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Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Introduction to Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs

As a parent, you know how quickly baby can make a mess during mealtimes. Food and drink splatters are inevitable with new eaters. While cute, no one wants to be changing baby’s outfit after every feeding. This is where waterproof bibs can be a lifesaver!

Green Sprouts offers a popular line of stay-dry bibs designed to keep your little one’s clothing protected. With a waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner layer, these bibs help contain messes. How well do they work? Let’s take a closer look at the key features and benefits of Green Sprouts waterproof bibs.

The Outer Layer Repels Liquids for Stay-Dry Protection

The defining feature of Green Sprouts bibs is the waterproof outer layer. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic, it provides a barrier that liquids cannot penetrate. Food, formula, and drink splashes will bead right off the surface instead of soaking through to baby’s clothes. Pretty neat, right?

This outer layer is also designed to be soft and flexible. It’s not a crinkly tarp-like material that will be noisy and irritating against delicate skin. The bibs move with your child for unrestricted motion. And unlike actual plastic, they are breathable so sweat and drool aren’t trapped next to baby’s chest.

Inner Layers Quickly Absorb Any Moisture

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

While the outer layer blocks moisture, the inner layers work to soak it up. The bibs have an internal microfiber lining that rapidly wicks moisture away from the skin if any leaks through the barrier. This helps keep your little one comfortable and dry.

There is also an intermediate layer of absorbent organic cotton to provide extra absorption. The cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you can feel good about it being next to baby’s skin.

Adjustable Neck Opening for a Comfortable Fit

To keep messy eaters of all sizes covered, Green Sprouts bibs feature an adjustable neck opening. The hook and loop closure allows you to create a snug yet comfortable fit around your child’s neck. As they grow bigger, you can let out the straps a bit to accommodate.

The neck opening is also designed to lay flat and wide over the chest for maximum coverage. Babies are known for unpredictable head turns that can send food flying. The shape and flexibility helps deflect wayward splatters.

Convenient Stay-Put Design

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Trying to wrestle a bib onto a busy baby already mid-meal can be challenging. Parents will appreciate the snap closures at the base of Green Sprouts bibs. You can securely fasten the lower ends around your child so the bib stays neatly in place.

This also allows you to pre-fasten the bib before placing it over your little one’s head. No need to juggle holding baby and doing up snaps. Just undo to slip it on and off for feedings.

Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

Given their purpose, bibs tend to get dirty! Fortunately, Green Sprouts bibs are machine washable and dryer safe. Just toss them in with baby’s other laundries. The materials are durable enough for repeated cleaning cycles.

No special care or handwashing is required. Being able to conveniently throw them in the wash helps make your day easier. The plastic outer layer is stain resistant as well for added convenience.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

With baby items, safety is a top priority for parents. You’ll be glad to know Green Sprouts bibs are free from BPAs, phthalates, latex, lead, and other concerning chemicals. They meet US safety standards for children’s products.

The dyes used on the printed designs are also low-impact and environmentally friendly. You can have peace of mind knowing baby is protected from exposure to harmful substances.

Fun & Stylish Prints

Who says function can’t also be fashionable? Green Sprouts bibs come in a wide selection of cute prints and colors. Both gender neutral and boy/girl specific designs are available.

Patterns include whimsical animals, sweet nature themes, transportation motifs, and more. Finding a style you love will be easy. They’ll make mealtimes even more enjoyable for baby!

Comparable Prices

For all their great features, Green Sprouts bibs are competitively priced. 2-packs retail for $14.95 direct from the company’s website. This puts them right in line with other popular baby bib brands.

Given their durability and effectiveness, Green Sprouts bibs provide good value for money. They also make great baby shower gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

A Smart Investment for Messy Meals

When starting solids, protecting baby’s clothing is essential. Green Sprouts stay-dry bibs can save you time and hassle. The waterproof barrier keeps spills contained while the inner layers keep skin dry.

Thoughtful design features like the adjustable neck and snaps ensure maximum coverage. And parents will love that they just toss in the wash after use!

If “uh oh” moments are dampening your feeding times, Green Sprouts bibs deserve a spot at your table. They’ll help make mealtimes less messy and more enjoyable for both you and baby!

Waterproof Outer Layer Repels Liquids

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

When it comes to keeping your baby’s clothes stain-free during messy mealtimes, the waterproof outer layer of Green Sprouts bibs is a game changer. This innovative barrier is designed to literally repel liquids away from the surface, preventing splatters and spills from soaking through to your little one’s outfit.

Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free plastic, the outer layer acts like a force field against liquids. Milk, formula, purées, juice – you name it. When errant drips and splashes make contact, they miraculously bead right up and roll off instead of being absorbed. It’s some pretty neat bib technology!

Now you may be envisioning a loud, crinkly raincoat-type material. But the Green Sprouts outer layer is made to be soft, flexible, and comfortable against delicate skin. It moves with your fidgety eater, unlike stiff vinyl bibs that restrict motion. And it’s even breathable, so saliva and sweat aren’t trapped next to your baby’s chest.

The result is superior stain protection without sacrificing comfort. No more anxiously watching each spoonful as you brace for impact. Liquids are effortlessly repelled away from clothing before they even have a chance to soak in. Mealtimes just got a whole lot less stressful!

Having a water-resistant barrier also provides some wiggle room when it comes to immediately wiping up spills. You don’t have to pounce the second yogurt drips down their chin. The outer layer will keep drips contained while you grab a napkin, so clothes remain immaculate.

With the Green Sprouts outer layer in place, your baby’s shirts will look as polished after eating as they did pre-meal. No more tossing precious outfits straight into the wash cycle. And by containing messes, you’ll save yourself time scrubbing staining out of fabric later.

Let’s not forget the inevitable head turns that send food flying sideways. The shape and flexibility of the bib directs wayward projectiles down towards the chest instead of out towards sleeves. No need to wrestle baby into a straight jacket – food just bounces right off!

As any parent knows, babies learn by playing with their food. Exploring new textures and flavors is part of the process. thanks to the waterproof barrier, your tiny scientist is free to squish, smear and squirt without ruining clothes. Curiosity no longer kills the outfit!

With the Green Sprouts bib’s liquid-repelling powers, your baby’s clothes will look pristine even after the messiest meal. Splatter-proof and spill-proof, it’s the ultimate stain protector for feeding time and beyond!

Absorbent Inner Layer Quickly Wicks Away Moisture

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

As a parent, keeping your little one clean and dry during mealtimes can feel like an uphill battle. Between unpredictable spills and messy self-feeding attempts, bibs quickly go from pristine white to Jackson Pollock splatter paintings. When it comes to protecting your baby’s clothing, not all bibs are created equal. Disposable bibs soak through in seconds, while many cloth bibs take forever to dry and aren’t fully waterproof. Enter Green Sprouts bibs – with their innovative stay-dry technology, these bibs promise to be the Holy Grail of mess protection.

But do Green Sprouts bibs really live up to the hype? I was skeptical, so I tried them out myself. After many vigorous testing sessions involving copious amounts of applesauce, oatmeal, and pureed sweet potatoes, I can definitively say that these bibs are the real deal.

What Makes Green Sprouts Bibs Different

Unlike a standard bib, Green Sprouts bibs have an absorbent inner layer that quickly wicks moisture away from the surface. This inner layer pulls liquid through tiny openings and into the bib’s center, keeping your baby’s skin and clothing dry. The outer layer is made from a waterproof PUL material that contains any messes. Even though it repels liquids, it’s still soft and flexible against your baby’s skin.

In my experience, the combination of these two layers makes Green Sprouts bibs uniquely effective at their job. When my daughter tipped over a whole bowl of applesauce during testing, I braced for disaster. But her shirt stayed bone dry, and the bib contained every last bit of applesauce inside. I was able to just wipe it clean with a damp cloth – no extensive scrubbing or soaking required.

Cute Styles for Any Occasion

Another major pro is that Green Sprouts bibs come in tons of cute colors and patterns, suitable for any occasion. There are solids and prints ranging from whimsical designs like foxes and raccoons to gender-neutral patterns like stripes, polka dots, and woodland creatures. The colors stay vibrant even after many trips through the wash.

Whether you want something sweet for birthday parties or holiday meals, or just a basic go-to for everyday use, there’s a Green Sprouts bib to fit your needs. Going to visit Grandma? Choose a bib with ruffles or lace accents for a little extra flair. Headed to daycare or playgroup? Opt for a bold, bright color or print that will stand out among the crowd.

Durable and Easy to Clean

You might think a stay-dry material would be delicate, but I was impressed by how durable these bibs are. None of my testing antics caused any rips, tears, or leaks. The PUL material is stain-resistant and can withstand repeated washing and drying cycles. I’ve had my Green Sprouts bibs for months now and they still look and function like new.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier, either. You can just wipe the surface with a cloth to clean up most messes. For more thorough washing, you can toss them in the laundry or run them through the dishwasher. I like to wash mine with my baby’s other laundry about once a week to sanitize them.

Everything Stays Put During Mealtime Madness

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

One of my favorite things about these bibs is the adjustable snap closure. Gone are the velcro bibs of my childhood that would catch and pull hair! The snaps allow you to customize the fit around your baby’s neck for maximum coverage. I’ve also found the snaps keep the bib securely in place, even when my daughter is wiggling up a storm.

The wide cut of Green Sprouts bibs also helps contain messes by covering more of your baby’s torso. My daughter is a wild one at mealtimes, waving her arms and leaning every which way. With other bibs, applesauce would often end up on her sleeves or skirt. But the Green Sprouts bib has extra side flaps that catch all the food she flings in her enthusiasm.

Worth the Investment for Peace of Mind

If you’re like me, keeping your baby clean gives you one less thing to stress about during chaotic mealtimes. While Green Sprouts bibs are an investment, I found them to be worth every penny. It brings me peace of mind knowing my daughter and her clothing will stay pristine, even as she explores the wondrous world of BLW with wild abandon.

For parents tired of endless laundry cycles and stained onesies, Green Sprouts offers a game-changing solution. Ditch the dishrags and give these innovative bibs a try – your sanity and your baby’s wardrobe will thank you.

Flexible Neck Design for Comfort and Coverage

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Mealtimes with a baby can get chaotic real quick. Food winds up everywhere – on the floor, the walls, your clothes – you name it. And trying to wrangle a squirmy little one into a bib is an uphill battle. Most bibs are stiff and scratchy, hardly something a baby wants wrapped around their neck. But Green Sprouts bibs are revolutionizing baby mealtimes with their flexible neck design that’s comfortable for babies and provides better coverage for parents.

As a mom of two messy eaters, I was intrigued by the claims about Green Sprouts bibs. Could they really make mealtimes less of a disaster without sacrificing my babies’ comfort? I tried them out to see if they lived up to the hype.

Soft Neck Doesn’t Irritate Sensitive Skin

What first struck me about Green Sprouts bibs was the soft, flexible neck. Many bibs have a stiff binding that irritates my daughters’ delicate skin. But the Green Sprouts neck is made of smooth fabric that doesn’t cause redness or discomfort. My babies don’t try to rip them off in protest – they seem to hardly notice them!

The flexible neck also makes putting on and taking off the bibs a breeze. I can slip them over my wiggly babies’ heads without a struggle. No more fighting to unsnap a constricting neck binding at the end of meals!

Adjustable Fit Means Better Protection

Not only is the neck super soft, it’s adjustable for the perfect custom fit. The neck fastens with snap closures so you can control the tightness. I like to leave a little room so it’s not right up on my babies’ chins. But it’s still snug enough that food can’t squeeze out the sides.

The adjustability also means the bibs grow with your baby. I’ve been able to use the same bibs from when my daughters were tiny infants up through their toddlerhood. As they got bigger, I just snapped the neck a little looser. No constant buying of larger sizes!

Better Coverage Means Less Cleanup

With the flexible neck and adjustable snaps, I’m able to get full coverage over my girls’ outfits when they wear Green Sprouts bibs. The opening fits right up to their necks for a tight seal. When my baby girl tipped over a bowl of blueberries the other day, not a single one got past the bib onto her clothes!

The wide cut of Green Sprouts bibs also contributes to their excellent coverage. They have extra side flaps that catch errant food blobs as my daughters wave their spoons to and fro. No more changing outfits after meals!

Stays Put Even on Wriggly Babies

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Between the snug (but gentle!) neck fit and the adjustable snaps, Green Sprouts bibs stay securely on even my most rambunctious eaters. The flexible fabric moves with my babies rather than constraining them. The bibs don’t shift around even when my girls are doing their best impressions of the Tasmanian Devil!

Other bibs often wind up halfway around my daughters’ backs after sufficient wiggling. But no matter how much they contort their bodies, Green Sprouts bibs stick in place and keep on containing those messes.

Soft for Babies, Durable for Parents

As a parent, I appreciate how soft and flexible the Green Sprouts bibs are for my girls’ comfort. But I was also relieved to see they hold up well to repeated use and washing. The waterproof outer layer is stain-resistant and stands up to high heat drying. After many cycles through the laundry, they still look like new.

The snaps and adjustable neck have maintained their function over months of use. We’ve avoided any tears or holes. I don’t have to replace them nearly as often as other bib brands.

Makes Mealtimes Less Stressful

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Like all parents, I know how quickly baby messes can escalate and take over your life. Between caring for my girls and maintaining a household, the last thing I need is extra laundry and clean-up. That’s why I love the Green Sprouts stay-dry bibs. They keep my daughters’ clothes clean and make after-meal wipe-downs so much quicker.

The comfortable neck and great coverage mean fewer tears and protests at bib time. And they grow with my girls, so I don’t have to keep buying bigger sizes. For any messy eater, Green Sprouts bibs are a sanity-saver!

Adjustable Snaps Allow Bibs to Grow With Baby

As any parent knows, babies grow faster than blinking. One day you’re bringing home that tiny newborn, and the next they’ve sprouted into a toddling mess-making machine. Keeping them clean and dry through all those growth spurts is no easy task. Most baby gear has a short lifespan before your kiddo outgrows it. But Green Sprouts bibs are the exception – their innovative adjustable snaps allow the bibs to grow right alongside your little one.

After hearing rave reviews from fellow moms, I had to try out the Green Sprouts bibs for myself. Could they really last from newborn through toddlerhood? Here’s what I discovered after putting them through the wringer with my two girls.

Snaps Provide a Customizable Fit

What sets Green Sprouts bibs apart is their use of snaps rather than velcro closures. The snaps allow you to completely customize the neck opening to your baby’s size and shape. As your child grows, you simply move the snaps further out for a looser fit.

This adjustability means one set of bibs can grow with your baby over months or years. No more constantly buying larger sizes as they slim out! The snaps have stayed just as secure as my girls have gotten bigger.

Coverage Stays Complete as Baby Grows

Thanks to the adjustable snaps, Green Sprouts bibs maintain full neck-to-torso coverage as your baby grows. When my daughters were tiny, I snapped the neck snug to fully protect their outfits from drips and spills. Now that they’re in the midst of a growth spurt, I’ve let out the snaps so the bib still comes up to their necks without constricting.

The wide bib shape also helps maximize coverage, even as your baby lengthens and thins out. No matter what stage, Green Sprouts bibs keep clothes protected!

Transitions Seamlessly Through Stages

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Because the snaps allow such a wide range of size adaptability, Green Sprouts bibs have seamlessly transitioned my daughters through various ages and stages. They worked great for my newborns, with the neck rolled tight to keep drool contained. Now as toddlers, they still provide the same great coverage with a looser snap configuration.

At every age in between, the bibs have adjusted to provide just the right fit. I never had to disrupt our routine to buy bigger sizes. It helped my girls get comfortable with the bibs early on since they didn’t outgrow them suddenly.

One Less Messy Accessory to Buy

It’s no secret that babies require a lot of accessories, so I was thrilled to find a product that adapts long-term. Knowing my daughters wouldn’t quickly outgrow the Green Sprouts bibs gave me peace of mind. I was able to register for the number I’d need without worrying I’d have to replace them soon after.

Not having to size up saves time, money, and sanity. I’ve recommended adjustable bibs to all my mom friends since they make mealtimes that much simpler as babies grow.

Easy Adjustments Mean Quick Changes

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

When you’ve got a squirming, hungry baby on your hands, easy-on clothing is a must. I love that I can swiftly snap the Green Sprouts bibs wider as needed for a perfect fit in seconds. No struggling with intricate closures or velcro that loses its stickiness over time.

The smooth neck fabric also slips on easily over my wiggling girls’ heads. Meal prep is chaotic enough without a complex bib slowing us down!

Helps Foster Independence

A bonus of the snaps is that they allow my toddler girls to start putting on and taking off their own bibs – helping foster independence. The snaps are simple enough for their little hands to maneuver. Seeing them take pride in dressing themselves warms my heart!

The Green Sprouts bibs will no doubt be put through even more trials as my girls grow. But I’m confident their innovative adjustability means they’re in it for the long haul.

Machine Washable and Dryer Safe for Easy Care

When you’ve got a busy household and a messy eater on your hands, easy-care clothing is a must. As all parents know, babies manage to create stains and spills at record speed. The last thing you need is bibs that require handwashing or special laundering – ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s why the machine washable Green Sprouts bibs have been a sanity saver for me and my girls.

As a busy mom of two, I rely on clothing and accessories that can stand up to frequent washing and drying. Do Green Sprouts bibs make stain-fighting and sanitizing as painless as promised? After months of testing, here’s my take.

No Special Treatment Needed

What first impressed me about the Green Sprouts bibs was that they don’t require any special laundering techniques. No handwashing, line drying, or dry cleaning needed. Just toss them right in with your baby’s regular laundry.

The bibs can withstand even high heat drying without damage. I like to crank the heat to really sanitize them after wearing. No babying these bibs!

Stains Wash Out Easily

With the kind of explosive messes babies create, I expected stains to be impossible to remove from the light-colored Green Sprouts bibs. But time after time, all traces of food, dirt, and drool wash out cleanly in the wash without any pretreatment.

The slick waterproof outer layer seems specially designed to release stains. I’ve been able to revive bibs I thought were certainly goners.

Don’t Retain Odors

Even after many cycles through the laundry, the Green Sprouts bibs stay fresh with no lingering sour milk or baby food odors. The breathable inner layer doesn’t trap smells the way some less expensive bib fabrics do.

No matter how pungent the mess, once washed, the bibs come out smelling like new. I don’t have to worry about my baby wearing a dirty-smelling drool rag.

Dry Quickly to Keep Up With Messes

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

The fast-drying inner layer of the Green Sprouts bibs makes it easy to wash and reuse them multiple times a day. When one bib gets overwhelmed by my girls’ explosive eating, I can just pop it in the wash and it’s ready for round two in no time.

The bibs wash and dry so quickly that I can easily keep fresh ones in rotation all day to contend with ever-present messes.

Saves Money and Trips to the Store

Because the Green Sprouts bibs launder so well, I’ve been able to get away with buying fewer than with other brands. The high-quality materials hold up rather than fraying or developing holes from frequent washing.

Not having to constantly replace stained or worn out bibs has been great for my wallet. And when you’ve got babies, saving money is essential!

Reduces Laundry Piles

The greatest thing about bibs that actually contain messes is they cut down on piles of soiled baby clothes. Because the Green Sprouts bibs are so effective at repelling spills, my girls’ outfits stay fresh longer before needing to be laundered.

Fewer outfit changes means smaller loads of laundry, which is a lifesaver for a busy parent. I definitely have the bibs to thank for my slimmed-down laundry schedule.

Helps Limit Spread of Germs

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

We all know babies are basically walking Petri dishes. Anything that can be laundered frequently is key to limiting germ spread. The Green Sprouts bibs make it easy to sanitize them regularly by standing up to hot washing and drying.

Knowing I can disinfect the bibs that are close to my daughters’ mouths gives me peace of mind. I don’t have to worry as much about colds being passed back and forth.

For busy parents seeking sturdy, laundry-friendly bibs, Green Sprouts are a foolproof option. Dirty bibs are inevitable with babies – but thankfully, so is super simple cleaning with these workhorses!

BPA-Free, PVC-Free Materials Safe for Baby

As parents, we want to provide the safest environment possible for our children. But with all the chemicals lurking in materials around us, it can be tough to know what’s truly safe for babies. That’s why I appreciated that Green Sprouts bibs are specially formulated from BPA-free and PVC-free components – one less thing to worry about!

I’m always vigilant about checking labels and avoiding harmful chemicals around my daughters. But safety testing is time consuming, so I was eager to try the supposedly squeaky-clean Green Sprouts bibs. Here’s how they stacked up after the trials of real-world use.

Free of BPA Dangers

One of the biggest bib hazards is BPA, an industrial chemical used in some plastics that can leach into food and drinks. Exposure to BPA, especially during infancy, has been linked to health issues.

I like that Green Sprouts bibs are certified BPA-free, meaning no exposure risk for my girls. The materials used pass independent lab testing to ensure they’re free of this chemical.

Avoids PVC Pitfalls

Many bibs also contain PVC, a type of plastic that may contain phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that can disrupt hormones and development when babies are exposed. Green Sprouts bibs steer clear of PVC.

The waterproof outer layer uses safer materials to repel spills without any plasticizers. I don’t have to fret about my girls gnawing on vinyl.

Gives Me Peace of Mind

As a mom, I already worry enough about dangers in the world. Knowing I don’t have to stress about BPA or PVC exposure from the Green Sprouts bibs is a weight off my shoulders.

I feel good letting my babies use these bibs day in and day out without potential health impacts lurking. That offers some rare peace of mind in parenting!

Saves Me Ingredient Research Time

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Figuring out if products contain problematic chemicals takes a lot of meticulous ingredient research – time I don’t have as a busy parent. The Green Sprouts bibs take a potential chore off my plate by certifying their materials are free of BPA and PVC upfront.

I appreciate that the safety testing has already been thoroughly vetted so I don’t have to dig. It makes choosing safe baby gear much easier.

Produced Responsibly

In addition to being BPA/PVC-free, Green Sprouts bibs are OEKO-TEX certified. This means all dyes, fabrics, and other components are tested for harmful substances as part of responsible production.

Knowing these bibs adhere to rigorous safety standards gives me confidence I’ve made a smart choice for my daughters.

Provides Extra Protection

Since the Green Sprouts bibs sit right up against my babies’ delicate skin, I feel better that the materials are proven gentle and nontoxic. My girls sometimes chew on the edges of their bibs during teething, so safe fabric is a must.

The soft, flexible neck also seems much kinder on their skin than rough vinyl bindings. No harsh chemicals or materials for my little ones!

Safety will always be my number one priority as a parent. In Green Sprouts bibs, I’ve found a feeding time accessory I can rely on to be free of hazardous chemicals. One less thing to agonize about is a true gift!

Variety of Cute Prints and Colors to Choose From

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Let’s be honest – when it comes to babies, style matters too! Sure, a bib needs to be functional and keep messes contained. But a fun print or color can make an otherwise utilitarian accessory much cuter. Green Sprouts bibs check both boxes, with their huge selection of adorable prints and colors for every occasion.

As a mom, I appreciate bibs that are stylish as well as practical. Green Sprouts offers so many design options to suit any baby’s unique personality. Here’s why my girls and I love having lots of cute bibs to choose from.

Bright Solids for Every Baby

Green Sprouts bibs come in a rainbow of bright solids so you can find the perfect shade for your little one. There are primary colors like red, yellow, and blue for an energetic pop. Pastels like pink, mint, and lavender provide a softer look.

With so many color choices, you can match bibs to your baby’s complexion or just their personal style. My girls love pointing out “their” color!

Playful Prints for Parties

When holidays or special occasions roll around, themed prints help get everyone in the spirit. Green Sprouts has lots of playful prints to match any event or season. I love dressing my girls in holiday prints like pumpkins, snowflakes, or flags for festive meals.

Birthday prints with balloons and confetti are perfect when the family gathers to celebrate. A cute print makes your baby the center of attention!

Whimsical Designs for Everyday

Even for everyday use, fun prints add personality. Green Sprouts has whimsical patterns with colorful stars, stripes, polka dots, and woodland creatures. These help spice up mundane meals.

My girls fight over who gets to wear the unicorns or kittens. A cool print can make any baby excited for mealtime.

Coordinates Outfits and Accessories

With so many Green Sprouts bib options, I can easily coordinate my girls’ outfits from head to toe. A bold bib pairs great with a simple romper or tee. Pastel bibs match up with dusty shades.

Prints can complement patterns on pants, skirts, headbands, and other accessories. Mixing and matching is so much fun for babies and parents!

Helps Babies Develop Personal Style

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Seeing my girls light up when wearing a favorite color or print delights me. The wide Green Sprouts selection allows them to develop personal style from a young age. They learn to choose designs that reflect their mood or personality.

Letting my babies take the lead on picking bibs helps them assert independence, too. The colors and prints they gravitate toward become part of their identity.

Makes a Cute Gift

Because Green Sprouts bibs come in so many stylish patterns, they make an adorable baby shower or birthday gift. New parents will appreciate having cute options beyond just plain white bibs.

A fun print adds flair to a practical present. Just be sure to buy multiples so parents have spares when inevitable mealtime messes strike!

While babies make quick work of dirtying up cute bibs, the wide range of Green Sprouts styles means you’ll never run out of options. With a rainbow of colors and prints, every baby can pick their perfect bib.

As a parent, keeping your little one dry and clean during mealtimes can feel like an impossible task. When you’ve got a wiggly baby or an energetic toddler, food and drink are bound to end up all over their clothes. But putting a plastic bib on your child is not always the best solution. Disposable bibs are wasteful and often feel flimsy, while reusable vinyl and plastic bibs may contain harmful chemicals. Enter Green Sprouts waterproof bibs – an eco-friendly, non-toxic option for protecting your child’s clothing that claims to really get the job done.

How Do Green Sprouts Bibs Work?

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Green Sprouts bibs are made using a specially coated cotton fabric that is entirely free of BPAs, PVC, lead and phthalates. The waterproof coating is made from natural wax and plant starch, so it does not contain any toxic chemicals. This coating allows both solid foods and liquids to roll right off the bib, keeping your baby’s skin and clothes dry underneath. The bibs have an adjustable snap closure for a customized fit, and a food-safe silicone pocket along the bottom to catch any fallen morsels. They come in a variety of cute patterns and colors to suit any baby’s style.

According to Green Sprouts, their bibs have been tested to hold over 3 ounces of liquid without leaking through. The waterproof fabric also makes these bibs very easy to wipe clean between uses. A quick pass with a damp cloth takes care of most messes. For more stubborn stains, the bibs can be tossed in the washing machine. The waterproof coating remains intact even after dozens of cycles through the wash.

How Do They Compare to Disposable and Plastic Bibs?

Many parents start out using cheap disposable bibs when their babies first start eating solids. However, most find these paper or thin plastic bibs to be very wasteful and flimsy. They rarely make it through a full meal without tearing or allowing food or liquids to soak through onto clothes. Plastic bibs are more durable, but often contain BPAs, PVCs and other chemicals you don’t want next to your baby’s skin.

Green Sprouts bibs offer a much more durable, eco-friendly option. The thick cotton and wax coating keeps clothes protected through even the messiest meals. And you don’t have to feel guilty about creating piles of plastic waste that will sit in a landfill forever. The natural materials and construction make Green Sprouts a comparable price point to most other quality bib brands on the market. For their reliability and safety, Green Sprouts bibs are definitely worth the investment over disposables.

Do They Really Keep Babies Dry?

For the most part, yes – Green Sprouts bibs do live up to their reputation for keeping babies and clothes clean and dry! The waterproof coating seems to effectively repel liquids, causing them to bead up on the surface of the bib rather than soaking through. Food particles, yogurt and purees also tend to stay on top of the bib rather than getting on clothes or high chair straps. The bib’s silicone pocket is great for catching stray bits of food that fall off a baby’s face or spoon.

However, some parents note that while the bibs excel at resisting water and thinner liquids, thicker sauces and yogurt can potentially soak through over time. But most agree that Green Sprouts keeps their baby’s outfit much drier than any other bib they have tried.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Green Sprouts Bibs

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Here are a few tips and tricks for making sure you get the best performance from Green Sprouts waterproof bibs:

  • Handwash the bib before first use to “prime” the wax coating
  • Make sure the adjustable neck closure is snug so food can’t sneak between bib and skin
  • Immediately wipe away any chunkier spills rather than letting them sit on the surface
  • Spot clean stains after meals with a damp cloth
  • Turn bib inside out and shake off crumbs before tossing in wash
  • Air dry bibs to help wax coating last longer

While most users are very satisfied, some have complained that durability decreases over time after dozens of washes. Paying attention to care instructions and not over-washing the bibs should help maximize their usefulness.

The Verdict

Green Sprouts waterproof bibs live up to their reputation as an eco-friendly, non-toxic bib that keeps food and liquids from ruining baby clothes and causing extra laundry. The adjustable fit, cute patterns, and clever crumb catcher add to the appeal. While they may not repel absolutely everything in every scenario, Green Sprouts bibs appear to be much more effective than most disposable or reusable bib options. For environmentally-conscious parents looking for a functional, safe bib, Green Sprouts are a great choice! Have you tried them? Share your experience in the comments!

Mealtimes with babies and toddlers can often feel like you’re in a war zone! Food gets everywhere, and their cute little outfits are collateral damage. As a parent, you want to keep your child clean and dry, but is it worth constantly doing laundry or throwing away flimsy disposable bibs? A hot new option on the scene are Green Sprouts waterproof bibs. These eco-friendly bibs claim to be a reusable, non-toxic way to contain those mealtime messes. But do they really work?

Good Investment to Keep Messes Contained

Green Sprouts Waterproof Bibs: Are They Really Keeping Your Baby Dry

Green Sprouts bibs are made of soft, absorbent cotton with a durable waterproof coating. This coating is free of BPAs, PVC, lead and other nasty chemicals, using only plant-based wax to repel liquids. The bibs come in fun designs and have an adjustable snap closure and handy silicone pocket along the bottom to catch fallen food. According to the company, they have been tested to hold over 3 ounces without leaking through.

Many parents start off using those thin disposable bibs that rarely last a full meal before getting soaked and ripped. Plastic bib options are more sturdy but often contain toxic chemicals that aren’t ideal for a baby putting the bib in their mouth. At a comparable price point to other quality bib brands, Green Sprouts offer a much safer, eco-friendly option that really gets the job done in terms of keeping your baby’s clothes stain-free.

Do They Stand Up to Mealtime Madness?

For the most part, yes, Green Sprouts bibs excel at keeping babies and their outfits dry! The waterproof coating causes liquids to bead up and run off the surface of the bib rather than absorbing. Food particles and pureed baby foods also tend to stay put on top of the bib rather than transferring onto clothing or high chair straps. Those silicone crumb catchers come in handy too.

However, some moms have noticed thicker foods like yogurt and sauce can potentially seep through over time after prolonged contact. But most agree that Green Sprouts keeps their baby’s clothes significantly cleaner and drier than any other bib they’ve tried.

Tips for Bib Success

Follow these tips to get the most mileage from Green Sprouts bibs:

  • Wash bib before first use to prep the coating
  • Make sure neck closure is snug so food can’t sneak through
  • Wipe away thick spills quickly, don’t let them sit
  • Spot clean after meals
  • Invert and shake off any crumbs before washing
  • Air dry instead of machine drying to help wax last longer

Some have found the waterproofing decreases over time after many cycles through the wash. Paying attention to care instructions should help Green Sprouts bibs retain their stain-stopping powers longer.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Green Sprouts waterproof bibs live up to the hype. While not 100% impervious to anything and everything, they appear much more effective than most other reusable or disposable bib options when it comes to keeping babies dry during messy meals. The cute patterns, eco-friendly materials and handy design features add to their appeal. For parents seeking a non-toxic, functional bib solution that reduces laundry, Green Sprouts are a solid investment. Have you given them a try? Let us know your experience in the comments!