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BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

When it comes to outfitting your office or workspace, choosing the right furniture is crucial. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to know which brand to trust. That’s where BisonOffice comes in. As an established company specializing in affordable yet high-quality furniture, BisonOffice should be at the top of your list. Here’s a closer look at why their products are worth your consideration this year.

Introduction – Overview of BisonOffice and their offerings

First off, it helps to understand what BisonOffice provides. Essentially, they offer a wide range of commercial grade furnishings to meet diverse workspace needs. From stylish desks and ergonomic chairs to practical filing cabinets and sturdy shelves, they’ve got you covered. BisonOffice’s catalog includes selections for private offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, reception areas, and more. Whether you need to outfit an entire office or just pick up a few key pieces, they have the furniture, fixtures and accessories to get the job done.

Wide Selection – Products for every workspace need

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

A major advantage of BisonOffice is the breadth of their product line. With thousands of items across dozens of categories, they offer a true one-stop-shop experience. If you’re looking for a contemporary computer desk, mid-century style guest chairs, a space-saving lateral file cabinet, height adjustable sit-stand stations, or ergonomic desk lamps, you’ll find it here. From cubicles and office chairs to bookcases and office decor, their selection aims to provide complete workspace solutions.

Quality Materials – Durable and sustainable options

In addition to variety, BisonOffice delivers consistent quality with each product. Many of their furnishings feature a thermally fused laminate finish that resists scratches, stains, and general wear and tear. With reinforced edges and sturdy hardware, their pieces are built to handle the rigors of daily office use. Structural elements like steel frames, aluminum bases, and heavy-duty casters ensure stability and longevity as well. Plus, they utilize sustainable materials like recycled wood, fabric, and plastic in many designs.

Customizable – Tailor pieces to your exact specifications

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

Another advantage is the ability to customize select BisonOffice products to perfectly suit your needs. For example, you can choose the finish, upholstery, storage options, and other details on desks and bookcases during the ordering process. With conference tables and reception stations, you can select the shape, color, and materials based on your office aesthetic and functional requirements. Other pieces like cubicle panels can be configured with shelving, whiteboards, and other add-ons to optimize your workspace.

Affordable Prices – Great value for money spent

Even with the quality, customization, and customer service they provide, BisonOffice manages to maintain reasonable price points across the board. Their bulk manufacturing capabilities and streamlined ordering systems allow them to pass the savings along to businesses and organizations. When comparing similar commercial grade furnishings at other retailers, you’ll likely find BisonOffice’s pricing to be much more budget-friendly. For penny-pinching offices or those furnishing on a tight timeline, the cost effectiveness definitely works in your favor.

Customer Service – Helpful sales team to guide you

Throughout the shopping and order process, BisonOffice provides exceptional customer service and support. Their sales representatives have in-depth product knowledge and experience assisting all types of clients. Whether you need help selecting the right office chairs or have questions about shipping and assembly, their team is ready to guide you each step of the way. Many customers find them pleasant and informative compared to working with other furniture retailers and big box stores.

Fast Shipping – Quick delivery across the country

BisonOffice also ships most in-stock products within 3-5 business days to addresses nationwide. They have warehouses across the country to get orders delivered efficiently. This enables you to get furnishings shipped and installed in your office space quickly. When outfitting a new office or replacing old furniture, the last thing you want is an extensive backorder delaying your plans. Their inventory levels and logistic capabilities allow for fast fulfilment so you can meet pressing needs.

Stylish Designs – Contemporary and professional looking

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

In the office furniture market, style and aesthetics make a difference. You want pieces that align with your company’s brand and exude a polished, professional vibe. BisonOffice’s in-house design team focuses on crafting fashionable furnishings for modern workspaces. From upholstered reception seating to antique white storage cabinets, their products make a stylish statement. The mix of materials like glass, laminate, and metal results in an urban contemporary look fitting for any industry.

Positive Reviews – High satisfaction ratings from customers

Before choosing office furniture, it always helps to learn from other customers’ experiences. In BisonOffice’s case, verified buyers consistently rate their products highly and recommend the brand. Looking at specific furniture categories like chairs or desks, the reviews indicate excellent value, quality, and service. Considering how heavily office buyers rely on reviews during the research process, this positive sentiment serves as a reassuring endorsement.

When you weigh all of these factors together, it’s easy to see why BisonOffice earns recognition as a top supplier of commercial office furnishings. From the diversity of products to fair prices to great service, they check all the boxes for a hassle-free shopping experience. As you look to equip your office and create a motivational yet practical workspace this year, be sure to keep BisonOffice in mind.

When outfitting an office, having ample choices to create the perfect workspace is key. BisonOffice delivers on this front with an expansive catalog that truly has products for every need. Whether you’re looking to furnish private offices, conference rooms, reception areas, break rooms, or open floor plans, their diverse selections enable you to customize your ideal setup.

Wide Selection – Products for every workspace need

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

Imagine the versatility of having thousands of office furniture items at your fingertips. From functional to stylish, basics to statement pieces, BisonOffice’s vast offerings let you tailor your office point by point. Their expansive inventory includes these categories and more:

  • Desks – Choose from standing, adjustable, L-shaped, and hundreds of other desk configurations to create productive workstations.
  • Chairs – Find the perfect office seating with options ranging from basic task chairs to executive leather models and ergonomic designs.
  • Storage – Maintain organization with their selection of filing cabinets, shelves, bookcases, cabinets, and mobile carts.
  • Tables – Outfit meeting rooms and cafeterias with conference tables, café tables, nesting tables, end tables, and training tables.
  • Cubicles – Use their modular components to divide open floor plans into efficient office cubicles for privacy.
  • Reception – Make a great first impression with counters, lobby seating, sofas, benches, and reception desks.
  • Accessories – Fill any remaining needs with their assortment of desk lights, rugs, plants, clocks, desk organizers, and more.

Having this range of gear allows you to mix and match to create a cohesive look. All of the finishes and materials coordinate nicely together. For example, pair glass top desks with metal accent chairs, or combine wood tone bookcases with cream colored cubicles. Whatever your desired aesthetic, their selection has the flexibility to bring it to life.

In addition to the diversity of products, BisonOffice offers many choices within each category. Take office chairs as an example. Choose from hundreds of models with options like:

  • Adjustable or fixed arm rests
  • High, mid, or low back configurations
  • Mesh, fabric, or leather upholstery
  • 2, 3, or 5 wheel casters
  • With or without lumbar support
  • Swivel or stationary bases
  • Extra tall/oversized dimensions
  • Specialty ergonomic designs
  • A spectrum of frame finishes

This degree of customizability extends across their entire catalog, empowering you to dial in the exact furnishings your workspace requires. For private offices, cubicles, conference rooms, lobbies, cafes, and beyond – BisonOffice has you covered wall-to-wall.

When selecting office furniture, finding pieces made with quality materials is a top priority. You’ll use these furnishings daily, so durability and longevity are key. BisonOffice delivers on both fronts with solid construction utilizing the finest materials. Their commitment to quality shows in every sturdy surface, seam, and joint across their catalog.

Quality Materials – Durable and sustainable options

BisonOffice chooses their materials carefully, opting for those that offer the best mix of performance, aesthetics, and structural integrity. Take their desk surfaces as an example. Many feature a thermally fused laminate finish that expertly resists scratches, stains, and general wear from daily use. It also provides a smooth and consistent surface for optimal functionality. This high-pressure laminating process creates a durable exterior shell.

The quality extends below the surface too. BisonOffice desks, tables, and workstations utilize thick, powder-coated steel frames and legs to ensure stability and weight capacity for equipment. Other critical structural points feature reinforced metal brackets and supports. You’ll find thick, industrial grade vinyls on chair seats and backing with reinforced stitching. Drawer assemblies utilize steel ball bearing suspensions for smooth open and close.

Hardware represents another hallmark of quality. From caster wheels to door hinges to adjustable keyboard trays, BisonOffice selects hardware designed for longevity. Features like smooth rolling casters, self-closing drawers, and adjustable keyboard arms reinforce the commitment to creating furnishings built to last.

In many products, BisonOffice incorporates sustainable materials like recycled wood, fabric, and plastic. This eco-conscious approach complements the inherent durability of the pieces. Components made from recycled and upcycled materials tend to showcase high strength and structural integrity. By sourcing sustainable materials whenever possible, BisonOffice produces quality furnishings while reducing environmental impact.

The mix of high-grade engineered materials and environmentally-friendly components enables BisonOffice to construct furnishings to meet even the toughest office demands. From the surface finishes to the supporting structures to the functional hardware, exceptional materials deliver a superior level of quality throughout.

When buying furniture for your office, it’s ideal to have options to customize pieces to your needs. With BisonOffice, their selection of customizable furnishings gives you that flexibility. For many of their products, you can tailor colors, materials, dimensions, and components during the ordering process.

Customizable – Tailor pieces to your exact specifications

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

Imagine designing your office furniture like a tailored suit, dialing in each detail for the perfect fit. BisonOffice makes customization possible across many categories including:

  • Desks – Select the finish, edge profile, grommet placement, and accessories like power outlets and USB ports.
  • Storage – Choose cabinet fronts, handles, drawer configuration, interior organizers, and locking options.
  • Conference tables – Pick the shape, laminate color, edge profile, size, and leg style.
  • Reception desks – Determine the layout, transaction top width, front panel style, and lighting.
  • Bookcases – Opt for open or enclosed sides, shelf depth, surface finish, and adjustable leveling feet.
  • Cubicles – Configure panels, worksurfaces, pedestals, and accessories like whiteboards.
  • Chairs – Select upholstery color and material, arm style, lumbar support, casters, and adjustments.

With these furnishings, BisonOffice empowers you to dial in the exact specifications aligned with your office aesthetic and functional needs. This degree of flexibility ensures you get pieces tailored specifically for your workspace.

For example, design a large executive desk with a textured oak laminate for a traditional vibe. Or create a modern glass top conference table with silver conical legs and inlayed power outlets. You can even customize chairs with breathable mesh backs, polished aluminum frames, and your company’s signature colors.

In addition to individual pieces, BisonOffice also allows you to craft complete customized office suites including desks, storage, seating, decor, and more. Their design experts can collaborate with you to bring your ideal office environment to life through purposeful furnishings.

Thanks to the wide range of customizable options, you can make selections based on office layout, job functions, branding, and specialized needs. When you have the flexibility to tailor pieces to your exact specifications, the result is a cohesive office space that works for your business on every level.

Outfitting an office with quality furniture carries a cost, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. BisonOffice manages to keep prices affordable across its entire catalog – from basic desks and chairs to executive suites. Compared to similar commercial-grade furnishings, their offerings deliver exceptional value.

Affordable Prices – Great value for money spent

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

For many businesses and organizations, sticking to a furniture budget is key. That often requires finding the sweet spot between quality and affordability when selecting pieces. BisonOffice hits that balance with reasonable prices despite the caliber of products.

Take office desks as an example. For basic manager workstations with laminate surfaces and steel legs, many options cost under $200. Moving up to more executive-style polished desks with storage components, most come in under $500. For premium solid wood executive suites, you can equip an entire office for under $2,000 in many cases.

With seating, you can get entry-level mesh back task chairs starting around $100. Leather executive chairs with ample adjustments and lumbar support range from $300-500 in most instances. Even large 10-12 person conference room tables cost between $500-1,000 depending on size, materials, and features.

Now consider filing cabinets and bookcases, which range from $100-300 depending on size, locks, draws, and finish. In fact, most BisonOffice core furnishings cost a fraction of competitor prices when you compare specs and construction.

How does BisonOffice maintain such reasonable price points? By utilizing bulk manufacturing partnerships and streamlined order fulfillment, they keep operational costs low. In turn, those savings get passed on via competitive pricing. When you are outfitting on a budget, this cost consciousness makes building out your office much more feasible.

In the realm of office furniture, skimping on cost often leads to compromised quality and limited selection. With BisonOffice’s extensive catalog, you can stick to your bottom line and still furnish impressively. For any workspace looking to maximize value, their affordable pricing is a difference maker.

When buying office furniture, having an experienced support team to provide guidance makes the process smoother. BisonOffice delivers exceptional customer service, earning them praise from clients. Their sales representatives act as true partners to ensure you get the pieces you need.

Customer Service – Helpful sales team to guide you

From initial questions through order fulfillment and beyond, BisonOffice’s customer service aims to inform and assist. Their sales reps have extensive product knowledge and experience equipping all types of workspaces.

When you connect with a BisonOffice sales agent, expect a pleasant and productive experience. They take the time to understand your office layout, workforce needs, and budget. With their expertise, they can recommend furnishings to maximize utility and aesthetics within your parameters.

If you need help comparing desk or seating options, narrowing down choices, coordinating colors and finishes, or configuring customized pieces, the sales team gladly guides you. The process is consultative, not pushy. Review sites highlight the patience and professionalism of the staff.

After placing an order, BisonOffice keeps you updated on expected delivery timelines and tracking information. Their customer service agents proactively reach out if any questions arise to keep projects moving briskly.

When it comes to assembly and installation, you can request white glove delivery and setup services for large orders. Alternatively, their support staff walks you through the simple assembly steps for most furnishings. Expect prompt responses if any issues surface post-delivery.

Basically, BisonOffice strives to make your experience as smooth as possible at all phases – researching, purchasing, delivery, and beyond. Their combination of expertise and attentive support takes the stress out of office furniture procurement. Lean on their customer service team to turn your workspace vision into a reality.

When shopping for office furniture, fast delivery is often a priority, especially when moving into a new space or renovating. BisonOffice has expedited shipping down to a science to get your order swiftly delivered.

Fast Shipping – Quick delivery across the country

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

After selecting your perfect mix of furnishings, you probably don’t want to wait weeks for delivery. With BisonOffice’s streamlined supply chain and logistics capabilities, most in-stock items ship within 3-5 business days nationwide.

They maintain warehouses across the country to keep inventory on hand and enable speedy fulfillment. The geographic diversity of their storage facilities gets packages to their destination quickly, whether you’re located in New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, or elsewhere.

Of course, personalizing pieces with custom colors, dimensions, and features can extend lead times slightly based on the customization. But generally speaking, BisonOffice strives for next-day processing and shipment of purchases.

Once en route, you’ll receive a tracking number to follow transit progress. Based on your location, expect delivery within 2-7 business days in most cases. White glove installation service is available for large orders to handle moving pieces into place and assembly.

For high quantity purchases, BisonOffice can often accommodate expedited shipment when needed. Just reach out to a sales rep to explore options for rush delivery based on inventory availability.

When revamping your office, waiting weeks or months for furniture to trickle in can sabotage productivity and plans. BisonOffice recognizes the importance of fast fulfillment. Lean on their warehouses and logistics infrastructure to swiftly get the gear you need.

In addition to function, office furniture makes a style statement about your brand. BisonOffice keeps aesthetics in mind, crafting fashionable yet practical furnishings. The mix of materials and finishes comes together into contemporary, professional looking pieces.

Stylish Designs – Contemporary and professional looking

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

Imagine walking into a workspace outfitted with BisonOffice gear. You’d likely observe clean lines, vibrant pops of color, and visual cohesion from room to room. The designs project an image of innovation and modernity.

From glass and metal desks with suspended floating shelves to accent chairs upholstered in bold patterns, their products make a stylish impact. The muted metal frames and legs provide an industrial vibe, while wood laminate surfaces and coordinating accent colors keep the look polished.

In reception areas and lobbies, you see elegant benches and angular chairs paired with modern lighting fixtures and accessories. Frameless glass conference tables and pedestals convey crisp sophistication. Unique cube stools and transparent acrylic chairs add flair to breakrooms.

While BisonOffice always considers appearance, they balance style with workplace pragmatism. You won’t find flashy or overly loud pieces that fall short functionally. The aesthetic flows from how shapes, materials, and colors intersect and complement one another.

BisonOffice’s in-house design team hand picks pieces that project the clean and contemporary vibe sought after in professional spaces. The mix of wood, laminate, metal, glass, and formed plastics comes together seamlessly. Customization further enables you to dial in finishes and textures aligned with your image.

When reputation matters, furnishings influence perceptions. BisonOffice’s catalog allows you to send the right message with office gear tailored specifically to your brand identity. The aesthetic flexibility empowers professionals across all industries to craft inspired workspaces.

Before investing in office furniture, it’s wise to consult reviews and feedback from other buyers. In BisonOffice’s case, their consistently high ratings reinforce the quality customers experience. The positive sentiment across reviews provides compelling confirmation.

Positive Reviews – High satisfaction ratings from customers

Don’t just take the company’s word when it comes to performance and service. Independent reviews offer transparent insight into real customer experiences. For BisonOffice, feedback trends overwhelmingly positive across online platforms.

Looking at specific categories like chairs, desks, and filing cabinets, buyers rave about the value, quality, and ordering process. Reviews praise the affordable pricing compared to similar commercial grade options. Owners report their BisonOffice furnishings holding up well over years of intensive daily use.

Many reviewers highlight the customer service as a key advantage. They found the sales team patient, attentive, and truly interested in solving their office needs. Several note how pleased they were with swift order processing and shipping timelines.

When quality or shipping concerns did arise in isolated cases, users report BisonOffice’s support team handled matters to the customer’s satisfaction. The few negative reviews generally centered on isolated product defects or longer lead times for custom pieces.

Considering how heavily office furniture shoppers rely on buyer feedback, this positive sentiment holds significance. Real user experiences back up the brand’s claims and point to satisfying outcomes for the vast majority. In the competitive furniture space, reputable names earn that status – which BisonOffice certainly has.

When exploring your office furniture options, check reviews firsthand. In BisonOffice’s case, the sheer volume of glowing testimonials provides reassuring confirmation as you comparison shop. Happy customers make a compelling case for giving their catalog strong consideration.

When outfitting a workplace, choosing the right office furniture is crucial to create a functional and motivating environment. As this breakdown illustrates, BisonOffice checks all the boxes as a premier furniture supplier.

Conclusion – Summary of key reasons to purchase BisonOffice furniture

BisonOffice Furniture: Why Choose Their Products This Year

After reviewing the complete offerings and advantages BisonOffice provides, the reasons to choose them become clear. To recap, here are the key differentiators:

  • Massive selection of thousands of furnishings to mix and match
  • Durable, high-quality materials built to endure daily office use
  • Customizability to tailor pieces to your exact specifications
  • Cost-effective pricing relative to competitors
  • White glove customer service that simplifies the buying process
  • Quick shipping from their nationwide fulfillment centers
  • Contemporary designs that project a stylish, professional aesthetic
  • Glowing reviews and feedback from satisfied business customers

With BisonOffice, the foundation is top-notch products made accessible through reasonable prices and exceptional service. You get the best of all worlds – value, variety, quality, and support.

Whatever your business size or industry, they have the gear to equip your space functionality and attractively. Outfitting multiple offices or cubicles is scalable thanks to bulk rates and expedited shipping. For startups or small businesses, their affordable costs make premium furniture attainable.

As you search for office furniture you can trust, put BisonOffice on your shortlist. Take time to browse their catalog and read real customer experiences. Once you do, you’ll see firsthand why they should be a frontrunner when upgrading your workplace this year.