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Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here’s What You Should Get

Looking to throw a fun Coast Guard-themed party? You’ll want to deck out the space with decor that truly captures the spirit of the Coast Guard. Here are some must-have ideas for Coast Guard party supplies and decorations:

Coast Guard Bunting and Streamers

What better way to set the tone for your Coast Guard bash than with patriotic red, white and blue bunting? Hang it along walls, doorways, ceilings – anywhere you can drape it for maximum impact. And combine it with coordinating streamers in the same color scheme. You can find Coast Guard-specific bunting with the CG logo, or use generic patriotic bunting and add other Coast Guard touches.

Tableware Supplies

Cover tables with Coast Guard-themed plastic tablecloths and use matching plates, napkins, cups and utensils. Search party supply stores for any tableware with a CG design, anchor graphics or red, white and blue color scheme. Or buy solid color supplies and use Coast Guard sticker seals or ribbon to customize them. Mini American flags scattered around tables also emphasize the patriotic vibe.

Coast Guard Balloons and Banners

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Balloons and banners can instantly transform a room, so make them a priority. Opt for red, white and blue balloons, or find ones printed with the Coast Guard emblem, anchors or “Coast Guard” text. Hang matching banners and scene setters around the space. And consider mylar letter balloons to spell out “Coast Guard” or the occasion you’re celebrating.

Centerpieces and Photo Booth Props

Use nautically-themed centerpieces like anchors, ships wheels and lighthouses combined with red, white and blue accents. Or create DIY centerpieces by spray painting glass vases or lanterns in Coast Guard colors and filling with red, white and blue flowers. Make coordinating photo booth props like captain’s hats, life preservers and oars for fun pictures.

Outdoor Coast Guard Decor

If your Coast Guard party extends outdoors, decorate the yard or patio too. String mini flags along the fence line or trees, and tie red, white and blue ribbons to branches. Opt for durable CG pinwheels to spin in the breeze. And fly Coast Guard windsocks and oversized flags for serious sea-faring vibes.

Finishing Touches

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Don’t forget smaller accessories that contribute to the theme. Provide Coast Guard keychains or bracelets as guest favors. Use a CG cupcake topper or pick up an edible Coast Guard logo cake decoration. Set out a Coast Guard guestbook for visitors to sign. And send them home with Coast Guard thank you notes or favor boxes.

With the right mix of Coast Guard party supplies, your guests will feel like they’re partying on the high seas. Look for decorations that feature anchors, ships wheels, red white and blue colors, the Coast Guard logo and other maritime graphics. And you’ll be ready to celebrate in true CG style!

When planning a Coast Guard party, don’t overlook the importance of tableware supplies like tablecloths and napkins. They may seem like minor details, but the right Coast Guard-themed table linens can really reinforce the nautical vibe you’re aiming for.

Coast Guard Tablecloth and Napkins

Start by covering tables in plastic tablecloths sporting a Coast Guard design or red, white and blue colors. Plastic tablecloths are affordable and come in rolls for tables of all sizes. Use anchored corners or clips to secure the tablecloth so it lays flat. For a more elegant look, go for cloth tablecloths in CG colors. Pair either with matching disposable or cloth napkins.

If you can’t find ready-made Coast Guard tablecloths, buy solid red, white or blue ones and dress them up. Add Coast Guard stickers or iron-on patches, or use fabric paint to stencil on anchors, ships wheels or the Coast Guard emblem. Affix patriotic star garland trim for a fun accent. Or tie red, white and blue ribbons around the edges for a pop of color.

Customized Look

For a more custom tablescape, mix and match solid colored tablecloths and napkins. A white tablecloth with red napkins or a blue tablecloth with white napkins keeps it looking sharp. Or layer a red cloth under a white one for a peek of color. Fold napkins in nautical shapes like sailboats for extra charm.

Don’t forgetCG drinkware to complete the table. Use reusable cups or disposable ones in Coast Guard colors. Or wrap solid color cups in anchor or flag printable paper wraps. Scatter mini American flags in vases or lay them across plates for patriotic flair.

Nautical Table Decor

Incorporate nautical-themed centerpieces and decor on top of your Coast Guard table linens for added impact. Scatter anchor-shaped confetti or nautical sequins across the tablecloth. Display lanterns, ships wheels or lighthouses as centerpieces surrounded by red, white and blue flowers.

Use rope, anchors, fishing nets and seashells to embellish the tabletop as well. Tie a red, white and blue bow around napkin rings. Or fold napkins to look like ships, sealing them with a flag toothpick. The right CG tablecloth and napkins lay a foundation for any maritime accents.

With Coast Guard table linens and decor, guests will feel immersed in maritime vibes. Choose anchor, flag or red, white and blue motifs that speak to the Coast Guard’s rich history of protecting America’s waters and shores.

No Coast Guard party is complete without festive and colorful balloons and banners. They’re an easy way to decorate for your Coast Guard theme and really excite your guests when they first walk in.

Coast Guard Balloons and Banners

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Start by picking up red, white and blue balloons – the Coast Guard’s signature colors. Cluster them in bunches for maximum impact. Or spell out “Coast Guard” with individually-colored letter balloons. Mix in white balloons printed with Coast Guard insignia, ships wheels, anchors, flags or rescue messages for thematic flair.

Mylar or foil balloons are perfect for highlighting the Coast Guard theme. They come printed with maritime graphics and words like “Anchors Away.” And they last longer than standard latex balloons. Pair your balloons with matching Coast Guard banners or scene setters to hang on walls or doorways.

Balloon Arrangements

Display your Coast Guard balloons in arrangements around the party space. Group them in bunches gathered with ribbon or string them in arches across doorways. Cluster balloons low on the ground or float them at varying heights on ribbon.

For weight, tie balloons to sandbags or anchors placed on tables or the floor. Or fill clear balloons slightly with water for a floating effect. Set tall balloon towers in corners or along the food table. Just be sure to anchor them so they don’t topple over.

DIY Banner Ideas

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Don’t stop at just balloons – make your own custom Coast Guard banners too. Cut letters out of cardstock spelling “Coast Guard” or a celebratory phrase. String them together with fishing wire to hang. Or use a red, white and blue striped tablecloth as a backdrop to display an anchored life preserver or paintedCG sign.

Another easy DIY banner idea is to print out the Coast Guard emblem on full-page sticker paper. Affix the stickers to a solid colored plastic tablecloth pinned up as a banner. The possibilities are endless for eye-catching balloons and banners!

With the right mix of colorful Coast Guard balloons and banners, your party decorating is sure to make a bold statement. Let balloons and banners set the festive tone when guests first arrive. Just be sure to securely anchor everything for your breezy ocean vibes!

Setting the table with Coast Guard partyware helps reinforce the maritime theme. Use Coast Guard cups, plates, utensils and napkins featuring nautical graphics, flags or the CG colors of red, white and blue.

Coast Guard Cups, Plates, and Utensils

Search party stores for disposable paper or plastic cups, plates, utensils and napkins featuring the Coast Guard logo or nautical motifs. Or opt for solid color options in patriotic red, white and blue. Add your own DIY touches like napkin rings or bottle wraps made from nautical rope.

For reusable serviceware, look for plastic or melamine plates and mugs in Coast Guard designs. Etch glassware beforehand with maritime phrases or images using glass etching cream. Tie napkins with anchor stamps or shoelace “rope” for a nautical vibe.

Nautical Table Settings

Use ribbons,Flags, anchors, ships wheels and other nautical trinkets to embellish your Coast Guard partyware. Wrap utensils in anchor-printed napkins secured with ship wheel napkin rings. Use maritime flags as drink stirrers or swizzle sticks.

Tie red, white and blue bandanas around silverware bundles. Anchor paper drink cups or plates with nautical rope wrapped in a criss-cross pattern. Top mason jar cups with CG drink umbrellas or straw flags.

Customized Embellishments

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Further customize plain partyware using permanent markers, stickers or acrylic paint pens. Hand-paint anchors, flags or the Coast Guard emblem onto cups and plates. Use a paint pen to write nautical phrases like “Anchors Away” on napkins. Stick Coast Guard stickers and insignia seals on plates, cups and utensils for quick customization.

With the right Coast Guard partyware, you’ll boost nautical vibes. Look for red, white and blue supplies accented with maritime graphics and phrases. Your guests will feel like they’re dining aboard ship!

Centerpieces and photo booth props are fun ways to decorate for a Coast Guard theme. Use nautical-themed ideas to help your tables and photo booth station make a maritime statement.

Coast Guard Centerpieces and Photo Booth Props

A Coast Guard centerpiece could be something as simple as a glass vase or lantern painted red, white or blue and filled with matching flowers. For more impact, create arrangements featuring anchors, ships wheels, life preservers or lighthouses accented with CG colors.

Photo booth props like captain’s hats, life vests, inflatable life rafts and oars get guests in a nautical mood. Provide sunflower and sailor prop signs for posed shots. And let guests frame photos with rope, fishing nets, ships wheels and porthole cutouts.

DIY Centerpiece Inspiration

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Make a big anchored wood slab or faux rock base for a dramatic CG-themed arrangement. Attach nautical charms like seashells, starfish and glass floats. Add pops of red, white and blue with flowers, feathers or fabric strips.

For easy DIY vase arrangements, clean out tin cans or mason jars and spray paint them Coast Guard colors. Fill with red, white and blue carnations, cover with nautical rope netting and insert miniature flags.

Over-the-Top Photo Booth Ideas

If you have the space, create a makeshift photo booth “ship” interior as a backdrop. Use wood to build a mock ship cabin and portholes. Provide life jackets and CG hats for costumes. And add framed photos of waves crashing against rocks for dramatic backdrops.

For a simple photo station, lay out a red, white and blue runner on a table. Use a Coast Guard emblem curtain as the backdrop. Provide props like oars, buoys, flags and anchors for pictures. The props you provide set the tone.

A Coast Guard party comes to life with thematic centerpieces and fun photo ops. Use maritime motifs to help guests get in the nautical spirit!

If your Coast Guard party extends outside, decorating your outdoor space is a must. Use weatherproof accents like Coast Guard pinwheels and windsocks to bring the maritime vibe outdoors.

Coast Guard Pinwheels and Windsocks for Outdoors

Stick mini American flags or Coast Guard emblem flags into the grass for easy outdoor flair. Line them along the sidewalk, driveway or fence. Anchor them with sandbags if it’s windy.

For visual impact, string red, white and blue pennant banners along the eaves of the house or barn. Or attach them to wooden dowels staked in the ground to wave in the breeze. Their bright colors will instantly signal a celebration.

Patriotic Pinwheels

Coast Guard pinwheels made from waterproof plastic or metal are perfect for spinning in the wind. Plant them along walkways or scatter throughout flower beds. Choose red, white and blue ones or options printed with the Coast Guard emblem.

For DIY pinwheels, cut shapes from rigid plastic or waterproof cardstock. Decorate them with CG graphics before attaching to a stick. Let guests make their own to take home using patriotic craft supplies.

Nautical Windsocks

Hang durable nylon Coast Guard windsocks outdoors where they’ll sail in the wind. Or make your own using a plastic tablecloth or fabric cut into a pennant shape and strung on a rope. Attach them to trees, fences or poles.

Windsocks printed with anchors, ships wheels and maritime phrases are perfect for the occasion. For added fun, decorate plain windsocks with fabric paint or attach ribbon “flags” to personalize them.

Visible from afar, Coast Guard pinwheels and windsocks create a festive, breezy atmosphere. They’re the perfect accessories for dressing up your outdoor party space in true nautical style.

After the party’s over, extend your Coast Guard theme to memories guests can take with them. Provide nautically inspired guest books and thank you notes to continue the maritime vibes.

Coast Guard Guest Books and Thank You Notes

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Set out a guest book featuring the Coast Guard logo or nautical graphics for visitors to sign. Look for one with an anchor or ships wheel on the cover. Or DIY your own using a red photo album and CG sticker seals.

Follow up with matching Coast Guard thank you notes after the event. Opt for ones with maritime patterns or printed phrases like “Thanks from the Bottom of the Sea.” Inside, reference your shared Coast Guard party memories.

Creative Guest Book Ideas

Make your guest book interactive by providing thought bubbles or speech bubbles on sticks for guests to fill out with memories or well wishes. Glue or tape them into a scrapbook after the party.

For a photo guest book, provide old-timey photo booth props like oars, life rings and flags. Have guests pose with them and print out photos on-site to paste in a book.

DIY Thank You Notes

Make your own thank you notes using blank note cards and nautical rubber stamps. Stamp on anchors, ships wheels, life preservers or flags before writing your message inside.

Or opt for red, white and blue note cards. Use a permanent marker to draw sweet maritime touches like sailboats or sea creatures before filling them out.

Coast Guard guest books and thank you notes are the perfect party favors to end on a thoughtful note. They let guests relive all the fun maritime memories!

Include some engaging Coast Guard games and activities to get your guests in the nautical spirit. The right maritime-themed games will lend adventure to your Coast Guard bash.

Coast Guard Games and Activities

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Nautical games like a bean bag toss using rope and wood backboards painted like ships wheels are perfect for all ages. Have guests reel in prizes from a makeshift “wharf” pond fishing game. And hold relay races using inflatable life rings.

Give your activities a CG twist by using red, white and blue supplies. Or work the Coast Guard emblem, ships wheels and anchors into game materials. Hand out nautical prize packs containing sailor hats and shell necklaces.

Get On Board Activity Ideas

Stage a “Man Overboard” game where players toss bean bags or life rings onto a tarp “ocean” target. See who can drop their anchor closest to a bullseye on a “sea” mural with our DIY magnetic fishing game.

Hold a Coast Guard trivia game focused on maritime history and CG facts. Or orchestrate an anchor toss using mini parachute anchors and hula hoops as targets.

Nautical Crafts

Set up a Coast Guard craft station for guests to make nautical-themed items like clothespin sailboats, pipe cleaner fishes, sea shell picture frames and colored sand art bottles. Take the maritime vibes home!

Make sure to snap photos of everyone enjoying the activities. Then use them to create a custom Coast Guard photo booth picture frame as a party favor.

Incorporating fun Coast Guard games and activities builds excitement and memories. Get guests engaged with the maritime theme all party long.

Send your Coast Guard party guests home with fun nautical favors they’ll love. Sunglasses, hats and other take-home goodies extend the maritime theme beyond your event.

Coast Guard Favors like Sunglasses and Hats

Nautical visors, sailor hats and captains hats in Coast Guard colors are fun favors guests can wear year-round. Or give out patriotic star sunglasses in red, white and blue. Attach custom tags with your CG emblem and party details.

Hand out bags of gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins, cracker jacks, or coastal snack mixes. Or fill clear bags with red, white and blue M&Ms to take home. Print out CG logo stickers to seal favor bags with a personalized touch.

Coastal Favor Ideas

For edible favors, make cookies or cake pops decorated with Coast Guard emblems and anchors using frosting. Wrap them up in cello bags tied with a bow.

Give out useful emergency safety favors like waterproof match cases, pocket knives, or mini flashlights. Or assemble s’mores or camping favors in a CG mug or tin pail.

DIY Favor Inspiration

Make personalized luggage tag favors using cardstock, nautical rope and Coast Guard logo stickers. Fill clear bottles with layered sand and seashells for gorgeous coastal decor.

For homemade edibles, bake sea salted caramel popcorn packets or chocolate coconut haystack treats topped with almonds. Wrap in cello bags tied with rope or ribbon.

Let guests take home a piece of the Coast Guard birthday bash with fun maritime favors. Sunglasses, hats and edible treats make great party takeaways.

What’s a Coast Guard party without a maritime-themed cake? Make your Coast Guard confection really shine with a customized cake topper and edible image.

Coast Guard Cake Topper and Edible Cake Images

Need Coast Guard Themed Party Decor. Here

Look for a plastic Coast Guard cake topper featuring the CG logo, miniature officer figurines, or an anchor and ships wheel. Or print edible CG images on frosting sheets to decorate your cake or cupcakes with.

Choose edible designs like ships, flags, life preservers or the Coast Guard emblem. Or get creative and customize your own Coast Guard art to print. They make baking desserts for your party a breeze.

Cake Topper DIY

For homemade cake toppers, sculpt clay or mold dough into the CG emblem, a lighthouse, or miniature officer busts. Paint details on with food coloring gel before inserting into the cake.

Use toothpicks and blue or white candy melts to hand pipe a Coast Guard image like a ship’s wheel onto wax paper. Let set before peeling off and placing onto your cake as an edible decoration.

Cake Design Ideas

Frost your cake red, white and blue for a patriotic CG design. Or cover it in fondant printed with the official Coast Guard tartan plaid pattern. Finish with stars piped along the base.

For more dimension, mold fondant into life rings, nautical rope, or 3D anchor shapes to decorate the sides and base. The right topper puts the perfect maritime finishing touch on your Coast Guard cake.

Make your Coast Guard cake a showstopper with an edible image or handmade topper. It takes your dessert spread from basic to spectacularly nautical!