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Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

Measure Your Existing Outdoor Furniture Before Shopping

As we approach the warmer seasons, it’s time to start thinking about freshening up your outdoor living spaces. One of the easiest ways to give your patio, porch or deck a mini makeover is by replacing any worn or faded outdoor cushions. But before you start shopping for new 23×23 outdoor cushion covers, it’s important to take measurements of your existing outdoor furniture.

Don’t just guess at what size you need – accurately measuring the length and width of your outdoor chair and sofa cushions ensures you don’t waste money buying the wrong size. And there’s nothing more frustrating than excitedly waiting for your new 23×23 cushion covers to arrive, only to discover they don’t actually fit your furnishings!

So before clicking “Buy” on that set of replacement 23×23 outdoor cushions online, head outside with a soft measuring tape. Write down the precise length and width of each cushion you plan to replace, including the armrests on chairs. Rounding up or estimating doesn’t work well here – get the specific dimensions in inches for the most accurate sizing.

If your existing cushions are removable, it’s simple to measure them individually. For fixed outdoor cushions, carefully measure across the fabric surface while the cushions are still in place on the frame. This may take some maneuvering, but it’s worth the effort to get it right.

While you’re at it, also make note of any ties, zippers, or other fastening systems used on the original cushions. This will help you select 23×23 covers with the appropriate corresponding closure method later on.

Compare Material Options Like Sunbrella or Olefin

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

Outdoor furniture cushions must stand up to the elements, so pay close attention to the types of materials used for 23×23 cushion covers. Longevity and performance should be your top priorities here.

For example, acrylic fabrics like Sunbrella are a popular choice for their durability and resistance to fading. Solution-dyed acrylics like Sunbrella are colored throughout, so the vibrant hues won’t wash out from sun exposure or rain.

Olefin is another good option – it’s a woven polypropylene material that repels water and stains. Olefin dries quickly if it does get wet.

Polyester and cotton blends are attractive for their softness and ability to mimic indoor upholstery styles. But these textiles won’t hold up over time outdoors as well as performance fabrics like acrylics and olefins.

When reviewing material choices for 23×23 outdoor cushions, look closely at the specs provided. High denier counts indicate more resilience and longevity. And applied stain or water repellent finishes add even more weatherproofing.

Calculate How Many 23×23 Cushion Covers You Need

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

Once you’ve got all the measurements of your outdoor seating, it’s time to tally up exactly how many new 23×23 cushion covers you’ll need to order. Having this number ready simplifies the shopping process.

Count each individual seat cushion, armrest, back cushion and any other accent pieces that you use on your patio or deck. Even if you plan to keep a few of your existing cushions, be sure to include those in your total as well.

It’s smart to add 1-2 extra 23×23 cushion covers to your order too. Having spare covers on hand allows you to quickly swap out a stained or damaged cushion. And alternating cushions seasonally helps extend their lifespan.

Buying replacement cushion covers in bulk often lowers the per-cover cost as well. So don’t be shy about getting enough 23×23 covers for all your outdoor furniture in one purchase.

Look for Affordable 23×23 Replacement Cushions Online

Speaking of cost savings, shopping online for 23×23 outdoor cushion covers provides excellent value compared to buying locally. The selection is vastly wider on ecommerce sites.

And you can easily compare pricing between retailers to find the most budget-friendly options. Be sure to factor in any shipping fees too.

Big box stores only carry a limited choice of replacement cushions. Plus, their offerings tend to be more expensive since they’re not specializing in patio and outdoor goods like some online sellers.

Discounts and seasonal sales run frequently at many online retailers as well. Sign up for email alerts so you’ll be notified of any promotions on 23×23 cushion covers.

Choose From Many Colors and Patterns for 23×23 Cushions

Neutral solids like beige or gray make safe outdoor color choices that blend with almost any patio decor. But don’t be afraid to get creative and bold with fun colors and prints too!

Vibrant hues bring energy to outdoor spaces. And lively patterns add personality to otherwise ordinary cushion covers. Florals, geometrics and abstract prints all lend visual interest.

Coordinate colors and patterns for a cohesive look across all your 23×23 cushion covers. Contrasting combos are eye-catching, while tonal variations on a single hue keep things calm and relaxed.

If you need help visualizing different color pairings, look online or in home decor magazines for outdoor furniture examples. This can spark inspiration for choosing colors and patterns for your new 23×23 cushion covers.

Select Thickness and Fill Material Based on Use

Cushion thickness and fill material should be chosen with your specific outdoor furniture in mind. How and how often you use the cushions affects these decisions.

For dining chairs that only see occasional use, a 2-3 inch thickness is sufficient. Lounge chairs and sofas that see extended seating time require 4-5 inches of plush cushioning for comfort.

Polyester batting and foam give cushions soft support at an affordable price point. Down and feather fills offer luxurious plushness but require careful maintenance.

And performance fill materials like quick-drying open cell foam provide thick, buoyant cushioning able to withstand outdoor conditions.

Review all the fill specifications before selecting 23×23 outdoor cushion covers. Pay particular attention to density, compression ratings and any special coatings or treatments.

Add Ties or Zippers for Removable 23×23 Covers

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

Outdoor cushions receive a lot of abuse from the elements year after year. So the ability to remove covers for cleaning and replacement is key.

Ties spaced around the edges of the 23×23 cushion allow you to securely fasten the cover to the frame. Just be sure to get covers with durable, thick ties that won’t fray over time.

Zipper closures make getting covers on and off even simpler. Look for heavy duty outdoor zippers designed to resist corrosion and sticking.

Velcro fasteners also work, but tend to wear out more quickly. Whichever closure system you choose, be sure your new 23×23 covers match how your existing cushions fasten.

Wash Outdoor Cushion Covers Before Use

Brand new replacement cushion covers often arrive wrinkled from shipping. Washing them prior to placing on your outdoor furniture removes creases and also any residual dye from the manufacturing process.

Check fabric care instructions, but most 23×23 outdoor cushion covers can be tossed right in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

Use a mild detergent without bleach, perfumes or fabric softener, as these can leave residue on the fabric. And don’t wash different colors together to avoid any dye transfer.

A quick spin in the washer and dryer makes even the sturdiest covers like Sunbrella soft and supple for extra comfort.

Store Outdoor 23×23 Cushions Indoors in Winter

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

Extend the life of your outdoor cushion investment by storing cushions inside during cold weather months. The damage inflicted by snow, ice and frigid temperatures adds up fast.

Before the first frost, clean 23×23 cushion covers well and allow to fully air dry. Fluff and replenish any loose fill as needed.

Stack covers flat and store somewhere clean, dry and rodent-free like a closet or storage chest. Avoid exposing stored cushions to direct sunlight or moisture.

Using furniture covers provides another layer of protection if cushions must stay outside. Just be sure to allow airflow underneath to prevent mildew.

Replace Worn Outdoor Furniture Cushions Annually

Even the best quality materials used for 23×23 outdoor cushion covers eventually show signs of wear. Fading, pilling, tearing and broken fasteners mean it’s time for a replacement.

Plan to refresh your patio cushions at least once a year, more often if they receive heavy use. This keeps your outdoor space looking fresh and inviting.

Alternate between two sets of covers so you aren’t replacing the entire cushion collection yearly. And be sure to clean or dispose of the filling inside too.

Follow the tips above, and your new 23×23 outdoor cushion covers should provide seasons of comfort and style for your outdoor furniture!

Compare Material Options Like Sunbrella or Olefin

When shopping for new outdoor cushion covers, you’ll be faced with a myriad of different fabric options. Narrowing down the best materials for your 23×23 replacement cushions can be overwhelming. Let’s compare two of the top contenders – Sunbrella and Olefin.

Sunbrella is one of the most well-known and trusted brands for outdoor fabrics. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, Sunbrella is beloved for its vibrant colors that resist fading, even in intense sunlight. The proprietary dyeing process locks color pigments directly into the acrylic fibers, rather than just coating the surface.

This acrylic material is also highly resistant to mildew, mold and stains. Liquids bead up and roll right off instead of soaking in. Sunbrella cushions can be machine washed and dried to restore their appearance after years of use.

One downside is that acrylic Sunbrella can feel a bit stiffer and less plush than other fabrics. But outdoor-grade polyester fillings help soften this effect. And Sunbrella’s durability outweighs any minor drawbacks for most consumers.

Olefin is another common outdoor cushion cover material gaining popularity. This woven polypropylene fabric has an attractive natural look and feel. It shares many of the same performance benefits as Sunbrella – UV-resistance, stain resistance, colorfastness and mildew resistance.

However, Olefin is even softer to the touch straight out of the packaging. It drapes more fluidly over cushion cores with a supple hand. The tradeoff is that Olefin is not quite as rugged and resilient as Sunbrella over the very long term.

Still, Olefin cushion covers stand up well to years of sun, rain, snow and dirt. Abrasion resistance technology applied during production boosts durability. Just be prepared to replace Olefin covers a little sooner than Sunbrella.

When choosing between these two excellent materials for 23×23 outdoor cushions, consider your climate and intended use. Sunbrella makes the most sense for intensely sunny regions and cushions that get daily use. Olefin works for milder climates and occasional seating.

You really can’t go wrong with either brand. Just be sure to compare specifications like denier ratings, stain resistance levels, and warranty terms.

Calculate How Many 23×23 Cushion Covers You Need

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

Once you’ve decided on the best fabric for your new 23×23 outdoor cushions, it’s time to figure out exactly how many cushion covers to order. Taking a quick inventory first saves you from having to place multiple piecemeal orders later.

Carefully count up all the individual seat cushions, back cushions, corner cushions and accent pillows on your patio furniture. EvenSections that don’t necessarily need replacement should be included in your tally.

Having a few extra 23×23 cushion covers on hand is always smart for stain emergencies or to extend cushion life. So consider adding 1-2 more onto your total count.

And think about how you use your space. Do you frequently host large backyard gatherings and need ample seating? Beef up your cushion supply to accommodate a crowd.

Measuring chair widths, lengths and depths provides the most accuracy in determining quantities. But even a basic itemized list ensures you purchase sufficient covers in one bulk order.

Waiting to order replacements cushion by cushion is inconvenient and costly. Take the time upfront to calculate your complete 23×23 cushion cover needs for the summer.

With the right cushion count and fabric selection in place, you’ll be well on your way to a freshly updated outdoor living space just in time for warm weather enjoyment.

Calculate How Many 23×23 Cushion Covers You Need

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

You’ve measured your outdoor furniture, researched materials, and are ready to order new 23×23 cushion covers. But before clicking checkout, it’s crucial to calculate exactly how many cushion covers your patio or deck requires.

Taking a quick tally of all your seating ensures you get the right quantity in one purchase. There’s nothing worse than excitedly awaiting cushion delivery only to realize you’re a few short.

Start by physically counting every individual seat cushion currently in place, including armrests and corner sections. Don’t forget to include back cushions and any ottomans or side tables.

If some of your existing cushions are still in decent shape, make note of those but still add to the total. It’s smart to order a few extra as replacements on hand for inevitable spills and stains.

Also factor in your typical outdoor entertaining and seating needs. Do you frequently host large backyard barbecues or parties? Size up your order to accommodate additional guests.

Measure the length and width of your largest cushion for reference. This gives you the 23×23 dimensions to shop for. But remember, not all cushions may be this exact size.

An itemized tally noting how many 16×16 inch, 20×20 inch and 23×23 inch covers needed prevents any mismatch issues. Listing by furniture piece like “sofa: 6 cushions” further helps.

Online cushion retailers may require you to order in full cushion sets. So your tally helps determine quantity of sets needed, while accounting for odd leftover pieces.

Taking the time upfront to meticulously calculate and record your 23×23 cushion needs saves you from ordering inaccuracies down the road. And ensures your outdoor space gets a complete coordinating look with new covers.

Look for Affordable 23×23 Replacement Cushions Online

Now that you know exactly how many 23×23 outdoor cushion covers are required, it’s time to start shopping. But where to find quality cushions at an affordable price point?

Skipping the brick-and-mortar stores and shopping online opens up far more budget-friendly options for replacement cushions.

With more sellers competing for your business, prices get driven down through discounts, promotions and sales. Online retailers also save on overhead costs they can pass onto consumers.

Large big box stores just can’t match the vast selection and value pricing available through ecommerce. Their cushion choices are limited to what fits their brand.

Do your homework and compare pricing across a few favorite online stores. Sign up for email lists to receive special offers and coupon codes on 23×23 cushion covers.

And don’t forget to factor in any shipping charges too. Look for free shipping thresholds or find vendors with fulfillment centers near your location.

A little savvy online shopping goes a long way towards scoring stylish, durable 23×23 outdoor cushion covers without breaking the bank. Your patio will have a fresh new look for less.

Look for Affordable 23×23 Replacement Cushions Online

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

You’ve done your homework measuring furniture, calculating quantities, and selecting materials for new 23×23 outdoor cushion covers. Now it’s time for the fun part – shopping! But where can you find quality replacement cushions without breaking the bank?

Online retailers offer far better value pricing compared to brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to cushions. With lower overhead and more competition, ecommerce sites pass significant savings onto customers.

Big box stores seem like an obvious stop for new outdoor cushions. But their selection is minimal and pricing is inflated to support their high-cost operations. You have many better budget options online.

Start by searching sites like Wayfair, Overstock, and Walmart for 23×23 outdoor cushion replacements. Use filters to narrow down size, color, material, shape, and price options.

Compare pricing across a few favorite retailers. Sign up for email alerts so you’re notified of any sales or discount codes on 23×23 covers. Watch for free shipping thresholds too.

Check manufacturer websites as well – brands like Wayfair often have direct-to-consumer sales that cut out the middleman markups. But beware of drop shipping issues and long lead times.

And don’t shy away from lesser known retailers you discover online. Vet them carefully through reviews and certifications, and you can score unbeatable deals on cushions.

With a myriad of ecommerce sites competing for your business, affordable 23×23 replacement outdoor cushions are easy to find. Do your research and you’ll refresh your patio on a budget.

Choose From Many Colors and Patterns for 23×23 Cushions

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

The search for replacement outdoor cushions doesn’t have to be boring. Take the opportunity to enhance your patio with fun new colors and vibrant patterns when selecting your 23×23 cushion covers.

Solid cushions in neutral tones like beige, gray and brown blend seamlessly into any existing deck or patio layout. They keep things simple and understated.

But don’t shy away from bold color choices that make a statement! Bright red, sunny yellow, and deep green cushions inject cheerful energy into outdoor spaces.

Vibrant floral prints, geometric shapes, and abstract designs also liven things up. Mix and match patterns for an eclectic collected look. Or stick to a coordinated palette for visual flow.

If you need help envisioning different color and pattern combinations, look at home decor magazines, blogs and websites for outdoor furniture examples and ideas you can borrow.

And don’t forget to order any required matching pillow inserts for your new printed cushion covers. This completes the look.

Have fun with your 23×23 outdoor cushion search and choose shades and prints that reflect your personal taste and style. Your patio will thank you for the extra splash of color.

Choose From Many Colors and Patterns for 23×23 Cushions

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Consider Your Overall Aesthetic

2. Focus on Fabric Durability

3. Get a Fast-Drying Foam Core

4. Look for Weather-Resistant Construction

5. Don’t Skimp on Thickness

6. Secure Ties and Straps

7. Get Coordinating Accent Pillows

8. Determine Care Requirements

9. Weigh the Cost of Custom Covers

10. Shop Clearance Sales and End of Season

Select Thickness and Fill Material Based on Use

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Gauge Cushion Use Frequency

2. Determine Weight Capacity Needs

3. Evaluate Climate Conditions

4. Compare Comfort Levels

5. Weigh Durability vs. Cost

6. Calculate Compression Factors

7. Know When To Refresh Fills

8. Check For Removable Covers

9. Air Flow Matters With Feathers/Down

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

10. Add Supplemental Cushions Over Time

Add Ties or Zippers for Removable 23×23 Covers

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Evaluate Tie Placement

2. Choose Durable Tie Materials

3. Arrange Ties Strategically

4. Determine Optimal Tie Length

5. Use Fastening Loops for Adjustability

6. Try Straps for Heavy Use Cushions

7. Check ZipperSpecs for Durability

8. Ensure Zippers Provide Full Access

9. Reinforce Stress Points on Zippers

10. Use Flaps to Protect Zippers

Wash Outdoor Cushion Covers Before Use

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Check the Fabric Care Label

2. Wash Separately From Other Items

3. Wash on Gentle Cycle

5. Pretreat Stains and Soil

6. Use Only Mild Laundry Detergent

7. Add Fabric Softener in Rinse

8. Reshape While Still Damp

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year. Try These 10 Tips for 23x23 Covers

9. Air Dry Thoroughly Before Using

10. Steam Wrinkles to Finish

Store Outdoor 23×23 Cushions Indoors in Winter

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Allow Cushions to Fully Dry First

2. Vacuum Off Dirt and Debris

3. Check for Damage Needing Repair

4. Fluff and Rotate Cushion Cores

5. Use Breathable Storage Containers

6. Add Cedar Chips or Sachets

7. Keep Cushions Dry and Pest Free

8. Store Flat to Retain Shape

9. Get Covers Off Concrete Floors

10. Freshen Up in Spring Before Using

Replace Worn Outdoor Furniture Cushions Annually

Need New Outdoor Cushions This Year? Try These 10 Tips for 23×23 Covers

1. Check for Fading and Discoloration

2. Feel for Thin, Flattened Spots