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Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You’ll Love

Soak Up the Sun with Built-In Fill Light

Hey friends! Are you an aspiring iPhone photographer looking to take your shots to the next level? Well let me tell you about this game-changing accessory called the Lumee case. This innovative case for the iPhone 8 Plus has a built-in fill light that will completely transform your photos. Keep reading as I walk you through the 10 awesome features you’ll love about the Lumee case!

Brighten Up Shadows

We’ve all been there – trying to snap a pic in bright sunlight only to end up with funky shadows on your subject’s face. Not cute! The Lumee case solves this problem by filling in those shadows with its built-in lighting. No more squinty eyes or super harsh contrasts. It brightens up the parts of your photos that need it, while keeping your highlights intact. Pretty nifty if you ask me!

Flattering Portraits

Taking amazing portraits just got a whole lot easier with the Lumee case! The soft fill light is designed to make skin tones look smooth and natural. No more weird alien-like lighting that makes your friends look like extras in The Walking Dead. This flattering light will have your subjects looking oh-so-fine. Those selfies are about to get a serious glow up!

Lightweight & Slim

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Even with the built-in lighting, the Lumee case manages to stay slim and lightweight. It adds minimal bulk to your iPhone so it still fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Way better than lugging around those clunky external flash attachments! The chic and simple design even manages to look cool while enhancing your photos.

Diffused Light

The Lumee case uses a special diffused lighting panel to make sure your pics never look blown out or overexposed. It provides a nice even lighting that fills in shadows smoothly and naturally. No harsh hot spots or artificial looking flashes here friends! Just beautifully diffused light for gorgeous, balanced photos every time.

True Tone Flash

Most iPhone cases with built-in flash use a cool LED white light, but the Lumee case is different. It uses advanced technology to emit a true tone flash that matches the color temperature of natural sunlight. This means your photos will retain their proper colors, never looking washed out or having a blue/green color cast from the flash. Lumee FTW!

Customizable Brightness

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

The Lumee case allows you to easily adjust the brightness of the fill light to get the perfect exposure every time. In the Lumee app you can control the intensity of the light from 10-100%. Crank it up to 100% on super sunny days or dim it down for more subtle illumination at dusk. Take back control over your lighting situation!

Rechargeable Battery

The built-in battery is rechargeable via micro USB so you never have to worry about replacing batteries. Much more convenient and eco-friendly! One charge lasts for around 3 hours of continuous use, plenty to get you through an evening out with friends. The case turns on and off automatically when you open or close it, so zero thinking required on your part.

Remote Trigger Capability

The Lumee app allows you to remotely trigger the fill light whenever you want, so you can properly light yourself in selfies! No more guesswork trying to figure out your camera’s timer. Just tap the app and smile as it ensures you are perfectly illuminated. You can even use voice activation to trigger the flash without touching your phone at all. The future is here people!

Various Color Options

The Lumee case comes in several trendy color options like rose gold, matte black, champagne gold, and more. You can match it to your personal style or switch it up whenever the mood strikes. Don’t settle for boring old black when you can rock a flashy gold case! Coordinate it with your outfit like the fashionista you are.

Protective Design

Don’t worry, the Lumee case doesn’t compromise protection in order to bring you amazing lighting. It’s designed to prevent damage from drops and dings, keeping your iPhone 8 Plus safe from harm. The case covers your device on all sides with shock-absorbent materials. Photos may be worth a thousand words, but a broken phone ain’t worth nothing at all!

Well there you have it friends – the 10 awesome features of the Lumee iPhone case that will take your photos to the next level! No more dark, dreary pics plagued by bad lighting. With Lumee, you’ll get perfect illumination in any setting. Plus flattering light, customizable brightness, and a slim, protective case design. Time to soak up the sun and take some incredible shots! Let me know how you like using the Lumee case for your iPhone 8 Plus. Until next time photography pals!

Photo Studio Built into Your Phone Case

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years. With advanced lenses, sensors, and computational photography, phone cameras can take stunning photos that rival dedicated point-and-shoot cameras. However, even with all that technology packed into our pockets, taking professional-looking photos with a phone can still be challenging due to limitations like fixed focal lengths and small image sensors.

This is where add-on lenses and cases like the Lumee can be game-changers for mobile photography. Lumee has integrated a powerful photo studio right into an iPhone case, giving you capabilities like built-in lighting and interchangeable lenses. If you want to take your iPhone photography up a notch, the Lumee case and its awesome features will help you capture truly eye-catching photos.

Bright, Adjustable LED Lighting

One of the biggest limitations of smartphone cameras is their reliance on existing light. If the lighting isn’t ideal, your photo can end up too dark, too washed out, or with funky colors and shadows. The Lumee case solves this by building adjustable LED lighting panels right into the case. The bi-directional lighting gives you up to 15 hours of battery life for continuous lighting for photos and videos. Having consistent lighting from dedicated light sources results in well-exposed, vivid photos in any environment.

Interchangeable Lenses for Versatility

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

The small fixed lenses on iPhone cameras work well enough for casual shots, but can limit creativity and versatility. Lumee gives you the ability to swap between different add-on lenses like fisheye, telephoto, and wide angle. This allows you to get cool effects and optimized focal lengths for different types of shots. For example, you can use the fisheye lens for unique close-up portraits, the telephoto for detailed nature or sports shots, and the wide angle to fit more into landscape photos. Lumee includes a 15x macro lens out of the box too.

Mirrors for Front and Back Cameras

The Lumee case has built-in mirrors on the front and back so you can clearly see your shot whether you’re using the rear or front-facing camera. The rear mirror lets you see exactly what you’re capturing with the higher quality main camera instead of having to guess when holding your phone out. And the front mirror is great for perfect selfies since you can check your composition in the mirror before snapping.

Tripod Mount for Stability

A big challenge with phone cameras is achieving a steady shot, especially in low light when shutter speeds are slower. The tripod mount on the bottom of the Lumee case allows you to attach it to any standard tripod or mount for perfectly stable and shake-free photos and videos. This opens up opportunities for capturing clear low light shots, timelapses, and more creative angles.

Remote Shutter Release Capability

The Lumee case has an integrated Bluetooth shutter button that allows you to trigger the camera remotely via the Lumee app. So you can prop or mount your phone in position and snap photos from a distance without touching the camera. This is great for self-portraits, group shots, long exposures, and any application where eliminating camera movement is desired.

Durable, Sleek Design

Even with all the built-in functionality, the Lumee case maintains a streamlined, minimalist design. It adds very little bulk to the iPhone’s body so it can still fit comfortably in your pocket. The cases come in stylish colors like rose gold, matte black, and white. And they are designed to protect your phone from drops and scratches. So you get great protection and access to the iPhone’s ports and buttons.

Easy to Use Controls

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

You don’t need any special expertise to start taking amazing photos with the Lumee case. The intuitive controls in the app make it easy to adjust the lighting brightness, swap lenses, and use the remote trigger. There are also built-in features like photo grids for composition and how-to tips. So it’s perfect for iPhone photographers of all skill levels looking to enhance their shots.

Share Photos Instantly

The Lumee app has built-in sharing options so you can instantly send your professional-grade photos to social sites and messaging apps. You can even go live on Facebook right from the app. This makes sharing your standout iPhone photography easier than ever.

Reasonable Price

Considering all the functionality packed into the Lumee case, it is very reasonably priced compared to buying separate add-on lenses, lights, and accessories. For anyone serious about upping their iPhone photography game, Lumee delivers an incredible value and is an affordable way to take mobile photos to the next level.

Works on Latest iPhones

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

The Lumee case is designed specifically for the iPhone 8 Plus, so it takes full advantage of the dual cameras and processing power built into one of Apple’s latest smartphones. All the Lumee features integrate seamlessly with your iPhone’s camera app and hardware. So you get the best photographic experience on one of the most advanced phone cameras.

If you find the iPhone’s fixed lens and lighting limitations restrictive for creative photography, the Lumee case unlocks exciting possibilities. With its integrated lighting, interchangeable lenses, and helpful features, you can elevate every photo and selfie you take to professional quality. Any amateur or pro photographer who wants to push their iPhone shots to the next level would love and get tons of use out of the versatile Lumee studio case.

Flawless Photos Every Time with Pro Studio Lighting

Taking breathtaking photos with your iPhone can be a real challenge. The small sensor and lens make it tough to get that “wow” factor, especially in low light or tricky conditions. But what if you could transform your iPhone into a portable studio with pro lighting built right in? That’s the idea behind Lumee – giving your phone studio-quality lighting for flawless photos anytime, anywhere.

We’ve all tried to get that perfect shot, only to end up with blurry, dark photos with weird shadows. Lumee solves this by integrating professional-grade lighting into an iPhone case, so you can say goodbye to lousy low light photos. Keep reading to learn how Lumee can help you capture eye-popping portraits, food pics, selfies and more.

Never Deal with Harsh Shadows Again

The pop-up flash on iPhones can often create ugly harsh shadows behind your subject and wash people out. Lumee’s adjustable bi-directional LEDs solve this by allowing you to customize the direction and brightness of the light. This eliminates dark shadows and creates a flattering, studio look with just the right fill lighting in any environment.

True Portrait Mode

Get that blurred artistic background just like on a DSLR camera. Lumee’s built-in lighting adds depth for stunning portrait shots with bokeh. The quality of the lighting brings out details and colors that you just can’t achieve with the iPhone’s flash.

Food Pics Worthy of Instagram

Make your brunch and dinner pics pop with mouthwatering colors. Lumee’s lighting lets you highlight textures and colors of food in a way that makes dishes look as appealing as they taste. Your followers will be drooling over your Instagram food photos.

Look Your Best in Any Selfie

Flattering lighting can mean the difference between an awkward selfie and a gorgeously lit portrait. With Lumee, you can find your best angle and lighting to look fantastic in every selfie. No more dim, grainy embarrassment!

Light Painting Creativity

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Get artistic and “paint with light” by doing long exposure shots with Lumee while moving the case around your subject. This fun technique creates stunning light patterns and visual effects with an ethereal, dreamy look.

Enhance Video Chats & Livestreams

Always look your best on Zoom, FaceTime, and Facebook Live with Lumee’s front and rear lighting. Bright, even lighting eliminates unflattering shadows so you look fantastic and professional.

Forget the Flash for Perfect Low Light Photos

Finally take sharp, bright photos at night or in dim restaurants without blinding people or getting grainy results with the built-in flash. Lumee gives you studio quality lighting anywhere to make low light photos look amazing.

Crisp Product Shots on the Go

Capture true-to-life photos of products, crafts, and more with Lumee’s color accurate lighting. Showcase the intricate details of your items with pro-style product photography from your phone.

Boost Colors & Contrast

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Colors will pop and details will be sharper with Lumee’s photography lighting. The adjustable brightness and direction of light enhances contrast and saturation for super vibrant photos.

Get Stunning Macro Shots

Reveal the hidden beauty of flowers, insects, textures and more with the 15x macro lens included with Lumee. Professional lighting coupled with macro magnification means striking photos of tiny details.

While smartphone cameras have come a long way, they still can’t match the photographic control of a DSLR. But add-ons like Lumee provide an affordable way to get pro-quality lighting with the camera already in your pocket. So you can skip the bulky equipment and finally get the dramatic portraits, vibrant colors, and artful shots you want – no editing required.

Never Miss the Perfect Shot with Instant On/Off Light

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to capture that perfect shot, but the lighting just isn’t right. It’s either too dark, too harsh, or creates unwanted shadows. Having the right lighting can make or break a photo, especially in low-light situations like concerts, dinner parties or when you’re outdoors after the sun goes down.

That’s where the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus comes in. This innovative case has built-in LED lights that allow you to instantly add flattering illumination to your photos and videos. With the ability to switch the lights on and off in an instant, you’ll never miss capturing a great shot because of poor lighting conditions.

1. Built-In Bi-Color LED Lights

The Lumee case features not just one, but two built-in LED light panels. One gives off a warm 3000K glow while the other produces a bright 6000K daylight illumination. With the ability to use each light on its own or both together, you can achieve a variety of lighting looks from dramatic shadows to a soft, even fill.

2. Instant On/Off Button

Trying to scramble and turn lights on before the moment passes? With the Lumee case, just hit the button on the back to instantly power the LEDs on or off. No need to fumble with switches or sliders when you need light in a hurry.

3. Adjustable Brightness Settings

Sometimes you only need a little illumination for a soft, flattering look. Other times you want to overpower the sun. The Lumee case allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs up to 100% intensity for full creative control.

4. Rechargeable Battery

You don’t want your lighting gear running out of juice at a crucial moment. The Lumee case has an integrated rechargeable battery that provides up to 60 minutes of light on a single charge. A battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to repower.

5. Lighting Modes for Photos and Video

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

The LED lights were designed specifically to provide flattering illumination for photography. But the Lumee case also has a video lighting mode that avoids any flicker or banding effects while filming. Get great looking shots and videos without worrying about interference from the lights.

6. Attaches Securely to Phone

A lighting case won’t do you any good if it falls off your phone while you’re using it. The Lumee case attaches firmly and securely with a slide on design so you don’t have to worry about any slippage.

7. Full Access to Buttons and Ports

Just because your iPhone 8 Plus is encased doesn’t mean you should lose access to any of its features and functions. The Lumee case provides complete access to all buttons, ports, cameras and mics without interference.

8. Wireless Charging Compatible

For ultimate convenience, the Lumee case won’t get in the way if you want to use wireless charging pads or stands. Just place your iPhone 8 Plus in the case on a Qi compatible wireless charger.

9. Durable yet Slim Profile

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

The Lumee case provides ample protection for your iPhone 8 Plus with its durable yet slim profile. Rubberized sides help absorb shocks while raised edges keep the cameras and screens safe from scratches. And at just over 1/2 inch thick, it won’t overwhelm the phone’s slim dimensions.

10. Designed for Creative Shooting

If you use your iPhone for creative photos and videos, the Lumee case provides an always available lighting solution. Use it to play with dramatic lighting, backlighting, accent lighting and more. With instant on/off and adjustable brightness, you can experiment to your heart’s content until you get the shot exactly how you envisioned it.

Stop struggling with dim lighting and shadows ruining your iPhone photography. With the innovative Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus, you’ll always have the ability to add just the right amount of customizable illumination. Finally get the sharper, brighter, professional looking shots you want with this clever lighting case.

The Lumee case empowers iPhone 8 Plus users to take their mobile photography to the next level. Its slim yet durable design protects your phone while the built-in bi-color LEDs provide fill lighting wherever and whenever you need it. With instant on/off activation and adjustable brightness up to 100%, you can get creative and shoot photos and videos with professional lighting results. Rechargeable battery provides up to 60 minutes of power for capturing all of life’s best moments. If you’re serious about iPhone photography and hate to miss that perfect shot because of poor lighting, the Lumee case is a must have accessory.

Look Like a Pro with Soft, Even Lighting

We all strive to capture stellar shots with our iPhone 8 Plus, but dim lighting can really put a damper on our mobile photography aspirations. Dark restaurants, nighttime scenery, shadowy indoor settings – not exactly prime conditions for Insta-worthy pics. But lugging around cumbersome lighting gear isn’t ideal either. If only there was an easy way to illuminate scenes with a simple tap, no matter where you are.

Well, shoots and ladders, there is! The Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus packs professional-grade lighting right into an ultra-portable case. Just clip it on and you’ve got customizable fill lighting at your fingertips. No more squinting into shadows trying to make out your epic moments. With Lumee, you’ll look like a pro capturing phenomenally lit photos and videos every time.

1. Bi-Color LEDs For Maximum Flexibility

Most built-in phone case lights utilize a single LED color temperature, limiting the lighting looks you can achieve. Not Lumee. It boasts both warm 3000K and cool 6000K LED panels, so you can recreate anything from cozy sunset vibes to bright midday shots. Mix and match to find your perfect lighting balance.

2. Light Up Your Shot With A Tap

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Chasing the kids around the yard at night? Trying to grab a video of your friend’s band mid-song? With Lumee’s instant on/off button, swiftly fire up the LEDs whenever inspiration strikes. No fiddling with dials or sliders required. Just tap and capture away.

3. Dial In Your Ideal Brightness

Sometimes your scene just needs a touch of fill light. Other times, you gotta overpower the sun. Lumee lets you adjust brightness up to 100% intensity, so you’re in total control. Get the exact illumination your shot requires.

4. Stay Powered Up For Over An Hour

Running out of juice mid photo sesh is the worst. Lumee’s integrated battery provides up to 60 minutes of balanced LED lighting per charge. The indicator displays battery level, so you’ll never be left powerless again.

5. Optimized For Photos And Videos

Lumee’s LEDs are specifically calibrated to avoid banding or flickering effects in photos or videos. Its intelligent lighting modes automatically adjust so you get gorgeous, professional results in both mediums.

6. Locked In Place While In Use

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

What good is a lighting case that detaches from your phone right when you need it? Lumee’s secure slide-on design keeps it firmly mounted, so you never have to worry about it slipping off at an inopportune moment.

7. Full Phone Functionality Maintained

Just because your iPhone’s rocking a light-packing case doesn’t mean you should lose access to its great features. Lumee provides total, unimpeded access to all buttons, mics, speakers, cameras and ports.

8. Wireless Charging Friendly

Hate plugging stuff in to recharge? No problem. Lumee won’t interfere with wireless charging pads or stands. Just plop your encased iPhone on any Qi compatible charger.

9. Slim Yet Heavy Duty

Lumee wraps your iPhone 8 Plus in durable, protective materials, with raised edges to protect screens and camera lenses. Yet it retains a slim profile, adding minimal bulk to your phone’s sleek lines.

10. Unlocks Creative Shooting Potential

For iPhoneography aficionados, Lumee unlocks a whole new world of creative lighting possibilities. Use it to play with backlighting, rimlight, fill light and other effects. With instant adjuctability, the possibilities are endless.

If lackluster lighting is the only thing holding your iPhone 8 Plus photos back from spectacular, make Lumee your new best friend. Its pro-level LEDs bathe any scene in flattering illumination with just a tap. Slim, durable and portable, this ingenious case provides awesome lighting wherever inspiration strikes. Say goodbye to the dark side and step into the light with Lumee!

For iPhone 8 Plus owners seeking to elevate their photography, the Lumee case is a game changing accessory. Its integrated bi-color LEDs deliver customizable fill lighting to transform dark, shadowy shots into brightly lit masterpieces. With instant on/off activation and adjustable brightness up to 100%, unleash your creativity and shoot pro-quality photos and videos in any lighting conditions. The slim, protective case won’t cramp your style, and the long-lasting battery ensures you can brighten all your moments. Stop settling for so-so shots and step up your photo skills with the amazing illumination power of Lumee.

Take Studio Lighting Anywhere You Go

As iPhone photographers, we’re always seeking ways to step up our photo game. But it can be tough trying to capture stunning shots when you’re battling crummy lighting situations. Dark restaurants, nighttime scenery, your friends’ dimly lit apartments – not exactly primed for picture-perfect moments.

Lugging around studio lighting gear is one option, but talk about cumbersome. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have pro-level illumination in a slim, portable case? A case you could whip out anytime, anywhere to bathe your scenes in gorgeous light? Well, mobile shooters, dreams do come true – behold the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus!

1. Two LED Colors For Maximum Mixing

Mixing light sources is key for lighting mastery. Lumee gives you options with dual 3000K warm and 6000K daylight LED panels. Blend them together for unified illumination or use each one individually to paint with light.

2. Power Up Instantly With A Tap

When you’ve got to grab a shot on the fly, fumbling with controls is a non-starter. Lumee lights up like magic with its instant on/off button. See a great scene? Just tap and start shooting!

3. Find Your Ideal Brightness Setting

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Sometimes you want gentle fill light, other times you need to overpower the sun. With Lumee’s adjustable brightness up to 100%, bathe any scene in your preferred intensity of awesome light.

4. Stay Juiced For Over An Hour Per Charge

Running out of power halfway through a shoot is straight tragic. Avoid travesty with Lumee’s integrated battery that provides up to 60 minutes of balanced LED illumination on one charge.

5. Dialed-In For Superior Photos And Videos

Lumee calibrates its LEDs specifically for banding and flicker-free photos and videos. The intelligent lighting modes auto adjust so your shots never suffer from harsh side effects.

6. Secured In Place While In Use

Having your lighting rig shake loose mid-shoot? Total nightmare fuel. Not a concern with Lumee’s securely mounted design that holds tight to your iPhone 8 Plus while in use.

7. Full Phone Function Maintained

Just because your iPhone’s encased doesn’t mean you should lose features and functions. Lumee provides complete access to cameras, mics, speakers, buttons, and ports.

8. Works With Wireless Charging

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Hate wires? No worries. Lumee is fully compatible with any Qi wireless charging pads or stands. Just plop it down and power up sans cables.

9. Slim Yet Heavy Duty Protection

Lumee wraps your iPhone in durable materials for ample protection, with raised edges keeping vulnerable screens and lenses from scratches. Yet its slim form preserves your device’s svelte profile.

10. Unlocks Creative Shooting Possibilities

For passionate iPhone shooters, Lumee opens up a whole new world of creative lighting techniques. Move it around to play with shadows, rimlight, backlight, and other pro effects.

If lackluster lighting is the only thing dulling your iPhone 8 Plus shots, let Lumee cast them in a whole new light. Its pro-grade LEDs bathe scenes in customizable illumination, so you can ditch the shadows and start shooting stellar, brightly lit photos and videos anywhere. Small yet mighty, this iPhone case houses studio-level lighting power right at your fingertips!

For mobile creators seeking to level up their photo skills, the Lumee case is a game-changer for iPhone 8 Plus. Its integrated bi-color LED lights transform any location into a professionally lit shoot. With instant on/off access and adjustable brightness up to 100%, unleash your creativity to capture phenomenal photos and videos regardless of the existing light. The durable slim case won’t cramp your style, and the long-lasting battery ensures your light stays powered. Leave lackluster shots behind and step into perfect lighting mastery with Lumee.

Charge Your iPhone While Using Lumee Light

Who doesn’t love taking great photos with their iPhone? With the dual lenses on the iPhone 8 Plus, you can take some truly stunning portraits and landscapes. But we all know that lighting is everything when it comes to photography. Even the best camera can struggle in low light situations. That’s why the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus is such a game-changer. This innovative case not only provides extra illumination for your photos, but also keeps your phone charged while using the light.

The Lumee case has a built-in battery that can add up to 5 hours of additional usage time to your iPhone 8 Plus. So you don’t have to worry about draining your battery while trying to get the perfect shot. The case charges via USB-C, so it’s easy to top up. And it won’t interfere with normal wired charging if you need to juice up both the case and phone.

But the Lumee’s headline feature is definitely the professional-grade LED lighting system. The case has specially designed lenses and reflectors to distribute the light evenly. This prevents harsh shadows or spots. The result is a soft, natural looking illumination. Way better than the poorly diffused light you get from a phone flash. The Lumee case shines up to 3 times brighter than the standard iPhone camera flash.

The Lumee light has 3 levels of brightness, so you can adjust the intensity. There are also specially designed ports that project the light at different angles. This allows you to bounce the light off walls or ceilings for truly professional effects. The case is designed to enhance the existing optical image stabilization in the iPhone 8 Plus dual cameras. So you can get crisp, clear photos even in low light.

10 Awesome Features You’ll Love

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Here are 10 reasons why photographers love the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus:

  1. Perfectly diffused, soft light prevents harsh shadows in portraits.
  2. 3 brightness levels to adjust intensity of illumination.
  3. Angled side ports allow bouncing light for pro lighting effects.
  4. Sleek, lightweight case won’t weigh down your phone.
  5. Extra battery capacity for 5+ hours of additional usage.
  6. Charges phone and case together via USB-C.
  7. Enhances existing optical image stabilization in dual cameras.
  8. Light automatically turns on when you open camera app.
  9. Wireless charging compatible if you remove case.
  10. Available in 3 colors – Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.

The premium quality lighting paired with the extra battery capacity makes the Lumee case a no brainer for iPhone photography enthusiasts. For anyone frustrated trying to get decent low light shots from their smartphone, this case is a game changer. The even, professional grade illumination will give your photos that extra pop.

Portrait photographers will love the soft, flattering light that enhances skin tones. No more squinting subjects suffering from harsh flash. And the ability to bounce and diffuse the light opens up possibilities that simply aren’t available with an iPhone flash. You’ll be able to light up subjects from the side or back for more dramatic effects.

Landscape shooters will appreciate the ability to properly expose night scenes and interiors. The Lumee case provides the illumination you need to capture detail in the shadows and highlights. And you can use the different brightness settings to balance interior and exterior lighting in the same shot.

The boost in battery capacity also means you can leave the lights on longer to truly experiment and dial in your shots. You won’t have to worry about draining your phone battery while finding the perfect angle and intensity. An extra 5 hours of usage time ensures you’ll have enough juice to capture that epic sunset or night sky.

If you love shooting video with your iPhone 8 Plus, the Lumee case is also a must have accessory. The constant, even lighting will take your videography to the next level. Say goodbye to fluctuating exposure and inconsistent color casts as you pan. The Lumee case delivers smooth, professional lighting in any shooting situation.

The bottom line is that the Lumee case can turn your iPhone 8 Plus into a mini portable studio. For anyone passionate about photography, it’s an incredibly versatile tool to have in your kit bag. The combination of pro-level lighting and extended battery in a slim, lightweight package is a winning formula. So start charging up your iPhone 8 Plus photos today with the illuminating power of the Lumee case!

Protect Your iPhone in Style with Sleek Design

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Let’s be honest, iPhones can be slippery little suckers. As beautiful as Apple designs them, it’s all too easy for your phone to slide right out of your hand. A momentary slip is all it takes for catastrophe to strike. We’ve all felt that gut wrenching panic as our precious iPhone heads for the floor. But here’s the good news – you can protect your iPhone in style with a huge range of sleek, stylish cases.

Gone are the days when protective cases had to be bulky and ugly. These days there are slim, lightweight options that add grip and absorb impact while still showing off your phone’s design. From sleek polycarbonate to stylish leather, you can find a case both functional and fashionable.

For a minimalist look that offers superb protection, check out cases from Totallee. At just 0.02 inches thin, these cases are almost undetectable – but still reduce impact by over 6 feet in drop tests. The thin flexible plastic material adds grip while barely adding any bulk. A range of colored bumpers allows you to add a subtle pop of color too. If you want durable protection but hate thick cases, Totallee has you covered.

Leather is a timeless material that looks great on an iPhone. Cases like those offered by Woolnut show leather can be protective as well as stylish. Combining leather with shock-absorbent TPU in a slimline case, Woolnut’s range offers 6 feet of drop protection with classic good looks. The leather ages beautifully over time, gaining character. With options like full-grain leather and stylish wood, Woolnut cases are perfect for the iPhone connoisseur.

For a modern material with old world elegance, check out cases using real carbon fiber. Brands like Carved and Evocel mix carbon fiber with rubber or plastic for super strong, light cases with an eye-catching weave. The iconic carbon patterns add style while the material itself is enormously impact resistant. Scratches and scuffs also blend away instead of showing up clearly. If you want to treat your phone to some high-tech luxury, carbon fiber cases deliver.

But protection doesn’t have to come from fancy materials – clever design offers another route. Cases like the Spigen Tough Armor have air cushion technology and raised edges to protect against drops. Built-in kickstands are great for media viewing. And wallet cases like Silk’s Q Card Case hold your cards and cash while guarding your phone. Impact resistance, convenience and functionality can also look sleek!

So don’t settle for chunky ugly cases to protect your beloved iPhone. Take some time to explore the myriad options for stylish protection. From stunning wood to high-tech carbon fiber, sleek leather to reinforced plastics, there are slim, attractive cases to please any fashion sense and lifestyle. Protect your iPhone with confidence and style.

Here are some key things to look for in a stylish but protective case:

  • Slim, lightweight profile that doesn’t add too much bulk
  • Grippy or textured materials that won’t easily slip from your hand
  • Shock and impact absorbing bumpers at corners
  • Raised edge around screen and camera to protect if face-down
  • Strong, durable materials like leather, carbon fiber or reinforced plastic
  • Precision fit to your specific iPhone model
  • Corners that compress to absorb impact from drops
  • Colors and patterns that express your personal style
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Extra features like card holders or kickstands

With the huge range of stylish, protective cases now available, there’s no excuse to leave your iPhone’s safety to chance. A good case not only guards against accidental drops, but also stops surface scratches and scrapes from ruining your phone’s pristine look. So be sure to dress your iPhone in a classy yet functional case that perfectly balances form and function.

Your iPhone is an investment – both financially and emotionally. Protect it in style with a case that reflects your personal tastes. Whether you prize durability, minimalism or want to make a statement, the options have never been more varied. Precision crafted leather, textured metals, space-age carbon fiber and more await you. Protect your precious technology without sacrificing aesthetics. Pick up a stylish, protective case and breathe easy!

Get Endless Lighting Options with Adjustable Brightness

Great photography is all about light. The quality, direction, and intensity of light makes or breaks an image. But hunting for perfect natural lighting conditions can be frustrating. Enter smartphone light accessories like the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus. With adjustable brightness, the Lumee unlocks endless lighting options for stunning photos.

The Lumee case is a game changer for iPhone photography. Its built-in professional lighting system lets you sculpt beautiful light anywhere. The case has custom designed lenses and reflectors that distribute the LED light evenly. This creates a soft, flattering illumination without harsh shadows. Way better than the blown-out look from a phone flash.

But what really sets the Lumee case apart is the adjustable brightness. Many smartphone light accessories just have a simple on/off. But the Lumee gives you granular control with 3 brightness levels. This lets you dial in the perfect intensity for any situation. Subtly fill in shadows for a natural look. Or blast your subject with bright light for dramatic effects. The creative options are endless.

For portraits, the Lumee case’s lower brightness settings create a soft, even lighting that flatters skin. Crank it up to smoothly illuminate group shots. The middle setting is ideal for context lighting indoor scenes and objects. While maximum brightness will let you overpower sunlight for well-lit outdoor shots. Adjustable brightness gives you lighting flexibility.

The Lumee case shines up to 3 times brighter than the iPhone’s standard flash. So you have plenty of headroom to work with. But it’s not just about raw power. The ability to precisely control the intensity opens up possibilities unique to smartphone photography. You can fine tune the mood and tone of images with light.

Mix the Lumee’s adjustable brightness with its bounce lighting ability for ultimate creative control. The case has angled side ports that let you aim the LEDs at walls or ceilings. This takes lighting to the next level by leveraging reflected light. Bouncing the light softens shadows and creates natural looks.

Pointing the Lumee at the ceiling and using a lower setting creates smooth, even ambient light. While a bright bounced light can overpower harsh sunlight streaming through a window. The options for sculpting light with the Lumee case are limitless.

Being able to precisely adjust brightness gives you lighting flexibility to unlock your creativity. Here are some examples of how adjustable brightness can give you endless lighting options:

  • Lower settings for flattering portrait illumination indoors or at night.
  • Crank it up to properly expose subjects against bright backgrounds.
  • Use the middle setting for contextual fill lighting indoors.
  • Max power to overpower sunlight for well-lit outdoor shots.
  • Mix brightness levels when bouncing light off walls and ceilings.
  • Brighten up shadowy areas while retaining some drama and contrast.
  • Simulate studio lighting looks by precisely controlling intensity.
  • Dial in perfect exposure when mixing flash with ambient light.
  • Set mood by playing with light intensity, color and angle.

The Lumee case’s adjustable brightness gives photographers freedom. You aren’t stuck with a simple on/off flash. The ability to sculpt light by controlling its intensity is huge. No more hoping the existing light looks okay. Make it look the way you want it to!

For casual users, adjustable brightness means great shots in any situation. No more dark, grainy low light images or bleached out subjects. The Lumee case puts quality lighting in your pocket. From dim restaurants to the dance floor, you can adjust brightness to fit the scene.

iPhone videographers will love using the Lumee case to shoot well lit, vibrant videos anywhere. The constant light ensures consistent exposure as you pan and move. No more distracting flicker as lighting conditions change. Just smooth, bright footage. The ability to fine tune the light intensity gives you creative control when filming video.

So take your iPhone 8 Plus photography to the next level with the Lumee case’s incredible adjustable lighting. Dial in the perfect intensity and color to make your images pop. Lighting is everything in photography. With granular control at your fingertips, the creative possibilities are endless. Unlock pro-level shots on your iPhone with the Lumee case!

Illuminate Dark Areas and Eliminate Shadows

Boost Your iPhone 8 Plus Photos with the Lumee Case: 10 Awesome Features You

Let’s face it – the iPhone camera flash leaves much to be desired. That harsh, full-power blast of light creates weird shadows and washes out color. But with the Lumee case for iPhone 8 Plus, you can illuminate dark scenes and eliminate shadows for amazing photos.

The Lumee case has a built-in professional lighting system designed specifically for iPhone photography. It uses precisely shaped reflectors and diffusers to distribute the LED light evenly. This creates a soft, natural looking illumination that brightly lights up dark areas without causing harsh shadows.

The flattering diffusion of light is perfect for portraits. No more raccoon eyes or eerie shadows when photographing people! The Lumee case bathes your subject in smooth, even light that looks great. You can finally get professionally lit shots with your iPhone.

But portraits aren’t the only time shadows are the enemy. Anytime you try to shoot in low light, shadows caused by the iPhone flash ruin the shot. Whether an indoor scene or outdoor landscape, you get unflattering contrast and dark patches.

The Lumee case solves this by brightly yet softly illuminating the entire scene. Its wide, diffused light source eliminates the dark foreground spots and background shadows caused by flash. Areas previously lost to darkness now contain visible detail.

And you aren’t limited to head-on illumination. The Lumee case has angled side ports that let you bounce light off walls, ceilings, or any other surface. Bouncing the light gives you professional quality diffused lighting from the perfect angle.

This let’s you emulate studio lighting techniques like butterfly lighting for portraits. Or brightly yet softly illuminate indoor scenes by bouncing the light off the ceiling. You have total control over the direction and intensity of light.

The ability to illuminate dark spaces and banish unflattering shadows takes your iPhone photography to the next level. Here are some situations where the Lumee case really shines:

  • Portraits with smooth, even lighting and no harsh shadows.
  • Group shots where everyone is clearly and flatteringly lit.
  • Indoor scenes where previously dark foreground areas contain detail.
  • Outdoor shots at night or dusk with natural, bright lighting across the whole scene.
  • Backlit subjects no longer silhouetted against the bright backgound.
  • Landscapes once lost to darkness now visible in detail.
  • Intimate, moody lighting by bouncing a subtle fill light.
  • Brightly lit selfies free of shadows and weird skin tones.

The Lumee case provides pro-level control over lighting. No more settling for flash-induced shadows and darkness. The flattering, bright yet diffused light opens up photographic possibilities. You can literally shed light on previously challenging situations!

Having a high quality light source in your pocket lets you get creative on the go. Take brightly lit macro shots of foods, objects, and details that leap off the screen. Capture stunning portraits on hikes, nights out, or at events. With smooth, bright lighting anywhere, you can photograph any time!

The Lumee case shines up to 3 times brighter than the standard iPhone flash. So feel free to overpower the sun and eliminate those harsh shadows. A bright, soft, full scene illumination brings out the best in any photo. It’s like carrying a portable photography studio!

Dominate the darkness, flatter your subjects, and take your iPhone shots to the next level. Ditch the disappointing built-in flash for the amazing portable lighting system built into the Lumee case. No more shadows – just bright, vivid, pro-quality photography on your iPhone 8 Plus!