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Beyblade Party Supplies: 10 Ways To Throw An Epic Beyblade Birthday Party

Shop For Beyblade Party Supplies At Party City

Planning an epic Beyblade birthday party for your kid? Look no further than Party City for all the best Beyblade party supplies to make your child’s birthday bash a rip-roaring success. Party City has everything you need to deck out the party with your kid’s favorite Beyblade themes and characters.

First up – get all the basic party ware in Beyblade designs. We’re talking plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, balloons, banners – you name it. Party City has it all with awesome Beyblade graphics like the Beyblade Burst and Metal Fury logos, images of popular tops like Pegasus, Unicorn, Dragon, and more. Grab a BEYBLADE Burst themed party pack for quick and easy one-stop shopping. The packs come with plates, napkins, cups, tablecover, invitations, banners, balloons, and more. Mix and match add-on decorations like scene setters, foil and latex balloons, pinatas, and lawn decor for an over-the-top Beyblade birthday.

No Beyblade party is complete without beyblade battle gear for epic spinning top face-offs. Party City has you covered with a wide selection of authentic beyblade burst tops, launchers, and stadiums for sale. Pick up a couple of clash packs so the party guests can team up for 2-on-2 battles. Or grab a full set of customizable tops so kids can build their own unique blades from various parts and really geek out on Beyblade science.

To take the battles up a notch, check out Party City’s selection of inflatable Beyblade Burst stadiums. These cool inflatables make for an exciting battle arena complete with LED lighting effects for intense nighttime competitions. Your Beyblade fan will go wild battling it out inside one of these stadiums – they’re always a hit at parties!

Part of the fun of Beyblade is customizing your own unique top. Let kids personalize their own Beyblades at the party with DIY craft activities from Party City. Try decorating paper Beyblade tops with stickers, markers, and glitter. Or customize sturdier blade builds by accessorizing plastic tops with rhinestones. These crafts make great party favors too.

Party City also offers fun beyblade party games to get all the kids involved. Try a Beyblade scavenger hunt to search for hidden blade parts around the house or yard. Host a Beyblade target practice game using plastic cups stacked in pyramids. Or get silly with a blindfolded beyblade spinning challenge – whoever keeps their ripcord spinning longest wins!

Of course, the centerpiece of any Beyblade party is the cake. And Party City can set you up with an awesome Beyblade cake decorated with colored frosting “launchers” and a spinning top. Don’t forget to grab Beyblade candles, toppers, and sparkler candles to really make the cake pop.

To complete the party, Party City has tons of Beyblade loot bags, goody bags, and gift wrap. Load up the kids with all kinds of Burst and Metal Fury themed goodies to end the party. Everything from figurines and keychains to stickers, tattoos, and more. They’ll be replaying the battle memories for weeks after this bash!

So head over to partycity.com or your nearest Party City store and unleash your Beyblade birthday party planning powers. With Party City’s huge selection of official beyblade party supplies, you’ll have everything you need for a Rip-Roaring Beyblade Birthday your kid and their friends will never forget!

Make DIY Beyblade Decorations

Beyblade Party Supplies: 10 Ways To Throw An Epic Beyblade Birthday Party

Want to decorate for an epic Beyblade party but don’t want to spend a fortune? No problem! You can easily make your own DIY Beyblade decorations and party supplies. Not only is it more affordable, but DIY decor also adds a special handmade touch that shows you put in that extra effort. Follow these ideas to craft amazing homemade Beyblade party decor your Beyblade-obsessed kid and their friends will love!

Start with one of the most iconic Beyblade symbols – the ripcord launcher. Cut a paper towel or toilet paper roll tube into 2-3 inch widths. Then decorate the tube segments with colored tape, markers, glitter, stickers, etc. to look like Beyblade launchers. Use curling ribbon, string, or more tape to attach the DIY launchers to a wall, ceiling, or doorframe. Instant Beyblade party decor!

Print out and cut out Beyblade top silhouette shapes from cardboard or construction paper. Decorate them with doodles, glitter, and sequins to look like Pegasus, Dragoon, Draciel, Driger, and other fan fave tops. Tape these DIY Beyblade decorations all over walls, furniture, and other surfaces. You can also string them up as hanging decorations.

Grab some empty plastic water bottles. Remove the labels and cut the bottles in half to make stadiums. Decorate the half bottles with colored tape, markers, stickers, etc. in Beyblade Burst designs. Use the open bottoms to stand the DIY stadiums up on tables, shelves, and other horizontal surfaces. Display them with Beyblade toys for a cool battle scene.

Here’s another idea for quick and easy Beyblade stadium decor – grab a basic plastic or paper bowl. Draw or paint designs on the outside like a Beyblade arena. Use a marker to draw a beyblade battle scene inside the bowl – spinning tops, clash points, knockouts, etc. Prop these DIY bowls up on party tables or shelves for fun decorative stadiums on the cheap.

Print out and cut out full sheet images of Beyblade characters and logos from the internet. Use these like giant stickers to instantly Beyblade-ify windows, walls, and other large surfaces. For bonus authenticity, print out and display actual Beyblade statistics, battle records, and tournament brackets.

Pick up bags of glass gems, beads, and marbles from any craft store. Fill clear balloons, mason jars, fish bowls, and vases with these materials to create homemade Beyblade energy layers and fusion wheels. Display them around the party space for cool scientific looking decor.

Here’s a great DIY project to keep the party kiddos engaged – let them make their own Beyblade medals and trophies out of materials like cardboard, foam, felt, beads, fake jewels, and more. Supply art and craft materials and let them go wild dreaming up creative award designs. Then have a tournament to award the DIY trophies!

For Beyblade birthday parties, craft handmade medals or sashes for the birthday kid. Cut medal shapes out of cardboard and decorate with markers, stickers, foil, etc. Glue ribbon to the back to tie around their neck. Or use fabric and foam to DIY a customized beyblade champion sash. It’s a fun way to make the birthday beyblader feel special.

Get creative with paper by folding and cutting out Beyblade themed honeycomb balls, fans, chains, and more. Use paper with cool colors and designs for bonus style. Unfold and hang these DIY paper decorations around the party space for interactive spinning fun.

Pick up packs of different colored and shaped pasta from the grocery store. Use glue dots or clear tape to assemble the dried pasta into DIY Beyblades, launchers, and ripcords. These edible decorations can even double as snacks! Just remind the kiddos not to launch them in their mouths.

Finally, customize your own Beyblade banners, signs, and pennants from paper, felt, or foam. Use markers, paint, and appliques to design homeade signage with words and images of their favorite Beyblade tops, characters, catchphrases, and more. Hang these DIY decorations anywhere and everywhere for a fan-tastic Beyblade bash!

With a little imagination and elbow grease, you can deck out an epic Beyblade birthday or watch party with totally custom DIY decorations. Making your own Beyblade party supplies adds extra meaning and memories to the event. Get the birthday kid involved in the crafting for bonus fun. Then watch their eyes light up when they walk into a homemade Beyblade paradise!

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Beyblade Party Supplies: 10 Ways To Throw An Epic Beyblade Birthday Party