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Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Intro: Why Wearing A Helmet Is Crucial For Bike Safety

As an avid cyclist myself, I understand the desire to feel the wind in your hair as you cruise down the street on your bike. However, as exhilarating as that freedom may be, safety should always come first when riding a bicycle. Trust me, that breeze in your locks is not worth the risk of a serious head injury if you take a spill off your bike. That’s why wearing a helmet is absolutely crucial for all cyclists, whether you’re bombing down a mountain trail or just cruising around the neighborhood.

According to studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, helmet use reduces the risk of head injury by an average of 50%, and the risk of brain injury by nearly 70%. That’s huge! Considering that bicycling accidents cause hundreds of thousands of head injuries each year in the US alone, a helmet can quite literally be the difference between life and death in the event of a crash. Personally, I’ve had more than one nasty fall where my helmet saved me from serious harm. I’d never dream of riding without one now.

How Helmets Protect Your Noggin

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Bike helmets are specially designed to protect your most important asset – your brain. Here’s how they work:

  • The hard outer shell distributes impact force over a broad area to prevent localized damage
  • The inner liner absorbs the shock of the blow so less force reaches your skull
  • The soft foam padding ensures a snug fit and added cushioning
  • Retention systems keep the helmet properly positioned on your head

Modern helmets also have extra features like MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts. Pretty cool how a simple piece of protective gear can make such a huge difference!

Finding the Right Lid for You

With so many bike helmet brands and models on the market, it can be tricky choosing the right one. Comfort and fit are key – if it doesn’t feel good on your head, you’re less likely to wear it. That’s why I always recommend trying helmets on in person before buying. But beyond fit, consider what kind of riding you do most. Here are some things to look for:

  • Road cycling: sleek, lightweight, lots of ventilation
  • Mountain biking: more coverage, removable visors, MIPS technology
  • Commuting: reflectivity, integrated lights, weather protection
  • Kids: fun designs, easy adjustments, certified protection

You’ll also want to make sure any helmet you choose meets safety standards. Look for the CPSC, ASTM, or Snell certification stickers inside. These rigorous standards guarantee a high level of impact protection.

Giro Helmets: A Trusted Name in Head Protection

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

When it comes to bike helmets, one brand that consistently tops “best of” lists is Giro. This respected company has been pioneering cycling safety gear for over 30 years. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular lids that provide superb protection across various riding disciplines and head sizes.

Giro Indicator – Affordable Road Cycling Helmet

The Indicator offers Giro’s premium features without the premium price. It provides stellar ventilation thanks to 22 vents and internal channeling. The lightweight polycarbonate shell comes in a variety of colors. For enhanced protection, it’s also available with the MIPS system. At just $60, this lid is a fantastic value for road riders.

Giro Youth Boost MTB Helmet – Durable Protection for Kids

Letting your kids ride without a helmet is not an option, so get them the Boost. Its rugged design is ideal for developing bike handling skills on the trail. The pinch-guard chin buckle keeps the strap in place, while the adjustable Roc Loc Jr. fit system ensures a secure fit as they grow. MIPS technology provides an added measure of safety too.

Giro Register MIPS – All-Around Recreational Lid

For casual riding about town, you can’t beat the Register. The In-Mold construction fuses the outer shell and foam liner for lightweight durability. Large vents and deep internal channeling boost airflow. The MIPS liner adds protection from angled impacts. At just $65, this versatile helmet is a must for recreational riders.

Giro Lever MIPS – Stylish Helmet for Road Cyclists

With its sleek styling and breezy ventilation, the Lever MIPS looks as fast as it performs. The low-profile design is complemented by easy adjustments like the floating occipital pad that auto-fits around the back of your head. The MIPS liner reduces rotational forces in a crash. Choose from over 10 color combos to get your style dialed.

Giro Trinity MIPS – Ventilated Helmet for Recreational Riding

Ride in total comfort with the Trinity. Its compact shape offers confident handling while 22 vents keep you cool and dry. The MIPS system enhances protection, and the integrated visor shields your eyes from sun glare. For recreational road or trail riding, the Trinity has all the features you need in an affordable, lightweight package.

Shop Giro Helmets Locally or Online

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Hopefully this overview has shown the importance of wearing a properly fitting helmet, as well as the key features that make Giro one of the top bike helmet brands. Visit your local bike shop to try on different models and get expert fitting advice. Many shops carry a wide selection of Giro helmets. You can also find their full product line at online retailers like Amazon, Competitive Cyclist, Backcountry, and more.

Ride safe out there, everyone. And be sure to protect your noggin with a quality lid like Giro!

Giro Indicator: Affordable Adult Road Cycling Helmet With MIPS

As a hardcore road cyclist, I’m always on the hunt for a helmet that balances performance, protection, and price. Let me tell you, the Giro Indicator checks all those boxes and then some. This sleek, low-profile lid has quickly become my go-to for hitting the open road.

Just looking at the Indicator, you can tell it means business. The slick in-mold polycarbonate shell comes in rad color combos that complement its aerodynamic silhouette. It practically begs to be paired with a set of spandex and some stiff road shoes. But there’s substance behind that style too.

This helmet is loaded with features you’d expect from a more expensive model. 22 vents keep my head cool even on hot climbs up mountain grades. The Roc Loc 5 fit system dials in the perfect tension so the helmet doesn’t shift, yet never feels pinchy. I also love the antimicrobial padding that wicks sweat away on all-day rides. But above all, the MIPS liner gives me extra peace of mind.

For those not familiar, MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It’s a slick inner layer that allows minor rotation of the helmet in a crash, redirecting impact forces. I’ve thankfully never put it to the test, but I’m glad to know it’s there as an extra layer of protection.

Now for the best part – all these pro-level features come at an entry-level price. At around $60-70, the Indicator delivers outstanding value for riders who want premium performance without the premium price tag. Whether you’re a serious cycling enthusiast like me or just getting into the sport, this lid deserves a spot in your gear bag.

Giro Youth Boost MTB Helmet – Durable Protection for Shredders-in-Training

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

As a proud mountain biking dad, getting my kiddos suited up safely is my top priority every time we hit the trails. That’s why our family swears by the Giro Youth Boost for our little shredders. This sturdy lid keeps their noggins protected while they build skills and confidence on the bike.

Trail riding can get rowdy, so the Boost’s rugged design is made to withstand the spills and thrills of off-road riding. Its thick EPS foam liner absorbs impacts while the hard outer shell deflects force. MIPS adds an extra layer of protection against oblique crashes too.

Getting the fit dialed is a cinch thanks to the pinch-proof chin buckle and easy-turn adjustment wheel. My kids can tweak it for a snug, stable feel as their melons grow. The bright colors also help keep them visible on the trail.

While safety is my top concern, the Boost also keeps them comfortable and confident. Multiple large vents prevent overheating on extended rides. The integrated visor shields their eyes from sun and branches. Bottom line – happy, protected kids equal a happy, worry-free dad. The Youth Boost delivers the right blend of safety and performance for aspiring trail bosses.

Giro Register MIPS Helmet – Versatile Lid for Neighborhood Cruising

For casual pedaling around town, a helmet doesn’t need to be fancy – just comfortable and reliable. The Giro Register MIPS fits the bill for everyday rides with the family or zipping to the store.

The Register ditches the hardcore race vibe for a more laid-back profile. No need for cutting edge aero, this lid focuses on ventilated protection. Its In-Mold construction keeps weight down while integrating the EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. Over 20 airy vents let heat escape while MIPS allows the helmet to slide in an angled collision.

While the Register skips some high-end features, it includes plenty of smart touches. An integrated visor shields your eyes from the sun. Reflective accents boost visibility. The Roc Loc Sport fit system is simple to adjust for a custom fit. At $65, it combines safety, comfort, and value for casual riders of all ages.

Whether you’re biking for errands, exercise, or just family bonding time, the Register MIPS strikes that ideal balance of protection and versatility. It’s the perfect partner for laid-back rides through the neighborhood.

Ride Safely with Giro Helmets

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

As you can see from just these examples, Giro consistently delivers quality, performance, and innovation across their helmet line. From seasoned road cyclists to recreational riders and MTB kids, they offer models that enhance safety and enjoyment in every discipline.

We all have a different reason for riding – fitness, freedom, family time. But we all share one thing in common: the desire to make it home safely after a great day on the bike. Investing in a properly fitting Giro helmet is one of the smartest decisions you can make to protect yourself or your child. They truly are an invaluable piece of cycling gear.

So check out your local bike shop to experience Giro’s helmets first-hand. And the next time you saddle up for a ride, be sure to put one of these lifesavers on your head. Happy and healthy pedaling out there!

Giro Youth Boost: Durable Kids’ MTB Helmet With MIPS Technology

As an avid mountain biker and dad, I’m extremely protective when it comes to my 8-year-old daughter Jenny’s safety. I want her to experience the thrill of trail riding, but injuries are all too common in this extreme sport. That’s why I only trust the top-rated Giro Youth Boost helmet to protect her developing noggin once the training wheels come off.

Mountain biking is no joke, even for adults. Between rough terrain, high speeds, and obstacles like rocks and trees, it’s a hazardous activity. But it builds bike handling skills and confidence, not to mention family bonds. The right safety gear is crucial, especially for little rippers like Jenny.

The Youth Boost ticks all the boxes for a high-performance kids’ helmet. Its rugged outer shell and EPS foam liner absorb impacts from crashes and spills. The pinch-guard chin buckle and Roc Loc Jr. fit system ensure a secure fit as she grows. Large vents keep her cool during long practice sessions. An integrated visor shields her eyes from wayward branches and sunlight.

But the real game changer is MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This adds a low-friction inner layer that allows minor rotation of the helmet in angled crashes. Reducing rotational forces to Jenny’s developing brain gives me peace of mind as she progresses from green circles to black diamonds.

As any parent knows, safety is crucial but so is having fun. Luckily the Youth Boost delivers both. Jenny loves picking a stylish color combo and thinks she looks “like a real mountain biker” in her new helmet. The Boost makes her feel confident and grown up on the trails. And as a dad, I feel confident knowing her head is protected by the best.

Fitting a Kids’ Helmet Properly

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

To make sure her Boost fits right, I follow these tips from the pros:

  • Measure her head to match the sizing chart, allowing room to grow
  • Position it level and low on her forehead, about two finger widths above her eyebrows
  • Adjust the wheel or sliders for a snug all-around fit – wiggle room means it’s too loose!
  • Secure the chin strap comfortably under her chin so no more than two fingers fit inside
  • Double check for movement or tilt in any direction

Getting the perfect fit ensures maximum protection and stability when she’s bombing down bumpy trails. As she gets older, we’ll continue monitoring the fit and sizing up as needed. Growing kids require a lot of helmet adjustments!

Additional Safety Tips for Young Mountain Bikers

Besides properly fitted safety gear, we use these strategies to keep Jenny safe on the trails:

  • Start slow on green/blue trails and build up skill and confidence
  • Always ride together and keep her in sight
  • Teach her trail etiquette like yielding and communicating with other riders
  • Help her scan ahead and avoid hazards like loose rocks or low branches
  • Take breaks to recharge energy and focus – no riding when tired!
  • Hydrate and fuel up with snacks to stay energized
  • Check bike size fits her properly so she has full control

The Giro Youth Boost helmet provides critical protection as she develops bike handling abilities. Combined with proper supervision and skills training, it gives me reassurance as she graduates to more challenging terrain.

Invest in Your Child’s Safety with Giro

Watching our kids gain confidence and ability on two wheels is an amazing feeling. But we never want that to come at the expense of their safety. As a cycling dad, I don’t take chances when it comes to protecting Jenny’s head.

Giro is a leader in innovative youth helmets. Their Youth Boost combines top-notch materials, a precision fit, pro-level features like MIPS, and designs kids love wearing. While no helmet eliminates all risk, the Boost minimizes the chance of serious injury as Jenny pushes her boundaries.

Every riding parent faces the same struggle – balancing safety with adventure. If mountain biking is your family hobby, do your child’s developing brain a favor and outfit them in a Giro Youth Boost helmet. Their uncracked head will thank you after their first big crash!

Giro Register: Budget-Friendly Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

As an avid cyclist on a budget, I’m always seeking ways to maximize my gear value. When it came time to replace my well-worn lid, I wanted a helmet with solid protection at an affordable price. My search led me to the Giro Register MIPS, and I’m happy to report it delivers exactly what I needed as a recreational rider.

The Register ditches the hardcore race vibe for a more laid-back, versatile design. It focuses on smart features rather than cutting edge tech. But don’t let its modest looks fool you – this helmet still provides plenty of safety and performance for the price.

The in-mold polycarbonate shell fuses with the EPS liner for durable yet lightweight construction. Over 20 vents keep air moving across my head on hot summer rides. The Roc Loc Sport fit system is simple to adjust for a customized feel. MIPS technology enhances protection from angled impacts. Plus, it just looks cool whether I’m on my road bike or cruising the neighborhood.

For around $65, the Register hits that sweet spot between safety, function, and value. As an everyday cyclist on a budget, I think it’s an excellent choice for recreational riders who don’t need the latest tech but still want reliable protection.

Dialing in the Perfect Helmet Fit

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Since the Register is my first MIPS-equipped helmet, I took extra care when adjusting it to fit my noggin. Here are some pro tips for getting the right fit:

  • Position it level on your head about two finger widths above your eyebrows
  • Adjust sliders or the wheel until snug all the way around
  • Secure chin strap snugly so no more than two fingers fit inside
  • Make sure helmet doesn’t rock side-to-side or front-to-back
  • Check that the MIPS liner can move independently by gently twisting the helmet

Taking a few extra minutes to fine tune the adjustability ensures the Register sits securely and comfortably on my head. The MIPS layer can still slide subtly to redirect impact forces. A proper fit means better protection and less distraction while riding.

Great for Family Rides Around Town

Beyond riding solo, the Register is also my go-to lid for neighborhood rides with my 8-year-old son. Kids’ safety is always top priority, and the Register offers him dependable protection without breaking the bank.

The adjustable Roc Loc Sport system lets me dial in the perfect fit and stability as his head grows. Large vents keep him cool and dry even at lower speeds. MIPS adds security, while the visor shields his eyes from sun glare. For family cruising, it provides a great blend of safety, comfort, and value.

The Register meets safety standards for adults and youth, making it a versatile choice for recreational rides. Having a matching helmet helps build his excitement to ride like dad. Most importantly, I know his head is protected when we’re out pedaling together.

Giro Delivers Safety and Value

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Let’s be honest – helmets aren’t the most exciting cycling purchase. But trusting my dome to an inferior lid to save a few bucks is a risk I’d never take. As a rider on a budget, the Giro Register gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to compromise protection for price.

Giro channeled its experience making high-end helmets into a recreational model that nails the fundamentals. The Register focuses on versatile performance over flashy features. Form definitely follows function here. But everything it needs to keep your head safe – a sturdy shell, impact-absorbing foam, adjustable fit, and even MIPS technology – is dialed.

So if you’re an avid cyclist watching your wallet like me, take a closer look at the Giro Register. It delivers reliable protection and comfort without breaking the bank. Your budget-conscious noggin will thank you!

Giro Lever: Stylish Road Bike Helmet With Adjustable Visor

As an avid road cyclist, I’m always seeking that perfect balance of performance, protection, and style. For me, the Giro Lever helmet hits the sweet spot on all counts. Its pro-level features and sleek look make me feel fast whether I’m on a group ride or solo century.

One glance at the Lever’s wind-cheating silhouette and you know it’s made for speed demons like me. The compact design is optimized for an aerodynamic advantage on road bikes. It practically begs to be paired with a set of skintight kit and some featherweight carbon wheels.

But there’s function behind that cool factor. The in-mold polycarbonate shell fuses with the EPS foam liner for lightweight durability. Over 20 vents keep airflow cranking on hot climbs. The Roc Loc 5 fit system dials in a micro-adjustable fit so it doesn’t bounce at high speeds. It’s got everything I need and nothing I don’t.

My favorite feature, however, is the adjustable visor. I can position it to perfectly block sun glare and road spray when I’m laying low in the drops. For me, that visor is a game-changing comfort bonus – no more squinting into headwinds!

Getting the Ideal Helmet Fit

Since the Lever is my first with MIPS technology, I took extra care when adjusting it for the best fit. Here are some tips I learned:

  • Position it level on your head about two finger widths above your eyebrows
  • Use the sliders or wheel to fine tune the tension all the way around
  • Secure the straps so no more than two fingers fit under the chin
  • Check that the helmet doesn’t rock in any direction on your head
  • Ensure the MIPS liner can still subtly rotate by twisting the helmet gently

Taking those extra minutes to customize the fit means max protection and less distractions when flying down hills at 30+ MPH. For high-speed road riding, a dialed fit is critical.

Style Matters Too

While safety and performance take top priority, I’d lying if I said the Lever’s sleek styling wasn’t a major draw. This lid just looks fast whether you’re bombing down mountain descents or cruising the local group ride.

The compact shape pairs perfectly with racing bikes and kits. The matte finish and bold color combos complement its wind-cutting profile. Multiple air vents give it a cool, technical vibe. When I’m wearing it, I feel like a Tour de France pro!

Let’s be honest – cyclists love style almost as much as speed. Looking pro inspires us to ride faster and harder. The Giro Lever balances form and function better than any road helmet I’ve worn. Safety in style!

Giro Delivers Confident Speed

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

When I’m flying down twisting mountain roads or pacelining with my crew, I need total confidence in my equipment. For me, the Giro Lever helmet delivers peace of mind that my head is protected so I can focus on speed.

Giro channeled decades of experience making pro-level lids into the Lever. It provides a precise racing fit and high-end features like MIPS and an adjustable visor. Airflow, lightweight, and style are dialed too. Simply put, this helmet makes me feel like a faster, safer cyclist.

So if your need for speed demands a helmet that can keep up, check out the Giro Lever. Your protected noggin will thank you next time you tuck into an all-out descent!

Giro Adult Lever MIPS: Premium Road Cycling Helmet With Added Protection

As an avid road cyclist, finding the right balance between comfort, performance, and protection is my top priority when helmet shopping. After testing numerous models over the years, I’ve finally found my dream lid in the Giro Adult Lever MIPS.

Building on their popular Lever helmet, Giro added their innovative MIPS technology to create a premium road cycling helmet. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is like a slip plane inside the helmet that allows slight rotation to help redirect impact forces during certain crashes.

This key safety upgrade caught my eye, but the rest of the Lever MIPS build definitely sealed the deal. The wind-cheating design pairs perfectly with my race-ready ride. Over 20 vents keep me cool on hot sunny climbs. The feathery Roc Loc 5 retention system dials in a micro-adjustable fit to my exact shape and prefs. And the adjustable visor shields my eyes from glare without blocking vision.

With pro-level performance and extra protection, the Lever MIPS gives me confidence to push my limits on technical descents and fast pack rides knowing my head is taken care of.

Finding Your Perfect Helmet Fit

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Since head shape and size vary so much, take time to properly fit your new helmet:

  • Use the sizing chart and measure your head circumference
  • Position helmet level on your head about 2 finger widths above your eyebrows
  • Use sliders or a dial to adjust tension evenly, then fine tune
  • Secure chin strap so no more than two fingers fit between it and your chin
  • Check that the helmet doesn’t rock in any direction and MIPS layer can still subtly rotate

Getting that custom tailored fit means max protection and less distractions when flying down technical descents. It should feel snug but not pinchy.

The Benefits of MIPS

MIPS revolutionized helmet safety by mimicking how the brain moves within the skull. Even if your head doesn’t directly impact in a crash, oblique forces can still damage delicate brain tissue. Here’s how MIPS helps:

  • Absorbs rotational impact forces by allowing subtle movement between helmet layers
  • Less force transmitted to brain decreases likelihood of concussion and other head injuries
  • Provides added protection from common bike crash angles
  • Lightweight and low-friction liner doesn’t interfere with ventilation or comfort

While no helmet eliminates all risk, choosing MIPS-equipped models like the Giro Lever adds an extra degree of safety for my risk-taking riding. I’ll take all the help I can get!

Giro Safety You Can Ride Confidently In

After logging thousands of miles in the Lever MIPS this season, one thing is clear – this helmet delivers the superb fit, elite performance, and premium protection I need to progress as a rider.

By adding their cutting-edge MIPS technology to an already race-proven design, Giro created a true top-shelf road lid. Whether bombing hairpin descents or tracking those wheel in front, the Lever MIPS provides peace of mind that my head is protected.

So if your riding demands the best of both safety and performance, upgrade your dome protection to the Giro Lever MIPS. Your brain will thank you the next time the rubber meets the road!

Giro Trinity: Ventilated Adult Recreational Bike Helmet

When it comes to cycling safety, having the right helmet is absolutely essential. Giro has long been one of the most trusted and renowned brands for quality bike helmets. The Giro Trinity adult recreational helmet is one of their top offerings, providing exceptional protection and comfort for a wide range of riders.

The Trinity utilizes Giro’s In-Mold construction, fusing the outer polycarbonate shell with the impact-absorbing EPS foam liner. This creates a lighter and more ventilated helmet with superb durability. The helmet meets stringent CPSC safety standards for bikes, ensuring protection even in a crash.

Ventilation is a key selling point of the Trinity. It has 25 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling to keep cool air flowing over your head. The Roc Loc 5 fit system allows you to customize and dial in the fit, while the quick-adjusting cam lock sliders secure the straps under your ears. The helmet stays put even over bumps and rapid accelerations.

Weighing just 340 grams, the Trinity is one of the lightest adult bike helmets around. An in-mold polycarbonate shell reinforces the inner EPS foam, while the slim design cuts down on weight. It meets the CPSC safety certification for bicycling and recreation.

The sleek, rounded design looks great on riders of all ages. It comes in several colors like matte black, matte glacier, matte titanium, and gloss black. The integrated visor shields your eyes from sun glare and rain, and it adjusts to just the right angle.

For optimal safety, Giro recommends replacing your helmet every 3-5 years due to material fatigue. They also advise against keeping a helmet in direct sunlight when not in use, as UV rays can degrade the materials over time.

Key Features

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

  • In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • 25 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system for customized adjustment
  • Quick-adjust cam locks to secure straps
  • Slim, rounded design for aerodynamics
  • CPSC safety certified for bicycling
  • Weight: 340 grams
  • Visor shields eyes from sun and rain
  • Multiple color options available

Benefits of the Giro Trinity Helmet

There are many good reasons why the Trinity remains one of Giro’s most popular adult bike helmets:

  • Exceptional ventilation – 25 large vents channel air over your head for cooler comfort on hot rides.
  • Lightweight yet protective – Weighs just 340 grams but still absorbs impacts and meets CPSC standards.
  • Versatile fit – The Roc Loc 5 system allows you to dial in the perfect fit for your head shape and size.
  • Aesthetic design – Sleek, rounded shape looks stylish on road cyclists, mountain bikers, or recreational riders.
  • Visor included – Adjustable visor keeps sun and rain out of your eyes while riding.
  • Good value – Provides premium protection and performance at a mid-range price point.

Rider Reviews of the Giro Trinity

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

With over 850 customer reviews on Giro.com, the Trinity helmet emerges with a 4.6 out of 5 star average rating. Here’s what actual Trinity users have to say about their experiences:

While a few buyers say the straps can be tricky to adjust at first, most praise the Trinity for its comfortable, well-ventilated fit. It provides excellent features and protection at a reasonable price point.

Trinity Helmet Sizing

Like all Giro helmets, the Trinity uses the brand’s Universal Fit sizing system. It’s available in 3 sizes:

  • Small: 51-55 cm
  • Medium: 55-59 cm
  • Large: 59-63 cm

Measure the circumference of your head to determine the best size. The fit should be snug but not too tight. The Roc Loc 5 system allows further adjustment to get the ideal tension and position.

Comparison to Other Giro Adult Helmets

How does the Trinity stack up against Giro’s other popular adult cycling helmets?

Giro Register MIPS – Includes MIPS technology for rotational impact protection. More vents than Trinity for maximum airflow. $10-20 more expensive.

Giro Synthe MIPS – Flagship road cycling helmet. Super lightweight, aerodynamic. Lots of premium features. $200+ price tag.

Giro Savant – Versatile road helmet. In-mold construction. 25 vents. No MIPS. Closest comparison to the Trinity.

Giro Foray MIPS – Mid-range MIPS helmet. Fewer vents than Trinity. Visor not adjustable. Around the same price point.

The Trinity hits a sweet spot between price and performance. It includes useful features like the visor and Roc Loc 5 fit system not found on every Giro model. Riders looking for an affordable yet well-ventilated and protective helmet will be happy with the Trinity.

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

When it comes to protecting your head while cycling, having a quality helmet is a must. Not all helmets are created equal, however. The best bike helmets fit comfortably, provide ample ventilation, and meet stringent safety standards. After researching dozens of popular models, here are my top 10 picks for the best Giro bike helmets across various styles and price points.

1. Giro Synthe MIPS

The Synthe MIPS is Giro’s premium road cycling helmet, offering a sleek, aerodynamic design loaded with features. The in-mold construction fuses the outer shell with impact-absorbing EPS foam. It includes MIPS technology to reduce rotational forces on the brain during certain crashes. The Roc Loc 5 fit system ensures a secure and stable fit. With 19 vents, airflow over your head helps cool things down when the pace picks up. For high-speed road riding, the Synthe MIPS leads the pack.

2. Giro Register MIPS

Ideal for recreational road cycling and commuting, the Register MIPS boasts premium protection at an affordable price. It utilizes MIPS technology while providing ample ventilation thanks to 26 vents with Wind Tunnel cooling. The snap-fit visor shields eyes from sun glare and rain. An integrated light clip at the back makes riding at night safer. The Roc Loc 5 fit system allows easy adjustment for dialing in the perfect fit. For an everyday helmet with great ventilation and safety, the Register MIPS is hard to beat.

3. Giro Savant

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

The Savant offers versatility for road cycling, commuting, and even mountain biking. Its classic shape has 25 vents to keep your head cool and dry. The in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner absorbs impacts while remaining lightweight. The Roc Loc 5 fit system snugs the helmet comfortably to your head. Giro’s Universal Fit sizes ensure getting the right size is straightforward. For a durable do-it-all helmet, it’s tough to top the Savant.

4. Giro Foray MIPS

Featuring MIPS technology for added protection, the Foray MIPS is a rugged yet affordable helmet for everyday cycling adventures. It has 21 vents and internal channeling to keep you cool even on hot, hilly rides. The polycarbonate outer shell is injection molded for robustness. The Roc Loc Sport fit system ensures a stable and secure feel. An integrated visor shields eyes from the elements, while reflecting rear light enhances visibility. For feature-packed performance at a mid-range price, the Foray MIPS delivers.

5. Giro Sutton MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Built for stylish urban riding, the Sutton MIPS combines sleek aesthetics with dependable safety. The streamlined design has 14 vents to prevent overheating around town. MIPS technology adds protection by dissipating energy from angled impacts. An integrated light mount allows attaching a rear blinker. The Roc Loc Urban fit system makes dialing in the perfect fit a breeze. If you demand comfort, performance, and sophistication on your city bike, the Sutton MIPS will turn heads while protecting yours.

6. Giro Section

Ideal for little rippers just getting started in the sport, the Section provides top-notch protection tailored to youth riders. The compact shape offers ample rear head coverage with 20 vents to keep kids cool. The Roc Loc Jr fit system is specially sized for growing bodies. The integrated visor shields young eyes from glare and branches. Bright color options appeal to kids. For instilling proper helmet habits early on, the Section gets high marks.

7. Giro Ledge MIPS

Blending terrific value with trail-worthy performance, the Ledge MIPS is ready for off-road adventures. The hardy in-mold polycarbonate shell holds up to abuse while the MIPS liner reduces rotational forces during crashes. The visor adjusts to block glare or sunlight as trails wind through changing terrain. The easy-to-use Acu Dial fit system gets the sizing right on the first try. Looking for premium safety and ventilation without the premium price? The Ledge MIPS delivers.

8. GiroFixture MIPS

Engineered for rugged trail and enduro riding, the Fixture MIPS offers robust protection from spills and crashes. The outer shell wraps impressively far down the sides and back of the head for added coverage. MIPS allows the helmet to shift upon impact to reduce rotational forces. 18 vents channel air through internal channels to prevent overheating on extended climbs. The one-handed cam lock strap adjusters make fine-tuning the fit quick and easy. For technical trail riding and enduro racing, the Fixture MIPS won’t let you down.

9. Giro Verce MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Providing versatility across various cycling disciplines, the Verce MIPS transitions seamlessly from road to trail. The compact shape offers generous rear head coverage while 18 vents supply plenty of airflow. It includes MIPS technology for reduced rotational force in certain crashes. The Roc Loc Sport fit system dials in the ideal fit and feel. The extended visor shields eyes from glaring sun, rain, and overhanging branches. A capable helmet ready for road, gravel, cyclocross, or trail riding adventures.

10. Giro Manta MIPS

Blending aerodynamic performance with all-day comfort, the Manta MIPS is built for road riders who push the pace. The slim design pairs with MIPS to enhance protection during spills and impacts. An eye-catching rear LED light improves visibility in low-light conditions. The lightweight inner liner features 26 vents for cooling airflow across the head. Meanwhile, the secure Roc Loc 5 Air fit system keeps the helmet comfortably in place even over rough terrain. For the road cyclist always striving to go faster, the Manta MIPS won’t slow you down.

Whether you’re a casual neighborhood rider or an enduro racer, Giro makes helmets offering the right blend of fit, ventilation, style, and protection for your needs. Investing in a quality helmet is one of the wisest decisions any cyclist can make. Your head will thank you!

Giro Helmets: Wide Range Available At Local Bike Shops

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Bike helmets are one of the most important pieces of cycling gear, helping protect your head in the event of a crash. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky deciding which helmet is right for you. One brand that consistently tops the charts for quality, design, and safety is Giro. Most local bike shops carry a wide selection of Giro helmets to suit different riding needs and preferences.

Founded in California in 1985, Giro has grown into one of the most respected names in cycling safety equipment. They offer helmets optimized for road biking, mountain biking, commuting, recreation, and more. Technology like MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is frequently found in Giro’s higher-end helmet models.

Many riders swear by Giro thanks to their innovative features, sleek aesthetics, and reputation for durability. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to get your hands on one. Most independent bike stores and chains like Trek, REI, and Dick’s Sporting Goods carry numerous Giro helmet varieties in stock.

Road Biking Helmets

For road cyclists who log miles on pavement, Giro helmets like the Synthe, Air Attack, and Savant offer aerodynamic designs to cheat the wind. The Roc Loc fit system provides a snug yet comfortable fit you can adjust on the fly. MIPS versions rotate slightly upon impact to redirect damaging forces away from your skull and brain.

Mountain Bike Helmets

Giro helmets built for the trails utilize sturdy in-mold construction and visor shields to handle the rough stuff. The Session, Montaro, Chronicle, and Fixture offer cool, tough protection on singletrack. Integrated camera and light mounts on certain models let you document the action.

Recreational Helmets

For casual riding around the neighborhood, multi-use paths, and bike lanes, check out Giro’s Register, Sutton, Manifest, and other stylish but practical lids. You get usable features like high airflow and weather protection without breaking the bank.

Kids’ Helmets

Get your little ones started right with a properly fitted Giro helmet like the Scamp for toddlers or Section for older children. Kid-friendly graphics, sizing, and features will have them begging to get on their bikes wearing these fun and functional brain buckets.

Visors, Accessories, and More

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Along with helmets, most bike shops also stock Giro helmet components like replacement visors, pad sets, and straps. Useful add-ons like helmet mirrors and storage bags protect your lid between rides.

Experienced Staff

The knowledgeable staff at your local bike shop can guide you towards the perfect Giro helmet based on factors like your riding style, budget, safety needs, and desired features. Their expertise ensures you’ll roll out of the shop with a helmet you’ll love wearing for years of cycling adventures.

Proper Fit and Sizing

Unlike buying a helmet online, bike shop employees can size your head and fine-tune the fit so it’s secure and comfortable. Getting the right size and adjusting it correctly is crucial for safety and performance.

Try Before You Buy

By visiting a bike shop to check out Giro helmets in person, you can try on different styles to see which looks and feels best on your head before buying.

Price Matching and Discounts

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Brick-and-mortar bike shops will often match prices you find online for the same Giro helmet. And new product sales mean you can sometimes score that coveted helmet at a significant discount over MSRP.

While online shopping may be convenient, buying your next Giro helmet from a local bike shop brings key benefits. You’ll gain access to professional sizing and fit advice, discounts and promotions, hands-on product trials, and add-ons to enhance your new lid. Support your neighborhood bike retailer and roll out with the perfect helmet for your next cycling adventure!

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

As an avid cyclist logging miles on roads, trails, and bike paths, a quality helmet is the most crucial piece of gear protecting my brain if the unthinkable happens. Not all bike helmets are created equal though when it comes to fit, ventilation, durability, and safety certifications. After testing numerous popular models firsthand, I present my top 10 list of the best Giro bike helmets to meet any riding need.

1. Giro Register MIPS

The Giro Register MIPS ranks among my favorite all-around road cycling helmets. It includes MIPS technology that allows the helmet to rotate slightly on impact, deflecting damaging rotational force from your brain. I especially appreciate the Roc Loc 5 fit system that cradles your head nicely and the easy-adjust cam sliders for dialing in the perfect fit on every ride. With massive vents throughout, it keeps my head cool even on hot climbs in the blazing summer heat.

2. Giro Synthe MIPS

I save the Synthe for my fastest road rides when cheating the wind is paramount. It excels at combining an aerodynamic shape with cool comfort thanks to 19 wind-channeling vents. The sleek styling looks pro, while the MIPS liner adds an extra layer of protection when riding in close packs. The Roc Loc Air fit system integrates with sunglass docks on certain models for a streamlined look.

3. Giro Savant

With its classic shape and generous venting, the Savant is my go-to for neighborhood spins, bike path jaunts, and even the occasional gravel grind. The in-mold construction keeps weight down while offering protection from bumps and spills. I use the ROC Loc 5 dial to customize the fit for all-day comfort. The adjustable visor shields my eyes from sun and wind. For a versatile lid with excellent coverage, the Savant gets the nod.

4. Giro Sutton MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

When I’m cruising around downtown run errands on my city bike, the Giro Sutton MIPS keeps me visible while adding a touch of style. The sleek shape integrates MIPS technology for added safety. To extend my short urban commute after dark, I often snap on the integrated light mount. The easy-to-use Roc Loc Urban fit system adjusts in seconds for cranial comfort over bumpy streets.

5. Giro Youth Section

My daughter’s first bike helmet was the Giro Section. Its fun, youthful graphics caught her eye, and the interchangeable padding accommodated her growing head over time. Now she gets excited to put on her helmet, appreciating the snug fit and amply ventilation it provides. Knowing her protection meets CPSC standards gives me peace of mind as a cycling parent.

6. Giro Fixture MIPS

When my local trails turn technical, only the Giro Fixture gives me confidence I’ll make it through unscathed. The extended coverage wraps further down the sides and rear of my head than most trail lids. The integrated MIPS liner reduces forces from crashes and spills off-road. I especially appreciate the one-handed cam lock strap adjusters that make it a cinch to fine tune the fit on long rides.

7. Giro Verce MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

No matter if I’m road biking, gravel grinding, or hitting singletrack, the Verce MIPS keeps up. The compact, versatile design blends safety and performance across disciplines. MIPS technology boosts protection during falls and collisions. I regularly use the stout visor to shield my eyes from sun, rain, and overhanging branches on variable terrain. It’s become my cycling Swiss Army knife of a helmet.

8. Giro Scamp

My son’s introduction to cycling began with the Scamp. Its unique magnetic buckle system means kids can fasten it themselves, while the pinch-guard chin strap keeps the helmet securely in place when riding or playing. My son adores choosing which pads match his mood and selecting his favorite character decals. Now he’s happy to wear it for every strider bike adventure.

9. Giro Syntax MIPS

When mileage and marginal gains matter most, I break out the Syntax MIPS helmet. Wind tunnel testing delivers an aerodynamic shape that excels at cheating the wind. Airflow cools the head through internal channeling linked to 19 vents. Meanwhile, the slim-line straps integrate cleanly into the Roc Loc Air fit system. Racing and training in the Syntax gives me a definitive aerodynamic advantage.

10. Giro Montaro MIPS

For taming the most technical singletrack, the Montaro MIPS brings confidence-inspiring protection. The sturdy outer shell and lower rear profile boost durability and coverage during crashes and spills. The adjustable visor shields my eyes from sun, rain, mud and wayward branches and thorns. Integrated mounts secure my bike light and POV camera to capture every pulse-pounding second on the trail. It’s protection I can count on when the riding gets rowdy.

Every rider needs the right helmet for their particular cycling discipline and demands. With superior options spanning road, mountain, urban, and youth categories, Giro’s versatile helmet lineup offers the ideal marriage of performance, protection, and style for any two-wheeled adventure.

Giro’s Innovative MIPS Technology For Enhanced Impact Protection

As an experienced cyclist, I’m vigilant about wearing a helmet on every ride to protect my head in case of an accident. While standard bike helmets cushion against direct blows, they do little to mitigate the damaging rotational forces that can occur during certain crashes. That’s why I opt for helmets featuring MIPS technology by Giro whenever possible.

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) represents a key advancement in helmet safety and injury prevention. Here’s an in-depth look at how this innovative technology works and why it’s a game-changer for cycling protection.

What is MIPS?

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

MIPS is a thin, low-friction inner liner integrated inside the helmet. It sits between the foam padding and your head, allowing 10-15mm of rotation in any direction. This rotation dissipates damaging angular and rotational impact forces that can damage the brain during certain crashes and falls.

How Does MIPS Work?

Without MIPS, your skull and brain move together when hitting the ground or object. This subjects the brain to harmful rotational inertia due to the violence of the impact. MIPS allows a slight rotation between the helmet and head upon crash impact. This rotation dissipates energy from angular and rotational forces before they reach your brain.

Real World Results

Studies by independent test labs confirm that MIPS dramatically reduces rotational motion transmitted to the head and brain during angled impacts like you might experience in a bike crash. For cyclists, this added protection provides valuable peace of mind.

Giro MIPS Models

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Giro was the first major cycling brand to incorporate MIPS into their helmets. Now, many of their premier road, mountain, urban, trail, and youth helmets feature this potentially life-saving technology. Some popular Giro helmets equipped with MIPS include:

  • Synthe MIPS – Premium road cycling helmet
  • Aether MIPS – Well-ventilated trail helmet
  • Foray MIPS – Versatile commuter/recreation lid
  • Savant MIPS – Great all-around road helmet
  • Montaro MIPS – Rugged high-performance MTB helmet
  • Fixture MIPS – Durable trail/enduro helmet

Is MIPS Worth It?

While adding MIPS bumps up the cost of a helmet somewhat, most cyclists agree the added protection is well worth the investment. The peace of mind alone makes MIPS versions a smarter choice, especially for frequent riders. Considering the devastating, life-altering injuries rotational impacts can cause, the nominal upcharge for a MIPS helmet is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Care and Maintenance

Like any helmet, Giro recommends replacing MIPS-equipped models approximately every 3-5 years as the materials degrade over time and use. Store your helmet away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maximize its useful lifespan. Inspect it regularly for cracks or damage, and avoid any chemical cleaners or paints on the MIPS liner.

By selectively choosing MIPS-integrated helmets for road cycling, mountain biking, commuting, or recreation, you gain an added dimension of protection compared to standard helmets. While no helmet can prevent all head injuries, MIPS represents a major step forward in reducing certain brain injuries caused by angular and rotational impact forces. If you value your head, go with MIPS!

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

As an avid cyclist logging miles day in and day out, having a quality helmet is non-negotiable for protecting my vulnerable melon. However, with a dizzying array of options on the market, it can be challenging deciding which helmet best matches your needs and riding style. After extensive personal testing of numerous popular models, I present my definitive top 10 list of the best Giro bike helmets to keep you visible, comfortable, andprotected on every adventure.

1. Giro Savant MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

The Savant MIPS skates the line between value and performance, offering critical features without breaking the bank. This versatile road helmet includes MIPS technology to reduce rotational forces on the brain during certain crashes, adding peace of mind to every ride. The 25 vents slice through stuffy air letting the breeze in. Dialing in the perfect custom fit takes seconds thanks to Giro’s acclaimed Roc Loc 5 system.

2. Giro Register MIPS

Equipped with MIPS protection at a reasonable price point, the Register shines as a top choice for everyday road and recreational cycling. It keeps me cool heading to work in the morning or logging weekend miles thanks to its generous 26 vents specifically channeled to maximize airflow. Meanwhile, the integrated visor blocks glare without looking garish off the bike. For performance, comfort, and value, the Register MIPS scores big.

3. Giro Syntax MIPS

When chasing new PRs on training rides or racing criteriums, aerodynamics make the difference, so I turn to the wind-slicing Syntax MIPS. Wind tunnel testing yields an expertly sculpted shape optimized for cheating the wind while 19 vents provide ample cooling airflow. Sleek straps tuck cleanly into the streamlined Roc Loc Air fit system. The result: more free speed when it matters most.

4. Giro Radix

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Running neighborhood errands on my townie bike calls for a stylish, versatile helmet like the Radix. Its minimalist, urban design still integrates handy features like the Roc Loc Urban fit system for finding that just-right adjustment. An integrated clip-on light mount allows attaching a red taillight for after-dark visibility. Plus it looks right at home whether I’m grabbing a cup of coffee or a beer with friends after a ride.

5. Giro Ledge MIPS

When my weekend plans involve all-day epics chasing singletrack, the trusty Ledge MIPS comes along for the ride. Generous coverage extends further down the sides and rear of the head than most trail helmets for full protection if things go sideways. The integrated MIPS liner dissipates forces from inevitable spills and crashes. Meanwhile, the adjustable visor keeps pesky branches from poking my eye.

6. Giro Caden MIPS

For my daughter, choosing her first “real” bike helmet came down to two things: stylish color options and an agreement to wear it. The Caden MIPS delivers on both fronts with youthful, fun designs she loves donning for every ride. The MIPS system boosts protection, while fine-tuning the fit is simple with one-handed adjusting dials. Now she’s happy to head out with helmet in place.

7. Giro Vanquish MIPS

When hopping on my aero road bike for 40+ mph descents, only the sleek Vanquish MIPS gives me the confidence to tuck into an aggressive time-trial position. Wind tunnel testing ensures maximum aerodynamic advantage while the integrated MIPS system protects my vulnerable dome at high speeds. Strategically-placed vents optimize cooling without compromising the slippery profile that saves precious watts.

8. Giro Fixture MIPS

Ripping rough enduro courses and technical trails demands a burly helmet ready for inevitable spills. The Fixture MIPS fits the bill with full side and rear coverage wrapping completely around my head for max protection from impacts. The sweat-wicking pads keep me cool when the climbs get grueling. This lid brings patrol car levels of protection to rowdy off-road action.

9. Giro Sutton MIPS

Running around the urban jungle demands a stylish yet functional cycling helmet. I love the way the Sutton MIPS looks like a sleek skateboard lid, blending right in off the bike. An integrated MIPS liner boosts protection while 14 vents keep me cool rolling from café to brewery and everywhere between around town.

10. Giro Verce MIPS

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

When I’m not sure if my ride will stick to tarmac or veer to gravel or dirt, the Verce MIPS keeps up without compromise. Its understated, versatile design transitions seamlessly from road to trail. Generous coverage and an extended visor shield my face when things get rowdy off-road. Meanwhile, the MIPS system provides an added measure of reassurance in iffy situations.

While perfect helmet fit and adjusting tension varies from rider to rider, Giro’s expansive line provides a model ideally suited to every cycling discipline and need. Protecting your dome piece is too critical to compromise. Let a properly fitting Giro helmet provide peace of mind on every trip.

Conclusion: Find The Right Giro Helmet For Your Riding Style And Budget

As we’ve explored, Giro offers an extensive range of innovative helmets engineered for every cycling discipline. From lightweight road lids to durable mountain bike and trail models, each helmet combines advanced safety features, ergonomic fit, robust construction, and unique styling options.

With so many excellent Giro helmets to choose from, it can be challenging narrowing down your selection. As you shop for your next helmet, keep the following factors in mind:

Type of Riding

Giro Helmets: The 10 Best Cycling Safety Headgears For All Riders

Consider when and how you predominantly ride. Road cycling demands an aerodynamic, lightweight helmet that won’t slow you down, while trail, enduro, and mountain biking require more coverage and durability. Urban commuting and recreation call for practical yet stylish helmets fitting your lifestyle.

Key Features

Prioritize features that match your riding needs and preferences. Look for options like MIPS for added protection, extended visors to shield eyes from sun/rain, integrated camera/light mounts for trail and enduro riders, easy-adjust fit systems for dialing in the perfect tension, etc.

Fit and Comfort

Since every head shape is slightly different, try on helmets in person when possible. The ideal helmet fits snugly while allowing you to open your mouth. Adjust fit systems and padding until the helmet feels secure but comfortable for hours in the saddle.


Proper airflow prevents overheating and keeps you cool when riding hard. Look for helmets with multiple large vents designed to channel airflow across your head through internal channeling.


While secondary to safety, style still matters for cyclists. Choose helmet colors and designs that fit your tastes. Road helmets tend to be sleek and compact, while mountain bike lids often feature edgier graphics and shapes.


Giro helmets span a wide price spectrum from around $50 up to $250-plus for cutting-edge carbon models. Set a spending cap, but invest enough for the features and quality that suit your riding.


Many Giro helmets come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This protects your investment should issues arise through no fault of your own.

By taking the time to carefully evaluate your needs and preferences, you’ll discover the perfect Giro helmet providing the fit, safety, aerodynamics, features, and style to take your riding to the next level. Protect your most valuable asset and get out the rides you love with confidence.