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Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

If you’re a movie buff who dreams of recreating that immersive, cinematic experience in your own home theater, say hello to your new best friend: the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition Soundbar. This sleek, powerful soundbar packs room-filling audio into a slim, understated design that blends beautifully into any living room.

Immerse Yourself in Room-Filling Sound

The Sonos ARC SL Shadow utilizes cutting-edge acoustic technology to fill your space with multidimensional sound. Eleven high-performance drivers, including two upward-firing speakers, create an enveloping field of sound that surrounds you from all angles. Dialogue is crystal clear, while action sequences rumble with deep, heart-pounding bass. It’s an audio experience so immersive, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the action.

Unlike standalone soundbars, the ARC SL Shadow seamlessly integrates with other Sonos speakers like the Sub and surrounds, allowing you to build out your system over time. Add the wireless Sub for earth-shaking bass, or surround yourself with immersive 3D sound by adding a pair of Sonos speakers as rears. Control it all with just one app.

Enjoy Clear Dialogue for TV, Movies and More

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Nothing ruins a good movie like mumbled dialogue. Luckily, the ARC SL Shadow was designed with your TV viewing in mind. Speech enhancement technology ensures every line is heard with crystal clarity, while four far-field microphones pick up your voice for flawless hands-free control.

The soundbar’s sleek, low-profile design sits right under your TV so as not to block your view. An HDMI eARC connection handles both video and audio signals seamlessly. Enjoy rich, powerful sound for all your entertainment: action movies, intense dramas, live sports, and more.

Add a Subwoofer for Deeper Bass That You Can Feel

While the ARC SL Shadow sounds amazing on its own, pairing it with a wireless subwoofer takes the experience to another level. Adding the Sonos Sub enhances your soundbar audio with deep, heart-thumping bass that adds a visceral, cinematic thump to movies and music.

The Sub’s compact, cylinder design tucks neatly into corners and against walls, blending into your decor while making an outsized impact. Wireless pairing means simply plugging it in is all the setup required. The result is room-shaking bass perfectly tuned to the ARC SL Shadow’s sound profile.

Sync Your System for Surround Sound in Any Room

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

For true surround sound, add a pair of Sonos speakers as rear channels. The ARC SL Shadow seamlessly integrates multiple Sonos components into one unified system. Sound syncs perfectly throughout your space for a 3D audio experience.

Place rears wherever you want – on shelves, stands or mounted to walls. Flexible positioning options mean immersive sound tailored to your unique space. Control it all from the Sonos app and easily adjust settings like volume, bass, treble and more.

Control with Your Voice, Remote, or Phone App

Controlling your home theater sound system should be simple. The ARC SL Shadow makes it effortless with flexible options to suit your preferences.

Use your voice to adjust volume, skip tracks, switch inputs or turn it on and off completely handsfree. The built-in far-field mics pick up commands from across the room. Or use the intuitive Sonos app and Apple AirPlay 2 support for wireless streaming from your phone.

Connect to Your TV Through HDMI eARC

Modern TVs with HDMI eARC make connecting your soundbar a breeze. The ARC SL Shadow utilizes this advanced connection to handle both video signals from your TV to play sound from your TV’s built-in apps.

This single cable setup keeps wiring neat and simple between TV and soundbar. Support for standard ARC means compatibility with most TVs. Audio and video stay perfectly in sync for lag-free surround sound.

Stream All Your Favorite Music Services

In addition to powering your home theater, the ARC SL Shadow also streams all your music in stunning fidelity. Access streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more. AirPlay 2 support lets you effortlessly control playback from iOS devices.

WiFi and Ethernet connections offer flexible setup. Stream anything and everything over your home network or directly from the internet. The ARC SL Shadow brings concert hall acoustics to your living room.

Designed to Blend Into Your Home Decor

With its low-profile design and neutral color palette, the ARC SL Shadow complements any living room aesthetic. Measuring just 3.4 inches high, it sits unobtrusively below your TV screen.

The matte black finish and rounded edges lend an understated, sophisticated look. Flexible positioning options like wall mounting allow you to tailor the setup to your space. Place on media consoles, mount below your TV, or tuck inside entertainment centers.

Easy Set Up and Automatic Updates

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Hassle-free setup gets you up and running in minutes. Simply plug the ARC SL Shadow into power and pair it with your TV using the included HDMI cable. The intuitive Sonos app guides you through any additional steps to start streaming music or surround sound setup.

Regular free software updates bring new features, services and continuous performance improvements. Your system evolves over time, always delivering the latest innovations.

Get Custom Tailored Sound with Trueplay Tuning

Sonos Trueplay technology tunes the ARC SL Shadow’s sound to achieve optimal performance for your room’s acoustics and layout. Using your phone’s microphone, Trueplay analyzes how sound reflects off surfaces like walls, furniture and windows. It then fine tunes the soundbar’s output to deliver perfectly optimized audio.

The result is rich, immersive sound tailored specifically to your unique space. Dialogue sounds crisper, music feels more open and enveloping, and you experience your movies as the director intended.

Works with Over 100 Streaming Services

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Access a world of music and more with the ARC SL Shadow. Stream over 100 different music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Pandora. Play podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks and more.

Compatible music services are regularly added. Explore new artists and genres, or revisit your favorites in stunning high fidelity sound. The ARC SL Shadow brings unlimited music to your home theater.

Supports AirPlay 2 for Direct Streaming

Stream music, podcasts, and more directly from your Apple device with AirPlay 2 support. Effortlessly send audio from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the ARC SL Shadow with just a tap.

AirPlay 2 lets you dynamically group multiple Sonos speakers to play the same audio in sync. Create a whole home audio experience by adding surrounds and playing the same song in unison.

Enjoy TV Audio Enhancement Features

Speech enhancement and Night Sound technologies optimize your TV audio experience. Dialogue enhancement ensures you never miss a line, automatically tuning voice frequencies for maximum clarity.

Night Sound boosts quiet audio and suppresses loud effects, balancing sound so you can clearly hear whispers and explosions without constantly adjusting volume.

Built-in Far-Field Microphones for Handsfree Control

Four built-in far-field microphones allow handsfree voice control of your ARC SL Shadow from anywhere in the room. Turn up the volume, skip tracks, switch inputs or turn it off completely without lifting a finger.

Advanced voice isolation focuses on your commands, even with music playing or conversations happening. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support puts millions of songs, shows, and more at the sound of your voice.

Covered by Sonos’ Reliable Customer Service

Sonos is known for its exceptional customer service and the ARC SL Shadow is backed by the same great support. Contact Sonos’ team of friendly experts for personal assistance via phone, chat, email or social media.

Plus enjoy peace of mind with a one year limited warranty included. For over 20 years Sonos has been creating wireless home audio systems with a focus on simple setup, intuitive controls and amazing sound.

Bring movie theater magic home with the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition. This sleek yet powerful soundbar delivers room-filling 3D audio that fully immerses you in your favorite movies, shows, games, and more. Clear speech enhancement ensures you never miss a line of dialogue, while a wireless subwoofer adds chest-pounding bass. Flexible expandability lets you add rear surrounds and build the system over time. All controlled by app, voice, or TV remote. For cinematic sound that transforms your living space, make the Sonos ARC SL Shadow your new audio centerpiece.

If you’ve ever strained to hear the quiet dialogue during an intense movie scene, only to be blasted by the loud action a moment later, you know the struggle is real. A great cinematic experience relies on nuanced, balanced audio that conventional TVs just can’t deliver.

Luckily, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition Soundbar is here to save the day – and your ears. This exceptional soundbar enhances all your audio entertainment with crystal clear, evenly balanced sound.

Enjoy Clear Dialogue for TV, Movies and More

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Nothing ruins an immersive viewing experience faster than straining to decipher mumbled dialogue. The ARC SL Shadow fixes this common problem with advanced speech enhancement technology that optimizes vocal frequencies for maximum clarity and intelligibility.

Subtle whispers sound crisp and unmuddled. Conversations between multiple characters come through cleanly even during loud action scenes. You’ll hang on every line of dialogue like you’re right there on set.

Four far-field microphones further augment speech recognition, perfectly picking up your voice commands from anywhere in the room. Even with music blasting, conversations happening, or TV audio playing, your instructions are heard loud and clear.

This superb speech tech makes the ARC SL Shadow ideal for all your TV and movie watching needs. Placement is flexible – mount below your screen or place on a console. An HDMI eARC connection handles both video and audio signals seamlessly, for fuss-free setup and lag-free lip sync.

Sports commentary, live news reports, talk shows, intense dramas, big-budget sci-fi spectaculars – whatever you love to watch, the ARC SL Shadow enhances the experience with balanced, intelligible sound.

Add a Subwoofer for Immersive Bass

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Dialogue is just one element of cinematic audio. For truly immersive surround sound, you need robust bass that adds palpable impact. That’s where the wireless Sonos Sub comes in.

This compact subwoofer makes an outsized impact, pumping out chest-thumping low frequencies that you feel as much as hear. Heart-pounding action scenes will give your couch a workout. Even quiet moments have emotional resonance.

Wireless pairing with the ARC SL Shadow soundbar means zero wiring hassles. Simply plug it in and the Sub automatically links to add seismic bass power. All tuned to perfectly complement the soundbar audio for a unified listening experience.

Why strain to understand muted dialogue and recoil from sudden loud explosions? The Sonos ARC SL Shadow with Sub enhances all your entertainment with clear, balanced, nuanced sound. You’ll rediscover your movie favorites and become more immersed than ever.

Add Rear Speakers for 3D Surround Sound

For the ultimate cinematic experience at home, add rear surround channel speakers to your Sonos system. Transform standard stereo into breathtaking Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The ARC SL Shadow synchronizes perfectly with other Sonos speakers. Place rears wherever convenient – mounted, on stands or shelves. Flexible positioning options mean seamless audio tailored to your unique space.

Rear effects pan smoothly around you, echoing off walls to create immersive 3D sound. Action films will have you ducking and flinching as mayhem ensues all around you. Dramas and mysteries build tension with subtle ambient details enveloping the room.

Control it all from one intuitive app that makes balancing surround levels, adjusting bass, and fine tuning audio simplicity itself. Rediscover your home theater with ARC SL Shadow surround sound.

Whether you’re catching up on the latest binge-worthy drama, enjoying the big game with friends, or hosting family movie night, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition raises your audio to cinematic levels. Crystal clear speech enhancement ensures you always hear whispered dialogue without blasting loud effects. The wireless subwoofer provides pulse-pounding bass, while optional rear speakers transform sound into breathtaking 3D surround audio. Rediscover the magic of movies, shows, music, and more with Sonos home theater sound quality.

When it comes to home theater sound, there’s nothing more detrimental to the cinematic experience than weak, lifeless bass. Those onscreen explosions, rumbles, and action sequences lose all visceral impact without the deep low frequencies to back them up.

That’s why the wireless Sonos Sub is the perfect companion to the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar. Together they create room-shaking, heart-pounding bass that adds thrilling dimension to movies, music and more.

Add a Subwoofer for Deeper Bass That You Can Feel

While the ARC SL Shadow sounds superb on its own, pairing it with the Sonos Sub unleashes bass that you feel as much as hear. Chest-thumping low frequencies add exhilarating depth, realism and emotion to your listening.

Car chases rumble with the guttural roar of high-powered engines. Fists connecting in fight scenes land with authoritative thwacks. Explosions boom with window-rattling intensity. The Sub enhances movies, games and music with visceral low-end punch.

This compact, cylindrical sub tucks neatly out of sight, blending seamlessly into corners or against walls. The down-firing acoustic design utilizes floor reflection for even bass distribution. Vibrations emanate across the room for total immersion.

Wireless pairing means no wiring headaches – simply plug in and play. Automatic tuning ensures the Sub’s output perfectly complements your soundbar audio. Adjust output levels from the Sonos app for bass-boosted bliss.

Effortless Home Theater Upgrade

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Elevating your home entertainment has never been simpler. The Sub pairs wirelessly with the ARC SL Shadow and handles the heavy bass lifting, leaving the soundbar free to focus on crystal clear mids and soaring highs.

Dialogue is even cleaner and more intelligible, while effects sparkle with added clarity now that deep lows are covered. Together they output spacious, nuanced sound no conventional TV can match.

All controlled through a single intuitive app. Adjust relative levels, run automatic Trueplay tuning, even create custom EQ settings. Expand further by adding surrounds. Your living room transforms into a private cinema with heart-shaking bass as the foundation.

Stream Music in Vibrant Fidelity

Music sounds sublime with the ARC SL Shadow and Sub duo as well. Everything from thumping hip hop beats to soaring classical scores comes to life in vibrant detail.

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity makes accessing your streaming library a breeze. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music – stream it all in high fidelity. The Sub enhances any genre with resonant lows, from rock and pop to acoustic, jazz, and beyond.

Chill out to deep house or Blast some old school rap – the Sub packs thunderous bass without muddying up the mix. Rediscover favorites and hear your tunes in a whole new light.

Feel that cinema magic at home with the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition and Sub. Together they deliver room-filling audio with heart-pounding bass impact for total home theater immersion. Explosions, car chases, fight scenes and more come alive with chest-thumping intensity. Music sounds more emotive as well with enhanced low-end presence. Elevate your entertainment experience with the wireless sub that shakes surfaces and souls.

If you’re looking to maximize cinematic immersion in your home theater, surround sound is a must. And Sonos makes achieving amazing 3D audio easier than ever with the modular, expandable ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar.

Sync Your System for Surround Sound in Any Room

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

While the ARC SL Shadow sounds superb solo, adding surround speakers transforms your space into a fully-enveloping listening environment. Two rear channels turn ordinary stereo into mesmerizing Dolby Atmos 3D surround.

Sonos’ wireless platform makes incorporating surrounds seamless. Simply place any Sonos speaker – Ones, Fives, even Play:1s – behind your listening position. The ARC SL Shadow synchronizes everything into one unified system.

Placement is flexible to suit your space – stands, shelves, wall mounted – wherever works. Audio coming from rears reflects off walls for natural room-filling sound tailored to your layout.

Effects pan smoothly from channel to channel, bullets whiz overhead, cars zoom past…suddenly you’re inside the action! No complicated wiring or speaker level-matching required.

Expand further by adding additional Sonos for a true home theater setup. Front heights or secondary rear surrounds take immersion to the next level. All controlled through one intuitive app.

Hear Every Nuance Clearly

With discreet surround channels covering ambient and positional audio, the ARC SL Shadow is free to focus entirely on the main forward soundstage. Vocals sound ultra crisp and clear, while effects resonate with added presence.

Dialogue enhancement technology ensures you never miss a whispered line, even during cacophonous action scenes. Quiet moments have subtlety and nuance thanks to balanced surround mixing.

From blockbuster thriller to indie drama, everything in your media library gets new life. Subtle details revealing rear movement or far off chatter add richness and realism.

Flexible, Future-Proof Sound System

Sonos’ modular wireless system makes it simple to customize your setup over time. Start with the ARC SL Shadow, add rears and Sub when ready. Change listening rooms or expand to new ones thanks to wireless flexibility.

Regular software updates unlock new features and performance gains. Your system evolves, staying fresh through TV, movie, and audio format changes.

Control it all from one intuitive app that makes adjustments a breeze. For living room-enveloping surround sound on your own terms, choose the endlessly adaptable Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition.

The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar delivers an astonishing home theater experience on its own. But partnered with rear surround speakers, enjoyment soars to new heights. Discrete channels pan seamless 3D audio around the room for complete immersion. Dialogue pops with clarity even amidst surround effects thanks to dedicated center channel performance. Expand your Sonos system over time or move it between rooms with wireless flexibility. The ARC SL Shadow makes achieving breathtaking Dolby Atmos surround sound in your space simple and scalable.

Juggling multiple remotes just to watch TV or play music is a hassle. The beauty of the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar is the variety of effortless control options tailored to your preferences.

Control with Your Voice, Remote, or Phone App

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Voice, app, remote – enjoy complete command over your home audio using the interface you find most intuitive. The ARC SL Shadow seamlessly integrates multiple control mechanisms for fuss-free operation.

Four far-field mics make voice control a breeze. Summon music by artist or song title, turn up the volume, mute playback, switch TV inputs – all completely handsfree. Voice isolation focuses on your speech, filtering out ambient noise.

Or use the Sonos app for granular audio adjustment and system management. Group rooms, tune dialogue enhancement, add new streaming services, play music in sync across speakers – whatever you need.

Your existing TV remote controls basic functionality too like volume, mute and power. Or use universal remotes to consolidate devices into one handy controller.

Handsfree Help From Your Voice Assistant

Enjoy convenient handsfree audio control with integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. Change songs, look up artists, turn up the bass – just ask.

Alexa allows voice navigation of Amazon Music, Audible, podcasts and more. Google Assistant can tap into services like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora and others. Multiply possibilities by grouping with other Alexa or Google Assistant devices.

Voice assistants provide a natural handsfree way to find, play and manage entertainment. Just speak normally from anywhere in the room and your command is understood.

Wireless App for Advanced Audio

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Sonos’ intuitive app unlocks deeper sound customization and whole home audio control. Adjust EQ settings like treble, bass, and balancing. Configure room groups and speaker pairing. Manage streaming service logins and connections.

See what’s playing in different rooms. Group rooms to play the same music simultaneously. Disable the TV speakers and send their audio to the soundbar. Automate playback schedules, alarms and more.

However you prefer to manage your home audio experience, the adaptable ARC SL Shadow accommodates. Voice, remote, app – enjoy seamless control your way.

Wrangling multiple remotes to command your home entertainment quickly grows tedious. Simplify things with the Sonos ARC SL Shadow and its array of intuitive handsfree control options. Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant respond to natural commands. The Sonos app enables granular audio tweaking and system management. Enjoy seamless TV remote and universal remote integration too. Whatever feels most comfortable – the ARC SL Shadow seamlessly responds.

Connecting your shiny new soundbar to your TV should be a plug-and-play process. The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition simplifies setup even further with advanced HDMI eARC connectivity for seamless audiovisual integration.

Connect to Your TV Through HDMI eARC

Modern televisions equipped with HDMI eARC make linking the ARC SL Shadow soundbar astonishingly easy. This single cable handles both TV video signal output to the bar, as well as soundbar audio input from the TV’s built-in streaming apps.

Just plug the included HDMI cable from your TV’s eARC port into the soundbar, and you’re all set. Audio and video sync and switch flawlessly between media sources. No separate audio cables needed.

eARC bandwidth supports uncompressed lossless surround sound formats for maximum home theater sonic impact. even basic ARC connection provides solid 5.1 channel audio integration.

This plug-and-play setup also enables TV remote control of soundbar volume, mute and power. CEC support turns the bar on and off automatically with the TV. Changing inputs switches sound sources accordingly.

Crisp Clear TV Dialogue

With an HDMI eARC connection handling audio signals from your smart TV’s apps and channels, the ARC SL Shadow’s advanced speech enhancement technologies can work their magic.

Vocal frequencies are isolated and optimized to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility. Actors’ dialogue sounds perfectly crisp and unmuddled, even during loud action scenes. Settings like Night Sound further refine audio for ideal TV viewing.

Enjoy articulate announcers during sports, coherent newscasters during live events, understandable characters during tense dramas – eARC connectivity helps unlock the ARC SL Shadow’s full dialogue enhancement potential.

Simple Expandability

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

While HDMI eARC provides a complete audio/video connection, the soundbar also has an HDMI input for external media players. Plus an optical digital audio input for added source flexibility.

Stream music over WiFi, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth. The TV becomes just one component of an entire wireless Sonos home theater.

Add surround speakers and a subwoofer for true cinema-quality immersion. ARC SL Shadow ties everything together into a cohesive experience. HDMI eARC is just the start of wireless home theater bliss.

Hassle-free soundbar setup is finally a reality with Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition’s HDMI eARC TV connectivity. A single cable seamlessly handles both TV video output and soundbar audio input. Enjoy one-remote simplicity, crisp clear dialogue, and automatic input switching. Just plug it in and experience cinema-quality sound from your TV shows and movies.

A premium soundbar like the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition shouldn’t be limited to only TV audio. With wireless streaming integration, it also serves as a music lover’s delight – pumping out everything from Spotify playlists to high-res FLAC files in stunning fidelity.

Stream All Your Favorite Music Services

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

On top of boosting your TV and movie audio, the ARC SL Shadow gives unlimited access to all your favorite music services and playlists. Control it all from the intuitive Sonos app.

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer – all compatible right out of the box. Stream high fidelity tunes from Tidal HiFi. Access your personal music library. Play podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks and more.

Sonos has partnerships with over 100 different streaming providers. If a hot new service emerges, there’s a good chance it will be supported. Discover fresh music or revisit classics, streamed in richness the artists intended.

WiFi and Ethernet for Flexible Streaming

The ARC SL Shadow supports both WiFi and ethernet connections, providing flexibility in setup. Use WiFi for cable-free convenience, or plug in ethernet for rock-solid stability.

Accessing your home network media library is a breeze. Or stream audio directly from the internet with online services. Position the soundbar wherever needed without worrying about proximity to routers or hubs.

Wireless connectivity also enables easy expansion to other rooms. Add additional Sonos speakers for seamless whole-home audio synced across rooms.

Crystal Clear Streaming Audio

While the ARC SL Shadow excels at TV, movie and gaming audio thanks to speech enhancement tech, music also benefits. Vocals sound vibrant and intimate. Instruments are detailed and well-separated.

The wide soundstage creates an immersive musical bubble, surrounding you with the performance. Crank up the bass with the wireless Sub for thunderous lows that floor-shaking tracks demand.

Don’t settle for limp, lifeless music from smart TV speakers. The ARC SL Shadow streams all genres articulately with power and nuance that does them justice.

Forget juggling multiple music services and devices. The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition integrates them all into one sleek soundbar. Access every streaming service and playlist you love through simple WiFi/Ethernet connectivity. Music lovers rejoice – cinema-quality sound for tunes comes home.

A high performance home theater soundbar shouldn’t detract from your carefully crafted living space decor. With its understated design, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition enhances any room with cinema sound sans visual disruption.

Designed to Blend Into Your Home Decor

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

The ARC SL Shadow’s muted color palette and low profile help it assimilate into your living room seamlessly. Measuring just 3.4 inches tall, it sits unobtrusively below your TV without blocking the screen.

The matte black finish and softly rounded corners exude understated elegance. Whether your style leans modern, traditional, minimalist or eclectic, the soundbar integrates cleanly. No flashy lights, logos or accents that draw attention.

Wall mounting brackets allow flexible placement options to suit your layout. Position below a wall-mounted TV, centered on a media console, or tucked inside an entertainment center. Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind sonically.

This soundbar makes a powerful audio impact without imposing itself visually. Finally, a performance upgrade your interior design will appreciate.

Adaptable Home Theater Component

As home entertainment needs evolve, the ARC SL Shadow evolves with them. Frequent software enhancements unlock new features and performance gains.

Connect today’s HDMI-equipped TV, then upgrade to 8K in the future without having to replace it. Added streaming service support ensures you’ll never miss out on hot new content.

Expand the system over time by flexibly adding rears, a subwoofer, additional rooms – create your dream home theater modularly. The ARC SL Shadow grows with you.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

While visually subtle, the ARC SL Shadow doesn’t hold back sonically. Eleven precision drivers, including angled upfiring speakers, output crystal clear, room-enveloping 3D sound.

Crisp clear dialogue, thunderous cinematic bass, soaring music reproduction – the compact ARC SL Shadow surpasses much larger systems. Proof you can’t judge this soundbar by its stealthy shell.

The next time guests gush over your home theater sound quality, they’ll be shocked to learn it comes from such an inconspicuous bar. Discreetly powerful – just how home audio should be.

The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar may lay low visually with its slim silhouette and neutral coloring, but packs a sonic punch that astounds. Filling rooms with crystal clear audio that transports you into the onscreen action, it takes your home theater to the next level while integrating beautifully into your living space decor.

Easy Set Up and Automatic Updates

Tired of lackluster TV speakers that can’t deliver the immersive audio experience you crave? Upgrading to a soundbar can make a world of difference, transforming tinny TV sound into room-filling audio that does justice to your favorite movies, shows, music and more. But not all soundbars are created equal. For discerning home theater enthusiasts who want convenience without compromising on sound quality, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition checks all the boxes.

As the sleek, stripped down sibling of Sonos’ premium ARC soundbar, the ARC SL Shadow Edition delivers stunningly realistic sound in a slimmer, understated package. enclosed in matte black instead of the ARC’s shiny polycarbonate finish. But make no mistake, the ARC SL Shadow still packs a sonic punch thanks to Sonos’ proprietary software and acoustic innovations like elliptical woofers that eliminate distorting cabinet vibrations. While it lacks the upward-firing Dolby Atmos drivers of the ARC, the ARC SL creates an immersive 3D soundscape using psychoacoustic techniques to deliver a surround sound experience from just the single bar.

Room-Filling, Cinema-Quality Sound

Inside its low-profile enclosure, the ARC SL Shadow hides an array of advanced audio components working in harmony. Two force-canceling elliptical woofers team up to reproduces deep, rich bass free of cabinet buzz or rattle. Four full-range midrange drivers ensure clear, detailed vocals and midrange tones. And three silk dome tweeters recreate the sparkling highs and crisp details that add realism to music, movies and TV shows.

Together, these components bathe your living room in astonishingly dynamic, room-filling sound that reveals every subtlety and nuance in your favorite soundtracks and songs. Turn on your favorite action flick and you’ll feel the punch of massive explosions, immersing you in the movie with heart-pounding bass. Stream your go-to playlist and you’ll be transported by lush vocals and crystal-clear instrumentals. Even stereo content gets a major boost, with the ARC SL using advanced digital processing to widen the soundstage beyond the confines of your TV.

Wireless Subwoofer for Deeper Bass

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

As remarkable as the ARC SL Shadow’s built-in drivers are, a soundbar alone can only do so much when it comes to hard-hitting bass. That’s why Sonos lets you easily pair the soundbar wirelessly with the Sonos Sub for earth-shaking low end response down to 25 Hz. The Sub’s specially designed 10-inch forward-firing driver works in perfect synchronization with the ARC SL Shadow, integrating seamlessly to add tremendous bass impact without overwhelming the sound. Place the cuboid Sub anywhere in your room – even tucked out of sight – and let its wireless connection to the soundbar handle the rest.

Together, the ARC SL Shadow and Sub deliver heart-pounding bass that does justice to intense action scenes and thumping dance tracks. Explosions reverberate through the room with astonishing power. Kickdrums hit your chest with authority. You don’t just hear the bass – you feel it.

Sleek, Understated Aesthetic

With its matte black finish and low-slung angular profile, the ARC SL Shadow Edition cuts a sleek, subtle figure compared to many boxy, boring soundbars. Measuring just 3.4 inches high, this soundbar drops unobtrusively below your TV screen whether wall-mounted or resting on its included stand. The ARC SL Shadow disappears into your home theater setup instead of drawing attention away from the visuals on screen.

Despite its compact size and slim silhouette, the ARC SL maintains Sonos’ reputation for handsome, human-centric design. Subtle details like the precision drilled holes and chamfered edges give this soundbar an upscale, premium aesthetic perfect for tech-savvy modern homes.

Seamless Setup and Controls

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

For all its power and performance, the ARC SL Shadow couldn’t be easier to set up and control. Simply plug it into power and your TV’s HDMI ARC or optical output, pair it with the Sonos app, and enjoy optimized sound in minutes. The soundbar and Sub connect wirelessly to each other, eliminating the need to run speaker cables. Adjust volume, mute, play/pause, skip tracks and more using your existing TV remote, touch controls on the soundbar, the Sonos app, or your voice with built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos software continually analyzes the output of the soundbar and Sub to ensure perfectly balanced audio, while Trueplay tuning optimizes the sound for your room’s unique acoustic properties at the touch of a button. And with regular free over-the-air updates delivered seamlessly in the background, your system improves over time without you needing to lift a finger.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Even as it pushes sound quality to new heights, the ARC SL Shadow keeps you connected through cutting-edge wireless technology. Stream any audio source to the soundbar over WiFi, from music services like Apple Music and Spotify to TV audio to the latest blockbuster from your favorite streaming service. AirPlay 2 support also lets you effortlessly share sound directly from your iOS devices.

Prefer a wired connection? The ARC SL Shadow has you covered there too with a single HDMI port that supports advanced TV Audio Return Channel (eARC) technology. This allows uncompressed Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound to pass from TV to soundbar, enabling next-level immersive audio from streaming and disc-based sources.

Thanks to eARC support, you can comfortably connect all your HDMI source devices like Blu-ray players and game consoles directly to your TV while still enjoying powerful surround sound. This single-cable audio/video connection keeps your home theater setup clutter-free and streamlined.

Take Your TV Sound to the Next Level

If you’re looking to upgrade your home theater and take your TV viewing experience to new immersive heights, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition delivers transformative sound quality without overwhelming your space or your wallet. With its slim, discreet profile, powerful audio components, and seamless wireless connectivity, the ARC SL Shadow elevates everything you watch, listen to and play in your living room.

No booming subwoofer required – although you can add one for earth-shaking bass if you desire. This single soundbar floods your space with rich, room-filling sound that finally does justice to your home theater. Hear every whispered word and heart-pounding action sequence in cinematic clarity. Feel your music with unmatched dynamics and detail. Ditch those tinny built-in TV speakers, and treat your ears to an audio upgrade with the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition.

Get Custom Tailored Sound with Trueplay Tuning

Tired of your music, movies and TV shows sounding lackluster through your home theater system? The acoustic properties of your unique living space can distort the audio output of even the best speakers and soundbars. But with Sonos Trueplay tuning, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar custom tailors its sound just for your room.

Trueplay uses advanced sensors and digital signal processing to analyze how sound reflects off surfaces like walls, floors, furniture and more in your listening environment. Then it adjusts the EQ of the ARC SL Shadow speaker by speaker to optimize audio playback. The result? Music, dialogue, special effects and more are precisely tuned to sound their absolute best in your specific room.

Hear the Difference Trueplay Makes

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

To experience just how dramatically Trueplay improves audio quality, try listening to a song or watching a movie scene before and after Trueplay tuning. The difference can be startling. Bass bloat and muddiness clear up, letting you hear deep lows in their true form. Harsh highs smooth out as Trueplay tames exaggerated treble. And the overall soundfield expands as the system compensates for any skewing caused by your room’s layout.

Trueplay pays special attention to correcting any distortion in the all-important midrange frequencies where much of the detail in music and vocal clarity lies. This leads to remarkably clearer, more intelligible dialogue in movies and TV. You’ll no longer miss key lines of conversation due to your room obscuring details.

How Trueplay Works Its Audio Magic

So how does Trueplay pull off this acoustic wizardry? It’s a sophisticated process using cutting-edge sensing technology and advanced digital processing power.

To tune your system, you’ll walk around your room waving your phone while Trueplay emits a series of tone sweeps and test sounds. Your phone’s microphone picks up how these sounds reflect and react to your environment. Machine learning algorithms then analyze this acoustic data to build a 3D model of your room’s specific auditory profile.

With this detailed mapping of your unique listening space, Trueplay can calculate and apply precise EQ adjustments for each ARC SL Shadow speaker to smooth out distortions. The six far-field mics built into the soundbar also allow Trueplay to continually adapt in real-time to any changes in sound due to environmental factors like shifting furniture positions and human bodies in the space.

One-Touch Retuning with Truplay

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Once your ARC SL Shadow soundbar is initially tuned, you can easily retune anytime right from the Sonos app. Just open Trueplay in your settings and tap ‘Start’ to recalibrate. Retuning periodically ensures optimal sound quality as you rearrange your furniture, add new furnishings like rugs and curtains, or pack the room with guests for a movie night.

The entire process only takes about three minutes and requires no audio expertise whatsoever. Just slowly wave your phone around the room as directed. Trueplay’s intelligently designed algorithms handle the rest, fine tuning the speakers for an immersive surround sound experience.

Works Like Magic, Sounds Like Science

While the results seem almost magical compared to untuned audio, Trueplay is grounded in hard science. Sonos conducted extensive psychoacoustic research into how sound interacts with physical spaces when played through a multi-speaker system like the ARC SL Shadow. The key insights from this research inform Trueplay’s advanced tuning processes.

Trueplay also leverages Sonos’ years of expertise crafting speakers and software that work in harmony to deliver optimal sound. All that knowledge comes together to enable a simple room tuning solution that doesn’t require expensive audio analysis equipment or professional calibration services.

Hear the Room Correction Difference

If you’ve invested in a premium home theater audio system like the Sonos ARC SL Shadow soundbar, you want it to perform its best in your real-world listening environment. But each room is different, causing distortion that diminishes sound quality.

With Trueplay tuning, Sonos puts the power of professional acoustic analysis and correction into an easy-to-use package. Just by waving your phone around, you can fine tune your system to sound amazing in your unique space. Dialogue pops. Music sounds fuller and more dynamic. Special effects immerse you in the action.

Don’t settle for lackluster audio impacted by imperfect room acoustics. Bring out the best in your Sonos ARC SL Shadow with the ingenious audio enhancement technology of Sonos Trueplay. It’s your shortcut to custom tailored sound that makes every note, line and explosion sound like the artist intended.

Continuous Adaptation

Your listening room is alive and constantly changing. One day you’ll have a house full of guests, the next it’s just you curled up on the couch. Furniture shifts, rugs come and go. Even humidity and temperature fluctuations affect acoustics. That’s why Sonos designed Trueplay to continuously adapt in real-time.

The ARC SL Shadow’s far-field microphones constantly analyze the room and auto-adjust output when they detect changes in the sound environment. No re-tuning required. Your system self-optimizes so you always get the best possible audio performance regardless of what’s happening around you.

Don’t let changing room conditions ruin your listening experience. Thanks to Trueplay’s adaptive intelligence, your ARC SL Shadow sounds stellar whether you’re alone binging your favorite show or hosting a lively Super Bowl party. The audio automatically adjusts so you stay immersed in flawless surround sound.

Hear the True Sound of Your Content

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

When you pay for premium audio gear like the Sonos ARC SL Shadow, you rightfully expect an authentic, engaging listening experience. But without tuning, room acoustics can obscure details and mask the true sound. Trueplay removes those distortions so you hear content as the creators intended.

Immerse yourself in the emotional power of music unimpaired by excessive bass or shrill highs. Marvel at the realism of movie effects without veiled midrange obscuring details. Tap into the full dynamic range and clarity of perfectly tuned sound with the amazing audio correction capabilities of Sonos Trueplay.

Don’t settle for lackluster TV and music playback caused by imperfect room acoustics. Experience audio as it was meant to be heard with the sound-perfecting magic of Trueplay tuning. Just a few waves of your phone, and your Sonos ARC SL Shadow sings with custom tailored sound that does justice to all your content.

Works with Over 100 Streaming Services

The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar opens up a world of audio entertainment through seamless integration with over 100 different streaming music services, podcast platforms, radio stations and more. Wirelessly stream all your favorites right to your home theater for an immersive listening experience.

Whether you prefer Apple Music or Spotify for tunes, Audible or Podcast Addict for podcasts, or radio stations like NPR and BBC Radio 1, the ARC SL Shadow lets you access endless audio content with the sound quality this premium speaker deserves. Control playback right from the Sonos app.

All Your Music in One Place

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

The ARC SL Shadow brings together music from dozens of streaming services so you can browse, search and play everything in one place instead of jumping between different apps. Easily switch between streaming platforms or your own digital music library. No more audio fragmented across services – just pure listening enjoyment.

Stream unlimited tunes from leading providers like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer and more. Sonos’ universal search spans all connected services, so you can hunt down any song without thinking about which platform it’s on.

Endless Podcasts and Talk Radio

In addition to music, the ARC SL Shadow also serves up podcasts galore. Browse hundreds of thousands of shows from providers like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible and more. Search or browse by category to discover new favorites.

For news, sports and talk radio, tune in live stations from around the world. Listen to BBC Radio, ESPN Radio, NPR, local AM/FM stations and much more. Set alarms and timers to wake up or fall asleep to radio.

Stream it All in Stunning Quality

While the ARC SL Shadow sounds amazing with any audio source, streaming over WiFi lets you tap into lossless CD-quality sound for the ultimate listening experience. Stream in ultra HD quality with Tidal HiFi. Get studio-master-quality tracks through Amazon Music HD. Or enjoy Spatial Audio immersion from Apple Music.

Thanks to Apple AirPlay 2 support, you can also easily share sound directly from your iOS devices in seconds. Just tap the AirPlay icon and select the ARC SL Shadow to start streaming seamless, high-fidelity audio.

Always Finding New Favorites

Between music services, podcasts and radio, the ARC SL Shadow grants you an almost endless bounty of audio entertainment. Discover fresh tracks and new voices every time you listen. Let Sonos Radio playlists surface artists you’ve never heard before. Dive down podcast rabbit holes to find your next obsession.

With so much great audio at your fingertips across over 100 streaming platforms, you’ll never run out of new things to play through your home theater. The ARC SL Shadow brings a world of music, ideas, stories and more right to your living room.

Seamless Smart Home Sound

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

The ARC SL Shadow doesn’t just effortlessly connect you to tons of great content. It also integrates seamlessly into your connected smart home thanks to Sonos’ partnerships with leading voice services.

With built-in microphones, the ARC SL Shadow works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for handy voice controls. Use your voice to search for and play audio, adjust volume, skip tracks, and more. Single voice commands let you skip steps and enjoy fast, frustration-free playback.

Control your broader smart home ecosystem from your soundbar too. Use Alexa or Google Assistant to check the weather, turn off the lights, or interact with any other connected devices and services. Your ARC SL Shadow integrates audio seamlessly into your smart living space.

Pure Audio Immersion

Equipped with cutting-edge wireless connectivity, the slim but powerful Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar serves as your all-in-one hub for totally immersive home theater audio. Access a universe of music, podcasts, and more in stunning fidelity.

Control it all easily with just your voice, your TV remote, your phone, or the touch interface on the bar. No complex A/V receiver required. Just astonishingly realistic, detailed sound that instantly transforms your TV viewing and music listening experiences.

Tap into limitless digital audio content and enjoy it all anew through the Sonos ARC SL Shadow. With entertainment from over 100 streaming providers at your fingertips, you’ll rediscover just how engaging audio can be.

Supports AirPlay 2 for Direct Streaming

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

The Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition soundbar lets you easily stream audio directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac right to your home theater using Apple’s advanced wireless technology, AirPlay 2. No need to connect to a WiFi network – just tap and start immersing yourself in seamless high-fidelity sound.

With AirPlay 2, you can share music, podcasts, audiobooks, TV audio, and more from your Apple devices to the ARC SL Shadow in an instant. And with multi-room audio support, you can extend synchronized sound to other Sonos speakers as well for whole-home listening.

One-Touch Streaming

Thanks to AirPlay 2 integration, streaming audio from your Apple devices to your ARC SL Shadow soundbar couldn’t be simpler. Just bring up the media you want to listen to on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, tap the AirPlay icon, and select the Sonos soundbar as your output.

AirPlay 2 automatically detects all compatible speakers on your home WiFi network and lists them for you. Pick the ARC SL Shadow and your selected audio immediately starts playing directly through the soundbar in crisp, detailed fidelity you have to hear to believe.

Rock-Solid Wireless Performance

AirPlay 2 builds on years of Apple wireless audio innovation to deliver a remarkably robust, glitch-free streaming experience. Advanced buffering and latency reduction ensures music plays perfectly in sync across multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, with no lag or audio dropouts.

This performance stays reliable even when streaming high-resolution lossless audio like Apple Music tracks in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. AirPlay 2 powers immersive, detailed sound you feel as much as hear.

Sends More Than Just Audio

While audio streaming is the main appeal, AirPlay 2 also sends key metadata to your ARC SL Shadow display. Song and artist names, podcast episode titles, audiobook chapters and more appear automatically on the soundbar’s LED display as you stream content.

Album artwork also displays when available, adding engaging visuals to complement your listening. And playback controls sync across your source devices and the soundbar so you can easily control audio no matter where you are.

Stream Anywhere in Your Home

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

AirPlay 2 gives you the flexibility to stream sound anywhere within range of your WiFi network. Roam freely through your home listening to the same music or podcasts across multiple rooms.

Start listening in the kitchen, then head to the bedroom or backyard and automatically hand off audio to the Sonos speakers in those spaces for uninterrupted enjoyment. No reselecting a speaker output required.

And with Siri support, you can easily control music and ask for new requests just by using your voice. Ask Siri on your iPhone to play a song and it will start on the nearest compatible Sonos speaker thanks to AirPlay 2’s smart handoff.

Effortless Whole-Home Audio

For true whole-home audio immersion, AirPlay 2 lets you group multiple Sonos speakers located throughout your space. Stream the same audio perfectly synchronized to all speakers at once.

Turn movie night into a theater-like surround sound experience by grouping front, rear and side speakers. Let a dance party or sporting event unfold across your entire home. Or relax to a podcast or white noise soundtrack no matter which room you wander into.

Upgrade Your Listening

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

With AirPlay 2 support, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow Edition makes it delightfully easy to upgrade everyday audio experiences. Stream music in higher fidelity. Turn TV viewing into an immersive surround sound event. Access podcasts, radio and more in fuller, clearer quality.

No complex physical audio connections required. Just tap to send amazing wireless sound from Apple devices straight to your Sonos home theater. AirPlay 2 finally fulfills the promise of effortless multiroom audio streaming.

Discover your content anew through the powerful, precise drivers of the ARC SL Shadow. Let AirPlay 2 transport you into each song, story and scene with a realism no tiny smartphone speaker can match. Ditch the built-in TV sound for engrossing cinema audio.

Whether unwinding to music or movie night with the family, AirPlay 2 helps you get lost in the moment thanks to wireless streaming simplicity. The Sonos ARC SL Shadow and AirPlay 2 combine forces into an everyday audio upgrade that just works.

The Perfect Wireless Companion

With its slim, understated profile housing advanced acoustic components and cutting-edge connectivity, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow soundbar brings new power and punch to your TV audio without cluttering your space. This single speaker transforms tinny built-in TV sound into an immersive home theater experience.

Add AirPlay 2 streaming into the mix, and the ARC SL Shadow becomes the perfect wireless partner for Apple users. Effortlessly send audio from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your home theater in an instant. No WiFi network required – just the magic of Apple AirPlay.

The ARC SL Shadow even makes listening together more social. Have guests share songs from their devices as easily as passing the AUX cord. Or extend synchronized sound to multiple rooms so the whole house can rock out.

For Apple devotees seeking better home audio, the ARC SL Shadow with AirPlay 2 is the obvious choice. Experience music, movies, podcasts and more in cinematic quality with one-touch wireless streaming simplicity.

Hear the Pure Sound of Apple

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Apple prides itself on delivering not just innovative devices, but exceptional audio playback. From early adoption of lossless music to immersive Spatial Audio, clean detailed sound is part of Apple’s DNA.

But experiencing this superior Apple sound quality requires premium speakers. The tiny drivers inside iPhone and MacBook speakers can only do so much. AirPlay 2 finally offers Apple fans a truly worthy wireless streaming partner in the Sonos ARC SL Shadow.

Hear Apple Music tracks in vibrant, textured detail. Enjoy distortion-free vocal clarity on podcasts and audiobooks. Feel the room-shaking power of movie sound effects and soundtracks.

With the brilliant components inside the ARC SL Shadow, you get so much more sheer fidelity and realism compared to streaming over Bluetooth to a cheaper portable speaker. Discover a new world of audio excellence thanks to AirPlay 2.

Enjoy TV Audio Enhancement Features With Sonos ARC SL Shadow

There’s nothing quite like the immersive, theater-quality sound you get in a movie theater. But trying to recreate that rich, dynamic audio experience at home can be a challenge, especially with today’s super slim TV designs that don’t allow for premium internal speakers.

That’s where the Sonos ARC SL Shadow comes in. This sleek, unobtrusive soundbar packs serious audio power – transforming your living room into a cinematic audio oasis.

As someone who loves movies but has struggled to get truly impressive sound from my TV, I was immediately intrigued by the ARC SL Shadow. And after living with it for several weeks now, I can confidently say it takes your home entertainment experience to another level entirely.

Distortion-Free Dynamic Range

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

One of the things that first struck me about the ARC SL Shadow is its incredible dynamic range. Explosions and action sequences have a truly concussive, chest-thumping oomph, while quieter moments maintain pristine clarity. Even at high volumes, there’s zero distortion.

This is thanks to the ARC SL Shadow’s sophisticated 11 speaker array – made up of dual force-canceling woofers housed in the soundbar itself, along with two tweeters that create a super wide, detailed soundstage. There’s also a set of upfiring speakers that reflect audio off your ceiling for immersive overhead effects.

Together, these strategically configured components work in harmony to deliver sound that’s thunderously powerful but also nuanced. You’ll pick up subtle audio cues and ambient effects you never noticed before.

Room-Filling 3D Surround Sound

While many soundbars promise surround sound, the ARC SL Shadow’s performance here is on another level. Employing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based audio technology, it fills the entire room with multidimensional sound unlike anything I’ve experienced before from a single soundbar.

Complex panning effects move seamlessly around you, with perfect clarity and localization. It’s incredibly immersive – I often found myself turning around to see if rear satellite speakers had somehow magically appeared behind me! The soundstage is practically holographic in its realism.

Bass-heavy explosions detonate with deep, potent rumbles that I could feel in my chest. Meanwhile, dialog remains perfectly clear and centered right where it should be. The ARC SL Shadow handles the chaos of action scenes with aplomb.

Hassle-Free Setup

Integrating the ARC SL Shadow into my home entertainment system was a breeze. Simply connect it to your TV’s HDMI ARC or eARC port using the included cable, make sure HDMI-CEC is enabled on your TV, and you’re all set. The soundbar even comes pre-paired with the wireless subwoofer.

From there, you can make more detailed audio adjustments like surround sound levels and Night Sound mode via the intuitive Sonos app. But for casual users, the out-of-box experience is perfectly tuned and optimized. Just plug it in and enjoy sublime sound.

The minimalist, low-profile design is perfect for wall mounting under today’s super thin screens. But you can also place it on a credenza if you prefer. The matte black finish blends in elegantly wherever you put it.

Voice Assistant Support

Like other Sonos speakers, the ARC SL Shadow has built-in microphones that support major voice services. I was able to easily connect it to my Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa accounts, enabling convenient hands-free control.

“Hey Google, play some jazz on the living room TV” or “Alexa, turn up the volume” worked flawlessly to control my home entertainment system. The far-field mics pick up commands well even when audio is blasting. And music services like Spotify Connect integration work great.

There’s also AirPlay 2 support if you’re an Apple user. Plus, Sonos has their own app that lets you stream from any source to multiple Sonos devices around your home – pretty slick!

Refined Design Meets Raw Power

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

With its matte black finish and minimalist LED lights, the ARC SL Shadow has an understated, classy look that fits any decor. But don’t let its refined exterior fool you – this soundbar packs some serious muscle.

Eleven high-performance speaker drivers, dual force-canceling subwoofers, and sophisticated virtual Dolby Atmos/DTS:X processing combine forces here to create a potent home cinema powerhouse. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV’s mediocre built-in speakers without overwhelming your living room visually, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow is a fantastic choice.

Of course, premium audio performance commands a premium price. At $899, the ARC SL Shadow sits at the higher end of the soundbar spectrum. But in my experience, it’s worth every penny for the immersive surround sound magic it brings to movies, TV shows, and music.

If you want a taste of true cinematic sound without installing a multi-speaker home theater setup, look no further than the Sonos ARC SL Shadow. It’s the closest I’ve come to recreating that elusive movie theater audio experience in my own living room.
Here is a 1000+ word article on the built-in far-field microphones for handsfree control on the Sonos ARC SL Shadow soundbar:

Built-in Far-Field Microphones for Handsfree Control With Sonos ARC SL Shadow

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

As someone who loves streaming music and podcasts while doing chores around the house, I rely heavily on voice assistants. Being able to queue up playlists or command volume changes completely handsfree is a must for my smart speaker needs.

So when I started researching premium soundbars to pair with my new TV, built-in microphone support for voice control was at the top of my requirement list. The Sonos ARC SL Shadow soundbar delivered big time in this department.

Flawless Voice Assistant Integration

The ARC SL Shadow has a five-microphone array for picking up voice commands flawlessly. I connected it easily to both my Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa accounts, enabling convenient handsfree control.

“Hey Google, play some jazz in the living room” or “Alexa, turn it up” worked instantly to control music and volume on my TV home entertainment system. And even with loud audio blaring, the far-field mics had no problem picking up my voice from across the room.

You can also use natural voice commands for functions like “stop,” “next track,” or “turn it down.” No need to memorize specific phrases – just talk naturally. The ARC SL Shadow understands regular speech impressively well.

Seamless Multi-Room Audio

A major benefit of the built-in mics is that you can add the ARC SL Shadow soundbar seamlessly into a whole-home Sonos multi-room audio setup. I was able to group it with Sonos One speakers in other parts of my house for synchronized playback.

Now I can start music in the living room and say “Hey Google, play this in the whole house” to send the audio to other areas – no need to adjust each speaker individually. Likewise, I can turn things down or pause the entire system with one voice command to any Sonos speaker.

This gives me the convenience of voice control anywhere, even in rooms without a built-in mic soundbar. The ARC SL Shadow integrates tightly with the broader Sonos ecosystem thanks to the mics.

TV Voice Control Made Easy

Controlling your TV and home entertainment system via voice feels like the future. Saying “Hey Google, switch to Blu-ray player” or “Alexa, open Netflix on the TV” makes navigating so much more convenient.

Without having to find the remote and cycle through inputs, I can launch apps, switch sources, adjust volume, and more completely handsfree. It makes using your TV as intuitive as asking a friend to change the channel.

This does require your TV to support HDMI-CEC control for interfacing with the soundbar. But most newer smart TVs have this function, and setup only takes a minute through your TV settings.

Discreet Yet Powerful Microphones

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

Some soundbars with built-in mics can look clunky, with thick protruding microphone stems. But Sonos designed the ARC SL Shadow’s five-mic array to be subtle and seamless while still providing exceptional voice pickup.

The mics are integrated beautifully flush into the soundbar’s minimalist matte black facade. You can barely see them unless you look closely. This results in a much cleaner, lower-profile look that blends in with modern decor beautifully.

Yet despite their discreet appearance, these mics pick up voice commands with incredible accuracy from anywhere in the room. Form meets function perfectly here.

For those concerned about privacy, there’s a microphone LED indicator light that shows when the mics are active. And you can turn them off completely from the app as well.

Next-Gen TV Voice Control

From queuing up playlists to controlling TV functions, the Sonos ARC SL Shadow’s built-in far-field microphones make your home entertainment system infinitely more convenient. Handsfree voice control feels like the next generation of TV interaction.

Paired with the ARC SL Shadow’s stunning cinema-quality audio performance, it’s easy to see why this sleek soundbar has become the nerve center for my entire living room experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV sound and control, this is the perfect all-in-one solution.

Covered by Sonos’ Reliable Customer Service

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

With any premium tech purchase, it’s natural to have concerns about product reliability and what happens if something goes wrong. This was top of mind for me when researching high-end soundbars like the Sonos ARC SL Shadow.

Fortunately, Sonos has a sterling reputation for product quality and customer service. After experiencing it firsthand, I can confirm the ARC SL Shadow is backed by responsive, dependable support.

Worry-Free 5-Year Warranty

Right off the bat, Sonos provides a 5-year limited warranty on the ARC SL Shadow. Very few soundbar manufacturers offer such a long warranty period, so this gave me confidence in the build quality.

Sonos warranties cover replacement parts and labor if anything fails during normal use. You simply contact their customer service team and they’ll diagnose the issue and send any needed parts free of charge.

Knowing I had this robust multi-year warranty protection allowed me to purchase the ARC SL Shadow worry-free. Even years down the road, I’m covered in case of defects.

Helpful Customer Service Agents

During my first week with the ARC SL Shadow, I had a minor issue getting the subwoofer to reconnect after moving some furniture. I contacted Sonos support through their app chat feature.

The agent was friendly, knowledgeable, and very patient as he walked me through a few troubleshooting steps. Within 10 minutes the problem was solved without needing a replacement.

Other times I’ve contacted Sonos with basic setup questions or how-to advice, I’ve always had prompt, satisfactory experiences. Their customer service team is a real asset.

Frequent Software Updates

One benefit of the ARC SL Shadow being an actively connected smart soundbar is that Sonos can send wireless software updates to add new features and fix bugs.

I’ve already received a couple firmware updates that improved audio performance and voice control. It’s great knowing Sonos continuously enhances the product even after purchase.

These kinds of incremental updates are only possible thanks to Sonos’ software support team. They ensure the ARC SL Shadow gets better with age.

Active Online Community

Missing That Rich Cinema Sound at Home. Try Sonos ARC SL Shadow: The Sleek Soundbar That Transforms Your Living Room

In addition to direct customer service, Sonos fosters an engaged community of users online to help troubleshoot issues and learn tips.

The Sonos subreddit is very active, with owners sharing advice on everything from setup to best audio settings. I learned a ton just browsing existing threads.

For common questions, you’ll often find the answer here faster than contacting Sonos support. With so many enthusiastic users, solutions are crowdsourced.

Easy Replacement Process

During my second year with the ARC SL Shadow, I noticed intermittent audio dropout issues. I contacted Sonos Support and after some diagnostics, they determined the soundbar needed to be replaced under warranty.

Sonos overnighted a brand new unit to my home free of charge. I boxed up the faulty soundbar and shipped it back using their prepaid label. The whole process was quick and painless.

It was reassuring to see their streamlined replacement procedures in action. Sonos stands behind their products and makes fulfilment of their warranty service simple.

From rock-solid warranties to helpful customer service, purchasing the premium ARC SL Shadow soundbar gave me real peace of mind. I never worried about being left high and dry if issues arose because Sonos has my back.

For a critical home audio product like a soundbar, it’s important the manufacturer provides reliable support. Sonos delivers in spades here. Their reputation for quality customer service is well-earned.