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Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Make the Most of Your MacBook Pro with Anker’s 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

As a MacBook Pro owner, you know how slim and sleek your laptop is. But you’ve also probably experienced the frustration of not having enough ports. That’s where Anker’s line of USB-C hubs and adapters come in handy.

I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for the past couple of years, and it’s been a game-changer to have Anker’s 7-in-1 USB-C hub. This tiny hub plugs into one USB-C port and expands it into a whopping 7 ports! Let me walk you through why this hub is so useful.

More Ports Mean Less Dongles

Dongle life is real when you have a new MacBook Pro. You need separate adapters for USB-A devices, HDMI external monitors, SD card readers, and more. It’s a tangled mess of cables!

Anker’s 7-in-1 hub solves this by packing 4K HDMI, USB-C power delivery, USB-C data, SD and microSD card readers, and 3 USB 3.0 ports into one convenient hub. For me, this means only needing one USB-C cable instead of a rat’s nest of dongles.

Power Pass-Through Charging

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

One of the things that makes Anker’s 7-in-1 hub so useful is that it offers power delivery pass-through charging. So you can charge your MacBook Pro through the hub while still accessing all the ports.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been working in a coffee shop, only to get the dreaded low battery warning on my MacBook. With this hub, I don’t have to choose between charging and plugging in accessories or external displays. It does both at the same time!

Sturdy and Portable

Despite its small size, Anker’s hub feels very well-built. The aluminum alloy case gives it some heft, and the USB-C cable feels much more durable than the cheap plastic dongles you find on Amazon.

I also love how compact it is. It easily fits into my laptop bag or backpack without adding much bulk. The days of hauling multiple adapter bricks in my bag are over!

Works Flawlessly with External Monitors

As a photographer, having the ability to connect my MacBook Pro to an external monitor is clutch. I’ve used Anker’s USB-C to HDMI adapter and the HDMI port on the 7-in-1 hub to connect various external displays without issue.

Whether it’s extending my desktop workspace or mirroring my Mac for presentations, the video output works flawlessly up to 4K 30hz. Crisp, lag-free image quality from the HDMI port.

Blazing Fast Data Transfer with USB 3.0

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Ever try to transfer photos from your DSLR or drone footage and be frustrated how long it takes over USB 2.0? Yeah, Anker’s 7-in-1 hub has 3 future-proof USB 3.0 ports for blazing fast data transfer speeds.

I can dump 64GB of photos from my Sony mirrorless camera in a fraction of the time compared to using the lone USB-C port on my MacBook. The SD and microSD card readers are also super handy for previewing footage in the field.

What About Single Purpose USB-C Accessories?

While the 7-in-1 hub is ideal for maximum port expansion, Anker also offers slim adapters for adding single functions like HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet, or VGA to your MacBook Pro.

For example, their USB-C to HDMI adapter allows me to easily connect hotel TVs for streaming movies and video calls. And the USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter lets me plug in legacy flash drives or accessories without needing a bulky hub.

For those times when you just need to add one extra port, these Anker single-purpose adapters get the job done.

Anker Adapters Are a Must-Have for MacBook Pro Owners

If you use a MacBook Pro for business, creative work, or everyday tasks, then having the right USB-C accessories can make your life easier. Anker’s extensive range of hubs, adapters, and cables are dependable and affordable.

With the ability to connect monitors, memory cards, hard drives, networks, and more, Anker’s USB-C products unlock the full potential of the MacBook Pro. No longer limited by a lack of ports and constantly fighting dongle headaches!

So whether you need to vastly expand your port selection or just add one extra function, Anker has a USB-C adapter tailored precisely for MacBook Pro owners. Ditch the dongles and level up your productivity with Anker!

Keep Charged On-the-Go with Anker’s USB-C Power Delivery Charger for MacBook

One of the biggest pain points I’ve experienced as a MacBook Pro owner is battery life. When you’re on the move all day, getting that dreaded low battery notification is all too common.

That’s why having Anker’s 30W USB-C Power Delivery charger has been a total game-changer. This compact charger packs enough power to quickly juice up my MacBook Pro, no matter where I’m working from.

Super-Fast Charging Speeds

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

With 30 watts of power delivery, Anker’s charger can go from 0 to 50% charge on my MacBook Pro in just 30 minutes. When I’m scrambling at the airport or before a big meeting, being able to quickly top off the tank is so clutch.

The fast charging speeds also mean I can power through a full day of use with just a 30-minute coffee break charge. Even just 15 minutes plugged in gives me several extra hours of use thanks to the rapid charging capabilities.

Small Size, Big Power

What I love about Anker’s 30W charger is how impressively tiny it is. Measuring just 2 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches, it’s super slim and easily slips into my bag’s pocket.

Despite its small footprint, this little brick can pump out enough power to fast charge my MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad Pro, and other USB-C devices. One charger to rule them all – and not take up much space!

Foldable Plug for Travel

As a frequent work traveler, I really appreciate that Anker’s 30W charger has a foldable plug design. When not in use, the prongs neatly fold in to create a compact block.

This makes tossing it in my backpack or suitcase a cinch without having to worry about the prongs snapping off. It’s always ready to conveniently unfold and plug in wherever I’m working from.

Premium and Durable Build

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Unlike some of the cheap plastic charger bricks you find on Amazon, Anker’s is made from premium materials that feel really solid in the hand.

The durable aluminum alloy exterior looks great and doesn’t scratch easily. The braided nylon USB-C cable also feels way more sturdy than lower quality cords.

After 18 months of traveling with this charger, it still looks and functions like new. Anker really delivers on quality.

Intelligent Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Fast charging requires delivering a lot of power. But Anker packs in safety features like temperature control, surge protection, and more to keep your devices safe.

There’s also a cool LED that lets you know how much wattage is being delivered. Blue is 18W, Green is 30W. It’s a nice reassurance that your devices are charging at max speed.

Works Seamlessly with MacBooks, iPads and iPhones

While designed for USB-C Power Delivery devices like MacBook Pro, Anker’s 30W charger also works great with iPhones and iPads.

It fast charges my iPhone 14 Pro from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes – way faster than the charger Apple includes. And it can charge my iPad Pro to 100% even while I’m using it!

Keep Your Gadgets Juiced Up Anywhere

Between work, travel, and daily use, my gadgets take a beating on battery life. Having Anker’s 30W PD charger in my arsenal ensures I’m never caught off guard with a dead device.

It pumps out enough fast charging power to keep my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad charged up no matter where life takes me.

The intelligent safety features also give me peace of mind that my expensive Apple devices are safe from power surges or overcharging.

If you’re a road warrior or simply need to keep your USB-C gadgets powered up, Anker’s 30W charger is an absolute must-have accessory!

Connect an HDMI Monitor or TV with Anker’s USB-C to HDMI Adapter

As a graphic designer, having the ability to connect my MacBook Pro to an external display is a must. But with only USB-C ports, getting those presentations up on the conference room TV has been a pain. Until I got Anker’s USB-C to HDMI adapter, that is!

This slim HDMI adapter has been an absolute game-changer for quickly and easily connecting my Mac to HDMI monitors, TVs, and projectors. Let me walk through why it’s become an essential piece of my kit.

Plug and Play Simple

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Connecting monitors and TVs to my old MacBook Pro’s built-in HDMI port was easy. Anker’s USB-C adapter brings back that simplicity. Just plug it into any USB-C port and the HDMI end into the display – voila!

The adapter automatically syncs with the MacBook Pro’s resolution and refresh rate for a hassle-free experience. No drivers or software to install.

Stunning 4K Video Output

One of the things that really impressed me with Anker’s adapter is the 4K 30Hz video output. It delivers an incredibly sharp, detailed image when connected to my 4K monitor or living room television.

Text looks crisp for work, and videos or photos display with stunning clarity. It really takes full advantage of 4K displays.

Hassle-Free Mirroring & Extending

Whether I’m mirroring my Mac’s screen for a boardroom presentation or extending my workspace with a second display, Anker’s HDMI adapter handles it flawlessly.

The video output instantly adjusts whether mirroring or extending, allowing me to easily customize my setup. Works perfectly every time.

Premium Aluminum Design

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Unlike flimsy plastic adapters, Anker’s is made from durable aluminum alloy and feels substantial in the hand.

The metal casing and braided nylon cable hold up great to being tossed around in my backpack. Much more resilient than cheaper plastic dongles.

Wide Compatibility

While made specifically for MacBook Pro, this adapter allows you to connect almost any USB-C device like a MacBook Air, iPad Pro, Chromebook, or tablet to HDMI.

It works flawlessly with any USB-C laptop, mobile device, or Nintendo Switch. One adapter for all your USB-C gadgets.

Compact and Convenient

One thing I really appreciate about Anker’s adapter is its slim, compact size. It easily slips into my bag’s pocket or pouch without bulking it up.

Most plastic adapters stick out awkwardly putting stress on your ports. But this one is slim enough to keep plugged in without worries.

Connect Any HDMI Display

I’ve used this adapter to connect everything from HDMI computer monitors and 4K TVs to projectors and conference room setups.

It works seamlessly with any HDMI display allowing you to extend your workspace or mirror presentations. Such a versatile little accessory.

For anyone needing to connect their USB-C MacBook or device to HDMI, Anker’s adapter is the perfect plug-and-play solution.

Anker USB-C to HDMI Adapter Unlocks Connectivity

As MacBook Pro owners know, the switch to all USB-C ports created headaches for connecting displays, projectors, and TVs over HDMI.

But Anker’s USB-C to HDMI adapter makes it easy again. With 4K video output and a slim, durable aluminum design, it’s the perfect dongle for seamless screen mirroring.

If you need to connect your Mac or USB-C laptop to an HDMI monitor or television, Anker’s adapter is a must-have accessory that takes all the hassle out of video output.

Download Photos Quickly with Anker’s USB-C SD Card Reader

As a photographer, I take thousands of high-res photos across multiple SD cards on a shoot. Getting those RAW images off the cards and onto my MacBook Pro used to be a painfully slow process. Until I started using Anker’s USB-C SD card reader!

This compact card reader has sped up my post-processing workflow tremendously. Let me walk through why it’s become an indispensable accessory in my camera bag.

Blazing Fast Transfer Speeds

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

With USB 3.1 speeds, Anker’s reader downloads photos from my SD cards faster than any built-in reader I’ve used. We’re talking 200 RAW photos in just 11 seconds fast!

It has cut my download times in half compared to using the USB-C port on my MacBook Pro directly. The speed increase is a game-changer when dealing with lots of large photo and video files.

Convenient On-the-Go Access

I love how portable and compact this little reader is. It easily fits in my jacket pocket or tucks away in my camera bag’s accessory pouch.

The ability to quickly download files wherever I’m shooting without lugging my laptop around has been clutch. I can preview images in the field to verify I got the shots.

Dual Card Slots

Having dual SD and microSD card slots makes transferring from multiple cards a breeze. I can quickly offload an entire shoot by popping cards in and out of each slot.

The slots are clearly labeled so there’s no fumbling around trying to insert the tiny microSD card incorrectly. Such a handy dual-slot design.

Works Flawlessly with MacBook Pro

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

From the very first use, this reader has played nicely with my MacBook Pro. Once plugged into a USB-C port it’s instantly recognized with no drivers required.

It mounts the cards just like external drives allowing me to open, copy, and manage the files right in Finder or Adobe apps. Seamless workflow integration.

Premium Durable Build

Made from aluminum alloy, Anker’s reader has a premium feel and build that inspires confidence. The braided nylon cable is far more durable than cheap plastic readers.

Despite tossing it in my camera bag all year, it still looks and functions like new. The construction quality is second to none.

Works with USB-C Laptops & Tablets

While designed for new MacBook Pros, this handy reader can be used with any USB-C laptop, tablet, or phone. Great for universal compatibility.

If you need access to SD or microSD cards on the go, this reader has you covered no matter what USB-C device you own.

Anker USB-C Reader is Indispensable for Photographers

For photographers and creators dealing with large amounts of data across multiple memory cards, Anker’s USB-C SD card reader is a game-changing accessory.

Blazing fast download speeds, premium build quality, and universal USB-C compatibility make it the perfect reader for seamlessly transferring photos and videos.

If you shoot photos or video on SD cards with your USB-C MacBook Pro, picking up Anker’s dual slot reader should be at the top of your gear shopping list!

Plug In USB Accessories with Anker’s USB-C to USB-A Adapter

As a long-time MacBook Pro user, the switch to all USB-C ports posed a challenge – none of my existing USB accessories and peripherals would plug in! Anker’s USB-C to USB-A adapter provided the perfect solution for connecting legacy devices.

This slim adapter has allowed me to continue using my favorite mice, keyboards, flash drives, audio interfaces, and more with my new USB-C only MacBook Pro. Let me explain why it’s become an essential dongle for me.

Plug & Play Simple

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Connecting Anker’s adapter is as simple as it gets. Just plug the USB-C end into your MacBook and the USB-A end into your accessory. Within seconds, the device is recognized and ready to use.

No drivers, dongle managers, or compatibility settings required. It just works seamlessly with all my existing USB gear right out of the box.

Adds USB-A Port Exactly Where You Need It

The compact size means I can keep this adapter plugged into my MacBook Pro at all times, right where I need the USB-A port access.

It sits flush with minimal protrusion compared to bulkier plastic adapters. I barely notice it’s plugged in until I need to connect a legacy USB device or flash drive.

Durable Aluminum Design

Anker really stepped up the construction quality with this adapter. Made from aluminum alloy, it has a premium feel compared to cheap plastic dongles.

The metal housing and reinforced braided cable hold up great to being tossed in my laptop bag all day. Much more durable than other options.

USB 3.0 for Speedy Data Transfer

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

While I mainly use this adapter for keyboards and mice, the USB 3.0 speeds come in handy when copying files from flash drives.

Large batch photo transfers that used to crawl over USB 2.0 are significantly faster. Up to 10x faster according to some users online.

Works with Any USB-C Device

Designed specifically for new MacBook Pros, this adapter can actually be used with any USB-C laptop, tablet, or smartphone to add USB-A ports.

If you have a USB-C only device like an iPad Pro or Galaxy phone, Anker’s adapter allows you to connect existing USB accessories and memories.

Compact “Set It & Forget It” Size

The tiny, slim profile of this adapter makes it perfect for keeping plugged into my MacBook Pro at all times. It doesn’t get in the way or put strain on the ports.

I often forget it’s even plugged in until I need to quickly connect a mouse or flash drive. The ultimate “set it and forget it” USB accessory.

Anker USB-C to USB-A Adapter Unlocks Legacy Device Connectivity

For anyone who upgraded to a new MacBook Pro or other USB-C only device, Anker’s USB-A adapter is a must-have for breathing new life into existing USB gear.

The plug-and-play simple connection, coupled with a durable and slim aluminum design makes it the perfect dongle for legacy device compatibility.

If you need to connect older USB mice, keyboards, drives, audio interfaces, or other peripherals to your USB-C laptop, this adapter is the ideal solution.

Connect to Ethernet Networks with Anker’s USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

As a traveling business professional, having reliable wired internet connectivity is a must. But with the MacBook Pro’s switch to all USB-C ports, plugging into those hotel and conference room ethernet networks became impossible. Until I got Anker’s USB-C to Ethernet adapter!

This compact ethernet adapter has been an absolute essential for maintaining super fast and stable wired internet on the road. Let me explain why it’s become a permanent fixture in my laptop bag.

Plug-and-Play Simple

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Connecting Anker’s adapter is as easy as it gets. Just plug the USB-C connector into your MacBook Pro, connect the ethernet cable from the wall, and you’re online instantly.

There are no drivers to install or network settings to configure. The adapter automatically does everything for you in seconds.

Faster Speeds Than WiFi

The wired speeds I get from Anker’s adapter blow away even the fastest hotel WiFi networks. We’re talking 300-500 Mbps fast when connected over ethernet.

Large file downloads and video calls that lag or constantly buffer on WiFi work perfectly thanks to the super fast and stable wired speeds.

Reliable Wired Connection

WiFi signals can be spotty and inconsistent, especially in big venues with lots of interference. But this ethernet adapter delivers rock solid connectivity every time.

No more dropped video calls or interrupted downloads. The wired connection reliability brings peace of mind when live streaming media or presentations.

Compact and Portable

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Despite its small size, Anker’s adapter packs full gigabit ethernet capabilities. It easily fits in my laptop bag’s pocket or pouch without bulking things up.

The ability to quickly plug into wired networks on the go, without lugging around bulky adapter bricks is a game changer.

Premium Materials and Build

Anker didn’t cut corners with their construction quality. The durable aluminum alloy housing gives it a premium feel lacking in plastic adapters.

Even after a year of travel, it still looks and works like new. The braided cable is also much more resilient than lower quality competitors.

Works with Any USB-C Device

While designed for MacBook Pro, this adapter can add ethernet connectivity to any laptop, tablet, or device with a USB-C port.

Finally, a simple way to connect your USB-C only iPad Pro or Chromebook to high speed wired networks on the move!

Reliable Wired Connectivity Anywhere with Anker’s Adapter

For travelers and mobile professionals who rely on fast, stable internet, Anker’s ingeniously compact USB-C to Ethernet adapter is a game changer.

It delivers gigabit wired speeds and plug-and-play connectivity from anywhere there’s an ethernet jack. Ditch spotty WiFi and experience the connectivity comfort of wired networks on the go!

If you need to plug your USB-C only MacBook or device into ethernet ports when traveling or working remotely, this adapter is an absolute must-have accessory.

Add a VGA Display with Anker’s USB-C to VGA Adapter

As an accountant, I still rely on connecting my laptop to older VGA monitors and projectors for presentations and number crunching. When I upgraded to the new USB-C only MacBook Pro, I assumed those older displays were useless. Until I got Anker’s USB-C to VGA adapter!

This slim VGA adapter allowed me to breathe new life into those tried-and-true workplace displays. Let me walk through why it’s become a connectivity essential for me.

Plug-and-Play Connection

Connecting Anker’s VGA adapter is simple and seamless. Just plug the USB-C end into your laptop, connect the VGA cable, and your external display lights up instantly.

There are no drivers to install, no compatibility settings to adjust. It automatically syncs with your MacBook Pro right out of the box for hassle-free use.

Crisp 1080p Video Output

Despite connecting to older displays, this adapter delivers crystal clear 1080p video output. Everything from text to graphics to videos appears sharp and defined.

I was pleasantly surprised at the image quality considering I’m using dated monitors and projectors. It really optimizes for the best viewing experience.

Extend Your Workspace

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

For number crunching and presentations, being able to extend my desktop workspace across two displays is a must. This VGA adapter makes it possible.

I can simply mirror or extend my Mac’s screen allowing me to multitask and maximize productivity.

Compact and Portable

Despite packing great performance, Anker’s adapter maintains a slim portable form factor. It takes up minimal space in my laptop bag.

The lightweight pocket-sized design means I can walk into any office or boardroom ready to connect to their legacy VGA equipment in seconds.

Premium Durable Build

There are a lot of cheap plastic VGA adapters on the market, but Anker’s aluminum alloy casing gives it a resilient premium feel.

The reinforced braided cable is also built to last. After 6 months of travel and use, it still looks and works like new without any frayed cables or bent connectors.

Universal USB-C Compatibility

While designed for MacBook Pro, this VGA adapter can be used with any USB-C enabled laptop, tablet, or phone to add external display connectivity.

Finally, a simple plug-and-play solution for connecting Chromebooks, iPads, and other USB-C only devices to legacy displays and projectors!

Anker VGA Adapter Makes the Old Feel New Again

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

For anyone still relying on older VGA monitors and projectors in their office or workplace, Anker’s adapter is a connectivity life-saver for new USB-C only laptops like MacBook Pro.

Crisp 1080p video output and universal USB-C compatibility in an ultra-portable form factor make it the perfect solution for accessing legacy displays on the go.

If you need to connect your MacBook Pro or other USB-C device to existing VGA equipment, Anker’s durable and reliable adapter is a must-have accessory.

Extend Your Workspace with Anker’s 7-in-1 USB-C Docking Station

As a video editor, having the ability to connect multiple high-resolution monitors and high-speed peripherals is a must. But the limitations of my new MacBook Pro’s USB-C only ports made that difficult. Until I started using Anker’s powerful 7-in-1 USB-C docking station.

This compact dock has been a game-changer for supercharging my workflow. Let me explain how it takes connectivity and productivity to the next level.

Instantly Adds 7 Ports

With just a single USB-C cable into my MacBook Pro, Anker’s dock exponentially expands my port options. We’re talking HDMI, VGA, USB-C data, USB-C power delivery, 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD and microSD card readers all in one!

Being able to connect multiple monitors, accessories, and peripherals through one dock makes setup and workflow so streamlined.

85W Power Delivery

A huge benefit of Anker’s dock is 85W power delivery for charging your MacBook Pro. I can power my laptop through the dock while still accessing all the other ports.

It has been a game-changer being able to juice up my MacBook while having my dual monitor, external SSD, and other peripherals plugged in at the same time.

Dual Monitor Connectivity

For editing multiple streams of 4K footage, the ability to extend my workspace across two external displays is essential. This dock makes it happen flawlessly.

The HDMI and VGA ports allow me to connect my monitors and match my MacBook’s resolution and refresh rate instantly.

Blazing Fast Data Transfer

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Anker’s dock features dual USB 3.0 ports for lightning fast data transfer speeds. This allows me to connect my external SSD drives and quickly offload large video files.

The SD and microSD card readers are also super handy for transferring footage from my cameras and drones in the field.

Premium Durable Build

Unlike flimsy plastic hubs, Anker’s dock is made from durable aluminum alloy and feels hefty and substantial. This thing is built to last.

The high quality reinforced braided cables also hold up great to constant use without fraying like cheaper alternatives.

Supercharge Your USB-C MacBook with Anker’s 7-in-1 Dock

If you need to push your USB-C only MacBook Pro to its limits with multiple displays, accessories, and super fast peripheral connections, then Anker’s 7-in-1 dock is an absolute game-changer.

It takes productivity and port expansion to new heights. Dual monitor capability and 85W power delivery allow me to create without limitations.

For creative pros, having this much capability from a single USB-C connection is a workflow dream come true! Anker knocked it out of the park.

Power and Charge Multiple Devices with Anker’s 60W 6-Port Charger

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

As a traveling sales rep, keeping all my gadgets charged up is mission critical but also a major pain point. The single USB-C port on my MacBook Pro just doesn’t cut it. That’s why Anker’s powerful 60W 6-port desktop charger has been a game changer.

This powerhouse charger allows me to juice up all my devices from a single outlet. Let me explain why it’s become an indispensable gadget for my needs.

60W USB-C Power Delivery

The star of the show is definitely the 60W USB-C Power Delivery port. This pumps out enough fast charging power to juice up my MacBook Pro even while using it.

I can go from empty to a 50% charge in just over 30 minutes. The high wattage USB-C port literally keeps me powered up on the road.

Smart Power Allocation

What makes Anker’s 6-port charger so unique is the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously. It automatically adjusts power output across the ports.

So I can charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Bluetooth headphones alongside my MacBook without experiencing any slow charging.

Compact 6-in-1 Design

Despite packing 60W+ of total power, this charger has a slim compact footprint. It won’t hog your entire AC outlet.

The foldable plug also makes it easy to stash in my laptop bag and portfolio without fear of snapping off the prongs.

Premium Safety Features

Charging multiple expensive devices makes safety a top concern. Anker packs this charger with surge protection, temperature control, and other features.

It gives me peace of mind knowing my gadgets won’t get fried or overcharged when I’m on the road.

Quick Charges iPhones & iPads Too

While made for USB-C laptops, Anker’s charger also fast charges my iPhone 14 Pro and iPad Pro with no issues.

Being able to quick charge all my mobile devices and MacBook Pro from one compact hub is incredibly convenient.

Anker 6-Port Charger Fuels Anywhere Productivity

For road warriors and business pros needing to keep a fleet of devices powered up and ready to use, Anker’s 60W charger is a must-have accessory.

The compact yet powerful design offers the perfect balance of portability and charging muscle. No more juggling multiple chargers!

If you need to keep your USB-C MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets juiced up anywhere, this versatile powerhouse charger does it all.

In today’s world of slimmed-down laptops with limited ports, having the right accessories is essential to staying organized and productive. This is especially true for MacBook Pro users who only have USB-C ports. Fortunately, Anker makes a range of high-quality USB-C hubs, adapters, and cables that can greatly expand the capabilities of your MacBook Pro.

Stay Organized with Anker’s Premium USB-C to USB-C Cable

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

At the core of any accessory setup is a solid USB-C cable. Anker’s Premium USB-C to USB-C cable is designed specifically for MacBook Pros using the latest USB technology. It supports 100W power delivery, 5Gbps data transfer speeds, and 4K video output. The cable itself is extremely durable with a 20,000 bend lifespan and double-braided nylon exterior. At 6 feet long, it gives you plenty of flexibility in setting up your workspace. Having a high-quality USB-C cable from Anker allows you to safely and quickly connect all your USB-C accessories, charge your MacBook Pro, and sync data.

Charge Your Devices Faster

The Anker Premium USB-C cable enables you to charge your MacBook Pro faster than using the cable that came with it. You can achieve charging speeds up to 100W, which is perfect for MacBook Pros with 96W or 140W chargers. This means being able to quickly top up your battery before heading into an important meeting. It also charges your iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Stop wasting time waiting on slow charge times!

Sync Data Seamlessly

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

In addition to faster charging, the USB-C cable provides data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. This makes syncing data from external drives incredibly quick. Photos and videos transfer instantly rather than getting bogged down. You can backup important documents and media effortlessly. For creative professionals regularly accessing large files, the speed advantages are enormous.

Use with External Displays

The Anker USB-C cable supports seamless 4K video output when connecting to monitors, TVs, or projectors. You’ll get a sharp, high-quality image for immersive viewing and presentations. The cable is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 ports, allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits Thunderbolt displays have to offer. This makes Anker’s USB-C cable a do-it-all solution for power, data, and video.

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro?: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

While Anker’s Premium USB-C cable gives you a solid foundation, most MacBook Pro users need more ports for maximizing productivity. Anker’s USB-C hubs and multiport adapters are the perfect solution for expanding the capabilities of your MacBook Pro. With options ranging from 4-in-1 essentials to comprehensive 7-in-1 accessories, you can customize your setup.

USB-C to 4-Port USB-A Hub

This compact 4-in-1 USB-C hub adds 4 USB-A ports to your MacBook Pro. It’s ideal for connecting legacy USB accessories and devices that do not have native USB-C support. The slim aluminum design matches the aesthetic of your MacBook Pro while the small size makes it easy to toss in your bag on-the-go. It’s a great choice if you just need to plug in a few USB-A devices from time to time.

5-in-1 USB-C Multiport Adapter

Step up your port expansion with this versatile 5-in-1 USB-C adapter. It includes 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C pass-through port, 1 HDMI port, and 1 SD card reader. You can now seamlessly connect monitors, memory cards, external drives, cameras, and more. The pass-through charging allows you to connect accessories while still charging your MacBook Pro. This is an excellent all-around solution for most users.

7-in-1 USB-C Multiport Hub

Power users will appreciate the comprehensive 7-in-1 connectivity provided by Anker’s premier USB-C adapter. In addition to the ports mentioned above, it also adds 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired networks. Whether you need to connect dual monitors, external hard drives, SD cards, networks, and other accessories, this multiport hub has you covered. It provides 100W power delivery for charging your MacBook Pro at full speed. The sleek aluminum finish perfectly matches Apple’s design aesthetic. It’s the ultimate USB-C accessory for maximizing productivity.

Keep Your Desk Organized

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

Having a bunch of cables and accessories sticking out of your MacBook Pro can quickly turn an organized desk into a messy situation. Anker’s ingenious Alloy USB-C Hub Stand solves this problem with an integrated stand to neatly arrange your workspace.

Elevate Your Screen

The Alloy USB-C Hub Stand props up your MacBook Pro by up to 17.5mm for proper ergonomics. This promotes better posture and reduces neck and eye strain. The silicone pads prevent slipping and provide vibration dampening. You’ll also get better cooling from improved airflow around your MacBook Pro.

All Your Ports in One Place

With the Alloy Hub Stand, all your USB-C ports are neatly arranged in one place. It includes 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 SD card reader, and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port. Your cables and accessories integrate directly into the stand for a streamlined look. Say goodbye to cable clutter!

Clever Cable Management

The Alloy Hub Stand features an adjustable cable catcher to neatly wrap up loose cables. This prevents tripping hazards and accidents from cables being yanked. With its extensive port connectivity and cable management capabilities, the Alloy USB-C Hub Stand from Anker provides the optimal docking experience.

Power Up Your MacBook Pro Anywhere

Need More Ports on Your MacBook Pro: Discover the Top Anker Adapters for Connectivity & Charging

One limitation of USB-C accessories is having to give up a port for power passthrough. Anker’s ingenious PowerExpand Direct power bank solves this by connecting directly to your MacBook Pro without a separate cable. Here are some key benefits:

No Compromises

The PowerExpand Direct maintains all USB-C port functionality. You don’t need to give up a port just for charging. This means you can have full-speed charging while still using USB-C hubs and other accessories. No more port limitations!

Incredibly Slim

Despite having a 14,000 mAh capacity, the PowerExpand Direct is incredibly slim at just 0.4 inches thick. It’s effortless to keep in your laptop bag or even pocket. The sleek design extends the natural shape and thickness of your MacBook Pro for a seamless look.

On-The-Go Power

When you’re on the move, having backup power is essential. The PowerExpand Direct provides up to 28 additional hours of battery life for your MacBook Pro. Wherever you’re traveling to, you’ll have the reliable power needed to stay productive and connected. When used at home, it also serves as an unobtrusive extended charging mat.

With Anker’s range of USB-C accessories for MacBook Pros, staying organized has never been easier. From high-speed cables to advanced 7-in-1 hubs and clever power banks, you can customize your setup. Visit Anker’s website or Amazon store to find the perfect USB-C accessories to keep your desk clutter-free and enhance your productivity.