

Size By Body Part

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Lee Riders sizes jeans by waist and hip measurement rather than a standard S-XL system. Know which of your assets are fullest to determine sizing.

For example, if your hips and rear are fuller than your waist, size up to fit those areas. Lee Riders’ hip-to-waist sizing ensures the perfect fit.

Try Various Rises

The most flattering rise matches your natural waistline. Low-rise jeans can create a short, boxy shape while high-rise may overwhelm a shorter torso. Try on multiple rises to determine the most balanced proportions.

Mid-rise offers a happy medium between high and low. Remember, the back rise matters most for coverage and shaping. Focus on ample rear coverage when assessing fit.

Look For Stretch Fabric

Stretch is essential when seeking a skinny jean that moves with your body. Lee Riders incorporates 2-4% spandex into denim along with innovative stretch fibers.

Stretch holds shape while allowing comfortable movement. Rigid denim may fit well standing still but grows uncomfortable after hours of wear. Prioritize stretch for all-day comfort.


Finding your perfect Lee Riders skinny jean is easier when you use detailed sizing information and consider your unique body type. Opt for the right rise, stretch fabric, and curvature-enhancing features to highlight your gorgeous shape.

With flattering options to accentuate your waist, rear, thighs and legs, Lee Riders skinny jeans are designed to make your assets shine while feeling like a second skin.

Recommended ways to style Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans

The key to looking stylish in skinny jeans is choosing complementary silhouettes, fabrics, colors and accessories. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are designed to flatter your shape, so use that amazing fit as the foundation for showstopping looks.

From dressed up date night outfits to casual weekend vibes, you can style your Lee Riders jeans in endless ways. Here are some recommended pairings to inspire your next go-to outfit:

Tucked Tops

Tucking in fitted tops accentuates the slimming effect of skinny jeans. Cropped lengths and front tucks work especially well to show off curves. Try a sleek cami, silky tank or fitted t-shirt in a bright color to make your shape pop.

Pair with heels or wedges to elongate legs. A tucked graphic tee creates a more casual look. Add a moto jacket, long cardigan or duster sweater for chic layering. Play with proportions to highlight your waistline.

Flowy Tops

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Balance the slim jeans with a billowy blouse or flowy kimono-style top. Choose airy chiffon, crepe and satin fabrics that cinch at your narrowest point. Romantic florals, bold prints and boho accents complement dark skinny jeans.

Pair with strappy flat sandals or cowboy boots for an effortless vibe. You can also half tuck one side of the top to reveal the front fly and show off curves. Drapey cardigans and longline dusters extend the outfit’s lean silhouette.

Tunic Sweaters

An oversized sweater tunic provides the perfect juxtaposition to fitted skinny jeans. Opt for slouchy styles that hit mid-thigh or longer and feature side vents or high slits. Go for textured knits, casual stripes or solid bold colors.

Finish with ankle booties or ballet flats to continue the leg-lengthening look. Add a skinny belt at the natural waistline to define your shape. Play with proportions by choosing an extra long or cropped sweater length.


Few things instantly dress up skinny jeans like strappy heels or wedges. Go for at least a 3-4” heel to elongate legs and create a bombshell silhouette. Snake print, metallic and neutral hues complement dark jeans.

Balance the visual weight of heels with a flowy silk top or drapey blazer. Show off shoes with a cropped flare or skinny ankle jeans. Embrace the dressy vibe with delicate jewelry and a leather clutch for date night.

Ankle Boots

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Ankle boots toughen up skinny jeans for a model-off-duty look. Choose suede, leather or cowboy styles in tan, black or distressed finishes. Slouchy, pointed toe and western-inspired silhouettes pair best with skinny jeans.

Wear with graphic tees, thermal henleys and oversized cardigans for a casual vibe. To dress it up, don a satin cami with a leather moto jacket and delicate gold necklaces. Stacked heel boots feminine up the look.


Give your skinny jeans a street style finish with classic sneakers like Converse or Vans slip-ons. Distressed jeans and oversized pullover sweaters balance the sporty shoes.

White low or high-top sneakers create a retro flair. Platform styles provide a subtle lift while colorful floral designs make a style statement. Finish with a backpack purse and cropped jean jacket for weekend errands.


Lee Riders’ curvy skinny jeans provide the perfect canvas for both polished and relaxed looks. Play with proportions, mix casual and dressy pieces, and accessorize to highlight your assets and personal style.

Use fit details like contoured waistbands and lift-enhancing pockets to show off your figure’s gorgeous curves. With the right styling, Lee Riders jeans become your secret denim weapon for looking fabulous 24/7.

Overview of Lee Riders jean fabric and stretch options

Finding the right denim fabric is crucial for jeans that move with your body and retain their shape wear after wear. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are crafted using innovative hyper-stretch fabrics that sculpture to curves without restricting.

Lee Riders offers an array of custom fabric blends, each providing the ideal amount of contouring stretch and recovery. Understanding the brand’s unique fabrics helps you find the perfect pair to flaunt your figure.

Flex Denim

Lee Riders Flex denim contains cotton blended with rayon made from tree pulp. This creates a super soft hyper-stretch fabric with maximum retention and recovery power.

Flex denim bounces back to contour curves while resisting sagging and bagging out. It comes in medium and darkwashes perfect for both day and night wear. The soft handfeel also makes Flex denim jeans comfortable for all-day wear.

Dynamic Stretch Denim

Dynamic Stretch denim takes flexibility even further by blending cotton, rayon and polyester. This trifecta provides multidirectional stretch that moves naturally with your body.

The extra 2% stretch allows jeans to retain their close-hugging skinny silhouette after hours of wear. Dynamic Stretch comes in versatile medium and dark finishes with minimal whiskering and fading.

Future Flex Denim

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

This high-performance fabric infuses cotton with an innovative fiber made from crambe oil. The result is a soft hyper-stretch denim with exceptional recovery power.

Future Flex jeans retain their shape and darkness wash after wash while providing unrestricted movement. The four-way stretch material also resists sagging, bagging and knee rip-out.

Curve ID Stretch

Curve ID Stretch denim contains both spandex and lycra to sculpt jeans perfectly to curvy figures. The lycra provides 360° all-direction stretch while the spandex offers recovery.

This powerhouse blend contours to your waist, hips, rear and thighs without losing structure. Curve ID jeans come in versatile medium and dark finishes to suit any occasion.

Super Stretch Denim

As the name implies, Super Stretch denim contains a high percentage of spandex for maximum flexibility. Jeans easily mold to your shape while providing a tight, ultra-snug fit through the hips and thighs.

Dark rinses feature minimal fading and whiskering for a polished look. Lighter vintage washes provide a well-worn lived-in feel. Both wash options easily transition from day to night.

Ultimate Stretch Denim

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Ultimate Stretch kicks stretch technology up a notch by blending cotton with super-powered spandex and polyester. Together these fibers deliver the highest stretch and recovery.

Ultimate Stretch jeans move with you while retaining their shape through all-day wear and repeat laundering. This sculpting fabric comes in versatile dark finishes perfect for any occasion.


Lee Riders incorporates performance fibers like spandex, polyester, rayon, and lycra into cotton to create hyper-stretch denims. Their innovative fabrics move with your body, contour to curves, retain dark washes, and resist sagging.

Understanding the brand’s stretch options helps you find the perfect pair of jeans tailored to your shape. Discover why Lee Riders’ sculpting fabrics make their curvy skinny jeans a top choice.

Lee Riders curvy jeans comparison to other brands

Finding the perfect curvy skinny jean takes the right blend of stretch, contouring, and retention. While many brands claim to offer curvy fits, Lee Riders has perfected the craft of sculpting jeans to flatter fuller figures.

From fabric innovation to strategic seaming details, Lee Riders curvy jeans combine comfort and style for real women’s bodies. Here’s how they stand apart from other leading denim brands.

Stretch Fabric Comparison

Lee Riders curvy jeans contain 2-4% spandex blended into hyper-stretch cotton fabrics. This provides multidirectional stretch to move with your body. Other brands use less than 2% spandex, resulting in restrictive denim.

Lee Riders also combines spandex with performance fibers like lycra for unparalleled stretch and recovery. The sculpting fabric bounces back to contour your shape wear after wear.

Waistband Comparison

Lee Riders’ contoured waistbands are designed to sit smoothly on the natural waist without gapping. Their curvy waistbands are also mid to high rise for ample coverage.

Many brands use straight waistbands that create unsightly gaps on curvier shapes. The lack of rear coverage also leads to plumbers crack. Lee Riders’ waistbands stay in place all day.

Pocket Comparison

Lee Riders’ pockets are strategically angled and curved to lift and round out the rear. Their scooped back pockets sit flush on each cheek without distorting or flattening.

Standard back pockets often have an unflattering straight across seam. Large squared pockets can also make the rear look wider. Lee Riders pockets enhance curves.

Seaming Comparison

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Thoughtful seaming provides tummy smoothing, thigh slimming, and rear lift. Lee Riders jeans incorporate contouring side and rear panels with curved, flattering seams.

Many brands overlook strategic seaming details like darting and lined pockets. Without contouring seams, jeans create unflattering bulges on curvier areas.

Inseam Comparison

Lee Riders offers a variety of petite to tall inseam lengths for the perfect ankle-grazing fit. Their short inseams cater to women 5’4″ and under.

Other brands provide limited inseam options, typically starting at 32″. This leads to bunching and excessive hemming for petite figures. Lee Riders’ inclusive lengths prevent alterations.

Size Range Comparison

Lee Riders jeans come in an extensive size range from 00-20 based on waist and hip measurement rather than standard S-XL sizes. This ensures the perfect fit.

Some brands size jeans numerically by 2, 4, 6, etc. But these limited size ranges don’t account for variations in hip and waist ratios. Lee Riders’ detailed sizing provides an ideal hip-to-waist fit.


Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Finding a curvy jean that contours without constricting takes the right fabric technology and purposeful design details. From hyper-stretch fabrics to rear-enhancing pockets, Lee Riders sculpts jeans for real women’s bodies.

Their innovative fabrics, inclusive sizing, and flattering seaming create the perfect curvy skinny jean fit. Discover firsthand why Lee Riders is a top denim brand for accentuating your curves.

Pros of Lee Riders curvy fit skinny jeans over regular skinny jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenge, especially for women with curvier figures. While regular skinny jeans are designed to be tight and slimming, they often don’t account for curves. This can result in the dreaded gap at the waist or jeans that are uncomfortably tight in some areas and loose in others.

That’s where curvy fit skinny jeans come in – they are designed specifically with curves in mind. Brands like Lee Riders offer jeans made to flatter and fit curvier body types. Here are some of the biggest pros of choosing curvy fit skinny jeans like Lee Riders over regular skinny jeans:

They Fit Your Waist and Hips

Regular skinny jeans are cut straight up and down with little shaping through the hips and rear. Curvy fit skinny jeans have a contoured waistband designed to sit at your natural waist, along with stretched fabric in the hip and thigh area. This accommodates your curves rather than squeezing them awkwardly.

No Gaping at the Waist

Because curvy skinny jeans are made to fit your waist, you won’t get that dreaded gap at the back waistband. Regular skinny jeans often gape at the back since they can’t account for the difference between waist and hip measurements. Curvy jeans eliminate this problem with strategic design.

Flatter Your Thighs

For those with curvier thighs, regular skinny jeans can be unforgiving and tight. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans have an elasticized stretch fabric blend with extra room through the thigh. This flatters your shape rather than cutting in.

Comfortable Fabric

In addition to strategic stretch panels, Lee Riders curvy jeans feature super soft, lightweight denim that moves with your body. This adds to the comfort, making them easy to wear from morning to night. No more tugging or restrictive feeling as you go about your day.

No Muffin Top

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

The contoured waistband and tummy-flattering rise of curvy skinny jeans helps prevent the dreaded muffin top look. Regular skinny jeans cut straight across the waist don’t account for curves, resulting in embarrassing overflow and a bulging waistband.

Multiple Inseam Lengths

Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans come in short, regular and long inseam lengths for the perfect amount of ankle coverage. Regular skinny jeans often assume a standard inseam that may not work for you. With Lee Riders you can choose the inseam that fits your height.

Flattering Back Pockets

Strategically angled back pockets on Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans are designed to lift and flatter your rear. They create a perkier look compared to pockets placed straight across the backside, as is common with regular skinny jeans.

No More Muffin Top Worries

Designed to sit below your belly button and curve in towards your natural waist, Lee Riders skinny jeans for curvy figures minimize muffin top. The contoured waist hugs your curves without squeezing or pinching. Feel comfortable and confident all day long.

Stretch Retains Its Shape

Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

While many stretch jeans lose their shape with wear, Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans feature high-quality denim that retains its hold. The jeans mold to your body while maintaining structure. No bagging or sagging as the day goes on.

Flattering Dark Rinse Colors

Available in stylish dark rinses, Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans elongate your legs for a slimming effect. The rich indigo shades make your rear and thighs look trimmer while complementing any outfit. Dark denim also minimizes the appearance of cellulite.

Moves With You

The 4-way stretch fabric blend of Lee Riders jeans conforms to your shape while allowing full freedom of movement. Bend, walk and turn without restriction throughout your busy day. The jeans flex with your body for enhanced comfort.

Finding a great pair of curvy fit skinny jeans can be life-changing if you have curves. The flattering contoured design of Lee Riders jeansallows you to look and feel your best. Ditch the muffin top, camel toe and thigh gap problems of ill-fitting skinny jeans. With Lee Riders, you’ll get a stylish look tailored to your curves.

Where to buy Lee Riders curvy fit skinny jeans online

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of curvy skinny jeans, Lee Riders should be at the top of your list. But where can you buy Lee Riders curvy fit skinny jeans online? Here are some of the best online stores to find authentic Lee Riders jeans that will flatter your figure.


One of the most convenient places to buy Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans is Amazon. Amazon carries a wide selection of Lee Riders jeans in different washes, sizes and lengths. You can browse curvy styles like the Modern Series Curvy Skinny Jean, which features tummy slimming panels and a contoured waistband. Amazon’s free shipping and returns on most items makes it easy to try before you buy.


For the full selection of Lee Riders jeans for curvy figures, shop directly from the Lee website. Browse their curvy fits by category, like Hi-Rise Curvy, Modern Curvy and Shaped Curvy jeans. Lee also offers size charts and fit guides to help you find your ideal size. Shopping directly from the brand means access to all of the latest styles and finishes.


Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

Another reliable place to buy Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans online is Kohl’s department store. Kohl’s frequently runs sales and deals on Lee Riders, so you can likely score a discount. They offer free shipping on orders over $75. Kohl’s also has a generous return policy, allowing free returns by mail or in store.


Macy’s carries a variety of Lee Riders curvy jeans fits and washes. Their skinny jeans collection includes both midrise and high rise options, with tummy control panels and stretch fabric. Macy’s frequently offers promo codes and Lee Riders can often be purchased at a discount. Free shipping is available on orders above a minimum.


For a wide assortment of Lee Riders skinny and curvy jeans, shop Belk’s online selection. Belk carries Lee Riders in petite, tall, and standard lengths. Their Daily Sale feature offers new discounted deals every day. Belk also has an expansive selection of plus size Lee Riders jeans in curvy fits.


Are You Searching For a High-Quality Curvy Fit Jean: Get a Flattering, Stylish Look With Lee Riders

JCPenney carries affordable Lee Riders skinny jeans in curvy, modern and hi-rise fits. Their Flex Motion jeans have stretch fabric built in for comfort. JCPenney offers free shipping on orders over a minimum amount. In-store pickup is also available for online orders.


Known for outstanding customer service, Zappos is a great place to buy Lee Riders curvy jeans online. Their website makes it easy to filter your search by fit, rise, wash, size and more. Zappos offers free shipping and returns, allowing you to try on at home. The site also includes detailed product info and reviews.


For a unique Lee Riders shopping experience, visit QVC. Their website offers video product demos so you can see the jeans in motion. QVC’s Lee Riders selection includes exclusive styles you won’t find elsewhere. Flexible payment plans are available. Orders over $35 ship free.

Stage Stores

Stage Stores includes a number of department store chains that carry Lee Riders curvy jeans, like Goody’s, Peebles and Gordmans. Stage offers a large Lee Riders selection with frequent sales and promo codes. Most orders over $75 get free shipping.

Lee Riders skinny jeans are designed to flatter curvy figures using innovative fabric blends, contoured waistbands and tummy control panels. To get the best fit, color selection and prices, shop Lee Riders curvy jeans at these top online retailers. With free shipping and returns, you can try them on from the comfort of home.

Conclusion – why Lee Riders curvy jeans are a wardrobe essential

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is challenging for women with curves. Regular skinny jeans often gap at the waist, squeeze the hips and thighs, and lack proper support. This leads to discomfort, restricted movement, and lack of confidence in your denim. Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans solve these problems through innovative design features specifically engineered for curvier figures.

With contouring through the hips and rear, tummy control panels, specialized stretch fabric, and a waistband that sits at your natural waist, Lee Riders curvy jeans are made to flatter. Feel comfortable, confident and stylish from day to night. No more tugging, squirming and adjusting throughout your day. Enjoy complete freedom of movement in jeans that enhance your assets.

Lee Riders’ curvy fits are available in a variety of stylish washes, fabric blends, and lengths, so you can find the perfect pair for your wardrobe needs. Constructed from quality materials that retain their structure wash after wash, these jeans will become a staple you reach for again and again. Equipped with rear pockets placed to lift your rear and elongate your legs, Lee Riders help you look and feel your best.

For curves that demand attention and appreciation, Lee Riders curvy skinny jeans deliver. They are designed to not just fit, but flatter your figure. Slip into a pair, and experience denim as it should be – tailored specifically for your body. Feel amazing while looking fantastic. For curvy women, Lee Riders are an essential wardrobe addition.