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Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

When it comes to storage solutions for the bedroom, one classic option that never seems to go out of style is the dresser. Not only do dressers provide plenty of room for clothing, accessories, and other essentials, but they also serve as stylish accent furniture that brings visual interest to your space. If you’ve been looking to add more storage and organization to your bedroom, it’s time you consider the Mainstays 5-Drawer Chest.

Introduce the Mainstays 5-Drawer Chest

Manufactured by retail giant Walmart under their popular Mainstays furniture brand, this 5-drawer dresser provides an excellent storage solution without breaking the bank. Constructed from durable wood composite materials in a trendy white laminate finish, it combines classic style with the functionality and affordability Mainstays products are known for.

Featuring a minimalist, streamlined profile with rounded edges, clean lines, and understated brushed nickel knobs, this dresser will complement both contemporary and traditional decor styles. The timeless white finish gives it a light, airy look that can brighten up any bedroom. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and benefits of this dresser to see why it could be the perfect storage addition for your master suite or guest room.

Detail the Dimensions and Storage Capacity

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

This Mainstays dresser measures 31.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep by 50.2 inches high, making it a great mid-sized dresser option. With its vertical orientation and footboard-free design, it can easily fit into narrower bedroom spaces where floor space is limited. The five generously sized drawers provide ample storage possibilities; the top two shallow drawers are best for lingerie, socks and undergarments, while the three larger bottom drawers can neatly accommodate stacks of shirts, pants, sweaters and other clothing.

While not as spacious as a wide double dresser, the Storage Squad experts estimate this 5-drawer dresser provides around 15 cubic feet of storage. So whether you need a dresser for a kids’ or guest room or just want supplemental storage in your own bedroom, this model provides sufficient capacity without dominating the space.

Describe the Timeless White Finish

Part of what makes this such a versatile addition to any bedroom is its attractive white laminate finish. The clean, bright white colorway allows the dresser to seamlessly blend in with a variety of color schemes from bold and vibrant to neutral and serene. White furniture is renowned for making spaces appear brighter and more open.

In small rooms, the light finish keeps the look airy and spacious. For those favoring a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the white color imparts a fresh, understated elegance. And it also works great as a neutral complement to bolder accent walls or colorful bedding in a more eclectic, youthful space. No matter your style, you can’t go wrong with the timeless appeal of this classic white dresser.

Explain the Sturdy and Durable Construction

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Despite its budget-friendly price point, this dresser is built to last thanks to its durable engineered wood composite materials and quality craftsmanship. The cabinet frame features wood composite side panels while the drawers are constructed using wood composite bottoms for strength and warp resistance.

Drawer glides are full-extension metal for smooth opening and closing even when fully loaded, while corner block reinforcements and thick profile edging lend stability. For security, each drawer runs on side-mounted metal glides and features integrated drawer stops. This well-made dresser has the solid feel and structure you’d expect from more expensive furniture.

Highlight the Convenient Drawer Organization

Making use of vertical space, this tall dresser minimizes its footprint while maximizing storage capacity. The configuration of two top shallow drawers above three larger full-depth drawers is designed for smart storage and organization.

Use the top drawers for items you access frequently, like undergarments, socks or PJs, while utilizing the deeper lower drawers for bulkier stacks of clothing. You can also stow away out-of-season clothing in the bottom drawers to clear out closet clutter. The smooth-sliding drawers provide convenient access without the need to move the entire dresser.

Discuss the Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Like most Mainstays furniture, this dresser ships ready to assemble with step-by-step instructions and hardware included to make the process straightforward even for novices. Using basic household tools, most customers report that assembly takes under an hour. The panels and drawers are pre-built requiring you only to attach the frame, drawer glides and handles.

Once put together, the dresser requires little maintenance beyond occasional wiping with a soft damp cloth. The durable laminate finish resists scratches, stains and water damage. Just avoid harsh cleaners which can damage the surface over time. Properly cared for, this dresser will retain its good looks for years of use.

Compare to Other Dressers on the Market

For shoppers on a budget, it can be challenging sourcing a quality wood dresser at lower price points. Many budget options are made with cheaper particle board materials prone to damage. At around $125-150, this Mainstays dresser provides better durability and construction than other similarly priced offerings from discount furniture chains.

While pricier dressers from premium brands do offer thicker wood materials, luxury finishes and storage features like felt-lined drawers or built-in lighting, this Mainstays version delivers reliable everyday performance and classic styling without the premium price tag. For kids’ rooms or as supplementary storage, it hits a sweet spot of value and function.

The Benefits of Choosing This Mainstays Dresser

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

If you’re looking for budget-friendly bedroom storage that doesn’t sacrifice style or quality, the key benefits that make this Mainstays 5-drawer chest dresser a smart choice include:

  • Sleek, contemporary styling in a neutral white finish
  • Constructed from engineered wood composites for durability
  • Smooth full-extension drawer glides for easy access
  • 5 spacious drawers provide ample organized storage
  • More stable than cheaper particle board dressers
  • Affordable pricing under $150 for solid value
  • Ships ready to assemble for quick DIY setup

Tips for Styling and Decorating With This Piece

The adaptable styling and versatile white finish of this dresser make it easy to incorporate seamlessly into your bedroom’s decor. Here are some top tips for stylishly decorating with this storage piece:

  • Layer rugs in front of the dresser to define the space
  • Top with lamps, framed photos or greenery for personality
  • Use baskets or trays to corral items inside drawers
  • Show off bold bedding hues like emerald or navy
  • Play with different drawer knob styles like acrylic or brass
  • Repaint or apply decorative paper inside drawers for pops of color
  • Display curated perfumes or trinkets on the dresser top

Let your personal style shine through by using the dresser as a decorative anchor for showcasing cherished accessories or meaningful mementos. The clean-lined design acts as the perfect neutral backdrop.

Where to Order This Affordable and Functional Dresser With Fast Shipping

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Sold exclusively at Walmart, this popular Mainstays 5-drawer chest dresser is available on Walmart.com with free 2-day shipping for Walmart+ members or free in-store pickup from your local Supercenter. With convenient home delivery options and prices ranging from $125-$150, it’s easy to add this stylish and affordable storage solution to your bedroom.

For those needing extra storage space and organization in the bedroom or kids’ rooms, this quality dresser delivers. With its classic white finish that works with any decor, durable wood composite construction and generously sized drawers, it’s a practical and stylish choice for any home.

Detail the Dimensions and Storage Capacity

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of storage space at home? Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or entryway, having enough places to organize your stuff can be a challenge. One potential solution that delivers style and ample storage is the Mainstays Classic 5 Drawer Chest.

This clean-lined dresser provides plenty of room to neatly store clothing, accessories, linens, and more. At 28.5 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, and 50.5 inches tall, it has a narrow footprint that allows it to fit in small spaces but still offers substantial storage capacity.

The five drawers provide a range of storage options. The top drawer is great for smaller items like socks, underwear, and accessories. The second and third drawers offer medium space perfect for folding shirts, pants, and sweaters. And the bottom two roomy drawers can house bulky items like jeans, jackets, and blankets.

With five spacious drawers of varying sizes, you’ll be able to organize according to your needs and keep contents neatly separated. No more rummaging to find what you need – each drawer helps you arrange items and maintain tidiness.

Sturdy yet Lightweight Construction

Despite its large storage capacity, the Mainstays dresser maintains a lightweight profile. Made from engineered wood, it weighs just under 50 pounds while still offering durability.

The engineered wood construction makes the chest resistant to warping, cracking, and imperfections that can occur with solid wood over time. So you can trust it to maintain its structural integrity for years of reliable use.

The rectangular dresser frame features clean lines and a simplistic style suitable for a variety of decors. Its white finish gives it a light and airy look that brightens any room. The neutral color also provides a versatile backdrop that allows you to accessorize with any color palette.

Smooth Metal Drawer Glides

Pulling open the drawers reveals metal side glides that allow smooth operation. The glides prevent the drawers from sticking or catching as you access your belongings.

Sized to hold ample contents without sagging, the durable drawers can handle regular use. Their stability prevents them from wobbling or falling out of the dresser frame.

Each drawer features an integrated handle centered on the front. The recessed handles provide a streamlined look without protruding knobs. Grasping the handles lets you open the drawers easily using just one hand.

Ideal for Any Room

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

With its versatile white finish, the Mainstays chest of drawers complements any decor style. The classic dresser is right at home in traditional, modern, minimalist, or eclectic spaces.

Place it in your bedroom for expanded clothing storage or extra space for linens. Let it organize entryway essentials like hats, gloves, and bags. Or use it to neatly store odds and ends in your living room, home office, or kids’ bedroom.

The five-drawer dresser provides stylish and functional storage wherever you need it. Its quality materials and construction ensure lasting use for years to come.

If you need more organization and storage capacity at home, the Mainstays Classic 5 Drawer Chest is a budget-friendly solution. With its clean lines, smooth drawers, and durable engineered wood build, it’s a dresser you can rely on for both form and function.

Describe the Timeless White Finish

When searching for functional furniture with staying power, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic white finish. Crisp and light, white imbues a sense of airiness and brightness to any space. It provides a neutral backdrop that allows other bolder colors and accessories to shine.

The Mainstays 5-drawer chest comes in a smooth white laminate finish that exudes timeless style. Neither too stark like a bright white nor too warm like an eggshell tone, the white laminate finish hits the perfect note.

With its subtle texture, the white laminate surface eschews a plastic-y look. Attractive matte hardware in a brushed nickel finish complements the dresser’s overall aesthetic.

Brightens Any Room

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

The clean white finish gives the Mainstays dresser versatility to adapt to many d├ęcor styles. It brightens up dark rooms and opens up small spaces.

Place the white chest of drawers in a bedroom with light wood floors and painted white walls for a seamless monochromatic look. Or allow it to provide a striking contrast to bold accent walls or colorful artwork.

Set against a backsplash in the kitchen, the dresser provides charming storage for dishes, cookware, and pantry items. In an entryway, it can corral hats, gloves, bags, and shoes while welcoming you home.

Neutral Backdrop for self-expression

The white laminate finish serves as a neutral backdrop that enables you to accessorize and make the dresser your own. Have fun styling the top with decorative objects like lamps, plants, framed photos, and display pieces.

Pick a color scheme and adorn the dresser with coordinating knickknacks. Change them out seasonally or when you feel like a refresh.

The possibilities are endless with how you can supplement the white dresser finish. Play with texture using baskets, ceramic vases, woven poufs, or macrame wall hangings. Or keep things minimal with just a couple of metallic or wood accent pieces.

Pairs With Any Color Scheme

Go bold and vibrant by accessorizing the white dresser with patterns, textures, and colors that catch the eye. The neutral white backdrop prevents busy accents from competing for attention.

For a calming feel, add light blue, sage green, and natural wood elements. Or create a vibrant makeup station using brightly colored cosmetic organizers and accessories.

The classic white chest allows you to continually switch up the look. Have fun styling it according to your mood or the season.

Timeless & Trend-Proof

White has staying power. Unlike bolder colors and ornate materials that come and go with trends, white remains a constant staple.

The Mainstays dresser’s pared-back white finish ensures longevity and prevents it from ever looking dated. Simple and uncomplicated, the chest of drawers offers lasting style.

Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and neutral tones characterize this versatile dresser. Place it in your home as a timeless piece that functions well for years and complements any aesthetic.

When looking for storage furniture, consider options like the Mainstays 5-drawer chest in white laminate. Its smooth finish brightens up rooms, provides a neutral backdrop, and pairs effortlessly with your favorite accessories and color schemes.

This budget-friendly dresser combines functionality, durability, and style. Let its timeless white finish and ample storage capacity serve your home for years to come.

Explain the Sturdy and Durable Construction

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

When selecting furniture, you want pieces built to last. Flimsy construction not only looks cheap but likely won’t withstand the test of time and regular use.

The Mainstays 5-drawer chest features sturdy craftsmanship with materials engineered for durability. Built with longevity in mind, this dresser is a budget-friendly way to gain stylish, quality storage.

Engineered Wood Build

Constructed of engineered wood, the Mainstays dresser offers strength and stability. Engineered wood contains layers of wood veneers compressed to create resistance to warping and cracks.

Unlike solid wood, engineered wood maintains its structural integrity despite environmental fluctuations. You won’t have to worry about splits, chips, or uneven surfaces over years of use.

The smooth composite wood material also receives stains and paints more evenly than natural wood. Engineered wood construction gives the Mainstays dresser its smooth white laminate finish.

Reinforced Frame

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

The dresser’s engineered wood makeup forms a sturdy reinforced frame designed to support substantial weight without bowing or distortion.

Though lightweight for easy maneuvering, the reinforced dresser frame and back panel keep the chest sturdy and prevent it from teetering or swaying when loaded with belongings.

Each drawer runs smoothly on metal side glides attached securely to the reinforced frame. This prevents sagging and maintains alignment, even after years of frequent opening and closing.

Resistant to Everyday Wear

The Mainstays 5-drawer dresser is built to handle real life. Its durable engineered wood construction withstands normal wear from daily use over time.

The scratch-resistant laminate finish prevents nicks and scuffs from forming on the surfaces. If accidents happen, the white laminate top is easy to clean.

The stable chest frame and smooth glide drawers allow opening and closing without loosening or misalignment. Though lightweight, the sturdy build provides reliable storage for years.

When searching for a dresser, look for reinforced construction and quality materials built to last. The Mainstays Classic 5 Drawer Chest offers durable craftsmanship and long-lasting utility. Allow its timeless style and sturdy build to provide enduring storage solutions for your home.

Highlight the Convenient Drawer Organization

An effective dresser goes beyond just providing storage space – it enables you to neatly organize your belongings for easy access. The Mainstays 5-drawer chest features specially sized drawers to customize organization.

With five smooth-operating drawers, this budget-friendly dresser offers ample solutions for corralling life’s clutter. Customize the storage to keep your home tidy.

Varying Drawer Dimensions

Not all items require the same amount of space. That’s why the Mainstays chest provides a range of drawer dimensions to suit different needs.

The top drawer measures just 3 inches high – perfect for corralling smaller accessories, undergarments, and socks. The second and third drawers stand 6 inches high to accommodate folded clothing.

The two roomy bottom drawers are 12 inches high, ideal for bulky sweaters, jeans, and jackets. The graduated drawer sizes make it easy to organize contents neatly.

Specialized Storage

Get creative and designate each drawer for specialized storage needs. Use the top drawer to organize jewelry, hair accessories, or tech gadgets like cords and batteries.

Reserve middle drawers for everyday clothes – keep pants and shirts separate or divide by type like work and lounge clothes. Bottom drawers can house seasonal clothing rotations.

In a kids’ room, utilize drawers for school supplies, toys and games, art materials, or sports equipment. Options are endless for customizing use.

Prevent Clutter Build-up

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

The drawer organization system helps prevent clutter from accumulating. When items have designated places, tidy habits become second nature.

Smaller top drawers are perfect for collecting daily pocket items like phones, wallets, and keys. No more cluttered entry tables or countertops!

Make mornings smooth by using a drawer to organize school clothes and supplies the night before. Organization breeds efficiency.

For functional and clutter-free home storage, look for dressers like the Mainstays chest with specially sized drawers. Convenient organization keeps belongings accessible yet out of sight for a streamlined space.

Discuss the Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Between busy schedules and complicated instructions, furniture assembly can be a headache. But the Mainstays 5-drawer chest keeps things simple.

With quick and easy assembly, the dresser provides stylish storage without the fuss. And care is a breeze thanks to durable materials that resist everyday wear.

Minimal Assembly Required

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Who has time for complicated furniture construction? The Mainstays dresser assembles in minutes with just a few intuitive steps.

The chest arrives with drawers pre-installed in the frame, eliminating the need to attach rails and guides. Simply turn the dresser upright and insert the feet – no tools required.

Clear pictorial instructions walk you through the few attachments. Before you know it, you’ll be organizing your belongings in the fully assembled dresser.

Withstands Regular Use

Built from quality wood composite, the five-drawer dresser resists nicks, stains, and scratches from daily use.

The laminated white finish wipes clean easily if spills or accidents happen. Never worry about messy fingerprints marring the surfaces.

Smooth metal drawer glides maintain alignment even after repeat openings and closures. You won’t have issues with sticking or misaligned drawers over time.

No Special Maintenance Needed

The Mainstays chest requires little special care to keep it looking like new. Simply wipe down with a soft dry cloth periodically to remove dust.

Vacuum drawer interiors when needed to keep them free of crumbs and dirt. The laminate surfaces can handle gentle cleaners if desired.

With sturdy materials and quality construction, the dresser avoids issues like wood cracking or splitting that can require extensive repairs.

For fuss-free storage furniture, look for quick assembly and easy maintenance like the Mainstays 5-drawer dresser. Spend your time organizing belongings, not assembling complicated furniture or tackling heavy repairs.

This affordable dresser combines function and style without the hassle. Let its easy assembly and carefree maintenance provide enduring organization for your home.

Compare to Other Dressers on the Market

When searching for stylish and functional storage furniture, the choices can feel overwhelming. But certain key factors like quality, versatility, and price point help compare options.

The Mainstays 5-drawer chest delivers timeless style, ample storage, and durable craftsmanship at a budget-friendly cost. How does it stack up to other dressers on the market?


With its classic rectangular shape, tapered feet, and crisp white laminate finish, the Mainstays dresser epitomizes timeless style.

The pared-back design and neutral color palette lend themselves to decorate in a variety of aesthetics from farmhouse to modern.

Compared to ornate dressers with heavy molding and detailing, the Mainstays chest provides versatility to blend seamlessly into your existing decor.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to storage, bigger is often better. The spacious Mainstays dresser provides ample room for clothing, linens, and accessories.

With five smooth-operating drawers, including two large bottom drawers, the storage capacity rivals bulkier dressers that dominate a room.

The graduated drawer dimensions allow you to customize organization in the available space. Consolidate contents from existing mismatched dressers for a clutter-free look.


Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Quality furniture stems from quality craftsmanship and materials designed to endure. The Mainstays dresser features a sturdy engineered wood build in a durable laminate finish.

Compared to cheaper particle board dressers, the reinforced engineered wood frame ensures lasting structural integrity free of bowing, warping, and splitting.

The scratch- and stain-resistant white laminate finish outperforms real wood dressers prone to nicks and imperfections. Built to last for years beyond short-lived trends.


Perhaps the greatest distinction of the Mainstays chest is the exceptional value it provides. The durable craftsmanship rivals premium dressers at a mere fraction of the cost.

For budget-conscious shoppers, this versatile dresser provides timeless style, ample storage, and sturdy construction without breaking the bank.

Rather than investing in cheaply made dressers you’ll replace annually, consider the long-term value of quality like the Mainstays 5-drawer chest.

When comparing dresser options, look for the full package of style, function, durability, and value. With its classic look and quality craftsmanship, the Mainstays chest delivers storage that endures the test of time.

The Benefits of Choosing This Mainstays Dresser

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

With so many furniture options on the market, it can be hard to decide what to purchase. But when you consider the complete package, the benefits of selecting the Mainstays 5-drawer chest become clear.

Between its classic styling, ample storage, durable build, and budget price point, this dresser delivers exceptional value. Let’s explore the key advantages it provides.

Timeless Style

A clean, minimalist look with crisp lines lends this Mainstays dresser an enduring style. The smooth white laminate finish and rectangular shape epitomize versatile, classic design.

Never worry about this chest of drawers going out of style or looking dated. Its simple elegance pairs beautifully with any home decor from modern to farmhouse.

Plentiful Storage

With five sizeable drawers, the storage capacity rivals bulkier dressers. The roomy bottom drawers provide ample space for large or bulky items.

Consolidate clothing, accessories, linens, and more into one organized dresser. Avoid the clutter of mismatched furniture pieces competing for space.

Custom Organization

Graduated drawer dimensions allow you to customize organization and storage. Designate different items for each drawer to keep things tidy.

Specialized storage prevents clutter from accumulating and makes belongings easy to locate. Create a place for everything with tailored drawer use.

Quality Craftsmanship

From its engineered wood construction to smooth metal drawer glides, this dresser incorporates quality craftsmanship built to last.

The sturdy build stands the test of time and resists nicks, scratches, and imperfections from regular use. Invest in enduring furniture that avoids replacement waste.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Minimal assembly with included instructions allows you to start using the dresser minutes after opening the box. No complicated construction or specialty tools needed.

The pre-installed drawer design lets you assemble the chest swiftly without wasted effort. Just attach the feet and you’re done.

Budget-Friendly Cost

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Perhaps the greatest benefit comes from the reasonable price tag. The Mainstays dresser delivers premium quality and versatility at a fraction of the cost of high-end brands.

For budget-focused shoppers seeking stylish, enduring storage furniture, this dresser checks all the boxes without breaking the bank.

Consider the host of advantages this quality Mainstays dresser provides. Allow its timeless style, generous storage, durable craftsmanship, easy assembly, and wallet-friendly price to benefit your home.

Tips for Styling and Decorating With This Piece

A versatile piece like the Mainstays 5-drawer dresser lends itself to numerous styling possibilities. Have fun accentuating the dresser’s timeless design with creative decor touches.

Whether you favor a minimalist, eclectic, or functional workhorse aesthetic, this quality dresser adapts to enhance your vision. Consider these tips for effortlessly styling the chest of drawers in your space.

Keep it Simple

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

The crisp white laminate finish and understated design of this dresser make a simple, minimalist statement on their own. Allow the elegant silhouette to shine by keeping surfaces clear and accessorizing sparingly.

A small plant or modern metallic lamp on top provides subtle enhancement without competing. Let the dresser’s beautiful bones take center stage.

Inject Color

The neutral white dresser canvas invites pops of color for an uplifting look. Drape a vibrant quilt or throw over the top in a complementary tone like light blue or sage green.

Bring in acrylic organizers and accents in fun hues to designate drawer contents. Try a bright patterned wall hanging above for graphic impact.

Rustic Charm

Impart easy farmhouse style by pairing the dresser with natural wood and woven textures. Drape a jute rug underneath and display ceramic vessels and basket organizers on top.

Whitewash or lightly distress the dresser using chalk paint for a timeworn look. Hang a reclaimed wood sign above to complete the rustic vignette.

Eclectic Mix

The multifunctional dresser adapts effortlessly to an eclectic space. Have fun mixing varied prints, textures, and materials for an eye-catching display.

Try a bold patterned fabric swatch as a removable background. Style with your favorite collected tchotchkes and objet d’art for an inspired arrangement.

Keep it Functional

As a hardworking storage piece, the versatile dresser looks right at home staged for functionality. Use baskets to corral accessories and daily essentials you need close at hand.

Install dividers and trays tailored to your storage needs. Attach a mirror above for a complete vanity or dressing station. Let order reign supreme.

However you wish to use it, the Mainstays dresser offers decor possibilities as unique as you. Allow its enduring style and adaptable design to enhance your personal space.

Where to Order This Affordable and Functional Dresser With Fast Shipping

Once you decide the Mainstays 5-drawer chest is the perfect storage solution for your home, you’ll want to get your hands on it ASAP. Here’s where to buy the quality dresser and enjoy fast delivery.

Direct From the Manufacturer

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

For guaranteed authenticity and availability, order directly from the manufacturer’s website at Walmart.com. As a major retailer, Walmart offers hassle-free shipping right to your door.

Choose free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases over $35, or select NextDay delivery for urgent orders. Walmart makes getting this functional dresser quick and easy.

Check Big Box Retailers

Major big box chains like Target and Amazon also reliably stock Mainstays furniture like this bestselling dresser. Browse online for in-stock availability and fast shipping timelines.

Amazon Prime members enjoy free 2-day shipping on eligible items. Target offers a range of delivery options including same-day through Shipt for products in stock at your local store.

Visit Mainstays Directly

For the largest selection of Mainstays furniture and home decor, shop directly on the brand’s official website at Mainstays.com.

Mainstays offers free standard shipping on orders over $49 and has frequent sales and deals. Find this popular five-drawer dresser along with coordinating pieces.

Check Mass Retailers

Need More Storage Space. Is This Classic Dresser The Answer

Big home good chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s may also carry this versatile Mainstays chest of drawers regionally in-store and online.

Browse their sites for local availability and fast delivery or in-store pickup options. Take advantage of bulk ordering discounts too.

Secondary Marketplaces

Previously purchased dressers may be resold on secondary marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

This offers the chance to score the dresser at a used discount, but products may show prior wear. Inspect carefully before purchasing.

Act fast once you’ve found the perfect storage solution in this quality Mainstays dresser. Order directly through major retailers for authentic pieces and fast shipping timelines.