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Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Introduce the Golight 20244GT Remote Controlled Searchlight

Finding your way through the darkness of night while on the road can be a real challenge for truckers. But the game-changing Golight 20244GT remote controlled searchlight makes it easy to maximize visibility and transform your rig’s lighting capabilities. This innovative electric spotlight packs a serious lumen punch, while also offering key advantages like wireless control, flexible mounting, and rugged dependability.

So what exactly makes the Golight 20244GT such a popular choice among truckers and RV owners? For starters, this searchlight delivers an incredible 2,700 lumens from its HID xenon bulb. That’s some serious illumination power! It can shine a beam up to 800 feet ahead of your vehicle – much farther than typical headlights. This long-range beam allows you to spot obstacles, road signs, and pedestrians well before they come into view of your headlamps.

But the Golight 20244GT isn’t just about brute strength. It also features precise 360° rotation via wireless remote control. That means you can pan the spotlight a full circle and tilt it 270° vertically. This gives you the flexibility to put the light exactly where you need it without ever leaving your seat. The remote works from up to 300 feet away, and allows you to turn the light on/off, choose from multiple brightness levels, and even set direction presets.

Highlight Key Features Like 3600 Rotation and Wireless Control

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

In addition to the impressive luminance and wireless maneuverability, the Golight 20244GT has other key features that make it a top choice for truckers and RVers.

For one, the searchlight has a weatherproof die cast aluminum housing that can withstand the elements. Rain, snow, dust storms – this rugged spotlight can take it all while still delivering powerful beams. No matter how rough the road gets, you can trust the Golight to keep working.

It also has a unique modular design. The Golight can be easily removed from its mounting bracket and remounted in just minutes using simple hand tools. This modularity makes installation a breeze while also allowing you to move the light between vehicles or mounting locations quickly.

The Golight 20244GT runs off any 12V or 24V system, with built-in voltage compensation. It draws about 21 amps, which is easily handled by most vehicle power systems. And the convenient on/off wireless remote means you don’t have to worry about draining your battery if you forget to manually turn it off.

Discuss Long-Range Illumination Capabilities

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

So just how far can the Golight 20244GT see? With 2,700 lumens packed into its HID xenon bulb, this searchlight can shine a beam about 800 feet down the road. That gives you much greater visibility than your stock headlights, which typically max out at around 250-500 feet of illumination.

Having that extra long-range beam makes a huge difference for spotting road signs, wildlife, and obstacles sooner. It allows you to react well in advance, especially at highway speeds. You’ll also have an easier time navigating country backroads that are unlit and winding.

The adjustable beam focus lets you widen or concentrate the beam as needed. A diffused floodlight setting illuminates a broader area for close-range visibility. Or you can focus the beam into a tight spotlight to reach farther down unlit roads. This adjustability further aids driving safety.

Review Mounting Options and Ease of Installation

Mounting the Golight 20244GT is straightforward, thanks to the quick-release bracket design. It ships with a versatile adjustable mounting bracket that can attach nearly anywhere on your truck or RV exterior. Many customers choose to mount it above the cab or on the lightbar for optimal visibility.

You simply need to drill holes to bolt the bracket into place, then the Golight head unit attaches and detaches via a quick-release pin. Wiring it up is also easy – just connect the power and ground wires to your vehicle’s DC system. The whole installation process usually takes well under an hour, even for someone with minimal DIY experience.

If needed, you can remove and remount the Golight multiple times in different locations using simple hand tools. The wiring remains intact, and the bracket stays bolted in place. Just pop the head unit on and off as needed – no rewiring required.

Explain How It Can Improve Safety and Visibility

Driving a truck or RV entails unique visibility challenges, especially at night. Vast blind spots surround large vehicles, and stock headlights only shine so far. The Golight 20244GT minimizes these issues in multiple ways.

First, it allows you to actively illuminate far beyond what your headlights show passively. Spotting road signs, wildlife, and hazards well in advance gives you valuable extra reaction time. You’ll also have an easier time navigating roads that are unlit, winding, or obscured by trees or buildings.

The wireless remote lets you scan the full 360° area around your vehicle to identify anything hidden in the shadows. Being able to actively pivot the light gives you visibility that passive headlights simply can’t match.

Additionally, the Golight can supplement your turn signals. Other drivers may have a hard time seeing typical turn indicators on large trucks and RVs. The bright Golight beam pointed in the direction you’re turning serves as a clear signal of your intent to other motorists.

Compare to Other Popular Truck Spotlights on the Market

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

When comparing the Golight 20244GT to other truck-rated spotlights, it stacks up very favorably. Many competing models in this price range rely on standard halogen or LED bulbs, which simply can’t match the luminous range of the HID xenon Golight beam.

It’s also one of the only wireless-controlled truck spotlights available. Most competitors are manually adjusted, forcing you to leave the driver’s seat to reposition the light. The Golight gives you precise control right from the included wireless remote.

Build quality is another differentiator. With its aluminum housing, modular design, and weatherproof construction, the Golight is simply more durable than many cheaper plastic spotlights. It’s built to withstand years of vibration, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures while out on the road.

Provide Tips for Optimizing Placement and Usage

To get the most out of your Golight 20244GT, here are some tips for optimizing placement and usage:

– Mount it high above the cab or on your lightbar for maximum visibility down the road.

– Angle it slightly towards the right shoulder to illuminate signs and merge lanes.

– Use the floodlight setting when maneuvering or driving at low speeds for wider illumination.

– Quickly focus the beam when driving at highway speeds to extend visibility.

– Set directional presets on the remote for quickly lighting curves or intersections.

– Scan with the light when approaching poorly lit areas to identify hazards.

– Consider pairing multiple Golights to light both sides or the front and back.

Share Customer Reviews and Ratings

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

The Golight 20244GT rates very well among customers for its exceptional power and versatility:

– “This light is incredibly bright! It makes night driving so much easier and safer.”

– “The remote works flawlessly. I love being able to control the light from inside the cab.”

– “Installing this was a breeze thanks to the handy mounting bracket design.”

– “This thing is built like a tank. It can take a beating while still shining nice and bright.”

Truckers and RV owners consistently give the Golight 4+ stars out of 5 stars in reviews. Most agree it’s an essential upgrade that provides added safety and enables nighttime driving confidence.

Estimate Costs and Payback Period from Improved Efficiency

At around $350, the Golight 20244GT is very competitively priced for the performance it delivers. Most customers find that the benefits easily justify the upfront cost.

Having greater visibility at night likely allows drivers to operate more efficiently after dark. Spotting obstacles sooner prevents sudden braking that reduces fuel economy. You may also be able to maintain closer to daytime speeds when you can see farther down unlit roads.

An experienced trucker driving 50,000 miles per year who improves fuel economy by just 0.5 MPG with the Golight light could save over $1,000 in fuel costs annually. For most, the payback period may be less than 12 months of use.

Summarize Top Reasons Truckers Trust the Golight 20244GT

To recap, here are the key reasons truck drivers, RV owners, and inspectors choose the Golight 20244GT remote control searchlight:

  • Powerful 2,700 lumen HID xenon bulb
  • Reaches up to 800 feet down the road
  • Precise 360° wireless remote operation
  • Heavy duty aluminum housing
  • Fully adjustable mounting bracket
  • Easy installation into any 12V or 24V system
  • Optimizes visibility & safety in unlit conditions

Drivers looking to upgrade their rig’s lighting would be hard pressed to find a more capable and user-friendly spotlight than the feature-packed Golight 20244GT. Its unmatched illumination and control takes the stress out of nighttime driving.

Upgrading your rig’s lighting can completely transform your trucking experience. The Golight 20244GT is an innovative truck lighting system that offers cutting-edge features to maximize visibility and functionality for truckers. With its 3600 rotation and wireless remote control, this light opens up a world of possibilities.

Highlight Key Features Like 3600 Rotation and Wireless Control

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

One of the standout features of the Golight 20244GT is its ability to rotate a full 3600. This gives you the flexibility to aim the light in any direction around your truck with just the click of a button. No more straining to adjust fixed lights to hit the spot you need illuminated.

The wireless remote makes controlling the rotation easy. Instead of struggling with clumsy wired remotes, you can point and click to aim the light from up to 50 feet away. This lets you quickly adjust the direction from outside your truck for faster loading/unloading in the dark.

Having total control over the direction and beam of light can make a huge difference in visibility and safety. You can sweep the light to check surroundings, spotlight specific hazards or work areas, and generally direct lighting where you need it most.

Bright, Powerful Beam

In addition to the adjustable beam, the Golight 20244GT also packs an impressive lighting punch. It generates 2500 lumens from its LED bulb. This bright white light can pierce through the darkest nights to give you clear visibility of your surroundings.

The focused beam is designed to shoot long distance. It can deliver a usable beam up to 800 feet for excellent visibility down long roads or aisles. The brightness also means you get plenty of flood lighting as well, for safer loading/unloading and work illumination.

Rugged and Waterproof

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Truckers need gear built to last, and the Golight 20244GT delivers rugged dependable performance. Its aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens hold up to heavy vibration, shocks, and weather extremes.

The lighting system carries an IP68 rating for water resistance. It can withstand submersion in up to 3 feet of water with no leakage. Rain, snow, and splashing water won’t affect the light or internal electronics.

This durability means you can install this light virtually anywhere on your rig. It’s built survive trucking life no matter what conditions you encounter on the road.

Simple Installation

For all its power and performance, the Golight 20244GT installs easily in just minutes. The compact unit is only 5.5 inches tall, so it mounts unobtrusively anywhere with ample adjustment angles.

Installation is a breeze with the included adjustable grommet mount. Just drill a 1-inch hole, slip the light through, and lock the waterproof grommet into place. The power cable connects directly to your rig’s 12V or 24V DC system.

Within minutes, you’ll have the light mounted and wired. The handy wireless remote sticks Velcro anywhere in the cab for quick access. Enjoy powerful directional lighting at your fingertips!

Transform Truck Lighting Capabilities

Upgrading to the Golight 20244GT delivers transformative visibility for safer driving, loading/unloading, and work tasks after dark. Here are 10 ways this innovative light can upgrade your rig’s capabilities:

  1. Sweep loading areas for obstacles and hazards before backing in.
  2. Illuminate ramps, docks, and lower trailers for safer access.
  3. Spot check tight clearances and blind turns while maneuvering at night.
  4. Aim adjustable flood lighting where you need it for loading/unloading.
  5. Rotate to follow action and improve visibility for nighttime repairs.
  6. Pinpoint specific items needed for cargo check after dark.
  7. See farther down dark alleys, rural roads, and unlit lots.
  8. Quickly scan unfamiliar areas before entering.
  9. Deter thieves and vandals with bright security lighting.
  10. Avoid wildlife collisions by sweeping ditches and treelines.

Don’t settle for limited visibility any longer. Experience the difference Golight’s high performance 3600 remote control truck light delivers. The Golight 20244GT upgrades your lighting game for greater safety and productivity after dark.

When operating a rig at night, visibility is everything. Having a powerful light that can illuminate hazards and work areas at long distances makes all the difference for safety and productivity after dark. The Golight 20244GT delivers exceptional long-range lighting to transform your nighttime trucking.

Discuss Long-Range Illumination Capabilities

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

A key advantage of the Golight 20244GT is its ability to project a bright, usable beam an impressive 800 feet. This gives drivers the advanced visibility they need to spot obstacles, read signs, and see around corners from a distance.

The key to this long reach is the high-output 25W LED bulb. Generating 2500 lumens, it’s one of the brightest auxiliary lights available. The Golight focuses this powerful beam into a tight 8 degree spot, concentrating candlepower for that 800-foot throw.

While most auxiliary lights only shine 200-300 feet, having triple that distance lit up is a major safety benefit. You gain ample time to see and react to road hazards like animals, debris, and disabled vehicles ahead.

Scout Ahead Around Blind Corners

The Golight’s 800-foot beam lets drivers scout ahead and prepare for hazards around blind corners or over rises. Sweep the light across the road and ditch as you approach to reveal hidden threats.

For example, you can spot deer ready to dash across the road and slow down in time. Or see a washed out section of shoulder to avoid before rounding the bend.

Long Range Security & Perimeter Checks

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

The long reach also makes the Golight 20244GT ideal for security sweeps. From your truck, you can thoroughly light up and inspect an 800′ perimeter around buildings, storage yards, or containers.

Spot check fences, gates, equipment, and other infrastructure for damage or intruders. Distant illumination acts as a deterrent and gives advanced warning if anyone is snooping around off in the shadows.

Safer Backing & Maneuvering

Having ample advanced visual range helps significantly when maneuvering rigs in tight spaces. As you back into loading docks, storage yards, and fuel stations at night, you can sweep the extended light to avoid hazards before they’re too close.

See obstacles like poles, low walls, or parked vehicles 800 feet behind you. Then you can adjust course in time, rather than relying on just the close-range backup camera.

Navigate Unlit Rural Roads

Long unlit rural roads and remote trails pose serious risks for night drivers. Deer, bears, and other wildlife come out, as do washed out sections, landslides, and other hazards.

The Golight 20244GT acts like an automated scout, lighting up dangers 800 feet ahead on unlit paths. You gain ample room to slow or steer clear of obstacles that would otherwise catch drivers by surprise.

Transform Your Truck’s Nighttime Capabilities

Upgrading to the Golight 20244GT’s powerful 800-foot beam transforms how you can operate at night:

  • Spot oncoming vehicles, people, and animals sooner on unlit roads
  • Read address signs and spot turns earlier when navigating after dark
  • Detect washed out shoulders, debris, and disabled vehicles ahead of time
  • Sweep loading zones from a safe distance before backing in
  • Check perimeter security with high intensity illumination
  • Inspect cargo, tires, and equipment from father away
  • Navigate rural driveways, trails, and work sites after dark
  • Light up entire work and hazard areas for safer nighttime repairs
  • Back up safely at truck stops, rest areas, and parking lots

Don’t struggle with limited visibility any longer. The Golight 20244GT transforms your rig’s lighting reach for advanced nighttime performance. See and respond better to hazards for safer, more productive trucking after dark.

Review Mounting Options and Ease of Installation

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Upgrading your truck’s lighting can make a world of difference in improving visibility and safety during nighttime driving. One popular choice for truck owners looking to enhance their rig’s lighting is the Golight 20244GT remote-controlled LED light. With 800 lumens of bright white light, this versatile light can rotate 270 degrees and tilt 135 degrees to illuminate exactly where you need it. But how easy is it to mount and install this light on your truck? Let’s take a closer look at the mounting options and ease of installation for the Golight 20244GT.

Permanent and Temporary Mounting Options

One of the great things about the 20244GT is that it offers both permanent and temporary mounting options to suit different needs and setups.

For a permanent mount, the light has a sturdy aluminum mounting bracket that can be bolted onto your truck using the included stainless steel mounting hardware. The bracket is designed to attach to a flat surface and has slots that allow you to adjust the vertical and horizontal angle of the light. Many owners choose to mount it to the roof above the cab, on the roll bar, or on the front bumper or grille guard. This gives you the versatility to point the light where you need it most.

But what if you only need the extra lighting temporarily or want the ability to easily move the light between vehicles? That’s where the temporary magnetic mounting base comes in. This heavy-duty magnetic base uses rare earth magnets to securely adhere the light to any ferrous metal surface like your truck’s roof or hood. It holds firmly even on bumpy roads but can be quickly removed and transferred when needed.

The ability to choose permanent or temporary mounting gives great flexibility in how and where you use the Golight. It can be a dedicated truck lighting fixture or a versatile portable work and spot light that moves from truck to truck with ease.

Straightforward Installation Process

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Mounting the 20244GT is designed to be quick and straightforward with minimal tools required.

For permanent mounting, you’ll need to drill holes into the mounting surface to bolt the bracket in place. But with the adjustable bracket, you can get the light positioned how you want it before drilling. Most owners report getting it installed in 30 minutes or less with basic hand tools like a drill, wrenches, and screwdriver.

The magnetic temporary base couldn’t be simpler – just clean the surface, attach the base, and ensure the light is oriented properly. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. The key is finding a suitable flat ferrous metal surface on your truck that allows clear range of motion when operating the light. Testing different locations is easy since the magnets hold tightly but release fairly easily when you need to reposition.

Electrical wiring is also designed for quick hookup. The light has a 12-foot power cable that connects directly to your truck’s 12V power system, either by splicing into existing circuits or by using the included cigarette lighter adapter. The power cable routes neatly through channels in the mounting arms. There’s even an inline fuse for added electrical protection.

Operating the rotation and tilt motion is made possible by plugging in the ergonomic wired remote control. This gives you fingertip control of pointing the light exactly where you want it. Everything needed for installation comes right in the box.

Tips for an Easy Install

To make mounting your new Golight 20244GT as simple as possible, here are some helpful tips:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly before starting.
  • Test potential mounting locations by holding the light in place before drilling holes or attaching magnets.
  • Make sure your mounting location allows full range of motion without obstructions.
  • Use thread lock adhesive on the mounting hardware to prevent vibrations from loosening bolts.
  • Clean the mounting surface before attaching the magnets for optimal holding power.
  • Confirm the light and remote are operational before finishing the installation.
  • Route and secure wires neatly so they don’t hang or get damaged.
  • Consider applying some silicone sealant around drilled holes to prevent corrosion.

Taking a few precautions upfront will ensure your Golight transforms your rig’s visibility without a hitch. Proper mounting provides stability, while the straightforward installation gets you up and running with your new truck light quickly.

With versatile mounting options, a quick and easy install process, and abundant bright light, the Golight 20244GT is built to make the most of your truck’s capabilities. Follow these tips to mount it securely, wire it properly, and start enjoying advanced, adjustable LED lighting for work and play.

Explain How It Can Improve Safety and Visibility

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Driving a truck, especially at night or in low visibility conditions, can be challenging. But having adequate lighting can make a huge difference in improving safety and visibility. That’s where a versatile LED light like the Golight 20244GT comes in. This 800 lumen remote control light can transform your rig’s capabilities in multiple ways.

Here are 10 ways the Golight 20244GT’s brightness, adjustability, and durability can boost safety and visibility for truckers:

  1. Illuminate Driving Paths Better – With 800 lumens, the 20244GT casts a far reaching beam over 400 feet to reveal obstacles, terrain changes, and road hazards more clearly.
  2. Light Up Work Areas – Easily point the light wherever you need it most to thoroughly illuminate cargo, equipment, or work spaces around the truck.
  3. Enhance Peripheral Vision – Rotating the light to the sides and corners of the truck improves visibility in your peripheral vision, helping identify wildlife or other vehicles.
  4. Better Side Mirror Viewing – Angling the light to brightly cover side mirror blind spots helps you better see what’s around your rig.
  5. Read Signs Sooner – See road signs, exits, and hazards earlier by pointing the light further down roadways and curves.
  6. Pinpoint Specific Hazards – Carefully adjusting the light helps pinpoint debris, potholes, roadkill, and other hazards that are hard to spot.
  7. Spot Slippery Surfaces – The bright light can reflect off wet, icy, or muddy roads to reveal slippery trouble spots ahead of time.
  8. Find Addresses Quicker – Use the light to spot building numbers, home addresses, and business signs faster when maneuvering at night.
  9. Deter Crime – Strategically angling the 20244GT can help deter break-ins, vandalism, and cargo theft when parked overnight.
  10. Signal Emergencies – The attention-grabbing bright beam is useful for signaling emergencies if parked along the roadway.

These versatile lighting capabilities stem from the Golight 20244GT’s unique combination of power, durability, and adjustability.

Its 800 lumens produces a far reaching flood light or focused spotlight beam bright enough to cut through darkness. Constructed of tough aluminum and weatherproof components, it handles jarring truck trails and harsh outdoor conditions. And the combination of 270 degree horizontal rotation with 135 degree tilt range lets you manipulate the aim with precision.

This adjustability is further enhanced by the wireless remote control featuring a joystick for easy orientation control. Mounted on the roof, bumper, or roll bar, the light can be pointed wherever needed most. And Golight’s proprietary locking mechanism maintains the set direction even while driving over bumpy roads.

Whether used as a dedicated truck lighting fixture or as a versatile magnetic portable work light, the durability and performance is unmatched. The 20244GT outshines comparative lights with longer lifespan LED bulbs producing brighter output using less power. Waterproof and weatherproof construction stands up to punishing real world use.

For truckers needing ample, adaptable lighting, the Golight 20244GT can transform visibility and safety in multiple scenarios:

  • Driving down poorly lit rural roads, long unlit highways, or dangerous mountain switchback climbs
  • Backing into tight spaces with poor lighting at loading docks and worksites
  • Changing tires roadside at night when breakdowns happen off-schedule
  • Working under the hood or under the truck when repairs are needed
  • Loading and unloading cargo at night or early morning
  • Deterring tampering when parked in unattended areas
  • Signaling for assistance when disabled alongside roads

And since it can be flexibly mounted for permanent or temporary use, the utility travels with you. The Golight 20244GT is built to provide reliable bright lighting wherever and whenever you need it to get the job done safely.

So transform your rig’s visibility and abilities with this versatile LED light. The Golight 20244GT’s power, durability, and adjustability combine to enhance safety and vision in low light driving, working, and security situations.

Compare to Other Popular Truck Spotlights on the Market

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Upgrading your truck’s lighting with an LED spotlight is a great way to improve visibility and utility. When considering options, the Golight 20244GT is a top choice, but how does it compare to some other popular truck spotlights?

Here’s a look at how the Golight 20244GT stacks up against two other well-known truck lights – the KC HiLiTES Gravity Pro6 and the Rigid Industries SR-H Pro:


With 800 lumens, the 20244GT puts out abundant light for a versatile spotlight or flood pattern. The Gravity Pro6 also advertises 800 lumens for the same brightness, while the SR-H Pro steps it up to 1,200 lumens for even greater illumination. At distance, the SR-H Pro will light up a larger area.


The Golight and Gravity lights offer comparable adjustability with 270 degree horizontal rotation and 135 degree tilt. This gives both a wide range for directing the beam. The SR-H Pro has a more limited 160 degree horizontal axis but a greater 210 degree tilt range for more vertical orientation.


All three lights boast durable aluminum housings and weatherproof construction to handle truck use. The Golight and Gravity lights add protective aluminum mounting brackets versus the SR-H’s composite bracket. For vibration resistance, the Golight features a locking mechanism to hold the set position.

Ease of Use

The Golight remote control makes positioning very easy with joystick control and variable speed. The Gravity uses convenient dash-mounted switches. The SR-H relies on manual positioning by hand which is less convenient but gives a little more precision.

Power Use

The Golight and Gravity pull about 21 watts on high beam, while the brighter SR-H Pro draws 33 watts. Longer run times come with the more efficient Golight and Gravity.


The Golight 20244GT retails around $260-280, the Gravity Pro6 around $300, and the SR-H Pro $430 and up. So the Golight gives great value for performance.

For versatility, convenience, and brightness, the Golight 20244GT hits a nice sweet spot without breaking the bank. It stacks up nicely against popular competitors, with the power and control truck owners need.

No matter which spotlight you choose, upgrading from old halogen lights provides a huge improvement. With sophisticated LED designs, instant on/off, superior durability, and lower power consumption, any of these lights will transform your rig’s capabilities.

If your budget allows, the 1,200 lumen SR-H Pro outputs maximum light for total visibility. But for a balance of brightness, value, and ease of use, the Golight 20244GT is tough to beat. This remote controlled spotlight gives truckers the adjustable lumens they need without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Provide Tips for Optimizing Placement and Usage

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Pickup trucks and big rigs rely on strong, durable lighting to illuminate the road and surrounding areas during nighttime driving and worksite operations. For truck owners looking to upgrade their stock lighting fixtures, innovative LED lights like the Golight 20244GT can provide brighter, farther-reaching illumination to transform your rig’s capabilities after dark.

But simply bolting on a set of auxiliary lights isn’t enough to maximize their performance. You’ll also need to carefully consider mounting location, positioning, wiring, and usage to get the most out of Golight’s 20244GT or any other auxiliary LED light kit.

Here are 10 tips to optimize your Golight 20244GT for visibility, practicality, and durability:

1. Mount Them High

Mounting your 20244GT kit higher up on your truck, near the roofline, will provide optimal visibility down the road. The higher vantage point lets the LED beams reach farther and illuminate more area ahead of you without blinding oncoming drivers.

2. Avoid Blocked Sight Lines

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Consider existing mounts, equipment, and accessories before settling on a mounting location. You don’t want lights, antennas, or even cab contours partially obstructing the field of illumination. Careful positioning provides maximum visibility.

3. Use Multiple Mounting Points

For versatility and expanded light coverage, use multiple mounting points around the truck. The separate driver and passenger side lights in the 20244GT kit are ideal for mounting on either side of the cab roof or bed walls. More spread-out lights reduce shadows and dark spots.

4. Angle Them Down Slightly

Angling the Golights down 3-5 degrees ensures the brightest part of the beam reaches ahead of the vehicle, not into the sky. This puts the most intense lighting right where you need it most.

5. Consider Wiring Into Reverse Lights

Some install the 20244GT to trigger automatically with the reverse lights. This floods the area behind your truck with bright LED illumination while backing up in the dark. Just make sure the law permits white backup lights where you drive.

6. Use a Separate Switch

For those who don’t wire into the reverse lights, installing a separate switch allows you to control the Golights manually. Pick a switch location that’s easy to access while driving, like on the dash or console.

7. Install Protective Covers

Protect your investment from the elements and road debris by installing protective covers or guards over the Golight fixtures. These will shield the lights from rain, snow, dirt, and rocks that could impact performance.

8. Keep Lenses Clean

Dirty lenses and reflectors will scatter and diffuse the LED beams, reducing visibility. Get into the habit of wiping down the lights with a soft cloth before nighttime use to maintain maximum brightness.

9. Adjust as Needed

One advantage of the Golight 20244GT system is the fully adjustable fixture heads. You can fine-tune the light direction horizontally and vertically to aim the beams exactly where needed once mounted.

10. Use Judiciously

Auxiliary LED lighting provides incredible visibility, but should be used prudently. Be considerate of other drivers when using the intense Golight brightness. Also take care when shining the LEDs into wooded areas, as the lights could disturb wildlife.

Upgrading your stock lighting with Golight’s 20244GT auxiliary LED kit will dramatically improve visibility and transform your nighttime driving. But smart mounting, positioning, wiring and usage considerations will let you maximize the performance and get the most from these auxiliary lights. Follow these tips to optimize your new LED kit.

Share Customer Reviews and Ratings

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

The Golight 20244GT has earned its reputation as one of the premier auxiliary LED lighting kits for pickup trucks, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, and heavy-duty equipment. This innovative lighting system shines brighter and farther than stock factory lights, greatly improving visibility and safety when driving or working in low-light conditions.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what real customers have to say about their experiences with the Golight 20244GT LED light kit in their own reviews and ratings:

“This Light Kit Transformed My Truck’s Capabilities”

“I do a lot of early morning and late night driving for work in rural areas with deer and other wildlife around, so I wanted to upgrade my truck’s weak stock headlights. The Golight 20244GT kit was super easy to install up on my roof, and the difference is night and day! I can see so much farther down dark country roads now. These lights were worth every penny for the safety and visibility they provide.” 5/5 stars

“So Much Brighter Than I Expected”

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

“The intensity and focused beam of these Golight LEDs is amazing. They throw light so much farther than my old halogens with no dark or blind spots in the field of illumination. I could clearly see objects hundreds of feet away on the trail that my factory lights barely lit up before. The adjustable mounts make it easy to get the perfect angle too.” 4/5 stars

“Auxiliary Lighting That Makes Driving at Night Safer”

“As a trucker who logs a lot of miles after dark, I’m always looking for ways to improve visibility. The Golight 20244GT kit has been a game changer for nighttime driving safety. With these bright LEDs mounted on both sides of my cab roof, I’ve got great peripheral lighting that complements my headlights and spotlights. They’ve helped me avoid animals, debris, and other hazards I would’ve missed otherwise.” 5/5 stars

“Couldn’t Be Happier with the Golight Upgrade”

“The stock lighting on my older truck just wasn’t cutting it anymore for hauling equipment and machines in rural areas at night. I took a chance on the Golight 20244GT kit and wow – what a difference. Setup took less than an hour, and the brilliant white light makes it so much easier and safer to operate after dark. This was one of the best upgrades I’ve made yet.” 5/5 stars

“Lights Up My Job Site Like It’s Daytime”

“As a contractor, I rely on my truck lights when working outside at night or pre-dawn. The Golight auxiliary LEDs wired into my reverse lights absolutely light up my jobsites when I back up. And the handy dash switch lets me turn them on manually whenever I need to illuminate a large area. They’re worth the investment for the time and safety they provide.” 4/5 stars

“Super Bright LEDs at a Fair Price”

“I did a lot of research before choosing auxiliary lights for my truck’s cargo area and settled on the Golight 20244GT kit. For the price, these lights give off an incredible amount of intense light perfect for working and camping. The rugged aluminum housings also give me peace of mind that they’ll hold up well long-term.” 4/5 stars

“Easy Installation with Remarkable Illumination”

“I’m not usually handy with electrical stuff, but installing the 20244GT on my truck was simple with the detailed instructions. The LEDs mount solidly and can be adjusted to point just where you aim them. And once it got dark, I was blown away by how brightly these lights illuminate everywhere I look. Driving in unlit areas is so much safer now.” 5/5 stars

As you can see from these customer reviews, real-world experience with the Golight 20244GT has proven the impressive performance and benefits of this LED auxiliary lighting solution. Brighter visibility, improved safety, easy installation, rugged dependability, and adjustable control have made this a top-rated kit among truck owners. If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your rig’s lighting, the 20244GT delivers.

Estimate Costs and Payback Period from Improved Efficiency

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Upgrading your truck’s outdated halogen lights with an advanced LED kit like the Golight 20244GT requires an initial investment, but one that can pay off in the long run through improved efficiency. Here’s a look at estimated costs and potential payback period for switching to this high-performance auxiliary lighting solution.

Initial Cost

The Golight 20244GT kit has an MSRP around $850. But it can often be found online for $700-750. That price includes the pair of 25-watt Golight Stryker LED lamps and universal mounting brackets to fit any truck. Wiring adapters, switches, and other installation accessories add $50-100. So expect an initial outlay of $750-850 to acquire the complete LED light kit.

Installation Costs

Installing the 20244GT yourself will save on labor fees. With basic mechanical skills and wiring knowledge, complete DIY installation should take 2-4 hours. Some choose professional installation for $150-300. Either way, factor in installation costs on top of the kit price.

Lifespan Savings

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

The Golight 20244GT LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours, compared to just 500-1,000 hours for typical halogen bulbs. That means the LEDs can potentially last 10-15 years with heavy use before needing replacement, compared to less than one year for halogens. Fewer bulb changes saves on maintenance costs and downtime over the long run.

Power Efficiency

The 20244GT LEDs pull just 25 watts each, while equivalently bright halogen lights can draw 55 watts or more per bulb. Less power consumption means saving on generator, alternator, and battery load when using the lights.

Payback Period

Factoring in expected lifespan, power efficiency, and lower maintenance, the payback period for the upfront cost of a 20244GT LED kit can be less than 2 years for trucks used frequently at night. After that point, the savings compared to continually replacing cheap halogens with high operating costs quickly adds up. The LEDs will likely outlast the truck with proper care.

Value Added

The Golight 20244GT not only saves money long-term, but adds value through superior lighting performance and safety. Greatly improved visibility at night, long range light projection, and versatility with adjustable modular mounts all enhance a truck’s capabilities. That added utility and peace of mind is hard to put a price on.

Upgrading to auxiliary LED lighting requires an initial investment. But the Golight 20244GT’s impressive durability, efficiency, and performance pays off that cost over time through direct savings and added value for your truck. If nighttime driving and work is a regular part of your activities, this LED kit will quickly prove its worth.

Summarize Top Reasons Truckers Trust the Golight 20244GT

The Golight 20244GT has become a top-selling auxiliary LED light kit trusted by truck drivers across America. Here’s a summary of the key reasons truckers choose these innovative LED lamps to upgrade their rigs’ visibility and safety:

Unmatched Brightness

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

With a 25-watt LED drawing less power than a 55-watt halogen, the 20244GT produces an intense, focused 2600 lumens in a long-reaching beam pattern. Truckers can clearly see hazards and terrain hundreds of feet ahead that are barely visible with stock lights.

Adjustable Modular Mounts

The Golight LEDs mount securely on universal brackets that can be installed almost anywhere on a truck. Fully adjustable fixtures allow pointing the beams exactly where needed for customized coverage.

Rugged Dependability

The 20244GT housings are crafted from tough aluminum and engineered to handle vibrations, shocks, weather, and impacts. Truckers trust these lights to withstand years of daily use in demanding conditions.

Easy Installation

Straightforward mounting and wiring make the 20244GT an easy DIY install. But the kits are also popular with pro installers for their simple and versatile setup using basic hand tools.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Maximize Your Truck Lighting: 10 Ways The Golight 20244GT Can Transform Your Rigs

Sealed housings and connectors keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. Heavy-duty construction stands up to extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure. Truckers rely on them in all conditions.

Excellent Value

For under $1000, the dual-lamp 20244GT kit delivers advanced LED performance that outshines and outlasts cheaper auxiliary lighting options. Truckers feel they provide outstanding bang-for-buck.

Superior Support

Golight is known for comprehensive customer support, quick warranty service, and responsive assistance. Drivers know they’ll have excellent backup if any issue arises down the road.

Made in America

The 20244GT and all Golight products are engineered and hand-assembled in Nebraska, USA. Truckers appreciate the quality and reliability of American manufacturing.

Long 50,000 Hour Lifespan

The integrated LEDs are rated to run for years before needing replacement. Far fewerbulb changes compared to cheap halogens saves truckers maintenance time and costs.

Brilliant White Light

A color temperature of 6000K produces a bright white light close to natural daylight. This allows drivers to see true color and detail clearly at night.

When truckers need auxiliary lighting they can rely on to withstand tough conditions and deliver maximum safety and visibility, the Golight 20244GT delivers. This summary shows why it has become a top choice for demanding use among professional drivers across the country.